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Vol. 20 

September 11, 1986 


May 7, 1987 

Vat 1« No. 1 

September It, l<mi 

de cision won't 


AID. ton BVISTiv 

Th« s«|Msin« Cmift"* 
I'ecimw ia«ttidatiii| 'pm 
u( ilie Gnmni-RiidinM 
Hcitti|)i Winced Mget 
liw proMli wcm'i maul 
'tatier cuts far stuikM 
aid. Mac cftllefc 
UttyMii saitl. 
Bm m aide to Sen. Puul 
Sinioii (D-I» wtum-d ihe 
dKtMm ctwU raipcn the 
iwliei ikiMie. iMking 
college ptogriiiiit 
vuhMfiMc 10 tepcr cub. 

sii;dv: most 

I sr. »ECtlNE.S 
1 tiv U, Michifin'i 
annual survey of 
culkgiatc drug ha.l»iij 
Found' studt'nts' u!>« o( 
mom kind* of dross 
coniinnes ii> ilccliiK'. hm 
tiM' iriiMM one or nei'y 
iV>'e tMhMii km now 


1*01.1 (I AUKIST 

NfiDfM worn 

ST I' I) H NT 

Cliicifo |»tice chaticd' 
fanw Tilton Cottoge 
1 DMUild M(K>n of 
mg into the cMifiui 
ciiiiipmter, atiering 
ttodtiil groiles. and 
"tivtng" various stwknl 
tuition wjiiverx 
amouniing lo some 

If convicied. Mtxm fwces 
fjioe* HMl {yiioi wrms of 
up to Kiyciin. 


After ihrec day» of law 
f«gisiaikiii tile emollmcm mmlKf 
of studenB n down.coniporcil lo 
the 198S full semester The iml 
numlier of stinkiMs enrolled in 
HKjier College it H JH2 whcicas 
m lail year*! fiquit of I8.S37. 
"We lMi*e 155 fewer siudem lliti 
>««r." reported Dean CaOin.'biit 
•iacf leKisiratioR continnet 
llimgii Detenbct we hope lo 
RMM our cfuwiied enrollment of 
'2UM audeniA at Hirpcr.' 

AlllKxigli (tudent cntollinent 
ts down, full time student 
'/olliDem i* ii|i 10 4,093 foam 
-I year*! 3,913. fM'iinw mudeiii 
^..follmtnt is town to I4.1g9 
from last year i I4,5I!5. Thi» 
indicalcs that studcnu arc taking 
fewer credit hours compared to 
previous years. Dean Catlin 
esDmaies that early rcg tsttaiian for 
the sring lemester will l>e|tn in 
ihc middle of November. Actual 
dales and times will be posted 



of William Rainay Harpar Collaga Palatina, IIHnoia 

1 1 360 

"The Girls" Are Here 

••trnM rr nitt with v<»i.i im:iimi iax or*!, ir i i-min » iiTrtt twn'- tmoro casntr air aaion huimmms) 

Helen Hokinson's 'girls" will 
tome to Harper College tn a 
iravclling exhibii of forty-one 
original cartoons tilled. 'Helen 
Hokioson: Polite Society". The 
works will be on display 
SeiNenttitr 2nd through JlOih on 
llic second floor of huiiding €. 
PMions ate welcome during the 
hours the College is open, and 
admiiBion to the exhibii is free. 

The exhibition has been 
made possible by the National 
Endowment for the Aits and the 
Illinois Am Council. 

This show, from the )llii»ii 
Arts Council Travelling Exhibits 
program, contains fony-one newly 
matted and framed original ink 
wash and waicrcolcir carioons from 
Peoria's Lakcvicw Museum of 
Ans and Sciences, where itic four- 
hundmi piece permanent ccilknion 
of this Illinois artist is housed. 

AAeuu Helen Hokmson 
From the 1920s through the 
mOs. Helen Hokinson's (1893- 
1949) satire of upper and middle- 
class society gained ber national 
recopiiion and popular acclaim as 
one of America's favorite 

Known chiefly for her covets 
and cartoons published in The 

aVE iQlltU maga/ine, she 

commented on such issues as the 
women's movement, voluntarism, 
social structures, and die perceived 

Smok/ng Po//cy 

The Hai|Kr Oolkge Tmnecs have 
initiiiited a No Smoking Policy 
on campus, with smokers Inntlcd 
to plying their habit in restKled 
areas It also provides for free no- 
smoking ciinK-s for ibosc wishing 
to kick the habit. 

The fall semesier clinics will be 
presented by the Northwest 
Community Hospital staff and arc 
based on the Chicago Lung 
Association Proiotol. a proven 
effective program. Both (larts of 
the policy were endorsed by a 
survey of college students and 
flmiiloyoes last Januvy when more 
than ton favored the designated 
iMOkiiit veas. Fifty-five percent 
of ihe smokers surveyed supfsxied 
the idea of designated smoking 

It t.i the policy of Harper College 
to respect the rights of both the 
non smoker and the smoker in 
Harper College buildings and 


When these rights conflict, the 
adinimstraiion. faculty, and staff 
will try to find a reasonable 

accomodation. When such an 
acconiadauon is not possible, the 
rights of the non-smoker should 

Smokers inieresied in the free 

smoking clinics should conixici 
Healdi Services at exteasion 22M1 

The following places have been 
designated as smoking areas for 
the campus. Building A: First 
Floor- the designated cafeteria 
Hfmx. Second Fkior- the student 
center. Third Floor-lounge area 
cast of the Senate Office. In 
building C: smoking is permitted 
in the east alcove only. In 
Building D: ttudenis may smoke 
in the knuckle area on both the 
first and the second floors. 
Building E: the vending machine 
area. Building F: offers smoking 
in the vending machine area on the 
first floor, the staff lounge on the 
second floor, and the southeasi 
lounge on the third floor. In 
Building G: smoking is peimiucd 
only 10 the first flooi hallway. 

Building H: the west end vending 
machine area on the first floor, in 
the east hallway and the west 
hallway on the second floor. 
Buildings I and J: Smoking is 
permuted in the vending machine 
areas on both floors and in the 
lounge on the first floor. The 
fecond floor vending machine area 
i* the only authorized smoking 
point in 

building M. And ui Buikling 
P; smoking is offered in the 
northwest alcove on die first floor, 
and in the south hallway lounge 
on the second floor. All 
remaining areas on campus such 
as washrooms, reception areas, 
labs, pysical education areas, and 
hallways/stairwells, are designated 
non-smoking areas. 


Pwm Z. Th* Haibingwr, S«pt«mber 11 


Auditions /br 
T*f Harper College Theatre Production 




__..«.. Stft IS 

'JfL^mm t!!'j,,im,r tilt 



raff fnMliM-iMM cvr m *r HMMrf 
m Hmfff tmdmm. 
tbr m ttl t l mml tii/t m rn a imi cuff 
.Or. Mm I Hmt ummt m SVT'MOOl 

Are you ready'' Harix-r CoHc|e 
peer cotmKlon itic rcidy and in 
■ddiuon U) personal counseling. 
w« will be fciluring a weekly 
cdimui called llw Pcci Counseling 
Fnnim. In this ratumn wc will he 
■Bwerinii lemem neat m by Harper 
twteiit!! who «e Mcking advice or 
who Iravr qucstinns tiicy arc afmid 
10 ask. (his urvice is conrideiilial 
MKt rnmici will not be used. Wc 
have town trained lo deal with 
vanom concerns. school 
(wnblcms, )ob prohlcmi. (icr«jiial 
fet«.Kin$hi(n'. and mbsumc*.- ahuse. 
temrs may be dropped in the 
brown drop bt>x Kxaicd ai ihe 
information bo.idi i»i bu'ding A or 
left in the Harbinscr oTIicc on die 
durd lloor of A building. 

Harper College ii currcnlly 
Coai|tletlng interviews foi this 
If 'I iwer couniT.lors. Training 

ftmcrtcan Colksiate ^ottn lantdologp 

Jiattotial Colkse Jj^mttf Contetft 

CASH MIIZES wMfat»«w«vnM| 


Pirai PIk- 


Stcwiil Ploet 


Thiril Plaet 

$15 ''•"'* 
$10 ^**"' 

AWAROt ol (nt priMint lor ALL MEapiad manutcripB in our poiMlar. 
tiw i l l iliin l v liiiiiiiwl iriit m i r ii i ri n ' --"T"T|if AMERICAN COLLEGIATE 


o««diin«: October 31 


1. Any H ui lmH nWilbli to wilnnit tmmim niwa 

2. AM MMilH iMBt h» wrij^ml and iw^ililiitiwt 

3. AN' fliMitei mutt bs typsri*' doulilS'ifMM, on cms iIvmi of ttM igmqi only. 
Cadi pMHi 'imilt to ••• mparsH ilMM nd iiwit boar, in tha upptr toft- 
land oMiiar, *• MAME and AOORCSS of tha Mudont •• wotl m tha 
COLIEQE anandad. Put noma aid addran on anwatofia alMl 

4. TIhhi a«a no roftrictkini on fttrm or tlMRia. Langtii of poami ufi lo 
lawi'lww lim«- Eacti iioani mutt hav* a lapartta titta. 

(AmW **UmHlad"l| SoiaM Mack irwl nnliita illuitrationi nwaliBoiwa. 

5. THa iiidpi* dHWon wW ka final. No mio by pttonal 

tan days attar daadlina. I. P. will iwain first puM'katJafi rigliti for 

a wi ai il a d pomm. foralpt lana u ap poana wafB oii M. 
7* Tliaio ii' an initial ona dollar lagittration faa for nia tint antiy and a 
lH«fOMi'daHar«iMraaeli additional iMom. It it muMWi to aibmlt 


Los An|Mai» CA vD0a4 

The Student Seoale having 
done so. the new Apple lyMem a 
now in opetaiion. With it. the 
individual newspaper pages may 
now be sent to the publisher 
"photo-ready". This means die 
final layout, save for the insertion 
of advertisements and phoUK dut 
need to he cropped (also, photos 
cannot be surcd on a computer 
dislc). !.<> compleicd and ready lo be 
photographed once those panicutar 
ads and photos arc in place. (The 
photographed pages are then run 
ihrough die presses lo prim die 

This new process allows for 
complete creauvc control on the 
pan of the editors, and more 
imporiatitly. an expense savings 
in the region of len thousand 
dollars a year. Ms. Pankamn feels 
ihis fact was the predominant 
reason for the Student Senate's 
decision lo donate die new system. 
After one year, it will begin la 
lessen the suain on the activity 

By Trrmcc MeCurmick 
Features l<'.dllor 

Change, of course, is 
unavoidable. Even diough that 
age old clicht seems more 
commonly invoked in a negative 
mood, dicte are times (many, in 
fact) when change is nought out of 

The Hartiiniw diit year ipom 
a brand new comptiten/cd (iUng budget 
sysictit. used for filing and laying 
out the elements that will an issue. It has distinct . _; 

adwamages over its pnakcessor. dialluai I tnm rag* I 

Tlie ronnet compmer »ynem How do you see yoursdr 

w» provided by (he De* Plaincs Sfid your music evolving and 
Publishing Company (which changing for die futuic? 


publishes die Hart>ingcr). and was 
plagued by two prominent, 
imenclaiod problems The precise 
layout of the newspaper could 
only be estimated on that lystcm 
■nd was left to some guesswork. 
The rough layout would be 
iransmiiied to die publi^ier. who 
would finalize it. One might 
diink It would be nice lo be able 
to leave the detailed work to 
someone else, but besides the 
partial kiss of creative control dial 

Well, my main thing it writing 
songs. I like to write whatever 
occurs 10 me. I try to write fooft 
dial are more accessable 10 a lot of 
people. I don't like to try and 
wnie songs in die same style. I 
could write twelve songs that 
would all be in diffcrem styles. I 
think we'll occasionally play widi 
mote musicians in die future. 

What do you consider 
your greatest musical achievmeni? 
Well I've wriuen some songs I 

system engendered, die publisher express a Imle more about me 
charged a fee of forty dollars per than usual. They're for a musicaL 
page as a layout cost for finishing ■ diink finishing a musical would 


Ii was ia the •uaimer ot 
1 985. when this newtpaper'i 
faculty advisor. Mr. Jonah 
Oxmntt. was attending a media 
advisors' workshop in Fkirida. dun 
he rim learned of a new computer 

be my greatest musical 

If you could'nt be a 
musician or involved in music at 
all whatwould you do? 
Well I think if I couldn't be a 
musician or involved in music in 

system diat could perform layout any way I'd dien choose to be a 
functions precisely and store die writer and do ficlioa and novels. 

pages on ■ disk. That panicular 
tystem was fir out of a naKxiablc 
budget fsnge. though. 

Mr Oxman toon learned, 
however, of an Apple Computers 
lystein which could perform the 
same funciions and which cost a 
relatively ineipensive ten 
thousand dollars. With the 
r'l layout fees totalling 

What canoon characMa' 
woukl you like to be and why? 
Popeye, because he eats lols of 

If you could change one 
thing abojl you and your group 
what would it be? 
1 think wc are going to shift us 
into Blanche singing more and me 
singing bss. Blanche is the better 
nearly diai anioiini each school singer aldiough we both sing well 
year, die Apple system coukl pay together I think I'd lUte to see 
for iLscIf in a year. myself go into more piano and 

What was needed was die hiive her sing lead moie. I'd also 
initial financing to purchase die like us to play with more 
sytlcin. and it is in diis diat credit musiciaiis. 
must be given to Ms. Icannc Where would you go in a 

Pankanm. Director of Sludcni •««» ntachme'J 
Activities, who was insinimental >'<« go hack to ancient Greece at dw 
in helping to persuade last years ""« of P'««> '^ Aristotle. The 
Student Senate to donate ilio die Sena^ reason was dicy seemed to 

Harbingor as the Oass CifL 

[jg] LiQau am am 

yii[j[jQ BQQ auu 
uaua aau aauo 

yy uo uana aa 

uyy yuaaLi uma 

be operating, generally, on ■ 
higher intellccuial plane. All die 
heavenly bodies on die planet had 
a music associated widi them. In 
die future I see possiM) a source 
of energy that has to do with 
sound. I think if ihe Greeks hit 
on dial so long ago. dial is an 
incfcdible idea. 

If people could only 
know one thing about you wlsal 
would you hke it to be? 
That we're uaveUing along dafla' 
a song side by side (laughter). Pve 
gM an answer. If dwre's only one 
diing I can let them know is lh«I 
we're "here'. 

Phil n' Blanche appeared 
Monday, September 8th. to a 
warm reception at Harper 
entenaining the crowd at the Ice 
Cisaa Social for appraiinuudy 
one hoar. 




for Ik* dtlajr. 

V Wri «allt rrsahly. «t tfW 

mmt- Oh. hj Ik* 

fw. It's the ktu 

wmj math. 
Imtrvdmt aystir. I'm tk« »rm 
to-Cfeiff af lb>« pnlcaliBtly |fcat 

. No kIMlai it ■•]'* m •• *)r d«ik 
Ow Jok kcrt « Ikt Hwrkiater it lo fM'ktr 

ilHtaitoMi II, aiMl Iwfnrai yum ikf 

Wfl' mt^m mir new* trim maai sw«rf«*, 
laclaAtaf ftlMMll ptt*» rclcwMt ■*!! tkt Colltic 
r»tM Stnrle*. wkhrfc xe snfcKrtke to. SwattUBit* 
• aM*« lead, win itort oal wllk; 'llcy, 4Ut yam %*»t 
iktMl Ikt...;" Tkca Ikt rrpwrtrr will foUnw «f an 


Neti. «c mm rt|>ori ikt ncwi fttrly sad 
accaralcly to tke b«( tif war abililicji. Remeakcr, 
»« art not proftwioiiatt i* tht Httral wnxt, nor do 
«rt |ir«ica<l lo kt. 

Musi of •• kftft Itaiiiltd Jawraalitai 
kackffroiiiidf. aad tkta iktrt art a ftw of ui. wko 
havt Btntr »»t« ultpptii tool ia a <<;asI*!> 
Joaraalisai cUmi. Rnt «e all •kar« a comaioa 
dtaoaitaator: dtdicallon and hardwurk. 

Tht Harhinitrr optrair* «llh viry littlt 
iMfforl froai the mdminiflralion and \h<c lacollf. 
fm csaaapk. Ike Joamalbm ntparimtnt nluitni to 
'r«c*|i|iM m. Btti tkai'a 'Oh*;, wt dwn'l waai It 
mm »mymtt any favorn. Cla Ike Mktr baad l)r. A I 
tIaatfcMki (D'Irtclor of Media: Scrvirea) ha* btva a 
IrtaeBdona kelj^ lo nt wilft iivr aew compultr. He 
It llMj a l»a«*er la »*er> seait of tht word. 

I ka«e a aew ilaff tht« jtar. whkh onan.!. 
mm Mean. I kcia( new. ttttj will Mt«rr bear ibt- 
word*: "We eaa'i do tkat, we've never done ikt 
kcfere." come froia me. Same of Ike ideas alread] 
ta ikt planniai stages art: a sladeat sarvrj Iw fln^ 
o«l what Ike belt da jtoa waal. And, a tamftooO' 
iHa« srhtdalcd for DecemNr. 

Aliio. I created an Elditorial iMrd (I caa do 
thai). c«M|i:|MMd of fonr people fraai diffenn. 
kachgroitaAi ■■4 beliefs, who will 'Meet iinre :i 
mttk i» a dlmlj' IM, sntnlie filled rooa» with 
alcaMlc bewrajw tl«e al hand. We will cboiiir' 
aa liHBe. dbcait it. form one upinitm (ihit has re 
In happen), and lk«« write an rditurial. 

Well tiial's akwal il. I'll b« drtippiii| in an I 
MM wf print to l«t IW fclMW kow tbiap nrc coioii. 



By Mike Haaiawra 
The following it • 
dtamaiixaiiiM: of a awvenaiioa 
'dMnnkirlmadMMtiiiHeaio. l 
tay dial il it a draniaiiiatioo 
iMcauae lime has • hilMi of addioK 
■nd «aiin| <w«Mf lo suit one's 
pwiMM. |jm'fac«ii.wcMlha«e 
» wideiicy 10 mate ouneI*«« I*** 
better and I'm no ciccpuoo I 
Mjppose Kiat I «iuld have cleaned 
up the iiory a bit to avoid 
dlciidiiig pnidiili rcadm. but I lell 
il was genuinely rcn«iive o< 
pfevailmg aiiiiudcs I might also 
add ihai I amin no way tiying lo 
promote pfomiscuiiy. although I 
might not object lo viewing tl. 
Please iecl free lo write to the 
Harbingci or me about anything 
that appeals in my column. Our 
oirices are located on the ihiid 
fltwr of Building A. room .%7 
At my rale, here goes nothing 

A week ago a Iclkiw duck 
wotkec was poiniing out the pros 
•nd cons of scoring in bats. 
However, this potentially 
titilaiing conversation proved 
cnlighicntng. 'You know", he 
.said, "every time I find a gorgetiui 
chick It ioems that one of my 
fr»«nd* has abcady taken her out" 

*■ don't •«« what the 
problem is.* I replied, 'juM 
because one of my (fiends can't 
charm a yoimg lady doeani mean I 
can't. Hell. I'd coniider il a 
challenge.* Unfoflunately. be 
ijbdn'i tee things my way. 

'What if Ike slept widi 
hira*?" wtti Ike inevitable i]uestion 
he posed. It's funny bow one 
minuie guys (including me) will 
diicun getting in a woman's pants 
and the next minute they will 
discuss morals. 

-Rut I thought the object 
was to score. If she sicpt with 
your friend she might shsep with 

The poitibility of my 
as.sumpiion being correct made 
him pause for a moment. He has 
to be careful. If he had admitted I 
might be right he cipo«ed ihc fact 
ihu he had let many opponuniuet 

for sexual graiificauon escape him 
(which of cotttse would make him 
less of a man). Yet. ihcie was 
something ctse. If he admitted he 
missed some opporiunmcs he 
shoukln't have he also admitted he 
had no moni chancur. 

""What kind* guy would 

ileep wuh a girt your friend itopt 
with I don't mem 10 lotand Gi>td 
but she'd sort* be like niad 
merchandise.* my freiad 

"But look ai Ike 
•ilifiaiiia.* I itWed. "AM ytm'd 
have to do is ask your fieind and 
you'd know if she liked poetry, 
classical music, or oral tex." 
"Listen smart ais, I don't want to 
be seen with those kind of girts. 
Besides, what kind of relalioMhip 
could come from that?* 

He went on to add. *I 
have a rule If a broad let's me get 
away with anylhing on the fim 
dale, it's the lasL' 

By DOW 1 couM m beleive 
the conversation. "Isn't it 
pos.siblc.' I asked 'for a woman to 
be as inicicsled in tex as yixi aie 
and still want to have a 
lefaNioiiihip on a diffeiem level?" 

"1 suppose..." 

"Besides. It's hard tp get 
many guys to open up a 
nslalionship on any serious level. 
In some cases il might even be 
needed baiL " 

'You might be right. 
Thete's probably two sides to a 
coin, but 1 cant help the way 1 



•Y rmm r. sw'iinby 

Wakonc. my f ricnda id 

II* mM of Hi#Mr Education in 
and Harper College in 

I think It's a diama Uiat 
ao many of ui' eome to ilK acbuil 
only ling cnoitk in MMnd our 
eoma iMMail of tidiii ■dwHaie 
of the many wondeiful groups, 
cinbi, and organizations thai arc 
an iiiKgnil pan of the Haiper 

OMtKiiniaaiicm thill has 

I overitmfcidi m Ike Future 

Rahtr*. of .Amivica Club, also 
Inown at ik« Junior College 
SindMit for Coups. Rebdliun and 
Aimed Revolt. Doil'l be put off 
fay fancy lilies, though, weie just 
nice WiM trying 10 have fun. In 
liKi. w«' dan out mmmg room, 
with the Olce Chik^aiid win: ow 
meeting schedule iMtliil wiik 

theirs well. ytif. feMW llere't 

good times a-fc«Mllf.. tmlm mt. 
liM te of S4'I.Mi. ]p«M GW jom. 
nif ilk. Ckwmi. 'Tlii: Ik coven 
ammo. Mantti iloiait kaniicrs. 
Ihc fee (Of a gucM i|icafc«r (FItlel 
Castro or Ircdrkl Fwtythe). 
helicopter maintenance, inuies. 
mm ga*> tmi Otoceriat lor our 
Spiinf " 

Ctjme one. come all. 
tbore are no age bonicrs to worry 
about, in (act. for our older 
members we offer special training 
like how 10 cicnce a knife in your 
teeth wihioui damaging your 
bridgework and how to use liviet 
tpots as camouflage. 

Early in the year we'll 
Man out by tackling a small, local 
issue. When ihc workmen were 
done building this place, they did a 
pmiy good job of cleaning up 
"Too gixMl!' the adminiviraicrs 
must have thought because ihey 
arranged for aomeone to come and 
litter the lawn south of "A" 
buiUlmg wiht cement pipes, we 
will begin out aitsauli wibt an en 
MtMc protest of this conspiracy 
by the Imperialist Overlords 
(school administmorsi who 
sukjest their Repressed Peoples 
(students) 10 this Ideological 
Capitalist eyesore (the pipes) 
designed 10 propitiate Common 
Contentment with Blue Collar 
SiMiat (even I dHi't know what 

Aller Ike pRNest, we will 
lake lime to learn about 
multisyllabic mudilinging and the 
Jingoism of revolt, then well 
engage im event rich wiht the 

r'wliia of uprising: we'll 

Unonade and cookies 

wiU lie served. 

Other events for club 
members will Include such 

minicourses as: 

-Pwentiotis Dogma (or the 
Talk Show CiicuiL 

-the Gowth and Feeding if 
your Grcaiy 'MuMaElto 

-Napatoi Itir a Bern Lawn 
-Win Friendi and Impitts 
Women With Silent Kill 

■Fishing with Pragmentatioa 

-101 Household Uses for 

foe ihat lew membership 
fee you'll also receive an eight by - 
ten color glossy of Franc inco 
Faiico. a sturdy plastic decoder 
ting, a list of secret gestures and 
handshake*, and an Abrams M-l 
Tank, (batteries not includcil). 

Don't miss this chance, 
folks Put on those designer 
camoullage fatiguei, slam your 
(ace inio a mud puddle, and conx 
lake your place beside us in 
history. Join now or you'll miis 
exciiitng. fun-filled trips like a 
seige on capitalist Barrington and 
a pyrotechnic tour of Illinois 
Wdgcs (tlHi^ fai|M 10 pack a sKk 

Now for 'Ike teal part. 
At the end of the year .you'll have 
an oppoftunity to put all you've 
learned lo use when you TAKE 
What better way 10 understand the 
plight of the oppressed than 10 be 
the oppressor? Experience 
finthand die anguish of imposing 
rudikss taxes and inanial law. Sti 
on the hotseai and try to deny 
high-level conuptioa. Sec how it 
feels to imprison political 
priioneni, print your own money 
and have a secret police force at 
your disposal. Have Vice- 
Ptesident Bush visit and call him 
names. It can all be yours if you 
sign up now. 

Uh...l know its ■ bit 
early 10 bring this up. hut when it 
comes time to vote on which 
small country 10 lake over, lets 
think natural rewurces and not 
lounst trade. 

Those loutitts can he 


WlUiam Ratney Harner CMk«e 

Alfonauin k Raaafe Roada 

Palatine, It MMT 


E4*of in-dlid Richlrd Jomuun 

Unm^ti HtUtr -Lmry PmMw 

Httiinrti Muufer -...Drt*ie G^iary 

Urn tMa. — —XMm Him 

EMEitainnicB Edilot Unj rmm, 

ftmmtt Mioc Tm >a McCMinkt 
SfUfUEdiuil »>"' 



Coni^m Conwluni 

AI Dufufcotli' 

The HARBINGER is the stu- 
dent publication for the 
Harper College camptis com- 
munity, published weekly 
except (luring holidays and 
(inal exams. All opinions 
expressed are those of lh« 
writer and not necessarily 
those of the college, its admin- 
istration, (acuity or student 
body Advertising and copy 
deadline is noon Friday and 
copy IS subject to editing All 
Letters lolhe Editor must be 
signed. Names withheld on 
request For further informa- 
tion call 397-3000 ext 460 or 

-. ^ 

Pme 4. Tlw Hi»ttng«f. S«pt«ft*er 11. 1986 

.Off Beat. 

OLD yji DiiL£M3 

I know liim you re ooi ilieio. 1 
eta heat ym snormg Tliwie o^ 
yoa obneiwd with uivia. (mrsujt 

will wiMil to B«h 1 pem-tl ami .!>.» 
HMt *>*«; Wc ire the lfarnnger 
iMtnaiiunoM siufC: Ntk. Kevin, 
Dank Aitit iiml you" tw'y ^s ""= 
lediior (no ki<l*»i, cl«5* '••* 

We raemtets of iJie c «»ral 
Mff (Richarf. Terence. ijcI*w. 
CoUeen. 8iU. aul Awn) have the 
iddilion*! rcsponsibilii! ol 
determining our pnorilies as a 
newspupcr lU no onncitknce ital 
the Entfrlainmcnt ssaff k the 
iHTSeiA unJ mtist talcnird Oii>; J>lt 
us) (in the paper^ TlKrc i* « 
iBcrcdtWc number of wtwthwhile 
aciivilie:! happening wound 
cimfms at) icmcsier. Ard moM oi 
il tuffen from jncraic alloMlaiGe 
bacauac of lack of conununcaiion. 
Meroly adveni»ii m eveal only 
dnta Willi iMlf of die prol-lcm. We 
liavc iMCome so jaded bboul 
campm adveniiing thai even 
being Jcluted with flyeri ad 
nauseuni doesnl create awarcness 
ThH i* where we at die H rbinger 
can come m. lis our joh to finl 


an ateut cvenu, if pouihk dci a 
preview article, but certainly do 
what we can lo let (icopk kno* 
atoul the worlhwlnle e*oiu here. 

Them there's your pari Yuu 
knew Uiete *«*' a caich, ^ 
you? There u a grcupof dCiliv 
poopk on ounptis who woulJ K 
happy 10 giw you informalion on 
a particular eveeil. Sludeni 
Aclivtiies. program board, and llic 
itteime ban office ate only a fc* oi 
the onouiipus orgatii/alions thai 
sponsor nt *cll lickcis for 
concerts, lectures, movies anj 
much more. Give them a call. 

But. lest you think tfi-ii ■<■' ■•■■ 
do is ihill for campus funui.",-,. 
Slay tniie4 lo this page every 
week. If we do « review o' am 
event here at Harper, I guitrantee 
i» biax. Ii: iK'. check me out ne«t 
week when I attempt to find out 
why our college rac'w nation 
seems to be mlcnl on getting into 
the Guinness Book of World 
Records for most umci playing 

ilie lame 'Madonna' album. 





Willi their first two 
It, The Smidis etiasblished 

UMiMelves as one of the VK:% 
motl conuovcTsial and intriguing 
new hands. With vocalisi/lynctst 
Mamtfcy's uni<)ue voice crying 
out tgianst relationships. 
violence, the eatin( ol red meat, 
and life m genetal. he bef^ame a 

rate model tor Untaui's 
yoMfc. Ycl, in Uieir third 
The Queen is Dead. The Smith:, 
perk up their sound, direct their 
tyricn toward new subjects, and. 
all in ail, sound better than ever. 

The ilbtmi opens up with 
the title track, a icaUiing satire on 
the British royally in which 
Monissey displays his dark lenK 
of bumor: 'So I broke into the 
palace/With a iponge and t iiisty 

Do you Enjoy: 

-Watching movies? 
- AttendiAg concerts? 
-listening to Albums? 
-Going to restaurants? 

Why not write about your 
entertainment experiences. 

7%e Harbinger is looking for movie, 
concert aUmm and reatmrmt reviewers 

To apply, simply stop by the 
Haiiiinger OfBoe. A367 

Ik HARBINGER i« the cqcfk-ce 

liIM§l?i51®J §l>gS^S§ @Wf 3 

By Nik Opel* 
Phil Bimstein, formercly of Phil 
n the Blanks, and now half of the 
duo of I*hil and Blanche iixik 
lomc lime out recently to talk lo 
me about life, music, and his 
upcoming appcarencc at Harper 
For those of you who have never 
heard of Phil, he has opened for 
such people as Howard Jones, 
Paul Young, and most rwcntly for 
the Cure at Poplar Creek a few 
.WHUhf ago. 

How loni bavt you been 
logethcr musically? 
Well, we've been performing as a 
duo for t»o yean and with Phil n 
the Blank.'i for five years before 
Ihat Blanche and I have been 
working logciher for six years. 

What's the first record 
you ever hougtil'? 
It wiis probably lomc '45. ! diink 
one of the first ones was a Bob 
Djian album like the early Bob 
Djlm, lite when he was folky. It 
was the first Bob Dylan raord. 

Who do you listen to 

My car gets tired if I listen lo the 
same style for «» long, 1 think 
it's important to keep filing mv 
cars with different types of music 
But. lately I've been listerning U) 
some very old country music like 
Hunk Williams Sr., Ixfly Fri/cUe. 
and some hlucgrass. I've also 
listened to Suianne Vega and 
Elvis Coslello. I have a tape of 

some Turkish music and some 
African music that I've been 
listening to. t usually don't listen 
to things repeatedly. 

Duets and guest 
appcarences are getting u> be very 
popular. If you could do one song 
with someone . whai stmg would 
you do and who with'? 
1 think this answer is really going 
to surprise you. 1 ihink I'd do one 
with Rjy Still, the chief ohocisl 
of ihc Cliicago Symphony. We 
would do one of my songi "Li.sicn 
to die Wind". It would dclinately 
be pop. 1 would also do a middle 
ca.".iem/.ir;ibic cluini improviolion 
wjih DaviJ Byrne from the 
Talking Heads. c«tt«.,^ « p.g, i 
























Lecture: "Using Humor In The Crusade 
For A Better World" 

Tuesday, Sept. 16 
7:30 p.m., J-143 

Public Admission- 13.00 

Harper Students (+ 1 guest) 11 00 

Ttw Haitilnger. SopMintMr 11. 19B6. Pag« 5 

It . 



Album review 


WekmiMi to ■ mem mummciI 
Utii Mw wliiiiiD wU inftinii |w 
wluM i.1 hatipeaing on camput 
ei-ety week.Tliij week the 
'inollii^ is on Stoiknl Ac i- 
If you ti0WD' ltie« ume Wor, 
IK between clunn awl noihtng >» 
■to, wlty not dack 'Dui a caniiw 
cMi or oriwniialte'F Acnanitif Kt 
■ reccm Norlht-rn lllinoii 
Uitrv'«riiny jarvey siwfcoM *lii> 
pjinifipatc 11 citwcMrrtcubf 
aciiviiic!! fuceed tii'Ufr 
auKkniA'aliy Did yen ate kno* 
ihM anjctin'iculi"'' tnwolvciTMnt is 
ilMe ihini' tmm iBpfxuni (xiw 
emiilii'yen consMkr wtien himf 
wnirone . Two pod. 'IMHw io |bi 

SiHlni SeiiaK «kctlaiM me 
in iwo wwte Dcadliiiittoiiifilir if 
icMnonow u noon, aiiplicalitiiis 
may be picknl up in the Student 

Acimiicf otStt. tmk (or caiudaie 
iniervi«wt i* neil week's 
tiltrlnnecr. U lovemeM is Ml 
fom' (ion*, nihy iwi cry Prog nm 
Board"? Ttiii iMjtpiiimi group 
pimn fitntLccmcert • xml ipM-ial 
evenii tot siuilenu. Weekly 
(iMimiigii trc hcM Moniliiyi m 
"iitSfm in tlietr neciing tmm 

s|ii|inncr/SlK iUii 1:h. I kmw 
you and you tanmn Hiig'il said: 
Ttai'j iK>i:h>n| you *houUI hc4i 
Jiiie play pi«U)"." Thi» (olbwrd 
to the Sliulciii Aawiiiei by 'P'mAky. Mr. Smnklrv" 
office. AH m welcome! AN ttrng mtsng At Asmiimti^ts «( 
Jon'i miss ll««. vt(Jet> arric* coming fanw, «hrle ilso indodmB pul- 
ujv it Marti today »ilh «»<* J<:m-^^ m re-heinn and unrk 

an {he 

ilfiu * l"tn til i.uMi dtiu I, .• iKv 

Stw»aiJO»iim every Thursday »^"S »''7» ™"f'""' , . 
thrwiffc December. Uixomtni C«tolKch»Kh rherc na Liglil 
i,lm* a« •B.rai.d- a«d •Ammal *• New 0«» Oitt . prawtw^^^^^^^^^^ 
Hou«, - G« I problem and. imad l'™]'"'*'*^;"^, J^ »">.*•* 

ht-lp" Wf.te inio the Pter "*« "'^*" 'f*"* =>" '' „ ." 

Cou«i»iii|: Hum in the HaftimfW. l>">i:«p«iK4Jacc«inlof Miwiseyi. 
All siwJemm mUt will tomplot* '*'* 
then ikgnte or ccntfcate at ihc AlltaighaJlcX tl'ic u:kU 

close o( llie (all seme.ftcr itiouM tin this alhum arc lolid ami 
compile a ■pei,HM>ii (or ijtaduamM conititem. theit arc two «mg* 
in Ite it|iiar]ii'.'i office t A : I ;i) by tot sand »l)o*e the ntL The I'irM 
Ocloker IS. .\ay iiudent. is "1 Know lis Over", a heautdul 
ikMltJitic or foreign, interested u balliii about a detil nuin recalling 
joining ihc IntematK^nsil StudeMi his tccrci tovt for a woman who 
CMb tibouM liiop by F 338 (ex felt niKbtne for bim. and 
more infofmation. Audititms foi 'Ccmetry Ciaies*. another mire 
(he (all Theatre production "The in which Momisey sings about 
Mil* Pirec;i«!k«f CoBHax' will he jotni where he i,s happy, wtiere he 
beM on Sepleni.bcr tS aici 16 in A is wanted. iIk' ce:metry,. while aim 
1 39. InierGsied sludenti should inclwliiif a verie abotii pta|unsm 
con:iac( Dt'. Muehmore Finally ihat wilt bring a imile awl a nod 
ihe Harbinger wants you! (mm every Engli.vh Prolcusor'i 
Positions avadahk' are .lecwiary fm». 
and enienaininenl features sporb 
mil newi' writart. Apply in A%7 

Give a hoot. 

faBBit Service, U.S.D.A. 
^^ wm Hon 


If y«w law b<tcn. on ilae 3nl 
lloor of A building lately, ycni 

have probably sen a big ctangc- 
•' SmImii Activiiici area is 








Red Cross 

For fbe past m wMks ibe 

1 Harper College maintence 

(kparunem has been working to 

improve the looki of the 

AcuvMK* area wtiicb baa. not been 

renMMleM since ite wlicge'i 

foiii^ (i> IWII. 

The dumges arc: the TV roon 

I w<iich remains <n ils onginat area 

I baa been cmbirged to accomcNlaie 

HMOT IMfik. The pinl table $im 

ts nicer and larger One otber 

Uange is the officei. Although 

ricy are not larga. tbcy are now 

Kated in one area Therefore 

'iiilixing the space betier. 

A nicer Student Activities area 
I will be the end tesuil when the 

tMAinf for MMNtHng new or 
fun. lo do^' Why ma tet a movie? 
The :l>rogRun Board' pRiwnls video 
lerics (his fa].l. an activity that 
allows Harper .students to see » 
coup|.e of free n»vicj eat'b m<inih.. 

September, or "Weird Comeilj 
Month* will feature "IV* Wee's 
Big Advenmie' on the 11 th and 
"Branil* on the' I Sib. 

Oeio(ier,"Fuel Injected Month." 
hringi 'Mad Mi» Beytmd The 
'TItiindenlMne.' on; tlie 2mI "Road 
WaiTier* on. the. Mi and '"Repo 
MM' on Hie 23rti 

'NittioiMil Lampoon* Animal 
Hmiie' will be the first movie of 
Novemtcr which is scheduted (or 

the 6th Revolution' ( no«>n 
ihowing only f and "Alter Hour*' 
wilt (oilow on the 1 3ib and 2Qlh 


tteemhcr brmgs the last two 
movies which will be "Rainbow 
Bright and the Star Siealer(6Ul) 
and "The Color Puiple" on the 
1 Iih (noon showing only) 

Pilot Pen 
lias somcthiiig 
even axnootlier 



'^ IV3I1IIIQ tua PtH 

A feeling. . . b^fond smoothness. 

A guliy cMni am IM luy I nw (%)l 
timii/mnmavmtU lDpim il l.Sitna us 

ttv nwiio'i. iMN'-oHxiPdim It iwetpt 
wido)indM.96 Oackw money onter 
only %u1 gel a IMuTs SmooOier" tee 
sftin (an S11 00 vakie) and a FREE Pikjl 
Uxmm highboMmg maiim A total value of Sti 79 
iDT only 14.96. Mkw 4 to 6 weeiis tor dckvery 



The* movies, chosen by 
Paul Hollingswiirth. Iht- Program 
Board Vuk"<i Chairman, will be 
Shciwn in £ 1(K|. every Tbur'sday at 
l.2|im' and again at J(im. Also the 
jwwics will K" shown in the T.V. 
nxmi. which is icm.porarily under 
cnivii 111. lion in huidmg A. on 
iu.>..t.ivs at tarn and on 
WcttnciSiiiy evenings at bpm.. 

Says Pawl Hotlingsw'onh of 
ibeae particular fil.m.j ." I .IccI 
lhc:ie an good movie*, that colkgr 
iludeMs would like to sec . I 
.choie what I tbougbi was the 'best 
fmn what 1 had to choose iwm' 

Of Ihe movies 'Brazil " and 
'Revolution". Paul lays. ' (would 
like to bring in movies that are 
new. that have never been shows 
in (he Chicago theaters.' 

So why not come out and 
see these movies. Remember, 
theyie tree! 



V« h««« •xcvllmil ayycrtiwHwf far ; 




Fall aarf part-HaM pm siH m m a«w availakl* wItt 

ftoiiiklv »rtw<i» t t'» *• ftl f var mv^s. Smm tmy- 

•rlMM* fr*f*r'r*4, MitlHiftasia a inwit. CIm«** 

Hm lacatiMi iwarest f •«. 


imi mmtkv, 1 1 ah-spm 

Cast Salf Raatf 

•M Orclwri mil 

(Nvirt t» MBn l tMiwrv Vartf'f) 
Skalri*, H. 


HMisewivM, Slirftnts &. R»iir*K Cneturaftd to Ap^lv .D 

Pi^ a. Tlw Hwbmoar. ScpMfnlMr 11 . 19M 

.Not Just Comics. 

[7^ The Puzzle ^ 

.flWfTlHeTJpom^o ° 

Slightly Of^ Campus 

nC KSr ANNUM. COUfCf fAims IN 
AMIIMCA. soyi the totcwl Isius of Compm 
Voic» tnoocsiln©, or© at Iowa State. WbconHa 
Maika. Connacttcut. Colorado. Axtzona lowa 
Idaho. Now M»xlco. Wyomlna Horttord. Col 
State-Chlco. Norttiwestera MJcNgon Stats. 
Wast«x|ton State. Corneoie Melon Ptymoutti 
State, and ttw Rhode blond School of Design 

1M» CLEMSON 5TU0INTS WERE hurt wtwn 
Ihalf homemade noise cannon, meant to oc- 
compony a campus midnight showing of the 
Rocky Horror Picture Show, exploded unex- 


student it fired as a parMng bootti employee 
because he wears his hair In a bright red 
mohawk. otter Sating agreed to cover liii head 
with a hot whie on tt»e Job 

AGEI^ICY to tvelp It recover tuition payments 
owed It since 1980 

PRISED to tlTKl a new taw bonrwic public drink- 
ing may mean toUgatlng parties wi be Wegal 
tt\ls fal. Legistator Walter Bleviru. who spon- 
sored the k3w and soys he goes to tailgate par- 
ties himself, now promises to Introduce on 
omendrrtent to ttie statute 

TlwHaiMioar.Sepltmber 11, 1966, Pane? ^ 

•34.50 '^S 


■ rmrm 

rzasaes ^ 


hair pcrlornicrs 

Moonquin Rd. • Hoftmsn i 



StwtoBt Bon-eoMiMtctiii 

Legid Scrvim 

I to «ifM Hmw. W 00. so ceitt 

ma CONSULTAIIOH (a it ' 

ml iMMt. nwn Kt-WS. tm and 




iliip Vanlnl 

•aauxi lour fMkilft Itar V '*l|M>it Haiak 
Vmmim' i» Dtgiiara Ikieli nul ft- 

In November 1973. CliffShaw was sukken with 

r^rtunaiclv. ii was delected early enough And with 
surgery Cliff was able to continue living a hcalihv active life. 

There was a time w hen such a diagnosis was virtually 

But tcxlav cancer is being beaten. Over the years, we've 
spent $500.0(K1oOO in research. And we've made great 
strides ioainst manv forms of cancer. 

With early detection and treatment, the survival rate 
for colon and reital cancer can be as high as 75%. Hodgkins 
disease, as high as 74%. Breast cancer, as high as W%. 
1 Today one out of two people who get cancer gets wdl 
I It's a whole new ball game. 


T Help us keep V* inning. 


ii|r Mluiiiiii'ii jm MMiiiii' % wHifi" OhB 3 
■• TJ«-14)ll''llf'aiaa wtmrnmim. 

•mmnni MAaiiw- (« o>i*. i 

MiMiit a tui lUHl iof ■*; S4il. Call 

tiD mam cak ama rmi* (%•!«) 

MH wmmal. AT. AM-fM <«m>. aC. M 

lAinjj'iTC rmmt: 

f$Mm tOmtimm^. TMnMig. 1^ 
I IdMWU fm kMT' OpB l-S tm •wy <iiw, 

B i B iiii m ,* 

I 33W9; li 

cai,«m«»; t» «« «"*• * «*■• • *;; — ■ 

mmlmm, •Mk mmim «IhIi. AM-M mm.. 

Chit ■fill VM/h 

ruMOovimiMiMTJntiw ti«jMO'» "^ '"■'"■■■■ 

iMjwn, fm Mk»« cd I mm *f- ''••• "•*■ '"""W* "««•• ""^ •«* 
I mm. Em, a-imi. ii«i«ii«n. m hm, at, mm 

am > tm film. Ol 'TIHCfl. 


nun Km ibJ IxMy l[«ic»> w • iiHil 
ItnBB !<«• moat Mftaaniicn, cull M # Ot- 

IliWdf tX€Mm IWWJW-fc 

w. OH I fHO) W-Mlt. 

(WVmilKT mMIS'ln S> (U n|>air| 

I mm mt-mm. am. h-iosi lot mmm 

'TWO mCMS to I 
■npmnlHt tkmalit <mI|, SiW > mcanilar 
iHHIIih lUl MM|f wj|io m laiB whmbiimi. fis 
■KM Ml., c^ Tan « K-TIMIcw. 

uvii-H BAiiYsrnm muw t 


I «. Ml a Ck. Ml aM 

11 DATKW I» hr Mk: Nkit Mi. Ml 

'lim. ■■« akMii. AM-fM aw:: tMIDAui 


i«Wl»lJll M t . HoBIt: 

I ,_jg|^_ __!_ I^ba, --■ * ■-.-■.■ Jlf* AiUI ■■»'■''' • aau.-.a, 

luw «w for ym' 

LYMN mJi£RS-Jii VM iw aw ymr mmt 

m prntif Jmi ««iiMi id ttU y* jnwi'm tlut 

liwni M iHw IwNiMi li m coMtt TlMMlit tm 





Sell uour unwanted 

Use Harbinger Classifieds 
for fast results 

StiMlent adt are FREE 
Non-StmlMit rate is SOf per line 

•r St»p bf A-M? 

Pi^B 8, Th* Haitiinow, S«)liHt»Bf 11. tSM 



By RiH KaftllMrx 

Sports Edilur 

Mid Chri* C«>sli«i|>ouli» 
"This year I wnni to rebuild a 
Inundation." Couch Rm Thcbcrg 
plaas 10 use this year lo rebuild 
• If the future. The cross-couJiiry 
.iiin consisis of Chns 
Colsiopoulos. Howard Covili, 
Brett Gerhold, Darrcll Mijarcr, 
Thomii Masse I and William 
Holt/.. Coach Thebcrg ran for 
Harper's crraw-counlxy in 1980- 

IMl. Iittraimma touch football 

staru it's season on Saturday. 
September 2(Hh at 8;(X). 9:00. 
10:00, and 11:00A.M. at the 
pmciice football fidd. Teams are 
•ncotiraged to sign up 

The Annual Harpetihon is 
scheduled for October IKili ai 
8:00/.. M. Entry forms arc 
available in M-BuiUlmg. All 
contestants must sign up at the 
press box no later than M) minutes 
prior to U» start of the rate, and 
ill contcsianli will receive t- 
shins, The winners and second 
place winners of the I and 3 mile 
race, will receive plaques. All 
faculty, staff, and students arc 
encouraged to panicipaic. For 
more information contact Dan 
Koss in Ok Athletic Office. c»t 

2J92 One final note, the 

volleyball team had the 
unfortunate luck of having to 
cancdl iheii first match because of 
lack of participation. StiMtaW « 
greatly encouraged lo conutcl Lisa 
Matiera in the Aihleiic Office. 

B'l BItt K:|||Cli«Tt 

Spirit Cdimr 
MMi Erk KmOtm 
The de fending (oiball 
cwifcitmse champ*, the Harper 
Mav'ki, mm ih'l* %emm .wiib 
fond mcuMine* of last ymi. 
Wammi Om coffcmce liilc te 
iM wtimt coniecuiivf jtat and 
aarniiig • ifip to the t-ike-Cola 
Bowl. 'llcnMlMit tbis .i« not 100 

Thi* n«M Uii toiM mm 
it domiiHMMl Iw iw*i». While 
this may imm h te a rebuilding 
war, Iteiv is experience in many 
ley oHewive positions. While 
ihe catpmncc itsis in: itMt tMiMli of 
llM olfcnie, the defewie coniiins 
( tet year pJaym. Coach 
Jit bail Ihti to say.'lf we 
I Id the defense to wtlAfy. 
koold have a really good 
a,* The rookies lutve to 

I: • ■0m naiiiUao (nw I'tg'' 


Eltaalk also stated. 'The 
Mpti iii H Ct 'rtcts with tne offcasc* 
The offense will have lo wtnk 
with Ow defense if the Hawk* 
hoi^ to repeal this year. 

Eliasik lias other things to 
wufry abtwl in addition to the 
Rwlia UMt cKpeticnced plajrw. 
■mi. tnkm mm have ataady 
■MM .llHiai 18 ihe WMi 10 bMt' 
Etak mm on to sty,"Ii is going 
M> be tough for this u^m Uiving 
W open up with two road games 

While the Kbedule surts out 
rough, the cookies will gain 

tjpencnce through these jsamcs. 
and should be reads' f« «•* •«" " 
the leason. 

The Hawks posted an 
impressive victory Salurdaj. 
downing Thonon 3M* The 
rookie running back, David 
Rowdfcu. cecordeti a menorabk 
debut scoring three toucMowns 
amMC to the Hawk* victory 

Thorion struck (if%i >"> » 
touchdown drive, but ddensive 
tackle )im Sarver recorded a 
Ttiorton fumble to give the Hawks 
the ball thirty ytrdi from the 
Bulldogs goalline. „ . . 

It didn't take l!ic Hawks two 
plays to strike back. On Tirst 
down. Hawks tparterback Sie« 
Ktekamp hit Rowden for hti firm 

Klekamp wofkcd oil hts arm 
all laiiiina. and ii proved evidew 
her*. In the second quarter 
tdekamp hit wide rtceiver Dory 
Smiih for a 40-yard pin. Afkran 
iinp«s.sivc drive. Rowden drove 
into the end «one for Ms «cond 
TD and a 14-7 Hawks lea4. Field 
goal kicker. William Currie. 
tangHiened the Hawks lead with a 
field iml befoiv Ihe hiUrtimc. 

Tlie second half, the Hawks 
oiittcored the Bulldogs 14-7, 
including a fumble recovery by 
JolHi Henmngs of the Hawks and 
TD's by Nowdcn and tames 

The Hawks face the TiiKwi 
Tmftm neit Saturday at Triton n 
lOO. The Trojamt were beit l«y 
DuPa«e last w«k 27-7. 


Hi Mil KuriO'^R 

Sports Editor 

gad Itmt Jackson (CPSi 

One onc-hundrethh of a (»ml 
■leiwid »»:•. moniJi!. and possihl-- ;i 
year's playing time from Par:! ': 
M|g]zine All-American defensive 
back Sean Smi:h 

freshman Smith, recruited to 
play football for Auhuri this fall, 
neeilcd a 2.10 school grade 
point average to be eligible to 
play on the team. 

He had a 2.09. 

The louglier standards, adopted 
in Ihe wake of a «crics of scandals 
in which athle.cs' grades were 
falsified to keep thtm eligible u> 
play intercollegiate spom, went 
into effect on August 1 of this 

The rules, collectively dubbed 
Proposition 48 as thi y passed 
through the NCAA's decision- 
making prixess. tetiutre athteies lo 
have a rainimum 2.0 high school 
GPA oil a 4.0 scale in 1 1 core 
clajses, a IS ACT score or a TOO 
SAT score if they want lo 
compete as college freshmen. 

But while the NCAA says it 
hai no reliable estimate yet of 
how many blue chip players like 
Auburn's Smith won't play this 
year, the body count has risen 

ilramalKally in recent wccWs. 

The Big Ten only lost two 
•Khlcies out of 246, one Uich for 
Iowa and Ohio State. 

The Atbntit Coast ronfcrcnai 
lost 14 out of 199. 

Figures lot the Pat;-Tcn ai.d 
Big Eight arc iinavaitolc. 

Coaches also lay it's ttx) early 
to tell if Proposition 48 will 
change teams' compcti .»e 

"i think this year will be the 
worst year with this rule.* Auburn 
coach Pat Dye says. 

Dye. for one. appro' cs of the 

"Ill good for these yoiing.<it«s 
to know that they h:ivc s«mc 
catching up to Jo when they get lo 
cdkge.' he ays. 

5mith himself is staying at 
Auburn at his own expense, 
hoping to qualify to play next 
year. Coach Dye consequently 
doesn't buy the argument that 
Proposition 4» will force 
ineligible athletes out of college 

"If a youngster drops out, he 
prabably would have dioppcd out 
anyway." Dye says, who's had 21 
years of college coaching 

Most of the freshmen baned 
from playing this year seem to 

have tripped over tlic test scon 
not the GPA. requirements. 
Others arc unconvinced. 
"(Proposition 48's) inicnn 
good. but itsgoingi.'alTeciat 
of kids who might otherwise havj 
succa-dcd." says Dr. Thomf 
Arcbcy, principal of Huntingioi| 
High School in Shievcport, l-a. 

Archcy siiys that, under lb 
new rules, he never would hav^ 
been eligible to play football ; 
Gram'.>ling. where he subscquenll]! 
got his degree and launched hi| 

"A lot of kids will be lumctj 
out in the streets. It is a waste i 
latent." Archey says. 

Harper, a member of thJ 
NJC.*A. has different standards o| 
eligibility. For a fresh grduaic ouT 
of high school, a student mu.^! 
carry a load of 1 2 seme >ter I 
For the same student to play 
sport the .second semesir ■, he i 
pass 11 hours of credit with a 1.7J 
GPA. In order to ptay his I 
year at Harper, he must have 2A 
semester hours with a GPA o| 

The set of ehgibility rules i 
enacted to persuade studcni/athlcie 
to maintain their grades and ncil 
just to attend college for th^ 
alhletir aspect 

9f Ml Kuiclbtrg 

Spmrta Bililur 


The Ladyhawks of tennis aie 
pnfiared lo turn i (ew heads this 
teaaon Allha >f^ this is a whole 
new ictm thin last year, Coach 

Bolt ti not worried. 

*1 halieve we bave^ a strong 
iiip and down the line.' Boh 
niach canrMknce in this team. 
Led by Kim Durante (the 
le singles player), and 
Lori Reill (the nuniber two 
itigles' player) the Udyhawks 
leam to have the makings of a 
ooafetence contender. .Dwanteand 
Reill m^e op die number one 

doubles' team. Jenny Baumstark 
holds the nuntlier three singles' 
spot, while Li5a Irvin ti in the 
number four sril. The two are 
the second doubla' team. Ronda 
Owen and Lisa Enge Iking arc five 
and six singles', respectively. 
They also make up the third 
doubles' iea>n. 

Coach Bolt IS also inieratcd 
in more flayers and it is not too 
lair to play. She is located in 
Building M. The Ladyhawkl iwM 
match is Sept 16. at DttPsge 
College m GlrnEllyn at 3:00. 

Ti&iaoe- wm warn, ao a7 ixnp^^axi wm 
mMmmiuLf inim. nunr m m mm ewra 



The nuKh-anticipaifd 
but king-debiyiNt mn of a 
prccipitom decline in US. 
college enrollment may 
have finally sianed iasi Wl. 
when undergriKl enmllmcm 
fell to 10.8 million 
itudeinj. the Collcgi- 
Boartfu cenw* of 3,021 
camptises revealed iwo 
■Mia ago. 

Ejwiler U.S. Dept of 
Education and cducaiion 
asitociaiioii esilnialcs were 
that enrollmeni had 
nnnoiiwd jiaMi! or declined 
only slightly from fall 
1984 lo fail 1985 

Demographers have 
been predicung thai with 
fewer 1 8 -year olds m the 
populMiofi. college enroU- 
meaix would decline an- 
BiMlly until 1991 . 




Secivily guards Donald 
SiMliiy ami Kan Avadikion 
itiouilit they had ituntMcd 
on two iMIem* oNisen- 
sually makuig love by a 
cainpui arena two wcek.s 
ago. and declined lo 



'1 have seen mdeiHs 
havtai iCR in unutual 
Vtuxa hOoit.' ShaMy said. 

Bill the scene was 
acinally a wOtm rape of 

19, who died a few hours 

Mice aiMMed a m- 



Comer J. CMtrall, 
aciing chair <»r Die Dallas 
col'leie, lays he's to 
fhistnucd lh« he may i]ui( 
i( the howl duean'i endora 
his tiiid|Bt |llw, which 
incluiloi HMfmHiing the 
football pnitAni, slashing 
Um ti|iemiiiK budgei by a 
sixth, halving the nutnber 
of .|«opie on (he hoant, and 
htriat a full-time fund 

Bishofi currently i% 
ahoui » milliM w Mh. 



Bam in Ciudad Juarcc. 
M«Jtic.o two wce..lts ago 
reiMicted serving huge 
eiowdt of students who 
ciancil the Rw Grande 
ffiMl New KfcKJeo Slaie and 
rexai al El Piao k> cKapc 
Fcia*' new ll-ycmi-old 
minimum legal ditnkmf 
sge bw, wkich went inio 
: fleet Sq?L I. 

LETtms TO rills mmm m 

vikmiM. All lotusri imuii hm 
Ike wrtici'i mine, •ildfiss, 
»Mitl (ccwriiy minilNif aail Uib 

wicli •■ sMdaM. («:a.hy or tiatf 
:PttMlciit<M itghn an 


ThB rwwBimiMr of Wllltam Rain«y HarfMr Cdiag* Palatiiw, lllinoiB 

t' •%, 



(J«B Harnisch.BiH Anagmx nol availhk fur pholo.) 



I'hoio credil^arwnBrMadiif 

By CathMH Ktlg 
News Editor 
If you tailed lo vote in last 
bH'i StHdoit ScnHe eitction. you 
are not alofle. Only S2 out of 
20.000 Haiper studcnu voted in 
the two day elecuoo. 

Although there ii a belter 
candidate uirnoui than last year, 
only five candidaieji are vying for 
three posiiionj When asked 
afcoul the election. Student Trmtce 
Toby Suberlaa laid that il k 
encouraging lo sec the mmoul of 
this year and she feels dial it will 
be a gpod year for Harper. 

The Student Senate rcpttienis 
the student biidy of Harper 
College, and works with the 
admintsiration on programs. 
policies, and issues which duiectly 
affect studrnls The senaic ix ate 
responiible for n-comnien(lin£ 
ftudcnis for important college 
committees, budgeting over 
$250,000. collected from studcni 
activity fees, approving club and 
organization charters, and 
receiving and recommending 
changes in college policies that 
effect student life. 

In order lo represent a 
division, a candidate's declared 
academic program, or the majorily 
of their credit hours must be in 
that division. This year the five 
candidaies who will be competing 
for a spot on the senate are 
Gregory Miller. Jon Harnisch. 
Carol Borgcnting. Bill Acniagnot. 

Gngorj Mllltr: A 1986 

giaduaic of Hoffman Eaaies High 
School, Gregory has had no 
previous Siaident Govermeni 
capcneitce. Ut lays.* I would like 
to became involved in Student 
Senate liar Uie simple feamn that I 
want to become involved in 
Miaeihing and Student Senate 
■eema inieictiing. Therefore. I am 
eagef lo become involved in ihic 



Jon Haralfch: )on'& 
bnckmumi inchidei three years of 
Student Canncil and the 
championship of the 1985 Illinois 
.state debate. }on says, * The Job 
of a senator is one of 
letpotiiMlity, insight, personality. 
as well as academic ahihiy, but all 
must be bound by one person lo 
he a mcceai. I would not tun for 
dus potitioo it t was not qualified, 
dodjcauid. jKid able to be a success 

Carol Borgerdiag: *l 
leally enjoy meeting and working 
with new people and 1 know I 
can make' a difleienEc. ' 

Bill Anagaos: A 1985 
giaduaie of Prospect High School, 
Bill is running lor the P.E.A.R. 

(Physical Education and 
Recreatioo) division. " I foci diat 
my past experiences will be able 
to help the stiidents at Harper. 1 
also feel diat I can make the senate 
a beuer place by my 
nxoRMndation" Bill lays. 

Laura Lynn Jacob: Laura 
hai had no previous government 
experience. However, she was ihc 
Treasurer of Office Educatitm m 
her Senior year of High Scho«>l. 
While serving she received the 
participniion award and was voted 
outstanding sutudcnt in her 
chapter. She is already involved al 
Harper, serving on Program Boanl. 
Reguarding her cadidency Laura 

"I would like in be a member 
of the Student Senate because 1 

can accurately represent the 
Business and Social Scienct 
division. I'm very interested in 
bow other students feel about 
lUMleni policies. 1 Uiink being a 
senHor would give me excellent 
experience in leadership and 

Senate elections arc 
September 23 and 24 from 9:00 
AM- 7:00 PM. Vote in buildings 
A, D.F and J. (See the 
Harbinger's canidale endorsmeni 
on page 3.) 





WEATHER REPORT:The Rainmakers are coming! Sepl.26 

Paijt 2, "HW' HMbbgm. Stpinntm 18, f ggg 



•f Ttrcnce Mr€«riiU 
PtBlnrcs Edllw 

'Whm yoB'ie cMktuiiwtK 
■IMHI HmelfaNif. and jrwi fed yow 
lUM Mine lateni ■Ml ^u ftel 
jroa'te iiMMl M II. luitiinlly y«u 
wiMM l(> Iw ibie Ui uw it* 

Willi iliett; *«dt. Mt. Tony 
Moiurdif tiinmed up ilie 
iMtivitim ih« took ilie iwemy- 
iim» year old Hjir|ier Fe«li«il 
OoK* <in< ■ concw 'imir of' My 

The ClioriK. iiitder Mr. 
Moaardo's difecim linc-e iit binli 
m \H5. !»epn its ciiilence as dx; 
Elk (jKive Fertivat Choru*. 
■wkiug (Ml of Grwe hmm Higti 
in ihai lowB. Ii waf a 
caniptrjMively tltcM two years 
tafoiB ttepCT cnjiTOSiwd inutirsti in 
acqumng ilie grouii, anl u te 
travn consideraUy in ite and 
■ tmce fhm. 


tn IV /'V, ihe Chorus imdi: its )ilMs la |o lo Eiiro|>c.. Tttase 
tint coitcen lour ahroad:, pian* cjnic to i'ruilicm 'tiiit yeai. 
performing in S*iU.erljwd. »nd on luly 2nd tlit-y dt-puncd via. 

Gcffliaiy. Md Au.«triji, MiKtarto imnbo jct f« M-Miaitto's hisioric 
ays tliat panicitbr tout wai well homeland'., 
a sw-ccss for Ome m die giwiij A t|>ccifif chronology wa.* 
wito had made the very ii|RCial unavatbhte, hut htoaiardo |KMni.< 
tfiiwt to go th.jt tl»e .desiN » lour n> nevctjJ hijihIiBhB of ihe two- 
apin «'ii.s miitlol' week louf. 

'It WW ■ s|»ft-«l Idea lliat The Chorus gave an 
toegiiii hicw'tnt; in hi* mmd. iiii|>ran.pi:ii coneai" in hi» 
Ihoiifh. iinedlttiil honwtown of .Amasew, 

•I aid ihe netninc we inkr i whkH ht fcscrihed m wntog m 
trip," MiWiido eiplatned.. "il'i teving left "n« a dry eye in the 
fojng to he' lo Italy. .And of ehmr. Ttey utai jicrfiimwd m 
coum- i-verytoody wa:i .reatU iht- Basilica of Fr.vmimc 
fxciiu'd abom that, mtmtv trctciving a jundmn (vvai.on). ai 
biXMm itiafs when I *m. h«'»m. n.ight in the courtyard ol an 
and' I uid Ital when we do gt> to EJe%'CHth Century ' Cmtlc in 
Italy we're_ going «o *iMt my Cennmi (where a lurpnw fci-st 
home town." was given al'itt the jicr(ormam:e.l. 

TJial deiiie to lour again imBoliano. and in Milan (the final 
n:»uffa<«d ulrongly in ms. and stop on the low wtierc they 
the Choriti htgan fomiulaling pcrfonned a choral arrangemeni nf 

fimf ritan Collesiate $orts( antljoloBp 
IKmatiNtl riHartiMi 

National ColleBt ^octrp Content 

— - PaH CMieiNir* im« ' 

Kudtnia dMiring to h 
GMM MIIIES wiin 10 to tiM Mn fiw* 


Pint Fine* 


S«c«i4 Place 


TKirJ Ploct 

$10 FHA 

^^***^ «l ti«».|Wi«lim tw ALL ac ci md manuacri^ in our popular. 

taMiwiiiHiy hMiii .ndi entttufma amhotogv. American collegiate 

D«adiin«: October 31 


*' * W*^ '*'M«**to«M»>wMiWtorliarwna. 

y*..!*f** * *''''** **^'" **'"**' "*""'^*''- o" out liila of itw paga owty. 
iM poam imttt ba on ■ laparaia iltaat and imnt boat . m tha uppar laft 

Z!r,T!T- "^ '^***^ """ ADDRESS o» iha ttudant aa mN ai tha 
* ^^^^**^ awawlad. Put tmm and addraw on atiaalopa atiol 

™««"®'W»nctiooi on form or «>«,». Lanftf, ol poaiw op t» 
wuftian linai. Eadi poam muit hava a laparata titla. 

(AmM "UiitWaif-ll SmaH Mack and lahrta illuttrationi anlooma. 
m !*'**'' *' ""^^ '*""**'"*'■ No mio by phonal 

ff** ^ '*** "''«■«' *'»Py«>'«WaWfiaiailtiav cannot baraiuftiad. 
mm mimmn and all auHiort aawiM fraa publication nvill ba notifiad 

*"***-^.'' '*"'"*' '■'* """ '•*•'" ''"' JwWieatioo rightt for 
■Mplad'poaim. Fonifn languaaa poams ««aleoiiia. 

7. '**«»"»«n><wtialooadoMaria#ftrat.onlaa«orlliati»wantt¥anda 

lBa«l«»oa dollar (or aacbadditkwalpoaiii. It it isiiMtad to «jbn* 

m'iMia than tan poami parWtnnt. 

a f •«'■»•«««» "•apowmarkail not laiar than HiaAiniadeadlina and 
OMh. dwdi or monay oidar. to: 


P.O. Boh4«0U.l' 

the "lairgo" theme from Ovonik'<t explorc Italy. They loured Rome 
New World" Symphony >. Lucca, Pisti. Florence, Bologna 

One very memorable, unique Venice, Verona, and the nonlicr- 
hifhlighl came on Jaly fcth. when lakes regions at the foot of ih. 
the F*e«ival Chorus lung a mass Alps. All along the tour, jucr 
in St Peters Church in ihc acliviucs as boat rides, seem. 
^''""=''" drues, an exhibits, a Mosiaril. 

Mostardo said, "The (aniily/choir picnic, and a trip i. 
opportunity of singing 1,1 the tfie SchilthofO peak m the Alp 
Vatican was just somctlnng that provided a most cnjoyahlc linu 
really came as kind o( a very The music, of course, remain,- 1 
ipaial surprise. And diai very the focus of Ihc trip, and [h< 
speciat surprise came ;u a rea:lt of Vatican perlbrmancc planted ilv 
my chatting with my moilKi s siaed of an exciting pmspctt. 
cousin., who lives in Rome and One hour More ilus reporici 

who used to be the husiness called n> arrange our mcetin. 
manager and also a singer in the MosiartJo received a phone cJn 
-Sistinc Chapel Chorus in the from his coumh, who informc! 
Viincan. lie knew I w:u in him that the Mtmsier of Musn. 
music, and so Iroin link* to time has given the Choru,v permission 
we conversed ha-k and fcnh. and «o go back to the Vatican to | 
he said one lime, Why doni you perform with a full-scale 
scmt me a copy of some of what symphony orchestra complete 1 
you've done, one of your tapes.' wuh soloists. Moslardotaid thai 
which I did*. commitment stands lor any unu ' 

'Well, he was impressed, and ihc Chorus is ready to go back, 
then he wrote hack and he said. He also said the Chorus will | 
Here'* some music that we've he receiving a document with the 
been doing in the Vaiican. some Papal seal indicating the group has , 
manuscript masK-Why doit you performed in the Vaucan and thai 
look it over and lell me what you it was a high quality performance 
think.' Well, we started playing and they hope to use thai 
around with it and pretty soon we information when they taiie Acir 
kinda hkcd the idea, and I wrote 10 nent trip, 
him one time and I said. 'Gee. Will it be off 10 tJie Vatian | 
wouldn't u be great if we could again? 
sing in *e Valiainr 'This ume Ircfcrring to 

Hii cousin then initiated pomt two or three years from ] 
convenations with the Minisicr of now] we woukl like lo go lo some 
Music in the Vatican, and that other places, but who knows^ 
dltam became reality. With this opptjrtunity now. again 

The masis was attended by the performing with a full-scale 
Prtsidenl of the Italian Cabinet, symphony orchestra, soloists and 
twenty Cardinals, ten everything, we may end up 
Archbishops, and an audience of giving a coaccn right in the I 
three tboutand who give the Viiican again, a major 
petfoiniaace a standing ovation. pertemiMKe.* 

The Chorus also took while Uic future of the I 
advawiate of their situation to Chorus's touring schedule is 
uncertain, Mostardo is conieni 10] 
concentrate on the present in 
creating good music and shwing it 
with audiences. 

"For me. music is a very. I 
very important thing. I mean, 1 
have my work which I also love I 
<lcarly (Mostardo is the Principal I 
of Clearmont School m Eflc Grove 
Viltagej but at the same Ume 
Ibere's also ihat, you might say, I 
basic roots feeling there of music I 
and the am which has always been 
a part of my own personal I 
background and my own personal I 
feelings My philosophy hasf 
always been if you have some gift 1 
thai was given tti you by God or I 
someitiing that somebody doesn'tl 
have, you try w share this uieml 
with as many people as vou[ 
[wssibly can, and hopefully iniect I 
them in some way with it ' 

Viicrc seems to be something I 
lundamenial in the human qiiril 10 
want to share, and this quality 
serves as its own reward, 
something which Mostardo I 
echoes, "I suppose you might say 
that my work with music is not 
work. It's really a pleasure. I | 
oiean, I appreciate the fact that 
Harper pays my salary, but ihai's I 
not my prime motivation for | 
doing this, because I have done it 
for years before I ever got involved 
with Harper. And I did it 
completely froely.and I like it 
"wy. »eor much, and I nmoe it I 












Apply A-367 

or Call 

Ext. 2460 or 2461 


TTw Hartiinoer, Septeinbe* 16, 1986. Page 3 


Wtll. mttt afais ii'i liaic lo *mt tor tbt 

mopt* VOL) «■■• Ml the Sladtai Stmt*. WE 

■■««i yon c*a fnic at Mncyt tiww all cotleit 
i l wi i iaii eaa aalit aa X or amaOmr imttlibUt nark 

«• a MM' •Mb a claiyle writlat aicnsil. 

We're lalag ror >i lean IM wf rtm bcM. 
cwacagfoas Iff** lo atsert yoafMlvef and jmr 
fwcil in aiah« that famoa* X. Lait |««r tinlf 51 
■CMlcaH mil of 30,Qm bMllrred In *(>|«: wr itm't 
iMMi Ibal oar to*l ts all thai far out of rtach. 
CMiir «ll mm. if% mliy n«il Ihal hard. The 
HarMq^ ia fnll'r prepiired l« |iv« ymi step- b)'- 
iMp UwlfiMtoM Ml ran ran eel out ibvrr Md i>ivt 
it }mr htst sh4>l. 

TtlK OI'HCUl. IIAKniN(.i:.R 


or ciwrte Mine' (if ran are latiiit in iwy "'Ctcc. I 
iu>t lion'! Ihlvli I ba<e the lime lo vole ihit 
»«;«i.-iir " Well, the llarhiniifr i% nilline In liirip 
j»u out. A representalitc ftttm our <>iarr will 
arconipja]! jna to work and ask tour liots for ihr 
dH]' «fll. ir aceded. »» will «ri!e u milr from .Mmr 
■llMlMr. taardian. or mhtr pruniinrnl rantil) 
meaiher lo gtl jau oal of unj iHciismii thiil ma) 
■rise.Of course there are onlj 13 nt u% on iMir. w 
appoimlineMi are DEflNITEtV recomiaeoded. 

Be a* Inforaed folet. Wt at the Harkiiteer 
diM'l «a«l fitit teaale race in tarn into ilie oml 
talloache affiaiiiB. Btail ohai ihe candMates kuve 
Ml sa) aatf IntlMMf ' fwir own nplninns. If ihal'* 
•01 rnouik, frak tkein, body uliiiti lltrm. and 
SCREA^I, "...Hty )«io piililical hjih. jiisl whul 
Ike HEl.t art j«» gonna do for m»?" 

• '> I U 

Co lo nn« of the dt«i(naltd vniing ra<-i)ilir« 
ini-ited m rampvi. I'teaie note Ikai uiu tkimld 
take a writing utensil nith .?oii. a^ onr mat ni<l he 
available al the «oling crntrr. I'rocfrd li> ikr 
booth aiid meriil) tkt'siai "I im luTr to cast my 
vote for the letiilt flrdioni." line of Ike 
appropriate perMinnrI will provide vou with Ike 
ballut »on need lo rvprcts jour p.eference. Now 
you are nearly finished. Vou need ool) u'ribble 
marks mcmbling X's on your balbn and renrn it 
lo the ballot boa. Whr«i! Q>itie a workout bnl 
now your *olc« kaa keen officially beard. 

Slep J 

Noi* cooMt th« ai«Mt ifoportanl itep. Stay in 
IWKh and coniniuwicalt witk your «eiial«rs and lell 
Ihtm noi only wkai you wani. but also whai you 
iMak akoul ike decitions Ibey are prestnll) 
aiakteg. He or the represents YOl . the student. 
Wiiboat your inpul, how will thr> kn«» whstt la 
tay? They art soppourd to reprc^rni vum views 
and niM just puM what they want lo. 

That b all tkerr is lo voting lor Ike scnalr. 
Vie believe under Ihe proper conditions Ikb will 
work. <>f course, we are worklnf <m tke general 
belief* thai Ike Krvnluiionitrv M»r was not in 
vain: democracies jrr '■till prrvalcnl for 
institulions in a country wbrrr it's prolertrd by 
law. Siim. please dool think Ibal we're trying lit 
audition as writer* for letierman. we're jost trying 
lo ligblen ibe iuue that nut enough of you take 
the election seriously. That is why we base Ikis 
probleai of apathy. In Ike past. Ike senate %tm m 
slowly decaying )ool of the administration and the 
s«lerl few who belicvird what Ibey wiialed was 
good enough for 111.000. Instead tbry should 
rtpretent the ctudfllls' views and not I'beir own 
oflaionf. All let aik ii for you to take Ihe lime 
out Im vum M mmmt tufryoiie is represented in the 
mnRthljr mmm IMtlllllt.. a* tke waltbdoi; of the 
I am pa*, fkt Marklagtr will fcavt a reporter on hand 
to cover eack B»d every one of these meetings. We 
will keep you informed on what Is goinj on. If 
yoK htar tonivtbint thai ywa don't liir. let your 
rcpecttnlattve kaow. 4nd if he doesn't listen, 
please lei m kmtw. ri., cawt^rMJ fM«( 

i3?VllflLriltlfl 1^ iTllfUvilLiO 

By PeditT R. Sweenty 

Tbc bout wasn't going our 

way. Tkit wam'l the first time 

my Mend Dan and I h«l mod K> 

'hiai Ihe fotniitablc Jxk Dnicii 
into submiiiion. but once 
■gam. Jack's one-two, hcad- 
siomach craiilK) had tis rocling. 

Wc went (0 our ncuinl comer 
near the cigarette machine and 

otdcwd a couple of ptlcher* of 
'Wcbiy dmlKCsic. 

'I bet Duke Wayne 
coulfvc wbipfMid lack Dunrb." 
laid. 'Dan tiMmacty. 

*TlM. Duke i* dead." 1 
Mid. ''natteMd'byCjuiKrs.." 

Dan dniught abcMl tliii 
for a nemm, at least he 
apfwared to. Daai b» a gift for 
tlie iton-sei]«itiar and it can 
idinetimcs te iwi»iing ihc truth 
to catt bis tbougbi (troc'Css 
crcjiive tw mm- linear when the 
cottC'CI term i% tlcady 
"disjointed" if not "tomplcie 
iwunl cessation. * 

"Tina Tumci is a jC'k,' 
<|auth Oati as if lu cmpbiui/c 
the disiiMiied aspect of his mind 
(though tipfitng ccrly toivard the 
complete neural cessation 

'How so. ifcar bcn'"!'" 

Wc DO rk,. J .iii.-tliiT 

lii/in' iJulc W.r. li, I :^ I .;n 
liol'ic a king. tioH- Mui tlicn: .iik'I 

tan. no one to (ill tm iN-HHt.." 

■"They're profeaW) lull 
of wonns." 

"Aw. »h«(ldo]»' r>iin'l 
you uiidcrs.ijmd,. Amc:ni.-a n«ds 
Its hen'ies. People Iwve to have 
someone they can look up lo. 
sommnc who lypifia the ulealt 
of our grcal nalnm. someone 
tittle toys and girls can admire 
and respect and anlulte can say 
What would so-and-so do in 
this situaiion..,''" We ain't bail 
no hero since the Duke and it's 
about time we did." 

"What about RonmcT 
"He'i a schmoe 
Everyone knows hr - .■ . .■ 
It's alright to hav>.' :i 

the White House, ■h.i'.ih- it-, 
mandatory, hut a Hero of the 
|io:i|>le can't he Ji scbmiw. I( the 
Duke were president, ihough, 
things would be mighty 
different He wouldn't be 
walking around showing, folks 
hi» [lolyps and gi'innmj; like a 
g(»n. and tie suit wouldn't take 
any trap from other haulers, he'd 
pincti Thaicbct'i butt and sock 
Mosimmai in the jaw'" 

Dan nxKl and slammnl 
h« » the (able. He paced 
ak»ig the bar in a fair imitation 
of the Duke's swagger. 
Apputemly. Ibe Ouke was now 
m charge .ind bad Just (.ailed a 
little imptoiiifitu summit: 

"Awrigbl. awtight... 
now, you over there with the 
sploteh on his. head. I want you 
10 dig up ill thtiffl missiles; ol 
yuurt and itake a ptie right 

here.' The bartender ignored 
Duke Dan. he was used lo thu. 
'Cmon, c inon, t haven't got all 
day ya know Oood. miw lets 
pour a little kerosene on there 
Md loss in a match. Awww, 
don't worry looskie. wcVc gonna 
do Ihe same back in America, 
we wot Just ((Citjn' tired of all 
■his danctn' around, thais all," 
Dan spun iiuickly. finger 
cocked "Whoa there, fella! I see 
them t).attu- silo's under your 
coat. You jurt toss em on the 
fire there, real easy now Thjitta 
hoy. Now maybe wc can get cm 
witli thingi, ■ 

While Dan was <n the 
bathroom concluding his 
pcrlormantc. I ibought about 
America's strange lack of a 
Hero It was true. I thoughl. 
America was hungry far a hero 
and all it kept getting was a 
confectionary subxtiiuie that 
invariably kfi a biticr tfteriaste. 

Dan rciufflcd from the 
baihrcxirn and sat down. I 
planned to bou,nce M>mc other 
names off him as candid;iites I'm 
the Heio slot, but I lad lo let 
hii mind settle a bti first, I 
wanted him to be thinking 
clearly. I Wiiiclied his eyet fot 
any hint ol teicbral tclcnty and 
we (ell into a staring nantloff. 
neilhet of us blinking or 
■.hiflint; his gaze ftom th«; other. 
The lension built and to di.splay 
some onc-upsmanstilp. Dan 
slipped a stick of gum into fits 
maudi and chewed with slow 
deliberation, never allow' ing his 
piercing gut lo fallei, We both 
pretended not to notice that ihc 
stick of gum had been a 
Miirlboro, nor did the staring 
miitch end when Dan washed <! 
down with a half full cup oJ 
beer that had served tor the last 
two hours as an a-shiray 

Finally. I demumxl and 
let my ga/e fall. Dan rushed to 
Ihc mens room lo (ill hi% 
mouth »ith the Munhing kc 
fiuni the comptimenury 

(Vilicli-irl ilufKnWI. 

l-or Dan. th;(ij. 
Ill] nk ing clearly. 

"Ht»w about Slalloiic 
or Eastwood?" t ankod when he 

"Thc> re OKC "' 

"I m&in lof llcrii." 

Dan's eyes lit up W'hen 
he tocalfcd our tonversatmn and 
I knew the venom would start 
spraying off his delightfully 
stantleraus lonfue. 

■Ahhh. -Prei in "M" 
Eastwood and 'Commie 
Siompin" Stallone. Let them 
fight for It if they want it. Ii'll 
be lun to watch them tplallcr 
cac bother m a slow motion red' 
spray of large caliber k-4id.' 

Dan can really 
summon the wholesome 


'What Hbout Bcinhanl 


*Nah, Bemie uses real 
bullets and his psycho fantasica 
don't play out well. He can be 
New York City's Hero for 
hunting without a liceme. but 
Ihc rest of ihc country has 
ilighily higlicr slandaidx." 

"You Ihink he's guilty, 

"Noi in New York, no. 
Tbey lecogm/c die fact dun self- 
defense often requiie.s a white 
man to shoot (Iceing hlaclcs 
Also, Berate clearly acted wiUi 
premeditalion. New Yorkers 
admite that; pfeinodilated self- 

"What ahoui laeoceaT* 

"With cmphaxis on the 
'r. Nah. he's a schmoc- in- 
training. He might suind a 
chance ogainti Clmt m '02 if be 
can learn to play The Three 
Faces of Ronnie well; Happy- 
Time. Sad-Time and Scrious- 
'fime. or course, il (acocca did 
becoirte president, it would K- 
interesting to watch Chrysler's 
war on the Japanese aukimotivc 
industry escalate from inccniivet 
to incendiaries and frcHn rapidly 
fallin): r;iicv lo radio-aciivc 

Dan began Mupping 
his fingers and -.eanhmj; his 
memory, not a time convuming 
chore. "Wtats thai other car 
guy, whatslrname ."'" 

i was pu/zlcd utiul Dan 
snorted an imaginitry line of 
coke off tlic table, 


"Yeah, thals him' 
Audacity incarnate. He came 
closer tlian anyone u> piciin)! 
up Ihe Duke's crown 
Hcjirst. Gary Dotson and Beniic 
Gmu all just made a joke ol 
American Jusliee, DeLorcaii 
bought it and laughed as he he k) 
it up so we could all sec how 
flimsy It really was. He was 
jusi a nosehair from hecciminga 
truly grcal Hem," 


C'MiUaiied Ml |Mg«^ ' 


William .Kainey HariHW COItege 

Algnmiuin ft H««etlt Roadu 

Palatine IL tlMIT 

Uwnr .■.-Oucf. 

....Rtc'iiiia .IfflliiMiM 

tjrvf J**iMln 

I'icMKe lloiirt 
CbllMD Kill 
Mty l^mllin 
. .. u i McColwlcli 
Bill Ko|^ltia|{ 


Ttaityiiir.teEtfliiriilSiiMlhai.'foiiiiila' "dianiaiiiinf 

Hit name is Carol Rariiffrtfiiii, tke is running » repreaem die 

buiwits diviMn, She has many years of ea.peficiM3e:, workini in 

various capacities m wganixations and c-ic groups, Sbe is highly 
motivated and witling to devote the time needed toward senate 
activities. To us Uiis nys a kit. 
Tbc Edtional Boaid feels the h wonby of <wii cmiiMn md yours 

too. T»tMmimm»mrd 


fKmmm VA-i^. 

S^Mirt* l^im 

Ff»m> Empi 

Cifiy liftw- Mt<:^-i 

CdMTipillcr C'oniutlatil AI tl«ntk'(H' 

Tlie itARHINCrf.K if itit tuMtm 
.(XHiiain tor ilM lliipcT Oilkfe omiM. 
caMHiiiaay, (WlilMivca vrelily atitpi 
a>iti|it|. Mi<iiys: ma rmil a.mii>. All 
(ifwimwiii mpmmA mk iIkmc uT ihc •rUcr 
■nil ncil ncflriMnly Ihowr cif Ihe mMvifi, m 
wlmitHitriiMMi. Fm'uIi^ or .luidani Imay. 
Aitveniiing ind cn|iy aetdlmc t« noim 
rtiunday ma CKipy u tub^ca to editing. 
AU hillrfi to (tic e<iiUtf mmt he vfimA, 
nqufx For fmliif 
c>ril3«7)OaD. en Mao or 

PlOft 4. Tlw Hartilna*r. S^Mtitwr IB. 19M 







Obi Itabiu dit iMid. Han m 
HMpm. MudcM .Ktiviiy |nM|» 
gtoMilly wodt tikt tliit: Uw 
IteWnpf ' GamflaiiM abMit ilx 
Staileiit ScnaM, itrc Senate 
complaiiit alioiii Uie ftopam 
%m*A. Mike MaBimeri 
KM cvtrycme. and 

> 'lWit.;iit iW' tony 


the ladlo nniMi of on* of iIk 
laffeai cMniniMiiiy cnitecw i» 
At IMid Smm bmtdcaai. widi 
an aHiM. caltatkiii ilM can beii 
be auiCiiiicH'as w[mJ> 
'COlltclkaiT Cwl 

Rir an Kiiiaily tocKt 'ansiMf 
1 «)CM u> the source, and ifMfcc 
widi Scan Sokolowilu.. GenMal 
Mmaiiif of WHCM. And iiulli 
M m, I |«»« i«ne »ur|w»ii»g 
.aaaMin.. Jht fint tlting Umi 1 
oiMiedKi'liiiiiw wst radio miitic 
policy. How does ilic General 
Manager ol WWM niaioriK 
his Muon? 'f^itnarily s lAp 
tety lyiie. We like am iiaiicni* ater several' wp area 
itations: XW. 'X«T and the 
tt«.' Nice iunbtiKM). but WLUP 
antt WXRT arc jiroer«!nn»« in 
coMeiM awl decidedly anti-to{> 

I raited ilie notion .tliai 
although Harper hai a Inrp: 
munber of adult midcms. ilic vmi 
raafxiiy of lisienent during the 
peak daytime UtimiaK hours we 
one or two years out of high 
Khool and have been weaned on 
The Smiihs. the Alar*. The 
Clash, and the liha. And hew at 

.and Ml Collim. I pniMittf out 
that these are bands nfHalty 
iaiBete<l for younger audiances 
(luniot high and high Khool) 
SotEOlowtki admiiied that was 
inaliaed the cam,, but Wfi-faity was 
*whai sells*. 

I can't quiie figure out what 
*whiu Kill" has to do with how 
'progicsiMM a colfeec mdio station 
IS. After all. the operauve word 
here is calttge . Ai in college- 
iponstxtd. For and run by tlic 
Mudenis as an eniertauimeni and 
inftyiKitwn wrvice.. 

Which brings me to another 
objection, this one with a happy 
ending. I wondered out loud 
tiactly how WHCM lofonns 
theif listeners. Here Sokolowiki 
■gited' with me. That n a shon- 
mnge plan ui insiituie a woriing 
news service. Itmiciilani have yet 
to be 

Do you Enjoy: 

- Watching movies? 
— Attefidiflg coacerts? 
-Ustefiiiig to Albums? 
-Graii to restaurants? 

Why not write about your 
entertainment experiences. 

The HaHmger is looking for movie, 
concert oHnm and restmimm fwiewcn 

To a(>ply. «mp{y stop by the 
HaiiMnger Ofiioe, A367 


There is a survey in the 
wwlis. co-sponsored by the 
Haitiinger and Scudcm Activities, 
to find out exactly what this 
coitege wants in the way of 
progremming and cnicriainmcnt. 
When I invited WHCM to 
participate and hopefully find out 
what you want to listen to, 
Sokolowski politely declined, 
preferring instead lo concentnie 
on keeping WHCM out of 
trouble and doing iis )ob. Given 
the back-itabbing and name- 
calling thill WHCM and the 
Harbinger have been involved m 
lor the last several years, that's an 
undcniandable auiludc. Bui a 
laissei fiire policy from an 
tnienainiMnt service seems self- 
defeating. We sincerely hope the 
station changes its mind. 

Despite the negatives 
liKwgh, 1 really am conlidciu ihm 
Harper's newspaper and radio 
ation will not only pcjcefully 
coMist, but actually do wlut ihey 
were created (or: enteriatn ami 
infixin the Harper Community 


By Larry Paullin 
Enlcrtiinment Etiitor 

With the advent of the Video 
Cassette Player. America has a 
new favorite indoor sport (OK. 
second favorite, but not by 

In yet another effort id bring 
you the latest in journalistic 
trends, this paper is proud to 
announce the birth of a column 
devoted exclusively to the video 
boom. Well be reviewing whafs 
newly released, as well as 
keeping you ajjpraiscd of what 
oldies are being re-rtlca«ed, on 
the video tape market 

Among the movies we'll be 
checking out in the near future 
are roung Sherlock llnlmes 
(next waki and the conirovcrsial 
Sine and a Half Weeks Well be 
reviewing two or three movies 
each w«ck, space pcimitting. 

So, next time you're 
wandering around your local 

video-rental store with a free 
evening and no idea of what you 
want to watch, bring your copy 
of the Harbinger. And if you 
know of any movies recently 
released on video tape that you 
specifically would like reviewed, 
or if yott have a question or 
suggestion, feel free to drop us a 
line (suggestions relating to 
cither our ancestry or anaMHnica! 
impossibilities will not be 
pcinloti however). 

underground classic A Clockwork 
Orange is due lo be rc-ickaied 
later this month on video tape. If 
you haven't seen this film and 
you aren't offended by violence 
this nim IS for you. It features a 
lemarkabie pcrfomiance by 
Malcolm McDowell in a siairing 

•"But he ctsKked at ilic 

last instant. Instead of tossing 
hack that great grey mane and 
lauihing for iha cameras, he 
came away fnim the coun battle 
■ repentant, babhting. born 
•gain boob. Justice laughed 

(Thank jou, John, 
really "Km took a hell of a 
good shot at it. ) 

"How about • wMiian 
HaoT I aiked. 

Dan imiuilcd a private 
bodily function with his lips. 
"Like who?- 

'Jwlice Sandra Day 

Photo credit: Aaron BrtUtMlis 



'Jeanne KitkpatrickT' 

"American Hemes don't 
resemble pit bulls." 

"Gloria Steinem?" 

"Nor do they wear 
hntlait undetgamicnis.* 

"Jane Rjnda'*' 

I used a napkin lo wipe 
Dan » itply liom my eye socket 


the Wally Mondnk: School of 
Sclf-HinwIiMiiiaT Nm Owty." 

*Whai is a Spicey 

"Billy Jean KinKT" 

Dan mulled this one 
over for a moment. 'Maybe, in 
a few years... or maybe that 
other girl, the one on the a:ary 
movies. Elsie of (he Pale 

"Elvira?" I ventured. 

"Yeah, Elvira the 
DiMfcCM Babe..." Dan grinned 
and demonstrated drool. 
'°Yeab...she could have it all .." 

By Richard JohastoM 

Over two hundred people, 
ranging in age from I) monihs lo 
60 years old, came to Harper 
college last Tuesilay night lo see 
Dkk Gregory 

The philosopher, actor, 
human rights activist entertained 
the diverse crowd with what he 
does best: posing i(uesiioni and 
provoking thought. 

The 55 year old comedian 
touched on such issues ranging 
from the drug abuse crisis lo the 
pitaent state of higha education. 

Dick Gregory ha sthc 
uncanny ability to use humor to 

mMma ooaiia a{!i 

bring across an important point. 
For example, Gregory put the 
Panama Canal issue in to a 
.satirical nutshell,". ..If you came 
and dug a ditch in my backyard, 
who owns the ditch .*" 

Gregory is presently 
lecturing at over VXi colleges a 
year. He began his diverse career 
in 1960. Strongly Influenced by 
Gandhi in the 60's, Gregory 
protested the Vietnam War by 
prolonged fasting. Since then he 
has fasted over 100 times for up 
to 167 days, to protest issues 
such as the plight of the blacks, 
the ERA and acid ran. 


The Haibmow. S«ptei«ber IS, 1986. Page 5 

iIk Bimik ial Aid OfTce. A364. , 
3000. ««i. 2410 and give course Niriinf Scbobrfhip: The 

LJCX078-001 10 ■Murc KilMeeii «««• MhhotmI Nuiwig 
comet regiffliuioii. Scholinliip ii offenid for Die F«U 


Club Ncwi 
lalcrsatioBal Ctub: Any 

stiKknt. totigin ""«;•'»*»*'. Co«i««»lc.«io»: im semcw lo a «udei.i m the 
Siideni Cirb HatperCalkgeWoiiMBijPrognm R.N Nuf mug Program and covers 
hv ms for more *'" "f'" '">" *e™tn»' <»" Hiii<». and supplies lo a 
• riith «<;ii*i<ir< Wcdnesdiy. Sept 2A from 9:00 mwimum of $500.00. 
Bipi. iMb iiwticsjind ain-I^OO pro. Tuiuon ii $19.00 TlK criieria is if foUows: 

Seccnd year R.N 
Mininiuin G.P.A. I.O 



, .itf, ~^ plus a $6.00 fee which includes 
liincli. To nfisicr. call J97.3tX». 

rai^Hiiv raKBiii MiButm CKL 2410 and give coumcmunber 

_ IiIlZ„ t«., ,-) ._j ■Kjii. .. reiisiimon. Two slop tiiiokmg clinics nave 

^Sl^A wlf I?I « SuJrSnt. K>.» «.*l.w: been scheduled during ihe Fall 
tUMMd ■"•'' »«"•"»» '» fof People «!•"«*'" *» •"»» ^™^ '™'"' "' 

StHinars planning to uke the Stale of building A. 

■atlMtt With Ihe Illinois Riil EMie eiUfclnMioBt. Bra Clinic: 
WwW: Haiper College wiU offer h *i" he oH*««« »«« «••«> ■»• 3«-5:00 pm 

(his seminar on Thuridtys 6:™ P™ <» Saturday Sept 20. Twiiqrindllniidiy 

beainning Sept. 18 and ending Tuition for ttiii ill-day wortalnjp S«|il 30 Md Oct 2 

No. 6 irom 6;Ml-*30 pm. The '» S3« «> P""" « S^.OO fee whieli Oct 7 and Oct. 9 

Mini«ar it designed for anyone includes materials and coffee. To Oct 14 and Oct 16 

liiimilgii, a, cMUidreing entry in register for the September review Second Oinic: 
lie MBOtl nilfket Tuition is ***ion. call 397- MX). exi.2410 2:00-4:00 

S8S 00 plus a S3I 00 Ice To *'>'' C**^ course number LLB08S- Monday aid WeifeMadqr 
regiilai. calU97-30«JO est 2*10. ^^ » »»*>^ «*™=' regisoation, Nov 24 and No». 26 

Please give course Bunibcr ,?"„' *"?P°^ ,1 

LMM046 001 to auHife etwecl ****"1. ' "T* , Dec. 8 and Dec. 10 

,j_j,,„„j^ Wiwatn In Eleclri>Bici:Thii Both clinics will be provided by 

Hmi« Repair Workshop: ■* * scholarship lo reimburse a the college at no cosi to 
HiRwr college Women's Prograni *»»*"»• f<» *• F"" 1986 semester, empkiyees and suidenu and will 
•MiAhr (hit semiMr on SMMtay ^^' o^ixi* *> >* MIows: h% pnaaied ^ the Northwest 

f ^ B p iwi tram 9:00' am- 3:00 pni. *■ R«cipie»» mwi be pur- ConMMiiliy Hi»piial Depanmeni 
iSiiiii is S23 00 Md includes **'■■>■ * tkiree in ibe field of of Contiiwiing Education Please 
iHtti To refiner call the ElccnMca. ie: tales, engineering, cailihe Hcatdi Service as won as 
CMMnt eduaMiai Ofte at »'P«f««»i"l- , __ P««*Me at e«t 2268 i( you ».* 

3OT-8O0O. eit 24ia Pteaie. give f- HmkM "« » ■"«««>•• ^ ._..., 

etmrm number LLWO39-0Oi m '- Snideiii m»t have a B* Crail«aiing? 

STarfrigSr "' •" -^^m . ««-«" who «■. ««pj« a 

Braiancrt Stock Markei- ■*• Recipie« nwsi. sii,b«:it a'dcgMse or centficaie at ihc end of 
Hame, College will offer *.» *^ hibfography of herself for the Fall J9M term muM conipleic 
uZm m Saturday Sept 20 Oie WIE ncw*«er^ a petitoi f« f«'«««»« ^^ 

liilll*«aiii-J«pm.Tuilk»is Deadline dale is September JO Registrars Ofdte A213 befoie 
HSJO. To register, call .197- Applications may be obtained in midterm October IX 

Pilot Pen 

rreo smoother 
than this. 

A feeling. . . beyond smoothness 

ApllWCdimWtrue Biflf a ne* Pilot 
Btaugluniatdpnjwtfioyouratil Send us 

Oie enipw. .liimMfMciwt (a ncalpi 
«• lU) Md tin CMife or momy oniv 
«% *ul9il.i IWaftSiwwiiBr" iw 
jhw (» $11.l» i«*«Hnd i «E PW 
Spaaiar NgMiiNiig «<»•«: A WW «!m of S11 79 
Uronly «fl5. Mow 4 » 6 weetB tor (toli»wy 

Harper in a Hurry 

Pmople Off ffia G0 

Want lo lake a eowM tout 


■ C0UIS* 10 Mm collagi 

ciwHi ami gtfn • nM> tkit Tim leMaiMne 

wmmttueuon m Soei 



iH Pisapecl HeifiMs 

fCNa Itt-tWM so 1 1 30 sm rum. 4 TiMjft 

(i>$flOMM» tl40«m.lM|»m Tim t Tlwn 

I^OC lei-fliil 1 ■ 30-3 « pit. tu«- » Th«.i 

* aaam (MM' can at MM 0«u*r ca/t M7-««H. i 

• allft9 oMipiis in PsIsUiw 

,MOT 1 1 1 -aw I.,IK1-«.I0 m 'Tnurt. 

iSfC 0M«<» tM-eJO p« Man- 1 MM. 

iscc 1 w-oen *-n-f ,4* pm mo«, • i«»<i . 

ISeC lit -oeoi S «-• OO pm Tu«« I Thur» 

Cm>m« - May be icbatlutaO day or •wamnfl 
E ol MWM MumlMri (MTH OSI-OaOl 
B at Continon frtaam (MTM Osa-OMI ....... 

Af iMwnWie 0* 0«iiwi«. (■wearns. »*«»« MMtyramanl (MTH aS3«ei 


_ ^ AppicommaiMTHiMa-oeoi 

*iBa>f« >»*iniie PB»»««i«i«iaW/«»sl«m» ot imalwint jMTH oet-fliei 

a «»«r«i proc«Mins eotMM WK 


Mr IkirtlMr r«0MrallWi IMtofMMMii. tsM W7-30M. MtMiaton tSM. 
Wiiliam Ralney Harper CoH«gc 

ti't ler-iem 


,'iY^il^,^^f^ l?KrAKTMr.M K>K '^ ' «M^' *«^-* 

B"» m!«raipri<M: 




winE sTUATKCir iNi-tniMAriiiv ii a\ 




•C.r.A- OF A "«■ 









Paa« 6, Trw m/mm- stprnmiier is. isee 

.Not Just Comics, 

^ The Puzzle ^ 

1 ContU. •• HMMIi 

«t HviMHMittal SMmt 

MrM' • f I 

ST Pi 


14 Marwuiot SO 

IT OrMi MaiMlir S3 <ki ttf ■•■Km 
1« UnuluM ta %«inal iOf 






41 TamBorart 


sa Skill 





S3' Wm**' 

It 'TrM •nak* 




3 Fun 

71 Mm* 









































































B '• 





Answer on page 4. 

MMKlwmywMi couiMMKUwva 


Worried about stress? having 
Trouble coping with Job stress, 
mRiTAL &TR6&8. Financial §Tre&&? 


The Harbtnger. Sepiemtj* r ie. 1996. Page / 









THtOUeH r«»AY. H *M-SPH 
•to Imt «•« •••< 


BM0rclwr4 rtoll 

<N»r* to Monlflnmwy ¥••*■*,» 
«ll«M». II 

101 M/r 


T 1 .1 .J. 


4 IVff /f s 




»34.50 ''S 

hair performers 

li I75« W. Algonquin fid. • Hoffman Ettatot ■ 




Slwltnt iHM<MaB«f«i«l *•<*¥ *»"«'•«' 

Lrpal Ser»ic«» 

lf»r Salt- 


PifBCW'RJO'ATim to ■ll.fow 
■rail nMh:: ml"* Wl. imiwul ■>)<« 

M-IW. 90 ctntt 


iMJIlllit ni'PMHMl Wli- 

ntanMa MSi><riiim«.l<Mi>ii<M. (iir>M><)lllKtiT*llKkcr.1«»t l,M 

WU-nmiS. B«TH,Y LEVBI, !>«•*■• 

In A-Mf tar •AlltiMiat tn- 

■ fW S«lr 

wt..4Miirl«. an KM-'ioo !«•«■. 

IMI H.T IIWBDK ll«««». TO. |i>ol 
nmlaiM, m 'inii, AT. « iw. 
•rawnie* StMS « tan. oUar OH tn. 

Help 1l»ni*il 

ATimnic «»!■«■ 

nMfiujMK wtMMiwiin«. IwnMtiiav 
taftaMH. M»-SI«pwl««. Om l-f 

(•nc««iy4i|.<Mill<aiHdI|iiiKi> KITTiN .KM id*'. 

tiMlMaii Cji 1 W5) <*}S-iSM. tmmm I m^wi is. 1 IS ■ 

Mwt5|Mii. ^|eiiMH«aiii«4:kaliaf kfWMndiflteuml 
(Ml Mmw Bark* }»-><« •» Wt 

rhtn'TXmSMJBmtmmlmmmbilt, lOlima**!. 
■M>M:.W llaill*Qi..(3«ira«l 

- Hic (nvlUKMEOT 'HOMB Im St (U 

■Ml .M ••Kikii* mrm <• 


(1mm Ml •M-IW, 

■IMiiir liiiwi im. 

WAJllliiD' COe(««F»»WS pin 

dirilt Bru* *■»• •™'' *«»•'• *" 

la MWf )«■»■' I '■"'" 

hit «»■■ "- 

iMiiilnaphKirf J«il,nlf..«ili<««nil. 

.■^■■■■•■KnnMlliiMaiiii. AiiMnnMi. 'Do 
IM,«»mi.. W IWJIIJ., 

Oil MW)Mt 40)11. 

HEl.I' W *NTEO UK nmmm "■*»•' ■»* '"'»'■ "- '"• '•«■«"•'-• "T« •"- 
CN'A «1«I«»B A* »««hi*mt •■'«<*. 

• Itm Ham • »■:►' Hi'i* *> »» "• '•• «-'■* MUKJA. ciMlkin me,,ti«.H.d 

imhltkwumoihiwfcpinl (••.«■• .mbAimik, !*,, Biml.T- • 

r,.u«l m l»l OliVY Ftatm* !■ 

f,fci.-l. 'I'^u l.«..«il«nlll,«lltin|»<. «*" ' Ill WI-OMs l<« ■"">■ «" 

,,,,■ to i»T7nA'nM:c!mil'l'ii» Km.'!' 

•MM:, I (Kilt i;j *tm. " M" *»■ 
*l. W'lllH Aw, . Wool. OtMM «tl ♦! 

IMi.. ISiMmiienmiiMni •!*••. 
lulimi Aiilwuitt*.. tfiiMHmni* '«w«Iikm« m 

itn(«,*i«n«li*l««*m€if. A.*«i 



traa. omV'IO. I 

wftrtil. laci. ntvct •om. MTJfcM iillhi. 

Cm Mtl ftf« AlH.vlucc'bMU 

bndiainaid't (omal. CiU Tiiai# 4M' 

STI-J^O-n-H: MACHINE fa own. 
m|XHlin«. im.tudini m cMlfw «l>nU lot flik 
S4:J CM Mm (MM • «T4.)a']. 

I W> CAHU GHIA. < cyl. 4 iH. MM 


tm*., iiimtKrf', iwIMb w/tuI' wbIvia iiinHiir'' 
f2M0 CiU41t.5M(l. 


HHO* m « t m • h'-mmm M tmm mI 

f 'Wm hH. tiy i «■! m 


I Miwil am fsifinMiKii m 1 %m «Jillk i^mii 


r iRiRMiiir ii 

aumniMiiiiiiMW fit ■»"■-■ 

heU' "J," <ihHLl JumiiiiE |4 

i#nr KjMiPHTIp'" Ittni,; 

:. . , ^..)u.iis wi 

..liijifutii: ){* "Wi^rwn 

*. ., ...1 \.j.'. Ar 

' ■■=■ »«p«. ..* 

6*} ''05 ■; «r«irrwnf*.. 

mil Ki:"n' ax' kiirUl)' iMicM » a .pad: 


11.U.10B aKABSE I WWSi H» 

tiilMBaim. mitmti. iif .|<ill niilimiili to 

yarn oovbimmknt iobs iim 
ji(«MO»sst;ai»».. Nwninai. CM 


(«•«•) sail .Muolil. AT. AM-FM HMO. IVrMHul 

AC. m«lfi,cl<lMt««>ni™l.Or«(i™»> _______ 

Mwr una CaU »>0 

~W;ilBI£(«Xrev~ ItowYmi 

■■»•«• «M-lf<nMB«pa. 

^TrZ un iKMdiw* AM mma Kinrit My »•■«> i"i I-"! a»a» Hin 

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Pan* «. Tlw HMMngif. 9tt»mi«m 18. 198b 

Da* Martin adTSMcca tb* ba« 


By Bill KHgt'liMrti 

bi ilic aniuMi l>n)|ii!tler .MmcJi 

IWIMtn iM MaipCf Kawb and the 
TlilMl'Tliqiait. ihe Hawks zipped 
frnt Itn TlDJHii by the iccire of 


Tbfl Hiwks retained the 
pfoptlltr foi the fourth 
jrear on the high 

give ihc olTcRse another chMicc Id wailed a« a 39 yard field gcti 
KtM before ihc tatt. « on ficst atitmpt w»% thanked to Ihc left 
down. Chip VoelschctaedTnojun the Troijms were faced with a 
quaterback Becker out of (he f,Mnh and I xiiuaiion when the 
pocket and Don Lee dropped Hawk defcmc spread itt wings and 
B|cker for a 7 yard loss. Triton m:oveicd another fumble. Hawk 
was stunned and had lo punt the linebacker. Dan Evan recovered 
ball away. After two paxs gain» ,4,1, Trojan mistake at the Triton 
of 10 yiids and faced widi a third 30 After nine playj and 30 yards, 
and 12. Klekamp went long and j^^a Waahingion earned Ok hall 
wat inaencpied. The Ttaiiiis ran a inn, uie end zone for die game- 

aMl air lattel Mark pl«y and Harper was gulhy of a efinching TO. On Triionj next 

peraonal foul. Triton then posjuuiom, ihey advanced down 

fumbled the ball when lirn u, oie Hawks 9 yard line. The 

MalyjEko cruihed Becker and Hawk defense had enough and 

Mi;.e Rammang recovered for the f^,^ oM for an encore. John 

Hawks. Kkkamp went deep wid» Jennings, sporting his black and 

only 14 seconds lemaining in the n-d Air Jordans. a\mm innweiilBd 

half, and his po-iai was tipped by ^ Becker pass Don Lee then 

widG-iccoivefDanyl Newman right acked Becker for a 4 yard loss, 

into the hands of Mark Ziegier on Becker couldn't recover from diis 

The suMiy afternoon and die 
hot Asuoturf field of Triton 
10 ptcdict Uie healed 

Ihc two icanii. 
Imj! llwAi 'wlUfflii OH' 10 Ihc field 
t of tcriouxncss and 
I victory. The Hawk 
I ihcy came lo ptay 
ulien on die fifth play of the 
fame.. Tmjan qtiatciback, Frank 
Becker dnpped the exchange (lom 
die ccnn and W. Todd King of 
iw Hawks ncovcnd on die Trojan 
35 ywti line. After a 6 yard past 
9 Ota Manin and a fim down 
paw to' Seller, the Hawks had to 
aUCinpt a field goal in which 
Wjtliam Currw minted, himking 11 
off M die right. After two long 
pin* of 34 and 40 yards, (he 
TKijans put die hall into the Hawk 
end sone for the first points of die 
pme. The Hawks caught a hiaik 
on their posKssion what the 
iMjans were guilly of l«i many 
■en un die feld, when the Hawks 
had to punt. The ltottk<i got the 
ball back, but were unable to 
capitalize and had to punt after 
three pfciyt. 

Tile deticMC owned the reii of 
the first half, which included 
Kltfcainp throwing an 
iaioicctKian. Ilie Miwk dcfcate 
llMi lighiaiad their hold on the 
Tt<!|w tiUciiic, inciuding a ditid 

und 3 stiutlion in whtch "Tom 
Conesj's jrcal hit kept die Troj^m 
froiti advancing and ihcy wwt 
forced 10 punt. Laic in the lirsi 
half. Conesi otice again dtaplayed 

*hia talent by recovering a Tro;ian 
tumbk. After going long to 
Ziegler. Kkkamp tossed a 32 yard 
Strike to wide receiver (Mug 
toiih. who madB a iraai i«c:cption 
in the eni mm Ibt die Hcwk'i 
Ihm snile. Slaglic. Smtili. and 

iKMainpiicn AB-ConlkiiHKC laM 

'CHfiid ilie hall into' tile TniiMi end 
'■nnt foi iIK' 2 poiMcwmfwiion lor' 
t '!!■*«■ iMd of B-7. 

Tke Hawk dnCBMC' wt n tn A to 

die Trojan 7. for a tang gain of 43 
yards. On second down, Klekamp 
once again went to his favwitc 

attack and blew a fourth and goal 
situation. The Hawks weren't able 
to capilaliie on Uicir nest drive. 

receiver. Ziegkr. for the 2 yard hm ikk, Lee sacked Becker again. 

touchdown. The exua pant sailed 
through the uprights and the 
Hawks were die pitiiid owners of a 

The second hall proved to he 
as evening as the the first tialf, 
when Brian Hollenberg received 
the opening kick and had one 
person 10 beat as he raced up tlie 
field. They caught him, but not 
Mill he gamed 29 yaids 00 ihc 



and Darryl Newman picked off a 
Becker pass in ibc finan .wtnnd* .f 

The Mawki pas* game 
sparkled as Klekamp. 18 of 48 for 
210 yards, hit Zicgk-r g times for 
105 yards. Dan Martin played in 
his first game, because he was 
injjrcd last week. He didnt see 
much action because the Hawks 

By Bill Kaftlbcrf 
S^rt* Editor 

The twenty worn college 
footMl learns in die nation were 
announced by Penthouse 
maga/inc. wriiien by Larry 
Linderman Linderman is a 
(rcclantc wnier who has done 
over two dozen articles for 
Playboy and Penthouse. He has 
also done work for a number of 
other magazines including Sport, 
and T.V Guide, just 10 name a 

Like many spoiti writers, 
Ijrry began his writing career 
hccause he couldn't perform 
athletics up to his own 
expectations. He had to guard 
Guy Rogers as a freshman at 
Temple University in dicir days 
of hokkethatl dommancc. 

"The coach pulled me aside 
one day and told me die game 
was UK) tough for mc." Lany 
then decided lo begin writing. 
Larry's last interview was with 
Karoem- Ahdul-Jaboar for Playboy 
magsrinc. He is now working 
on a book due out in March. 
Larry feels that working for 
Penthouse gives him more 
freedom in what he wants to 
write. In his article, he refers 10 
why Wake Forest is sixdi on his 

'When the subject is 
something other than football - 
let's say physics, as opposed to 
physical education-Wake Forest 
turns killer. That's why Wake 
Forest attracts more dorks than 
any other school in the 
conference." Larry is totally 
opposed to censorship and feels 
that newspapers arc slowly 
leaning toward natural speech in 
iheir publications. 

Larry's article contains an 
idea which merits some attention. 
He suggests "since many of the 
20 worst schools are among the 
20 best academic, why not reward 
the two schoob Uiat graduate the 
highcsl number ol football 
players wiih a bowl game of their 
own?" Lany g<x:s on to say that 
an appropriate spon.«>r of this 
game would be Apple compuiers 

tarry once hatt Iowa St. in 
his 20 worst picks, and Uicir head 
coach said.'PemhouJc should 

went widi a passing game The 
play. Mike McGinn was cairi»;d defense was intrediWe. forcing 9 
oft die field an a stretcher very fumbles whik itcovermg ft. They 
early in the second hall. The ueU Triton to jero points ihe 
Hawk offensive lineman is whole bm quarter 
expected to undrjpj knee surgery The Hawfci viciorv put them 
this week, and his condition 11 ,n a two way lie with Illinois 

uncertain nght now. After lour Valley widi a recwd of 2-0. Vk aick 10 naked' girls -'Larr^Tta 
|ital]t«. dw Hawks were forced 10 i,e will be decided early in die Miled his n«t year,* picks bv 
imnt, but on the kick. Kevin sBiion when Illinois Valtey visits siatinit how nice it would he 10 
DarginJumbWdr ball forTnt^jn narpaOiis Saturdiv a. I ffi SStT^ 

and Brent Ptailiniin ak-nly ^ ' — ' ^*^* ■' 

tecovetcd the ball to give ihe 
Hawks die hall at the Trojan 18 
After four plays. Klekamp once 
again went to a wide open Zicitkr 
tn the end rone for a 12 yard 
touchdown play The ktcl was 
blocked, but die Hawks held tight 
to a 11-7 lead early in ih« third 

Larry's list starts with 
Coli-mb.a, dien be lists Kansas 
St. cs second, and places 
U T.E.P. the ihifd worst college 
football team in the nation. 
They may have already proven 
him wrong by starling out die 
sea.son 2-0. Northwestern is 
listed as fourth. Northwestern 
bead coach. Francis Peay slated,* 
I am not affected by die lisL We 
have to improve competitively 
and all wc can do is improve.' 
Larry docs not consider 
Northwestern a horrible team, 
"and if ihcy could gc* out of the 
Big Ten. they would have a better 
chance of improving.' Rounding 
out die top Gve is Oregon St. If 
you want 10 see due rest of the 
list, you will have to buy the 
October issue of Pendioute. 

Larry's least favorite group 
of coaches are.'ihe coaches who 
bring in 3,000 junior college 
transfers jiisl to enhance their 
football programs. They think 
they arc die second coming of 

On the national sports news 
to(:ic, Larry feels Bo Jackson, 
"could be an All-Pro or an All- 
Si»r. He made the right decision. 
If h' has the will or talent to do 
s>m-dimg, be will do it Danny 
Aingc couldn't hit a curvchall, so 
he switched to basketball" Bo 
J.Kkson made die decision to play 
t iseball instead of football, and 
ruently hit die farthest homenin 
ir Rayal Stadium, measuring 
4 '5 focL 

'There is no more of a drug 
problem in college spons than 
diere is in any other profession. 
There is such an anii-joy attitude 
right now, They tried diis same 
dting wiUi Prohibition and look 
where it got ihcm.' Larry feels 
there is going to be a mandatory 
icsting for AIDS, drugs, and for 
herpes, along with many other 

"The Bcar.'s arc not die team 
they were last year and Uwrc is no 
way Ihcy will repeat. They 
squeaked past their lasi iwo 
games." Larry .slated. He lists 
Nebraska as the N;iiional 
Champs, and the Super Bowl 
matchup of the Giants or Ihe 
Oianui or the Cowboys against 
the Patri«s. 

The Trojans dien carried the 
ball into die Hawk end tone to 
liahlHillie IMie to 21-14 contest 

wi* tM M in the third i)uaner 
AlHf tetklgMS totted a 20 yard 
laia 'iMO Uiwfc 'temtory, diey 
coMMada Ifali goal to close the 
Hawk's lead to 4. 

Early in >ke fourth quarter. 
Dmi Mamack recovered a hatted 
tenble. but die opportunity was 





ms)im W) ms ^©uii ttibiisiss 

VOL.lfr. N0.3 



lb* ncwtpafMT of wmiwn fMiwy Harpar CoHao* Pirtatliw, Mlnol* 




* Ntk Or«i> 

fitm Edilor 

The Diitcii ballylinoed 
Sliident Senate eteciuM.i were 
caiighl u|i in coniroverty 
Tuesday. o« boib legal and 
cliucaJ (ram. 

It «e«fni ilMH ilietc was an 
unattended ballot box in J 
bnildiflf in front of the Box 
Ofike m «iicU as m lanconfinncd 
coanplaiai al D buildinK. 

The Hai-liinger received a 
lihone lip at apiwoximaiely noon 
on Tumdiiy thai the hatkx box ui 
J boililim. wai imatMiukd 'and' 

lilw ClBHCfli' iJHlw -flwHOill hRj8Hi JUL ICdttli 

«■* aeeii catling 

A« aoM m (be Harbinier 
«•• ncHiricd. we dispatclied a 
.plmaiiaflier and leiM woid n the 
SUMtalt Acliviiiet OfTice. Toby 
SiitaWt. Suidem Senate Trustee, 
Imniediaiely visited all of the 
polling places to verify and 
icclify dr dimciancy. 

Official word on voie- 
counimg aad which votes would 
he dtsiiualifiul will have to wait 
until the Election Commitee can 
meet, tfler the polling places 
have chned 

SUHknt Activities Director 
Jeanne Pankamn. when contacted 
for comment, wasn't especially 
iMIWMi by dM incgulariiies. 

' I iii^ dial (here an 

[ of loaie ton during 

elaciiam ewwy year* . but added 

dial beeaitie of wch oroblems 

raallmad ■■ nest pagt 


Pbotociedk Aaron Braaddus 


■¥ MK onos 


Al. t vfciil i 
StmiKf, Sapimfear 14,. Uw 
rCMtaM Bovd' of TnuMt 
iM liBhwl I. Millet of 
10 till ibc 
by iJie rocem 


Having received 
•fflicat'ions Imm inrclvc 

Orrjp K. K^mthm 


9j DtbMt GcMrr 
Neira WrHer 

Bailicr lilt w«ek. ibe Fall 
Festival Cummitiee selected 
Devy K. Rtmtbu Us reign as 
H>rp*''> l'*6 Fall Festival 
Queen. Kiisiin L. tiecbow 
earned tfee foaiiion of first 
rUMMMp, '«•* R.ila Y. CoUlns 
rol.lo«ling CiiMly as a«ciMd 

of iha lit Qmm-' . 
To«'n«bi|M Mwitl' Itoallh 
GteMMr. lie laalHi.fl.:gpidMM'4if 
Ibe U.S. Air !%«• Acbimiy. 
wiib M M.B,A.. tmm Ibe 
tMMniW of MIcMpii. and \a» 
iligiiiiii mm WayM State and 
MWlWvtniliea. In addition. 
he ia a Certified fubUc 

AlllMMgh ih« high 
•r if lyfliCMNi madt ihit 

Mm fnli.nea*ions, a 

1 of flaMwUa bipl. 

i« Sit 

KriMlim Deckow 

tit Mmmmtr-mp 


According to Fill Fast 

Chairperian Toby Suberlak. dw 

nontiMiiaM tor queen aitiacled 
14 gifts. She *•««■ bad 10 turn 

iiilMlllli iilitr itir deadline 
(Mdhv. Sepleiriber 19. noon). 
Panic%Mn bl die contest were 
allowed either lo nominate 
\, or 10 leprcsent a club 
of die college. 
It WIS surprised 
bei iMiipr 10 Me me% a good 
tiinwiti of candidates. In 
pieviiMit y«w(, diete hnd been 
fewer girls interested in 
conpetuig for the Fall Feat 


MUm Y. C^mrn 


at leven people. 

■1|ilr sludenu 

to UN uaatorial 

vbciaciet. cwdacied ibe 

infeeehapia i i wu . The 

group baaed its dectsiont en each 
girl's appearance, poise and 
personality, and participation in 
college and/or community 
activities. Throughout the 
contest, the committee Mieased 
ih« dieir selection wouldn't leiy i 
the "looks" of the 
"We were looking for 
who coiiM lepseiBnt Itoper and 
its itiadenis; mainly, we were 
concerned with the person's 
personality. We were not 
looking for the lieauiy i|ueen' 

Asked how idle fell when Ae 
heani of her tnwnph. Queen 
Ocvy blushed and said, *1 just 
didn't believe it. I was kind-of 
tapped, you know, toully 
astonished!' A foieipi exchange 
student from South India. Devy 
is 20 yeare-old. and a member of 
Harper's Inicmational Student's 
Club. Devy has many 
interesting bobbins, which 
include being a 
danctf. 'I ho 
the world with my da n cing, and I 
teafly eqjoy it.' the nyt. For 
having been in the United Slates 
only a year and a half. Devy 
speaks the English langiMge 
beaatifttUy. and expresaei her 
dUBghn very clearly: "Winning 
tbii conteat was not the 
impoMani port; I always like to 
panidpae,' She haa found a 
liking m Haipar*! aUMWpbere, 
tries to participaie in any way 
she can. Devy a<taniia The 
enconaieaMai hum ihe dob •! 
welt ai my bmbead hi^pad mt H 
In atdltlew. the aaid ef 

her eiperience *I was very 
nervous, at rirst: bui I appieciaK 
how everyone (the selection 
comoiiltee) made me feel very m 

Going into the interview. 
Kristin was also "very i 
friends kepi telling me io < 
down." Like Devy. Kristin wat 
bqipy she made it ihitMigh the 
coniest. securing the liile of linl 
nianer-np. Upon hearing die 
newt. 1 was excited, hwasven' 
unexpeciBd]* Fudier, Knoin (di 
the competition was *a« 
opponunity lo display aoae 
unique qnaUiict dial each of us 
have.* Teaching Sunday actaooi 
is among Kiiitin's lengdiy liai of 
expcrieiice. along with bei 
present position of 
AdrainisDsiive Assistant of the 
Program Board. Kristin enjoys 
whni HaiKr has 10 ofler her, and 
has *a hjtof pride in die tchooL* 
She believes 'a conHHinity 
college gives you a chance to 
explore your imcRMs.' 

Riu Y. Collins wat unavailable 
for comment al the lime of 

The Queen and her i 
will appear at the Homeoooiac 
gwM, and will puside at all Oder 

n liiiiiia iif ihi high inilbul Til 
Fesdvai wMk.. In additian. *t 
throe w« aiHnd a tandHon hM 
JaaMt McOcMh. rwa ldent of 
HvipnrColiqge. Q«inOi«]rafid 
die ImanMiianai Tnidrnf* Club 
ito wiU nodve a SSO c 





llHV't tavd ID Ai 

•l' TtftM* McCanikk 
Fcatartt .Bdilar 

ir ymi M not rmnhad bRh 
KlKMl in (hi Mindwit lime tone 
and fMiMl yowKlf 'dmH into die 
teal worM liefare age tweiuy. 
would you ever contider ■ 
commiunenl lo go back and 
fimih? Many people in ihis 
liuatiaii do to each year. 

Lm Riday. flfty-two of llii» 

ymft mmatfSMt Ompet GEO 

"in 'lie 010 


oTfice of Adult Etiucational De- 
vetopmeni Iff addition lo (tie 
giadiiiia. ihe ccfcnioiiy wis al- 
teadad by ttieir (amilies and 
friends, antf i«:veral gMti 

By te 'ilie mon Iniereiung 
speaker was Vicki Hathaway, a 
GEO induaie henclf. In a very 
emoiioaal ineecii. ihe dejcribed 
the hardiitiips ^ endmd in Older 
10 aci)uiit her GEO c«rtiricai£ (ai 
one poini holding her own alolij. 
and to then continue hct 
education all the way through 
earning her Masiei's degree in 
Unguiatica in Dec. of Ian year. 

»ay was inipirational 

lamM' McCicatli. Cook. County 
SMfarfMMMleni of Sc^hoolt Or. 
lichMd P. .limwidt. and A£D 
Supaviaotof NonnMlm Liiency 

Pna. McGraih procUimcd 

die event a. 'hapfyy occasion." 

wid tpttat of it as a, 'nwrfc of a- 

GhMvanwM.* He also ipolcc of 

IIW|Mi% coaunitmeni lo the 

naganiini the GED 

by laying. "No one 

'" he lumed away 

Dr. Manwiek. who wm nm 

fcheduied in dw pfOglMi. volte 

Ue in«#iad die ■MKh'iMd 

bm uMioimMe nying dui it is. 

*ne««nDO laie.* HealaopoinMl 

the number of GED 

in his jurisdicijon this 

year ia «|nai lo one-third of all 

Hlh adMol nadMBs. 

!• IM' tfw flvflning^ paitici- 

Wi, Itanp up in* good' 


Guys, if you're within 30 days of 
tufiine 18, you have to register. Just 
HO tome post office and fOl out a card. 
it atl^ mm five niinutes. And don't 

vranry, ttac iMn't been a draft since 
ISra. The oounliy just needs your 

! in case there's ever a natiwial 


cr. It's qiikic.. It's easy. 
And it's tliehnir. ^^gi 

HgMMi teiating Aesop's fa 
hltofte wile and the hare, and 
claiming the. 'turtle is still win- 
ning.* She told the graduates 
that Ihey are making a powerful 
nataiieni to iheir children about 
lilt «illie Ol whKaiion and urged 

iWr # Ihe gradtaies also 
.|IMi"litif 'ipeeches. The most 
«''llMe was that of Mr. 
]<Mlfll QlHltflMli. a U.S. tm- 
mifMil who Kniarfced o( our 
edncaiional lyitem that lonie- 
ihing we take for granted in diis 
cotmuy is regarded as a luxury 

Aller the pRseawian of cer- 
tificates, seven atudenii were 
honoitd with special awards for 
academic excellence (scoring in 
the tap ten percentile nation- 
wide). They were Patricia 
Campbell. Denisc Anne 
Colltgnon. Clintoa O. Citrtia. 
Frank Gonderiaann, Linda 
Hoffmann, Sioaa Michels. and 
Regtaa S. Osnowtfci. 

The Chair of Adult Educa- 
tional Development. Patricia 
Muknne. who had opened the 
camiaay, Cha«d it with a quote 
fmni IMiHt PimCt 'The Road 
Nisi Taken* fiwlllck waa also lo- 

"tWo nMifAwW <" <> wiaail 

/ (ont ito «*« teas inawilfrf ty. 


•Y Snsan rfeifftr 
News Writer 

Yes. Don DePollo is hack 
Uday by popular demand! For 
those of you who have seen and 
heard DcPOllo'i name mentioned 
00 campus this week but don't 
know quite who he it. DcPoJIo ;r 
a former Second Cily performer, 
director of the comedy hit "Near 
Norihside Story" at the Rosy 
Theater in Chicago, and 
ccmsuliani tor Second Cny. 

DcPollo. here today at i:;M 
PM in D237. will be conducting 
an Itnaginoiion Workshop. What 
esactly goes on in one of 
DcPollo's workshops, ymi ask? 
Well, first of all. he wilt be 
conducting ao escrcisc in 
unproviaaiiaaal cooiedy- 

-TUb whok idea is being 
riile lonct ^nnianeoiisly and feel 
(tiased in f rant of a aowd,' says 
Mike Bracher. a student who 
ancMled DePollo'i woiksfaop last 

"You learn certain ways to 
do improvisation. It's total 
improvisation, says Mike. 

Marykay Lochner. another 
student who attended last year, 
tays. "It's spontaneous creativity 
end learning spontaneous 

Both Mike and Marykay 
ipeak highly of Don DcPolk) and 
the Imagination Workshop. 
They say ifi a "great learning 
experience and a lot of fun." 

Us fun because the students 
are directly involved in t.ic 
activities DcPolIo conducts. 
Mike and Marykay speak with 
enthusiasm about an activity 
called "Story Line" that DePolto 
conducted last yew. 

Mike describes 'Slory Line 
as "an activity where the 
students, standing in a line, have 
to create a story. The first person 
in line starts out by saying any 
woBl. T^secind person adds one 
word to that and so on down Ihe 
line. The added words and the 
sentences must make sense so as 
10 form a story. If your word 
doesn't make sense or if you cant 
Uiink of a word fast enou^ J»«n 
ymt'ie eliminaiiCd frooi lh« 

Marykay says of the 
worfcaop, "It's (improvisation) 
■oaneihing thai you can nae any 

Don Depollo and the 
Imagination Workshop are 
ipooaored by the Pra^am BoartL 
Hopefully, the workshop will aa 
iuitai leniric as tan year. 

Ashnry Braaa Q«ilnl«t 
entertains a aauU ctww< 

Pkonaedk Aaran BfoadAts 


raarvioe ol this pubhcHlMit 

MnvMiainBiitutod. and I'm glad 
loaee <lw if and when we have a 
prdMean. those procedures are 

The Harbinger has teamed, 
however, that ihe steps taken 
immediately by Student 
Activiica lachlded the marking 
of incM ktlhxa with a iudge's 
maik to diffetcniiate those cast 
previous to the polls being 

impression that the Program 
Board was endorsing (Jacob), 
which we arc definitely not 
doing. Jacob couU not be reached 
for comment. 

Jacobs opponent. Carol 
Borterding, has conuniltcd a faux 
pat herself. She asked the 
Harbinger to distribute 
bookmarks for her campaign. We 
poiitBly decUned. 

The apparent lack of 

la an i 

ftfTtiflu aihica dun us i 
nilei* die only < 

Basiaeaa Division, was 

hi^iliffhind not by cam|Mign 

hat by chargea and 


The Harbinger has learned 
dial Lauia Jacob, who serves as a 
non-voting member of the 
Program Board, 'reminded* 
aMmbett to vote for her while 
die BMBling was still in session. 
TUa had the effect, according Ms 
two Program Board ExecMiw 
members, of 'giving tbt 

■0 maUce aiaee dtoaght) k very 
diacmcaning lo ua. In finure we 
hofie thai d»e candidates are 
infonsMd of not only election 
lulea, km also prtsper methods of 










Apply A-367 


Ext. 2460 or 2461 


The H«ittno«f, StftlmitiU 88. ISM. P»p»3 

■•, 1 aral* • itrit* «t .artkltt tot 
mUkw cuiltit Bcwtrapfv thai were ftncrariy 
tmmmm* mUk •yatkir. 

Om tfMiic Mhjtct lliat popped ap ■ few timn 
w«s Ike BM «f fettfctr education for career-orlcntMl 
I itrocii in OB Ike narrowBeu of trade 
Ike basiacis cmirtc craic ia particuliir, 
Ikt irtMar wnrtk of Ike tikarot artt. 
la ratiMVMt. I Mi«HM I wai trTiM * liitt 
ra««tri tola ■? aewltiBk field. pkilMii»fty 
iMMt I IM M ttroail} akaul H. M} rtcling* 
|«*t mm ckmgcd, kal aiy pcrcepltoa of prnpcr 


tB a J«rB<iar collttt 4RE leartd 
Wwardt'trade^fdvcaiioa. Maa; people coat HEKC 
ftacaaae of tkeoi. Tbe probltBi Ikej fact It llaifll 
ast of c'baaic. 

■t«l% i* coa*t>afl]r ckaaKini- >• >• *■>• 
ptrwM wkk Ike fliaal Mlaplabilil]> wko it Hkllett 
to sar*ive Ike tiale af BMarr, aad this it wkcre 
trad* cdacalloa falla »korl. LiaiUed kaowlcdie 
piailiM IMlfi' oftlMW. Trade eduialioD prnvidet 
llailMtf k'BMtladgt. Tkcrefore. trade edMcalian 
provide* llailltd opIiCM. 

Aad tnrvlval, dtar rcadcft. depeada npoa 
opUoaa. Tke odd* to faeor of Ike foraicr iacreaie 
la dlrtcl profortlna la Ike extolearc of tke latter. 

M; akMrvalioa kas keen ikal Ikose parfuinit 
Iradt MlBcaltwB ka«c ttaasea to do so becawsie of 
•■ell MafHWk coactra*. Tkeir perccplton of wkat 
la ltnUU.y pmcltall h off tke mark, tkrafk. 

II taaaia patotiata tur aie to eiplain kaw a 
kraadtr edacatloB wllk tack discipllaes an kistory. 
pkthMapkf, an, relitloa, aad tuck would be more 
keatftclal tkaa an imuiediatclT applirakle career 
edacatioB (Ikoaeb I would claim bi)> acadeioic 
diactfllaa l« Ike a>o«t PERSONALLY rewardiaR 
eiftflt««t la Bij life). People wko katen't 
tiippiiaa«Ml iMi jaM doa'i believe it. 

••Mir la HlBilrale, tkta, career limltaliMs in 

Ckapter ItsxtMulUX Tkis became the bif 
lilat ia lk« ItM't. . So mmmj people received 
degrtet la ptyckoloii} ikat career «*allabiiilj 
becaait a prokleai tbat ii appareailji ttiil felt 
todaj. If a parttcalar di*cipHne becomes 
ticeulTtl; popalar. eaplojmenl overlnad will 
occar. It ia purely iaipraclical to "follow tke 

Cbapier l-MiJItHl aad ,La«,r >■ >• «"7 
dimcult tkcse da|B 10 Had qaalit) attdtcal or legal 
help <aol 10 aitBliaa ptyckolotical) simpl} 
because Iktft ia io MUCH of it oat Ikere. I have 
kad dealiagf wilk some *trji tkmdy people in botb 
flelda. For ntany of (ktm. tke pruKpcct of 
flaancial reward* seemj to have uadermined the 
Itocai 08 Ike cslrinsic valnc of the WORK, wkick. 
aaaia. is what's rcallv oractical. 

Chapter 9'-|aalJUAJL> '^^* cnrreat okicaaion 
wllk busiaes* "t4acallMi* has all tke pitfalls of 
Ike two previoaa aaklttit. There will necessaril)> 
kt aa cBployaeal overload, and ikote wko will 
rcmala la the field aeeai very molivated hy 
pafw al flaaacial reward. 

wnm ail ikfai leads la li a wcakeaiag of wkal 
warlt kMl aa aa latafdcptadaal. balaactd lociat 
CNlMtslft Ircadt ullimateli lead to a 
■H araaMi, and aayoac wko 
•r qaattH work ■a)' |ail. as 
la lltt laciat iawol rigki now. 
What I lataad to •■nest it tkat before you 
dadda la jaiaf aa a baadwagoa for ik« sake of 
piaciicallyi iwaHif' what it ivally practicai Yoa 
wilt aMisiMafjr Dart kcliar ky discoveriag what 
your raal faKHaaMaai ara. II is fhirly ctrtato thai 
|08 will do koM, aad ke most rewarded for. wkal 
ana: aMrtis. Take tke liaic 
Aad saarck iasidc yoarself 
Ikat koaasl'ly fklflll yoa. 
Dwi-l kt a Itmmiag. LEARN! 

By MickacI Charlas Hamawrs 

Did you ever wiih ymi 
could devise tonic son of test 
Uuu would enable you lo tee 
what a poUllcian't leally made 
Of? .May I Hiiw nrinaiysii? 

Unfoftanaieiy I can't lake 
ciedit for Ibis idea because it 
lecms thai {loliticiawi across the 
caunuy ara finally Itying to clean 

In response lo Reagan's war 
on drags politicians are now 
challenging each other lo 
ivinalyus cckiksis 

A recent Time article 
reported thai the Arkansas 
gubernatonal lace i*. "funher 
escalating the politwal jar wars." 

It seems that while Arkansas 
Governor Bill Clinton wis 
prepunng for an upcoming debaiic 
againsl Republican Fnnk White. 
Clinton got wind of While's 
intemton lo challenge him lo 
lake a urinalysis 

l4owever. Clinlon was faster 
on the diaw aid arvmiunccd he had 
already been tejicd and dared 
While to do (he same 

Weil, being ihe compctiiive 
guy thai he if. White declared 
that not only would he lalic the 
test but his wile would also. 

In my humble opinion 
neither of them have gone tat 

enough. Of coarse wives should 
he tested but what about children? 

Thai'd be the real test. Hell, 
if a guy can't keep his family in 
line how can he govern a state? 

As I've stated before, 
Arkansas ain't the only place Ihe 
war is raging. 

Kentucky Congressional 
hopeful Jim Policy challenged 
Congressman Ciuis Perkins to 
meet him in tbe hospital for 

Ah. but Perkins was a spoil 
fpott atid failed to ihow. The 
wtmp was even heard to 
sarcasticaliy challenge Policy to 
AIDS tests, lie-detector tests, and 
chest x-iays. 

Come on Perkins! If you're 
not man enouKk to drop vour 
drawers you're certainly not 
gonna cough up some blood or 
submit to radiation. As far as 
lie-detectixiT Forget it! 

Other politicians have 
volunteered their samples 
including Illinois Senator Alan 
Dixon. At least that laaket me 
feet a bit safer. 

Although these tests are 
sweeping the country 1 think we 
can do better. I'm glad Dixon't 
willing to display his urine but 
how about his liome? 

Sure, rd like to tour Al'i 
home aiid make sine he's aa 
upright guy. Maybe we could 
even look for more than dmgs. 

Hey, maybe wc could poke 
around and sec if he's got any of 
the leftover evidence from the 
congressional hearing on 
pornography stashed under hit 

All kidding iiide. I suspect 
the majority of political 
candidates aren't poruking in 

However. I don't anpea ai 
many candidates would like n> 
advertise their alcoholic intakes. 
Juiit ask Dan Rostenkowtki 
about that one. 

Although I personally don't 
object to urinalysis testing. 
especially of pohiicaJ cmdidatei. 
I do object U) Ihe chiklish way tl 
IS being handled. 

Being able to pass a 
unoalysis test is certainly not 
sometking for a political 
candidaewbng about 

The voter's lime should not 
be waited by these asses who 
insist on displaying their holier- 
than-thou auiludes. 

Whether or not urinalysis is 
an idea whose time has come it 
dekiiable. I just hope it doeta'i 
cloud the real i 


Pkolo credit: Marc ^budaow 


^ ^ 

Ckarteae BarkkardI 


■rii la Ikyar of M/ 

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as students, faculty or staff member. 
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Beverly Carrkk 

"I doa'l 

Mark Ziake 
"It's no big d«al.ll 

■'t afreet' 'BW." 

CiMra|MlDr Collllillli>l-r — .-..-AJ ' 

Hic HARSmOER it the iindciH 
puMjcatKin lor the Harpa CoUege cannpiu 
CtiRimunity, puhliihed weekly cKcepi 
4mm% Ikolidayt md final tauHin All 

\ of iw oollagv. 
, raculry or ttudenr body 
Atfvvnimmi and coiv deadline \% mwm 

.AU ttflcn lo lilt tdMuir i 

•rfoRiUMini can 397 3000. eit 2460 or 


Ti« Hmmv. Stt»mt*m 2S. liM 

4, Tl» HUUngK. StpMimoi 

.Off Beat. 







thB IM c( Sepiember »tll 

Mlft (lie^anavence of one d' Uic 

of' tfw. .midMiri MCRing' mck HMt 
roll movcmeni, T * * 
RjlBMakcrf. Hailing tnm 
1 City. Missouri, wild *" 

KcaltiB miHic,. Thf 

J lave wfcasrf iJietr 

ritfi ii«twi>*k«c lecofd on 

Ttw icif-iitted alhum, •iih 
digital pfoduciion by Terry 
MmninK (Owrgc Tliofogmid. 
22 Top). ai»«t IwilP <"•»'«•» ** 
Memphii Horn*, prestmi • 
powerful gtliiar bmei lound 
■wiling ■pplmise Ironi moa 
ciilicn Singing aboiit iiicli 
:fiil>iKls Hit bureaucratic wiMM.. 
II, wid iMiei* eiJitct THc 
• vc ilBriniicly ni.tib'ng. 
■ iMiHiiMt in tola}'! Miiw'al 

Slaniitg in >W3 ai a Incat lwn<i 
playwi t overs of Rolling 
SloBci. and Pnxol lliiniiu, Tlw 
Ruinmakcri carve*! out Uieir 
tcpuuiion at a powerful Uv« 
tKUwl. Tlic tKM yaw tbcy rccmvaJ 
natwaal media aticmnw *<ih 
Ibeit KjIf-produt<sd tthum 'Kalh" 
Ttieir cnjdiNliiy rose, and iliey 
stgfinl a coninci with Mcrcuryi 
My gram 

I fecenily spoke lo Bol> 
Walkcntiont on iomc of ha idea.o 
Wl' aiiitides alKMi muxK and Tlie 
Eatnmakcr*. ami he ga»« we 
MRie wwlght into ilteir Rock n 
Roll philoioptiy 

DM' pa ewr lltiwr 

JbnMll' Miuieaaf irawf i* 
N«ik M'OM in Che hand has. «w« «« ytfar 
prtitMt album. A> yoa <*«*, 
•wiM rte j(f«j«|ew mmkal 

1 iJunl 'RtKkm' al the T Dance' 
IS where all the citmciui come 
logedKi- in the n»si precbe way. 
We do best ai jwt nKlun' haril 

f f»w 0/0' yiia itt )0itr 

We had a k>i of limc to play 
with a Mine. The idea of a 

(sinnaler is a miilweMcm guy 
who is pan conman and 

maficjan. They h»*e a lol in 

lomnwjti with rock n roll pc<i|ite. 

//«* do ><>i. tee ymw 

sMMMf pfosr-rumx. ifm alt.fiM' 

Our raonl *e made » retevani. 
but very blunt IJ like the next 

reeoril' » ihow Cm not a 
coMplelt aiMhok. and. ihat I have 
a semsiive tude. (M itic tccond: 
reccml I'd Idie id thow ihiU. we arc 
a MMtivc hind m»i km .jiist a 
biud burnt. 

Wka 4& ;mw find m ht 
your principir amlkmrtt /ii«r. and 
for lmjm$ mcmli:'' 

We're juiU kind of finding that 
imi We arc playing clubs that 
have an over 21 age ncstriclion 
itnd that cuts out soum of the 
nxoni buying audifiKc We did 
«vcn dates with Big Country. 
an) those mm all ages show*. » 
ihov woe mme i«i»d 1)iiy«n out 

Wka £4am up "■'''* '** 
tance^l /or tht video 'Ui My 

II wai a co-'Opotaiive effort 
One of the good thingi about 
Polygtaii) is thai they ask us 
whit our opinion n. and then gi> 
ahead with developing the 

Having (hiir ilbuni on the 
slnlvB.1. and receiving a write -up 
in 1V„„ g, „,w !t w c c k . J h «• 
Raininakrr« went on lour v,iUi 
'Bi$ Country" lor scvoi dales ami 
have declitod lo go cm then own 
toplMj some (Ijitcs in siii.i!l i^luhs 
and cotlese campuK'S- Av a 
grout *t"> >* criti<)«cd as being 
one of the premiere ii|i and 
coming haodi of the midwcsi, 
Tile Rainmakers should prove 
lo be one of the hollevl !iho*> 
Program Etootd will prcKnl this 

Tickei". are SS for 
HiataiB, and S7 Um mm-suidenis. 
Opening at ihe concert will be 
the Iniideri. an cipericnccd 
local band, and Britj , a female 
(rio out of the Washmgttm DC. 
area. For more information 
contact the Program Board at 
citension I.M''. 

Since the Rainmakers 
cancelled their upcoming 
appcarence at the Pari Wen 
Tkealre. iheir Harper appevcnce 
will he their only live dale in 
lllinoic. TiclEets are nltl on ale 

a»,ilich(i« olBte. 



wm ®[p« M mMMmm 

1725 Algonquin Rd. 

tal Ihe Sherolon inn-Wsluen) / 

lttr^ V*4f>rs<S»v thru Sunday n^h 

Vd» f lawij Bent pr»f»n(i tht nition's 

tap ttwdtv e««i«f - tmm af t(v» inn* 

MM vw'vt sm m dilm Cirwn, 



David LtHtrmm i 



TO® FW ME w FWa F« IW 

(Tv« <»t *> fir «i» prkt if «w ar four 9»t m for fht |rtet »f lw« 
vWi this aaiftn} 
ITZSAIltiilfRM - (512) 303-S700 

Pltast can for rtsarvitions' HA 

By Kevin GoMalein 
EnWrlnlnmcBl Writer 

10 yean ago this week, one 
of the moil important 
occurrcr.ces m the history o( 
ntodem music occuitd 11k birUt 
of r»e Sex ritiots. To 
commemorate the event, ii first 
will be explained to all of you 
comroeitiaUicd folk who have 
never heard a note of allcmauvc 
music in your life exactly what 
r*« Sex Phloli were 

The Pittolt were the 

fathers of puiik. the leaders of the 

second British Invasion. They 

simply influenced every band to 

coitK out of England since I976. 

Without them thca- wouM he no 

Claih. no Elvis Coilello. 

no Bniieocki. or any other 

British punk/new wavt band. 

Without any Brili-* punk bands, 

there would be no British New 

Romaniie movement. That 

means no Psychedelic Fnrs. 

and no Duran Duran for all the 

litllc girtt to scitam for. In other 

words, without r*e ^*x 

PiutoH there would not be 

anything. The enurr cealin ol 

modem musK would he dillercnt 

But not only did The 

Pitiolt influence the enure 

BriUsh cmiturtJ movomem. lliey 
gave the youth the first anli-hero. 
Sid Vicious. It would later be 
wriiicn, "If fjiyonc ever had 15 
minutes of fame. Sid's waich was 
running a little fast." 

At the age ol 20, Sid 
overdosed on heroin after the 
murder of his girlfriend, Nancy 
Spungcn Though Vicious would 
be charged for Spungen s murder, 
he would deny it to his death, and 
It IS rumored that the two had a 
suicide pact. 

Rflc«mJy, an album lo honor 
the anniversary, and film to 
portray Sid's story have been 
iel«ased with perfect uming. The 
album IS MBC Records aptly 
tilted "UXh Anniversary Album' 
The film if "Lcve Kills 
Directed by Paul Cox ("Repo 
Man"), the film is based loosely 
on Ihe true story, but with some 
added twists The film also 
tcaluied a great soundtrack by Joe 
Stnimmer (of Th« Cl«sli>. 

So, next Ume you're in a 
doocM rectMd store pick up a ccfiy 
of The Sex Phiots (irst 
album. "Never Mind The 
Bullocks. Here's The Sex 
PiMob.' I don't think ycull be 


By Larry PasMiii 
Knlertainmenl Editor 

The wjMting is over for the 
twenty one Harper students who 
andiloned tor the lall pioducuon 
of The Miss rirecraeker 
Contest, by Puliuei Prire 
wwning author Beth Henley llie 
six person cast was announced 
by director )ohn Muchmore. » 
prolcssor in Harper's Speech 

The cast is a mixture of 
youth and experience Three of 
ihe sii have been involved in 
Harper Productions m die last 
two years, Tony Korlas of 
Buflalo Grove (who plays caracy- 
man Mac Sam), and Beth E. 
Quigley (Teisy Mafeoocy) of 
Palatine, have been involved in 
several shows at Harper. They 
were last teen on stage in last 
fiH'i production of Bleacher 
Bunt. Quigley also stage- 
managed last spring's huge 
success, A Choral Lin*. 
Michelle Hopkins Weyrauch 
(Popeye imUmt^ «»« Properly 
Master for ttenekw Bums last 
year. And this year's stage 
iMKiaget, Larry Pmillin, is alio a 
Bleaeber Bnms alumnus 
But perhaps the biGRCst 

Mirpnae wai tie discovery of the 
three new-comer?: Sherry Orobe 
ol Mount Prospect and Prospect 
High School, will be playing the 
leading (cmak character. Caroclk; 
Scott. CarncUcs sophisticated, 
worldly female cousin Elaine i- 
10 be portrayed b> Tan Vaughn .i 
first-year student frtyn Eli Gr^vc 
Village. Both Grobe and Vaughn 
are also on Harper's Speech 
Team. The leading injlc nilc will 
be done by Scoit hiaclntirt. al» 
a first-year Harper siuilent. 
Maclntire will be playing 
Delmouni Williamt. cousin to 
Camelle and brother lo Elaine. 
Deiroount is the <.trange$t 
racrohcr of a very sminge family. 

The play is set ii. a small 
lown in Mississippi. The plot 
revolves around the last chance 
lor glory for Camelle Scott, a 
small-Kiwn girl with a big-time 
reputation, and the coniplicauiant 
uiat set in when her very odd 
cousins happen to show up in 
town on the same day. 

Tickets go on sale October 
6. at the Boa Office. Harper 
Students can purchase tickets for 
The Mica Firecracker 
CMilMt for S3.00. Oencral 
Public tickets con $5.00. 

TtwHaiWnBf.SaptewbafZS, taeg, PaoaS 

the bwamiiMl Student; Oub. 
pleaie tutf tf Fim for inorc 
infoniiMiOi. Club acuviiiet 
: !!%■, meals, parties, ml 
lofciiliuie Willi new 

€•■»'"■ Catholic 

tai iffu aa ui ihn a Catholic 
Jon Mmiky S«|M. 39ih at 
12:06 mmh in A24U. All aie 

• 10: 

Join Ae SpMEi Team. 
Soa llom MfeCJiaili in F-3S1 T/Th 

imm 9-12im.wcalIX-228S. 

Tte is t icliolarsiiip 10 
a lUMlem to the rait 

19IHi Mmeaef . ThecfHeiHiiaai 

t. Rwtiiieni m»t he 
lanBinc • deirae. u) ittc Ticld of 
Eleciro-Dici. ie: la'let, 


.1 SiwdcM tn^itii kaw« a 

4. Rcctpieni muit 

a fhort biography of 

or Ike WK newitatiir. 
t' ia Scptanvbef 30. 
may he oMaineii in 


Nsraiai Scholar«lii.|i 

The Kathleen Fagan 

M> a aUHleni in Ae R.N. Nursing 
Program and covers luiiion, 
books, and supplies to a 
maximum of SSOO. 
-ne ciiima it at Uowx 

Second year R.N, 

I G.P.A. 3.0 

Pret Smoking 

Two flop smoking 
clinics have been icbedaled 
during Ike Fall leaeiter in the 
boaid room of building A. 

Fira Clinic; 

J;0O-I«) p.m. 

Tinday and Thonday 

Sept. 30 and Oct. 2 

Oct 7 and Oct 9 

Oct. 14 and Oa. 16 

Second Clinic: 

2:tXhtM p.m. 

Monday and WMtaeadiy 

Nov. 24 and Nov. 26 

Dec. I and Oec. 3 

Dec. 9 and Dec. 10 

Solh clinics will he provided by 

the college at no cott to 

emiiioywet anCnudems and will 

be preiaiiiad By Ike Noithwexi 

ComnoRily Hospilal Depiarti.Kn'. 

if Continutng I-Jutiilion I'lciBC 

I jll the ikillh ScrvK'e »» toon a.« 

IMMtihle at eat. 2268 if you wisK 


Cnlltte Vitiialion* 

The following is a list 
of coJIegH thai will he coming 
on campus. 

Western 11, on V16, 10/26. 
11/10. and 11/4. 
III. State 00 9/25, 
Southern 11 on 1(V6. 
Eanem IL. on lOT. 
Ciovcnxn State on I W. 
Roosevelt U. on 10/10 
U of I at Chicago on 

Northern IL on 10/29. 
1.1 T. on 11/12. 

Check in building A. or rn the 
counieling center for specific 

Jliidcnts who will complete a 
d;gi«« or ccnitkate at the end o( 
tlic Fall 19«ft Km must complete 
ii petition for graduation in die 
fegistrars Office. AlU befon: 
midnm Ociolicr IK. 

BtHHtl pri'i.>.> 
far the nycMBiMt 

lit: Aanm Hioaddus 













Wmwwwll ilWI^H MNP »W^P ^aWm» I^H ^HNf ^HW 


A U4.0a ValiM Ur •17.001 

(Max In tlw utttmat* in liquid tuiury . . . your 
own prtval* apa room' 10 rooma. aadi fuHy 
a^ulppod with a large, bubbling apa. rachvood 
aauna. battwoom wtth tboww. halrtSryw, mood 
muaic. atmoaptwrlc llgttttng and a nrtaiaUon 

HOtmS SUN-TMURS Noon-ZMn; FRI-SAT No<>lv.«Mn 
Om CwlHlcaln: liMntoarMilpt. Group Parly RMn 


Arnax Visa 4 Maslafcanl Aoceoiad 

705 Army Trail Rd.. Addison 

(I Mlla Eaal o« Rout* S3) 

cux 543-SPAS 

SSmerican Collcgiatr l^opttf 9ntf|ologp 
Intertiational Publications 

n iporaoring a 

Jiational College $oetrp Contesit 

Fn« Concoura 1 9M 

«pon to III coNoga and univonitv (ttidontt doiifing to iWM 
•MlMto^Md. CASH PRIZES «aMi go lo tho top fi«« 



First PlocB 


Ucmi Pl«:t 


Third Plact 

$15 Fm.* 

$10 ^'♦^ 

AWARDS o( trM priitting for ALL aixoptad monuicripti in our popular, 
handtoflwly bound and copyri#itHl anttiotogv. AMERICAN COLLEGIATE 

Deadline: October 31 


1. Any Mudant it digibla to submit hit or htr Mno. 

2. All antrios muat b« original aivd unpublnhod. 

3. All MitriM naitt bo typad. douMa-tpacad. on ona lida of tha paga only. 
Each pornn muit be on a aaparatt shaat and mutt boar, in Hm uppar loft 
hand corner, tha NAME and ADDRESS of tho ttudant at uwll at dw 
COLLEGE attandad. Put name and addratt on anwalopa aliol 

4. Tliara aia no rastrictiom on form or ttwnw. Length of pooira up to 
fourtaan linn. Each poam must lava a separata titla. 

(Avoid "LIntidad"!) SmirtI black and whita illuttrationt watcoma. 
B. Tha iudgat'dacitionimll be final. No info by phonal 

6. Entrants dmuM kaap a copy of all atttriaa at thay cannot ba ratumad. 
Priia winnan and all authora avwardad fraa puMicatton will ba notifiad 
tan days after deadline. I. P. will retain first publication rights for 
a c c apt o d poams. Foratyi tanguaga pooma waicoma. 

7. Thara it an initial ona dollar ragittration taa for tha first antry and a 
faa of one ilollar for aach additional poam. It it raquactad to tubmit 
no mora than tan poamt parlantrant. 

■. AM antriaa mutt ba poctmarkad not latar tttan tha aboiN daadlina and 
faaa ba paid, caih. cfiack or monay onlar, to: 

P. O. Box 44044- L 
LoaAnplia, CA 90044 


.Not Just Comics. 

^i -,* V 

iiSSSS* caumiMB 

Slightly Of- Campus 

now ipodtno "theocrtot ihnoM.' a $4 ptostic 
<Maatoi-mQM now - grean and compteto 
tMt to«th - thof ottochM to studenTs 

piteaims, rsoMM* nosai 

ty o» Arttona it myHwlouilv toUrxi about one 

inchofwatwpwhour. Offidoii hovent found 
ttw laok oftw a montt* of trvlno, otkI hove hod 
to mov« 15 jwtmmino daMBS fo anothec poo*. 
"W« hov© no Ideo where »» water It golrg," 
loys AU oquatlci ipedolit BonoW Sutherland. 


Ur4vertlty of California svttem reruted to en- 
done on outright prohibltton of sex bohween 
itudentj and faculty - Horvora and lowa 
adopted prohiwtions thta lurrvner - because, 
as Coi-nwenide Prof Ramon Rhine put tt. "it 
leerm Ike o cMl rights vtolatton to say who 
people con fall in love with" 

the Wglnta Slims Tennis tournament, saying It 
no longer tett Its four-year association with on 
event sponsored by a tobacco company was 









■««|Mklt < 

, ,iq^. 


■n» Haitoinow. S«ptemb«f 25. iSSS, PaB» ' 


nril FSTATE COMPANY HAS AN l'"-^'":' ^, 

?N ns> "NEW" mriiinrMm n.yoB^'Yi m 


>,(.llVfti»it rftnBniNAm&. 



wS mATWKwroiMATWN rtAf* 

'S MwI^atI d utsruk. TO nnsiJE a c*«n « in 





•ci-jk- OF A -r 




0M Orefc«r< 1*11 

(Mm* to t 'ti i wttowwnt v»* •> 






Hrip *anlf*l 


Ibr Sak- 

m ■rnss-wa 

4ff4EMili li'PMI llH1Nn|P» vKxmm 

m tk-m Iw wiatiitiaV in 

SJSS?wi™iiE iASEB OS edw:atw»al am» 




Var S«Ir 


f 10 • oi»«l HwJO" «** l^"" 
_ i.«Mpi<i> HI**""'* «" 

^^^h „.. *■■ ^^ ^ kiM gHi.^lhMiiiiil 


OOWiWMIWT MOit »> -»'„ W 

WWre WEODIWJ "f™* •" tomnnr. fill 
fsl) min. cImM"" "•*' "'f*"' '**•' 


mi cnvY 


Man (mm tmm\ Scmd •«M-«**«*I»*« 


idniDJ. arft. OMwa *> *>■ fxiiM 

Si«Pi..aMi' Mw. on. VMM • 

KofliH* EiiMM rmmm jm<*m 
CM il4-1MI) Um mam wtnmmMM 

AIHUtTIC PfOPtE ■_-_- -- . 




1) D»Tlia*2»lkif I*: Wwt** ■«» 
iMi. mt*m tttudt'. AM-FM i»«l. 
'Smutijiollw Cjao* «»»■•">'"«' 

tor info 

»E0 l»«TS CAR (I»J1 to'^< 
Faiia) Willi ■iMonl. AT. AM+P r 
AC. X) trU"!. ' "■ 

IMI H,V HOItraON *»*. iri. fowl 
eoMiiMn. »«> MM. AT. iime. teo- 
MUKil; tlWS « Iwi <>«■■ Cdl T?3- 


oalMa, 1 *.. nW«>. I>u> in ■*>■». 

la.ata.potMu "*"';*'Jl"*" 
FM WH., •!«- rau '^ ' 'TE: 

laot SALE Oi«» Tii«*«"». HM- 
(Mil woo<« cl.r.««i, t»M. E|»|>l>o«« 
.teonc |»«. I'M; '*»»■• '■■'^ •*;! 
»m bo»'» 20 nv^ ••*«■ "* Cill (111) 

\9TI POKIIAC Cl»n4 P'il' W"«. T 
iniH AC, iw"r •»*>•«. ** «"»<«- 
atoiniai mm. aicmr i<Kxi. mittia 
mtm. tiipmMalie wMtr ct»s 

IIM n»*0; ltd wrik»ii» •»«>»• *C. 
AT iim loof. Aikiii* »»W* C»" 





Red Cross 


WEDDtNC DRBSS Wliiic l«x. k-J 

„»«. «m 9 10, --»"■«'■:«?;!"• :2;"* 

•>/«lii. 1M.1WW •"«>- ins/*"'" Ml« 
Cm mH mfmmiy Al"". "•""* •''^ 

f I tianial OiE Tn« 9 ***- 


WO ROOMS lor tm "'.^™«""J~- 
mipiMiMc Itmdm only. tVXI • loanW" 

HEUME1 rKMb^^mtt^-cMkmmmi 
I wit h« by . cit m lUrptr'i |»*iii« <»■ 
1 neul an operniao lo I CM "•* "l*"^ 

Im W(K«1">» i« y"' •*'•" „ 

th» -lUmey- f«~l Ai.yone •"••■»• '° 
dmnie (o. -fUiBey" cm aU S«r. Ai 
X2TI5.«4».ni. Bt6«-nHIwM«i«i- 

«. nsl outc. PbaK 7W-7B3J. 
E« m4 -Ml->* W»_-';**lJ- »-• 



Cill SwM • '134-1430 Iw ■><>•■' 

Dtatt IcMkn anil imlM^n Sl»'» 
M^IMIM S (n ' * IM. 10 1"" 1 •*• 

allai-lMi. M-f. Sthtf itStp*' 


■nil Bllfii umaf* CaB lAwn i-utti-haT' •••UaokmcfivaMi-Mii . M*^ 

■ smwta cmh tiMt). 7"' ..:i;!j^-i.iT~"~-"i~'».iii 

. . ^ ■-. .-j^.«-*Milin—ral' 

P*ltr-T«IB SALES m4 •■*»■• 3jMrM4ta« €«««■>• I" M 

■ llfM. 

SmiOTm MACHINE f»r «•«« 

Miiiiii^. hflmlwt w "IT- "— ^ '■* "**" 
MS. Call Mn. Oimo« 674-MiJ 

IMO CAMU CaUA. 4 5J. 4 ■P<L«2 

aiilHim SMI (■■«■■ mlmU. AM-FM 

■"' A. -..'H-. J M _^^^^^ ^^MibdWr" 

taiab. Ctf4M.9Ni. 

Smaaiet. Fall or Sprmi Riinko* 
m»m: .SM«F««.»»ll-AF«» 

|«t OMM, MM M: P«»"to •*« »■» '*• 
Mhil*. MM 14 T-iinf. niinnl ha4kt, 

'ChMlM cap •ltrv««. |>««l»«u« *!■•* 
|)il«lii| «lu« Cm Ik uwiI tot liinnal of 
pwa. Nr»«» wiiM- Ontmally S^. 

WW J»; »« l«if«M». pnct Mi^nlil*. 

Personal To Say? 

WHispe' " •" 
Our Classitiedt 

ulkM CMII(i«)443-«te. 

FREE Kirrc md ln»i*y'''— _»',yj 



you jam dM HaH a«4 bMOMM • ««• • 


..|. c«i.r EoK. ''•)'<='^2r" 

TajM. FanKHW Mcxiilaf". aK ""« JM 
available. VG a»id«ii» ami i* CiU 437- 


IS, ItN 

m Aiadie tomtile (or 6 inina. 

Pholo credit: Avon BroaddBl 


Hf U'HI Ka|«lbtr| 

Sporit l?dflar 

"The icore Ootrnt ttit thC' 
aofy.' The Haiper Mwfcs wcK 
mnllinig iMs fiitmt ia ike lad 
tmama* of ibctr 31-30 vkury 
#Wf *« NICAA'i 7th nnkod 

Ita' HiMiM muck aiiriy at Dan 
MiiiiBllZMikMfaf I06yanlf) 
canM dM teU Uk fim eight 
plaif of llM pme. Mioununii to 
S4 yaitfi. IHe Hawfci may have 
IpoiM Ki him nine times, but 
Martin came oiti to caich hix 
Imnih. The dnvc by the Hawks 
wm afpeii when quanerback 
Steve XiekMi|> weiii to Maik 
Ziegkf for the touchdown. 
Zieglct aiMie a graai caich of 

Tkc Afwhaa: wi>iic4 
Teiry crNciU' canied the h«lt 

Imie. THeoMtor 
,. (M. 
Th« Hawk* began H) liter 

away tan ihe fw game aid into 
the peitiHf game lo tian the 
iec«ad<)MiiCf. The Hkwk* were 
forced 10 punt, but on the 
Aptchef fmi play . the Hawki 
Dun Himack iwiivcnjd ao Apache 
tumbk m their 2%. KIckamp 
responded by hitting Z«gl« for 
iheir wcond louchdowa al the 
afternoon Zi^lcr'i golilen htmdi 
made another untwlievafale caich 
lo give the Hawtj ■ 12-7 lead. 
With two minuiei left in the 
hair, the Hawks received n 
blessing in disguise. KIckamp 
wni iuMmiiMt hf ApaciM' safety 
Tro)r'araHi.iii|||di pbnd Hie Imll 
M the Apache S-yard line. The 
Apaches fumblfd the ball and 
after a wild sciamMc, Mike 
Flamming ncmhwI tm the 
Hawk! in iht' Apache ^mhI aone. 
giving ihe Hawki a touchdown 
indaE 18-7 lead 

1 jumped up wiih ihe bull and 
the ref threw his hands up. I 
ihonghi h« M nnde a minakc 

tacaaise I anion defense. 

In the ihiid quarter, Kkkamp 
had tlie HawLi on the move after 
he compleied another pass, a 3 1 - 
yard bomb to hts fivonic roceiver 
of ihe day. Mark Ziegler. Three 
plays later. Klekamp threw 
another inieneption. which was 
ran back lo the Hawks 3S. Bob 
Jduiaofi, of Ihe Hawks, rixovt'fcd 
anocher Apache mistake, but ihc 
Hiwki were umbk id capitali/r 

Hawk safely. Jack Smiih, 
inien-epied a 4- It) attempt by ihc 
Apaches, which stopped their 
ciinent drive. Manin capped off 
Ihe inierccption with a beauliful 
14-yard touchdown rim, dodging 
UKklen on a draw play up Die 
middle, to five ihe Hawks a 
doniMaiwe 13-7 IcMl 

Hie 'Hawk offenw gave the 
ball hack lo the Apaches, but the 
defcnic look it away as Dan 
Evars racovered another Apache 
fumble. Klekamp then hooked 
up with Oanyl Newman for a 31- 

yard loiichdown pan. with Bill 
Currie's extra potnl conventon, 
Ihe Hawks owned a 32-7 lead 
halfway thnxigh the third quarter. 
Wrth 9:14 left in the fourth 
quarter, the Apacha were not lo 
be counted out yet. Apache 
quanerback. Mark Spears, hit 
Mark Lulirell for an Apache TD. 
The Apaches struck again as 
Spears hit Luttrcll again with 
5:01 left in the fourth quarter lor 
mother TD WiUi :50 seconds 
Icli in the game, Illinois Valley 
struck again to make the final 
score 32-30. 

Even though the last 9 

minutes beltSlngcd lo Illinois 

Valley, the first 51 minutes 

hekmged to the Hawks. 

"In Ihc beginning we WWMM. Id 

establish the run game became 
diey didnl think we could !«■.* 
Slated Doug Smiih, Hawk wide- 

"They were tougher laii year 
and while they only loM two 
guys, this game showed tow we 
have improved from last year." 

Hawk quarterback Steve 
Klekamp was 10 for 22 for 126 
yards, while Dan Martin had 22 
carries for 106 yards, for a total 
offense of 2 lO-yards. They had 
17 first downs compared lo 
Illinois Valleys 31 first downs. 

and 429-yards in loud offense. 
The Hawks continue their 

quest for the best next Monday at 

Rennsalan, Indiana at 3:00 in the 



■. Bin Kiittihtn 

Xperta Etfllw 

'body in 'He Hinier volicybill 

Ht La%fe««iEi of voUeybali 
'WM liiM dm* •WH bdknu ihey 
HMk ofT in their queit lor a 

ciMlHcnGa. tiilc. UnliMiuniitiy. 

*ey had to cancel their entire 
Mhcduk and wilt until ncai year 

'It's sad then is no interest 

fioni ilM Iteder schools of this 

II it just a big 

Ihai I was unaMe 

10 pnti on my abilities and 

eapericiiGe I have gained in my 

twtiw ytars of volleyball 

. paniBJIMta ," Maiiera njted. 

tmOfwrn On Sept. 5. 19«6, Harper 

oflKkor Ci«qpMiG«inMdMMienioih* 

Harper nudem Hazier aihleiic naff, mmm 

boldi a Bachelor oi Mience 

degree from the University of 
lllinoii in Chic^o. 

Before thai, she attended die 
University of Tulsa on a 
vnllcyhall scholarship. 

She graduated fn>m Seion 
High School and was active in 
volleyball, basketball, and track 
and field. Manen (rians to study 
liioaitiMcriag while leaving all 
doon open for a possible fuiurc 





By Chria Coattopouhra 

Harper Croia Country keeps 
earning more and more respect in 
the National Junior College 
Athletic Association (NJCAA) 

To the sinpnie of all Ihe teams 
faced. Harper's small six man 
■earn have shcmied piod rcMihs at 
their firadirae meets. 

Tom Mussell. Harper's lop 
rinisher in the three meets, is the 
Tim of Harper's best bets lo go to 
Ihe Nauonal meet in Maryland 
during November. 

Dandl Mijarei has alao named 
in tnong perf ormanccf 

Bren Ceriiold and Dan Tolkai 
have also helped bring the 
barriers to the point in which 
other schools show Horner 

Finally. Bill Holtz is running 
to get in shape for baseball, yet 
he is finding he is also a giiad 

This Saturday, the Hawk* 
travel to Oakion College for the 
Raider Invite. 

-— I9»S Khaaat regional 

._-„ .•■»"« clBiiiptaMliijk He cumn% 

I as me new men s emu igfifi a %f4 ncfc and fMI 
— -...''°y*i- -..""!"* *^..*" ■ «^' « B^iiWlOii 'High School.' 
nmmmMt -Atmik m u Harper Barringtons 4 x 100 relay team 
M wan the Ha^ mie atUeie qualified for ihe state meet, 
r."?..!**? IS.: Heearaed a capping off an excdlem l«i6 
Backahir of Scnnce degrae ia H«on for Oiach Thebene. 
nyrical Bdacaiioa aad Health T^mJ^lZcSLmm 
naHM'UaMii^rarKaaMiai. n wlc oa m Coach Tlnbene ip itt 





msim m ma w®i inHiiBisis 


VOh.Vf N0.4 

William Rainay Harper Collaga Patatine, lllinoia 

OCTOBER 2, 1986 







3 ST. JO 











The Scandal 
Continues • • 

Htm* Edita 

Cartil A, Dorfcriliiig A-fciied 

t j:im Ann Jac** hr •■' ■ .vn 

vnict, Hiking ihc •■c 

Will in ihe Husiiii. ,. ■„ . ■ ■' 

Science Divmon. in ihf i>t' 
cimtestcd race from ihi- Stijili. r; 
Senile etouons. 

CJiil of 'ihc »i» divHKjnj wliicli 
the ««1«IH: rcpirwnts, unh l.nir 
scant. W'CIC fitlccJ, Jim H„iriiiM.h 
Bill AnafrnK. and Gregory Miller 
iiHit ihf «al.s ii( l.itM'ral Arts. 
F'iKical E-duculton-Allili'lick aih) 
rtctn-atxHi, a«l Ta-hiifilogy-Mjlli 
and Ptivsical Sciences 
iintonicMed, whili- the 
rcprcseiualufi for Ihe Life 
Siiencc and Human Scivtcc* 
Divistotvii Kill he iippomlcil by 

There were a icwl ol ISO imcs 
casi *nh 12 beinj! disijualilied 
leaving i ii>uil of I M dctwling 
'. iitv% There were also 27 wriic- 
\iih»)tij;h ihcy had no elfeei 
.1' tf^iilLv of the cleiUion. \hc 
ckcuiin ii.ttmiiih-e w,>uld ntil 
reveal ilic i^cipniu^ ol ihcc 
votts, » hn'h had no effcci on the 

However, ihe cteeiion prw' 
was nol wilhoiil il laiills There 
*c« many crlilei\rtn ahiml the 
deaicin which *ill he>.ed 
on Ihc ednof ml jn^e. 

Ycl. (tie icandal fcxs on. More details in the Edilurial on page 3. 

Rku CwM Ana Bruaddn 

Harper Thefts on the Rise 

Act4irdiint 10 a recent ii.". 
I. >e.M:e from f'uMic Safety, ili. r 
Ii;k hccn a rash of hMrgtaricii Irafu 
aijtiH m the tet fe* week'! 

The Ixvsii, i.iri'ei-: ti,.iK l\:eii 
...irv vvuh f., ,t, ! , ' ■■ Ihc 
liaMi trti'idit i'pr'tnai ol the 
oflendiir hiw toeii to siiia.<ih otit 
\tK wmtio* 

fiihlit ^.ilely'* Crtnte 
freuTUiiin ("Miner su(!pe\lH thill 
all il>"lciloi\ iind oilier ■.inall 
elcitroiiie or v.iluahlr ueiin be 

I in the irtml enii ol mlMu 

. iiig Ihc iieni* m wevi 

Of leaving the power eoiiK 

eipiJwd rip. off the llicive^ lo ihi- 

fWCXn ' ' levi.. e 

It ■■i(.,'XA ill, 11 

Hwtcim Niioui.l iiioiini ihc«; 
device* wnh velcro. mi that «'heri 
■Ihc Hem is removed there » ill Ix- 
Ml llUUfitin.); tw;k kel to shou the 

icgiiiar UK of such an iietn. 

Wticn asked whai was being 
done akiul the Kiiiiation. Kevin 

Kiiij.' horn fiihlie Sjleu s,ii(l 
tlieie .ifc measures tx-inu Liken. 
Iiu! lie vijrued lluwe to rcituin 
-.ecrel as to nol up oil ihc 
oKeiulers He .il-o -...i.t tlieie i^ 
not nuieli lluu ,, .m be di>iic 
*iihoui the students taking Ihcir 
.mil fuccjiiiionary measures. If 
itic siudent^ 'advcrli«' these 
ileciees they are asking for 

Anyoitc who has any 
infcKinmrn aboui thew ihcftv. or 

who lijv seen something 
sus|>ieious should contac'l Puhlic 
Salciy atcxlension ;5W). 

for ihe best college news 
.inywhere, read Itic lUtrlunvi' 
More highlights, more iiisigtits. 
mote new.s on one page ilian in 
an entire issue of the Voice, 
Don't miss a Ifick. stick with the 
Harbinger new.*. 

Don DePoHo 


and Entertains 

Don l)ePDilO 

Willi his impri 

. hanm. 

Hv \.l (Vl« 

\i'w « rjiiiw 

lm.-r'u."»ii!t; txm fVJ'ollo had lo 
he lun as I found oiii He was 
nunc a nice guy . .ind .i *;n hier 
loo I lold him i wa,iin't realty 
sure how I wanted lo »rile thts 
interview and he said improvis*;, 
'SO licre goes. 

Ho* limj: (liJ vou wock i«ilh 
Second Cits ;ind in is hat 

capacity .' 

Well. I'm Mill with ihem 1 do 
everything. I've been with 
Sccorul City since ll??, and 1 
st.irted as a sludent. doing 
ctereisex and games like this. 
And ilien I auditioned and got 
promoted into the touring 
company, which is their reiad 
group. I was m the resident 
company a.s an actor. Ididahcmt 
nine original shows. Wrote. 
opened, and pcrfomcd nine 
reviews, here in America. There 
is a second ciiy ui Totcmto, and I 
went op there and I did four mote, 
and then ) sianed directing. As a 
difvcior I opened about twelve 

[>o you find more salrsfacuon in 
leaching. directing. or 

Ihcy re ilillerent. The most 
in.siant saiisfiiciion is in 
perlorming, Hccause it >our 
comedy material works you hear 
a laugh right away. Long term 
sattsfacuon tan come I'njm seeing 
students I've hid years ago finally 
Iwing cm television ttxlay. or 
perform int! at Second City, or 
perlorinmj: m 'riiew here. 

What was your greatest (lersonal 
.ic'hievcmem as a perfonner? 

Winning Chicago's Joseph 
Jeller.son Award. It is our 
cquivelcnf of a Tony. It was for 
K-st leior of the year l'>76. 
What in your opinion are ihe 
fundamenial charachtensiict of a 

Well some people have asked nic 
Teach me to tic funny', and I feel 
strongly thai people can mil be 
taught to be funny. You either 
have a sense of humor or you 
don'L Bui most people do. And 
then once you develop that you 
devekip a sense of timing. Anda 

siaMc of di0cnrm charachtcTs help 
for you to draw upon. And 

practicing maicriaJ. 

If you could chiHiso m work with 
anyone in the lield ol comcily 
that you haven'l already done 
something with who would it he'.' 

Wiib someone? Probably Cienc 
Wilder. I'd probably tike lo work 
with hiin. Or Dudley Mixwc and 
IVter Cooke, English comedians. 
Don's new show "Near Nonhside 
Story" can Be seen downuiwn at 
the Ro«y Theatic in an open 
ended run. 

How long have you been 
uiteresied in comedy'.' 

All my life Professionally I 
gues.s since my mid-twenties. 
But I've always been a class 


Have you ever thought about or 

ever done any senoasacung'? 

Yes I have. But I prcler comedic 
acting. I like il, us easier for 

How long have you been doing 

this woduhop? 

Eaiily eiaht or nine vean. 

i .m M 

Page 2, Tlw Harbinfcr.Octolwr 2,I9M 


Films For a Deserted Island? 

A. CMHik' of' yetri ifo. die 
CMcafO IMhiBc published an 
muck pniMaini itic folbwing 
fiuiatioa lo a number of imiiii- 
nenl Chc«((varea cmiinn. 

You wc unnded on ■ de- 
MiHd itiMd. YiNi may have Ml 
HhM (and Ac nmmm w view 
dm) viA you K> kwp you From 
W^jww mM. Wbai would 

Wt M>w pmpme ihe tame 
lilualion. Think atout which 
fihnf jfou would chtMjse. Wnic 
them down, including a ntMM- 
mtim.twtMemencc explanaiion 
tot caek. Send diem lo iIk Fea- 
lum Ediior, c/ii Tlie Harbinger. 


We Me grini lo compite a 

liM of the MM cited nimi and 
It aliMl wiih iwo or 
I af Iht moil imereMuig listt 
•erae*«. In mhr » qualifV liir 

the lanar cumidemiiMi, yen miut 
iicludc jnnr HKial neciihiy num- 
ber (Ml^all imiiiMdanii mmt tn- 

Ona ai tnA 'nuxti 

it n 



fmmf MhsiiMii 
■aw y<Mi ciMli 
pin wMnmii iir- 

To §n you all ihinkinit. here 
are diis writei't lelectitm* baicd 
on thai cnierion. 

1) Blade Rui^iniT - Ridley 
Scott) essay nn life taken from 
Philip K. Dtckj novel, "Do An- 
dtoidi Dfoun of Electnc Sheep '', 
easts Ftenson Ford as a cynical 
cop of 2019 forced mil of a'tirc- 
meni 10 deal with a group of re- 
bellious androidi. Every motion, 
every icene. every line in this 
film is pun: bcauty^ 

2) Qfijiiiary Pf qplj - Robert 
Redford'] direcuiriai debut, hosed 
cm the equally stunning novel by 
Judith Guest, is an emxioiul tor- 
rent and a gloriously uplifting 

3)QasJa]|(IkJ9i) The 

advcniieiiKMs kn this West Ger- 
man nim about the actions of a 
German UBoal during World 

War U. based on the novel by 

Uxhai-Giinlhci Buchhctm Biddl- 
recied by Wolfgang ftHTKn. pm». 
claimed it as. "The other side of 
World W«r II.' It lives up lo this 
prDclMution compieldy and is a 
cljniic tragedy. 

4) St |¥eTado - Produccr/Di- 
recwr/ScreenwriiCT LawTcw* Kjb- 
dam iia* cteaied a good old-f jsh- 
ional' wenem «ith wit ami grace. 
Tlie llawlais castuig ciiMes a pcr- 
fca iltutinn. 

Hughes wrote and dirccicd. and 

will never be able to top. this 
high schixil fantasy come tnie; 
reaching across distanting stcreo- 
lypc-s and connecting with other 
people. Il doesn't even matter 
that the events are highly im- 
probaNe. ba;aii« you come away 
from this one with i wonderful 
feeling insKle 

Redford and Hoffman its Wood- 

wartl and Eemsiem in the story of 
WixidsJcin's uncovering of Waicr- 
gate. Who could asi; for more? 

T> S t.. Elmo' > Fin; - Admit- 
l*:diy. there's a very narrow reason 
for ttiis one. Andrew McCarthy's 
hitler, phitosopbical writer icitlly 
hits hone. 

S> laiiUDCiu - Every human 
heinf on Earth should see tbts 
film at least once. Every «-orld 
leader tlK-iuld be tied into a cliair 
and forced to see it a hundred 

«) John Carpenter's Uui 
;lluaf ■ A horrtfying cscrctie in 
istiiation and paraMua. This ts 
Carpenter's hesi film hy Car. 

10} Ga Qmx • Rtx* "n" w" 

and Alan .^itush's trademark off- 
the-wall break (rom rcJify. Who 
couMn't use a tittle of that from 

Peer Counseling 


cttAnt mu. N.C. (€i>i) 

Financially independent 
college students, wbo 'ara cItgiMe 
for more federal aid iJiafi siwIenB 
who still get matey help Irnm 
llletr' parents, leinenlly deserve 
the Hid diey gn. a Kpon ickaacd 
iMt week l»y the Southern 
Atnciatttm of Student Financul 
Aid: AilniiaiMatnrs <SASFAA) 

At tti« s««c lime, a 
congreiiional committee 
appmved a rafi of changes in the 
way fUnlMHa em qualify for aid 

The cliante*. one sourer 
sajrs. will eaujc 'an mcrediMe 
amouni of cMfusion' among 

Tliey leciB mostly *an 
Mieni|N to «tp« out the 

paecptKn lliiit the li>deral imdenl 
aid system is being abused.* says 
SASFAA co-«ulhor Sluari 
Hethune, also a student aid 
officuil at the University of Nonli 
Carnlma at Chapel Hill. 

l..a»i year, VS. Secretary of 
Education Wtlliam Bennett 
cliarged many stuifenis arc in fact 
abusing the syuit-m by claiming 
ihcy support themselves, when, 
in reality, they arc being 
supported by iheir parenLs. 

To remedy the problem, llie 
administration has tightened the 
rules undc^r which students can 
ijualily kw independent student lid 

But the SASFAA 'found 
tiiitc willful iMnipidiition of the 
syncm'. B«iliune mys. 

''Indepoidcnl iMiknLs getting 
t'hanciiil aid rely overwhelmingly 
on Mil -help' to linancc their 

cducaoim. I« says. 

One change, Bethune sayit 
will Ici campus aid direttors 
ct»sHler nnja^ "special'»" m 
deterniimnK whocnn iju.iliiy lor 
aid as indcpendm stud«it.v. 

Congress also upped the 
mimmum income lor inA-r™*"* 
.itudcnis. as well as raising the 
mmiffluffl age from 22 10 24 
years old. Other definitioR 
changes include sections on 
veterans, graduate students, 
professional studcnis, married or 
single with dependents. Any 
other case will reijuire 
documentation showing unu.suai 
cue urn stances. 


"Here's the latest iissue Mr. President." 

Oav Peer OMmelutg. 
How dp I find the J'atitrmi 

Center ■' How do I ugn up far lit- 
umng '■ 

ITie Tutoring Center is on 
the bottom (1st) fltjor building F. 
right under the library. It is in 
Fl « across Irom the Media Ser- 
vices desk (where all the TV sets 

Dear Peer Counselmtj, 
I need mt>re informaiton u- 
bom coUege maprs and cmeert 

I The Career and Life Planning 
Center is located in building A, 
room 347. The center provides 
services which include career 

counseling, seminars, and the 
DISCOVER computcnwd guid- 
ance system The DISCOVER 
system IS fun and ini'ormaiivc. It 
can help you decide which career 
aneai might best sun your inter- 
ests, skills, and v,ilucs 

Adiweri in thin column were 
wriiien by peer coimiehrs wAo 
ure stMdems m Harper Ceilkge. If 
ytm Anw a question for the peer 
ccitmetars. or would like mare 
mformaimn aboui peer coim- 
selmg. there is a drtp hoi lotmed 
m tmildmg A at the ii^armalion 
booth You do noi need to sub- 
mil yrur name 


PSKtata ivtio need Mood coum on 9txttr« 

it ilMoiiBii die AiBOtoui Red Cross 

%i ewry (ta|r our blood lupfiljr 

noetia ficslEniMMn||. 
So datwc, pleasc.\lMilK mtr UftMood. 


American Red Cross 


The Harbinger. October 2,19U, Pagfi 3 

Senate Election Follies 

AHkMi* lilt cleclioti hat mm btm decided, tbcrt k 
■till a c«Mrv«trtT ia inaiir prop!*'* aiiads alMtat how if 
wai ra«. The conirovenjr btt'im witli thf «li«ifius rm*t 
tfeal the kottoai of Ihe ballot ban in tl buildini was Ml 
«f«a to lamperiag (Sm ptMo m ilic rroal prngt ). And 
•ctaaationi at ainKiiilt votinK (by iiat prrKinl wrrr 

Voliai b; ptopic without activiijr card* wa« observed 
by out at the ekclios candidilrt. This wm% not iialy al 
Ihe unttarfed balint bote*, but also ll«<i«« that had 
atteadaaui. If tomeone "jast happens" t» fnritel their 
ID, the Iheji'll "Juai have" l« |a nnd |el il rirsl. 
Ualtii yoa can slair the boolbet with people thai kntm 
•n lOJM or wi stndenlx (hen chrctinc IIH juM mitihl 
IM ■ htHnira an idea. As il was. II or ISO tolrt u«-rc 
lilUpilltiwIi hm how atan; more of the remit ininn UK 
•btiiiU It reviewed and *nbjtct tu pnssibU' 

Aaolker cO'mptaiat was that nf p«Hter tamprrinx. K 
INMlers were not mnved «>r lakrn down rniirel). 
nppnnent* ilucd Ihcir piclnrrs ovir othrr ranilidiitH 

How c»aM M Much uncthiral and unfjir ai-titii) ||i> on 
during the senate elKtitins? ('iirlr^Hnrfi aiid apalh). 
The Staate Eleilion Coninittrt did not lulluw ihronth 
oa its responiiibililies. 

What should the conniiltcr huu- done' Ibtrc art II 
approved poster sites where ihe oindidiiirs were to hiinK 
yoalerii Ifccse »tlc» were to have been chriArd 
pcriwdieatlf by the cowMiilttc. 

The ballot botes in ttuildtni>s ■%. D. ¥. und .1 shuuld 
have been allended. )hus reducinc Ihr |M»sihilitt of 
■altipic «al« castinit and tampirini;. Ihr >>liu)rnrt 
activtijr card* would have also been theiikccl. »hith itict 
were not ia certain mamned limiionK 
The Senate Kleclinn Commillrc ■wa% tMrrlrss iii mil 
bsuini a «de of elhivs l«> emh iif iht nimlid.Hri. If 
Ihey had. a irvat number of emltiirrjs^in;: im^i.ikts 
conid have been avoided. 

la aa interview with one of Ihe senate candidatet, the 
MnrMaiier picked up some reconmendaliotis roe a fairer 
election. Firiit. check identification at nil ItH-alions. If 
they happen to "just forgel" (heir Il>. ihe^'ll "jutt 
have* to 10 and gel il first. Second, have all hullnl 
hoxci atteaded. Third, have (be poster sign locations 
cheeked regutarly. And last, allow candidates to have 
apace by the bathit boses for ■ short wrillen speech. 

Trae^ we're not saying that ihc election should be ran 

w Ihe Eleetoral College, but il also should not be run 
ilftc we are picking the new patrol leader for the Harper 
Scnat Troop. 
Aa staled, the llarhinger acknowledites Ihe fact that no 
•ItctJtMi if run perfectly, nor ia an) election void of 
■ccilsal.i4Mif and rumours, fiim can a representative of 
HHfee'a Stadents be fair if the elcctinn itself was 

MUClitl nalUrly? If anyone has recnnrnientlalions of 
thelir mm (including faculty and slaff) on how to run a 
fclrer eleclion. please leave letters in the llarhin|rr 
trfllce. (A.W) addressed "Election". ^». m..,.., «,.^ 




tat, **■ Vf'iialcd in last week's edition I ha I 
we 'ift' paalllal} imrry about. This idioc> was 
pcrpeimtd In the form of a small bos on the 
editorial page. To those of you who saw and were 
offended by this (and we don't blame joul, we can 
•niy offer an apology for the entire staff. Il 
•iMmMn't have beea run, and il won't huppcn again. 

Tkt Mwrfaf Haanl 

Last *'C«k'> ccliiwial, whik cndormat tw tk* tiitur Ediltirul 
Board, was aiillMWd hy ih* Fiiiliure* tiim, «(«.« wkm- ft 
pioriciKe (tag aqpnicK «aK dticcily tiimf. 

In lait week's news sicirj' mi ihc r,ill Ouctn v:1i."., 
liM. we «:citala% M|M|x; : ' ' <^ 

*j>af*«. The co«Kcts|?t'tliii. 

Letters to tli« editor are welcomed An 
letters must haw name, aiiihos 
social security number and titk-. such 

as students, faculty or staff member. 

Publication. rig,ht.s are resen'C'd. 

FKMai ay Merc !•■<•»•• 


l>;i\t For|;ue 
"1 din't vole, llie 
.Scnatiirs don't 
till anythin;;." 

Sweeney's Psychos 

t'liunn Ltte 
"I din't vole. 1 
didn't know 
alKiul the i-li-cti(iits. 

Roh (ioggin 
'I clidn'l votf. I dtm'l 

Il IS .:! 
down ;i" 

tncmhrr-. I'l m. 
cotnmuitilv fNvilic . 
noi onlv %ticit vtmc • 
niy%ienet of ihi* hui'i 
tnil tan also icH ■-■ 
'Tiiclii'SDX Nest" (lories.. 

When you listen to lliem 
talking among ihcmselvc.. 
ihouigh. you begin lo unilcnland 
ihe Jilernna ihcy face on a daily 
i\iMs- The aamenion of lines. 

Perhaps m Iheic slruggk- to 
valtdalc themselves ai sciailisLs. 
Ihcy Mck umform, I incur rules 
fo.r human behavior, which i,» 
initinsicatl^ mn- linear, if not 
.completely tandcan. 

Or so It some. 

in their search for consianu 
and universal bchavimil laws, 
Ihcy somcl.iinc.s ovctltMik the 
tnilh ilicy orif inally souBhi. 

First... kli preicnii thai ihe word 
I used earlier, "linear", mc;ins di,al 
wimcihing has to do with a line 
-jr lints. Coinciilentalty, il docs. 

When a line i.» very long, and 
vthcn It IS only visthic at one 
end, tt can he very difficult lo 
proiract Ihc line lo lis point of 
originatum without scienlific 
insiru.mcnti. When many 
txcginning segments of lines are 
visible. II can bC' equally diiriculi 
to connect ihem correetly lo the 
end vt^gmients when no 
segments present ihcmsclves 

Okay, you're, the psythologul: 
A. paiieoi comes lo you whose 
prohkBtaik man.ifestiiiHN)s have 
.ulmmawd in faintly proiftemt 

awl trooMc 
tiK.ak.s out ai 
'alanimini .>M..i.r.;. 
■0flibia''s cat. Kc 
iraffiii tvn ib<> tii..ii; 
to-. .. .iii,.ij;i.. ... Ill il 
W'i,".,ir.. i.i kM,.(;^'. tl' I .'11 

Ttiow; tec Ihc end v. 
lines VtHir ich as p'. 

num. [Kt\€ t.liriHij:rii 

Of mctileoM oC ti.i 
detenu inc »*n ^ ■■' ' 

(ho hcginniri," 
Which have f 
IWfhapt lOs < 
.vi.irr«.'is.i .;ihK:T':.j 

A. He 

:inli liijtluljy raru ' A 

..■ .li enimisMoris |iiiil'ik'm'' 

.•\ iiiiMiiieqircteiJ cpiso..).- m Itthc 

,iikl Ben' 1.1 you Imd il lu'v.' ■'•'U 


Or IS II someihin,.' 
not idling, or dwvn i .. '. ..'n 

You see the problem. It's so 
gosh dam frusiraling that yini 
finally throw up. yout hands and 
say;"Oce whtl. I doo'l know. 
Let's jusi remove his frontul 
lohe. thai should cover u." 

And that* whal this article is 
.jhoul. right.' A hlankei 
iiuliiimcm of ihc psychniriL 
communily and the moral 
atnx'ilies oi society in dealing 
with the menially ill. nghl':* 


Then II must he ahoui ihc ptxx 
translation between hiim.m 
behaviw and sticntilie moiluKt. 

Not even ctosc. Don't iry to 
second guess me. folks, if my 
writing had any poli-sh or 
continuity. Id he taming a buck 
al 11. 

What wc really have here is a 
Radial Pincers Maneuver Th.ii 
means llui I have started driwing 
a circle in both diicciions from 
the top. I will now priKCCd to 
(.kisc it neatly al Ihc hotlom. 

Starting di>wn one slo|>e ol the 
etrc.le we have behavioral «:ie.ncc. 
ttown the other slope we have 
anti'-'MKiai bcluvica. 

Now wc link them at Ihe 

In the history of ■.iwkiiKi, *v 
have raitltofis or billii>nv il 
incidents of anli-iocial lich.r. 
!i would he <(.ijiic a chm Ihtm all am.1 Usi llifiii in 
<inl...'t nl ln-inous irii.-liv. Iiiil the 

Miller had pro-social ideals. 

i I twiM.'.f.. 

I '"^ lint 

Nmih droppi\I thrvr cbys bicrim 
"*i;<g!is;iki. wi-re experiments. A 
|tcn,.-rsinn of the Arihunmi 
Jili-nifij 'Dix's right make iiiij:ht 
T iTiighi nuke riRhl'" it could he 
.1 ttiouvaiiil years hclorc ilie full 
,-!l.'tis of these honilis are 
know 11 Cancers, hirth 
ilck\:ls,..llic eypcriinent goes < m. 

I'ni an oivn minded (elb. hut 
every srgunK-nt I've ever heard in 
defense of bombings was .us 
limp as a melted girto beam 

Miiyhc Harry Truman wasjusi 
tired that day 

So '.'."iv did 1 begin with all 
ilr.t still ( at out psychiatrists? To 
h Ip locate the beginning of the 
Ine that extended itself into 
Tiijmiins fairly gross 
demonstration of anti-soiial 

If I may misquoic someone 
whose name I forgel:''Lifc must 
lie lived forward, but can only be 
unik-rsuaid backward." 

It is my theory thai when 
Harry was a young lad living 
Komewheie in Missouri, he was 
one of the first kids on the bl(K'k 
to have indoor plumbing. When 
urinating, perhaps young Harry 
faiitasizod dial he was baulmg an 

CaaUaned an page I 


William Itainey f lar«et CoIIckc 

.AlifiKfttln k 'Koiieile Hoadi'' 

Piitaimt-. IL mum 

:i)t7 .'uwfl 


11 I.! si(\. 

Pige 4,Tlir Ifarbinger.Octobtr 2,lfli 

.Off Beat. 


Jl% £1L JL i ^ IT A Jtlk Jim mIj J.V LJ 


trntmnitammt Wmw 

A* if yoa necked an) wch 

lanMm. ilw Rjunmiilieri ha*r 
o(m« lo (OW'H. This group »!' 
pnxapiuiidii cnakKi. h<.im!v<ir. h 
amstoalily more popular iImii 
llicjr nyihical nuMSitet. 

ijKi Prittiiy the Rjunmiilicfs. 
ruling M *»»e of papuhnly from 
their hil iinfle "Ul My IVopk 
Oo-Oa', caiiK ii> Ha«pc;r in iheir 
only icheJtitod Ckicnifi) sircii. 

A tnati ha emmgetic crowd 
Df alMul 230 people utw ttu: 
Afw, eoKidcathly mikT Stwlcm 
Acivltiet apocMons 

By the lime the 
Rainmakm were on. the stage, 
the crowd was up antl Amcing. 
eapeeially Aiwn Mwvils the 

ThC' RtilWWlef!) iKiMlliwd: a 
iltow thai >lsi irKludcd Bciiy. « 
fenMik iTMi riiMn Wasitisnioii, 

D.C.. and ihc Insidcn. a liical 

The entire %twm nmUl have 
(»eeii iuHiiW "The C«:»xl. The 
B«l. aMi ihe MidKKre" 

Betty ij|ic«sj the nhm ■ jil Die 
M Dtitidini; Ciym. B'i:lly m 
iiinpty a g«;td idea it"'"*' ''ad 
W'lui they tnnl tn <tii n 'iint; hijj 
liilthl Mvl,:- wng% »»i<lniiu Ihc hi;!' 
hand, I'houji'ti ihi.' in.i 
c»..cpt,KHul mi" i-i, Itv .III ili;lnt 
"cliek" . Mw) were lin-jinikMi bs ih: 
uiiic the. Insiders hil the sug.t 

A, former kitaJ elub Ixirid. i!i,„ 
Inxttfcn were a tlastn: cuiimpt i it 
wtol'i goo4 in irttjy'N Arn-n. ji'- 
rrick and roll ' 
pgrtxIiKcd ;i 

ionxistenil) iJ».J cavil) 
lomplcmemed one another. The 
hand tan bten ttigflai attendy to n 
record coitlraci witti bpic 
ttecontt, and an alhuni i» 
KiMiiM M tie ftkaacd in iki 

Tlicn tame the lK-;idhricii. 

Mercury ;i\(lyj;ram rccofding 
sirlisi"., Ilk: Kj»inni.aktrs. Oftenini; 
with ■TXiwiuii-eiiin".lhe audt.-nie 
was U'eaieit lo a Rroup r>f la)i:nii-i1 
musicians who have paid liicir 
iJuet, linfartun.iicly. t"iiur giH«l 
mujicians doesn't ni-vc-v\jriK 

The Rainiiuilcrv i.h. ) • •. 

raiamy lypts of mutK wiih rmi. 

rhythm and Wues, and a Iwiing of 

-•■■■■! '• A diMint'l ^lyle divMH 

.Vik.lhvM piiiWem wuh a live 

Kaitifflaliat show wan the 
.iI'Menie «'it' a horn secwin. tme ot 
■ allMinr* many higWij-his. 
The iicouMics were 
lurprmng-ly kockI. fon^nkrin,! 
the liKatton. The piujiram hixird 
deserves a hand lor hringiiig sn 
lhr«« lalcnieil j-niupt f<ir our 
iHiefiiiil pioMire. 

eoony tktt. The bubfcks m the 
fcowl were the attacking 
wstnfcps. The bigKC<si bubbles 
woe (kxtniyers and battleships. 

So young Harry would 
cmcenmiie hiii iirejtm on ihcK- 
Bm here was an agfra^mtng 
cycle; hii fmx and dcfcimimtion 
io buriii the big bubbles would 
ctui» more and bigger buMiIci 10 
Mirface. Maybe hed tink lh««. 
then there would be 

t andmoic. 

And when ihis peisistant 
jniinkablc Mtnada filled ih< 
bttwl, the worst was yd ic 

Harry would run tiut of ammo, 

Back up and fcgtoup'.' 

Hell no! 

Allow lUBC' imI gravity id laki: 
ihctr loll'' 

Helt no! 

Young ttarry hid ihe 

lie nushed. 

this man uses the 
Harbinger Classified ads! 

Students advertise free 

Nott'istudent rate S lines for $4 
Coil S974(m,€XL 2461 


By I niry PiulUn 
l^nl«r1itiftmMI VMtm 

With all Ihc reviews of 

deprcssinBily icpKl happeningj 
on this page, ii is my pleasure 
lo anrinuncc the most 
overlooked movie of the year. 
Yount SherliK-k llnlnie*. I 
didn't me the icnn tmttcrraicd 
hcijiuse ihis lilm did receive 
trilical raves when it was 
rcleavd laic lasi year Hut lor 
some reason ihu lilm wai 
largely ignored ai the t«<« ufliie 
The premise Iit ihis 
'.:'■: ■• ■' I linirnl .>l (he 

1. «t:,ll >v,,uld 

have napfvned il Holme* ansl 
Watson had met in prep tcboi.)) 
as yoimpsieis 

Slevefi SpielK'Ji: [■•rixlmed 
ihf- piL'iure. wuh '-.(wnl .■I'Iccis 
hy lii.luMnjl I h'lil .nul Matik 
(1,1 Ml. (ioiee 1' 
cointuny wtosc trcilil\ include. 
amcii; many olhcrs. the Star 
Wars Ifilopy and both 
Iiai4«r<t i>r Ibr lost Krk 

While l.t M aidnl hav.: 
the kind ot nmvie'wuli' 

opportunity to show ns suiff as 

most of its mhcr shovk-., ului 
i[>a4al effects there are were 
done with immaculate land 

slatthng) precision. 

Bui the moM impressive 
aspect of this picture, I ihmk, is 
the lael that ihc ailing sink- ihe 
show, noi the .sparwl effects. 

And nol just one ticioi. bul 
the enure cast. There w'usn'i a 
single (MMH (wrfonnance in ihis 
\hiiw Ni.-hobs Rowe as vniinp 
Sherlock. Alan (•.■■ v 
.uul Sophie W.,ir 
icive interest l-.ii/.iiKiit. ^.i^e 
IXTlonnances made all ihe more 
remarkable by titcir iipe ami 
le f.:ilive irk' s |<erKllcc. 

t)ne ul Ihc main yaiiMi. ks 
t like to use in ratiiij; movies, 
especially in Mdeo resiews. 
whcltwr I would see ii .i>:,,iin in 
ilie near lulurc lor lio»» iii.uiy 
limes I'd see ill. 

Well, I savi tins niini,' 
iv.h\- a\ of this wnliiij;. iiiid Kl 
see 11 ai;.iin iiglil now 



IKH Ml'll 

Mt Tm-in.- v|>r ..rmiil. 

If you glance ai ihr un.-r ..i 
'rnuuiph's new -ili-um ! lie 
•Sport of Kine- ; iluni: 

apparcni is ih, i ih.'ir 

ume-honiired loj;o 

Gone are the sharp, angular let- 

■I'T- •'"' "■•••■ '■•••* ■■'••• , i-ndini: 

' . iHe^e 

'•'•''' , ..l.C .itc 

plainly prmied, Jrjwn.iHil cliarilc- 
•crt, and licrein lies „« sjd ana- 


Having mistakenly >i.ii!e;l ihis 
album on side two. the first u-ack 

heard was "Take a .Sta.nd", It is a 
mcnat:mgly restramod/slcdgeliam- 
liter ptccc ihai finds a new way to 
cipress one of Triumph's oldtsi 
ihemej. the ncccssiiy lor self- v. if. 
uiilion smA comnntmcm It really 
appeared, ihi.s record would Iv as 
fresh as its itnmediaie prcdetes. 
siir. "Tliumlcr Seven", 

AU.s. upon hsicning to ihc 
nimplctc LP. It became painfully 
i,*vioiK that the group has dis- 
played bail lasle in noi l'i<llo*mg 
ihctr own advice I rem thai one 
hrilhatn track. 

Juit as Triumph's loi;o has' 
tost ilJt eifc'c, so has their iiiusk. 

They v. '.uchteituw 

anddivei .;tniin()n., but 

iJl* rest 0( Die Sport ol Kings" 
■lundi fwcitl and lioltow. Them- 
alicaliy. it is atl ahoi.t : 
pam in relationships, 
have anything fiesh lu ^, .... i,.v 
subiccl. E'ven virtuoso ijuiujrist 
Rik Eninielt's iniliiional lobliga- 
lory ? ,1 instrumenul ■ track - (Kr-al ■ 
bum. "Embrujo" on this one. is 

Now. the q:uc«tion occurs 
while thinking all this through. 
■What happened ••■ Allcr Thun- 
der Seven". "Tlw Sport of Iting** 

IS like a decarbonated soti dnnk. 

In the final analysis idculline 
timei, no dciermituble tcison is 
<s"en, which is actually vausc lor 
hope. If ihts album is a fliile. a 
nnsiakc. the t," in 
uinph's iciuni to prop 
lar greaicr than il it w.i- : 
ihis nj\ All ihiil remains is lo 

And hope. 

save youiscll a few Ixitks 

h would tv nice 1.1 know 
who was invLiived m making Uiis 
albiiin. Only producer Gary 
Lyons is mentioned on the rccori! 
jacket. The t;uys in the hand 
.ipparcTlly want lo rcm;,in 
ii.iiiiel'-ss. On this album, that'* 
I>i.i|.>at>ly a(; i»ca 

(iKMi; tOVM JKZmi-L 

My ll«rck AaN 

1 wa.v ■iLuidlng in ihe record 

store S'laring ai ihc racks of new 
alltums. I had to decide which 
album to pick to review 

There ihey all were, each 
screaming to me in technicolor: 
Buy Me!!" My glance tell on the 
new album by (itnc Loves 
.leicbel entided "Discover". I 
figured if Gene lines Ic'elvl 1 
should at least hn.l her 

Mosi oi Ihc music can IksI 
be described as ihe musical 
etjuivalcni of eating raw celery. 
Nol offensive, bill bland and 
uninterc Siting 

fiene l.ovfs Jexbci 
have tnanagcd to blend inl1uence.s 
of other distinctive and creative 
bands like I'J and The Smiths 
into Bimething i|uite loi;'ciMf>ie 

.' nuich of 

..■■ .'iii-M, 1. u... ;i..iciKr. 

Tl'ierc ate moments, though, 
where ihe !\irid nscs iinareinallyl 
above iiieJi.H HIS ■■H.,'.i(i..K.he" 
(the hit biiiplei jiiil desire me 
just interesting enough lo listen 
lo more than onee. But a good 
album should have more than 
two acctpiiibic songs. II you like 
"Hcanxbe*. buy the single and 








The HarbSnger.October 2,198*. Pag« 5 



Boh WilkMilrarM, l««l vocaBft. pttlmmt The R«iii»»k*ff 

Tilt B.iwi»k«r»- SU»e FWlHp* »«• «!«>• «»••» *■'"'• 
tht rriiwd with aaaiini! fret work. 

«.... the W.fWiitto«. DC. toied biiMl. e"Wrt«iiit ifce 

The R»iii maker* are deftnilelj goinis to 
make a splmk in Ihe world of mnalc. 

The Insidert never forgot what Rock 
and Roll is all about. 

With their soulful rhythm, the Insiders 
hring the people to their feel. 

Bits;. AII*son and Airoee of "Betty" 
astound the crowd with their oniqne 
■ capp«)la soand. 

Pagt *t The Hirbin|>er,Ociob«r 249W 



InltmalittBal CInb: Any 
student, forcittn or nm. who is 
inieretied in joining (he 
Inlcmiitiimal Siudcnui Club, 
please slop t»y FUK for more 
informalum. Club jKlivitics 
include: inpt. meals |Mnics.and 
llie eii-hiinge of culiurc »iih new 

PrngraiD Board mecit on 
Moindays ai 3:15 f'M in their 
meeting nxjm mu lo Ihc Snnk-ni 
Activiirs office <,m ihc 'kii Hwjr 
of A buikting.. 

Kpcvcb Team: Sund up and 
«(K'ak o«l. join Ihc S(x-cch 
■■' '-'■■ "-■"'■■■'!! Ml Ciralh. 
ind fhiiistoy 
'. , ■■i.ilHH 

I'olilicul NcifUfc Cliih ■Ai!l 
tiaa^e il> In-it iThxiinn .>n I n.l.n , 
tXmhfr \ ji i: PM, III 11' n 
Anv iiilei'tAlrJ iliidiiriK .iic 
iv cimc to ait-ml. !( yini i amn 'i 
•■tid cjilt Sharnn Alu-i .it cm 

( ;tni|iu% \tini%lr> 



" St-ul|iulrr in a I'ublte 
Cunteil." Tllursiliiv. Oiinlvr .', 

?:W f'M, A?'IK 'This U-aur.-, 

<ninkd "The Afit:»i,'AiiilK'rHi,- 
l*eta;n,iii!hi(>," IS prc«:rii.:i[ tn 
Brute Whik". s,.ulni..< .md 
Pn.l, „-rn 

lllii^.' .,.m 

1^. If« 

Harper Colk-gf Offers 
Scininur On Job 

Search St atcuies 

I'l-i:;,:". Bi'>rti; I'l I )lsk*ii T«niv>ran' 
ScfM^CN ■■* III K- lis.: L-u, ■ ' . . 
-il the "!,■[■• Sciul) V. 
xmitiiif tilk-rvd h> iJic ii.i- 
College Women's I'rcigram 
icminar w^ill he held on Mmni.n 

Oflo«icr b from 9:m a. in. lo 1:(K) 
p.ra, in Building A, Room ;4t 
•U Ihc College. Alpjwjuin and 
Rmnlie Rouds,. Ptitemc. 


'HBrprr Cxsminrs 
tanfuaitt of riolhes" 

'The Language i-' ^'' ■'■ 
alt-day worisht,?!' 
by the Har|>ei i\' 
lYograra «m Saiunky, tKiotn-r -I 
from 9-3 in D2'M- l-i>r nl<^^^■ 
inlurmaii'On iibo<ut course 
number and cost, call ihc 
Cimttnuing EdutalKW Office ill 
,">7.,Ml<l l:„<i, ;.tlo, 

Marpcr ColtcKe r. .iiUTnii.' .iii Ii'HU lit hi^i.'.i' I, i i,.!,Mi.j 

iiik'i;'' :<;|Mri ai J AM 

• d'l:. . .if' Ittddtnii A 
Fur more lulumuiinn .livinu 
COIBM nunilw ,tiid erst, cilt 'v>^ 

Art i \liihil 

"Oriirnliit Hui.:\, r.irr anil 
Rf«il«ir,tti.iii," y < :.,ilvr 1 :M 

i«n ■ ■■ 

Mji', lAi'dl mtnmt an 

... ..|'i 


ill lll,S VU(,> -, H ,;•:•.( .ivniff 

■III npliiMlicin of h>.>.k' Ik 
...i,.'. on ihc tank i>( Kr-r-i'mi; 
llicm iMik Hi Ilk- A ify;., i.u ,[ i 

• til he wl .r.iJ. I,:i ,; I-. i„. ..,,,■ 
i/lcfn .n.,tr i. 

1.1 IV .ifv.. 



N«rsi»f Scholarfhip; The 
Kathleen Fagan Memorial 
Nufiiing Scholarship ijt ofJetcd for 
the Fall 19K6 semester to a 
student in the R N. Nursing 
Program and covers 
tutt>on,kxilis. and supplier lo a 
mjuiiji'um of S5<».fX). 

Tbe crileria is as follows: 
Second year R.N, student 
Minimum tl.RA. :^,0 

Free Smoking Clinics 

Two stop smoting climes have 
hccn scheduled durmj! the Fall 
scBicsler m the Board rcmm ot 
hiiiMmg A. 
1 11 ^l Clime: 

ivi, ■; .uidtvi '.' 

«Vi MiimMki 1(1 
Vmiiil Clinif 
.' (VI. 4 IK I p m 

Vlomliy arkl '•'• • 

\.iv 'M :|.i,' ■ 



he pi , 
Coimi. . .: 

Ol roiltinillll;!, l-ii' 

tail the Hcallh S>:r. 

pos.\it)fe ai CTi. r;6S It y.ii vvHh 

lo attend 


Sludcfils who wilt tonipli'ti* j 
dcjirce or ,,cftdn;.iu- .ii the end nl 

the Fall ) ■ ■■, mu,s.l 

ctimpleti; a ; . ; .iJimUM 

in the RcgiMiar^ ihikc. A?ll 
Ix'fore midterm CklotxT IK 


■ tu'mis will be in 

■'lij.: :\. Sluilcml,i>un(;(-arca, 
1 1. iiita' ti 

iviHithati llliiwrs I'mviTMis 
S;30. I 
t>Ctohi:t <* 

Eastern Illinois t.'niversii>. 
ItHl) i 

(io»ern.,)fi Siaic. 1(1 - 1 
Roosevelt I'niversity. <•' Ml - 

Harper Ski Trips 

Harfier has arranged two major 
ski ifips for Mudcnis and 
i.unniuniiy members. The 
deadline lor final pjymeni is 

IX'cembiT 2. I '*(**>. Rescrvaiions 
may he made Ihnnjgh ihe Student 
Aciivitics Office. A ■ ' V*, pli, mc 
")' 1{,M». e»ten:sion ,',".:: I nv 
.iiilarC'S, group diH minis, and 
.i:.,«,xIc.irK ptanmn); have resiillBd 
in i.,"i7'iti. I'.iri'.iifu' 

I uvilcan A 





1 11 1 e 

1 1, If ! 


.Not Just Comics. 



Customer Service 

Paid CRT Trainina 
Part Time - Days or Nights 
15.15 Starting Rate 
Classes Begin Oct 6 and Oct 20 
The JC Panney Telephone Seles Center has openings for seasonal 
part-lime emploijmenl We will train you to take catalog orders 
by telephone using the latest in comnnunlcations equipment We 
are looking for some mature enthusiastic individuals who enjoy 
customer contact 

Candidates selected will be scheduled variable hours each week 
Mon thru Fn between the hours of 6 ,30 a m to 5 p m or 3 p m to 
1 1 p m Evening candidates must be able lo start at 3 p m Some 
weekend scheduling is also required 

Automatic progression increases, merchandise discount and pdid 


If you are intere.sted and can work a flexible schedule apply in 

perso'n between 8 30 am and 4:30 pm Mon thru Fri 



1 120 Lake Cook Road. Quffalo Grove 


equal Op|>l«. Ciii|il«i|»r M/f 

The Harbinecr. October 2J986. Page 7 

Mk., >vv,,' >v%lllrU.l ' 






V* hmmu •x»*ll«t« ap f r t— W»s far : 




Fan aM parl-tiaw |M»s'iti«iis imv availafel* vlth 

fivillbl* %«tt**mi** t« ftt ipwir mr***. Smm vny- 

W*mm 9 prr1*rrr4; mtlMiii«sm < imisl ClM«c» 

til* l*««tiMi iwarvst f Mi. 


•SO Cast Golf R»a4 

mt MiKfmt W> Kfc ti>iii m i . ii ImMiOiiii ,,- •«.»•!■« 




OM Orcbartf Hall 

(N«y» *© Moniqormrfi Ward'*) 

InlMClV J, 111, 



Classified Ad 


llrl|> Vuiilr«l 

fttr 5ui<* 

H>r Sal«' 


I* alilK IhMt. t4.IW. so MtMs 

StiMlvit BM commercial 

Hrlp likiitcd 


1 (IBH •»»«(»,. iU,R-tWI 

EAWM EASY «iM fl MfMI wrt 

«>*M t>fai>la wntfil. Call llatMa:* 
IMn {Ultima}. rtll>.»^'m-» «*AAM 
«> SW. W«« Camt tmxY 

JtHtf' WMTID: ©•fiiBW iMMin 

HlM« tlMllvtiltlMl Will 

Mm k*' (IttiU*. 
Ap^ In IHfiiia B til* l^li 4i< WoMflinUi 

■Mi|,uiM ■dveraiuii, 


lim II luMiii a. ttoy. 
Cill :Sw« • 1M-MS0 l« •«« 

fUtL-TOH!. EMmV Lltli. 

wmM, 1 *•»■■ • "if*. ••••» •<!«"«>« 
Imn. DtfaudaU*. whiek nctc«ir> 

Uli€3!andi,.iir oil «».«.•»«, 

1 jil'I BVMrVT HOMES from H IX 

CtU I (MisMitrwn. 

K:m SAlii; &■» Trt-mKmi, ^115. 
S:a; tKV'i 20 w. Ml-. 


IWI rt.Y WWDWI H«*iKl.Iii««l 
««»*!ti<». no !»«. AT. tienci, •<>»- 
■Oliut. SIW* m l«ri» irflB. CMI 77J- 

RmSALt;: MDSlSRlit (J> LmBti' 

■ *■ 1*. IVwpM.1: '•«• (!t:. ••immmt 
ingl,. (MM,. vIlllltlMll aillllMT!) C>U 

"lai«l*t. l^t>i>IM'm AW^I'Wi 

ka«aiiil wnmuMf md VK itupMiut. 

rMT-TIMi. SAUB mt Mi<i»« lnl|> 
■Mink «. aall * Co.. cut md 
Mmitlni ail-, MmubIws- n«»i* 


iiHMi.. Ikmiffff vncliivlf 
l^»•■ti>n•l pafi 
•rtn ~CaUI»MBii>rin<»tM>' 

iMiffidt l a*4att aiMl' MimwJw*!.. Shill't 
■w«l«M« Nm 3 fun W pm. 10 (<«» ' 2 am. 
«hI. Dam- (an, M-F Salary laSXfar 
l%.awB mg^aMr 
I A-M7. 

atTontATatsNEioui: «.mii. 

•i>i)<»MB'la)Mi. l i— i< l — tfiii: 
M Elk €>•)>•« mill ■#» fimu 

FtltN^ITURE REfAtt. tiaiiMdialc Ml 
iini* opniail to umIivuIm) villi Ihik 
MlHtf nMaml-nMir'iiwMll. V 

Ilk* m talk W' ]n« WWI E»cclltMi 

■ iMMB ■ KAmwAWM mmm. 

'T«7 OiMt A«c.. Bfe OKPV' 'Vliip. 
VDmiKE IS MM W-ilat- IHaa-iiM 


aaa iw S lun. 
a«ilWik. Ititcaiii oi'itit'-jislt 
a pliaa Call lli-2«I3 

OBffiiiAt. ama aims NfitDa>> 

tJ.XMw. ■» «<an. iilita laaiaa. Ill-Ka| 
f alliwliawir tifiiraiurt Tuiinarif' Oift^ 

«».•■■• canm-MO. : 

aai% wmmi '■wk (k:-M '«■ B MEM'iim. 

.AU-|imii<<«>m*4|M'>'*'- *l«>r* 
llMMn ai Vtmiiia. 44* E Hand K^ad. 

flELFWAMTED; Si«li|»rium, ««*»• 
amm (I FM aiiJ <«>- Mw Ik 
ilqwinMite. Will IH' faa'piniiM* tor 
aninmjl. Affly ai Br«*i l-aAhmn. 
WoMiMI kW at crfl Ml-ll '« 

KRi-nm ■•*» i« Acrottrnw; 

EliliiiMMt iMBf«iMMy. F1fi:Ma %mtrk 
Call: in-TtH aik lat Tliki 

FIcaMc koun. (mH: I fw - w Will lac 
nafanKiblc lot •••oi»<j' iMxii l>c 
ArflT' •» («■■• Ki ili»ol» 

»l'[h. , . ..-tallfcill'lMellainral 

^ii»liiwii„. 2 4i . Po:l(*n»l gmsai r.»'. n.u' .u_r 
Im ifftlla*^ [i*# and ^ir \'. ^^' 
FM call , ffilai. rcat dt-f , i ^'.' 
fiiil|iw0MMi Imm liiltah aall' h^mwimc lif am*. 

mt SALE "W Danw WKX. Sliaii.' 

i a|Mi nivcr »/nsil iMarior: •■arixit. 
kaMia, tea, 4Cl.aiO nilH. t4K)(MKa 
lAi. CaU'OT-'TIW. 

Idlffl OUW STARFWE. M«, 4 cyl,. 
AM-nit I lit Slcmo. nil whael. AC, 2 
dr. Iialdl. rear iM«>K|aF, giaid (xaidilUMt 
S3l»Mia:>l iiflcr CallWI-aM. 

-It BARKACt'OA- l*7l> Hi maa. ma» 
tttd. C»llOT.»»l/*»i*pii. 

I«TT POOTIAC Cruii hii »*ii, T 
kfa, AC, fmf wmOxm^ 4VI0 ciig.ine. 
«i.cwt]«nl niiMWf, talatliv §tmA. kmmw 
m-int, 4e|MiidaUa winter car. AilLinf 
sia» neai»:all«4.»il«. 

..I-:D sroWTS CAi (1>I1 Reaaali 
l-'ueiw) Willi aunnnt. At. AM-FM iitice, 
AC W iMH. entiia tnaliral, C3M|aita« 
iodi.. tafy in •laclliM HMlnix, tilTad., 
Ii#l inf' nilMin:: S2T(n. Call !10' 
SXWayi. ;>ll-I«JT*vt> 


Sinwniar. Fall «r Spnnf. KawilMW 

«*»»: Swiaii !%• , ••« 12 . Apnm. tiar 
Wi CMwI. liin 22, ftiwJer hlua. lli« W, 
Maiic. MM \4 T-Mwp. nilCW IioiIk*. 
chiffiw cap il«c«n. Hy"" '"'•■'"* 
riooint ihiit. Can li« uml (■:« fiMiiial « 
pmwi. Mw« •orn. Ongmaiy Wl, mm 
■SSft mS laparaia, priea negtawl*.. Call 
:5* .WaAimil. or 4W • rT7«ifc»«j 
WEDOIW; DRESS; W'tee l«e«. ton* 

Ml M »■ )0, mnallBKd, »nli »>ai. •*« 

w/vhi lace, newr i«otii; IJlSftieat «i««. 
Can aclt «i|)a>*le:(T.. Alw. alM* hrulal. 
thoei Mt <H/2. mi cranhcnif mm. 
I»*n>aai'i ivwl. CailTncu • «»- 

l-KFI: CONSfl.TAIlON lo. all your 
kyi^ ncoil* include Dl.'l. pcnonal aijiiry, 
d'lvtjfcc. real CKlale. Phone Tftfl-'IfftSS. 

Evei ami •cekrud tpffU. availailk'. Ijw 
llfficea of Hcdici * ilediat. IKIO E Ciiir 

Rd . Schaiunlwrg 

Bi(orraal»tai. refcrrali. or ]uM jomnMii lo 
lalk M. CmH 1 Cinl)) 44S^«*e 

TWO ««1MS lat KM » Otmngm •■■: 
rttlfMaiNlble lemale* unly. S100 a mwm 
m-rtM*». "till Miy w/pomihlo < 
(■« »« Mil. . call Tim # Ji2-WM*i»e 


'inaitt Creepy . Ecne. Piycha, Temw 
Talci. Eamciuj Mtmatera, etc. Warn ital 

avaitalik'. VG ci-aiditlnHi and up. CaU' 437 ^ 


I'MII t'M CAPRJ. 4 iixl.. iiamir. ■!■« 
riicAage, new lima, imkBer. mi4 Naihf <». 
EKfitHenl car fof ciMtHHillnii in t^h^M i.n 
wofk. Aikin« I2«M. Call 'IM 
4l:miafktr ll:M p.a or XBISMayi. i>i> 

i*m nmo: w* w* §"» ■<•*»■ *"^. 

AT. i»»»«rf Aikini »*»» Call 

rART TIME miMt dark waniail. En 
Hpn-Sai lam. M.KWir. Mkitt I* o««» 
IT WoolDnlaT-tt Call 1M-T all . 


anil nkBi yon tmmx... olf k; 
vl lafei 

1 1 

I can h«'lp yia< iMl* fV 

'r^ wmm mil aaim 9 Ui- 

nta mmMhcctmom. ifaK.AC 
AM-EM aati . laar 'Window itfotlOT 
Mca: iic|<aialib Calta««lMi«la«la# 

Ml CllliVY flMaMk |iick<i|>, AT, 
tteC'llam fwiMiirai condiocm, rm ttiai: 
blaal W'loflanir pi»'itff|ics. Kiiraiuia liiet 
amd wwtl cimst nwimwi t^Ut) «ir Immi 
oNar. CaH'm-taatoaoNinf* 

IfttCARQ ClttA. 4 cyl, 4 ipd, mlM 
I wNell., AM -EM 

. Call 4s$-ma.. 

I! MTIW nO'lWialr: Naw h*i, 'Mid 
ti«i, »«•« clnick, A.M-FM caai: 
mXMaai naar. Can Rady • W- mt. 

Wlinii WEn»G dKK br lanniKr . (all 
or wfimtf. late cap tlaimii . fcexleiJ kodice, 
fall ikin, cKifCon o»ef lafleta. !•«» 
•calJoijad iMi'liim, cal,li«<lial ln>«n. J-i»« 
cathedral len'«lh *a,il. *iae til Nc«j- 
wrim. Ongii^tl pk.| jmcc $5<Kl Now- 
4l»W»MiaHe till 2W 7'n4Aw>im. « 


EWsEUNCE -nmsT. 

dlwanifinlnianuaiiniat. Pna-aatmiaNt. 
41 iMnr pnor aioiica. t ja*a mciaap # 
4IM1I1 and ni fat liack » yni 

Wn reR HtMORED PAID far ranailini 

lencn fnnm honi*! liand. aclTaddttaaail, 
Kiaaiptd enaalopa for 

■fomtalMn/apfidcauai. Aaaodaiei, Itaa 
W'H.RofrJfc.NJ imoi,, 

W.\VH-,D SU.UFNTS iniemiad in 
tellMit vacatum lour packafti 1m '117 
ISpiilg Break VacalMMl"" en flaylcNia Eleadl 
m4 Et Laude:rdala, Boiida, and Soutli 
lladia Mt .Total Cuaranlaed innd Uipa, 
|«MMl' ciammittain and tennt. IwtMtM' 
into call *11tc But Si.^ Tinin.' la 
tniKiia. call colkci: »(«-2<)aft aU mlicc 
•talaa, I («I0) 221-4I.W); or arrm *M> 
.V Wabm Aait. . Wood Dale. Q. Ml*! - 
114^. PiaaMMit -aiperiance a plut. 

GREX3 TAYLOR Pkaic keep in toodil 


LYNN: nami'Wf aB-fiiflienfiwaljONG 
WHILE' Believe n or •»•. I am aick at 
niadyaifl, and 1 neediocaich wrmTStX* 
lool Lom, UiilC' Ltai Grant. 

ne*er did anythmf to hurl y*iu. so why 
duit'l yoo cpeak lo me? I am your friend, 
and I tally irted w help yiai wlten you woe 
down Mtlll I he punmhad for thal7 (Ym 
icalitc yon |a»e me the ICE tX)LD 
thmitdct tieamem ai the InagmMion 
Wo«kilKjp),..Wdl. I don 'I need any mora 
crap Eke Uiall THANK YOUl DcMm 

DIX A,NN HAITY Ualaual B-dayl Lim, 
I,tn>', Eanria, Lnki. Avian, Silyarkxlt. and 


ihc buman face how li ihnuld opeiaia. 

I>AMN AUsXAN-DER ti» MaeeAwa for 
■howin* lie luunan laca how ii ihoubl wii 

WHCM KOW ahm a fotafeall laniat 
Ctinati I'laiMnaet Ollte. 

AlTN STC'DENIS^- We a«i a uaia-ot- 
fhe-an miilnle OJ ompnty loiklnf lor 
omionif, anertetic peo|il« lo >oln taif aeleis 
DJ. UBfl. CoMaa A«dn!w Papfaa at «I0- 
tmm teiweenia and 9. leave name and 


waddaifT iUlly. 

AAKON, I *■■! I*a Ilia way >»» «!■•••• 

WIICM: "Hallo, mil ii WHCM.- 
CALLEl: 'Vaa, «a* )na plagr wme 

WHCM; -r» •«»», w» dunt ttf any 
hrevy metal How aboal tonM 
CALLER -n«*.- 

Page H. The Harbinger. Oitober 2, 1986 

Cross Country 

The Hawks Cross -Couniry 
leiiRi traveled m the Oakton Invilc 
and cxmcd indivulual awnrds for 
their crtons 

AmaiiK (he award dinners 
wwe Tom Mussell. rmishal \2\h. 
DarrcU Miiatcs. finished 15ih. 
Bret Gcrhold. finished 20th, and 
Dave Talkcn, whi) fmi.shcd 25lh. 
TlK' sin man u-jm's last finiiihcrs 

were Chris Colsiopoulos and Bill 

Hc«d Coach Ron Thehcrgc was 
impressed »nh ihe way his icam 
finished in the event, hui is not 
mully hjfrpy until his icam ends 
up in Hagcrsiown. Maryland in 
ihc Cros-s-Couniry National Mccl. 
The team heads up lo Milwaukee 
this weekend to compete in the 
Milwaukee Area Tech Invite. 

riMt* frwm-. *■«• •r.i«*l«i 



■} Hill liiifrlberg 
Sports Editor 

The uiMlcfealcd Harpc^r Hawks 
pounded S(. Joseph ColleKc's 
junior varsity team last Monday 

In (heir nnwl lopsitfcd victory 
ihis )Cdt. tin- ll:ivsk^ kept up 
thi-ir sucjk (if shiuiing oul 
opponents m the second quartet 
of play -and went m m -^-O. The 
Ha* lis also gained 466 yards, 
IIS luiinmg and Ml fassing. a 
new scastm high lor diem. 

The Hawks were also ihc 
lecipicnis of 4 lumovcts h\ ^' 
Joe's- The H:ii*ks havt- t-. 
forting and ici'ovcnng m.''. 
furnhk-s this \c;ir, while also 
inlercepting niaii\ pjssi's- 

Hawk Cixii'li Jiitin riisiak was 

happy many ol hiv players saw 


"Kids who have deserved lo 
play finally got m, Shawn 
Tulile dKl gtxid on dcteitse. white 
l-Km Wilkins was im(>rcssivc and 
John TKyskii was si» (or seven 
vuUi iiso louehdowns and Vicut 
t-hubedike was gmKl." Elisiak 

Ihe \Lf*k\ will he at home 
ihis weekend against ioliel and 
Ji-iliei Coach Tom Home i,i,iikx. 
Harper with the hcsi m ihe 

■\Vc jre going 10 slww up ajid 

II \ ii' Miek with the Hawks as 

■ ■ ■■ HarjxT IS well- 

if-upliiicvl, and 

:, We have J ihin 

dcpih learn, and arc re-huilding 
ihis year. We have to pla) 
aprntt one the lop junior college 
icaiBS in the eoiiniry. and we 
warn i.> do (he best we tan," 

Cciaih Home said. 

The llawks are going into this 
game short a day of practice 

htxausc of die Monday game- 
Coach Etisiak slated.'l am not 

(eall) «.ciriied .iliiHll the 4 days of 

rest, Us the one Ics day of 

pratice we do noi lite " 
The game plan af.iitHi lolicl 

includes eslahlishmg ihe run 


"We know we tan pass, and wc 
dunk n will huild the ttmtidentc 
ijf rhis icaiTi 10 csiahlish the run 
game in ihe eiirly gome," Coach 
l-lisiak noied. 

The Havsks will hosi itie H ■) 
Jidiel Wohes at I (H) llus 

IkN U'u 

rtuM Crt4M: A»mi BrM<Mo« 
Top left lo right: Barbie Siahnkc, Kirsien f'amsh. Barh Horsimaii 
Bo«om Icfl 10 right: Barb Holiman, CIudsm: Cannisira, Michcle 

Settelmayer, Chris Mt»cien 

Noi pictured: JoAnn Swidcrski, Lcnoa- Catalano, < 'hns Spiitlcr, 

,>\udra Howjud. Debbie Gry/ik 


«> ( 4i[>(;itn t htrrrletlfvrt 

The IiioibjM icatn luis 


Jim MemahoB is hick as die 

t|iiai:crbac:k of the Chicago tksiirs- 
\.,.u I know ilwre arc a lot of 
(vople out there whoeilhoi don't 
like the il««s or don't like 
MeMahon. Tliete arc also .i hn 
rtorc foiple who don't ihink the 
Bsars has-c a snowkiU's ihaiisc in 
hell of making the Super H"»l 
■the--i; arc also the 'aiiie ; 
»hii tjsl yeiif supposedly «,li' ■ 
tlicn Bean »m lo thi- Sutvi Hov^l 

Who .ire dies kKklmg'' 

Jim Mcmuhon is a sujjcrslar 
He proved this by leadinp ihc 
Bears lo dircc T!»'. in ^even 
minutes againsi ihe llear> la»l 
sear. He also proved Ihis al U»e 
SiiivtJonie in l.otiisi.ina m 'super 
Bov«l V\ ot lliv- ■ 
I Ukc M.k .- I 

, ,K iv iillltl ".ll 


The mam point 1 am trying hi 
bring up is iluil 1 am hearing u») 
many stones afioui Mac which 
arc not lo Iv k-Iieved. last week 
Mac proved fiinis.'lf once again. 
All I ask IS ih.ii sou give the 
Bears a ch,u Ki- 

lo prepare lor the football 
sea.son, ihc cheerleaders aliended a 
N,C,A. Checrlcading camp al 
, Cicorge Mason College in lairfa^, 
preparing for this season Viriiinia, It was a long K. hour 
since the middle of the summer. ''r'^«-" '"'^ "'"P '^■>'' *^^"^ *™^ 
but the other Hawk team on the •'"'' ""anedeiuly in the rrioniing at 
field, the 19K6 Cheerleaders, have ^-'^> A.M. wiUi aerobics. The 
been preparing for dns season just f«' »' ^ <^y '"»^«<' a'""!! *"h 
jjjj i(^j, learning stunts, mounls, cheers 

This 'year's squad consists ol ^d chants. Tte cvaiini;s ended 
Captain, Kirslin I'arnsh, to- *'"> compclilions among the 
Captain JoAnn Swiderski, w,ih odier squads. 
Charnse Cann.stra, 1 enore The last day was the Big 

Catalano, Barh Horstnian, A..i!r.i I'.'v,,-The IiruilCompclUion. 
Howard. Chns Mcrcicii. Mxhele ' ^''^ r^''f"""^'d iheir hesi and 
Scilelmeycr. Chns Spiulcr. flarhic *»" ^ ■'"I*^"" "'''^'" '" "^^^ '" 
Siahnke, and allemalcs Debbie '"f" brought the team to the 
Cry/ik and Barb Hoffman. ITicir *"^^^^\ 
cnlhusjastic coach is Mary Aileen ** "^ looking 
Blohm who takes a great deal ol thecnng ou 
lime to help the girls oul. 

forward lo 
icam on lo a 

vicioriowi season! 


.ill l.Ht 


By iUI ll»|»llMr» 
Spwt* tatHar 

Mike McGinn', Haw*, offensive 
lintman, has p«,issiHy lleen lost 
for Ihe season. He will be 
greatly missed , There well he a 
Men's Basketball Meeting 
CJeiO'hei 6 at .VCX'IPM in the 
fymnasium m M 
Budding..... Anyone mieresicd in 
Imiramuia) VollcybiJl should sign 
their team up NOW in M- 
Buitding. The starting dale is 
OcL 21. Entry dendline is Oct. 

34 Doe 10 Ihe monsoon 

MHIM in Ok mat, Om Women's 

reimis team has had ihis past 
ucck's games ptKtpiwd, Look 
for stones as s<mw as the ram 

slops l.ook lor the New 

York Mets in the posl-wason, 

they really dewrvc il Watch 

for llic Bears to win by _I^ 

against the Vikings -The first 

ten people lo answer Ihis litvia 
question will gel dKir names m 
the nest issue: 





IS®IP1 f® SIS TOl fMHSl 

VOL. » Na 5 OCTOBE R 9. I9J» 



of Winiain Ralrwy H«rp«r Coltog* P^WIiw. IHInol* 

Interactive Laser Video Disc 

Learning for the Future 

By Jin Hofftaaa 

pfiiiHS wf'Htf 

ImfliM akim tl»e lefincal 
i|naliii«« of nerao souikJ, i)m 
MflitMfcMMW of nodem laiet 
mdmotoa. ■am «m«iltty of > 
rio««l coni|>iiier. ihc 

t diK iImII aiwayt' 

iMcnciian I 


i] tIcluiN JalHMtM 

PmyKiiie 'taw nuiicMs will 
~ rntalltiiiM- 
liwet of 


m Is iiifd !■ I 


mmm mA Towwi. 

*•:.•«' l*l/liilV':MCI«iiMai fc»- 

AiUMHian Council/taw School 

Ataistim S«r*icei <tSAC/ 

I Ihi Ltw < 

tlK'lJiii .Sclml Rmm ii ■■ 

1 «•- 
■ » km rifti- 
il Uduis ID fct 
iM» ami ttaccMd. mi law tcbml. 
wiw ifKific taw KliiKiti liawe lo 
o*fci, nd •*•« carecfi arc avatt- 
»bk.' aceofiiimi to Sburon 
AssiaiaM. Vice Ptew- 

a vMso ami. mllini. than HI* inio 
CUM Ma* of Hw an Wbniiatioa 

Takaa ai face value, iliai 
already aoamdi too comptei for 
moM of IB 10 comprehend Bui. 
conmimicaiiaiK eipcns have 
deaiiMd a iysiem (hat moti 
likely will itvolutionize 
educatioa at we know ii today, 
and make il all towd liaqile. 

IniraAiclni. iIk ^iMcnciivo 

The Imeraciive Laser 
Videodiic vfucm is actually an 

old concept made feaoMg liy 'die 

newly aquiicd 

This i* die sam 

ha* allowvd iMiNilKtMeis M m 

ilie imutic indiMry ii|)iid«Awii 

'player or CD lor iiiW of « iip 
(HI our imim; Jargon. 

Ldte CDt. dw informiion u 
etched oiMO a dix and then 
covered by a piowctivc taycr oT 
ptastk. liw infdnnalion is llien 
read from the dix in a non- 
contact way by ux^ of a tawr. 
Tliii non contact rending mean* 
dicfe m m diic wcai. thus the 

■Whcti you toaliic dial 71 perceni 
of all taw school applKants are 

br;lw«i» dw ap« o( 27 and ii 
and anoilNr iw pcRcm mc 34 lo 
40 yiiftold. iheii you: can apprv- 
ciait teinranwidaui neod. for w- 
cimNe infofflMion ahoot adais- 
lion policiti. fiMHGMi mA and 
career oppafWiiiWec.' Kcmfele 

Of itie approaimaiely l.SOO 
penom aHnding die firtt U« 
School i=iiriMii in Chwago tafi 
Ml, ''I peiceni iodicaied they 
•ffe employed lull- or parl'llMC 
■ad M pcfcent taid they •ere 
ol a miiiarity group, ac 

In addiiioB lo tatkm« directly 

with taw ichool rcptcwnlaiiYO 

a widi iM|C ol ad^' 

IMt alio meant that a user 
can |0 to one specific (loini on 
die diK almost la^MMoncously. 
that! how the interactive 
pan comet into place. After 
uaing a itmotc keypad, a light 
pen, or simply by touching ihc 
screen in a designated location, 
die user lells the syxicm what 
informaiian he wislics to access. 
The connocied microprossor 
uike* dial inlormation, pcoccsass 
it. and ssnds the laser lo a 
ipccific point tn the disc 
Mnanwbilc. ihc original rctiucst 
by dM uier i« now printed on the 
screen and the system hM dune 
ill job. 

nnlH|it die greatest point lo 

be awvded to the tmken of this 

deviet ia dial it keeps die users 

focused on the 

U he or she is trying to 

Tkis IS done by using 

-visual techniques that go 

beyond those of a mere 

or video tape. 
The reason behind that 
niatemeni is an easy one. The 
video disc system can simulate 
conditions that computcrund 
video can sciaich die surface of 
accomplishing. The disc will 
actually react to the users 
reiponsei to certain situations 
For esaroplc; die Army a using 

die system to teach it's recruits 
how to initiate the proper 
comrols 10 sun the engines of a 
helicopter. The screen hus (he 
ptciure of die coiwol panel with 
the swiichei in graphics. Once 
the recruit pretiei the screen 
above the switch he wants 
activiaied. die screen will then 
sboir the switch being nipped 
The video disc system can also 
teach welding with a horixonul 
screen and special light pen. In 
the long run. this type ot 
instnction would save bodi time 
and expense. 

The practical uses ol this 
device in a school situation such 
as Harper is unlimited. Discs 
would be beneficial to math 
students, chemistry students, and 
even music students. Those who 
need to study constant subjects 
that can bcncfcil from the discs 
extraordinary sight and sound 

Although the sjstcro is 
exccllcni. it is not lo be used to 
replace the classroom. One 
woidd be much better oft if it 
was used as a supplement. In 
fact, suidics show that 30% more 
knowledge is retained by the 
student when he stiadied with the 
system. Uicn a student who just 
studied in dvc classroom. 

Although sonic cotporations 
such as Wah Disney World and 

Moiorota are prcscnUy using die 
systems, die v ieo disc is not ye» 
readily avaitable on college 
campuses The University of 
Illinois is die nearest campus diM 
hat impiemenied Intenclive disc 

Right now attention will 
focus on the major industry 
trendsetters to see what the 
developing 'norm' will be in the 
next few years. It is almost 
incviiable that the system will 
gain widespread use and be 
impiemenied at Harper in Uk near 
future. And hopefully, as the 
demand iiKieaiet prices will drop. 

or courw pricot are not so 
far ow of reach dun we might 
never see the system put into 
use, but the initial invcstraent 
seems to be a hcallhy step But 
one system under this plan could 
serve hundreds of students from 
all areas of the educational field. 

When put into perspective. 
Harper could possibly oflcr 
pfOgiWRs not tiUicrwisc avaitable 
without the disc, and most 
ceruinly enhance virtually any 
program wc now olTer in some 
way or another. 

The price of the system 
seems like a very low or even 
incxisient hurdle compared lo die 
unlimited educational 
possibilities now available 
through the use of the Imaaciivc 
LasCT VideodiJC. 


Tli« Law School Forum has 
been ■hwMedala time and place 
to meet die needs of the broodesl 
possible spccwim of fonim pani- 
cipants. Doors will be open on 
Fri.. Oct 10 from noon to 7 
p.m. and on Sat., Oct. II from 
10 a.m. to i p.m. 

Odief forums will be held diis 
Ul in HwlMi. tM Angeles, and 

Stay wnedr The Haipcr College Community Day is on Uk way. 

loin ns on Sun.. Oct. i9 from 1-4 p.m. 

Book and art sale 

Children's games 

Tours of the campnt 

Raffle drawing for tuition crrlificales 

Sports and fitness activities 

Alumni hwmecoming 

Entertainment and music 


More information is due in tlie Harbinger! 

'Mm am m AtMiica Bw 

I 'nation havt' •- 
I m sc.mI leprc'MiitJttvet u 
die ChicagO' forum, widi. more 

diian five from, the gieaier Chi- 
cai» .area. a(x:oiding ti KHnbie. 

Thc' (ofum IS desigMd lo pm- 
vide iip>io-4iie intainaliM' ilKM 
taw 'istaMl adnussiod pollC'ies 
.•Hi fiwnciil am 10 a broad spec- 
Mil of imip«iiv«' appticauit. 

ill fonim panicipaott will have a 

chance lo view specially -produced 
vKkKMaiwd pnBgnims that will ran 

concnniiBiiy tUmglioui 'die I - Ifi 

The vnJwtapc*. oiiiline apply- 
«« to taw school and wcMe in- 
formatwo on die LSAT. as well 
as suggestions an how lo i-v .il 
uaie law 'icbtwls and how ti> 
Mtaatify ley diiciissiwn topics lo 
punuc w'ldi law school leprewni- 
auves. f>aniculBr adcniion has 
bfcn given tn die needs of mi- 
nortiy group membirs and lo ca- 
reer opportunities avaiMte lo^ 

Ru|tr i>iiff*nli*it«f <«2l ieadt tht M>«k> 
Stnry na pagt • 

dttmm ■» Harper thuis down Jolln *•• ' 
PhMo Citdte Aanm Bra**!** 

.Upcoming — 


iBttrmiiiHial Cteb: Any 

MHdraft. {oteigii or mx. who if 
i»Mi«sted in joining llt« 
iMeimiionil Studenis Clul). 
pleue nap hy F338 for more 
inronnatitM Cliib acliviites 
inctiid:: tripi. meals (artiexjiMl 


Appiicuions iie now bcinf 
•cceiMed fiom student* for the 
"Preiidem'i Fellows* The 
Pie«idraii'4 Fellows WK • handful 
of Wl-umc Haipet fUMiMHa »*o 
worit direcUy and nefutafly with 
PretldeiM McCrtih on ipccist 
prnjocii and services which he 

Board Riecu on 
3:1* PM in their 

J laoM' neiu tu the SdidcM 
ActMiaa oMIee «■ llW' 3ml floor 

l^cch Tcaai: Stand up 
I out. join the Speech 
See Tom McGmH . 
F3S1 . Tuesday 


rolitlcal Sc'kacc Club 
will haaw iti rint mcMin( on 
Ffidjy. Oambm 10. at 13 tU, 
in) 03. 

Any hHCicilc 
welcome w auend. iryaw 
aittitf call ftharon AUier at ext. 

Catholic CampiH MMwy 
it. iptMMXMS a Caihitlk. Mm 
«■» Monday (fwcaiii Ckt 9 * 

13 m A-341. All aie 

The Harper College 
Canerala Sinfcra and 
CiMCtrl Choir arc nocking 
lopaKM and alUM to join ifaem 
M Mf mm of Gieal Britain. 

The UMT it scheduled to 
hiawe CMcafO on Dccemter 26 
I on Janoaiy 8 alter 
ptflMMiif in Tive cities in ilie 

Sinferi iaieresied in 

.pMMCifMiiV should he ailcaiii iH 

Cold and may tmma E>r. 
at Siwrh ai 3«7-JOM. 
E»t. 2^66 f:»r further 

Applieatiani are available in 
tJie Sladeni Activities OfTce. A 
336, and ihe Vice President of 
Siodeni Affiars Office. A-317 
Deadline for applying has 
icmauvely been lei a* Tliiirsday. 
October 16. 


Harret CotlefC is offering 
the following seminars and 

workshops. For coiti and 
registration inromiation call 
397-3000. En. 2410. 

"Effcctivf Caslomer 
Service for Sales 
Proftfsioaali" on Friday, 
October 10 from «: 304:00 in 


Ovtrctnit Aaaltly: A 
oaMlay iMiHr dcMgned' to help 
participants overcome ic»t 
anxiety on Saturday, October 11 
from 8:30-3:00 in D-1 17. 

"Mow to BccoBi* a 
Coa«ultanl: Start Voar 
Own Parl-Time Practkt' on 
Sanwday. October 1 1 from 9-4 In 

■■Small Business 
Record-keeping and Other 
Taxing Matters' on Mondays 
from €: 30-9: 30 PM beginning 
October 1 3 and ending October 
10 at die Nonheait Comer. I37S 
S, Wold ltd.. Pmnpoa HcigMs. 
"Cammaalcatioa and 
SelMmprovemcai Skills 
for Secretaries and 

("oil Tueidajr. 

-Coping with Sireta ia 
Evcrday Living. Darliara 
Schwieten. inilructor in the 
Harper College Women's 
pragnm will lead an all-day 
woilinp on Wednesday, Otiobcr 
15 liom 9-3 in A-315 

"Bfftclive Customer 

Scrvkt for Professionals" 

A new course, will meet on 

Friday. October 10 from 8304 

in C-103. 

-Collecting DeliqaenI 
Acctants.' Friday, October 17 
Horn 9-12 in C-103 
Compaliats' on Friday. 
October 17 from 1-4 in C- 103. 

-Waaita - Divorce aad 
the Law." Ann Bush. 
BaiTington aaomcy and a Haiper 
insuijctH. wdl conduct a (iae4ay 
woilshopon Saturday. October 
18from9-3in A-315. 

Toar of Historic 
Galeaa, IL on Saturday. 
October 18 from 

7 AM -9:30 PM. 
Tour mcnben will dcpin at 
7 AM from dw lobby of Building 

Art Exhibit 

-Oriental Rugs: Care 
aad Rcttoratioa,* Ociobet 3- 
24. Buildings C and P. 

Maury Bynam will mount 
an cihibiiion on rug tcsioraioo. 
Included m the exhibit will he 
rugs in various stales of disrepair 
ind an explanation of how he 
takes on the task of bttnging 
ihcm bKk to life. A special day 
will be set aside for a hsclurc and 
demonstration by Mr. Bynam. 
(TobeanatMHCod.) Admission is 



Nursing Scholarship: 
The Kathleen Fagan Memorial 
Nursing Scholarship is olicied for 
the Fall 1986 semester to a 
student in the R.N. Nursing 
Program and covert 
luition.baoks, and supplies lo a 
maximum of $500.00. 

TTie criteria a as followi: 
Second year R.N. student 
Minimum C.P.A. 3.0 
Marry S. Traman 1917 
Scholarship: Harry S. 
Truman Scholarships, which 
hoDor die diirty-thrid Pncsident of 
dK UaiKd Slates, are awarded on 
the basis of merit to students 
who will be college juniors in 
the forthcoming academic year 
and who have an outstanding 
potential for leadership in any 
phase of govemmenL 

Each scholarship covers 
eligible expenses of tuition, fees, 
books, and room an board, to a 
maximum of S6.500 annually for 
up to (bur years. Applications 
can be obtained tn the Office of 
Financial Aid, Room A354. 
DcMllinc date is October 20. 

Free Sinokifig Clinics 

Two stop smoking clinics 
have been scheduled during tlic 
Fall semester in the Board room 
of building A. 

First Clinic 

3:00-500 p.m. 

Oct 7 and Oct » 

Oct 14 and Oct. 16 

Second Oinc: 

2:00-4:00 pjn. 

MoKtaiy and Wednesday 

Nov. 24 and Nov. 26 

Dec. I and Doc. 3 

Dec. 8 and Dec. 10 

Both cliniis will be provided 
by the college at no cost to 
emnloveea and itudents and will 



WW con 



Notional disiincMwi, pralaa i la i ial' mffdUtttm' 
MgMv rwdMd by NCATE. oacaltont ploMiMntl 
tonkad omong lop • in ih* notion! 
Uf^Ht in lllinoM. in top 10% m Amwlcol 

Ouor SO undargroduoia. 30 grodwai* moiorti 

iMar I3M0 »•« WKt tuition, fum. room, booed! 

ond "eompocl" ograamanlt v»i«h 
ity €ollo9«» and privoln schools! 

Hm Watiorn AduonMitat fm YoursaN 

mam ii7i mi 

10 >,.■■ - 2 

MlldlBli OWlt**' 

Wnwa: WiMlam Illinois UnivorsUf 
b. H. 614SS 

be presented by Ihe Northwest 
Community Hospiul Dcpannient 
of Continuing Education. Please 
call die Healdi Service as soon as 
ponibk at ext 2268 if you wish 
to attend. 

Harper Ski Trips 

Harper has arranged two 
major ski trips for students and 
community members. The 
deadline for final payment is 
December 2, 1986 Reservations 
may be made through the Student 
Acuviues Office. A-336. phone 
397-3000. exiensioo 2242. Low 
airfares, group discounts, and 
good early plaining have reaihed 
in toTific bnigains! 

The first trip is to Aspen. 
Colorado, in the fabulous Rocky 

Mountains. January 4- 1 1 , 1987. 
The second trip is to Zcll 

Am See, Austria, in the famous 

Tyrolean Alps. January 2-10, 


Contact the Student 

Activities Office for further 



All schools will be in 
Building A, Student Lounge 


Eauem Illinois Univertity. 

Govemois Stale, 10 - 1 
Roosevelt Universily. 9:30 - 

Please note... All 
aaaoaacemenls for Upcoming 
mutt be submitted to the 
HMMagcr by noon on the Thurs- 
day prior u> the issue you wish it 
10 appear in. 

'pm^ ^JF W'MW 




to MCfmstu ODck aad 

hl^kXr allium •« ap«lllA«. 

aa4 trnXUIOM 

kalr »tmm yroaMtloa of tlw Maa aat— 

• onaalaa aB^ dixoot a tmmt of Jadfaa 

• waka (laal daoiaioa aboaC aawr *» publ i w 

* adit oopy aad pea^ara It foe t»aaa»ti«t 

* adit proofa 

Calll 30«-39S-1l*l 

•00-337-3903 (loll *r<^ >" '"'"O's) 


Jok Saaka: 

pUm ysadaatioB of tka aagaaSaa 
Ita aad dizaac a taaa of iviqmm 
tSaal daalalM ako« art to imbltak 
.Ml tka aeaaag t aad flaal la|ro«^ 
tka «a«a*laa tluoa«li to pakUoatloa 
wltk Utacary Bdltoc 

vo *v»x.y: comnattK av ocToaut 24, X98C. 
uPLZc&Txoai woum AvjaukBUB xm tbb stoddr 
ucTxvxvzKS orwra an r-3i3. 


The HirblHKcr, Oclobtr % l<H6. i'»8« 3 

Motion Backwards 

•r wMla ain. OM of the edlMtt wU- 

■MMlMllg dlMMTbtag mtM* hmMlmt M. 
fffWllMiMitt and MltM|it- 

ItM la • liiJU. CirMi>- 

Mf in w li.i!' fif titut flHHHlt Ht'OMt 

fMh a tiilag. kilt mis MMwtor 

SlMNil MUNtCffptSlit> 

mm fm the •«« we w (Mw here if •« M- 
leaptiat to nralribBlc t* Ike cvBstractiire ralMra 
of Mcict;? The aaiverir cm throw sarprliM at 
r txiit* at ■■ optlM I* deal with 
hat we an <ib«erriag M wiiliia oar 


The t*Mi mttmwWmt iMbb it iiinirT aad »ei- 
m ar hMvilaMe coanki brt«t«a ilWer- 

•r mm$ ipaelei. Tin dianoadbsck 
h a parwlliiii af this ohMrvalioa. 
Ila«mil]r if aaolber. 

Lmil ac«. pare Mifaec isntftth aar creative 
toieliact evalveil wi a sorvWal trail, la taiall 
iraafi. U mnrketf htaalirull}'. lesliaioajr to which 
it the aiait vt haaiaa beiag* «ow roaatiat the 
piaact. New we are fated with tach large iraapt 
■MMBMilg IB iateract that the brtwd view of teci- 
tir la hWNiihIf dilTlcall to fixaf m, U utpn 
Ml Madi aiarc aecMsary lo take caire of «Hie's awa 
flnt. and lhi« is what rriKhlcas as. 
ror haaiaa helBt*. tahiaj care of eocieljf 
tarvival of the ipccie*. Soi each wait hai 
ill owB s|ietial fuBctioB. aad with that aecnuit} 
eaiaes the Bccnsit)' of iadlvidBal wills to survive. 
With ftohal. tad Ihtrefore social, o»erpopBlalioB 
a prohlMl ilace at lc«t Ihf ITOM aaincatiaa. a 
weakeiriai af Mclal pwcffliWI las hlowa indivi- 
daal wIHe ta mrwlve oat of' firopwrtioa. 
Tley haee riaea ahove tbrir slatioa. 
This individaal stIf-crnlcrcdBcss is what 
laates IhiRfS likr Iht iiKidrat uulsid* baildiat 
M; coaflicl bclwrcB aiembrrs whose coopcratioR 
la aeeefiiar) to naiataia the aliiaiate goal. 

If wt are goiRf lo coaiinoe sarviviag, wc 
MiiST have a rccotailioa of. aad coaliaiied focas 
oa, what %\Mmy aad icifBce leach aa our true 
aeed: sarvival of the specie* Ibroagh sacW coop- 
cratiaa. ahove all efaw. 

Whatever reawB the first sivdcat was actiag 
m, the teeoad iiBdeai reveatrd the worthlewmeM 
of that actlaa hf ilaitil' waUiiag awa}. 

To that iladaii. we ralac oar hats. w« bvpe 
yoa do aot IW aehaaiei al havlag wafted awaj. 
Voa have set aa iapcccablt rxafliple. 


Leitcrt !• tlic ciitor are wekomed. All 
letters roust have name, address, 
social securitv number and title, such 
as students, faculty or staff member. 
Publication rights are reserved. 

Justice in the Nudes 

Editor's Note: MIhe 
llaaiMcrs It aiTStcrioesly 
hciag delaiaed JR Moscow. 
A gaest coIbbb follows. 

^_ ( a 7-1 1 fniichKC 

On* of Ml ciaiem cniployces got 
[he job in his slorc spcctl'ically 
(or ibe punxne of apficiinng in 
Ptoyboji apeoBiing 'Womeit of 
7-1 1' pidatial reaiure. Chiick 
idld me ihii vciy early one mom- 
ing when he inofified in the fron- 
chiic I work for (he is aUi ihc 
l adt pa a dl il t conlrjctar ihiU sup 
ptiet as wiih QUI daily fresh 

t asked. *So. you didn't can 
her, huh?" (I didnl know ihcn. 
and aill don'i know, if she is ac- 
tually going to afipcar in the fcai- 


Chuck just lauehed. t think he 
misKd my poiiU- 
) was i|uiic sai(M.<i. I ihink be 
t can ha ifher pictuit ap- 

pc»s. Oh, I can hear all you lib- 
erals out thex screaming about 
civil Ubenies rights, and all thai, 
but iiell, I'm no moialisi. Im 
not making a value judgnKni a- 
boul women who uikc their 
clothes off for a maga/inc. My 
xuieition that Chu,rk should fire 
that employee is based on some- 
thing much simpler. 
Us inditional. 

Look, rraditicn is a big part of 
our national consciousness 
right? And right or wrong, the 
uadition of cmnloycrs finng cm 
ployccs who, right or wrong, 
moonlight in the nude has iMcn 
esuMished. We vc seen Suianne 
Sommers. Vanessa Williams, 
Maria Collins, a host of NFL 
cheerleaders, armed forces per- 
sonnel, college ftudcnls. and 
many others all osliaciwl (or ('is- 
playirs their char.ns f-ir a pho- 
lOgiaphcr. whatever the reason. 

The only person not to .suffer a 
noticeable setback from the re- 
velation of her "sins' as a young 

innocen: was Madonna (unless 
you count marraige lo Sean Penn 
and an luemptcd change of "ar- 
tistic' direction), but I think 
that's because she didn't look hu- 
man in those pictures. 

Otherwise, the tradition re- 
mains relatively intact. 

Some of you may scream, "Ar- 
gunientiim ad Populum! Might 
does not make right!" 

Who are yoo trying ui kid? If 
might doesn't make right, how 
the hell did we get where we arc 
today? I suggest you take a 
cloeer look at history, (ncnds. 

And thi.s country If dcrao- 
cncies and republics (1 don't care 
what the most elevated political 
science professor ha.s to say on 
Ihc matter, this nation is neidier 
one nor die other, but a (usion) 
aren't about might making right, 
then ! am a dcsmcaicd homet 

This is how traditions come 

into existence, by example of the 

masses. So Chuck should fire 

that employee. 

Why break bom tradition now? 


Disenchanted Listener Upset with WHCM 

'Dear Sir, 

Numcous inadenis with 
WIICM have provokc<l me to 
write you, The Harbinger, in 
hope* of drawing attention to 
and perhaps changing the 
shoricomtngs of our radio 

Monday. September 2f 
proved ici be the straw thai 
broke Ihe caner* back. Silling 
m the student lounge at 1:45. 1 
was killing some time in 
between classes. 

The disc jockey's voice 
cane on the air alter a song 
was finished playing and 
proceeded to tell us. the 
liateBefs, to call hi.n il wc had 
any specific requetijt I then 
gam Mm a call and asked him 
w play two lonp. lie said. 
"Vim yom. babes, anydi'ing.* 

Of (ended at this sexist 
remark. 1 said nothing, 
caralortcd toy the faa that I 
would so«in hear the songs dial 
I requested. ?:«), 3 IS. 3:30 I 
WW hegmnmg lo get slightly 
diucouragcd. Surely 45 minutes 
wat enough time to work m 
iwo tongs that a listener 

At 4:00. lo my surprise, 
he signed off (or Uie evening 
Tlie radio siaiKM was no more 
lor thai Monday. Never once 
did I hear Uioie songs. 

It is my assumption that 
WHCM IS a request radio 
station. And the disc jockey 
himself even confirmed this 
assumption. Was he too selfish 
to play a song that. Heaven 
(orbHl. he did not want lo hear? 
Or docs this person who works 

Photo Opinion 



rhiia CiadHi Aamea »r«a*tui 

that Ume slot on Mondays just 
have a short memory span? 

Perhaps he is the kind of 
person that needs to put an "L" 
and a "R" on the correct shoe 
10 remind him which foot U> 
put each shoe on. 

To say nothing of the facl 
that the radio station closed 
down four hours early! Maybe 
we should all chip in and buy 
this boy a digital watch so thai 
he wont have any trouble 
distinguishing the big hand 
Irom the liule hand. 

Well. I feel better just 
talking about my displeasure 
with WHCM I can only hope 
that perhaps something will be 
done to improve the quality of 
the radio sution and that 
(wtiailw due jockey. 


William Rauiey Harper ( aNege 

AlgmMiuin It Rinelle Roads 

Palaiine ll.f — 

SlmBcn Mliiiil«T 

tmii'hiiV'.iMU'jn fi* ihc 

. -hir4 Juhmum 

ttbbic (kntry 

' I F'nTiit.k 

jifiJ TW,vl Tit:-.C!f)air 
Mj» «dmii!tiftinUiicin, 

Bt'" '«■'■'" "'""" 
•Tb* paper in.r.ilt .^ mort 

..timulalina to Ihi- ft 

fiitl Ihf) c.i»<tr nmre 
fiiruni is*ue» fur 

■ h« 

^liini h.n l"t:h««.r - 
lUisinins iVdminWtraKi'n 
"I'm happv »«i'l' ••hat 

(h^•^•»l• drmt; Hu-* MfMl 

mure vHvcraac of n|HHtm:- 
tog Marper events." 

('h.«. .I.rka - Raidifl'Teltvi- 


"llrtirr ihan Usl year. Not 

as biased iii last ;«'>ir." 





"Lol brilcr reading. 


aitcmeni is diiina si 





an.,1 linaJ tftim*- All 
,.1 *ic ilii*c «>f t:hr *n»:« 
ijy tho^c of thv: a>Ucjtc, 





rart Om or Four - Mary Jo WiUb 

"He Ikil mt to oar WW an 
m 'Hnir Im tm Inai' ■••■ of 

(Kevin QcifarK 

Tlwte two 

MlMf with the 

. __, ni aim|iri«e 

aitwi of itie enien«iii«cni 

mmltMt n fliideiiii on < 

The lostcal ctioicfl, lIMai, 

woliMlK ID ipeak lo Mvf I* 
Willis. Ms. Willit. m 

AtMKiMB ProrciiM. in aMian 
w hit ducicf IS s Spftdii and 
Ailing M a ffi il wy ^ it Mi vlinMiMM''C*i 
ite' Cnliural Ant f irBiirfinn m 
r of UnipBft 

How 0/tc« rf»«* i*# 

tf» who*© *•' as^ 
rtaay. Owa we may ikm 
■MH. ipilii for i|iiiie fame time. 
Uioaltjr aevctal lime!: r-^f 

Haw imckfimtlam 4ms ikt 
cmnmim* «K>y lo boot fitr 
10 Aoot tke 0eaktn or 

Money i» otir primary 

mm m IMA, fv boeUmi a 

tf^m t^mtMrtd ty Cuturat 

Ai iw ■eeiinf. w'ica une o.' 
jraMikiml a 
, ay tltciintr 
',% li ainiriiawil. and 
I it it found accqitaltlc, 
hU Of her name ii fivea lo 
leanne Pankanin. who in luni 
will call the proper manager or 
agMKy 10 iind out what it will 
coat Ml iMok the person Provided 
it i» within cur budget, we aend 


Willis ii in her tlih 

, Difeogrof dw 

Viol p€opk ami* i^ l*( 
Cabmi*m C«m m t i m T 

mads «p «f an Art facalty 
a Music (aciiliy 
the Theatre Dcpi. 

ideaa. Tic lectiue irries it <m' 
Hiughui lUM to CTK-Jt -viibia dit: 

Jf«w mneft. if <!■>. 

/IciMliiy Sb jwo Imm ■« your 

None, one* the' bndgct is 

eitalitiflhed. The money li 


my keart. th* Theatrt 
rw. Does nhe 0<» Office 
filB midtr your /arisdictioii la the 
Hboire ftquvanenr.' 

No. Jean Patlturin and I 
created' a Theatre .Manager 
potitioa aliout four years agw. 
Before (hat Suidem /.< liviues 
had 10 sell all ikkctx in .ddtiion 
10 dieir aiita tunctaons . 

We felt it wjs mote 
cmnfonaMc to function ^epui- 
■lely, because J 1 43 (ibe 
■ndilliriiani) is primarily a Icaure 
hall. And frankly, with llK 
separation of funding, we gci 
moie money lo use diis way. 

Art ihtre my cimntet in the 

mtar fuutrt -'"aaerf for ihe 

Wtarit lAc tneitdmt,flnm 

Well, we were in the TV 
(in F huiMing) when I 
MNnt. whkb has about a bun- 

The VIBaae Of Schaumbms 
l4tfnir«ii commnwin 


*Qiic«n Of The Bhim" 

-/^C^p Ta^-f ^sg-— 

Tickets — $9.00 / $7.00 students and seniors 

^ For information call 894-3600 — 

•y V-n I 


nil late 'hnd • ilpiiir or nm (or 
tfeme) male of iKin. aomC' benn 
than oiben. CIna nf The 
Cn«« Senr is one of Ike laieit 

The 'cave-man* epic is a 
new type of story, handed in 
fRsh and eiciling ways in Rhas 
Idee let Man and (jacst liar 

Qactt For firt it of 

my mini. 'Catn Saar is a diiea 
fipoir olliai iaaovadve film. 

Daryl Hannah, a fine act- 
ress, is almost totally wasted in 
this movie. Her only worthwhile 
(onlriliiilion hoe is adding beauty 
10 a vKkually pleating ni.n. 

Tlie amy revolves around a 
Cro-Magnon orphan (Hannah) 

of more primitive 

known at dK Clan of the Cav« 


I don't know which atpaei flf 
diis movie olleads my mai it il i 
lies die most: The Bear-Uliin| 
scene diat becoaiea giaiailai«ly 
bmai. or die bet dm Ike 
and genures die Clan people 
cowwiwicatf widi are tubillled. 
SUBTITLED? I guess tbel 

At I mcMioned earlier, the 
movie is visually pleasing, at 
times even stunning. But diese 
sll-ioo-brief inierludci aren't 
nearly enough. 

Clan of The Cave Bear 
is a film based on die bestseller 
by Jean Aule. The book is well 
wonb reading. The movie is best 

Mnry Jo WHUa 
Pkoi > CrtdltJ Aaron BrawMus 

dred and twenty paraon capctty: 
before dwt. t ui i d a w iia d «e «csc 
in die El(K kHJifC So. dioe has 

been progress. 

There's new hope again. 
There is a study cttttentiy in 

pmgiess concemiat •!«« and 

facilities. It's niy a a d wi la n d ia g 
'dwi diis nMdy it ID be compkaod 

or coaiac, I want a new 
iMaUc I Mnk it is important 
llwi a aew theaue be seen 
primarily as an instructional 
lacilii): nmuely. U i<»c:i acung 

classes. A place lo icacn ttage- 
ciafL A real shop. 

Wc need 10 do more shows. 
We can'i now because J Building 
is primarily designed lo be a 
lecture hall. I want a new theaue 
to be seen as utKibs. 

Hnw can tiitdtius get 
iHvofved is Harper't Theaire 

I would cncowaee studcnti 
10 take theatre classes: Thr^e 
include Acting, Oral Inter- 
prciation. Introduction to Ibe 
Theatre, and SiagocrafL 

Also, the play diis fall is 
"The Miss Firecracker Contest*. 
November 14. 1$. 21, and 22. 
Ticketf are jn mie now. 

This i'at's Spring Musical 
production is 'Man of La 
Maacha'. The pcrfonnance dales 
ai-Apnl 3,4,3. and 9.10.1 1. 12 
Auditions will be in early 
l^ebnivy. For bather mrormation 
fludenu can eoniact cidta m) xlf 
at exL 2WS or Dr. J<dm 
Muchmore al eiL ITM. 


• lUko Tavlor ia^aimirii the prmniv lady * 
of CMcaBB'MMia . . - IMormonea ""••: 

• "Tht moat imiMMaianad and tacitint of 

uMNnan Ums thfttrs " • Nmit York Tmta 

October 11, 1966 

Schaumburs Prairit CaiMar For The Arta 

■•I SchMMlMifl Cl. 

It's fiaal. TYie Talklag 
Htadf ii« the best American 

canamly lecardiag onto 

The new album 'True 
Sioriet* conaisia of the group 
parfoiming iheir versions of the 
■Dap fimm liafor David Byrne's 
new movie of die same tuk, and 
although not up to par with 
"Little Creatures', the album is 
HiB. • wendtiflill combinaiian of 
diftcftM maiiCBl tiylet. 

The albuai opens up with 
'Love For Sale*, a pulsing umg 
about die TV genctaiion and one 
of many songs about everyday 

TTiis is followed by "Puiibn 
Evidence". ■ techno-pop song 
iboul the coffee generation. 
'Hey Now", about a young chiM 
at a shopping mall (buy me diis. 
buy me that), and "Papa Lcgba". 
a mysterious song widi every- 
ihioR from compuier sounds lo 

The second tide kicks oil 
wife *Wild WiU Ufe-. die band's 
liule vcauue into everything dmt 
makes pop music so vile. 
SonHibow, they pull it off with 
David Byrne's voice of exper- 
ience, and some brilliant piodac- 
lion. Two tongs faaer. die band 
maiw a levete change of paoB. 

'Dacam Opetaiar* paowex die 
band can slow down, keep dw 
enigmatic lyrics, and still be a 
great band. 

To conclude die album, die 
group puu die fmishing touches 
on the album widi two songs 
complimenling each-other beaut- 
ifully: "People Like Us", about 
life as a middle-class couch 
pouio, and 'City of Dreams', 
about die immigrants who made 
America what tl is today. 

This IS not the Talking 
Heads at dieir peak, diat wax 
reached with their last album. 
Instead, die band decided to get 
off of that peak, climb a new 
mounuin, and create another 
woodcrful album. 


The Student 

Aciivitiet/Culwral A(« 

1 CooMiiUce i»lfOM«tlif <^ 

I cfli'lllflVHMLji — 

me 4nar 

RmI Hilkeq (MMiMir «»f die 

[rMMC ^ 



• to Hebiew) 


■he HolocaMl. Ten y<m% in the 
TiakiBg ■ Btini "«>« » *'"»'* 
irame of trcbivtl fooMife - 
1 Shooh* allows the victims. 
fctpmrnan, and tn^miiKn to 

who flill li«« <■ 
jr llM fonMT caMiia. 

What e««r»ei f"»« »'•««' 
collective memories is an 

It IH( baoi called *a moMinm 
ifaiMt loifeitiag*. Wriiinf in 
U Monde. Simone dc Bcauvoir 
called it "a jreat wofk...a 

Pitnms have Ok option to see 
'Shoah' m one day o( over two 

days, ai Ifce Dims is in two parts. 
Aa iiiMiwiiiinn is provided for 
Smm. AH aiifiw|i Ti- *" 
iaj.|41 TimaaeaiiDllowK 
fsii.. Oct 10 

Pan 2-5:30 p.m.-»0:30pj«. 

Sia.OcL 12 
Fan 1-11:30 
P«l 2-5:30 pm- 10:20 p.m. 
AdmiMioa to each pan is 
$3.00 far Harper students, full- 
time faciiUy and «aff. and one 
accompanying person, or S5.00 

As part or Ifee adiviika of Bdl 
Fcstivil Week (Oct t3 dHou(h 
10), *e Itape- OOtVi Vwmm 
Board will pfueat a daace 
progrjffl. "No Maps on My 
Taps', featuring die legendary 
Sandman Sims. 

Tte pRtgiMi will be held on 
Thurs.. Oct 16 at 8«» pm. in 
ihc building J theater. 
Admission is $6.00 for Harper 
students wd $8 00 for Ok puMic 
Suns, who has been called 'the 
world's grcaiest sand dancer", has 
performed since 1946 at the 
Apollo Theater, with the big 
bands, and most lecently in a 

televisioa special with Ben 
Vcrccn. to whom he it leaching 

The prognm will open wid« a 
special guest appearance by the 
CtCL Dance Company, a group 
o: 25 local high school students 
who won Finsl Place National 
T;^ Line at die Dance Educators 
of America competition at Ihc 
MCM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas 
last July. 


CALL EX.2461 





Va ka«» axaollMil afpM^lwiiti** (cr 




Full MMd part-tiM* pmmmms ••• a»a*laM» wtt* 
n»H*lv lilMdwilai *• fM «Mir 9»*** ■ S««» •«»-' 

mm la«*t««» ••«r»»« %9m. 


NMHniAAV, ll«*l-SW« 

f m4Ktk% WPW ■••• 


Contmww to onw kw oMt, eonlWwitW 
can In alt wms of wonwn't hMltn: 

Family Planning 

Pap Smears 

VD testing & treatment 

Pregnancy testing & referrals 

Pre-marital blood tests 



•M OrelMWd mil 

•hafti*. 11- 

101 M/f 

Hmh »wm*< . ShidM<«» » l»»«r»w Ciie«ar«»»d to A(*lf D 

SS3 N. Cwrt, Sull* 100, PalaUiw 

< aaniii i i f 4»i » iii»aii 

Part-time opporiunities 


CuitMnar Sarvic* 

Paid CRT TrainliMl 
Part Time - Days or Niqlits 
tS IS Start inq Rat* 
Classes B«i}in Oct ?0 
• It JC l^wmmt f #»•«»•»>• Hi»» t»»ttr nat «»tm«fl» fer Jtstant' 
.ri-tiin»«iif«i»l»<t »• «>«l fwn Hfxt m l»*« e«l«l«« <»"»«"» 
au taltstiMi* «■*«» <*• ••*•** •" (»""«"»»<>"» •<l»"»™wl '*• 
art iMWtot '«»■ «"<• "W"" •"•«"'•••»«" '"••»•"'• *•• •")•» 
cuilamM' cemttct 

C«n««atas i«l»e««« *«'» *• »ci>t«i»»a »»r<»B't hO'"" ••e" *••*■ 
Hon thro f n Wi»t»" tti« (miri ¥ H 50 • m t» S b m or J » m t« 
1 1 gm l»am«j e»naia«Ui "uit *• •»•• li> »«•" •Co" Sam* 

wMkana tcM'dutinq it tKo rtnutrtd 

Autinnaltc prBir»s«'«» <«=«••••. m»rrt»Mll»t itiiKWirt •i<4MI« 

tt amiirt waraMta and^ tarn »of* a ritHHiU telwduJa aW'Ty m 
pamn Wtwawi § JO a m an* «,» » w "on in™ ^r' 



1 1*0 la»» Ceo* Una*. Rullalo r.i«vt 

«q 820* 

At UK, m* rwognize ihe financial pretsures assocuied with 
cdlece life. Finding a job that litt yotw school schedule can be 
difficult. UPS has j<*4 that irwet ihe collefle student's need*. 
Consider the advantages . . . 

• Good Pay — Starting Salary ia.0ll 

• Convenient Hotin 

• Steady Employment 

UPS will be accepting applicatiom on campus. 

%M A.M. - tl:«t A.M. 

Hours Available: 

Monday - Friday 
3:00 - 8:00 A.M. 
5:00 - §:00 P.M. 
10:00 P M. - 2:00 A.M. 


U n.ted Pjrrel Service .» «> «Kiu*l oflponurrfty employer 

«. Tin HartiniKr. o.ui>tr f, IW* 


A man named Jack has got her Jumpin' and the world 
may never be the same! 





vmsim [mm m p..». a mm soeooN,^iiyfii kmh p-^ip jumpin' jack \m w" 
k«H,., . Qflyio H. fEANMifi m J w mmii o phiricia loviiiG « c"'"""* """^ 

Starts October Wth A t Theatres Everywhere 

. OcMktr 9, !•••• "Nl* 






IdMfiificil Ad 

I ui tHK ilMi> MxW, Si etnls 
HaiMl. Mn-comrocMial 

FUtWTWS «I»*IIL l iii ii iiiii i iii i iiH i Ml- 

rxAVB. Fimo 


I rnxmrnmnuH ogam. 


m "C m»nm. Iia Oil CJ • IK 

■ ■■■ ■ ■ ■ I I— il il > 





111, lilr* SMjW. jWB*- '""^■^ 

2II3 •««• C«M45t«IWf ««<««"<«• 

■ li, AM-W 


PAIT-nill. ««*. • MXSOCKTOW.. 



*..Wita«Am,W«rfl>dt.Il. »l»l 

MM 'laanatlt ■■« 1 Lnx iwm aaJ 

ktaarliiai M ■•<»«• iw* r°*<"°" '■" 

Mtt inclB^c 

bir, tl yn or 

„__* •■ S f«i • « PB. I* !■> - J ■". 

I IHW. mil w km^ tUmt Tt«<il» 
I «M^ mmm m %Mm A-MT, 

IIBLr WANTED: toiik|>«ia"; ftcxMt 
' (t n* imI oil M»M IM 

, .„ nMt Will be l».iMi«.W< Iw 

amiwy. *lW»y ■• »"«*» Fm»*<»«. 
' ~ IIMocillMlum 


^. • tiMvi iKcmuiiail Sconiiy 

tmln. MO lilMiimitt. t'lOt. OridMok. 
IL..J»i*«4.1tW, f,i«l<i|i|i.«i».. 


Mii<|li<M. 1 *.. ndM. |>M l» •«>««■. 
loo milci. I"" »iti «» at . AC. AM 
l-M «»•• . •••«■ >••• '«* • '■*'*■ 

naiMiBlM: to li*^ «» ««-• « "■ 


tain) wi* iMHTO*. AT. AM-FM mm. 

AC. JO MM. " '^" 

ti|l« ay 'MuMiK llMk CiH 110- 

|o<i< Cd 137 »«»*>••>» 

nip«>) DtliitvMM Ul praiMity. 
it.r«»»>i«>L CM I (MJ) «7-«000. 

hMKhankcoel Sc«d «II-«I*««M». 
■ Itav>4 eavclo^c '•» 

■i fllMH IIHIIlllW' M 'i '" *•«>«■"•.■<>« 

<»i*.Mmtm.ia mm. 

Bmtt. hydio. Tcfnm T.l«. Fanoui 
MoHim. «u. Wmi Un .••■l«Mt. vci 
c».dlU0..air.CUI«7 23W 

ATLASn Kmfumamvwtikmmm 
l)Ts yoit Htat papm '■' '^ "**' ''-'P- 
vuh ei«cai>t -up: |r-iM»M »i 
cJiim,. No h>(* K»i" ; <«*»«:»1. 

aiwiMl, H* ""*• i"!^ ■•e«ii»<«* i» 
kniMMn v i mmi M M «W|^ *iO>' 
DQirT AHC VOUt liribiaA ««(. •• 
n i mi i g r -^ -^^ *T ** f*-"'—''' 
« SIX-W SBCailTAHAU All «• 
rmilad Aon Iww ■«■•< *t »4 A4I1. 

1 <M M|i jm ■>■<" row 


lu f ninnl ii n i . mhm lt. m J— mi— m 

KM FIEaO; ■( •iUi !«» ii«Mi«». AC. 
AT. »•• roof Aikaat MW«1 Cill 

mm CUIt«3S4<I! to ■>«•■<<> 

WANTED: KONAMI. tm.. • aHiim 

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mi iioNOA Aoamo lx: pi. *c. 

All-HH CM... iMr wilrfw ^'afl*' 

EAKN EAlt mum M -^ 

■ualiM lilHiyle ■arvcri- Call RcMca 
tl«*lM (cnltol). (11 n ■»M-T»47 (WAAM 
«Sm.Wea Com Tbic). 

TWO BOOMS to It* ■> BunKf ■■ ■«« 

«««,.«» r«Mto o«i,. SJno ■ ■«»*« 

«iii«k '111! May v^pouiMc cucnsioa 
toann ofo . ■»!• Twi «» JM 7«3ltev« 




JS.a*r. w •m. 11m hmm.. lOKcjr 
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WABEHOIJSE Otpiii*il>l» •«» 
■iHWHall ■uliVKlu.ail ■■■*iil to fcw 

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•mk Atklut IWW C»" >« 

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miln. •Mtlfc"! BiMliUM: I***. «' 

|«M OLDS STAUFWE. Mm. 4 cy« , 
AM EM I uk Sutmo. iiM •«~1. AC. I 
dr. Inch. i«tM<iMn.(<x>lciai4tu<)n 
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lairiamiti: incluJc DUl. pcnual mjofir. 
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UFE: YOVSUCK! Muuayantm.l 
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D,A.L ANOtHEBfanoMr Ymmm 

IMlatiiM home, onenm ticellem 

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* an* Smmm*m..mOmiX'aV»»-VW. mEUMKfVfmKT: Backfrpm* in mmZM 

'"*y fr»aaiR w nau.. 2MOC- Skantl liwnito*""™*"*^ ''"«« "**?*■ mnliiHf' 
,^ Nat RmSALE 10 Own* I«K*. SIMV „ fc__ -«>,■ MtiM. LuaaacMtc* 

RUSALE; ■» Dw— IMZX: Sl»ai»" 
5 apd. allwi »lm* mtmmr, laniw*. 
iMwcn. iKi; *0.<l<>0 «wl«. "'•~'"— 
aOhr. OB'OT-niS. 

GonctMu. rmi-kwMt ■**« ••**' ■ 
llliaial im Cattlt>iinw*«l**to 
*M*. wpai. 
MOI taaCK. 
SnGUNDe-VOUl <<>iMmaR« 

«ia till and m aal hM« •« y«« 


Fife S. Tlw H«rb..ner. October 9, l»M 





W L 










mm Oct 27 on MoMdK/t md 

llMdiiy'tfiMii 12«>-im The 
•■•y 4n*iBc is Oct. 24. Tlw 
M-lnadiiii facility volteylwll 
MM is welcoming any new 
elMritaaginc leams. Sign yow 
turn* np now In M- 

9alUB$ Tte Haipctttm I 

Md 3 mile race will be ran on 
OeMber I8lh ai 8:009im. Sign 
ly ia M-BuiMmg befoic Ac nee 

dMn... MSU sMdeMi gneicd 

Smith's honecoming 
1 with chanit of *kss 
iMies great ,' leading 
^ to conclude itie Mb w«n a 
M ntlliience on Uiem. Dncing 
hit footlwU playing day* m 
MSU. bns often cheered Smith 
with ehtnu of 'Kill. Bubta. 

Kill.'.-.. The New Yorti Mcu 

will beat die Atuot in six games 
and meei the Boston Red Sox. 
who will blow put the Angels in 
fWe lanet. The Meis will beat 

dion in six games Since I 

did pick the Bears to win by 19 
last week, and they did. I feel 1 
deserve anodtei chance this week. 
Bears by 9 over the Houston 

Oilers Look for the 

Harper Hawks to win by 25. 
Uisl week's Ihvis question wm 
answered by DcniK Lipnisky and 
Rob Savage, the answer was 
Marcus Allen. This week's 
(|uesiion:WHO HOLDS THE 

Jackaaa pktu »p ntn ysrdigt «» H»rp»r "»••• Joltet. Phnto CrtdU: A»r»n Braaddnt 


CrMltl: Aaron BroaMus 


iy Bin Ki 


Tlie nin «wk pHMd, and ilie 
Harper Womwb's Tamiii team 
viciorloos atainsi 
Camniaiiiiy Cottcge. 
thiming diem out 5-0. 

Kim Durante proved the 
dnarwea dw first singles' posiuon 
iQf iliMiiing hev oiifMMwni ^ t and 
<>!. Dnranie teained up wiilt 
Laniie Reill to take the firitt 
doubles' conteit, 6-0 and 6-0 
fi>Mi ihe OakMi team . 

Keil) (second singles') 
dOniinaMl Iter a|i|KMHW. passing 
her by Hie seae of 6-:I .md: 6-2. 

Third singlei'. lenny 
Baumstaik. was on her way to a 
victory when her opponent 
niffcred an ankle injury snd wis 
Kti'red. Baumstark wia wuining 
5-2 when die injury «-cur«l- 

Uisa EnKlcking. fourth 
tingles, showed an imprcutvc 
viclory. wiminc 6-1 and 64. 

Sarah Mnir, a new addition to 
the team, will play at the sixth 

By BlU Kngalksri 
Sfart* Editor 

IHesuwewasset Thcperfeci 
letup for Mici ((M) to upset dw 
irodefeaied Hawks. The Hawks 
were too wise lo fall for this all 
100 familiar trick THe Hawk.s 
pounded d»c JoJiet Wolves 49-6. 

The Hawks defense was loo 
strong for die Wolves, and the 
offense was too powerful on diis 
conain Sanuday. 

The offense worked widi Ok 
defense on the first five plays of 
die game. The offense would 
score and die defense would get 
dK ball back for dion 

On die opening possesion of 
die game. Jeff Wilson brought 
die kickoff to die Wolves 38- 
yard line. After throe Joliel 
penalties, an impressive pass on 
diird and 7 from Steve Klekamp 
to Dale Prassc lo keep die drive 
gouig, and 3 09 off *c regulation 
lime. Victor Ebuhedikc plowed 
into die end tone for the Hawks 
first si« points. Bill Curric 
celebrated his birdiday by hitting 
all five of hi* estra point 

With 9:25 left in the first 
((uartcr. the Hawks' struck again 
when I>an Martin scampered for 
12 yards into the end /one The 
Hawks' improved diat lead lo 14- 
after Bill Curric WM om afain 
mccMaiful on his extra point. 

Tlie Hawk offense got the ball 
back after the defense had the 
Wolves' backed up to fuuith and 


Klekamp (6 for 14 for 109- 
yaid*) dien hit Mark Zicgler for a 
spectacular 39-yard pick up. 
which resulicd in another Martin 
touchdown for 8-yards. The 
Hawks' tried a two-point 
conversion, boi were unsucccsful, 
and had a 20-0 point lead with 
7:05 left in die firsl quaier. 

The first quarter was full ol 
opportunities for the Hawks 
when Drake lackson flew past all 
Wolves' defenders inio the end for a 56-yard touchdown 
ran, and Cuirie hit once again for 
a Hawk 27-0 lead. 

The Hawks' got die ball once 
again with 58 seconds left in the 
first quarter and scored on a 
brilliant reverse play from 
Klekamp id Ebubedike lo wide- 
receiver Doug Smith, who ran 
untouched into die end lonc. 
while CuiTie hit again. 

The second quarter slowed 
down a bit for the Hawks, but 
not until Ebuhedikc hii die end 
/.one for a 3 1 yard run and Cumc 
hit his fifdl extra point 

The Hawks' owned a 41 -0 k»d 
going into halfumc festivities. 

The diird quarter had some 
good and a lot of bad for die 

llie bad Mrock first as Earl 
JoRlan HflHed in injured kidney. 
Mark Ziegler suffered a 
concussion, Chris Rodgcrs broke 
his foot, and Drake Jackson 
sprained his ankle. 

After a 21 -yard run by 
Ebubedike. Osysko hit luaq 
Taylor for a 12-yafd touch 
pass ptay. 

Ebubedike then went up Ihd 
middle for the 2-poiniS 
conversion, for a 49-0 Hawk i 

Ron Lanham, Hawk dofensive| 
coordinator, and the dcfcns 
played a superbly fine tuned 
game. Lanham was especially < 
die defense in die last minute o<| 
dKgame But his defense couk 
not prevent die Wolves' fron 
scoring, but did Mock die exu 
point, for Uk final of 49-6. 

Coach John Eliasik was hanir| 
with hit team on theii 
performance m die game. 

"The offensive line did a lot ( 
good blocking, and Drake 
Jackson had a good day. whik 
Victor Ebubedike had 2 TD's hadl 
some real nice runs,' Etiasikf 

The Hawks arc getting lunci! 
up for die last four games of dio 

Eliasik went on to say.'Ouij 
last three games are tough 
matches. We play a team wh 
would be undefeated, except for a| 
very close loss (DuPagc). 
nationally ranked team (Grand 
Rapids), and a team tied widi u4 
for first place (Moraine Valtey) ' 

The Hawks' continue their ruij 
to die Like-Cola Bowl. Saiurdaj) 
against Rock Valley at Rockfoi 
at 1 :00pm. 

tinglet' «|Nii wmI' ito third 

Carrie Heislcr. also a new 
addition lo die icam. wilt be die 

The new players arc really a 
big help to this team." said 
Coach Bolt. 

'This win was a nice 
consistent win. I am norc 
comfortable nghi now and so aft 
die women. Everybody has come 
into their own game, and if wc 
peak at die right time, we could 
give problems to the other 
teami," Coach Bolt went on to 

TliC'Ladyhawksare 3-2 overall 
Uiis season with one tie againa 
Moraiinc Valley, The Ijidyhawks 
continue dieir dcicrmuicd iliive 
for the conference uiic ;ii lite 
N4C tournament at South 
Holland on Octotier 10 and 1 1. 
ttaning at 10:00 m Friday 

lAWO iMKf § gmrom-i 




Iffl®!?! f ® MB Ml MmH 


VOL.W^ NO.« 

OCTOBER 16, 19W 


oi WMtam Mum Harpw CoW«at Prt«ttn«, IHInota 

.rnkk awl lli*j» M»* hil«f*lK« rft*l«ll MC &•». 

Mc Grath 

Part One . . . 



■} Mr. I 

Bv«iYfliHi| Ham iMltiudi. tuxk 
stiea, ■nd v«teMMe cwing' will 
be on diiplay for Hvper's 
Ci^mmunily Day celcbrilioo m 
Sonday. Oclobct I9ih. The 
adviues wiU be Inm I to 4 p.m. 
at the campus, and events for 
alumni a* well M prospective 
siudenu will be Keld all 

Included in tbilt wilt Iw Hie 
Fiindi. of il«p« Anmiit Buok. 
Safci ii Midtil A. will Include • 
bmd vHiciy at ImmIj twill liani 
and soficover, a* well as 
mafMinei m special interest 
■MM. This ye* will alio include 
m JMHaning number of anwwIU' 
■vaiMiiB for sale. 
Building M will be hommg a 
variety of physical fitness 
activities and diiplayi including 
the J«iM Wliitt TunMing Team 
■■il.llwn' Tmiipt: fmn Chicago- 
Nancy 'Urine)*' of die College 
Faahiou Design Program will 
display an exhibit ui BuiUtof A 
diat will feature fashions from 
the workplace including lomc 
jockey silks from Arlington 

Each ilivisKw at the College *itl 
piescnl a number of displays 
relating lo college studies in 
vitrious disciplines as well as 
career fields available to 

ComniMiiiy Day visiitws may 
alio legisuor in Budding A uj win 
■ raffle drawing for tuiuun 

cenifkan tor at mieb at SXKl. 

•f Tertaea McCaralch 
V #stHr#fl KmIhw 
Roiiyii Davit 
Fttluru Wrilar 

HARBINGK: TO lUlt lit Off 
on a nice general foolii^, we 
wander if you could elabome OH 
litis Ktool's most vital putpoK. 

H: Okay, we guess what we're 
trying to pin down is that 
certainly Umw are varying angles 
on education. Everyone has a 

PM; Compiehersive educa- 
tion. [All laugh 1 I diink, anil I 
am kind of teasing you a lULlc 
hil. but 1 ihink probably the 
mission of the college is 
eominehemivc. The average ige 
cif <tiiidc:nts at Har'per, do you 
know what .it .is? 
H: It's in die Mk. isn't it? 
PM; Yeah. .11. So we're not a 
typical undcrgraduan; ooUege. I 
don't think any community 
coilege is a typical undergroditaie 
college, because we have st> 
many maiare people dtat come to 
Harper for courie* in the liberal 
arts and in business and 
engineering and engineering 

And then, too. I think our part 
in the economic d<-velopmcnl of 
the area is very, very crilical. 
And then a third part of the 
Harper story I think would have 
to be that we arc. lo some eitem, 
a cultural cenicr for dto am. 

So. wHile all of ihose could he 
wrapped up under the word 
'education" or -comiwchcnsivc 
education'. I diink its importani 
lo reatiw that a gieai majociiy of 
our (ludenui are mature, have had 
li(c experience befoie they come 
111 Harper. And 1 dunk ihat all of 
us, whether we're administrators 
ar faculty members or staff 
mtmben. have to be sensitive to 
that in deallag with dw wdeni 

H: Thai kind of leads inlci dtc 
nest question we wanted to ask 
which IS really wondering *hai 
your view is on trade cduiaiion 
versus liberal education Ami 
what led inU) dial was. when you 
say, "comprehensive." do you 
mean in terms o( the individual 
or the mslitulion'' 

PM: I think the bllcr 
Com,pfe.hensive in what wc offer. 
I dtn'l think dial ytw can put a 
ichool m me mode, lets say 
Knos College, which is a very 
good liberal aits college. We're a 
»cry good liberal arts college. 
mi. but wc also have program,* 
in the careers, allied health, and 

in businesf. anil in the 
en|tne«ring and engineering 
lechnoiogin. And 1 dunk that's 
what I nMaii by wmi p wiici i i ive. 

I fhWk '«lHt «M'I* »mm$ tm 
in each ef those aicts would be 
eice'lence. that if somcNxly 
comes hae and is willing ix> try 
hard, they II do well in those 
iounes. And I diiidi that depends 
moldy upon ihe faculty, to work 
with Ihe students in the 
tl««"Oom. and before and after 
claw, and in die lunchroom, and 
ii die hallways, things of that 

H: Have dvere been any plan-t 
on expanding the curriculum as 
U) allow for four-year degrivs'' 

PM. No, I don I th"' 
You know, that's an ifiirti;-^:iii. 
question, in foci, I hfougiii u up 
at a meeting the other day. 
Prohably the most fre«)ucnlly- 
askcd question of the college i.-i 
"Will wc become a four-year 
college?" And I think die answer 
to dial is. no. The rca.-sims Uwc 
are. number one, 1 don't think 
that the siaie legisbturc would let 

Number tw« is probably more 
impoilani to me. I think the leap 
(mm a two-year college to a four- 
year college IS a great one. and 
we're probably one of the best 
community colleges in the state 
and die nation, and I diink I'd 
much rather remain an 
outstanding two-year jchix)! than 
become a mediocre four year 

progitms in special fields (or 


PM: I don't think so. not at 
die present time. But if you're 
looking into the fiiiute. down 
100 years or 200 years into die 
fuimt. w« might he offering 
those. Inn it would be in the 
foggy lands of the future radwr 
than between now the inm of 
the ccniury. Future is a long 
lime. Idofi'lkrow vhM Harvard 
thought 353 years tgo they were 
{oing to be. 

H: Do you fee ihat you're 
Fulfilling dial lole as you sec it 
in providing dial omiprchcnsivc 

H Kind of like spreading 

yourself too thin. 

PM: Right, right. Now, Uierc 
arc some two-year colleges, tme 
that 1 know intimately back in 
New York, where I used lo be. 
dial offers lour-year programs 
They oftor four-year programs in 
food serv'ice and in nursing, but 
cssential,ly diey rcmain a two- 
year community college 

H: Arc ihcrc any plans. 
perhaps, for those kind of 

I 'IB not. Of course, you 
said, "you are." 1 Ihink the 
college IS. Through its faculty it 
IS offering comprehensive 
education, and I itimk the 
comprehensive education ihat 
they re offenna hcie at Harper is 
refkiclivc of w tat the districl is in 
terms o the demographic 
makeup, and whal the 
community wiinis in terms of an 

H; What evidence do you six 
backing dial un? 

PM: SeveMoen-diouMind peo- 

H: Is dioe i hig i pcrccniage of 
tnnsrcr students at Harper? 

PM: Ytah, my feeling is about 
55 percent of tbt sludenls dial 
come to Hart ci, *hedicr its in 
business, engineering, even a 
large number in health and liberal 
arts, want to uansfer to a fotir- 
ycar school, that they II want to 
continue afu:r Harper. I diink its 
important that we offer that 

opportunity at I ihmk a very 
reasonable con. about WO dollars 
a year. U) suidcsnlt lo accomplish 
two years here and then move m 
10 a four-year icbool- 

H: Do you think it prepare* 
them well for die usinsfcr? 

PM: 'Ves. I do. Studies from 
Dr. Lucas's office. Jack Lucas 
who is in charge of planning and 

re^euivii. «"« ^-iv.i^wiUty more the 
lesearch aspect dian die planning 
aspect of dK cdfegc, indicate dial 
our students that come here and 
go tm to four- year schools do as 
well if not lieitcr Uian diosc dial 
enrolled as freshmen al a four- 
year schtxil. 
H: Us not as much of a shodt. 
PM: Yeah, 1 think diere arc 
pros and cons lo it. If you were 
to come here for two years and 
then transfer to Oeorgcuiwii, or 
to the University of Chicago, or 
Baylor, or Northern, or U. of L, 
all of which students from Harper 
have gone to. I diink it's difficult 
foe them in dte first six mondis. 
socially, to make friends, to feel 
part of a new environment, but I 
think Uiafs overcome by how 
well tncy're doing academically. 
And 1 Uiink in general, those 
students dial get a two- five plus 
here in grade point average, dial 
have over two-five, continue to 
do that at the (our-ycai .schools, 
and a great majority of dieni even 
do better at die four-year schools 
dian they do here. 

There arc so many different 
kinds of Oiings dial can be offered 
here. The reading courses dial we 
have. That yt>u doni have to 
start in automatically taking 
college algebra. You might want 
to take trigonometry firja before 
you begin college algebra. The 
Psych 106 ouise that's run by 
Lee Kol/ow 1 think is a very 
good and a very unponani course 
for students. 

H: There arc a few points wc 
wanted to about the state of 
diis institution, regarding student 
apathy, for one. 

PM: Well, that's a good 
quenion. I wish I had a ready and 

Pafe 2, TIK HirW«|er, October 1«, IfM 

Photo Opinion: 


Should President Reagan have given up 
Star Wars to reach an agreement at the 

Rabi - "Mo wiy. »t 

tlMHlM HOI fUt up Slmr Wan. 
I tm'% nmt tkt Riiulcns.' 

LorrilM McC»fc« - 
thta ii tlw l«»»T»tt 
Oar ilrtnitk llm !■ 


Vn* Ntlio* - 'AtaBtaleh B»rh«r» CaBiM>H)i - "I f««l th»t 

•No. I h«l ,^ Tbt lliii«l.m M.IV. »t •«'» rum. Ht m«ild M of 

•«■ cm «o l!.tSt.r W«r» rrojtrt) y*t»^iip. Hf »t«ck » Mi 

Tliey ••nt ni off Iht projttt. ({»"••" 

Kililta W«W».ro« - 'No. 
W-iy iliatiM «c gin a;) 
•omctlilnit Ui»<'« il«f«i«<vt If 
ItVi Bol ■■ ofri:ii«l»« mirttMMl?" 


pnAihly. ffMn my expenencc. 
thai slMMt 90 pcreaii of *e 
MUitMi M the Harper cmvpat 
«wk. I would mamt thai two 
Ml erf ilMW of fern ITcjeiwe. 
'iotiy*. nod .Aanml. if IMI Hkcc 
fw thiw, »ia»« otfier jot»i teii*>« 
Hie lW)inf er and p»«t to cIm. 
and your lime n very, «eiy 
limiied. And I thmk ihat. lo a 
large exient. studentt come iMce 
fr«»m •botil 7 OT » :(» in tHe 
imominit uMil 1 W) in the 
jifienHMU Vou could probaMy 
tlnif) a iMMiib in P or F Of D M I 
of J right no» lapproiimatcly 
J:tS p.m on a Wed.) and no 
siudeiti would be hurt. U would 
only he a ulaff hhshiIm or (acuity 
i think Hmt pro«i-ti|ntian. Huu 

people come here to itwly. Imii 
alio ihey have a job 
respomibilily. I leach a class at 
1:45 in the morning, and many 
iH those Undents doni continue 
during the day. They nunc from 
7:45 to 9 to study, and then leave 
at 9:00. and go out lo their 
doylinie job. nay come haick at 
tim ai nifN. 

Bm really, tii term* of Ihc 
rylhin of the college, we have 
two colleges going on here, tioc 
from 7 in the morning until 
about 1 or 2 in the altemoon. and 
then the place liind of dies. And 
you have some people, which Tm 
very thankful for. who are 
iiiteitsied in the radio ttalion. the 
Program Board, the ftudeni 
govtnmenl, Basic, other clubs. 

the Harbinger, ana they'll stay 
iround and they'll do all of the 
things that need to be done to 
add. I think, XMe ccillegiaie life 

The other thing is thai you can 
look ai the average age of the 
collciesludc<>l.Jl. Well, doe* a 
31 -year-old really want to be 
involved in the same kinds of 
things dun an IR-year-old wants 
10 he involved in? 

And. my stab in the dait at 
ihiii one i.s, no. 

They're pretty much business- 
Uke about going (o school, 
gctung gtxid grades, and moving 
on cither m thcif carc«r or to a 
fouf-year school. So. the apadiy 
thM's here, and I'm sorry that il 
is, but I don't think there's 

anything else dial you can call ti. 
I don'i ihmk it's so much of a 
disintci'cst in the college as it is 
that there are other things that 
ihcy have to accomplish. 

You go to a football game on 
a Sal. 1 can'L 1 work. The ihnse 
of you work all day Sat. and 
that's why I dcm'i sec you at the 
loottall games. So al a football 
game here at Harper, with 1 7.000 
pcor>le and all, wc get about 20C) 
M a, fcKMhiill game. And who are 
the 200'? We have some 
administrators, some teaching 
faculty, and mostly parents and 
college scouts. And wc get 

parents of Ihc pom-pom girls and 
cheerleaders. That's about it 



The employees of Harper College 
^ invite you and your family 

Harper College 
Community Day 
Open House 

Sunday. October 19. 1986 
1:00 to 4:00 pm 
^ Free Admission 

Costumes of the Work Place 
Sports and Fitness Activities 
Alumni Homecoming 
Entertainment and Music 

Come and Enjoy . . . 
Book and Art Sale 
Children's Games 
Displays and Exhibits 
Tours of the Campus 

Raffle Drawing for Tuition Certificates 

. . . and Still see the Bears game on television sets! 

See You There! 

William Rainey Harper College 

Alflonju"' ana Rosul* BoaiJ* 
PaiMim. mnom WM7 
312 387-3000 

PDii^i-r OP VJ5W 



• w uoallant CMdar at orMtlva nlelii« 

• obla to orgKnlM work and pwv^* 

• kl«iar altlllod ■« oiMlllng. fnuiatuMloa 

uid graaaac 

Bad ndlatiX* 

Jafc tmmkm: 

hmlp pXMM fkcoduo^loa of ^hm «*g*mlA« 
orgulM and dirwBt • t.— ot )*»»» ^ 

I mmkm tlMml imaXMkon about oopy to pubUsb 
' .dlt ooft an* rin^*» " *'"^ tyi>«»»ttli»« 

•dlt pnwfa 
> aark vlth Qnpiaaa Mltor 


Job aulla: 

• ounant laip*' atixtaat 
a faraoB with a atrong a< 
viaiial orgaAKatloa 
abla ta plaa 

and lallabla 

of daalga 

Job taaka : 

halp plan prodaotloa of tl>a aagailaa 
argaJDlia aad dlraot a taaa of 1»"»«~ 
•aka (laal daolaloo about art to publlab 
daalOB tba oonoapt and tlAal layoot 
aaa tha aatatlua tbrouq^ to imbltaatloa 
woTit wltb Lltararj adltor 

xvitiES omcE oa r-3i3. 



The Harbinger. October 16, 19S6. Page 3 


'•i»-ciii*r or ibto iiat pi»ik*ii«B. 

'n« ilwif* ««sl«il to cover IM' :Mf. tMri; (N 
— mm ef tmtin tb« icmiM: it* %f| ttm. 

U. If* b««« nfliitr nijf ci'likiil 

is wlliag a drcain.. It It • 
r«l four mmtji ■• «ii4 oiil 

Tif f)MtM7 i« IklM It }Mi |» M Mikit. ]>•• 

win ^ ■ ■MSfM. 

I'd kMc W wll ilMte to Ml 'SmU. riMf. bm. il 

ir !•■ liHpfir atttad four daiiex aail Itavt 

ilirwarai to Hip kiir|«r* ai the tacal ritccf-MMl- 
mflia* lOw w4Mi'i flialM' II- 
Tlw tmi mmU •« eritti yo« like a ftrm- 

•raa. 'AM MHIiMlt ikinlM. iw 

Vim accd >■■* *■ Iflalut- 
Vn mmI to fd te«(il*tdr 

W t*m ■ajor is J»«f»»H»iii. ,>•»» had li*tt«r be 
woriilag 'Mv ■«. i halt in hwrsl ■ymtr bnhhlt, but 

th«. JtamallHl dtyarUMit'* aaaaal ncwifaper ju«t 
iocMit e»l M. Tht Dow imm N*.m*ti9ptr faad 
Smrmj laM that tl»4«ali «•»« work for iMir 




rn h«v« a litlirr chaaec of t*<tioC 
~ I sladcnti who jott talit 
«__.__„__ elattn. Wim aie fwa'll 
Ifet oynralioa and produi'iinn of a 
I'll talk nad >mi'II Ibirn. If ym 
U, rn Ikt |oa. Tkai'f H. End «r 

tMt >••'! Mr. No one 'laid il 

If .|««r a^Jor li. ■arhctlat or hatiacti 
■■■Htll'at... )«• had hvlttr work for nrwl Kcnnf. 
rrttidcat of thr rrograia Board. With the 
rragraa Board, yoa «iti learn a boot the 

ptmmmUmm of tveats. oriaaitalion. and Iradmhtp. 
AH of Ihia 9m» Into play in hiK tmslneMt. ■• •ill 
if Milfe' *«rfc. Bat Ihiiutb the »ork m»y 
■ilMMldiH be orrrwhetmtnit. (he reward* are 
wmtk Ml • 

If f«nr Hmjor i« Kailiii wnd tiicii^itiii 
•r«»icaatfB|. joa ba«l hrtirr wi»rk f«f Scwll 
Sohnlwrail SI WMCM. t'hit iirRaniiatlow bat 
MMf OffortMlltiei M Mfiit tuur ntrd*. 

Tka ;poial being aade i» thul jm »n tving to 
wmt mart Ifeaa the actunnitialian <»t cred^lt.* lo 
■Baltt It la tbiii fait -paced norld. Von will ntri. 
m •<•• thai Ihete i>riani»ti<m and ntint ollicrt 

tM U km4. The; nc»rr wid il wiwM he mq'. 

Wifemait 10' in*' rtiit worldt babt. 


Utters to tilt ■eilltr are welcomed. All 
letters in,u8t have name, address. 
social ieciiTity number andjttle. such 
as students, faculty or staff member- 
Publicatioii right* are reserved. 


>i«l. VfMNWS 

Hj Ptdw R. 
What haiipencd diit week nn 
my tivwnfc wapT 

Qulie s hi octull)'. Yiw'vc 
jccn it. «fi caltaJ "Ant)itier World 
Tuna as Genenl Kytm OuMnn 
GiMk Sanu ia ihc RciUc» 
taia-h far ttk' (whiw!i II lak«s 
place in the sntiilt EtiA Coast 
■own (if HearuirinK Spnng*. 
whtut raw cmMKin ind htgh 
dnim are (he onkr «>( ihc day . 

We all Icnow the can of 
chancim' at if ih«y vett <w (wn 
raintly: Avery and Angelki 
Amhmt. the nclMssi pctipic in 
iIk world and, i)uile (NMsiHy. the 
nicest, iml ilon'i we Kwieiimci 
tictect a link mideilymg lensitm? 
Uo we hear the wcasionat 
atguineni coming from itic 
di(,niCiM, elderly couple"* manse 
m lllc htir' 1.1 dx well irmpi and 
polished Avery'» hahil of fliiuni; 
arkwod the gntiinds in the nimdii 
u»dcr|{armen.ii gciunj! u> he loo 
much for the matnuTchul 
Angelica'' Or. has Avery looked 
under Angelica! hcd aitd foond 
the gjtrdcntf'i hat. the ch«iiler'» 
glows, the ehcft apron, the 
iiiliklioy'i bocNa and (uh oh!) Ihe^ 
nimfs a.nder|arinenii'> Can. the 
eliile Aniherxi'» keep their sonlid 
'lecreti from ihe ean of a 
liilkativr ileaitkinnK .Spnngt > 

And lllen 'i>iere'» ihe (aiciniiiitg 
Dr. s Bart and Bev Bea^e. Can it 
K; thill iliii McceHftil youRf 
cooptc doesn't have any 
inierMting teiua! ahhcraiions"' 
Th« dwy (km't ganthk' hmvity or 
pcv'.iri'Nr psyihcdelici hw em;h 
iilhcr'' Can ii he ihiM. Ihi» pair of 
iuippily married ilwiori arc ihc- 
tmly wnnal' people lo the *x<tU 
of daytime »i>ap»'.' Sure it'» 
pMSihle, hut thai *ouldii'i«in the jar-luting huwlihack 
we nee erilenng !!*■•» in itr 

'There' ». »l%i> t.t:ic law. iMHut 
Delta Blowhole, liic datlifi.); 
iiatiihier ol the Amhcni'i and:»e limt dtvofc* «ho»e 
icinlwion. atout Iwt o*i» .nsxua) 
ii.|eM.tiy leaven a tong trail of" 
diiiiiaycd towrs hehind,. Among 
Iteai u heii ciirieni employer, 
/eke Scii.i.i». owner of Ihe 
Ntpple City Bar and Orill. Zckc't 
a liasK-at'ly dwMl human hcing 
«ho it mil huMiMt % pM 'ca|ie 
convictMJiii. Can 2**t ever find 
happiness in tmall town 

Maytie. hut ntu with Heidi 
Biim:hrain. Heidi had a l'iw.iy. 
iliowi-iw)iiiiM 'dnaaiii in which «he 
«aw 'ilM te 'bM tnmit ncwhom 
hahy w'ii» the am»-Chtnt. The 
voice in Heidi'i head wderi her it> 
kill (lie child, hm Iteidi plans lo 
do iJh ,)ah' a bii more ihivough'ly 
than fomr folks, might ihmk 
■n*ce.i«iiry. we lee he.t thi» week 
atlending the infMts Baptism 
wiih a hiiMlgfenade in her purse, 
ts It peuihie thai Heidi will 
.mmdcr ihc tittk b9,hy in » gnsly 
a iBtnncr'!' CTf cotirse it »' But if 
the dews, ihe'11 he ■rresicd by 
Keanttnng Spring'i handsome 
iheritf. Miilei Aiiuartus, Mile* is 
.M ea-Mercimary., ei-munk and ct- 
coiiaier-ieriorlit who. ihc 
peweptivc viewer might noic. 
duMOt lad dine* well heyond ihc 
RMMit of a iMmisI sniaU lown 
eo|>. Behind dit Menf*' dealings 
wiib wealthy aiiariMy Ammi 
ViHliKw? AaWi hMory of gu^ 
ninning.. dfiit-aaiii|«litif and 
lacketseriiif' banW' eradad his 
popnlarity wiib mww of ihc 

inwidblk, lo if ' our elccled iheiilT 
wishes lo keep his joh. perhipt 
he ilKiukt keep his distance from 
Anion, who is now spoken of in 
hushed itmes as hcing a KGB 
afeni Oh well, what small town 
would he ctMnpiole wilhaut KCiB 

Finally, there's young liniin. 
10, Nohitdy teem to know who 
lustin'i parents an; and m->hody 
seems to cate.. Jusun hopt areund 
town, popping into scenes with 
his cule kx^ks. cuic talk and cute 
way of leering al older women. 
An appcaance t»y lusiin infarms 
ihc astute viewer that writers 
have stow days loo, and ihcie's 
space 10 Ik fdlcd. 

MONBAY: While Uaipsmg 
about in a malchinf bra. paolics 
and lartcr ensemble. Avery is 
comcied near the carriage house 
by one of his own secunly dogs. 
Wife Angelica can'l hear his 
screams over the groans of 
Hecicr. Ihe Sod Specialist. Dr's 
Ban .and 'Bev Bcsve aie ac<cused at 
performing more amptiuiions 
than necessary, but the severed 
limbs cannot he produced as 
evidence. Delia Blowhole ha* an 
aflair with ibe mayo in lehC'Dicm 
against the severe rules of 
behavior her purenis enforced 
when she was young Miles and 
Anton argue atxtul an Afghan 
amu-smuggling deal and di:<covcr 
thai ihey arc long lost brothers. 
Zeke considers changing the 
name of Nipple Ciiy m .Breast -O- 
R)|.ma. Hcidi ailcndt Ihe htiby'\ 
ttaptisra ami i.n the final sc-ene we 
%ee her rea^'hrng inici her purse 
where wc know ihc hantlgrenjidc 
t.!i stashed... 

Tll'RSDAV: Avery nJirrowly 
etc apes detection in his 
L-ndianiing ttnd.ies. Otiihm.g hack 
(.ni» the in.unbouse. Iw is lijo 
fus'hed to notice Xliiriuel. the 
Manure' Master emerging from 
hit wife's hu'doir grinning 
stupidly. As Sheriff A4uai'iM» 
t|ue-Htons Or. i Ban and Bev 
Bmvc bKiui nutting limbs and 
I'lrpns, Bc'v ijiiips eerily 'Oh 
Miles, what I'ovcly (*(■'«. you 
have.'" ,iVfttoi' South 

nde shippint '*bcit. 

we leafn. natioiui M-i'rcis arc 
being tedwed lo m.ic.rodol and 
wni to M'l'vow 'tXib Im afl" 
with the City Council and 
School Board mcii'i.h«t's to prottsl 
liMttly dcfimM) ins'idcf-ttatling 
laws. Zeke thinks ahoul changing 
the name of Nipple City lo 
Fannyland. Heidi pulls the pin on 
Ihe grenade and tosses it. As 
mayhem breaks out in the 
church, we see Ike little baby 
laying in his bassinet trying to 
suck a mouthful from the 

opening scene we see Miles 
Aquiiiius ninning imo the church 
and snaichmg die live gietiadc 
frnm the babyi lips, but mw 
befon: he pumps fourteen rounds 
mio Heuli IJumbrains late-dnipcd 
chest The heroic Miles, 
however, IS badly injured when 
Ihe grenade eiplodcs Avery, 
unaware thai his nipple B)uge is 
bleeding through hi* white 
Osford shirt, is dismayed lo see 
Juan, the Weed Wizard smoking 
his favorite pipe. Outside 
Angelica'* bedroom a line of 
domestic help, delivery people, 
transients, security 
circua perfarmets 

Ae killway. down the siaiif and 
out into Ihe circular drive, jutl 
like any other day. In a secna 
lender.vous. Anton meets wilh a 
Russian spy and gets ihe 
lowdown on The Presidential 
Colon. Delia has an affair with 
Ihe police force and the fife 
department to espicss her anger 
over the current NFL Penalty 
Review tysiem. In a special 
guest appearance. Sammy Davii 
Ir suggests that Zekc change Ihe 
name of Nipple Ciiy to Beth 
Nippte-gogue and Rib Joynl. 

THUBSOAV: In a tearful 
scene, Anton pledges not lo be a 
naughty commie anymore ai 
ncwfouiKl hrotha Mik's Aquaius 
dies in his arms. Avery discovers 
the king line of people stretching 
from his wife's bedroom all the 
way to Ihe end of Uie driveway. 
Tlie Slanting iruih finally sinks 
in as Avery reali/cs that a 
strategically placed hoiilog stand 
could reap handsome profits. 
Delia has an affair wiUi the men 
from the Department of SMett 
and Sanitation and the 
Dcpaitmeni of Urban Planning to 
vent her frusuaiion over nine 
digit rip codes Dr.'s Ban and Bev 
Bcave are caught prowling 
Uuough the morgue with oosvels, 
a crowbar and a saw. Zeke 
considers changing the name of 
Nijiple City 10 Hynie Heaven. 

FRIDAY: Stock prices of 
penicillin producing companies 
soar as word geis ■«•> 'hm 
..•Angelica has coi- 
loinmunicable disca-. 
comes out of the closet by 
marching down mainsireel in a 
Inllj . lime-gnaen prnoir Sammy 
Davis ll.. Hcartsirmg Springs 
new sheriff, is sworn in. Delia 
Btowht* has an affair » ith every 
(iihci man tin ihe city payroll in 
defiance of Americas scsual 
(x-rmissivcness. Zcke considers the name of Nipple 
Citj to The Panly Shanty. 'Dr.'s 
But .and Bev Bcave arrn'i heard 
fmin.. but m.i»»ing Irom the 
iitoi:j!ue aie Miles .Aquarius' eyes 
mid Hcldi Bumbraifls bum brain. 
S'ammy and Anmn'i eyes OKCt,. 


William Kainey HaimT ColleRe 

AtgMMiuin & HoM'tle ItiMds 

Palatine. II. HHW 

Giimif ■».c:iiiit »«*»■! ; 
'Hawgina'Hiis. niti K»icli«»| 
Bu'iinrti Mwnaurt i:khNc CkMry 
l^hm^> l-.i'^ ^Mmi nroaildu* 
\«wliili.l"' .... .S* X 

IsiiMliiiimrn. .■....»•. . Ijmy Vn«m 
tmmim 'R*i« .'r«ije» Hcrnmuct 
tiwntr*iii »* Knielliin 

rtifVfU'tci E!;'dnii«'lllfM AI 

riK ilMt.RIN'CER » atiianii 
1wHk.Mi«i Itir *t ItLipn CvWc^c timisu 
.,'i|jmmun«.ry. pNitbeJ '.;rrkLi> citvpl 
airnlT'i«y'» li»l (Mi»l « All 
«i(<«HMii. iiijiiMMal •• «••■• ol' tl« •mm 
.nd atl' Mia*.Mrily dWH of Dm cailk))*. 

All tewri lu ilw flam mun he ><fi>i4, 
ammt mdihcM oi >t<|a«i. For (imfecr 

miMMiKx ell mnm. ct. ma « 


Itop A Tkt HarMngw. OcMbcr U, ISM 




Part Two of Four - Mike Nejman 

■l Wk I. 0|Ml« 


iB ihc (itu insullnient of 
litis Mfiet we ipoke wiiti the 
i lMhl — Bli of ii» Cultural Ann 
Cmmuhh, Mvy Jo Willis. 

Tlu* week we go to die other 
{iroimiiniiiil inn of Student 
Acuviiie*. ihe Pnfiwi Bowd of 
Hktw Collete. So wc wem id 
see MIkt NcJiMlB. 

As a pMt of hi* duties ta 
SudeM Activiiiet Coonlinaior. 
Mr. Ht^mm also serves is 
Vmtam HimiI «lviK*. posiuani; 

Who makes up ike voMg 
mewibersHip of the Fropam 

We've got scvieral executive 
membeni, one person for each 
area. Thefe is a special events 
chair, concerts chair, afl«moon 
■aivities. film. We have a peison 
in charge of public lelations, a 
person in charge of research and 
devekipmcnt. and the presidcnl. 

Haw an ^ appommi? 
They come in and are 
iMenriewed by the previous 



otcattoiar'- iwnEiiZMfntiMsniMTiw KUnsiMi 

''uilyctniDR««li«8aRSirai Onckr ol nM|«l<) KMl SMlMUs 
g«itf«ai«t«MlDMllOITHB SoiaftM 0) KHWO fWi 

Starts Friday 
at a theatre near you 

Bj Larry PanHIa 
Enlirtalnncal Editor 

executive board, they select the 
be« members, and that's how the 
proceit is done for each of the 
executive members except for the 

The prcsideni is chosen eight 
weelis into the semester, after 
everyone has had a chance at 
running a meeting and showing 
whatever leadership qualiucs they 

We've just elected a new 
president, Brad Kenney, and he 
just started last week. 

Hamt often does the Program 

Every Monday at 3:15. up 
htfe al (A Building room) 335 
It's an open meeting, and wc 
usually get between twenty and 
thirty people crammed into a 
little room, but everybody ha.s a 
good time, and I ihinlt people 
like having some sort ol say 
about what's going on around 

What timls cfprogrammtng 
IS Program Board usually 
respomihic for scheduling each 

U jun wain't meant to be. I 
guess. The film Nine and a 
Half Weeks managed to 
disappoint me twice in six 

After reading the book, and 
then hearing about it being made 
into a controversial film starring 
the stunning Kim Basingcr and 
Mickey Routke, 1 marked off the 
days until its rctease last spring. 

The reastm this film was so 
controversial (and its main draw 
for me) was supposed to be its 
realistic and bold approach to a 
taboo subject: Dangerous love 
Walking the edge between 
eroticism and pain. Yoo-always- 
hBrt-the-one-you-love kind of 

1 saw this movie when it 
was first released on the big 
screen, and was di-sappoinuid and 
more dian a little confused. What 
was all the fuss about' Aside 
from some nice photography 
(including an outdoor love scene 
at night in a sUirm), this film 
was a cute for insomnia. 

Our "heroine", Liz (Bastinger) 
mccls a rather quirky young Wall 
Street money broker named John 
(RourVci. and then proceed to 

jaunt all over New York buying 
strange apparel and looking much 
more like a young couple in love 
than the scandalous hell-raisers 
the book and ad campaign 
portrayed them as. 

All the issues raised in the 
book were either ignored or 
glossed over in favor of a lushly 
phol«n>hod travelogiie of 'Vuppie 
New York. 

Then I found out why. 
Apparendy, the original version 
of this movie was very steamy 
and controversial. But 
unfortunately, that version was 
released in Europe only. My 
interest was peaked again when I 
heard the film was being released 
as a video tape with "scenes not 
in the aieatrical release'. 

Well. I watched it. and, 
senility notwithstanding, I couU 
find no appreciable scene 

additions. Ccruinly none thai 
addressed the issues. 

If you're intcaestod in seeinj 
a nicely filmed love story 
between two fairly odd Yuppies 
rent Nine and a Half Weeks. 
If you aic expecting the shodcing 
social commentary you read 
abi:iut, pass this one up. 

There are frai difTereni aria* 
There's afternoon aciiviiics. dio*,- 
mt always free ui students: those 
include the ice cream stKial. 
hypnotisLs. speakers, etc. 

And ihcn we have films: this 
semester il was videos. This 
scmcjiicr wc tncd in something a 
little different. We found ihai 
more "cultural" type films like 
"Shoah" Of "The Gcxls Must Be 
Cra/y'. usually played only in 
Ihc city Wc tncd ui bring some 
of ihcm out lo the suburbs lo fill 
that void. 

Also wc have a special event 
lypc of acuvity. Katcy dinger is 
in charge of these. Examples of 
these arc the tap dance sh(>w ihm 
week with Sandman Sims, and 
the World's Wijrst Fihn Festival. 

The other category is 
concerts. Chns Bone is in charge 
here. Wc iry lo be very diversified 
in our concerts, twi of course it 
depends on who's available. 

Htrw much freedom does the 
program Board Anvr in sckeduMng 

Pittty much total freedom. 
We try not to do conceits that, 
say. Jam (I*roducuons) would do. 
Wc don't want lo compete with 
anyone. Just io cover the range of 
what people wwil lo hear. 

Mow much imeraction with 
other sliuteiu argamtations does 
Program Board use while 

From my observations, I 
think they've been very open 
with everyone. They seem to 
have an open line of commu- 
nication to the newspaper, as 
well as to WHCM. They are a 
very oficn group of people. 

Michael Ncjman 
Pkato Credit: Aaron Broaddus 

From start lojimsh, describe 
the hooking of a opicof act to 
appear at Hmpir. 

I always joke about this, but 
It is seriously one step beneath 
pure magic. 

There are so many otMacles 
to be overconic. You've got to 
get your facility. Say M 
Building, which is always being 
rented out, or J Building, when 
there aren't classes or Cultural 
Ans programs going on. 

Then you've got to find die 
availability of a group, provided 
it can (it into your budget. Then 
you have lo find out if Jam has 
them, because there's a connact 
supulaiion that if they arc under 
contract to Jam, they can't 
perform wiUiin a 3S mile radius. 

II really gets frustrating. You 
get so close to signing some big 
name acts like the Psychedelic 
Furs or Jay Leno. then 
something would happen. We had 
one comedian lined up, and he 
ccxnes up doing an HBO special. 

We lost a show with Pat 
Metheny because he wanted il 
stipulated there was to be no 
advertising off campus, and the 
show was simply too cipensive 

lo rcsuict ourselves like that It's 
very complicated sometimes. 

How can students become 
involved in Program Board? 

Just come out to the 
meetings. That would be the best 
way. If lliey arc inlcresu-xl in any 
particular area, they will be 
introduced to that chairperson. 
and they arc welcome lo join duH 
commmec. Il is ako a good way 
10 enhance your resume and have 
tun at the same umc. 


Concert ! 

You'll have the chance to 
hear the innovative pop sounds of 
The Way Moves tomorrow 
night at 8PM. in J Building 
Their special guests will be 

Widiin the last year and a 
half. The Way Moves have 
performed on the same bill with 
such pop super-groups as 
Culture Club and Duran 
Duran. They were also picked to 
represent todays new music by 
the Today Show, (irom thousands 
of finalists. 

The opening act for the show 
will be Colortone. featuring 
former Miniftry frontman 
Slevo Gorge on drums. Gorge 
has also done studio work for Ric 
Ocasic (of the Cars) on Ocasic s 
latest solo album. 

Tickets are available at the 
Harper Box Office. 397-3000, 
cxt. 2547. Tickets are $3.00 for 
Harper students with a valid I.D., 
and $4 00 for the public in 
advance. Tickets at the door (if 
available) we $4.00 and IS.OO. 

tm (HarMafW. *OcM««r< 1«. UfM. #!«■•# 



This man uses the 
Harbinger Classified ads! 

WliK GWiaia' myKt f ram • 
Uoup ilMi Dm twi •KMnd nawly 
■Ml ymm, aad ■■•«« P<» o«t 
ccmdHi iliglii «d a vinety of 
albiaHT FiiMbly TA« f nc^r 
>!(« , the mrntrn ntoaie (nm 
Orcbeatral MMiMnvrai Ib 
tfecDark. An alNin dM win 
definiicly be taken at ttiiir WM 
comncrcial raconling In daw it 
alio one of their best. Andy 
McCtakey (vocals, keybmcdi, 
hm giiJMr). and Paul Kumiiftmyt 
(teytKMBiit. pereuisioB. voeaU» 
tarn cmptoycd the likes of Neil 
Wail. Maimliii Holmes. Mmin 
CkMVif. md OnUm Weir lo fill 
imlH vMKiet Ihey once kejn ID 

Not 10 wofry dwuth you 
1 O.M.D. fans, although 

^ Mxe commeicial they 

hawfl iliil fCtaitned their sugary 
mmbhI. md unprediclabtlrty not 
teen omch mM' the Daztk Ships 
ip. Ciockinf in at only 38:31 

R« have much IfoiAle littiaf 
ihrough an entire play, yet 
O.M.D. make ii *«'> 
eiMenainioK. _ 

Sail one itaii* *■*!> 'Stay . 
«hMl'lltl«ll«k n:min..«iioe of 
ihoae ^ Inancy O.M.D. sui.gles 
(hat could make anyone hap|)y, 
and coniinuei on with %omc 
cacaUaM ilowar amerial which 
.■hay 'liB«e had mme VouMc with 
in tlie pan. Sach titles as 'The 
Dead Girl*-. "Waich Us Fall*. 
and "Tlie Pacific A«e'. hring 
back *iiiont oi O.M.D. which 
•mt hwient aaen foe a while 

Na qaeiiion. this band has 
been afound a long time. And 
they were, admittedly, hfoughi 
together (or a one show 
engagement. But lucky for us 
they have stuck around long 
enough lo give us songs like 
•Telegraph". •Genetic 
Engineering '. •tocomauim*. and 
mosa recenUy "11 You Lcavc". 

If you haveni lisiencd much 
to OMD. I fnongly recommend 

it. Hiay aie an inaedibk duo 
leiiUig better all the ume Pick 
up a oa|iyo( The Pacific Age and 
then go and see ihem on 
November 23rd at the Rivefia 
Night Club. They ihouJd prove 
lobe well wodh it 

anaa □□□□ ,,, 
uayuu auatiayu 

Students advertise 

Non-student rate 8 lines 
Call 397-3000, ext 


for $4 


□ayaau agyoiiB 


By Larry PwilUa 

E«t«ru>la««al EillMr 

Tlie promotional poaicr for 

the E»f|tiaBka new album 

-f] iii^iir' «■■• thai "Rock IS 

Ike hatt iwwnte"- A"*' •■* 
uneven efTort die Im lime out on 

their "Be Yourself Tonight" 
allwm tallhough their top 
commeiciml effort to daie>, the 

Rnrythmic'S iue indeed back 

with a vcngence. 

The r*n> single* leleaaed lO 
tar. 'Missionary Ma*" and 
"When Tomorrow Comes" are 
, rtchy tidtoiis, but ihcy can't even 
jjlirosiimate the lerrific energy 
kvel of ihc album as » whole 

It is the k'c and fia' «wnd* 
ihiii have been the Eurylhmiv. 
uu«lcm.Mt Cm years thai >lfivv> 
ihw ilbuin,' The soUd. us!" 

^ riffs of Dave sicwan arc 

once again a superb coumcipoim 
lo Amiie Lwinoai ufiew vocal 

And Lenaoa. while 
eshihiling this power on 
previous albums, shows a 
versatility that now makes her 
one of ihe top female vocalists 
around (at least in my hook ) 

Individual songs on this 
■Ihuni don't stand out. even afte 
repeated listenings, but it is to 
the albums (and the groups) 
credit that this is a plust. not a 
cniiciim. This is one of the 
lightest albums musically I've 
hcaril in a long white 

Perhaps Ihc only ncgJlivc 1 
can find tec «s that "Revenge" i» 
oiilyas»«te«l»um. Hevcngeis 

HMjiml sweet 

nrtinisii jp, 


1 ■! HnHIln bM. 

^nkmKtvKfmvitfmm huday night 



ffl iffl i MS 1 IIS HIM ■ ■ Mi !' til W 

IBlfflS Bi W i Mi • ilW i " 
■— . Ill HI « mil 

& Nl, ft worn O (% Tl ntl' S , 9.«wimwm:«M« mmmm^'-m^ 


Pag* «. Ti* Hartiingcr. October 1*. I«M 


0««I«S»«O. N.C, (CTS) • A 
loaill, amr «n{> '-ttbKrnity Uw » 

eauiig. Mt clwtr* >" *""«' ''**"* 

« llw. Uni wraiijr of NmIi CamliM at 

Tliraigh' ilic ntw !»• em ho 

'•pfilwtl iiatcwKk. K> mbet Hm.ih 

I iBiy of ii* effecti. 

KHwiat. mluTt «t itiKknii cull ft 

tUtt of ealrai BtwoAi. 

■ tamn Miiudiigr 

™„ i'»iitoiiiiiliiiiiil»(lii»i«' 

mm TOKwnl rnmt campu dMay 
will undaii ml (naliy pitmn fditwl 

ailnultiliniMt' I 

Souk *n* ift taami* IWCtTi 
litaril rcpotitii* »•••» Us li*"' 
■llricied lit •iMMta of • foop <il 
CItfilUaii fwdimenliliiu who 
loMiM vigormaJy to dw »* ■>" 
dtacenity law m III* •«■* l(|t(l«lin* 

"UNC O it mtUfy no molt liberti 
fhiii Biy mtaf UNC cKiniui. hui it 
(inct iKins ■ rtUiw libernl tipuJilion 
mill UNCChipe" "'"•" "V* '^"* 
Caralina Stale Uiii*«f»iij 

Im HC SMC'tMn'i 'lad any bnd 
uf Micltai in 111* law at yn,' :i*k 

'Tlw only cdnumaisy. W' tm, km 
been at UNC-C." afreei Cwrge 
OwdiMt of 'Ih* Ann-nc»n Civil 
Ubwtia Unini'i (ACI.U1 Kakigh 
iiftiM. "B'i» il't 10 SI)' whti 
Mhar pf<if<ti(»t ir«i)"t dciing any 
Imcir at mtict eani|iusct." 

Ai UNC G, tuiwever. the 
conlnrvert)! ha* hccn MntiniMitit 
time* film haiaty ftat. Tony Fnfoli 
■IbcmM the new law «■> 'araUguoui" 
mmijg'h tt> dnip ilw iraifc> of Fnktvn 
FcUini anil a few oiRar rilMiakart liom 
tm syllabia. 

Some film* Fragola Itai ihawn in 
clasf "deal with teatiil iclivity 
nvolvini minan. and (howinn ihcm 
cmtM malie nu; iutceptiMe In 
pnaaEiUtan under law IfihcttudcMt 
Mciitt the riln» an nttntm, I miitd 
aim he liahk for diqiiayint tetuany 
•aptkii mannidi H minora.' 

CoMmunlcaliaiia fml, ttuMnat 
TuMciiif 1 lawyer aitviMd ham in «iof> 
•howint a iliih afauul erotic an and 

oteccnity coun caact imm hit c'laai 
m Firti Amcndmenl law. laying be 
coiH be amaMl fm it. 

In additkin. an an dan otiitg live 
nude modcb kt lile dnwmit prohably 
wUi <li>a|i|iear aAet dw usmctia 

School •dmintwaion, mtwcovcr. 
loW Frafola they'd lake no 
lefjwBaihilily for what ptofeisoo 
leich m Iheir dasiei. "leaving ii up 
*» Ihe individual «> defend hinueir if 
Obwmity chargei anu:. Fragola >ayi. 
Karcm Cai|Mnter. an asnitanl 
etSilor of thtt UNC-G Carolinian, 
ngivet ichool official* Hun conieni 
lo 'eonlinu* to do lUngt ai always 
They lay ** law waa nol made for 
ihi» tchool. hut ihey'K lainc vety 

Indeed, no UNC C official omM 
nn|>ond ofTKially to College Pre»i 
Scfvicc quauona about the courte 

Several UNCO >ludent>. 
however, have iltrlcd a Citi/en* 
Againtl CenKirship tCACl group m 
ratie money to iiy bo repeal the new 


While tnidcnU seem lo reel 
aggrieved by Ihe law, CAC'i Phil 
McCaul adOs "this is a conservative 
cnvwonmenl and the law is vaguely 
written, so we're balding seminari 
and writing letters lo publicize iu 
potential danger." 

"The law," he aatcRi, "is pan of a 
big movement lo return to 'Iradtlional 
values* and anil -aecuiar humanism.' 
Most people realise the law is a bad 





All these can be yours after you graduate! 

Come to A-367 and work for the HARBINGER. 


Phom 2460 or 2461. or iust stop Int 


For the •Kp^rtoncw 

On* oanqma oHkial, who asked 
lo fcniain anonymous, diimisted the 
eapaoveny as overblown "As far as 
I luiow, it's affected only two 
piofoscn (TedfuRi and Fragola) I'm 
not aware of any oiher ch.anges. and I 
lion I aniicipaie any otheri.' 

The new law malUH it a felony tor 
•dull! lo pociei* ponography in iheit 
homes, kis local communities - nol 
IMC cmMs - ' dcfn* what ia obscene, 
and lali police amai anyone suspec:ied 
of diiaoRinalnii |iim befone a judge 
deieiminet wtaiher Ihe malecial is in 
[»ci ohicene. 

At a result. Carpenter says, 
pnfes.'nm may not have much diance 
lo irgue Ibc value of Iheir allegettly 
obscoK course contem before being 
hauled off to jail. 

"There s no (air wamntc clause,* 
ihc notes "Violaion can be anened 
an the ipot, anil it's up to a jury lo 
deiermine if the maierisl mid'ir 
quesljon IS legal or not" 

The well-publici«d tUiiOt 
changes and die pmipeci of imle«.>n 
being carted off lo ]ail 'have raiseu 
iniereat in the iatue on llie pan of 
itiidena.* lh« ACLU'i Gardner 


1-4 p.m. J October 19th 

>v]| Y( 

You're 18 
Once . . . 

If s time to think. To 
decide on where to go 
to college. Your choice 
will influence what s 
you'll be involved in 
the rest of your life . . . 
Your future. 


ROUTE S3 BOMSOVILtE 11 60441 -zyM 

Call (815) 838-0500 or (312) 242-0015 

By P«l WaUfe 
Ncsn WriUr 

The SuitleiW Senate md last 
Thursday lo set ihctr glials for the 
upcoming school year. They alio 
a|)|>oinied a new member to Uie 
Senate. ICtm Ostrowski . of ihc 
International Sludents, will be 
rcpresenung the Harper studeni 
ilubs and organirjiiiofls. Her 
mam goal is tccing more 
'kiuiknis being infomied of whal 
the Senile it and what ihcy are 

There is (till an opening on 
the Senate for the Life and 
Science Division. Por mori- 
mfonnauon contaci llic Student 
Atliviiy office in biitlding A 
room 336. 


AldKHiah Oatdnar adds privala 
ciiima aic at Juai as much risk of 
arrest as pmfessofi, "ihoe's nol that 
much awaianess (of Ihe risk) on dw 
pan of die average parson because 
most feel Ihey areni inconvenienced 

By CollMa Klat 

Harper's Fall Festival, 
sponsored by the Program Board, 
kicked off this week with a fltury 
of aciiviiies. 

Last Monday was clubs and 
organizations day. Various 
campus groups were on hand u» 
answer questions and introduce 
themselves lo jsiudenu>. 

Kevin Halsied. Henry Greer, 
and Harold Scale.s entertained 
students by "Hot-Miaing'. a 
lechnii)ue of disc-jockeying whcie 
popttlar music is ananged in non- 
stop dance pace segments. 

Tuesday, astrologei Lon 
Luck lectured and entertained 
students with larot card readings. 

Hypnotist Edwin Baron 
appeared Wednesday in the 
student lounge Baron's previous 
.subjects included Sirhan B. 
Sirhan. the man convicted of 
shooting Robert Kennedy. 

Tonight at 8 P.M. in the J 
Building Auditorium Harper 
College Presents "No Maps on 
My Taps", starring legendary tap 
dancer "Sandman" Sims, who 
taught Ben Vcrcen to tap dance. 
The show consists of a short 
jecturc and a pcrfocmance. 

Fnday night the band "Way 
Moves", a hot new pop band 
headlines a concert at J Building. 
The opening act is 'Colononc', 
with Slevo Gorge, former 
fronunan widi *Minislry". 

The Fall Festival weekend is 
highlighted by the homecoming 
football game on Saturday, 
against the Colkge of Dupage at 
1:00 P.M. The fall festival queen 
Devi Routhu and her court will 
be piesenied at half lime. 

The Fesuval concludes on 
Sunday with Harper College 
Community Day from 1:00 to 
4:00 P.M. 


Slightly Of^ Campus 

- T!»C«npalon«Com« To campus - 

Til* H«rbi«8er, October 16. IV86, Page 7 


MMH iha •lectiOM IBH mx\ a mortm away. 


iSmIoI wotfSSao*-- m *^ok3m me event oi 

p^^SSottoTto lov he was ooolnit fT«ndatov 
ctug tesiwx] o' *tudents 

ScSSSh IH WOMOH) to •«'««»fi'^^'2S 
^ ySyte m«*e MJW ttTwyw dolriQ a gocw 1<» 

MS nJMIohold III tonjm* Ofounci the state »o see 
!^^£r!«S eotoae wloiim ae worklno was timed 
^^ygtiSnS oSSrat M«e D5nie.-» com- 
polg^ to Mjcceed Nm 


^^TXi>^cmao poMlcal action corwrtttee to 
hinnal money to "pfo-educatton- condktotes 
/Soarenlh/ trytxj to get some of the some 

SS^ Je Koriom ama state cd^^^5°T'^° 
dtt^dce and caled «o« maklno teochers take 
"competency teiti" 

ANDHMTINGS COUffiS m Netxasko got info ttoo 
blefof disotoytng the« enthuaoim toe certain con- 

'^^llSiJ^tr^Spus pol.ce conft«:ated pre. 
cJeSe iSw from ituOonts entertng a campus rally 
in> sia^nSScan candidate Rhodes 

hSw Dean ot Students Ken Rhodus coused 
anSoS^whJSThe osked students at Weye. Hon 
SSr^ to remove signs supporting D«moao«c 
SSSSfrito-S^condidSe Helen Boosolf ttom the« 

**°HaXo^Pi»sid«it Thomos Reeve* promised to 
nito on the cose soon 

C>estuS7 promises to sue il Reeves makes 
the residenti toke down the* signs 






The Tutoring Center is 
for everyone! 

FwHTM WrlMr 

The revitw ia Fmiie .MMk it 
awCT tnd <i'» tie* *>■ ■•* <■•**•'• 

otMcarily raigii% Mtyteitiw* 
missed ctow. » commuBicwioii 
pRiM«m. or fiinply a lick Of «- 
KMioa. In any event. olMCiKitsr 

oTXliiii m of scfcool, t 

Tlie cewer » aJwiys looking 

to new ways and ideai lo help 
slixtonis. One of then* was iro- 
plemeMcd as a pilot pfofram in 
the iiaring of ihis yeic. Md telo 
dM inuatau and dctniBd ftntciHt. 
It bat tiecoine a pemiaBem pro- 


^oodoot. The 

was not what 

w-_~ dw «»e. •"* radJCf ilw 
woai '^■.t»* in bold black 
Sorely it m^ 
now it's dine 

Ha tModilw Ccmer is located 
on Ito fim flmr of building F. 
ill Mom 132. It u acoiaUy more 
of ■ ofm 'wmk Am an enchited 
tixMi,. wMcii ■««■■ 'icaaaunng. 
II fMlK mr$ «ai*cttbte, nioie 
Ufct a HMly' ■»' iHIl aO' official 

tn fact., walk-in service >s 
avaiiaMe (which some of the 
nwrn deal id eichiinvdy) as wen 
a« uniee by appomUBcmi. for 
«hMlM llMMid call eil. 2539. 
The eemei's ajeiaiini hours are 
\lon.-lhurs.. 8:30 am -<J p.m.. 
jiid Fri., 8:30 pm. 

There ai« 40- SO tuior* 
ivMlable i« a variety of subjects. 
According lo die center's coordi- 
naior. Nimi Jonadoss. it » pos 
libit w leceiw ht|p • ^<»o» 

a taw Kv omM' pMMar coat*"' 
ia not availablB. m mum will 
iMltt c»«y eltoi » anwge aonie 
^le lar dMM diroiigh insiructor 
or oihei students in 

U is called supplemental m 
ttniction It involves a faculty- 
sBpervised study group which 
meets two or Uirec urnc* weekly 
to review materials, queslioni. 
and answers in an open, com- 
fonrtde gioap environment 

Thif pragpan'* aim is to im- 
praw snda imlnniance and re- 
duce the Biiaiher of siudcnis 
dropping courses. A« this early 
suge, it IS only available for 
Chemistiy 121 and Biology 116. 
but hopefully, providing in- 

L iiilHiiiaiiil It wUI expand lo 

uicluili laeit udmses. 

Aimwiwii 'tiT BtiIiibiwm' "* ' "' 
intiwt jjgYiM'Oflteg « » « "» 

CiilSie, a report by Jonadoss and 
John A. Lucas. Director of Plan- 
ning and Research at Harper. ** 
petceni of die ccnicrs users lalE it 
■very useful' Alio, die average 
G.P.A. of users is above the 
general Harper populaiioo* 
Eighty seven pereeni said using 
the Tuttinng Cenier helped raise 
dieir grades, somelimes by two 

Whciher the key word is 
-FREE" or -wioring". the Tu 
lOfing Cenier spells HE-L-P If 
a student, whcdver slightly con- 
futed or totally lost, needs it, il 
il diere lo take advantage of. 

tt is absolutely wonh coa- 
lidering before die point of no re- 

There are five' i 
wto anve at avM cooidinaiHi in 
di« Tuwring Center. Vanous 
sialyeGts branch off from dicac 

IKiacilpBl aieas. which ukMC' 
Madi. Ea#sii. Oaia Pniceiiiag. 

'^Mart than 7.000 eommmiUt rollegt i^rndxtOa attmd 
Kjy..tht^-n lUinma Univermtu at Carbowiale! 

SmUhem lUinow Univermtu 


HiA .\i si:s!r( 

aulixnatically m^ junior standing and » «;f ^--/.g^SSt 
tion rmuirements to yraduatti* of A. A. and A.>. (uaccaiaurewr- 
orienled) proiiranis in Iliinois two-year TOlleges. 

»wanfe Khdarships to outattndin« aweiate degree gi^uauss fronn 
Illinois community colletres- - 

luwnL^ all coJleiW-level credit from n?irionaUy accreditwl instilu- 
• St^epCrOf eSt for technical «mr«.work. and determines 
claaa »t»ndi«iK accordinitly. 

ihrouirti a unique profrram called t'a,»tone." develops bafhelort 
dwTpi^iJfJiL CaIs. graduates requiring no mor. than M 

degrue proftrams _ 
additional semeater-bours. 

offm mm: than i:W undergraduate graduate 
ottering!., and professional schools of law and med.cme. 

tlKMt my inlcndtd mainr. 

a t|i|ilHratiiin Iti 
□ ifi(i>rifiat.u>n 

whicti ifl* — .™ ." — — m^ I— — 

Q CanMnM infwrmatMin <!<» A-A-S. tradu- 


Q Fall 19i _. 

D8priiial9« — 

The wilt** I 

O Summer 19* — 
prtaeiilly »tt<rtnHnf 

a ndwf »(*••• ■•!«•*>•■ 

teum ti>" 

Nffw Stwirnt Admwstoti .S<Tviti» 
!i;>ut»»rn llUnoin UnivwiMt)' 
■I tVtMwidiiW 
Cartiondale. lllinow KWll 


a<». sk. n»- 

AddrwHi — 



Zip . 

.^li-^ iofJ ?A.-v' ^^i~t' 

Page i Tlic Harbinger, Octatttr lillUi 

JM Just Comics. 

mmmtn to trmmnr* pnnlC' 




■ |Mft 



The Puzzle 


1 DMcnnnaciad racor* 
• SDOat MMmaMtf 
tOtrma asCMIanga 
t nmgmq m Pnmm* 
4C«Ma« waiM m 







IS nMf pUM ST rimiMii m 
17 Taulonte dwy M ••Lmbu^" 
1« P'OMHiiMx numttw 

profloun MklMel 
it^lWMMIr 40Bltar't|M 
lOCNonH 4iOlm«rc« 
IiCanawMnv MfonMiiia 

14 HKHMMIen 47 mm 
«**>* 4SToRk 


27 Marry "*■ 







• pan 

SPnXtMdmocaini ,avioli«t 


^^1 1 



* r^ 








11 tiouaa 

23 WuM 
25 Concur 
2« *Har Kraan 

30 Muacal dramat 

31 volcanc 



35 Eraaaa; tinnwit 


42 Arttdaol 


















































mutt na, om 



CMPMrMirr zone pDMiMinNe 
TMC NoinWiStT, With a •<« 
W Ktmm otftciT iM TIM ewT... 

-..A UhCoF 

wtMur OH. 
nucES IS 



aw CYEcwJ 

TAX Slgmn 

* ^^ eoutmmmmiima * 

TlK Harbinger. October 16. WK. P«t« > 



dMw poieir. CooM en in and 

)«'.||.«MlUillld A-%7 

iMarMiimal Clak: Any 

or mx, wlw 11 
it juiiiiiig Ike 

__ M*MS CM. 

I aim 'ky Btt to mim 

Cliik wiMiitt 


^ out join Ike SpMck 
F3SI, J*mtl»miT!hmaitf 
Calitllc CaayBi 
MIkiltrjr it •ponsaring • 
CMknic Ites ewk Monday m. 
nVM A-MlAHawwefcoine. 
Tkt Harper Colltgt 
Csaitrala Siagtri aa^ 
CoactH Ckoir lie seeking 

Tht mi'ii'idMMail K> leav*' 
Chicafa jmi Deeaailw 2« and 
tewra on January g alief 
Dcrfbnaint in O^e ctiiof in ike 

Slagen iniaraticd i» 
liMiic:if«ing dKMU la ai taM I* 
yean old and way 'Comaci Or. 
IHomai. tiaich ai 397-3000. 
Sal. 2566 for fanttei 

Aiifilicaiiow are now being 

accaiNed fnta sUKtenix for the 
•PiatideBiJ Feltowi." Tlie 

fMMtarangilowa are a haadfial 

of MI'lilM HarpT' iwidiait wtai 
awiik. 'dUKlly and' regalairly wtt 

... 'IMmik on qMKiai; 

I wd MavKOB wkU he 

AiiplicaiioM are ivtiliWr m 
ibB StMleM Activities CMIkc A 
336. and die Vice Preiidcoi <>( 
SliideM Alfain Office, A- JIT. 
Deadline for applying kai 
lenwivcly keen sM ti Tkunday. 
CkmDa 16 

Harper €Mla|a wHI kaal 
s Casaiaalty Da| 
Cfllekralioa on Snaday, 
Otiakcr I* fVaai I - 4 PM- 
Commanily rc«ide«ii are 
coRlially invited lo atiend. and 
special eveiui have also heea 
plaiUMd for returning alnnmi, 

November 1 and 
Nowcinhef 2, 10 AM to 5 
m each day $US- Tlie 
Umvenily <d Wisconsin. Ciutin 
Hall. 31)4 N. Downer Ave.. 
Milwaik«e,WI S3211. 

Bm tmtbet Mifonnaiiaii call 


nupu College IS offering tlie 
following seminars and 
workakops. For costs and 
regisnatioo infoiinaiion call 
391-3000. Ext 2410. 

Saall SaalMia Reeord- 
kMpiat m§ Oiker TaiiBg 
mmun m Mmilayt (rnn bM 
fcSO PM beginning October 13 
and ending October 20 at die 
Northeast Center. 1373 S. WoM 
Rd.. Prospect Height*. 

Collecting OeHqoenl 
Aceoaats. Fnday. October 17 
Irom 9 AM - 12 PM in C-103. 

"Answering CompalmW" on 
Friday, Ocmber 17 from 1 - 4 

The ttal Balaie Eiaai 
Review p»ece<fing the October 
exaounation will be offered on 
Sanaday. October 1« ftom g AM 
I0 6PM in C-103. 

Wa««i. - IMvaece aad Ifce 
Law. Ann Bwh. Barrington 
aiiomey and a Haipcr mstructor. 
will cond«i i one-day workshop 
m Saiiirday. (Xtobcf 18 fioni *> 
AM - JPMin A 315. 

Toar of Hislork Galeaa. 
II, on Saturday, CXlobcr 18 fmm 
7 AM 9:30 PM Tour roerohcr* 
will depart at 1 AM from die 
lobby of Building A. 

Financial Voar New 
Homr Purchase, on SalurAiy, 
Cktober 18 trom «> AM 1 PM 
» C-103. 

Acr«Mnlia| aad Flaaacc 
r«»r the NoB-Financlnl 
Manaager, on Tue:td*y. Ocioher 
21 lrt>ni«)AM-«PMinC-t03 

Art Exhibit 

Fre« Smoking Ofnics 

Two Slop smoking clinics 
have been scheduled during die 
Fall semesier in die Board room 
of building A. 



Second Clinic: 


Maday and Wakiotliy 

Nov. 24 Mt Nov. 26 

Dec. 1 and Dec. 3 

Dec. 8 and Dec. 10 

B«k clinics will be provided 
by (lie college at no cost to 
employeei and suidenis and will 
be presented by die NofUiwest 
Cmimunity Hospital Depanmem 
Cff Continuing Educalton. Please 
call die Healdi Service as soon as 
pcMiMc U cat 2268 if you wish 


Studenci who will compku: a 
degicc 01 certificate m die end ol 
the Fall 1986 ««« muM 
complete a peuiK'n for graduation 
in the Registrars Office. A213 
before midicnn October 18 

Harper Ski Trips 

HjKper has amingcd two major 
ski trips for smdents and 
community members The 
deadline (or final payment is 
December 2. 1986 Reservations 
may he made through the Student 
Aciiviiie* Office. A- 3 36, phone 
397-3000. eiiension 2142 U»w 
airlarti. group discounts, and 
good lairly planning have lemlisd 
in icmfic bargains! 

The first trip «i to Aspen, 
Colorado, in die fabulous Rocky 
Mountains. January 4 11. 19»t7. 

'The .second trip is to ZcU Am 
See. Ausiiia. tn the famou» 
Tyrolean Alpt. January 2-10. 
1987 Ciwiact the Student 
Atiivilie* Of fit c (or further 







Red Cross 



xmiM I >« TOP 20* as . 


^-^"h^WSmt FRtt 


I CALL (312) 85&-10BB 

Custsmar Sfrvic* 

Paid CRl Training 
Part Time - Days or Nights 
tS 15 StBrtinqRate 
Clasaes Be<]in Oct 20 
Th. .)C Ptiwsd Ttieunone Sunt C»ni«r Hti eptnings for jeitoml 
DSrMimt trnploumtnt W» will Irsm ij»u to iskt c«t«lo« orOtri; 
b>i ni(t(«Bnt «ma ••>• '•••»i *" commumcotmm »o«u>mifll w« 
•r« lomiws tor »om» mHur* »ninuii«Hlc i<«li»n>»»U wMJ wm 
cwtomw eontocl 

C»nO)Wli!i «l«cl<W will D* iChfdutta ¥»ri»t>Ie neur» Koth wti* 
Hon thru rn ti«lw»on tnt neurj of 6 to om io5l>m orl|>m Ifl 
iltim Evtnmsc»tianm»«m«st limWt tOH»"' »t ' (>•" ^omt 
wMtwa si:n»i1utinfl tt olio r»flu(rrt 

If i|ll«i|r« ir>ti/«H«(l «ru1 car: won 5 iie'«ibi» scftuflut* oMtl't; 'f' 
(ttrs on telwtun 6 JO » "• o^il •' '0 pm Hon (hru fn 



1 1 10 I OHO Cunfc aoiMl. B«ll»l» «r«v» 

45« «?09 

tqwAi Otff' If rwf t »i*t' n/i 

. Ha^w C«aegB 

wA oner lafonnaiion letsioiti 
lir M^ediwc aiudeBia. aa well 
It UM iWMied in completing 
die oaft.iaaraNnplenonpnigfam 

Hi miiinaii win be held on 
die mad VeAasaday of every 
moadl al I:JO p.m in E-106 
For addition infoimation on dieae 
M or the Nursing 
1 397-3000 Ext 2533. 

Screta Wriliag A TO Z: 
Wrillag Aad Selllag for 

tltaa aad TtlevWoa, A two- 
day. Inaaiivc saminar on die an. 
craft m4 business of 
(or film and 
I by Hollywood 
Sulf ' flnimv. scnpi consultant 
and. UCLA iaatruc^iot Mkfeael 

Saiantay, October 23 and 
PM tasll day. SI45 (includes 
lunffe: Ml days). The Holiday 
In*. '34iS' AI|«UMlui» Road. 
RoBng Meadows, IL. 

Orkalal Ragt: Cart 

aad Ratiarallaa, October 3- 
:4, BuildingiX and P. 

Miaary Bynam will mount » 
eshibition on rug restoration. 
Included in the cnhibit will he 
rugs ID various jitates of disiqiair 
«nd an expbnation of how he 
takes on (he t«tk of bringing 
them hack lo We. A special day 
will he SCI aside ftv a lecture and 
demon.i(tra(ion by Mr. Bynam. 
(To be anMiaineed.) Admisaion is 



•nm Marry S. Truaian 
Ifg7 Scholarship: Which 
honor the Uiirty-ihird President of 
the llniled States, are awarded on 
the basis of merit U> student!, 
who will be college juniors in 
the forthcoming academic year 
and who have an outsumding 
potential for leadership in any 
phaic tjf government. 

Each scholarship covers 
eligible espcnscs ol tuition, fees. 
books, and room and board, to a 
maximum of S6.MI) annually for 
up to four yean. Applications 
can he obtained in the Office ol 
Financial Aid. Room A354 

Please note! 

All announcements for 
Upcoming must be lubmvticd ID 

the Harbinger by ncKin on the 
niurtday prior to the iaaut you 
wi^ It to appeal in 

Part-time opportunities 


Al I IPS. me recoK"'^** •^••f linaoi lal presvurw associatfsti with 
collegf? lile. finding » job that tits yotir sihool schedule tan be 
difficult. UPS has jobs that meei the coH«fe student's needs. 
Consider the iidvantage* 

• Ckxid Pay — Starting Salary WOO 

• Convenient Hours 

• Steady Imploytwsnf 

LIPS will be accepting applications on campus: 

»:3(l A.M. - ll:»« A.M. 

Hours Available: Monday - Friday 
3:00 - 8:00 A.M 
5 00-9:00 P.M 
10:00 PM -2:00 A.M. 

r ^ ' 



Unil«( Pwrel Ser»«T ■* Jn lequjl (ifip«)i lunii v rmpliiyer 


rfb. % 

H ■, 

Page 10, The Harbinger, October 16, 1986 

OpportMilks abmiiid with the Inltrnvtional ( lub. 

BnMkcrs *■* Sisters !■ CliristJolii toUaj! 

docs it all fil roKi-tlirr? Find out wilfc 
ClirictiaBi <>■ Ci.i»pMS Bible Stodit*. 

Are wt having fun yet? Join the Program Board. 

Join the Ski Club today! 

Phi Thela Kappa the Honorary Scholastic Soeiely. 

Art ;«• Catholic and need someone to latt loT 
CMkaMc Caarns Ministry is here for yon! 

Meet John Harnish.StudenI Senator. 



TIM HmrWafcr. October U49M> Paf« U 




iB[S)nir®is imia 
ms>m mv® 

(NM III MwytH andW 

i^<^^o^ ^^ 

WavM Now Only *30<>**!! » 

• Ful-SM 


— Optn T Oip • H*«k — 









Classified Ad 

MCip iMMBilc'CI 


I'— up 

M ligMt llBM. mm. W CMta 
cadi MUKimwl Itae 

ttdp Vant<>ii 

ATW: STU0BKIS -*€■«■ luit-al- 
lll»«fi. w i iilii 91. «— piy buklac lor 

niX9cniOtaiW11I.AINI:»' Smm- 
Imtm l»l«kli|. iHiMy moiiviaeit fmifh 
■4a (mI' A>I« tiiK imI ■Mem u wtinii 
lOOK In dlfllr Tkii ywr. Ww provide 
••pnncn«<'<l tvstsimf, lic«ii«in|. 
fpuniorfhip unA f»H mf^aa «X uuf 
•>r|tnitjlitu. If' y«tt f«e] Vhift li' yowr 
up|x>it unity. cjS ui ftiul DM IKWtfe AlwMif 


I MM. il 

,iL mn: ijMft, 

■Il Mrf laiifwm pmi^iAaA. 
fuif ttt «i rdl oM an ipfilicaiuMi 
Otaiak waai'amiknfeiks (H yan' 
STUDOnt: MMCE tlW • •nk r«i.- 
tti. Mtinifcn ■miimiiiH. Eaily A.M 

Mil w ifflt' In fciMni d })4 S 
kmrnr, Alt. BU,. AiUiHpai IMilila 


■mu wmma-. auto vMtoo ai 

mtSi Imtm ■■4 aaioiden. Shill'i 
MlMli Ml 9 pw ' V |Mn, 10 pm - 2 ant', 
■•ilia- Ian. M-F Marr laltipt 

r 'Or h wiaii L flBMa utiimr 

ATttmC nam. mml»t tm tmrnm 

I ^|J||||||g^ggJJ,||yL||^j| Ta'B ■■ftMiMil tflMW 

< i^wiviiiMiiiitir 1 rBHnnip mf 

t90-9Mprlmt. Cwai-S 
p* mmr ttf. aiaia IksMd Sptaco 
:|ldte Call I (BlSt'ASS-ms. keuMaii I 

EA.RN lASV MM n kflmm *i»k 

wnyi. CaU Rnlmcca 
il)h<lll)')i3-n«l (MAM. 

uSMt,1lmm Cmm TkB# 

'•MnUI mjHOKiDPAffi'fiif naalliiit 

itftmptd anvafopc lor 

ialijnnaii<ai/a|r|)licaliia. Aaanc—i. But. 

TKAVBL FIIUl nfinminwr C«n 

MkMlmt niiwfiamcc while 
llW IMMt- Ctm^t KEfrtiiaiulive 
ni inmndHl^y tm Simng Biwafe mp 

OnII CampwA Marital mf 

HaBniai^ of Tomi n'CannDy Mai Full 

lima an4 pan tuna dayi and evening • 
availcH*. Call »S-I)49 and ask for 

tl6tlM0li>tS«.23C»yr Nm ltira<( CjHI 

I (ns)ttvi-«)aa. Bit ii i«ii 


■omia bfhl. acocMMKuis and biiuJfcaafnng, 
and AMiilinA manafcr tn the overall 
No il^rtanof neoEuary 
(l« kn). Call ITO-TOfiO 

MlilHMHIl I IMB MHI Ji fBli. 

rAKTIlME DeuWEKY peti<«n«l 

n««4atf, T 4a)n • wtk, rarly owmini 

\Hit m vnx" al S60B W. Maw Si... 

Lake Zkndi, m call dM^iyTM. 


Ilia IWMK. Mwf penid* have lia«:«Moe 
I vnMkinf pan^ime 
InlHalUi, If jwawaiUlAeicaneliKae 
■Hiwilinai .call 541 - })». atei « pa. 

EHjienana MKtnary FkitMt iMxua. 
Call >n T<34. Ilk fiK Tm. 

Kmmos rujA FMiiMiiaan 

kowl delivafiag Im the InfftM ptix» 
dcivciy opiniiaajr M Ike m Id Put one 
ami fuB-tiine paamtaM avadaMe Be»iMr 

AfDiy m ttanmo'i Plua. ISO E. Omtm 

Rwi. PaaattK, w«all 3»-«ll)IL 

WAXTTED: 9TOKNT %pmt. Hunk 
Kn i wiaaid ml i m iof CaUatok T<x" and 
Timal Bmm tlim|lilMHllllia»T into and 
.caakt 'Far umir IrfliMMiton oil 011) 
TM)-.flZ4. or «fW 9414 Ka|iki IDE. 
" ,MM SMM. Ann. M» 

R>r Sale 



•tnalanll.. Mail WM m Coad Criandai, 
P O tat 4MH. DaKaflt. a DM 11 


l^n«vav|.iiy T.fliiila A Swaatthint front 
mftV.95\ fiw eolue l>ro«:h.irtt Wn.|e 
to: C(dla|.iaie WMnak Ltd.. mi So. 
Ocailtont Sl. SuIW »16U. Omt*. !!.. 


re|t«lr'|. D«iin4|iM.nt lat property 
ll<f«aaa.iliat>. Call. I (MS) MT-fiOOO. 
Em. II- im te ciimani nin> lin- 

l«IO CAiW ClltA. 4 cyl. 4 <p!. nm 
eiwiillnli. tHHh evwuMn wheel*. A.M-I'"M 
caaa., aatanxif, wliile w/ied velvai inurHir'; 

szwo. can 4)t SMB. 


lial*ta«k. new h<ta|.ei. Iota mikige fer 
•|«. t«d 1 1 tile trooper 
lUmneinliahle Call d*<rii/443 Mm or 
»4J 4JI0ft i>i|hlii/3«3.|4M. 

l-uefo) wilh itinnMf. AT. AM-fM noco. 

AC, X) ntpi, cruise cnolioi. Chepnian 
kiefc, hnaly' in caeellat condliiaB, .dean. 
Itil* iray mcnar SIW Call 110 

SMMaya, JCZSW/am. 

I«77 RKEBIltD, V«, a<M. A/C. poirnr 
ileennii. powr hrakea, AM-FM. 51.001) 

ntilei. cteelknt eoMlaaii 130011. Call 

l«ll aieVY Fteaiidt niiAiqi, Al, 

•■(clleM imnlai cgndiiHn. no niu. 
Itlack w/ oni«fr pnulMtpe*. Rtmnnti liiet 

ntd weal coaat nu'rauri. $3100 or (ten 
oltar. Call 459.-0301 Tor ntoi* Info. 

IWtt 115 Boiot. |tA. an> An ca».. new 

bralm, cailt...cihaiHiindthiiaki. FhHad 
onililona wft. nim eliMllent. AiJll*t| 
1750. CM lD'7.-a»l ado 5 m 

IW)5 LELAND 1 place loonrnioMle 

uihr Uaed kaa ihan 50 ntilei liaa 

dun. 'iaidtmMc4. Aakatf t475. Call 

•n 0U» CU'T. S'UP: ht... 1.50 V». 
doik, tm.. no raai, ail power, int.. houf Ki 
iiiva, hMaay, radiaimi aial cxhauw lyaient. 

t SAI>: 10 Oauun IHSSK. ShaiT>l 

5 ipd. ttlver w/red iM.enor. i.tni.rouf, 
tamafi. lira; 40.11)0 niilaa l4taiM>eai 
tUm Can 537-711 s. 

«l OLDS OMEGA, emdlaii tndialcal 

oaidiiuiei. 1 dr.. mOinA, |ivai gai mikaie. 
low miles, pwr biks and Mr.. AC, AM 
F'M caaa., ttl«c. rear d«(.. F'WD, 

IW Sale 

I MM HERO: nd wnk (iiy Nienor. .AC. 
AT. lan roof Aakaf lAWS Call 
i««aA>a*nndt# fi]9-.ain4. 

At OtDS: Vtqi (ood 454 anfine. 
uansmMtlon n«*4a wak. ilOQ or latai 

'«! DA'niim 110 lot tale: ?(e»Mt and 
liiei, recenl clutch. AM-FM cans 
tXnUflKal oHet Call Rudy «19» 3306 

for mfu. 

inn I'lAT ll«: 5A,aOO man. red wrib 

■imruof. Veny depemdahle car. A.skmg 
SMO Call 3IMW5V. leave raeaiafe If 
not home. Ark lor (jail or hdh. 



'Herie, Piycbo. Tc'mvv Tales. Fantoiii 
McMiilCii. etc. 'W.anl liii avatlalile: VCi 
amdiliiat ami up. CiU 417 im 

DO YOU KEEO a ItomalMverf I ca« 

dean ymar koiiic, olTica; or apanaiaia. 1 

have (iwd leferenees, and lu yenrs of 

cKjtcnenoe. I < 

or MCial t I 

paniea For imra iitlki. oall Uie #15} 



anil kners. etc. Reasonalde piices. call 
floor # »31-aiMW»e> after 5 pm 

ROOM TO MLVT f« lemale n 
Lady will share her 2 bdrm Riillmg 
.Mcatiowi SIM., with car. for $.^0 s week 
Muat have |ocid releratcen; mum |tn>vide 
own hod. Cill 3(13 «44I lornKin nio 


Hii|Mif CnOfedD' i 

. Call«»1-7IOb 

TWO ROOMS (or ml in BamngKii aieK 
.a^pniuUe (emalei only. S.MO a nnit^r 
Mlllllt., 'Ull May wypoiiiUe olMUiOII. 
FarMOR mi'u.. call Tim m II2-7)34/>tit. 

ATLASP A secictaiial leivice Uta( will 
lype your Km iMpan and ihucsl Hip 
with eiadtnf aetupi. irammar and 
edtling No length limits . lechnical. 
nteilieal. legal amrka glaifly aoeepted iit 
handamuen iir lypctamien Kiugh dtafu 
DONT ASK YOUR girlfriend, wife, or 
aec:fvtary lo do dtu; try dte pitifeaalooals 
(amalted Iheaea have eatitod A i and A«'f . 
Call 430-1) 1 1 tor moer nfotmauon 


a DL^. personal injury, 
Phone 7M-7655 

Evea and ireekaatd .appis, availahie. Law 
oAbea alBockar * Backor. 1900 E. GaH 


MATRIX Q-UR pcrfotnuBg ana < 
will be oncitBtf mm- •aldi tor dcuHal 

GIVEN urt 

I loat n poonda in one laMaHII and my 

anercy soaivd I look off a lolal I5IJ3 
tnetica in my lhl(ha. hips, and waiai. 

Von can raack your ti>*l*> ■<)•>, Can 

Nancy ai 11*1770. 

palaiin* home Offering eiccllcM 
aasialance to underMaaiding. whiing and 
apeakmg Engliah. Foreign atudemli and 
aduluaaiomnacadiocall: 991 7106. 


L.E: H teela good to know aumatate wlia 

Ii loving anil oamg Yovn tnily. A.R- 

CLICK liffi dioighi Td aay "hi ' Hope 

yoo'ie hjvmg a nice lift Call me 
lOilietlme, we'll eal lundi, l.ove alwayi, 


lUgm (wink, wink)? Call Mr. Goodbator 

"■CRAIG TIMONEN. hallol CJnasa 
who llttlu.— your old iteighllDrf Wriuiaie 
orcaHnael LoveSC 

LAURA. WHY doBl you call late? Idnktl 
•rally mean ja« for lianaponatiDn. We 
should go out anmaium:. leny ike 

LYNN BABE- Ihi glad y<Hl^o<icl<n4« 

iliaar days. Tm hippy wAan yon aael 
Loxe, Sappy 

"FOR WI: have hean dwic. m Ika hooka 
and out of tlac booki, ao you can go aa we 
hawtieaa." Ilonia^way 

TO THE ORIENTAL My 1 lan ano am 
campua Sal.. Oct. II; Noaiiano emt 
would like u> dim with you. Waldi far 
llie hal. aamc lime aaid piaoe. 

SINGI.E, WHITE male. 17. leaemMiac 
Mel Gilwin. looking for Rtnh Oordort 
li9ok-altke who ea^|oya good iMiea walli 
Cited Witii. CkBMr. Big, 

W1I11AMA.LUCANSXY.SR.; Ha(fy a arontfeifnl. midille-ace 

gentletnan- Many rcinmat Love your 

dait|Jit«r-.iD-lftw? Dawai. 

SCOTT COWAN, yon an bfl LoMyour 
Slater, SC 

ANYONE inieraiaad lai a Bany Ritea 
aliin? CaU PB offlioe, X1I74. 

CHARLIE BKOWN. I am like a 
auiaflower being dieaaat lo 1^ sun. SMne 

OB, awaaatcaal .Jlhank yaiul Yea. lel'a 
kaahaoonl W'nk kwe. Lucy 

Page 12. Tbr HarMnger, October 16. 19116 



Smm '«r Iht 'bat known, moti 

of lim wm4 ~ men cm <i , 

tiMmd imo ilK CcMeimial tWi: 

at ilK Univcmty nf Miiummiui, 

iut w«ck, bw donii woumii wtm 

l«,* iei>««» MfilKiiiKiK Tmeey 
Mwin. 'Pfeofilc Mt wt ignnrii^ 
ihtm. 'bill thty'ie not going out 
ol iMi' 'wty m ay V tuhef .• 

tttef arc membeit of ili» 
UM' bmlceilNill loNn. ditvi 
I by aUaptio'io - 

l< I* MM •- ol 

■id raiMti ibuwinK ii KaJiiM: 

bWIW, IMtll MhlcM gruluMioii 


At MliiMMoci and caniMMt 

he cmmry iliii lalt. the 

■ «ice ihc Bin M*" Oa 

Womej abcMt ailikic* mi 
ilieir imagos aie m bad « ilie 
UDiv()nit)> at Miami, wiiich as or 
laal wwelt had ih« itiiinbcir one 
rotxball leiim i* ihc 
thai nnitiita of fie lalt 


ailiicic* and fMiM lo an umct middle cus 

bjr 4m$ aewMh. gwiii-ftKiiig 
tf tan., 'Mhr>ilM>iililii fmfmms 
fn*m biicwicn and a fowiiif 
KpttiMion for crtinci and 
tWjJIyinc ihai fc |j|| teiwccn 
biin and U>t reii of ibe eampu, 
Man wi^lia«« widim dnniittolty. 

"Thtj m tolling m as hcini; 
i»mh jocks whofc only 

kgiuraotc lejwMi lof being iter* 

M ptjviiif (KiMjilt).' jiay, Harry 
Cdwaid*. a ifwinii. WKmiofiw m 

Hey an atM bofted' at at 

llie KlMlettihia Dmty Mum. 
mmt FBI fwistics. oxnied M 
•ibkiri. M 46 Jiffeicni ichool*. 

chaipid wiUi ciiuinai wmi 

And in juii the |i>i thtee 
monihi. jev(!n Iowa Sale 

fMlhalt pb}(ft lia>-« been 
cbarttd' for ■■mttma. mrnmU*. 
cioiicaiiland'W.clMcl tdmm*. 
Ai ih« same i nic a NoMi 
Caiotaa Siale (|iiiiricf.iM:k «■• 
cwivKMd or KiiiBl aittauii. while 
Buikr quaiMrback wai charged 
Willi anemixed mmOtt ma annn.. 
Floridi Siaie lustiended a 
llMbMtar ■ccMcd oT kAMf cm 
of' M MMMMMI.. Pain lay 
ilMM' CMoiado ftaMbaU playMi 
JIM. iiiNler i*veftigM.iM to 
tkiaunui lo ktU a local 

SpoM lUmiawl 'magaiime 
ii«fi% ^tMliiMiod 40 «««n*im. of 
the leam had iMcn In iimible' Willi 
ihe police. 

Jack Davin, pie*i4eiit of ihe 
NCAA and a ijKirLi ofticml at 
Ongon Stall), deniei ihcie'i ■ 
iMM •aM.and Manoi te newt 
madia, far .Uw iatfwcaiMa dial 

'Athlete* lend m muke the 
news nKwe dian (Mher midani*.'' 

*Rir eaamplc.. the ame week 
dw. (Mantand. twiketbali stm't 
Lea B'iMi 'dW^'fof ' enialw idaiad 
ciiiactK dka aaiiHiM to $» vm- 
(banccltor ai die 0ni«ernty of 
Kniin* wan found gmliy of 
le'lling dnigC he note*. 

'You didn*i hear abani thai 
on*, did yoD'?'" .Da,»i« bIu 

Bill It > ihe incidents that don't 
make the newi 'ftai worry 
tliidails at Cenirnnial Ibl) ai 

When die lean wai houKd to 
Ihc tame dt>rtn two yeim ago, 
r«c»lt.> ilorm Piesidenl Larry 
Jimnaon, 'playeri wcntld hang 
out in the kibby and make 
Mglihi. Aloi«f'g*bt 
■cared m go ihiough die 
Wbby. .11 wai iniimada-ing lo 
guyt. wo." 

Adds SocMofy Prof. Ol. lohn: 
Oark, "the ra|» irwii tof the 
iMishetball plajers) mrasd off a 
toi of iiudenlK. and well ii 
•hOMid But I hope die nudenit 
Witt ice It at a fairly .m 
ifici "' 

.ierk«le.y"» Ed'wirids aitrihiKi 
inch leuions to icboolt thai 
fccuii and then abandon adikiet. 
10 Hie difficulty of handlwf 

inlenie ptessuie.* •- ones niiMt 
sindents nercr need coofrenl - ai 

mi yimng an age 'Mid » cin«t|}- 
bemg' .am of liaM' on campH. 

•Tbi whtnlt i.i"tii.uto« 
»<»*«liiiisi.* he .inyt of .adileic* 
natiMwidc... Tla. iiij||iiitiy of 
them are biack... undwhiti. fcidi* 



B| BUI Kagflherg 

S|win> BdKnr 
The Harper Hawks entertain 
lb« College of DuPage 
Chapjmril.* ihl.* .Saturday al 

CO.D head coach BoD 
HciDoKgall waa *ery eager jo 
ipcnk widi' me. He inwkc vety 
hi|hly tif (he Kawki. incltidini 

Itew Utfcampand Maii Zifglcr. 

Ok what .he has to do to 

pmfntm the Mawlcs fnm wimmg. 

""Alt 1 have to do is pretcfii 

K'lekamp a.nd Ziegkr from 

'*ing 'U'p. If dMMc two go lo 

'Kits 'Valley tm ihi* game. 

itun ».i- will Iw' iite." coach 

Mcft'mgall »iid..ji)kingly. 

The Chafipanls mt !t-l thli 

which Inchides a close 


CO.D. will .go into tins game 
wtUi .leven (iisi siringen tniun'd 

*We are ciciled ifeoitl .our bsi 
ykttry und we are a ytmni club," 
Mc&»iig»ll i*iicd. 

I'hc Hawk delaine li MM 

givinit up much, ard ihcy liavc 
great people and tK^clleni 
players..," :Mc..ChMglii weM on ki 

The Hawks are comjing (df on 
i:.:i.,c.itin( W-O win <vver Rock 
Vall'cy. m which KIckantp threw 
itircr ii:m:bdow,i .panes. 

'Ilie .I'liwks should k' up r«r Saturday's Fall 'toiivat 
game, afwisi die CAapiiatalt m 

. lo an upper middk cias.s. 
while cam^jHi!. They arc gi'ing ii.> 
school in a whole different 
cuUiire They find ihemsclvi-s 
not In the same situation they 
giew lip in. and have known all 
their lives." 

'Two other Berkeley 
fCatarchcrs. Brenda Brcdcmeiei 
and Uavid Slwcldi. found m an 
October. IMS. study of 
California college athletes an 
inverse relationshrp between 
'nwnil i«aMn.ii»i:' and agsession. 

Bredcineicr and Shiefati found 

that players .aied ai "most 

agfiie«iwt' by ihcir coaches were 

lest maiuie* Utan odier players 

who. in lam, were rated 

WhatcKCf die .leaiaiit.. Davis 
figure* die way lo ease whatever 
tensiont may eittt it by 
ttresang "iniegniy- m college 
aihkiks. taking hcctcr academic 
care of players and perhaps 
diiciplmmi^ the aihlctc» 

"One gwup says tf a iiudiint »» 
In a hrawl of some kind, he 
shouldn't he on the team, Kick 
him off.* says Davis. Anodier 
will say. well. bry» will be 

.Edward) m-.tcad wants to 
'tstahlish F'mgrams walmg ividi 
the alienation and liKoniinuiiy 
(m the adi..eic.s liv-rsj. Look jit 
thepfOhieiM. (Adtf wliai are Ihc 
acadciMC defieencic*. Break m 

Hie leniliMi at Minnesota, of 
etjune. iiKHe when .officials hiokc 
up die aihlctic dorms. 

Bm basketball coach Ckm 
tlaskms and athletic tkpaitmcnt 
officuls agreed tti dorm lesidenis' 
fwiaesi to have "stipport staff 
nipcrvise the team in Cenicnnial, 
to provide more academic 
couMeUng. to cut down pratiicc 
tirae, help irtegraic black athkies 
into Ihc Twin tines' black 
eommunity, and even require 
conches to better .uMkrstand 
adcikiceni 'piychoiogy. 

The adileiet ihemiclvei are 
aware of die leitiions too It 
bothers some more dian others,' 
reports Elayne Donahure. 
aasitiant athkuc director for 
academic counseling. 'I assume 
dtH time will take care of iteM ' 

■y am K.ii|t<tk«rg 

.l|l«ni MlUtr 

VolkybatI Intranniral League 
slafti Oct. 27 on Monday'* and 
Thnrolay's from i;:t)0-lr(X), The 

entry itcjJIinc ij. Oct. 24. Tile 
M fluiWimj (wuliy volleyball 
team is welcoming any new 
challenging teams. Sign your 
U'am.s up now in M 

Building The Harperthtm I 

and .1 mile race will be run i*i 
Cktober IRdi al «;(Xlam. Sign 
up in M Building hclcwe the race 

dale Dcipitc popular rumor, 

Vicuir Ehuhedikc. the most 
(cccnt Hawk aci^uisltioa from 
England, is eligible to play 
eolkge football. So all of the 
peeipk oot dierc who ijuestioned 
bis cligthitity, I suggest you get 
more facis before you shooi off 
your mouths off. and 1 would 
also like to thank ihe aihktic 


■y BUI Kuttlberg 
Spurts Editor 

Many peopte are Bear lans. 
About five years ago, there 
weren't many Bear fans ai all 
Whal could have changed ilic 

minds of all die new Bear fans? 
*hai could a 1981) Bear team 

do 10 have as many fani as a 

"0111 ■teems common logic. A 
icam wins, it wtH gain many 
new friends. It happened widi Ihe 
Cubs, the While Sot. and riov.- 
ihc Bears, But in these 
Northwest suhurhs, ihn logic 
•htc^ not hoitl true. Tb,erc is .| 
HiitKinally ranked 6-tJ icjvn in our 
own backyard. If a»rocmie askc-l 
you to name a 6-0 nalionally 
ranked team wfio averages 40 
points a pmc and gives up an 
avcTajc of 1 1 (wmis a game, an.1 
reside* in dicse suburbs. You 
would probably Oiink of an area 
high sthool mam. You would be 

The answer lo this qucvlion 
"tnild be the Mjupcr 'Hawks 

Being the Sports Editor for 
ihi* fine publication, I hate 
chosen to attend the football 
games and cover them for n-y 

The first game I went to was 
tlie Triion game, die Hawki wen 
-H f? I didnt know what to 
especi I V.M at ibe game 
because 1 had 10 be dieie, As ll« 
ganie wore on, I bcftjin to realize 
this vcun had lome ixiicntul. 

deiwiment and die Registrar for 
all of die uifotmation sillied to 

my fellow writers ....As of 

this issue. 1 am giving 
permisvion lo anyone who wants 
to uw; my point spread on the 
Bears game for professional 
purpose. The Bears won by n 
polni.4 last week and 1 hjid ihcm 
Jown lor 9 points, so now 1 am 
2-0 on die Bears. This week. 
they will win over Minnesota by 
13. the Raiders will win hy at 
kast 10 over the Dolphins and 
the Chargers will win by 5 over 

K.C The Hawks won by 

SO, so I was right a.s I picked 
diem by 15. 1 say U»cy will win 

by 30 ...L««t week's trivia 

question was answered by Larry 
"Big Dog" Coulon. The answer 
was Reggie Jackson This 
week's question: WHAT NFL 

The nc«t game was a big game 
against then unbeaten Illinois 
Valfcy. The Hawks dominated 
all but the founh quarter I diJ 
not sec a weakness as of yci. I 
did spot something that did 
bother mr though. The stands 
were not full 1 frgurtd duH since 
diis was only tlic third game of 
die season, die fans would he out 
al the next game. Then I 
nimcmberod die gam.: would be ai 
Indiana, so I waited for he next 

The nc« woelt was die wwk of 
the big siomis. and the fans 
disappointed me once again as 
they missed the Hawks pound 

This brings us to the game 
agaiast Rock Valley. The Hawkj, 
seem to he mad at someone or 
ihing. hocaime dley rimMi id Ok 
Valley 5(M). 

Harper ii presenting Fall 
Festival this week and the 
highlight of dill weekend is the 
Hawk* against College of 
DuPagc on Saturday. 

The Hawks arc a very laknted 
group of football players. A 
Win diii good docs not deserve 
10 he igno««d by the nudem body 
as diey have been in die nasi 
weeks. This school has an 
enrollment of around 20,000 
fVMsibly 1,000 could find dieir 
way to the game diis weekend. 
Believe me. it is a very well 
spent afkmoon. and you wtiuld 
witness a very well-balanced 
Jiuck and a hell of a football 









HOPS f ® sffli TOI Msnm 

vol .W N«l.7 

OCTOBER 23, 19K6 


\.-v.» iVrticf 
Ttefe a«; two liii,,' '.]•.•, 

3! Hail^T folk'SC ,1.4 

tlic Harpci DPM'\ .simlcni 

ctaiMcf, The Dau Pn»;i>>iinj:, 

MjJiwscmciil .\:>M». i.uri'ii i- ihc 

titiniti¥j:»m/alirar iii *./ I itilcd 

■ atii ab«M<) ,hJi [)PM\ 

-. M:ilif profc,f.:>,». <>) 

wtiKti Ihc ctafiicr B it tttttvi. 

DPMA cnahfc\ ite WiMknt wiitt 

acdmipitr cjiccr us a giul lo |!'<:t 

al«Ml.iiow. Miticr (tan wni until 

''■- T-idintion. 

iiKiiititT i>f OP'tA, mafi^ 

.,, ...iHllllcnli will 4fi;„t; U) mcci 

tad miAgtt with OP 

prefcHHiodli 'froin Mh ihc 
privjic ami puWic scckw., T'liii 
KHcritciMim will enlunn' Viircct 
(Kiumisl ami will LfininlMitc to 

llK*cr)' o( *iiiii IS. a»4ilaMc 

t>ey«i«J |J)« Harprr Cawpus bv 
»ayi of Uau (MKenng. and it •< 
'The way llw: ihit MiciiKltoi i-> 

jHfriilancc at ihc Nofitt Sltate 
Chaplci Mc'.;! . ,K In lift 

As n 



•;,) 111:" 


Th« nmffmpm of William Raiiwy Harper College Palatine, lltinois 


nil mi KiiiifllwrK 

SiMirti Kittliir 

TlK Hawks Itnt* *hj»i iJiey 
nnuld bt up a.gain!it last 
wccki'iid, hut touUn'i keep up 
iMlh iIk- DuF'-ist- C"h;»(x:irt:il>. ,i- 

Ihcy km 51-11. 

Iiiltirics seemed lo pliiy .< 

pan in ttic gamc.JW DuPaji- u. ■ 

toach Bt* Mc&iitgall clainictl tk: 

■*:k pnng. into Ilw pjiiic wuhom 

Hi lii^ (irM -sriiriccfs 

D'llt Pra»st <3> i^tn.* utedi'd Ibwk f»ril«. 

.!!!■.,.■ h| miutu >. the »ay ^^l^ 
. [I'.nrd, II vtTl.iiiily wasn'l 

Ttic Hault »cfc »iihiHil ili,,- 

.. ^- i'lcifd J 
;'t.iy thiv 

..■*. runrimi! hjit Iriun 

l-ii^'.l.inil. V'iciiii HIhjKuJiIo 
['l.ivi'cl iHily a tc» pi.i)'< anairi'-l 
1 >iil',igc te:auM; hf *'a.v mjurvd. 

Eiirl Joi'ilan dHln'l (>l;u k'tauw 

lit a l.iCiTaltfc! iiJncy, fhnt 

'utii'i play Iviaim" iit a 

■4.I,- Mm H\..iu:lu 


> I II 

. - ; .1- ,i Miiv.; M^VHTUi siin.."j'h, J a 

k;i ■•■ ii:, luiA awl »ill ho UUl ifli.' 

'. '"I 1.1 u- watum. 

■•..' Ti.:'\l fcwfjiincs will >.tur.i 
.. ilic Hawkt. tan play *i!h a 
ii"* mjurifs. 

The tvcmning til' Samitla^ ^ 
■ .•.,,■1,1 oil- ila-U^ M.ill 

bill piik up as the firit half 

The Hawki viint'd lii'.i on a 
Jn\c. *hith included a Ijiird and 
I * -.hovel fosi 10 Dan Martin ( 1 1 
lairics (or 6H yard,* and 8 
ri.Ycpii>!ii!. lor hi yards) he lixik 
kir 1 5 .yards and a TirM down and 
a 2,1 vard pass from Sieve 
KM ,„■:.,.''•'..( JM.„ -"u vard,M 
i,.r in 
:,;.l as 
iniiMM i'lll fume hii 

liiiiii |]i. ' ',, ll.,iuk lejd, 

'Mie Ha^Aks ikvi i>t«sscsMon 

iiiiiuded a W) yaril |',i^-. lioni 

KIckaiiip In ■ -. Ivkamp 

'A. IS uiuliT .1 iiiil was 

' ■ ■■. i,,'l |.clnie 

: ,i',s lo a u i,l,,' 

The H.mks ,mlled «hc drive 
arid C'urne i*.'- ^ til..1 m in nm 
ihe hall ihrri 

I he Ihjiwks a, : ;■. 1 

I iintinwfd mn p»$e K 


B\ Itrtiii'i- Vltr.irnikk 
l-'fiitMrr* latltiir 
Nnhyn Davit 
fealtirm Wriltr 
atnd ,\ari>ii BriuddH 
Pttntii i:(iii(>r 

Cn; «( ,■< , pan t if our ft'jlWf 

ptiifcii ■ .aJi'.t 

•'irt /'fi ,,<r'ir»ii 

the i/K,. 
fitturr f 

A^k .iK»ut the unahiy of ihc 
eiJuiaium M tar as the (;icii,lly 
i,r> !.,■', Tw'O inenlrws, ta whieti 
iL-aM'iiaWc c,«pla,nati(tns may 
ivnt. lend to plant lm,te y'Ueslwm 
matks m our hi!;:id». 

One involved an instriielor 

rcailiri!: f>ul louil iml iil a led aiul 

:' t 

-i.r. 1 >y, ■,*,.. L u ,11. iPi'MiUi M'i 

iiiiiuintu; wheitier lohn Updike 
wa,s villi .line ur 11. li 

PRT'^ ■■ rH: I would 

Ihmk It: : ,%ur Ciciiltv 

:ikl I. .11 laii. 
miralvr nl pa 

W<' do. I think, thr.i«.„:h iiiit 

-vitein of cv.iluali,,,' 
■,ii,nIiTiis afe involve. I 
ejvli veiiKstcr, keep a mi,, w..-,., 
wak:,h on pari-iiine faeutiy, Out I 
hive a great deal of rcipcei lor ilie 
,pi,rl-linic (acuity, fm o»r rcavon 
ikM I, have alrokly giwn. luid uIm. 
hccMK so many of the pan : 
(aciilly have been here for i ■■ 
2(1 yean. and I think h.r. .' i,. .tli^ 
earned the retpcci .'t iIk'h 
colleagmrs that arc le,aehini; here 
full tunc, and pan-iiiric, 

t Atnk in tcnnt of the two 
e,KamptM, ihc two regrciiahle 
ewmples that you gave. num,bcr 
one, arc th-y true, sttirics'? Or ait 
Jl>ey apoc,rypha!? 

H: Wf kno'W for certain on 
uni:. aod trust the murce on the 
other implicitly 

PM: And then, beyond thai. 
wheitier they're true or in the 
mind of the ,ftudentn,. I don'i 
think thai"! pervasive 1 think 
ihai the sittitiidc of ihe i.k-uIi\ 
full- and part-ume, is very, >..--. 
pr irfcssioiial , ,And I Wflsi 
ihai I h:;ivc a gwal deal of trsi-, 
tor ihc full- and ,pafi-iinv lii,.-uliv 
fiirmlvcrs here ai ilxrfv 

\r Kij,!,. 1 

^ vjfitpktin , 

tixt t 

.Iilleretil nature, Tlu-rc 


ll!^.■H,"^ lin iK'w \![Hk'ni teiucr.aiid 
there's study areis. It's 

II you knA at llie ihirJ H.mi ol 
r huilding. you'll Imd a whtile 
.il iKissrcHOTis internally, 
■ ,., and then eviernally. 
,,,H>nis »nh * Hidow ^ around 
III.: }ieruiKief, Now. rniiie ol lliat 
jpacc wav ever intended lo be 
clasmim space. It wa,< inicndcd 
to be slack space l'« the lihrary, 
and I think we'd like to gel hack 
10 that, lo ease up some ol ituu 
crowding on the first fUxw of F 
building and to find a (>crin,ancni 
home for the liberal arts fauilty, 
ur (he humanitm laeulty. 

H; Doof that involve any plans 
(or cotltlruciion ol no v. 

I'M: "We'll have to wait and sac. 
aIuii the architect says, but my 
lechnjT IS. you know, thai the 
answer to ihat qucMion will be 
yes. Then, the other negative 
thing ihit I sec in terms of sjiacc 
is Ji4,i. J One (oriy-ihrcc was 
huili as a lecture hall and nut an a 
iheaier. and thii! causes a number 
of problems. One ucmendou.s 
problem is Kheduling for that 
Probably history, psychology. 
and semiology arc very heavy 
users of ihat room, and it is a 
very gcwl rtxMn for large clats 
seclumji And it is not a 
parucularty good theaier. because 
there are no dressing rooms, 
green rooms, no ipacc for 
rehearsal, and no .space lor 
building sets. 

So. I think what Harpci will 

( imtinurd mi ha'XI paur 



li.,i.,!( ul i tiuiiJiiij; ,11 llie 

;iij level. ilKR- are much too 

,many things going on of a 

Mclirilh sfwakt <>ui. 


P«ge 2. Tlic Harbinger. October 23. 1986 




Lm ytm, a. cott 'nearly SI ,K(W 
for U.S. Ciiii|.r«,i!n«n Claude 
Pepper, D-B., m |ei a mail-twter 


U he'* obIj waiwrf a few 
raooihs. Ptppcr - who was 

irv'ini: to ikmurnx the prcv'ikncc 
of "diploma mills" for a fee ■- 
cftuJd have hccome a dixtor of 

Ailet- CuLiine or Yodelmg foi 
jll»l SI. I, says Christopher 

Wi|Cit, the "Dean of ttons" at 
Fergk llnive«iiy in Cincinnaii,. 
't g« up early one mwtrnmi and 
s»«cd thinking of strange 

iini*ertiucs and ihc cilatowg* 
|j»»iie»." WiKcri c»plai«. 
"Tll«l*'» a ga|r IB between the 
ttarvart 'UnivenAy caialof ue and 

One need only send Wi,c,jtiTt 
$11 for an official l-Vrg!f l' t 
»hin and a diploraa ■■ ■■ !.lHl^ vivm:; 
llkiusands of Aillars in luiiuiii 
and hundreds of hours ol study 
iHiie It awguiar college. 

"Wens lalkkif aboui SI («).«« 
.- just lor a B.A, -. ;it wmc of 
(he finei msniuuon*, U.: vn'V 
"Hi« al Ferglc. you can skip all 
Ihm and. go rigfM iw >o«ir Ptt.D." 

A» for tlje tow. low' co« of an 
cdiicalion, Wigen says il ian'i he 

"'We're' detmalcly in a c1*b by 
oiinwlves. Even B.(ir'vard can't 
C'O'lliipcije," he notes, "Take 
Beliwn|«<ii» (College), *!iu'h 
eosii about Sl5.IX'l<> an liour 
ft* whjt. rtudcms sp<-nd for .1 W-* 
ilayn th«re (for a hachcltu s 
£fc:ip«.>. ihcy can conie he« aiwl 
,gi:,l iheir Pti.D." 

ny leMiui. ilmr kiili 10 Fergie, 
k; atfclt. fMtMW "am Mve enriiigt) 
mamy 10 buy that new houas' 01 





However, the campus is smalt, 

Wigen says - about die sue of a 
five hy .seven inch posl office 
box -- so don't eupccl a huse 
dorm room. 

In the month or s*-i that ihc 
"tchool" has c«isicd, Wigcn 
report)! nearly 2S alumni 
asnciaium nicr.ibcrs, but says he 
hopes to in rwa:'!' the number. 

'By ISriO. we hope the 
asstoalton will get as big as ih- 
combined popululions of North 
Dakota, Wyoming, and 
Alabama.' Wigert continues. 

Fergie '1 motto ■■- Discc Aul 
MoMW ftiMlfti or D'le) -- ntakes 
v/itm tmgt a liiik', but ''whcnr 
cl»? cm you get a great edK:':ition 
ami a slim besides." he asks. 
Alttough the ulea h-tiiwl Tcri'te 
U. It '.Itu'lly <'-n l.iui:h. 
tonsumcTs tuve m ilic |'l.l'^l K-i.':i 
Liken 111 hy mji! orili-r diiil.tin.i 
nulls, says David Smith, .liralnr 
of the Soiieiv lor \'.,ilii.-» in 

"It's hard to bclcive someone 
O'Ifcnng a Ph-D. in A/tct Cuisinc 
ciiuld be taken seriously, but 11 
has happ'ened." he '.;i)s 
"Consumers can he misk-d hy 
what fake creidcnti^ils arc goini; lo 

'The word 'doctor' gets 
transtaiett mto a resumi* ot twi a 
hii-,'' ' :!nil il'i.,ii [X'tM'm IS 

kii. -■■',.m,.t S.> "rtK-ti. 

ilis'irs an- i'i{s.-rietl.' tr *;irn,» 

Earlier Ihis year. Ihe 'open 
ilnois" iiicliirf--' ti....,- M the 
VV'h.k- House „; Is of 

lyiveriimem I ' ■ ' . - >lww 
about 2(U icifcrai cinptoyces hold 
phony academic or medicil 

De'spiie a masimiim pi-naUv ki 
SIO.KK) in fines and ,. ''■' ■'■ 
pnson *cn,te«:c for el,: 

iTcdemials. Ihc FBI discovL-ioil 

nearly 5(K).U00 Amenc:ms . - one 
out of every 2'C»l) employees -. 
use Ihi^m for getting Jobs. 

To dramali/e heiw easy 11 is to 
gel such "degrees," Rep. Pej^r 
last year had one of h,i,s staff 
mcinbc,rs answer an ad m Popular 
Mechanics inaga/ine, pay the 
S1.S«) lee. ans submit four brief 
book repom. 

The congre,»smai> is ikjw "Dr 
F»eppcr." holder of a Ph.D. in 
psychology from a Los AngeJes 

"The danger of misuse 
outweighs the humor of the 
situation," S" lilh avserts. "Esen 
il W percent (of the pccip,lc in the 
country) coisider this sort ol 
ihtng as jusi a ,):)k,c. if only one 
{rrccnl cause *o<ne kind of haim 
itirough misrepresentiition. is it 
ito«, ihcn uKihtcjil r 

'It should show us how 'thin the 
line ts K'i*ceri the humor (of a 
silaatiodi and the (serious 
business I o( education." Smith 
>'«'icludcs, __^ 


need 'Will be 'spase (or 'Ihal liberal 
arts faculty, 'wd a the.iicr on 
ciinpus. in ilk: n< 1 « ■ l.u Jistant 

H: Are ih.-re any oiliei shcrt- 
tangc goair; thai v,'.'i have in 
mir.d right no*'' 

PM: Well, v"'"' *< 

have a plaimmg cuiiviiiin,-,-, iluit 
right now IS under the leadership 
of a taculiy mcmto hy the name 
ol !"»l Mulcronc, and Ihey come 
up *ilh a number of goals for the 
college il» this panic year 
licnetalty. 1 would think, it s the 
kttwl's miention 10 have the idca^ 
for the .short-range goals tome ui> 
through the faculty 'md tlirougli 
the student body, and then the 
hsurd will accept them ainl act 
upon them n'liliin the year. So 


Mlf,PilN ftllMMI UNIVttMty 


Notionol dtillnclion, profettional occfttdiKiiion 1 
Hiflhly roiikid by NCATI. tiMltent ploc«m»ntt 
R«inka<l omonf ««p i m ib« nottcml 
UargMt in lllinoii, in top 10% in Ammtco! 
Ov«r 50 undargtudwat*. 30 sroduaic mO|arst 
UfMj*r t3M0 yMW total luiiion. I*m. room board! 

"M" pMywnt and "OMnpact" iagr««m«nt» v«ii'h 
pwWit' coMtiMfitly c«ti«g*i and .privaw tchooltl 

Ditcavttr the W«»t«ro Advon«og«rs lor Vour4«H 

'MX kS J ii l 


m ,■.,■,., - 2 p-Mj 

WriMr: WMIwn tllinoi* Unit>«ft<ty 

Wfflcoifib. Ik 4)4S,S 

Coll: 309.»aiB«) 

800-31}-340a fioll ire* in Ittinois) 

Fall Festival Qi 

Desi Riiulhu. 
VHom CKtniT 

,l-l*<',\ HKdililH s 

the answer 10 that it. yei. 

Now, olhe. than those gixils, 
there arc certstin goals for the 
college. One of die things that 1 
think is regremiblc is that ihe 
buildings arc named A. B, C. 1), 
M. F. I. and I, and L. and Q, I 
ihink that we should make an 
ellort to uy to gei •hem named 
alter members in the community 
or husincsscs in the community. 
And I think thai in a short, time 
*c 11 be undertaking that as not 
s«> much a goal of the biMrd, The 
goals ot the board arc much more 
concerned with the educational 


H: Just out of curiosity, who 
would apP'H,we the changing of 

ilic dcsignalioo of the buildings" 
PM- The hoard, In other 
words, if wc *crc to change the 
name ol the libra,f-y, niinic it alter 
someone, the bowd wmil,l cuIkt 
.K'onnc or liisillJprovc ol iliai 

iTipliasis hy editor I 
liiM llui youd like to 
ciklii* ilic library wilti. isc d be 
happy to name it alter sour 
grandtaibcr or great-,era,i'i«tlather 
[Teience and Rtibyn laugh |, 

It W'Ould il be possible to do 
tliai"? We mein... 
PM: Oh, 1 hope so, 
H: , considering that it's a 
iiate ssiiiwl" 

I'M: Sute, )CJh t iliint. you 
krwiw, one ol i!ic I'lul'ilcms (I1..1 I 
h:ivc with Harfwr as I natk 
around is it's all so sir;, 
lunctionaJ ' ' ' '" shifvn aii> 
wiumlbas'. :;(ul, .mdl 

Hunk flow Hi... .-. .., ™hieveil,.ii 
lc,l^t lot the nest five to ten^, J l"in.,mcial stability, that* 
liitii;., th.,it we have 10 
. , Hut I don't sec any 

legislative problems with namm;-. 
the buildings. 

I do have some personal 
problems, and Ihal's why I said 
your grandfatticr or your great- 
grandfather, because If you name 
.1 building alter a living person. 
it's always a litdc bit danj;erous 
So I'd much rather make 11 m 
memory of. 

H; Is there any special iiR-ssagc 
you might have lor the campus 
community that you might like 
to transnul via the article'? 

PM: Vou know, if more 
students could Ivcome involved 
in tome activity on the college 
campus. 1 Ihink that it would 
help them to mature as an 
individual, and I think 11 would 
help, bring us together as .1 
community here on campus 
Arid if 1 had tme major item thai 1 
voutd wisli for, It would b.: lha( 
sludents would be more involved 
in the campus lile here al llai-per 
1 WLsh that each sear. WllCM 
and the Harbinger didn't have to 
go out and try to rocruit members 
for their reporting (tall and ifieir 
managemenl and things ol this 
nature. I would wish thai, yciu 
know, it's by application and 
that It's an honor and a pro ilcge 
to he on the Harbinger ralher than 
being draiicd 10 work .ni it 
11: It's a g<x)<l expcrieiKC. too. 
PM: Yeah you know 1 ihink 
lis so important to your 
education 'liai 11 din-sn ■. all akc 
)i!ace in il-c cl issruim. hiii that 
vou twi. wiK'k togedicr .irid jjct to 
know oihcr people ar.J «liji'-. 
e,».d aNiui ilieni -XnJ iil,.o how 
10 work past their loihles. 
Evcrybsidy has to adjusi 10 
everybody else. 1 thiUk. 




cmmmm I &»«t»m>. » ••il-»«il>iiiiNi« kmUm in,'»>«,l»» puBiishinf 
t,«i8. m««#» tiinile •nO' <BUII.-«olun» mm oT 'HjBI' nM«*''c,« l»«*i 
mteth' » t»m tna *oc«i>iiii»fl imii«ii«>iMii, mm mm i» i>««e 
oiwi'irnt ItwiLt* K* :SIl«:NTS » tOKIEKAICnS mlio •unt to 
WA ij So» *«o«'H»r<l»* »* !*<» ••■HKtJcnmliiliB* 10 m imui 

MMt tna MM 0* ■MMHIIV' 

• «*M 1 PM 

• 2 PM 7 PM 

.4 PM.. 7 PM 

'M> tm urn '««l|,-<iiialll«l ik>iwi*m«I« o* aoo* [>h««, c»munte«- 
IKW Mili'i. ma •• mum to •mn US y»t •« »»» rou e«i«» 

• a waaMv tsn> rata plui camMntMi on nlw OH 

• ■ M rata pw hour 

It )» hmm ••«• 1 i.ui*>m« iwvrjt Hiit'S a mm^tmv tmeHflrourM 
m » tMM^mH^ ^'^^ J» sl.t,),r.g ii«mrf lo iwat" ^^tnm vou e«fn cM 

2S6-7000 Ext. 408 



3M1 c»*l6Hin«««Ha 

Hjc Harbinger. October 23. 1986. Page 3 



In this austere economic climsile, 

wfMldn't yon want ti> gel tie most 
frwin yoor dollar? 

When |ou reRister for cliisses 
each »eiiiester, ytm pay a stiidenl 
aclivilies fee of $12 (tor a full-lime 
student) or $6 (tor a part-time 

In return, ji»ii lecl that greal 
lillle red I.I>. card, which entillcK 
,«ou to (and I nuole» "free or 
"reduced admission at Harper's 
classical and popular concerts and 
films, lectures, plays, art rxhlbils. 
spccM tftnts. athletic e\cnts, a 
student handbiwik. activity calendar. 
free access to building M recreation 
durina advertised hours. Kssaiicss 
and lieneral Cinema mmic tickets, 
and Iwhen offered* a sanif room, 
free access to physician and lawyer, 
and «for degree credit -enrolled 
students making satisruclory 
progress) emergency loans. 
mtmberships in thirty clubs or 
Spetth Team, Student Senate. 
WHCM,. Harbinger. Prouram 
Board, and much more." 

ilul do you take adsantage of 
these great offerings? 

For example, about two-thirds 
of the people attending Harper 
esents lasl year, including the hit 
musical "A Chorus Line." were 

A much more recent esample 
was the Waymoves and Colourtone 
concert last Friday night. A 
whopping ninety-nine tickets were 
sold, mostly to non-Harper 

W'hal's going on here? 

What the hell do you want in 

Maybe Student Activities needs 
to redesign its choices for 

The questions ha»e been raised, 
and we will find the answers. 

EdM In n»c( 


■y M'Ifce Mainacrs 

A ewiple of djiy* ago I mm 
xiidtng. tkwfi n mtm-tu/nl dufpK 
a* 1 fltt»p«'it ihrouuh *amc 
mapa/itu-^ m "Ml. 

There *.ii it»c iifwl: Tar 
ani Dti*«'. "PopuUi 
Mechanic-*". »«d -Nfwtwfek;". 
iHit ihftc van no I ' ^ - ■ 

N.,r TliiUx- ">-* 

tAc itn'M thill 1 im.ij-'HK- "'Ml 'I 
* niild be litt" 10 «<: J<-'"y 
Fallwcllmlhecf^ ■■'•' 

Ai atij rar- 
irurik' that i * 
illXHH fallttfll - • I'K 

K.wil l<;i;-i- 111 Hi, • ' "iirg 

11.^1! "'! h^: V i>K:c'" 

ll »J» 
on ih'C 1 1 

Nwy yen. fcui « waini'i . 
thai nuMy Sat Norman Quilidd, a 
ZehjkW «orc cktk arrcilKl in 
iln* raid 

It It's only Nfirnrx (irsl 
trffcnsc and i( hc'» coiiviewd he 
ctwiW face up to a ye« m jait and 

I'm sure by now thM 'many 

of ycHi a,ic s(»c<ldin(j icars tor 

Norm hul, fonsiA* what's ta*en 

According lo ihc article (in 

ilic ijiJ "mak'iuh confiscaicfl 

■ .rxiial condiiti 

, , Mial rclatjocis. 

IjwKkujc iUWl ^WlCtH'C," 

Dnh!. Call mc a pfrvcn it 
you lite bin I've tee« w- ■ 
oulMilc of violcKC, It, 
: '■■ ■■•■■■•-(ncaicit sccm.^ ;■> ,-,, 

ii-il i,\ r.Mtt .1 rinriTO I 

Ktokncc in pociw is is ii real or 
i$ ii fake. 

Hollywood lias ceriainly 
turned ciul enoueh dcnul floss 
strangles lypc movies, but wc are 
rcatcmably sure ihesc kinds of 
movies arc simply iheairlcs. 

Are ihc women in 
pontogmpliy being wrtured f<ir 
real nr i» il juil It* fun' 

The pom industry is 
certainly not above reproach. 
Reccnl disclosures by ex pom 
qtiecn Linila Lovelace ccruinly 
;llIc^l 10 the seamy side of Ihc 

Bui I Ihink hy now >> ^ 
the point I'm irying lo ,■ > 
iiisl whal are oaf laws ami !".■* 
no ihcy cnf(*c.«l'? 

l!fH.I ill- ;|v.T)r'i- nll/i'll 

bothri - 

lilf Jctr, ■: ■ ■ ■■ ■ ■•:■ '■■' 

behiMi the count 

wain li"» pet in> ' ■ ' 

jbIi^i I it-.; ii" NainTial 


She didn't kiw* wtut 1 was 
•Uilkint atwil awl pnib:i,My would 
ha^: ■■■■■.. 


fanic m trie airiK-i 

Laelily I had imj vtuit}:,.- 
Yeah bat ihai hcadlmc ■^ "■ 
hugging me. "When iirc <,'■ 
rii'iii-wtiigcfs gonna' Icl up' 

ill m disgusl I began U> re*! 
Hi.'ndj S<'bo/y'.i "lory on ihc 
tatkwwe f.iu.t:. 

.However, my disgust turned 
la amuKmcm when I dtscoveted 
thai one of (he bookstores raiik-d 
was the Zcbulon AduU Book 
Store i« unincorporaU'.l 

I had driven 'pasi ihcTc often 
(on my way somwbcre. else thank 
yoo.) and had wondered wlui kind 
of guy ptttroniM.s such a liicrary 

Wouldn't il be nutty to stop 
n and find ycmr history leather in 
the whips and chains section. 
"Ah Hammers, doing some 
fcscifch on colonial bondage 
under British rule loo. Iiuh?' 

: .■xplrtU vxujiI .itl.» llunk 

Ah hut viHi viv, 'Mi>.o ttli'ii 
aboul tlKt fionin (unk ' 'I ^ nni 

Wnwg. BcsKk-s Ihc ohimiis 


If 1(1 10 ainwsl J I 
.uld olTci %->., 

[ k>l)i.ui 

Well. I, all twinoscsual 
■itiiviiy jjoriraycd cm film illcpar.' 
Ii M:m»c okay and mutk* L'^-. 
oflcnsive ilian oll«rik'.' 

At the time of the wnimg ol 
tins article, I don't know whal 
fvaclly ibe law say*, but ii 
tcrUinly makes one curious. 

What about bondage ".• Well a 
recent movie release called " V I ./ 2 
Weeks" contains bondage 
«cnes, hui ii has a lepuiablc 
actocandatircss m ii. 

Is it okay lot Mickey Rourkc 
and Kim Bassinget lo be hound 
and gagged, but illegal fur 
Johnny Meal and Candy 

Finally I came to violence in 
porns. The problem with 

l'.>,l.',r irilhrcl 


.Kitliwa IchiVitiHn 
.. Mill K»(cl>«|i 
IVht'W CiKj'i»f> 
\«rtm Ilivu^lilus 
l.4rrv PiuHin 
i'lCJIIUTcr* i .l.<i.f IftcIKC McComittk 
SjMrti l.iliii.. Hill KuKflbttt 

A(lv««» l'«' Oirnm 

(VmimlCT Coniuluinl 'VI [(uniliojii 

(he lURHINt;rH x il>t iuhIm. 
I«iM«c»»ii Itw *«■ lUt"' <""llqt' cmntmt 
camnuKitty, p«il>lnlic4 »ctkly oii-jK 
dttrmii hojulayi aiwl I'ind ci«nti. All 
(sfMKliai tirtemta ilt Ihox: ul lire "'nw 
.ina nol necrsKinlir thmc ol Ihe a.>Jlcgc. 
Ill «itiiiniiim.ion, f«cully ofilinJail h.»ly. 
Advcniimi And ctify dca4linc is nuun 
Thufii4.y m4 ttipy ii .iibjecl W) ciJilins 
All iMim lo Ihc cdaoi iru« Ik iiitiea, 
nimci wrthhcia on re^uell l^r tultller 
ilrfomiMwi cill J91 llinn, Ml Mttim 




Ed Fiir||iis«i*/'I.iktrsl Arts 
Yes, I wcm lo see Ac Waymoves 
Mil Cofoowniw. However., the 
NklMiiw Ttentulii goumk 

Mike riai»«iaa(i/i*iys. Bd 
No I htvenl. 1 live im 
Chicago and it IS to Car to 
dnvc iMck to school. 

Metan iiowaick/ P«y. 
No. 1 don't know of any events 
that wmild inicrtst mc I had 
not beard of die musical 
groups that come here. Bui. 

Deliiti* Daaaway/Musie 

Yes. 1 do go Ki some of the 
cvcnl-s. For example, the 
Hypnotist and ihc Choir 


tinry Klingslieim.Comns. 
No. I work weekday nights and 
Friday mghu They don't have 
any Saturday night events. 

Page 4. The tlarbinger, October 23. I986 




Part Three of Four - Dr. Bonnie Henry 

Bi tarr; l*ai>llla 

EnlirtataiiMBt Edilwr 

CcMiliiMiiiig in am nrwch for 
how and why things work ai 
Hmrpcr tn the diveric wea al 
programming, «c went rigfit » 
ite top. 

Dr. Il«innic Hrnrj. Hiiper'* 
Vice-President for Siudcni 
Affairs, fim came in Hjupcr in 
AuKUM. 1982. She wb named 
Vicf-Pratdeail m of March I. 

W'Aat we voiif ne.<jwMi*i/(»«'v 

as Dnm tf.Ktudeni I'lnvlfi/imrni ' 

i: am ri>.[i,.i..ilil.- t.if all 

;:ii!rtiiniMraiivc jri:j% Ihcsc 

■ admusnons. regisl/ars 

foiU'pulcr *«vitc\, 

.llhlc.iws. sittileni dcvcl<ipmcni 

fiwitul aid, health •HTvktv* ,;iii.l 


Dr. Bonnie Henrj 

iPiiolii h) AanHi ilninititn'i • 

ll''!.:" li ■• (Ae jiui/«r 

'i.'' -n,^!!:- : Stmieni 

I IhinL 11 would hf ii v 

ilivi-rsily. SliuJent Acliviiits has a 

■ik- bll of evcrylhing 7hcri-'s 

. iiiiclhing ihal appcaU in .ill 

i<i;es, and ihal's wry imporiani 
wuli such a wiilc range in Mudciil 

H-'/kjj arf It'i <w';iA/lf( ii-v " 
I don'l ihiiik .>l It a>. a 
wcakttcss, bul *c arc uvin>; in 
ilttjrpjrar more devclopmcm ol 
teiHL'[Nhif> skills 

rr.ibablj liclpiHi; iUul.;iu.s anJ 
Uk dircclor achieve their pi:ils 
t ontinM«*d "M in'\t iMsi»- 

y J L> £ D 


It) l.iirT> Puullii] 
I nltTLiinitu'iit I'dilnr 

How's iliis for a film comept: 
The unsolved, unseen, crime and 
nuiyhem<l all over the w«ld 
is and always has hc-n cauwd hy 
c\\\ spiriis tha, iikii "vc". hui 
d.i I'laiiual!) exist 

Ihese wandrring spinis, ai 
Nil mads, have hy and large 
csiapcd notice hy humiins. Those 
unforiunaies who do figure oui 
du-ir secret. how.-ver, me urgelcd 
(it tiealli, 

!Momad<i is a great idea tJiai 
got sidetracked somewhere 
he" ween concept and script. 'The 
rcsull I. a riillrriiristaiealh 
«ish t.\biid 

lt!x::ins iruercsimj;|i, ■miiph. 
■' :!h J vljing .imJiRipiik gy pio 
I.'- -or I f'lajs-d si)iprisiri(:ly well 
tn ' R mirij^lon Sk-ele's" I'lcrte 
Ilmsiiaril wliisptinnj; a s^'cri't inii' 
Ihc car ol his iluclnr, wlm 

IkT . • 

leading up u ihe profs demise. 

With nis- .so far' CmkxI, There 
will he a qui/ bier, i r»ni ihere 
llioiigh. there is a rapid drop inii) 
111..' wiirKI of hoixllunis. hikers, 
.iiid die lite wreaking hanK on 
uiisusp.xling 1 OS ,-\riuiies 

As the prul ■.urrepiiiiously 
follows ihi.s "gang", and 
piK logrjphs them, he figures out 
ill,;.: .something i„aj't quite righi. 

»Viih the dcvcloiwiieni nl ihc 
pic lire.*, he i.s convinced. The 
"gang " niciiiheis don i .1 
in photos. 

Knowing the cslimo Icttnd 
ahoul the evil "Nomads", the 
prof is uliim.ately pursued and 

There is a 
eiidmg (translaliim: 1 c luldn'l 
guile figure it out, but 1 likej ii 
'iiywayi, ttui I won't i'lv .' aw .iv 

I ul in helweer K'ginrini; jiij 

'■n,!.', ih(- hiri is veiy. \'crv 



n.i RMaral Jiihulnii 
Cillliir In-riillr 

"Fail Edilie ■ » hai 

he mmi lii be ^.„. ;.. . ^^ii ilw 
next best thing, A kid who is " 

Witli this prpmiiing promo- 
iional ad 'campatgn s,lo,gan, 
Toucbtonc 'Pictures' latest, fijtn. 
Tht Ci»l«»r of M'onev. opened 

>asi »ul in ihe Chicago ar, 
l:veivrhm(j abort ihis i 

■Is hi;,; riie tasi, ilVi'' • 
r.'in Criiisei tiv 
.VLirtic! ii; 

I">river jinil 

"After Hnurs i.mK'i, aii. 

ambition; a sequel Hi V. 

Rossen's WM cLissic 


t' ring's (he same 
.uul ,,iiui hero theme 
ihat have marked his prcii.'u- 

1,'nlorlunaiciv. Ibe niinie is 

.in. I also lull ol 

'RiAy l>» 

slK;k 'llolK>n...d 
■l^hlied m Ti'iM 
i;..! ..iJl.H.nlil.,' 

le.ena(:e 'li>iTi fruiv tliek, I':, 
liu'disiraeung Inr a senoiis pi-, 
liusilei nuivie 
111 Ihe Color of Monty. 

Nevvnuin repri,sc-s h« rule as fa..! 
Eddie l-elson. the cold-as-icc p. ■ 
shark, Fast Eddie is older, [■•i: 
he's sull hustling !' ' ■ ,p 
hijii.ii HI (aiKv I :.,; 

same snmkei, hai- n ii . .) ui 
husile \\to\ in. 

One day on his louic. l-.dtlie 
,;>irK-s ufHjn Vincent (Cruise), 
\ iiKeni has raw lalcni as a pixil 
pljser, Inji he's a "I'bke". 

\ .:, ,.riP 1.1 r, , n.v.l 1,,, [^ (, 


;.."■■ !. ■ I irmen 

iiievunuier Mary Mastranionio). 

\ ineeiii eventually becomes 

pupil in Ihe line an ol 

i>iK>l Hill V imeiii IS the 

1 1,1s- elKviii HI Iddie s Sihool ol 

lf;irvl Kini«.k . 

When Viiueni ^iiis a game 
Bddie lold hini lo lose, and 
subscnuenlly gees brai up. he 
comes around la Eddie's »,o .i| 

CinUaiml «i iiaKr S 












r^lMarritda Montiir from Outer Space " 

["Ren 9 From Outer Space " ^^"^^^ 
(•ot*d tha worat Wm In cinainalic hiitorj) 

I" Santa Ctaus 

Conquers the Space Martians" 

with Pia 2ailarii 

I" X From Outer Space" 

AMTRfC AS No 1 ( OMfDV Mil (I IB 


(a Japanaaa ctaxic) 

and a surprise title lo be announced 


iMJOfon^^^**^^ October 25 J143 

Isi .00 retMte if you stay 
luntit Itie end of tlw test 

Wt'VXa extension 2S 
more informetionr 

I W*<amWa»ieyMa,»pe»Co«lea(»J 

OCTOBER ^4 - 26 


Hilarious comic 
from LA' 

Also appearing: 

l^ichael A Srnith 
Doug Ooane 

HV'EONf SOAV TW0RSD*¥ SU"IDAs . 8 ,}lj PM 

F«IDAV 9 00PW t r Ii PM 

S*TURD*V 71X1 PM 4 9 ftn r-v I. ,1 ,i pvt 

'NOOW' ro 

(Sch*o.., J- 

111! H \\\ ItoM HIMHn IIIK 

r:.< 'vii.DM.^i i\ KOiit ,„i i.*«i~nivMi..sM,is.,ii,>,,i„, 

utM' NtMTjicm Inn.WifliK-ni 

M ti SI Sim m. II i»r< (312) 303-5700 



17?^ Algonquin Rd (3T2) 503-STOO 

PItat* call tor rr»*rvat»on»' 

The Harbinger. October 23. l^JSh. Page 5 







mostly in lettletship 
dc*clo|»iw!W. md me wMkiiMS 
lowanlit the kmf WWii. 

Hitw Mit* tiptii do ycu have 
in i*r tiav»-day doini(.\ of 
.todrfU ,4<:(fwiiM? 

mt muth al *il k«I. Jemne 
Plltltanin and Mkhael Ncimin 
tecp mt. wcU infomwd. a iwli"- 
10 know ihat HariXT h.i-i mc »! 
the mosi ouwundrng Suiilcrtt 
Aan'Uies procrwis m ihc ■'.uite., 
I've been al olter inMiiutiod'*. 
;,md I Imjw hi»w gi».»«l Harper'* 

/,<( then mUi h ,!•:■■. '''■ 

'■ icwi ' 
. Or hiC: J (..itiinJ anJ an 

iu..l Unci [ ■ .'■ •('.- 
.'K-.-kw- -.. ■: 

JlVllUj, l.MlJ -■ ■' 

Sumc ill I! >"'•■'■■ I 
.....jrvnaHv- g'n«.'r.ill:' 'i.>fi'M> 
OtlKi' times •*■ |uM, |iiik. up iHc 
jthitmc inul ull. 

■*fi' rhi-'. 

teaikritup pi\i(;;. ::■ • l''Ul 

wc"k: nc» a«tcip.:iH(>g ;my rnajot 




iMllMMd Jrnin P»«<- • 

BcmiuiH) «c»:hcr ami amOem 
h.ivc a f.tllin| tml, and Oif) wiwJ 

up mei-nnu head on m a 
lourniiment m AiLinlK (us 
(attualJ)- Navy Pier in ( "In. .!;■■ ' ■ 

Newman's pcrfonuni-e m ihi** 
fita w cicdiem, and ii may ^<n 
him his loog-awailed <Ka« alas, ihis « a yjCSJ.. 
HoIlywtKMl film, not at all in 
keeping wiih Scorsese'* cnhci , 
films My gi«s is ihai he ha«t li> 
make this o«c *> he ttiukl nuiie 
ihe iwmey he ne-cds to do what !«• 
really wants » do, 

TTw holiom line is Uiiil il you 

like Newman and kwc potJ, rem 

Ttie Hustler ' cm vide* Uipe and 

save five bucks Don't let 

yourself IM tiMlkd- 





Red Cross 

The Way Maw rock thr .1 fiuildinu aiidiuirtum last 
Friday nJuhl- (phiHo tredii: Varon Rroaddusl 

O.our Special Message Through n^^^ Jfl^^L- ' 
•he Harbinger Personals! ^>X.-, ^=^%rgp7 

;iiH 367-3000. ext. 2460 or 2461 

jT-tn-nT ■ -^ 

■J J t • A t t i t 


11 1_ 

;'.]']D /ifir i"/) ;\ C. /\ -^ I ! J L: 

i„iii;kary I'DiinK,, 

Job Ikllla; 

• ■ cm,rr«nt il*tp«r •t.»4»lie 

• ui Mo^llant I'Wiiteir of erMttim wTltlng 

• akil* to raitf»iil«<" work "nd p«op'I« 

• Ugbly «k,lH»4 «t, ■palllni punctuat ton 

siui fCaaSBC 

• tf«|wi>dat>la and rsllakl* 

Jab **«ka; 

• or«aall« •«<• <Uf«<Jt • !•■■ of ]»««•• 

• aalta t.lii«l *«»1»1«m» •Itort oopjf M> |ni«>ll»l> 

• .MUt o<jp» BB^ i>««p»r« It for tji)«»«ttl,ii» 

• wlu:. proof* 

• ao'rk «*.tk o««|»l>loo liUtor 


Job »ll.lll»: 

WNli lave SIMMs ml 


■ «««•!« tirijoi rtuJaii* 
m p»Tmm with ■ .tiomfl « 
fiaoal or»»i>.li«tloii 
ahlM ta plan. 

bl* and ralLakla 

of daaign an4 

jok Taaka; 

• i»Xp plan pro4iK«tlon of tHa aaflailna 

• oroaalta and .dltaot a taa. ot ^uA>imm 

• aaka flaal daolaloo about art to publlak 

• dwiXflm tlia ooooapt ai>4 final layout 

• aaa tha aagatlna t.k«oii(|li to puklioatloB 

• vorlc with Lltaracy 'tiiltor 

TO WPLY: COWUtTE Wt OCTOB«» 2«, 1986, 

*»»iic*TioM roMi jkWMUima iw rtm snmvm 

*C»lVXfI«» OITFICS M' f-3'lJ. 





.-—■=., itMSKHIi 

flfjr 1 J »liwi» ttWWWk* C*«» 



2 4. 

P»ge 6. The Harbinger. October 23. 1986 


CLUB NEWS ir^ }^^ '« •'""••"■ 

■■lamallMial Cl«fc: Any 
tumew. rofeign « new, *Ik> n 
t«ttreitf<l m .loining iIh* 
InKnttioMl Siudcuts Club. 
ptow! ttop b> nw for more 
«(oiwalkni. Club miIvuks 
■Kiiuk: tri(K, muis |Mrii<!!(.jiiHt 
Hic cicbanfe: afewlMe with new 

Spctch TMlK SuiiMl tip ml 
ipcilk «it. joiit ihe Speech 
Team:. See Tom MtCrsih „ 

Ril , Tuesday ami Tl>ii(«%' 

C'atkniir Campu* 

MiBisIri H spt)nvt)fmg a 
Cinholk Mm* oh* bktwjay at 
13 PM A -24 1. All arc welcome ^ 
rhe Miirper ('tiHt|;t 
I jmerulji Slnfrr* anil 
tom-erf Cfcoir are itxkmt 
»>iwa«»s and' alios t,i. jam. »mm 
on ittew HHW a( Gttm Bnam 

"Hie lour is jcheduW' lii fer. 

Oiklgo t:ni Di-ccitihcr .Jft an.i 

rcium on J., s •jiirr 

I«rr(i>frrurn; in Tiv,: ., ,iki hi ihv 

.! KmgAni'i 

[wiittpaiwig ihmtl: . i, . ' \ 

years i>U anti m.i'. 

ThOiiUB Siaucli M I'.'.' '■-..! 

Tbt MwWiigtr hH lui' opm 
iluor tx)tic|. Come oa in ■ml 
>'dl Mlhe E*ft*)f 1 A-.Xi7 


Scrt«» Writint * T(» Z: 
Wrillni And Sellini: riir 

Flini md T»l»»tekiii, A iwtj- 
<%. tmensivc iCBPiinar on ihc ait. 
crafi and hiiiincsi of 
xvrcenwriimi fof film and 
lekvisinn. uiughl by IWtywcwl 
Slilf fttriuccr. JCTipi tonmluni 
■mti UCLA mstfucwr Mithac.! 

Salufday. Ckiobcr 25 and 
SiiiMlay, (X-lcitiei 2*. 10 AM w 5 
TM OKb day, SMS (.mc'lwlc* 
Itt'iK* teh 'itiiysj. The Holidav 
Inn. 1405 Alpwtpjm Rositi. 
Rollmf Mcaifciwi, II 

Saturday. Novrmbi-i 1 tiMl 
'IukIjv Nmcmtn-r '' Id -\Vt i.v *. 

l-i-'f lurili^T mf«ini.uiijji ...tU 
(■i:l4) ;iJ4l!«v 

Harjx'f iiuiknt* are iiimI' 
p,iir(it:i|'iiic III CiLAM' 

Colkfc Women Conrpciuion. 

Young *<»i« from ftillcgti and 
universtiKS ihrou{;hiiul the 

founuji »iil compeic tn 

GLAMOUR"! search for len 
oylstanding itwlenis A panel o« 

GLAMOUR editors will wlect 
die winners on the basis of iheir 
solid rrcwds of acbievemcm in 

academic studies »«d/or 
extracurricular acttvittcs on 
campus a in the community 

ColleEe Transfer 

iDrormaiion Nighl. Iwcniy. 
five schools have been inv«-d m 
onkr to atiisl our e*cnin(! 
Undents with their anjcul-iiHin 
concerns to lour ••year ■ich.KiK. 
Harper wilt have a aillcge 
iiansfer informaiion rnj;)!! I'm 
!<o*eiiih« b ftim 5: J(t PM tmiii 
i PM in the Building I lounge 

Bach mouth. Harper College 
•ill offcf information sections 
for pro«pcc«ivc siudenis, a% well 
js LWs tiuercsled in cumplciirii: 
the one-year compleiion program 
lOiPicpircft* 'lecnsurc. 

Ttrt si-s<ions will he helil on 
Ihc durd Wednesday oC kncr. 
">.'>nih at \:iO p.m. m h \i"' 

I addition informaion on ; ' 

.■ndily sessions or tfic \iir 
iVogram ^.lU ''■'T.'iKn'i I >i .''- ■ > 

flmrrican CoUrgtate |)opts( Sintfiologp 

International Publications 

m ipofMoring a 

National ColkgE ^optr|» Contesit 

Fall Concourt 1086 

opwi lo alt coltaga and univanitv ttudants dtiiring to hav* Ihair poatry 
anthologiiad. CASH PRIZES wntl go to tha top tivapoamt: 


Fiflt Ploct 


Second Ploct 


Third Ploci 

$15 ''*"* 

$10 f^-''^ 




AWARDS of Ira* prtnting for ALL acctptMl nunuiciipts in our popular, 
hantaoinalv bound and Gopyri^i«l anthology. AMERICAN COLLEGIATE 

Deadline: October 31 


Any ttudant it aligibla to nibmit hit or bar vana. 

AN antriti mutt ba original and unpublnhad. 

AN aiWriai muit ba typad. double spaced, on ona lida of Itia paga only. 

fail poam niutt ba on a laparata shaat and must bear. >n tha upper left 

iMMd corner, the NAME and ADDRESS ot tha student ai wiall at the 

COLLEGE attendad. Put name and addrait on anvMopa alto! 

Thar* ai« no rattrictiom on form or thama. Length of poami up to 

tourtaan linet. Each poem must have a lOfiarate title. 

(Awoid "Unti1ied"t) SmaM Made and wrhite liluttrationi iMkoma. 

The judgat' dacition will ba final. No into by phone* 

Entranti ihouM keep a copy of all antriet at they cannot be returned. 

Ptm winnari and all authon awarded free publication will ba notified 

tan days afiar deadline. I.P, will retain firtt publication riglitt for 

■aeeaplad poamt. Foreign language poemi watcome. 

There it an initial one dollar ragittration fee for the first entry and a 

tea of one dollar for each additional poem. It u requested to submit 

no more ttian ten poems per entrant. 

All entriet must be pottmarked not later than the Mwve deadline and 

laai ba paid, caili. check or money order, to: 


P. 0. Box 44044 L 

Loa Angalei. CA 90044 


Callitraphy, Paper- 
MakiRK and Paper History 
A visiting a r 1 1 5 1 

lectwc/demomtraiiofl scries on 
calligraphy, paper- making and 
paper history will he given in 
regularly scheduled studio an and 
art history classes. November 3. 
4. and 5. On Monday. November 
i. Louise &)oley a professional 
calligraplicr and paper artist «ill 
give a demonstration on the basic 
techniques of paper-making and 
paper nwrhling from 10 AM 
Noon in C-202 and C-20J. On 
I'liewLiy, Novem'her 4, Marijo 
Cirncy. a prolcssiunal 
Lilligraphcr and calligraphy 
u:achcr will give a leclurc on ihc 
.irt of calligrapnv (torn 
" :5 10 AM in D-.M1 ,-\rul 
[iiLilh , on Wcdiics(ti) , \o4v'iiilxT 
>. Cady Wcickert. a paper 
wfcrciice perstm fmiii the I'ajKr 
Source, one of Chicago's major 
viippliers of fine papers, will give 
:i lecture on Ihe hisit.'rs ot |!;i[i<-r 
irom 10 - 10 <ii \\| m I)..;.. '! 



■''V' (olIoHing colleges will K- 
;ii: on c.impii% ,\|| sihooK 

"oi k: in Uuiklmg A, Simlru 

Lounge area. 

Oclolwr 211 
U of I 31 Chicago 

10 AM - 1 PM 

Norlliern Illinois U 

1 1 AM - I PM 

October 29 
liarai College 

*'- 10:30 AM 






Great American 

Free .Smoking Clinic 

One suip smoking clinic have 
been scheduled during the Fall 
scmesicr in the Board room of 

building A. 

Mcnday and Wednesday 
Nov 24 and Nov. 26 
Dec. 1 and Det. 3 
Dec. 8 and Da~. 10 

Both clinici will be proitidcd 
by the college at no cost lo 
employees and students and will 
Ik presented by the Northwest 
Community Hospiul Dcpanincnt 
of Continuing Education. 
call the Health Service as soon as 
possible at exi. 226K if you wish 
lo attend. 

Harper Ski Trips 

Harper has arranged i»o major 
*ki trips for siuJcnis and 
community mcmhers The 
deadline for final paymeni is 
December 2, I<MJft. Reservalions 
may be made ihremgh the Student 
Activities Olfice, A-336, phone 
■''»7-3(XXl. cutension 2:4:. I ow 
airfares, grtiup dis* minis, and 
cood early planning luvc resulted 
in terrific bargains! 

The first trip is to Aspen. 
Colorado, in tlic labulous Rocky 
Mountains, January 411, t9K7. 

The second trip is to Zell Am 
See, Austria, in the famous 
Tyrolean Alps, January 2-10. 
I9U7. (:;.)niael the Student 
Acliviiies Olfice lor further 



bee MneL Poettlon Involves 
managctncnt of area campus 
reps for a national coDegc 
tand and maikcling Arm 
Approxtmaidy 20 hours per 
week.. Ideal for senior or 
gTKhulc student 

Earn rnaimlidna aad free 
MveL Market sfcl and beach 
loan on your campus. 

Cal Sieve Mandelman at 
414-276-7700 or wtttc lo 
Ameriean Jtcccss Travel. 236 
W Wisconsin Ave., Suite 
800, Unwaukce. WI S3203 



OPEN House 

Saturday, Novcinber 1, 19U 10:00 am - 2:00 pm 

AmeiicMBir Center 

7.10 N, Lake Shoic Drive 

Suite 601 

Chicago) Illinois 

"Nursing As A Career" 

Bidiekir of Science in Nuning 

Master of Science 

Meet Faculty, saff. and students 

Learn about full and pan-time picgraiM 


The Harbinger. Ociofjcr 23. I9S6. Page 7 

fflOff PAY! ^^ 

All these can be yours after you graduate! 

mm to A-367 and wot* tor th» HARBINGER 


• sNAAPCM Yom wmnm skills 

• mjOY THE cMtARAoerim 

Wtmm a4M or 2481. or |ucl Mop (n! 


For »• •ii|iori«ne« 


Classifleii Ad 


l(rl|> WaiilttJ 

N<in-jiituiknttlMiin«i» '>9 

to «lgM htm. U <M) .U nmla 
eMiti additional Itiw 

|lfl|» Waiitrtl 

<■•■» •(■! Hwii Him* «■ fll«i« i» •wk 
IMK M ikBi tun rf" I*'* I""'* 

i|MIWMrllit|> mil full tuppfm iH' atii 
,if|ilMiMliia. II m* (ttilli» la. '(inr 

<iur mWi« •■4' •anhl ■■<••«•>■> Call 

rmAnEMffn (^■mm»mmm 
I'liiilliHIII. t^km mmgilKx Ikmi0imt A 


l^v the Muli^% k«)uiiw'«i WumtflVuKK 

TOMWOS MHA Bam II to *H) ■■> 
ttao ildmtiiit Icn tlic toitn |>uu 

•ml MI-tKin (KOillMin t<«i»ile HdiMf 
tiiMK. Muil ha M: fc»«t I «. M«r i«"H ti« 
.Mtit iwmirtncw:. Imti^' M^ ilM mwomM:. 
.ladV a Dktnwo'i Kua, ISifl. Ommtt 

Vtpm.y t«o* ' ■ ■ "* 

pmif*t 10 •«»* Jo ■ 
tw.i.U| •ml illln««ii *r> n-.^m •'!* 
(.<«) t»ult unii wMllll MiMMIliiMlua 
•iiju, hrnkwrnml'mmtMUmf.^ 
■KMiauic, laiKiiii arAsiipt Aiiia 
■iMifnt M JO, Mil m fm-mm tm 
»0tm «** iumtal '"''• »i«'"»«i: 
|.K(iiii«ft •l*»IWt f. r- ■! «*<> 

\!j..,jl.:'' \v..c . ^•fc«. «••■' -(i.'-'Mft. 
l««iiciiiiW)MI'ki|,aal'1faili«iitw|.' l'< 

|<||ltMI Ctll»»'''1» IS"' 

wifrainrNiw: ■ 


iwnt-TWBiiajr'BuiBii ii««iwtui« 

rf iHTII>»l<« JfciMWi Slni«il»| «"«■«» 
2M} tlt||im M. «i Bwmim M . 
H<iH.i»«i> lttiM«. 11. «IT2, l.«i(t», 
■««iia(. ■nil »«l««l •*•('• ••■ri«IH«. 
<IIK(iaH«Mli mtth «4 mit'^irm nnmilnl 
Sinfi » •nJ I'll) <Mi Ml *p|)luiua« 

I lM«:i m MB ll OBt IcNllljlM f« fHIRl 

<i-n:Wt«i MAKE HO) • ««* l»»t' 
KtiWt *lM»t»t BiBfixiff*" ''"'y *^ 
(MUM. !ll««lto«m»«l !■«><• «••» *■'»• 
iiBllKt mini Khwil iMl***. Call iSJ 
Mil. w mtHf m ftmm m ;)')* S 
VrIw. All. M*.. Ailaii|*D« I'btiiltii 

, RllY OfFlCHM MEtOeO^' 
t tail «mI im IMC ixailnn •>■ 
NW Outu mil NW 

Wi «ll*f ph 

m wmkmm. *wk 1 
mi., tw l«t amwiikrv^., 
|. ■• pmim H...I". • •* !• ■! 
^. # Hd'nai iMcnaMoaial Scam;. 
■i«f*'K*, «.:» tiiiMiimiit.. •IIS, «MliMt, 

II <» cill )''«. Wl ■%■!< ofD •*■!.., 


HitiP «AN're.U (.'*<•» Vnle«. <i|: 
IliiCtawt B>MI«. Ptfiiw « UiMiilwt 

iMtaalk t«U«4.|1M. 

mnm r«cia, sEnvrtr (Lrs. 

iMah 'ImKliin iml ii».|««*r« SMtt. 
naUk •■. ) in*: D pn. ><> f" • •»• 
•mi 1 M I w. M. f'. Maq >• S» |W 
%mt. ili«l* « houil* fto'Mt mwle* 
•iilt.,|t# tmmm m Uxmm ..4 ..'HI 

•Klltimc rBOM MMWl to f«ii««.> 
•4*(ntiii>|. T'r«i«»i '•'■■• 
iJMWliwlMin <V>i 
di¥. **«<'» l»«*««4. S|icTv 

KAItN i.\\i tin » mil 


Continues to offer low cost, confidential 
care In all areas of women's healtf): 

• Family Planning 

• Pap Smears 

• VD testing & treatment 

• Pregnancy testing & referrals 

• Pre-marital blood tests 



rof fntomwuion and-or apfio^nOnanf cMl: 
SSt-TtTI iSa N. Court, Suit* 100, Paiatliw 

OWytliw. BrtHUig ami Slutmr Anitum i mnu 




Kir Siilf 

Ibr S.»l«' 

Wl I Y RE.S'l ll >i.JU mmM .irtkW *o Wy '' 

Kmmmt fmk I Mai|.|n(C.,t(«l.i'>l ui 

.|ltR|l(H:*. M* llMt.,llK« jlCIM.<>lll 

SM.WK1' allAUhiD tkakf « *»««<'■ 

MVA (q«.:n-«z;ii miix-wi 

tiAviaaiit ia-"l>t)|B (MHiM'i )'•.>'■- '■'V".- 
■MaSA C«l.AiiilM*«t)i: :".-'' -. 

WT iliiiikCialCUMlH . ll 
)>«ll'.*l*>t |>l«lll» d B.lMl'»« aiktf 

Ml. «,» .tVlll !». 

1 ( > !^ I K ■ . 

m. < '': I.:"."' '*- .-.. . ' ■ ! ■ 
lit.,.'- . '... ■■..II »'■■'■' ■. !■ 

\ If 

»>il> l>i l.)S Vtry Kwd .454 entiK 
<rin«miM'itm ii*eii» •%•»! SI''K.J m l:»ii. 
dirt. till .!.» »». 


IHWKl. F1M..D 4«|>|»«nimil)' €,«■> 
*il.u»fel.c miiliwimg cipe'ricncff wtiilc 
«i*.minK tiMmc)' Camfaia nrfivi'Mnun^ 
mm»kA 'mtm4iUeiy fiir S^mng BKwh. inp 
It l%mil« 'CM Ctt«ii|Mi4 M«rlictm» 

' >-<llttiiw Jim mi 
«.,..|f*ci*i.»ri(' iri'pa. *«.:! 

■|H>i..f,).J*, <■ •HI* M.M V*(.:.. . ^: 
M.ii«:«»..l... S(N «4'M .'Vi'" ■■ .'■.■I< tiMuie. ■*!■>»■ ■(■■:i|llii *••« llB««IB« 

r«ii>u«a> iiAfiiihiii •««*.in|.|FW-'i«'» 
m iliii> f*M. U fm •"■M l*« "<•• »• 

■IMIIIM till « 1 1 »**•.. *» « |» 

BETAII. liEI.I' Mi'FDlO m Kiih'i 
IMaiKl 111' 'tviwii 'a' C«nimi)( Mill ('oil 
tarn urn* i»it iiii». ii<'r« ii*!' •••«m.« 
MltliW*. Cill !.S*.I:»« md •* Iw 

«»D (W((Si'N.MWT .K»S |.i« 

mOPWTY MA.!ii.A«JEM'EH1' CO it 
lipiili.:>i«| Iw (am-uiK •■•Blaai mniffr. 
ItriinmiilMliiia MiMc cMaiMt' ■»"«:., 
umt li.|)ti KBaaiiiiKif: a*! iMotaifiiif... 
•K> M.MMII. BMIMH*! In *t mmnll 

(M tm 1 Cji1.i mo '«>" 
hnimal I j«m iwl '' |» 

l»««T.'TIM.f ni.l.IVB«T pctMMMl 
■ttilwt. "T it*)! • Mci. tirlti IMMillll 
toon fc|i«iO<lil>l.t "•JticW ••■ctMWV 
.,\.ml» IB inimK «i Wil 'W .*tan 'Si.. 

MII'J.iTlM!l mmk m Atmni^JtSC 
QIIJ«.'H14. ..I, lf» Tn« 

.|iir Sttir 

^^ II ..... I M I* Ill 

t '«* nmo »d -<*• ,.>'•» ""'K-' . Ai: ■ . 

AT 111* mti AtlBit *«■•»» '■■•II 
I «!»»i «■(.*. 

1. ■■ vii.N'i m:iMi-.<< 1 > ■■ 

a^jim^. .MMfuwilil u, 

.M^^pMiMiWltliH. CM I i*^''' 

r: «i III. IW* *w L^iimmt. it|* ■ 1 1 

....■ I'M'HI fiJllA, 4 ryl., « f^. miM 

,,.,,,;...... -..,ti .„ ..»,r.,-.l, .l\1 l\l 

,|||.,, ' ■ '■. 

|>i . 

in')* SII.VEK. 

lMl£li(«imi.i«'« hw 

*!«■, |«itl4 liiiU lii...i.:*i>j:r 

SmKimiKililMe. C»l* !!■»•««)■ J|»l<»-.'« 

1.11 .M'diti .i....,.i,[,.'yn Miai 

I ',*»'* J * I ^.'' '-"^^ r M Mora 

AC H»r. 'vJi, OH|im«. 

'Ilieli, l«»*|( ■" ■■ .»i,tii:n»>. drm 

lt|fc lifKj' nii«.noi: 12TW C»ll *:" 

i...i.',*,w Pudm lirilmdi. Tmii-' 
..., s:V». imm .iwiNixa ti S- 
u....i« [>■># J»«...*i"- ■ 

'With lUiputCrillk'flW: 

"■'"" -i ■ 

ft N«« ff « l>ii« I 

"IK. AVI- 1. l-fEU>)l»aiUon nitlilMr 
imoliaicly. <:iii»l aoiiiiir»iinii».. 
•.jlinMt mak e\fvntmx\ irtml f»l .*lh"r 
••■.fill. c:*i lifid v«i».."ii *' Ml •♦»;■,« 

f,'# anniiisc mJi.*miiii,«.wp w*i,to 


WT7 IWEIIIID. ^ ■ ■ 



MIEiMlt. 'I****'! !>'." 


irwiKanbtv |. 

,mll«.|., i.»«*l*n* .^■'"■. 

- ' (■'.•11 

niiMdi, ull <.■ 

^ '■! rii.:?ii*wm 

l'.<rm'Wiiiifo.«i*ll ' 

H» EU'l: I'll. ***<» milt*, n* ••* 
•■■Ml Vciy MifiniiliiM* nf' aatnt 
Mn. C..II JIM mm. k«« ni«M«|» it 
mt h,|«w .A.-»h I** 0#«1 m Vk*» 

r»1 t H.t:.VV F'lecin* (HiAup... Al 
inwilfcul riiin.|ii| «ni4tum«. no mm. 
Hailiail'miKfltaiwai. 'llMuit lita 
gi„j .^ — ' ...t^' ",.#?iptt. wmiw «w »»<i 
off ::)l l,wm,.M« inl^n 

I>.' :. .. Ill tl.l««ACl.DA 

\*')''h ,!.:^ ma.j*«w, |w'«.. 4in Imi cf»i.. «■• 
*Hak.n . iu«.i^. .. rwh»M;il ilMl vlMK'lii. Hmra 
(nitKitsii'i kit., «n n.«i«i«. AAiiiii 

fT» can;w-t!fiiiii>r.Ji:|iiii. 

I mi Lfil-AM'J ;...ptin! nn.wtw-t'.lf 
■twlci tic..l Ini *in ""I It'll-' K'' 

l<.ai .|iwil«n:« Afcfcin, %1'^'t '"*ll 
'UI il,')|iiA«iiwiviiMiA 

■i»(::il.i» Ctrl. St'i*. in, 'hu v», 

iitalli. iiM. ., «!,> mm, ill imwrr. mi. lMMi|llv 
S<ima4 ««.. »n n... (Jdl .Ml IW 

■■l<«ll|1llli.TI« pMM 

Ittl JSI'Hfl, Wtt<M tvMHIt THHfl|. 

■ ■ ' «ir,a..ifw IIIW. 

..:«.,.. ™i..,.i, i,i.«iaMi.,«*. "w *«wi«*wiW* ..fl'.|-» 
•iilaMl:. Cja<a|..'>4.|liMlirJrM 

'tl mntfN IM'tn Mk.' N««M.> v.) 
iim, ncwn cluclt, AM'I^M >.■>• 


t «p<l iit»«r ii»i"wil. mlifiof; »llliHi«4. 

hmofv nf>. iI'MW mlii t«inMM>i- 

tiH'ri ctM m nn 

> t < )l .!.'» tjy K!A. mmflim »«t.«ni«it 
. .(Hliuii. i * . mIM. ptM !■• i>«lr4(r. 
t.>« Biln, ("■* l»i*i.i ■■<> tw , Ar. AM- 
IJA «iM., tiM Mil it! , EWI>. 
raaiMMM. i» kiia. (all Kmmm • Itl 

< Ciiiwr 

l^f>al SiT»ic«'i» 

|.R]lli:mi%StLIA'ni.lN . ■ ' ■ ■ I' 
kiM W»||* Intiudc IH.!|, p;t^^ai .f,|urv. 

..Ir-wiroi.. ltd «amc f>Mim '«>• ■'' W' i* 
l»:J.'HM» F,«|<=t mJl wodimil iipi».. 
HVMilAlAlt I J* *jl1'ko id UrA^t A 
Btckti, «:«.> S Mi-idiim. W Him; 

'l\ pinp ^«T% i«'«*i. 

l'A«V »lll lyiw 
C.II 541 «nit 

:-tl»l»«l IWlrK* lH" will 

r.d|K^fl «m4 .lltctC'i' 

.,.Lt. (:»H..itf,^ *rllifl. gttmmai inti 

i",lmn* Nm le»i.|lli liniiii ; l«i.lif«,.i:,l, 

iw4.K',l, kfit wiwki uli4l:y •iiT{iWE4 Mi 

hmlwriMn ff tyimmmm nw.|l> dHlit 

IKWT ASK YOL'R prU''"'"'- •"*■ " 

V,.. K.t«r> lo Jo ihlw: trv ihr (vmlKJiHMtilw 

<:x in SICRITARIAl ' All »■ 

. 1 i.tH"^,r, hiv: r*m(^ A * *li4 ^* * 

. a;; 4,1, ^^11 I,..,r Hum: 

ir'lOHISC. AND TYPffW tm WW 

palil.m: hurae. Ofleral'l etctlkml 

..«i..iMi«« in i»iik»«ili4mi, w«m« Ufi 
tlic«im([ Hofliih- l^ornitii Jlti<le«» •n.l 
».tul\. oiiol«iil«»«l lu.alll': Wl.'dW: 

ivi-iw; itE.i:i.:Mi'S.. M.A«iiSCi«.irri 

Cwtlfli 05: .(Mnna alkt i jm 



WiMlm-iiU* 'I'lt'-i ».i» ureal, 1,5 * 

:\ AIllK..-.a:»l.l- RA<:k- •* .:■ K M mm 
(•fHi), M.'U.t iiii* Itrfnt dtm-i. 4ii|. 
■•trrlitnK *■''♦* «"*'*. ^ ^4 (4 u*'ill#*i.w.wi 

ItdOM'KJM! ^! I. ■ 
|.«J> oill . .'"» ««(.«,« 

MtKjoiM •i- S«>«»wli: 

Mii.ti hMm i<m^ TOfcmKp*. mmil |»«w*ik. 
aamlioit. Cell ''n.)"M4t to me* Mii 

r OiUme «in|)luvwe. Willi k, imn 
mil piilbfitMl| uKMiti4ei' 
■iMiiaindf Uniliiiii. Ciall icnaili' dcfuaiil 
> J .Call W .-'»«, 

I'lCi ¥<'ir XtXt) < l«iii4iai(M|ie(t I can 
I tfiin yi^ir immt, iiffiim. in ipiliiwM. I 
hiwr fci^Ml f^ffti«nuei, Nil4 i«.K ywiii ill 
KiHlittwn*:!*. I liill fi4*«Ji y«iMr illv«l. hl«li 
«.,# imnil. I CM hc.i:|» fiiu niiAe ^mr 
fwiiaa. Ear iimiie into, t«U l...i» It W* 

W ANTISII: *> MlOltii Ki tor •«iil»L 
"I1wv'ni«t.lliaif'»ailii. 'Xlllll imm» 
Mn*. 4T ll>. in 2ia moiiiilM., HO' i™ 
■ IJuMitlti Mad !«»>' »<'"i« '"■.''.'" 
llw itHM allht£lii«« ilal (H^iulii 

H««iaWili™ .--•••- •■—>■■ '^■■•» '■Ii'''~ 

•*,>Uilt. I .- - ' '.i.! 

|Cil,4l* iMa^J* . 

■ ,Ktumt4my<m 
if*,,*. Lil£ .1 i*w **KHi l*.> w.»wic Iwnc 
»im»11<» .itonol InvolniM in«i«» KeUt 
.,,...! !,..«,*, UI l.w>i£», a hiL. »»elt«« I |l>rta/y' 


DUIHilli- i..,.i...i 
iliank y'alw)(i»nftU>> 
tnc €n 4ic 44l|i ll iftiki, i> .. 
llMiulil 4ii II *ii«m. 1 h»,l « '"fa- 
limA Itwc ya WK-'' CilO 


Trmrl *«!• %|>pciiriaf in Ibr 
Hiart>i«|tt-r \rr %«l ^*ptmmtmt 

l» ITir I tillrgr I ulran 
H[irrjfWalh Xirt.-)! «Hh«Twla». 

%ii>«-rtiM-r« Hi««r MrrrK 
I onlriH-tml Kw *il»rr»iaii«|! 
>paiY Wilti Ihr livrtiincrr. 


lUibiii^^:. vXi,.|H,( .' V I ■.!'.,, 

I>aia Miriin (il> diiiln amitiwr lackkr. 

Af mm Himt^Jm'^ 


■a Ik' lacoAl 4 

"Hie IK" 1 
Hji» k,s St ■ ■ 

tkmji. '•■■ 


The Chapairrjl'. 
itif half j^ i.(iur. 
Bt-(lh.irl Ihf.-vi 111],, II,,,; ,,'rkl A)il„- 
li* a 1 ' "' H.n.k I,',,, I ,,i l:..]liiiii,. 

I 'he m:,..>ii.| >■;,•■' 
H.,mks u.ji J,, t ^f I. 
;(.,; n, «, - ., h,il ,Da,lf Pras%i' 

Jl,|, fiif lid- iwt) j»mi t.''imr..i..n 


Th>: Chapariab womi v:\vn 
more iimcs m ihc pmc. 
iiiKluiliti,|s ;i va»fi> 3,B<I siji 

lt,l«i»m'P ihrc* (» n 
iiwcrw'ptitjn : *hn'h rctuiu-J m 
iwci DuCagf touth ■,>«,«-.. 

Oupwrals mmimg hatl. Ron 
Wfumorcfaiiil fum n»o 

cd. I ihiotK' 

,' 1,1 . -11, h . 

■■1 'SI/. 


irain* wt have pljjcd hav^ 
*c*.- Hawk ,hta<l, toat:h 
EllMlk »Ml. 

The kis^ pills ihe ILmL 
iighl vitu ■ 

The li.i - 

ltii> Satunl.i>, *liiih ].liuut. 
itw )'{awks up (or 
ccmlroniaiinn again'>i 
Mamm Valley NovcrviK-i 

J luric 


a; Dill KvitrNtTril 
SfmrU tmtm 

Volli-ybal! rmramural l,ca,|aue 

•tart* Oct .?? ■- »• ■' ,- < 

iifrwhy'i ('I'l 

iu,(i' tfeadlm, 
\t-B««l,i|,in:g !, 
U'.im i\ ai,M 


jncl ' I 

• ..k'UfK:i i mh m n i runiitni and ,! 

A, lap fhy\ii-:it< fi! ' 
„i". Iht'v !-i,ir.i '', 
riu\c HI (v .It': 
ninre iii,i' ,. , ,.iilki 



in Building \( e»i. 


'I v„K,i. 



ItfCiumsWy from (ity 

' Conaiii lil.-li S.'hm.t". 

; (I 

,.il„- .1 

.ire 111 ijii V, , 
■■■-k'i' mo inltniii,, ,= , 
1. I'm in ,(\-lf>? 

l>ncn b.1,1: *Ci-k-, r 
■AtlKtl .. 

1 h 1 ,- 


■'\' i\ i M\i 


W L 







■>) llfll KucelhfrE 
.Sport! i:d)l»r 

The H.lnU .-..l.-r lt,..,r l.r, .1 


It lo 111.' . . ' 

■,liJtkiHs dm I uiukTMiind ilw wav 

pl;;i;u.fK mtrk ai itic (imior 

eollcjjc l<:»cl, I .im foiiij.: in 

atlcmiH II) piss ilii',. iriliiim.Ki.iit 

on In Mm 

i h. H,.i,.< i,. have one iimie 
efifik'ii,-iK e ;i:.ti 
I'lirifcft-rite gaii 
lh„- n,i,ii , Hiiil ,, 


■ " " 'i I'jvi. .mil 
'.■r lb.; i.ip 

•^'' '-- ■■■ ;.-■, ilie li,i,i 

. c finiUicr will play ihc fourth 
.. f fin I slier. The soti.»iiJ place 
tinislier will pl.n ihe third place 

Right nim, M V I 
H.nslsarc '■■I and f)<,: 
On Saiiii.f.n. \1 \ [,|j,js 

""" ' ' 'larjx-r ha< ii tH»- 

..■ againji Gram) 

> 1-1 Till, ill 1.1 uMileronee camel 

II niifai-,- K-4IS M.V ihn 

".i Dur'agc would 

Ids. but DuPage 

'>"uid nase pr.:ted*-fn;c .nvr ihe 

Hawks because ihcy tu-ai us. 
Hul, il DuPagc lost the nexl 
week und Haqx-t won. vie would ' 
he the lop finishers and have 
iKiiTie field atlvaniase Iim ihc plaj 

'1 ' i ; ^sure is on DuPagc 
.iii'> l.'se ctiher jjaine 
.ll:alll^l M V. or Ihornioii ihes 
wouldn't liniiih in first pla. e 

Afl lout top rinkhers play m . 
playoff f« the I.ike-Cola ur, 
The two winners ol iheir game;, 
[I.A cash inher (or itie fake -Cola 
:iip nw luser ol ihal (;,ame 
plays in the Midwest Ixiwl 
against iJic Minnesoia confcrciK-e 

Neil week. Uie plavolt pisiure 
«'ill fv. ■•■ . 1 ,1. r 

/7A\/.V cot RTS LOOK GOOD 

Ry Rill kuEtlbc-rf; 

Sp*>'rls rdi'tor 

A.n) h. • ' 
l-tarpcT t : 

■■.1... I( .1. -ir. ,; 
11 f;.n,;n I ii.H!,,' 

A .'.iiiier perniiliine, 

iild lie ilune In iho 

,'w;lall. Thc> aii: i. !i 

■ipleium rijihi ■ 

ihe facclili 
i.t,«ts.i 28 and i, 
inital:'. The *.,'rk is Isani 
by .Dckaf i'dsiiii- ol ,,.\iinnn.'n 

Ilw •iMen't' imnis leim had 
Ihc unlbitutiatC' luek of haviniz lo 
play iKeit gan>c.» ai a ncarhv park 
• ti'-trici fiii;iliij. 

Tennh ci.yrt« gtl ncedfd rfninali..n. 

A\Ha\ BKOMthls 

lAWli gWSlTi iClllPLS 







OCTOBER 25 1 I 00 AM 

m®m m mm w®i mmm 

VOL.iy NO.« 

OCTOBER 30, 1986 


Th« nrnvspapw of William Rainey Harper Coltege P alatine. IHInois 



iiMtptr Alhlxitc AradrmU Ti 


bj KklMwri 

Sludeni Senam IM Rriday. 

Cliigas II M|ifeieiimg the 
Program Board in IlK Clulm aiKi 
Org»nujiuon$ Divi<tian. Chigas 
reeh that ilieic ii a voice to be 
hcanl in the Senate and that the 
Seiuile needs lo he more open k> 
die snideni body. 

Alito, at the meeting 
appointmcnui weic made to die 
VW10US college commiiKCJi; Kim 
Owowfiki was appointed lo (he 
Admissions Committee which 
rcfulvly review] and evaluntci 
the admission policies. Wcndv 
Thorup was appointed lo the 
Assessment and Testing 
Commitlec whk'ta develops and 
coordinates the coIScg e programs 
and procedures for placing 
sludents in classes and the 
awarding of proficiency credit. 
Ion Hamisch and Toby Suherlalt 
were appiJinted lo the Athletics 
CommittM which reviews and 
makes leccommcndations 
concerning proposals (or the 
adoption and dcleiion of Varsity 
Spotu and Intramural Sports. 
Wendy Thorup was appointed lo 
(he Cllendair Committee which 
e'liiibltshes dw general, fcimiat for 
die academic calenikv and n-vKws 
annuatly each calemlar priop to 
adopuoa. Greg Miller *a.s 
iippoiiitcd to the Copyright and 
I'aMlBncd ■■ ami »•(• 

By Bill KugellMrg 
SpwU Editor 

The addcies of Harper College 

arc doing their part in the 

nationwide effort to rid the 

English vocabulary of the ptnaM 

dumb jock'. 

Behind dve effons of Alhletic 
Academic Coordinator Tom 
Choice, the athletes are currently 

participating in a program dial 
will help them to balance the 
incredible pressures of going to 
school, playing a collegiate 
sport, and in wany cases, 
maintaining a full or part time 

The underlying theme of 
Harper College is to offer 
educational programs for the 

beneril of the mudent k> he or Ae 
will continue in future schixiting 
or an cKCupution alter auendimcc 
at dtts institute. An athlete is to 
be cftdiled for he/she takes on 
this responsibility and adds to it 
the will to also succeed at athletic 
endeavors. To be eligible to 
panic ipaie in adiletics, die athlete 
must be enrolled in at least 12 
credit hours. 

Tom Choice and the 
administrators of this college 
want the athletes to succeed in 
both aspects of ihcir college 
tcspiOTSibilities. Chiiicc put 
together a program last October 
so an athlete is monitored in 
hi.-i/hcr academic phrase of 
a'llege. Hjrper has excelled 
pa.ssed all other c.illeges in the 
N4C division lor their 
panicipalion m setting up such a 
succes.sf ul program. 

"All the other colleges in the 
\.4( jiMMon arc heading in the 
ritihi direction. They are all at 
different stages m setting up a 
monitoring system similar to 
this one. " said Choice. 

Harpers system is very 
effective in helping athletes keep 
grades up. while participating in 
athletics. Every four weeks die 
sludeni adilctc a rc()uinsd to have 
each of his/her inslruclors fill out 
an Academic Progress Report 
(APR) detailing the students 


bf Carrie Van €«np 
Ntwt Wrlltr 

The speech team from Harper 
College, advised by Tom 
McGralh, attended their first 
loumameni on October 24 & 25 
at Illinois Ccniial College. 

Twcnu LOllcges m Ulinmv 
which consisted ol ten Jr. 
colleges and ten Universities, 
competed in die diiee prcliminary 
rounds. Souiheastem II.. College, 
who were the National Junior 
College Champions last > 
won first place followcil In 
second place Colfege of Dul'agc 
and then Bradley University who 
came in third. Harper placed 
clevendi and. cjme back widi one 

.Sherry drobc. one of llie eight 
Sludents on the Harper »|teech 
k-am. *<in thr irophv in (hi- 
(xxnry en cm and alvi k-aiiicd up 
with Tari Vaughn, a frcstmian. in 
a duel inierptetation Ihi'. was 

attendance, preparation, and 
pcrformaiKc up to thai date. If an 
APR IS not returned, the athlete 
can not paiticipaie in athletics 
until it is retunied. The student 
and coach are informed of the 
information on the report. 

Any athlete receiving an 
unsatisfactory report (below "C" 
level) must work with a tutor in 
the Tutoring Center and will he 
allowed to participate once 
satisfactory progress is attained. 
The tutoring appoinunenis are lo 
he monitored by Choice and are 
reported to the coach of dte 
adilctes sport. 

Sludents not meeting their 
tutoring obligations will be 
required to meet with die Athletic 
Academic Committee and will be 
given a contract which requires 
U)fl% class and tutoring 
attendance, and also requires all 
missing or incomplete work to 
be completed within one week. 
If a student fails to meet hii/her 
required contract, he/she will not 
be allowed to compete in any 
other sport at Harper for one 
cidendar year. 

At Uie College of DuPage. die 
only requirements of an athlete is 
to be enrolled m 12 credit hours. 

Thornton has a similiar plan 
which allows the athlete to fail 
all clatiei firai semester and still 
play in that wmesier. If that 

COtkHMd Ml Mlt fM* 

Sherry's first loumamcM and she 

IS currently in die novice division 

of inlbrniauvc speaking. 

Tan Vaughn just missed going 
to die finals in the pic».sc and 
(mctry i■^l■nI^ Mr, McGralh 
locls that i.iti IS a n;itural."Tari 
oaiAS with theatre talent. She 
picks tip a .Kript (or the first time 
imd .she's a character.' T;u-i alsn 
did a .second duet with soptiotnoro 
Tony Kor^Hi, who. like Tan. was 
.iImi in the p»X'try cvt-ni 

Sophmcire John Carroll was a 
contestant in both the 
inforinalive and impromptu 
speaking. Atthougli he did not 
make it to the finals, he is still 
nmsickred the hardest working in 
die iqitad by his advisor. 

Ann Bjlnier tnmpeli-d in the 
iinjiromptu and novice s[Kakiin! 
events. l.aufa Stone m prose and 
mierprctive speaking. Michelle 

Harper Speech Team, front row l-r: Johtt 
Carroll. Ann Balmer, Laura Stone. 
Back row 1 r: Sherry Grobc. Tari Vaughn, 
lony Kortas 

Riley in extemporaneous and 

impromptu speaking. Though 
ihese three members placed in 
their events, thcil scores were not 
high enough u» qualify for the 

.-\lthou|jh this was a rough 
coni|X*tition for the team, all 
participants worked very hard. 

Phcuii CredU: Amwi Broaddm 

according to speeth team advitor. 
Tom McGralh Future 

competition dates lor the speech 
ti'-am include: November 7 4 8 
at Richland College and 
December S & 6 at Elgin 

Pscc It Tit Harbinger, October 3«. 19M 

®mmm Oi^OaQ patltocDm^ MU® m 

(CK) ~ WoHwn MMnwUe mt 
tntpliig ilNir MCMMd kImioI year 
mUttcM Title IX, and wcMncn't 
mnp - miiaing iteir beit lix>) 
lor fiiUMl, ciiHF«i» se»u»J 
MMMMMM and far lettiitK cq«l 
ftailing -- sty ii'n getung. ItiRlcr 
M> lotee idioal* » i»j aucmiim 
lo Wiem. 

Ill June. l.«M.«iel!-S Sufiitme 
Com rff«:*wiy gulled Title tX 
nt *e Mifhcf Educalitm 
AiiMMlm;:ni» o( 1971. vhtch mtA 
cultef ei wouM lose dicii (ederal 
f iiMlt if they iliiciimDsiietl on lliC' 


'WMMn'> pmm <""I •'**<' ™*'''''' 
10 f(K:e colteiei » adoiH wayi 
te mmm to ifpeal' €ini|Nii' «> 
ItMstsnicni caNs. lo hM ami 
grant tenutc ol female (iCiiHy 
iiMaiiMM awl M> li«'|W [NMliiig 
wnaw't ailiilMic* «|iiii% w 

All Omt over mm, utrnm »y. 

'In fumtlng women's aitiktia ami 

m scximl' harattmenf ca»e*. if a 
■ich«>ol has no pt«l«:y in pt»ce 
(alieady). ttudant in miiii iiaieii 
tme m (tegaJ) mroufii." 'OJiiibIIi 
Detntce Sandier, tiema of llie 
Projwt on tke Stmui ud 
EdiKauM of Wmma, »ltick. IB 
li«». is (mmM Oy tlK AiMioiumn 
•We>e tat an «iicifiiii>ii». mammi 
oir iioiimt but. as yet. «e don't 
even know horn much we've 
iciually lost." says Ellen 
ViffjM, m attorney (or lltt 
NaiiiiMl Women's :Ljiw Cxma m 
Wasliiilfloit. DC 
The Suptt'TOc Coun's ruling *ai 
so v*:giie. she adils, that the I'.S 
Dqn. oC Educatioit. which ii 
iiip|MM«d 10 make sure colkges 
llon'l diicnminaic. has pretty 
■ittli tivcn lip irytng in enfotce 
Tiite IX. 

This mm uses the 
Harbinger Clmsified ads! 

OtpL at EducaiioD oFTiciali. 
Im l«Tf. (or enample, Tina 
Morriisoni and five oiliei women 
atlitoes s»d Weit Te.»» Suite 
IMveraty. clmimtng it violated 
Tille tX toy aakint them ride 
¥»» ti» away imnes wlicn thcu 
male ct»un«q)arti. Pew,, paying 
ilici- If" than male 

c<M>, : ■ ''.'ivmif UwBi only 

OK- uiii.l«in ■ tontpared lo llic 

men'i l*o ii> *cm. .with 

pnuwwc torn jwv'e - oom'punMl 
lo mm meii'i two -- iwo i 'oom 
while on: the road. 
While Morrwon. no* • touch it 
m AmariHo.Tx , high school. 
sjj-s llM suit scird WYSli 
oAiciali '"and iliat tielpeil some" 
in crattnE beilcr condition* at iIk 
campus. » (cdcal court diimissol 
the ca*c (or tlie lecond time litis 

Women coachci. Morrison 
rcpoiu. now get paid hctier. 
(emaki get sptre iini(ofiiis. and 
the tiBlvenity iom«im« l«i« 
women's leami (ly » away 

111 tar from e«ptl»»y. however 
"Nationwide." Vargyai say*. 
-millKmi of doJlara arc given lo 
athteuc deponmentt and aihlcics, 
but women get only a (m-tion of 

"Ai Temple University. " she 
adds, "nearly S2 million a year is 
given in mhleiic .tcholarsliips. 
Enormous benefits arc being 

dewol to women there ' 
But the Dcpt, of EducaiicMi'* 
Office o( Civil Rights i,<X:Rii 
claims most «ho«ils wen; in wul 
compliance with Till* IX bci.vre 
lltt Grove City de«:isK». 
"Gtovf City hasn't changcti the 
aiuwdc of most scht»ls." say* 
Ci;iry Curran. ihf OCR's 
sftokCMtian, "Most were pretty 
much in compliance (with the 
law 'J before, and continue as such 

V«r|yas chargef the OCR isn't 
trying. "TillelX is not being 
iiggtessively enforced. (The 
EdacaUoo Dcpt.) is taking the 
naiTowest view of the ruling, and 
the ruling was wry vague jfi 
begin wiUi." 

Curran diiagiec* His office 
investigates all corapbiinu. "but 
it's usually up to the schools lo 
miie the question of jurisdiction. 
And. of the huge number ol 
coniplainis we receive, most arc 
related to elementary and 
tccondary school iuucs rather 
than higtasr education ' 
The OCR al» conducli mmtaii 
compliance reviewi among 

With all the uncertainly ikmt 
what the court meant and whether 
the Education Dcpi. will ati 
many campus women arc 

bypassing the foderal goveramcn! 
altogcthci and pursuing their 
discrimination complaints on the 
state level. Vargyas says. 
They're being more successtul 
lh«c. too. While Wcsl Texas 
Slate women were losing then 
i'cdeal case last summer, Temple 
women, suing under a «alc .inii- 
bias law, were making ^u-adv 
ptogrest through the couri-s 
Twelve staiei -- Alaska, 
Cilifomia, Oregon. Washmgion, 
Rhode Island, Fkirida, Illinois. 
Nebraska, Wisconsin. Maine. 
Miivsachu-sctLs and New Jersey -- 
now have their own broad laws 
prohibiung sen dLscrimination in 
education. Nearly 20 others olTcr 
itatTOwcr protections, reports 
("hyUit Cheng of die Project on 
Stale Title IX. 

"The biggest problem on a 
national leva) is cnforecment. 
There's so much backlog in the 
Civil Rights office and the 
administraUon is rcloclant lo do 

Students advertise free 

xXm-student rate 8 lineM for $4 

Call 3974(m,exL 2461 


auiK iftleie wwietl lo phiy ne:xi 

j^,,.. ' . maV hj\C ^lTi^H' 

Moraine Valley l>a» a (>''•"'' 
jimilar to Haipcr in which an 
jihtai- can play if .'nf<ill'''l l- 
Ikiuni, and three uni.. 
siTmC'iici the tar 
■sysiem IS used whi: 
has the chance to »•■■ ^^lun'sctiii, 'Ilu; 
jKlmmisiraiiiwi •* ants to keep the 
ithltte I mm tailing, while still 
playing the spiirt. 

All adroinistraiors m Choice 't 
jOMlkm, iwluding Choice, ai the 
i.»l)icr N4C .sch«>l» arc m tlw 
■pfOi;:««» of (ofniing a commiticf 
m heaer ihe aeadcinic aspect ol 
the siiKieiit. aUiieic while at the 


;v»rtj erfitiw'i awe, Chm ;• 
^ v-("i!fM„fi/r^ rufifit"r and hdnJ'- 

tktm a. 

ediiint ""'■' "'•' "" 

re j|«ii«mcnt.i lo mlmul a storr tf 
thu rnilvr 

lly Chris I ulsiopiMlM 
siaff Writer 

I,-. .:; Hnce itr I'l'd Oljinpi.'-. 
I have waiHcd ui fun' in a 

• Malm HI ana Hun Can k«Mm *VFt 
sm>^ mmmm i aur ami n aw i ilitail n i l i ii i a l n i lna* j| 

_ 0|Mn 7 Oiyi • W»«t< - 


nrntO-st^W W*i.t. '*'*'"'' 

iM.f«.M e4A 440Q 





A maralhiMi :> 2 miles ol 
iiilhirig luii "ic .md ilie 

■ uh a year ol .Ms-,-,ounir) 
v^jicnenco K-hintI nic. I decidnl 
thai on Ck-uibcr 36 I would run 
with UWKtO other petjpic in Ihc 
Americas Marathon/Chicago I 
shrugged off the skeptics who 
doubted I would fini* the race 
because I fell I had enough 

The race began and I passed 
people by the hundreds until the 
17 inite nuui. when they siarlcd 
pasiing nif. Il hil me. i was 
slowing down and everyone I 'h-nl 
passed siartcd passing me. 

The rate finally ended when 1 
croiscd the tine m 3 hours 
V7 nunuics and 1 second. 

I linishod the race. Nil isalircil 
the skeptics *xtc right and 1 
c»>uW have u.wd mure iTfacuce, 


Mat marmis mm ft i«4»-«*i«ni« •«■■ m mpi «••••« 

«««W wm «*•> at '■••WmIiIv 

• II>M-7l>lll, 
.4PM TfM 

An «• irnw ■*i,,.ou*iiii«* retwium wti gaea piMiii, ttmmmKM 

liw suns •ne fh» iK*™ 10 tain l$t W» «1« !»•» ■*«>" •!•« 

• ■ w^t* IWM raw RHn OMnmwMn on irtm on 

• •■anataOMnaur 

« mi fwm 9»m t aMmm mmx mim » mmmm tmMiumtM 
mZ tiMKBi'iiund »wt • •o«a *>■•• to hm^ »*<• 1»» ••"■ <»" 

2S6-7000 Eit. 40B 

itTTT bm:'"** 







,t»i iW aiim»i<!«» na 

, BS '•- '•<[■ ■:'"■ ?'y: QH 
tVjRr StCTlOW OH iake 0;.)H 
W V'' lOUHSt fBf.t, 

Oflarad at Harpar Coila9a 
OmBtm Starting Moml 


,CALL (312)855-1088^ 

'•"i-mm' < :w<ii^'*'**» ii'i'V'w)'' 


The Harbinger, October 30, 1986, Page 3 

Il'l lit Idllorial Boanl's apinton thai in order for m U 
irgt, bee cajole, or altCBpl in thmmt .you lata voting li 
Ik* State electiom Iklt |ear. we shonld have, in fart 
loac omt hoaewark eaiMi|li lo give yoa oar opiaioii 
rolleelHcl} ia the vpc»aiia| elettitm*. 
Well, we got il half riicbt. We've all |0I opinions oe 
ho we'd vote for, but we (the Kditorial Board) found il 
■■cb More difficnlt to come to afreemenls oi 
lammiCllls acrois Iht board than we ibouihl. Thi 
Mlarial Board is made up of exlremrs in pnlitical 
■ght. Bat where we could not come up with conseniuii 
>it«t, we'll tr} asd give both sidci. Here goes: 


Jamtt Tkompson <K) n. Ailai Sitftnsoii (I)- We hava 
I coallicl right off the bat. Thompsoa is very vltiblc. 
ind doiag a ver; creditable Job bj lone •tandardn. Thi 
tpposiag viewpoint fay» look at state laies and tbi 
tdacalioaal tjftea. Steventon had a good bat aol 
latslaadiag reputation in the Senate, but that doesn' 
wt t— alkali? gaarantct retuHf in a dirferent eleclioa (sci 
rMdy KtBMdjrK Coaaaamt: Thofiipion by a whisker. 

l.mfiT|F.D ST^TKS ^F.NATF. 

Alan J. Dixon <D) - No conflict here. Diion has 
weaty-five yean experience in nerving lllinoii in varied 
:ap-acili«s. No reawn lo think ke'll break this pattern. 

jJbOkExAKi fif I STATti 

Jamt Spliftl (I) • A real turprisc here. It seems that 
^terybody here has had tome nasty eipericnc with the 
Secretary ot Stale's office under incumbent Jim Edjtar 
We doa't kanw if a new administnilinn will help trim 
ione red tape or not, but il couldn't hurt. 

N*il F. HariigaM (lit - He's dwlng a fine job. and has 
ticnty of experience. If it ain't broke, doa't fix it. 


We don't know who lo vale FOR in Ihis election for 
udges, however, the Chicago Bar Association has found 
wo judge candidates to be raled NUT Ql ALIFIFD. These 
ire Alan W. Rosia and Frank V. Salerno. The Bar 
liiacialioa's woed ii good enough for us. 

Sa, Ihtrt yaa 
1 ftw af the ■ 


i*t al leaal a brief recammendalion for 

rt vWhIc offices in ncsl week's .Stale 
a liiiar: Get out and >ut«!! 

Letter To 
The Editor 

I>ar Edilor, 

Over the past few weelts. 1 
have nouced thai many students 
are ilissatisried wiih WHCM. I 
feci ihat ihc siudcnis should 
realm itial thcit feelings inward 
WHCM are shared by jaanc salt 

A main cause of my 
disMtisfactinn is our station 
managers lltiitk thai the station 
should Itmic good regardless of 
how il .sounds, l-k also uses ibe 
euttie (hat Top 40 music sells, 
but doesn't aucmpi lo gain 
ouuidc revenue through 
commercials! If he ever realizes 
that most siudcms don i want lo 
heat Top 40 al school, hell do 
abiftal (he seems to have good 
hititiMi lense about htm). 

Our piogram director, on the 
other hand, hat no concept of his 
job fcsponsibiUtics! He stumiil 
be in charge of programming. 
but, he lets the station manager 
outstep his boundaries. He 
knows that if he doesn't perform 
his job. our station nanagcr will 
do it for him. This job (program 
director) has a decent amount of 
"pull" 10 It , so. if he ever 
realizes this, the station would 
begin to souiul pretty good. 

Lastly, our music director is 
the only management member 
with a sense of his job 
ttsponsibiliues and good music. 
Conirary lo popular belief, he tiM 
ailempied, and lo some degree 
succeeded, in bringing giKid, new 
music into the staion. 
Uttfortunaiely, any decision he 
has inaite toward upgmdmg iiur 
music scleciion has been veioed 
by the siaiion manager and/or the 
prognm director. So tei's give 
credil where crcdil is due, and 
ihunk the music director for ai 
leasi putting forth the effon. 

Overall, ihe management is on 
a "power trip' concerning their 
dunes. Pfertiaps with some ume. 
and dtis letter, ibcy will realiie 
what they are and aien'l doing 
Also, perhaps the students will 
realiie that their feelings ate 



■.lured and thai, hopefully, the 

xtation will Improve with time. 



Staff Member 


Letter To 
The Editor 

Dear Students, 

As I plan nexi semester's claiaes, 
I am prodded lo narrow the palh 
of my life. I aiik myself: What 
do I want, what wilt last. I'm 
sure, dial like myself, ihcre are a 
number of Harper sludenls who 
climb this hill pr<xeeding each 
semester. There is a sigh of 
relief when the summit is 
Reached. Bat a time we rejoice: 
we know where we arc going. 
Only ihen, thn>ugh Ibis riddling 
life we live, Uiings change. We 
are presented or confronud daily 
with experiences which shed new 
light on our life and our view of 
life. Ideally, this causes us to 
consider where we stand and 
where we are headed. It seems 
then, thai the mountain we had 
so surely surmounted is only pan 
of the range set before us. This 
range, complete with painfull 
peaks and valleys abounding with 
joy, some days is our refuge 
while oihcr days is out avenger. 
I ask myself, what is this all 
ahoul'' Is there no concrete 
foundation to set my life upon? I 
have spent years running and 
searching, ducking and dodging to 
find Uiis sure, stable place. Was 
it in drugs jMil booK-'? Maybe 
crime or money'.' Surely 1 wimM 
find It in friends If not ihcrc. 
scitual ecsiacy had lo hold the 
key. With all options on the 
deviant side of the coin spent, in 
fear and desperation the Hip side 
was probed. A sober life with 
respect and its lot, maybe 
education or a good job. Did I need to be a belter person: 
that had lo be the answer. 
Whik chasing llicse Ideals: still 
feeling akme in die dark, kxiking 


Trish' taCofaMa/Pftjs. IA 

I want a po««lit'fiiiI''foiiMI 

I want iiMM danco! at night; 
somediiiii tainal would be nice. 

I.i>a l.dl ognala/l.ih. Arts 

'-asiuon .shows and better 

Mike Kevsaa/Lih. Arts 
More ice cnram socials, more 
heavy metal concm*. and better 
peif omancci in die A kwiiie. 

like I fit in Ihe work], but feeling 
like I scarcely belong; I met 
someone wholly by chance, or 
maybe not by chance al all. who 
[old me about lomoone who lokl 
ine about me. I started to read a 
book which I had always feared 
would bind my shackles 
comphstely. I talked widi and 
teamed of a poeple who, radier 
than condemn me told me about 
"our" hope in Jesus Chhst. 
That man made concrete 
foundation I had searched for, lo 
build my life on looks like a 
swamp from ihis Rock where 1 
now sland. I know just wheie 
I'm going and I know just who I 

I asked him for answtis, 

Ik gave me only one. 

*A man leavei die diik, 

when he folhiwi the Son.* 
For a hope which moct of us 
have never dreamed of. comact 
one of your campus Christian 
organizations. Nol for some 
ritual or because you 'have to*, 
but for yoa. You will nrely be 

Mark Ztakc 
Liberal Arts Stadcat 


William Rainey Harper CoHcfc 

Algnnquin & KokIIc Roads 

Palatine. IL ma 

:i97 :«»«> 

rire HAItBINGEK i> (he iludcm 

piMcmon ftw the. fUipcT C«lkfc cwnfim 
ccMnmunity. puMiilic4 wcelLty cvccftt 
ihittng Iwtiiriliyi and tm»\ eitiimK All 
ofnnwm cMpiv.SH£(l an \tuve tit the Wlilcr 
and nm iMitxtiiirily ihine ol Ihc cutl«ge, 
111 •dtnm.uitriliun, tiM;uJlv t:«r stuijenl Iwdy. 
Atlvmitinit «n4 ctify deadline la noun 
fhuridiy md ct]fiy is subject b> edmng. 
All lellcn Iw the eililcw must he aigntid, 
name, wuhheiJ on Tequcftt- Vat tunller 
infamKiivl call 1V7.XXI), ot 2'l(iO <ie 

fuaa^ eMm DihMilIaiiy 

Bill KufailMri 
t;.aiUif J<ich«d Jd 

I hHiM... Bill I 

I Mnajn . OeMne GMiy 

Kmm Braaaw 

Gdilnr Lwry Pwdllll 

Comfiuler ConatllaM... 

. Al Dui*oiki 

Pkm Credil: Aanm Broaddm 

Jack Sntilh/BailacM 

Live music in the A lounge. 
Also, a Halkiwcm dance and 
special occation dances woiild be 

Page 4, Tht Harbinfcr, Octolier Jt* lft# 

.Off Beat 



Part Four of Four - Jeanne Pankanin 


Is being deiained by die Sue Deiniiinaii. Somediiiig about 

not reviewing any Ronald Reagan films. An anangcmcnt will 

be made for die Vicwscreen's ndeasK by next week. 

■} .Larri Paaita' 

So fir in thix series we've 
iinhM 10 two pcupk who have 
Iwcil integrally involved in 
Student Activities programming 
(lto)i to Willis, Mike Ncjmanl. 
Md the college Vice Praident in 
ckarge ol Suidcm Aflaio (Or. 
Bonnie Henry). 

For the finil initallnMiDi in 
this scries, wc sfiolce to the 
wtMium pcrbapi mott involved in 
■he loial opeTtiian of Student 
Activities, Director Jtanat 

Maw kutg kavt you tttem 
thncior efSmStm Arnwffl«' 

Ob, about nine years (at 
Dirvcmi I came to Haiiief in 

As Diretmr of Sludtitl 
Activiiiet. whai ttrr ymur 


Lets see. Adminisieruig the 
social and cultural activtiies 
puDframs. ibe siodeni aciiviies 
bndjici. iMleni aw'ard' 'inograms, 
ovcfieeing all student 
orpmiiations, advitinf some 
iludenl oigamiatiou, jncluding 
SMdtani SeiiMe.and Hm (XafOfy 

Jeaaut Fanktnla - Direclur of Stndeni Aclivjiicn 

Whew' Wlih dtt ikote 
fttpotmhtlttiet, do you have 
mylhliiit reumhlint a typietl 

Actually. I have more of a 
typical w«irk year. I have a masltrr 
work schedule for mj^jor projects 

A woffciby naually liivolves 
meeting with snidenis, individ- 
ually a in grO'tips. A lot of 
mceunp. pcn<,id. 

What «rr Iht WM^r meiittlu 

of Sludeiu AfttwUM as ynn .(« 

I'd have to say iKnoniiel. fiscal 
strengtfc. and diversity. 

In terms of personnel, really 
commiiio] and cnthusattic torps 
of staff and studcnLs. Fiscally, wc 
have an ample siudcm budget, 
jnd diversity in a healthy mix (N 
activities witb older and younger 
itudenu. and the many faciltics 
available to us. Tbese things 
combine to give us one of the 
Imn lepuiaiions in the state. 



By Davf HafTinM 
SulOTlaiaiwat WrMw 

I api, I bad tike oqie ta 
stay up all night, risking 

sicknes*, and worse, bad icats. 
pit so I could pay the csorbiiant 
tum of S19.I0 for a single uctet 

lo sec a bMil dial wat supposed 

Well. I pi 'goad Kan Cor the 
Ocl. M' CicaMii concen at the 
RnwHoni Morinn, and t iiiii 
M niy health, but unfonunately 
( mill had my socks by die time 
the itiow emlMl'. 

Gctiests o|Kwd dK' concen as 
mcy had uiiaiied (he prtvioiii four 
nljui (ihil was die fifth m a six- 
llMiw leritaK widi a couple of 

Tteat' .DM aongs probably 
tymboliMd die conceit best. 
llMligh MiM, «i«ll-done songs. 
dWM. woe no iuipriaet. Ii was 
like listening to a live alban. 
■nd one could choose to applaud 

Thcirielactlan ol iongs laiiiDd 
om to hi wiwM aMamm of old 

THiy piyttil tlm undie linl aide 
of dieif iMHt ■Ihum. 'Invisible' 
Touch', and only missed two 
irac:ks on the second sule. 

About die only tunes tbat 
sounded goaatoll thu album wot 
the litk tack and 'Tomgbi, 
Tontgbt, Tonight", while 



liy Sm Dallty 
Kotcrtalitaanl Writer 

They've done it ana in 
Crncflc u still die boturst band 
around. Even being apart for 
three years, they've managed lo 
create one more album lo add lo 
die collccuon t>f ibeir previous 

-InvifiWe Touch*, the neweil 
addition to die Genesis legend, 
ii clearly one worth Itsiening us. 
U you were one of the (urtunatc 
ones 10 see GeaesU live, 
(which 1 wa»>. you would notice 
that sit out of ten longs on the 
new album worn played at the 

Now dont get n»c wrong. 
(•cnctii IS a great band, but 
their new album isn't quite up to 
par with then past effon. 

They open die album widi the 
song 'lavisible Touch', a Phil 
Collins clone song that will 
disappoint die Gtattia purists. 
As dM iUMMi pnimacd Hmm 
wtn auch songs aa "Land of 
Ckmfwiioo' and "In Too Deep*. 

Oi side two they begin with 
•AnyOiing She Does*, and work 
imo die one true Gcacsii tune. 

if you like long songs dien 
•Domtno" part one and two arc 
for you Part one *In the Glow 
of die Night', talks about how 
one move seil 10 lUfcers like 
donwno* tn a pc«-wi» situation 
Pan iwo. tlie Ijuit Domino, is 

Wkm in SludtHt Ailivifiei 
would you likt to ut improved 

1 would like to improve our 
needs assessment. My intuition 
says wc cant be uxi far off the 
mark, because generally our 
programs are very successful. 

Also our leadership in the 
Student Senate. There's a Jot of 
untapped potential diere. 

How do you view the 
Ci>mmunua<ii>n between the 
Kiru)«.i groups in Sludeni 

There's very good cotnmunica- 
lion between individuals and 
twtween the advisors and their 
groups, but across the group 
lines, we need improvement. The 
!>rogmm Board ii the exception 
here. Other groups could follow 
their model. 

How much input do you 
eurcise in your superwitm cf 
the vartom student uroups that 
fall under ike jurisdiction o/ 
.<i(jiJirji( Artiviw.1' 

Not much directly. I really 
work more widi die advisors than 
the groups themselves. The 
exception to this would he the 
Student Senau:. as I am Uicir 
advisor, and the Cultural Arts 
rummiiiM nf -hii h 1 am a 

member. 1 see myself playing a 
key role in that group. 

Are there any spec^ gotds Ml 
f(tr Student Actinoes. either tang 
or short range? 

The Illinois Community 
College Board (ICCB) rcquiits a 
review by every department at 
every Community College every 
five years. This year Student 
Activities IS responsible for 
conducting a self-study. This is 
our major project for the year. 

along with our annual year-end 


Again, I'd like lo see some 
kind of needs assessment done. 
Also a peer assessment conducud 
by two or three other directors. 
There is (an ICCB) system for for 
providing diis on a stale-wide 
basis. It would be very helpful 

As far as an office goal, we 
need lo get more familiar witb 
the new IBM PC computer we'll 
have to opecae more cfficicndy. 

On a personal note, we need lo 
augment our efforts to have the 
staff and itudenis dial woik for us 
be mofc courteous and helpful to 
other students and outside 
contacts. And finally, lo improve 
orientation for our Student 



Itl Dave HntTma* 
i;»t<rtaininfiil Writer 

David Byrne, lead singer lor 
[he Talking Heads, makes his 
dnettorial debut with the new 
lilm "True Stones", and if diis 
film IS any indication of his 
lalcni in the chair, you can be 
smt it won't be his l&a. 

The film, a light-hearted. 
irreverent comedy, is based on 
swiies Byrne read in newspapers 
tif the ilk found in supermarket 
check-out lines. 

With the help of Steven 
Tobolowski and Pulitzer prize 
winning playwright Bedi Henley 
(whose second play. "The Miss 
Firecracker Contest', is. coin- 
cidentally. currcndy in production 
right here al Harper), Byrne 
committed bis ideas to a 

The remit of (his ccdlaboration 
is a motion picture which should 
appeal to everyoncs' scnK of 
humor. hU ycMi where you live, 
and maybe even make you dtink. 

The plot, like die characters 
and senings, is simple. In the 
fictitious town of Virgil. Texas. 
the good citizens are geanng up 
to celebrate their states' 
scsqukentennial. or hundred aid 
ftfiielh annivenary. 

Evcrydiing from a parade 10 a 
fashion show and a local talent 
levue IS planned, and in a town 
where nothing seems to occur 

(except in the huge corporation 
that employs most of the 

townspeople), this it really a big 

Byrne, >n his rote as the 
narmtor, leads ut through a week 

m die lives of some ordinary, 
decent folks who work together, 
hut have different views and 
ambitions in life. One of die 
main characien, Lewis Fyne, is a 
hear of a man with a heart to 
mau;h, and he just wants to get 

Lewis is getting desperate 
about It, so much so thai he even 
goes on television, pleading fw 
any miercstcd females lo dial 
M4WIFE to talk about a 

CaallMiMl Ml pa(r 7 









w» Wed. Nov. 5 
E106 Thurs.Nov.6 


' DcMWio: Cm One " bnmhed w 
badly M had to l>e ItKlitcn in a 
■In ilisplay to nuilu: il 

Ewerynn* will clmHt iMcs m 
lo whiKli MUt <mm Imisi. Imm for 
my money. "Home By Use Sen" 
not only minded gtvut. tMi the 

ttghi show jK-cumpuiyuif ii bh:» 
mc away, k wai cuily the 
higMlliR ||f'|iH.«««iM| for me.. 

llwa'iMiC MM iIk wtos. Phil 
ColUns had tme on ihc drunu. 
iind two Huite jmm »ilh l'clk>w 

(■•'if' wttdi' wtt. pMy lotid.. 

hfftc RitihMfiint 'WM. intro- 
diicMt, (Ml inayhC' lie was liftd. 
twcame lie CDi>i|llcuil']r iwlar- 
wMmed mc. Nttilwr Tony 
Baiiiit mm Oaryl Siucimer roilly 
M' llM MagC' durini ihc show. 
Banks leemiiigly loo busy 
atiempung lo kM|l u|> wMli the 
mekxliet an fm l»]rttoMll. 

While I sf^eM. what Mencd like 
diiyi trying 10 get out of iIig 
MurizMi pafliag lot. I had time 
10 lefkct: Ow of my ninciecn- 
nfly. hmi much nf thai went 10 
lie sound sysicm' TTw lounil left 
aincli Ml be deiured, xnd that's 
I with all ilic 
> can pick 
rnMi, why dM: Hay mmm m a 
r of OIlMI MiW iMib. IM 

DoR'i lake diii riw 1 
bill nilwr took u> tbe riKure. 
when wuMday it may even be 
« Gtavfis 
I all llie hype We 
my iken mc the music Mini 


at a micieaT 

Concludinf die aUMim mt die 

magt 'Tlirowiiig II All Away* 
Md'TlH Inaiiai*. wliidt ttmrn 
I of Tony Banks 
hlidtt bnckniiof 

If you bavent yet become a 
Gtntait fan. better laic than 
nevcf . San oat by geaing dieir 

titem, 'InviiiMe Touch*. 

1 g%. U J^ 


IKMeniial maniage. In thii town. 
this isn't liken k too out of the 
ordinary, so yoii know this isn't 
your average town or, for that 
maOa. your avenge movie. 

Mr. Byrne comments 
throughout the inovie on Lewis, 
the town. life, and anything else 
that occurs 10 him. )iomeLiine.s 
making this film seem like a 
docunKntar) on human nature. 
lold Irom the pomt o( view of an 
alien just experiencing our <)uiiks 
ami habits. 

With his own sense as 10 what 
will work, Ik has enau;cl a movie 
ihji will pleiuc all the senses. 
The scenery is wonderful, filled 
with lingering shots of open 
bndscapci in Texas giving the 
feeling that this town is both in 
the cemer of •vaytfiing and at dM 

The Harbinger, October 30, 1 986i, Page ,5 

.>.*.ii __• — I. ■ ill — ■ III ■ ■ mf li l » er . ^^ .■'*' 

The Ultimate 
Double Creature! 

Sm Two Of The Year's Meestep 
Ntts Fep The Price Of One. 

iwini tami m- .mmm- .im nmn.. rnns son Km 

<: JMS tmn.M M . HH W -JK Hm 'IW Ml M-:IH Dm 

OnfMiawiWick *>■<■■ (owmiSiiMMiRMaili MM C<mnn •■•■■■ 

■nKK^ .M Onm. 1 HY Iff IMlll GEM IMS JM ^ 

'IM r*,^''«".c«wTL^»«t» 

finduil «d|e m the lamc time. 

For all the Heads fans out 
there, you know the ma.sic is 
great, with nine songs by the 
hand, although only three arc 
sung by them. The others arc 
performed by some of the mam 
characters, but even that works in 
ihe movies favor, giving 11 ihc 
(lavoi of a musical. It all fits 
together, making this a film 
Byrne can be pnmd of. 

I'm no investor, but from what 
I've seen, this is not only a good 
movie, but a potential hit at the 
ba% office. 1 don't know how 
long It's cuclusive cngagcmcni at 
the Fine Arts Theatre in CTiicago 
will bst, so I suggest you make 
time this week 10 sec 11, because 
you won't he disappoinied. 

Even if you're not a fan of the 
Talking Heads, you'll still love 
It. although maybe you should 
first sec "Stop Making Sense", 
their highly acclaimed concert 
documentary, just to get the feel 
of what a neat you MC in for. 






management of area campus 
reps Ibr a national coDcgc 
travel and maikcttng Ann 
Approxlmalelv 20 hours per 
week. Ideal for icnlot or 
jpaduate itudcM. 


invet Market ski and beach 
touts on your campus 

Cal Sieve ilandeiman at 
414^276-7700 or witle to 
Aneiican Access Tfaincl. 238 
W. Wisconsin Ave.. SuHc 
aOO. HUwaukrc. WI 53203 


rage «. The Harbinger, October 30, 19M ^«^ - m A T^ T 


a candid conversation with the fiery prince of darkness 
ahoui hope, hype, hemlines and hell 

I w Comal, wini do fou liki: 

Sim* am timm tfUmheha hetit called mmy 
Mini:Ona,flmOmtmOmt. OldNuk. the Falkn 
affw. Ant wAo ij he 

<j |iw.f HI a ckimci 
ihe man bthmd ihe myik- 
and wo* or jua ohmIut 
Khmmct wAo ^tw ie> m msidi armthi tmd lost the kep 
M Ittmmr Bt cmr^id hem yarn wtt jfconjA. numr hm it 
am his stitt KOiuuhe Big Guft gtmt graas 

So now. mlhout funha- ado. iht mm who pwi 
Ite 4«in in dammmm.' Ht's brash, he's hoimcf. he's mm 
and lm'$ wemf The origmal Helluva Guy . Mister Me- 

fWKSNCY; Suiiii 

SATAN : Mcphi IS rme. 

SWEENEY: Oiuy McfH. I lllM. Oie tet ifMsiion in 
everyone's niiiKl tt-I) there ■ Hell ami is it ax tal M wt 

mmOt Yes. mere is » Hell, bit ifi not like most Wits 
WEY: Us not a deep cavcni awash in the red glow 
at lMiM>ling. molten lava in which wayward ioulf M)uiffli 
and wfiilie in fwnial agony'' 

MBrHlt '(Ml no. YcHi know, I once burned mywll 
with ■ dgv fight hen cm the msidiis of itiete two (ingcn 
(induaies)- Boy did that mtml Blistef*..«iM. .1 couUn't 
hold my fork correctly for a moMh. 
SWEENEY: Puckfoilt'? 
METHI: Dtonerfofk. Do I bofc like a liwiiei? 
SWEENEY: So Hell i«»1 a fieiy inlefno? Diinte had it 

MEPIII: Absolutely. OMHe has been through a frw 
icssiom and he a beaaraniliide now. 
SWEENEY: Sesiions? Lto whips and branding irons^ 
MEPHI: Don't be silly. Cm ajj" sessions. Some folks 
have a difficult iinM adjuutng to the new envifonment I 
like to Id ihflM laifitott so they can cK|i(ess ihclr telings 
and iAk W oilier (leofile in the same situation. 
SWEENEY: Relaic? Feelings'? Arc we talking aNw the 
lame Hell here? Where art the demons and sordid 
miacrcams? Yuu gotta have some sordid mimreanti! 
MEPHi: Well, there s my brother BcclMbub. he's kind 
of funny hmking. wont print tiiai. will you? 
SWEENEY: No. I prorane. 
MEPHI: Thank you, be can be a n:al lena. 
SWEENEY: AhMl, y«M' MW^ he leafi pcnpla limbs off 
and throws acid in tlHirc>«iT' 

MEPHI: Wow. you're a real sicko! Ni>. all I mean is ihai 
Bcelzy can get very petulant if you make fun of his Imiks. 
Hell jam sit around the hMuigc and sulk lor days. 
SWEENEY:Thcre's a li»|e!T 
MEPHI: Several. Beelty is the actiwiiiea dinocw: ihe 
Julie McCoy of Hell you might siy. 
SWEENEY: Of ail die things Cod hat ihM you don't, 
which (to you envy the aiost? Omnipotence'' 

MEPHI: Upper case pronouns. 

SWEENEY: You don't seem particularly wicked Its 

hanl B picture yoti plotting ihe downfall of mankind In 

(act. its hard to believe you're really Satan. 

MEPHI: Is il7 ibegiiis (a«g*i(ig The boom of his 

UmfhlerfiUs the room and seems to shake the buildiiig In 

his wide open momrii I set haiy. swirling images: peof>le 

silting in a Jaciati. women in string bikinis by a 

switmmng pool, men playing tennis. Finally, ike 

laiiftaer tiiM4ri.) Now do you believe me? 

SWEENEY: A little slide show would have been 

adeiiuaie. I spend two grand a week to go lo places like 

thai. I can't believe that's how Hell is. 

MEPHI: Well, we try to keep the folks entertained. 

Everyone's very confused al firn because it's not what 

Ihey expected. Then diey get suspicious that I'm jusi 

building their hopes up before I toss them in a funiacc. 

Thai's why we have die gn-^ip encounicrs and Intro to Hell 


SWEENEY: Iniro to Heir! 

MEPHI: Suns, we have a fwdl coMinuing education 

pfOgiam. Socrates runs it. 

SWEENEY: Socrates? Socniiet is m Hell!? 

MEPHI: Certainly. He commiusd suicide, il's what you 

call a mandalory sentence. 

SWEENEY: They made him dnnk ibe hemlock 'That s 

not suicide! 

MEPHI: Nobody made him drink it. they waniod htm to 

escape and he knew ii-.|old me so himself. But that's not 

Ihe point. I don't make the rules, if I did 1 sure as H, B. 

double hoikeyslidu wouldn't be itoing ihts for clemiiy. 

SWEENEY: Speaking of that, you had a pretty swcci 

set-up with God, a little brownncsing and you could'vc 

wnuen your own ticket. What happened? 

MEPHI: "Your editor agreed that I wouldn't be asked 

abcul Ihe Whoopie Cushion incideni. 

SWEENEY: Sorry. What do yoo think about people 

who clean their eara and leave the diny Q-Tips on the 

bathroom counter? 

MEPIII: They make me sick. 

SWEENEY: You've been called the Father of l.ics and 

here you are making Hell sound lil^c a dieam vacation 

Why should we believe you? 

MEPHI: Oh yeah, rij>*t. can t believe we, no woy' Don't 

listen lo Old Nick. he/ilM Oooh, watch out .. 

SWEENEY: I delect a noie of sarcasm. 

MEPHI: Well, why should I lie? To boost the tourist 

mM Do you think the second moii powerful being in 

die wi«i«tiB is pnaTu motivated? 

SWEENEY: But you make Hell sound so nice. 

MEPHI: It ii mce. Everything you spen<l your whole 

life chasing is there for you You can have whatever you 

wani; big house, fancy car*, beautiful women, money. 

Hell II very nice, il's every dream come inic 

SWEENEY: It doesn't sound very hellish. 

MEPHI: Whais a nice vacation for you. a week in 


SWEENEV: I like Majorca 

MEPHI: Fine. How does two weeks in Majorca sound? 

SWEENEY: Great! 

MEPHI: How about two months? 

SWEENEY: Well, I diink Ihe novelty would start 

wearing thin. 

MEPHI: How about two years? Or twenty? 

SWEENEY: No way. 

MEPHI: How about two thousand years? Or two 

million, or twx) u-illion? Or maybe forever? Maybe HcU is 

forever. Maybe u just goes on and on and on and on. ad 

inrmitum. Maybe it never, ever ends. Maybe it's very, 

vrry boring. 

SWEENEY: What would we find in your pockets nghl 


MEPHI: Uh. let's see... maiches. cigarettes, horn wax, 

hfcath mints, klecnct. 

SWEENEY: Who else is in Hell? You mentioned Dante 

and Socrates, give us some other big names. 

MEPHI: Well. Socrates is no secret since he pulled his 

own plug, bui 1 couldn't mention anyone else. 

SWEENEY: Awww. c'mon. One name, just give us 

one big name. 

MEPHI: Goez, you're worse than Joan Rivers. I can't, I 

have to live with these people. 

SWEENEY: You mean the ciliieas at Hell can give 

wu a hard time? 

MEPHI: Sure. 

SWEENEV: But you're Ihe Emporer of the Sorrowful 

Realm. The Prince of the Wrelched Souls! 

MEPHI: Yeah, that and fifty bucks will get me a heat up 

Volkswagen. How do you discipline someone who's 

already in Hell? Make them stand in the comer for a 


SWEENEY: What do you look for m a woman? 

MEPHI: Perky lilile breasts. 

SWEENEY: When will Armageddon lake place? 

MEPHI: 1 don't know. God doesn't call me in for 

planning sessions. Docs Macy U;ll Gimhcl? 

SWEENEY: But you're supposed lo rise up and do 

battle! You re the Dragon in Revelations aren't you? 

MEPHI: Yeah. Dragon. Bcasl, Serpent-- I could use a 

gcKid PR firm. 

SWEENEY: You'll show up (or the battle, won't you? 

MEFlll: 1 suppoK. 

SWEENEY: You doni sound like your heart is in it. 

MEPHI: You don't see people lining up lo place iheir 

bcis on the outcome. It's kind of a foregone conclusion 

IhM I'm gonna gel my bull kicked. 

SWEENEY: What wine do you .serve widi a ramantic 


MEPHI: 1 don't care for wine. 
SWEENEY: What's your favorite cotor? 
MEPHI: 1 don't know, yellow Yeah, yellow 

'7 don't «rj»f dmli for somIs or tncourag* efil 

t Am'l need merre stmts, flell has 'komirng 

I M is.' 

'No, fm not inwt»ed la a rtlationsktp right now. 
I'm prtuy good looking. fV g<« a steady fob and 
rm immortal. I eon afford to be selecliw.' 

'Atk your children what a bad gity I am. On 
Halloween millions of kids will dress up like 
me. How many drtti up tike Godtr 

The Harbinger, October 3«, 19«6, Page 7 

Slightly Of. Campus 

aioafis MASON uNivftsirrs iMMS m. 

IuSnMI WON trw NoMl PriM «or Economici 
SSl irTlta'praGwa itortwJ o imol wih amooo c* 

tmtmm emticeamamtMaMttodalmtim. 

ttw MwaanM of o wmnw from GMU igrltaa lonw 

^^•»v«Iv iiKllwd" KSW Alan OtUM of the 

miM, wHOW 3W iwwnbw ealaaw hov* r»vw pro- 

ftoMda StoM oho luihKl out o pwm '•*"• 

Evm VMi nOB) TO CLAM A LAUKME. prockic- 

o |*iw »mf «»w fl^ ftooKl of the Ydm Bepwtov 


mem. dioppirM tt» cioied traps Into pk»tic tioo*. 
drowrim lt» ikunks m the nver and ttwv stufflnQ 
twm TfWl »on bo put on dUptay tor od In- 

•AvioR omciAii. naroNOVKS to com- 

innAaV lUMiC. (W»1 MM*rice tlcunhs txx) inv^ 
UNi lwa|»,»ilh:loo«l cto*io the trap (Joori bewnd 

teretted vtewew" at ttw compui muieum 

nc coio«ADO cxjNsoamw OF stm^ 

IBSCS HAS DEMANDED tt>e itote destroy 50000 
feciuWno brochutet - -«t*:h coit SBiOO to prtnt- 
becouie the brochure feted Ux tchoott that reaVy 
dont betono to the comorHum. 

Coniortium PiwWeot Houiton G Elam wrote Itw 
DieiiderM of the ih colegei - among the blogeit 
STtM state - to accuse them of ■ogorwilon 
ooolnit Ns o"**- °"^ o* tr^^v to horn In on n« 
groups recrutttng ettorti 


on ureuipscltMj Unlversltv of Moryioncl ttudenti 

Two UM dorms got o detent contract to let the 
Armv test out new recipes on student* m two com- 

pus Oorms, 


jott week It wi itort seing VISA and MotterCards 
w»h Unlvwiltv of HorWo and Hortda State logos on 

WoitOno w«h bank. Penn State started the first 
luch Okjmni ctedit cord soles effort lost month 


\w«»-7 — Continues to otter low cost, contidential 

^^&.^ .^^M^^ .>••• in all aniaii oi women's health: 



Just •» jirivmtc companies hive 

uriien ov« public ho»piwIs ind 

even priswis. a i»e* o««: '• 

Nashville it hoping to "Ukr 

over" some colle|«$ 

•We ihink itai terc'i ■ place f . 

a private company lo mantie 

education |»rogT«iii« jufi like 

Hospuat Corporation of 

American ha» dene for hospitals 

and Cofteawns Corporation has 

^itone tot pah: lays Roy Nicks, 

head of the Ediictiion 

C{»p«»iiaii« oS Amenci fhCM 

Nitk*. »*o hcjiled Tcnncfflce's 

itatc t»o«til of MSfeni* for 10 

J cart, iay» hi« ccmipaiijf of*" 

tan do a tetter ft* managing 

cerutn parts of a campus - 

janiional lervicei »n<l 

n ainienance operations aic his 

• ivoiite e».««nptes ■■ than 

•i,ic-al«]fs themselves can. 
: or anywhere from S'WS » 
$t2.9V() a year. F-CA «ill 
insnaK« a calteg»ss janiional 
jorviccs. pievBiiiive nwimensince 
pngrama, »«k order systeins. 
paintinf and titm tanks, say* Xcfl 


- «.-hool aiMl indwify' riid lO' do a 

lujy jofc of ii»a!tagii»K Ihtfif 
phyaical plains.- Nicki lays. 
'TImI'b hccaiise most of the 
'peoi* «todo (he wofk «€ la die 
lo« end of die salary K»le ' 
Kacpnig campuset up phyucally 
baa iMiMMl bwoiiie a nrnpi ctkis 

iryinf ID cape with loJlanon in 

ka and then tcdtfU 

t in die eifMics. 

car* in all areas of women s health: 

• Family Planning 

• Pap Smears 

• VD testing & treatment 

• Pregnancy testing & referrals 

• PrO'fflantal bkXKl tests 


WE 01 



For in^mmlkm mtd or appoltttirmnt 
3S9-7S7S M9 N. Court. Suit* 





srm/effT 0etrs 


mm m &ir%^i 



l,l\1 ly.tHJl) 


aoiQ ad mwa 
QQ adaQOd w 
_Qa cia QCi ^^ 

aa oiaiziQKia iQi 
mm do Eaaaba 

mm ouuj Ejoaa 
aaa ataaa auaa 

''people Who Want To 
Be Introduced To God 
AH Over Agatn! 

Harper College 


10 am 
Phil MigtloraM. Pastor 


V — ' 

The Woodfield 
Counseling Center 

715 E Ck>tf Road Suit« 205 

Schaumburg. IL 60173 

312«82 0502 


• Compmci Dimcm or Audio? 
• Mmrkmdmgf 
• A Bmmumm BuUder? 


Neod9 ambltloua 
coUmgm •tudente 

to hm cmmpmm . 

Call 1.800-223-6434 
or 1.219-626-2756 

9aai to 9pai 

jT^iiJi. iiii w^muf^'^*^'< ^ ^ 


■■Itmaiioval €l»k: Anjr 
stmlcin. foicifn at not. wlto is 
inU-tesKd in joining ihc 
Iniernaliomil Sludcml* Cluh. 
plcimi sicip by F3J8 for mori: 
imfonnaiion. Club actlvuic* 

tm tKlMKie of cuttuie With nc» 

Spccflft Ttaoi- Stand ii|i' and 
tpeik ml, join «!»«• Speech 
TtMWi. S«c T«ii MctirtUi , 
OS I . Ttieiidliyiod'ThiMsdjij 
<IAM II. 12 PM m n03 
CalhoHc Ca»p«» 

MUlilri 1* spoiwtwtog » 
Catholic Mi«i each Monday m 
12 PM A 241. AH ift welcome. 
Tht Harper Cnlleii* 
Caaitrala Si»l!«r» «»* 
CiMccrl ClHilr are seeking 
mtgmm and aJuii » joim ihcm 
on melr feMit of Oiw Miain.. 

Hm MMir li iGlMsdtiiMi ID leave 
CI»ica«o on Occcmbcf !fi and 
feltim on January » af'<t 
petforming in five ciucs in lh« 
United KaqpliiBi. 

Singeit tnterttied >" 
'|i«iic.i|>atitt|. ihoiM U • im* t* 
yean old Md may em*m 'Dr. 
ThcMias SiMieli: ai .W-3000. 

Tlw HacMst" I"* ** ofiea 
'doaf mllcjr. Come on in and 
^.«tlieEdiinr! A-%7 

HniKsr undents a« in»iicd to 
narticipaie w CiL AMOUR 
Magaiine* 1987 Top Ten 
Ccilkfc Women Compeiiuon. 
Young women trom colleges and 
untveisitics ihroughmit itie 
rounuy will compele in 
GIAMOURJ search for ten 
out-ttanding swkiti*. A panel ol 
GLAMOUR ediiors will Jeket 
ihc winner* on the b«»w of flieir 
solid tccofite of achicvemem in 
icademk fiudics and An 
eiiracunicular aciivUic* on 
campu* Of m ihe ctMnmunHy 

Each month. Harper CoUcge 
will offer informaiion scsiioi» 
loc prospect! vt tiudenw. m well 
as IPN's in«crc«tc«l in compkliBB 
ifte one year comptelioo program 
111 prepare for lK«n»c 

tlic scsmons *iH be hekl on 
Ibe third Wednesday of every 
month ai 1 30 p.m. m E 106. 
For addition mfomvation on Uicjic 
monthly sessions or ihc Nui»ing 
fto«am call 3«»7 IWD E«t 2S». 


Student Senate heeds 
inicicited, nio(ivaied.iludcnis lo 
rcpresoii ihc Life Scierjcc/Human 
Service diviuon, and Club rep. 
position!. Aniiy nnw at Senate 
Office or SMdeni Acliviiiet 
eM..2242. A336. 




Colleic Transfer 

Information NtfM. Twenty - 
five schools have been invmsd in 
order to asiini our evening 
siudcnis with their articulation 
conceiTM to four-year schools. 
Harper will have a college 
transfer inlotmalion night on 
November 6 from 5 30 PM until 
8 PM m the Buildmg J lounge 

Callifraplijr. Paper- 
Mnkini a^d Paper History 
A visiting irlisl 
Icclurc/dcmonsuation .wrics on 
taHigraphy. paper-making ami 
paper history will be given in 
TCgiikirly st:hcdukxl siuUkj art and 
art history classes, Novemte 3, 
i, and 5. On Wonday. November 
3, Louise Dooky a prolcssioBal 
calli|»p*KT and paper ani.«a will 
give a demoasiraiion on the basic 
lechniques of paper-making and 
paper marbling from 10 AM - 
Noim m C-202 and C-203 On 
Tuesday. November 4, Mari}0 
Carney, a professional 
calligtaphcr and calligraphy 
teacher wdl give a lecture on the 
art «>f calligrapny from 
9:25 - 10 AM m D 231. And 
finatly. on Wednesday, Movcmbcr 
5. Cady Weickeri. a paper 
rcfeitmce person from the Paper 
Source, one of Chicago's major 
suppliers of foie papers, will give 
a lecture on the history of paper 
from 10 - 10:50 AM in D-2i3. 

Please note! 

All announcements for 
Upcoming must be submiiusd to 
the HarbingeT by noon on the 
Thursday prior to the issue you 
wish It to appear in. 

Free Smoking Clinic 

One stop smoking clinic have 
been scheduled during the Fall 
semesier in the Boaid room of 
budding A. 

Monday and Wednesday 

Nov. 24 and Nov. 26 

Dec. 1 and Doc, 3 

Doc. 8 and Dec 10 

Both clinics will be provided 
by the college at no cost lo 
employee* and siudcnut and will 
be presented by the Northwest 
Commumily Hospiuil Department 
of Continuing Educaiion. Pteaic 
c;ill die Kealdi Service an noon at 
possible at at. 2IM if you wish 
U) attend 

Harper Ski Trips 

Haiper has arranfed two majo* 
iki tups lor siudcnls and 
community members The 
deadline for final payment ts 
December 2. 1986. Reservations 
may be made through die Student 
Activities Office. A-336. phone 
397-3000, extension 2242. Low 
airfares, group discounts, and 
good early planning have resulted 
in lenific bargains! 

The first trip is to Aspen. 
Colorado, in the fabulous Rocky 
Mountains, January 4-11, 1987. 

The Kcood trip i» to Zell Am 
Sec, Austria, in the famous 
Tyrolean Alps. January 2 10. 
1987. Contact the Student 
Activiliet Office for further 

Find tmiaim 


(MiUawNl (MB lint raft 
Patent Committee. Ron Guiik 
was appointed to the Academic 
Computing Committee which 
works in connection with 
Academic Computer Services. 
Rcnee Chigas and Laurie Lada 
were appointed to the Cultural 
Arts Commmec which plans 
various programs for the college 
including dance, art. drama, and 
(ilm. Carol Borgcrding and Greg 
Miller were appoinu;d w the 
Curriculum Committee which 
serves as an advisory body to Ihc 
Vice President of Academic 
Affairs. Jon Harnisch and Greg 
Miller were appointed to the 
Educational Services Committee. 
Carol Borgcrding and Renoe 
Chigas were appointed to the 
Environmental Health and Safety 
Committee- Jon Hamisch and 
Carol Borgcrding were appointed 
to the Faculty Evaluation 
Committee which reviews and 
proposes revisions lo faculty 
evaluation procedures. Laura 
Jacob and Jarrett Thomas were 
appointed to the Student 
Publications Board. Lauta Jacob 
and Laurie Lada were appoinicd u 
the Graduation Committee. 
Toby Suberlak was appointed to 
the Institutional Planning 
Committee. Bill Anagnos and 
Toby Suberlak were appointed lo 
the Student Conduct Committee. 
Student SenMe advisor. Jeanne 
Pwikanin feela that students will 
be invaluabte lo the commineei. 

Whm: Every SmdaviiighHitNomnber. 7pm. 



Far dtneOom at mare b^oanatkm caff 

-, CnisDiftr at 259-3808 j 

Early registration will soon De upon us. For 
assistance with your eilucatlonal planning for spring 
semester, see counselors in Student Development nom. 

StuiJenl Oevelopment faculty are available In D-142 
and 1-117 from 9:00 until 4:30 Monday through Friday. 
Staff is available evenings In 1-117 from 5:00 lo 8:00 p.m. 

Day time students will register during the day 
by appointment only. Appointment cards will be available 
In A-Z13. beginning November 3. The computer terminals will 
be open from 9-12 and 1-4. November 12 - 14 and 17-21. 

Evening student may register without appointment 
cards from 5:00 to 8:30, November 12? 13 and 17. 




All these can be yours after you graduate! 

Come to A-367 and work for the HARBINGER. 

Phom 2460 or 2461, or just stop in! 



For the experience 

m iOi*. o«>ontuii<Tv f KPiowen 


Saturdsr. NOTtmbtr 1, 191* 10:00 am - 2:00 pm 

American Bar Center 

750 N. Lake Shore Drive 

Suite 601 

Chicago, niinois 

'Nuning As A Career" 

Bachelor of Science m Nursing 

Master of Science 

Meat Faculty, staff, and students 

Uani about fiill and part-time pragrami 


The Harbinger. October 31, IfM, Pat« ' 


Classlfiect Ad 

»»..tti«m iMni-coni mental 


( llilwifKHl 




Hrlfi Wiiiit<'«l 

ll«'l|t Wuntt-i 



■Ml la* J^p •i|.tii«iii»t tmukxtvmr 
twt. It 'fan im* • iiltxani 

M ftlthl tttwi. MM. SO' ccoUi 
ftiel* -iMiiiMiil liM'. 

■IMHMB i ilil ' *r il ll llli t ii.ilii.iiiilliiiiiiii » ii-B 

Ncllt iJMnlrd 

DdAfTSRfTBOl tiM'4Mm trntttm 
Hmmamm- tt§ 'MMi • TU-BIO »• 

HI f *A)tm»' C»«i»«e VM«nil 
it..i'linn' lUuiaa. fNMm t» SduailMi 
Mil .pai'MB toir Oi»»tii«»iii noun 
■Mill* Tmatm Ml TlMMtor mifiu. ■»! 
HUM nwiit m ii l ii tM «M- '*>"■ 

IliWftffmn^ Mfic«fairy. Fliwilik hmm 
cm W^TKU: mk tm lint 

nc«<Mim prtlti liw HI, man iMi 'Icanil 

Rm" Suit" 

n. tt Ml 7} tw*, 

AfHiV * ')»•<■ « MM W. Mala Si. . 

I.jkt ZMfM, Of aU. M-fflH. 

I'M) eoVli»!**ir.« JOBS Im. 

•i».(i«ii»ii».w»n Tfawiwimi Ciii 

CUITOMBII « I- II VICE •! .uAirn r..i«»:.« 

!■# Ill* iMAt^i. bM|u'»t* M yommmmm 

I'lMUtATKIM Twtiill ■iMMim l» 

WHY REKI' i yw oaM illMl In lw»T 
ItaMMM l%t I a** iHiic. nauil M. 
fifniilM*. w* 4ack, ilmt fmif tM. 
tn<m <all/V«li«i Naali* # «]»■«!••• 

lWVEIUi!MWT IIOMBS tmm »l tt 
rtftitj Otltii<|iit»l 11.1 (wnpeM), 

Eu. irtlin|v ItM. 

iHif^m hxy aoliM. 1 tanilci •»! 1 
■wlf*. Kon S^. II. ma»m mtt ■■■kti 
iBpMiiM. tm«a. (UIIM'tOS 

lUHt OWKAWAY- Ml:ll«lliHBil,.llll>n 
liciml, ni«4im» •» "i»»lJ <!«»•, W»c*. 
vltiK ad w. Call Vick> It tltlJIIfc 


KmIIi tawi (11. E. ) Not. I « Oil Wl • 

WAK»:l>i W KOnJ; 10 'bM •agio. 
'I>^tf nMl llleir t^>«I<« 10 IN in one 
iMMh. 47 t<t • lin WMrtM. 27(1 Hh 
II& 12 imauAft Mmt ymn fiMl* uio. on 
ihc mall «1(c£liv« «it4 popuIlT 
IMMil/MMniKMul impwn. Nt« HavtMi 
mliMc C*llJi«B#|»ITni. 

DO YOl Ms ED • luDKHkHiMt 1 en 
dkm fmn hamm, (if 1km, m .t|HlilMlll>.: t 
tmm tmtt ■laaicat., nd •!■ ]*•••• <><' 

"Kl.T(LB," you'll Ike cwiieil liinny fuy 
r«c uME •cion • • 'tont ■■■■■ '"^ I" 
^\w$ jriBi MrtI y«»r "woumb'" •« itill 
H|«tl>ri, cvoi (IkwiIi you tn |<>i>( lit • 

liiier" lehoal md iIk iKi'l HAt Ijjve, 

«D RlKMt OCWiMK Oout fouM 

•iHMiiiicrreAPiaiiMiaii tarn 

iili>.il trntuMI: Spaty 

BOO TO ¥01) »y inunlv ranniel 
iliwv • IICll M ■ lUllowecfi iMsh lltU 
l-tnliy cv». Sec ft Ihere"' Ml be S<aiy 

SIU.IMI.. y«i. «4 iw-'lui* 4imuk!'i 

riir.Ri'.S.A lli|<|iyli<tltlaLA leny 

»h ot'PM , yat/m dnnt • fmutm foh 
.M P. nl r». Knp «|» UK fM4 «iiA.I 

m umnA. 1 (UK iMip f <■ laik* you.' 
IHilia. line iwinr Info, sill 1mm If J 

Mil— il'i— iiimii Tvhi< 

I M'T,. H mi ho 4 

iMa, ■» .ilMllliil t MV. IMltM* 

m §tB .f l#-.MI. l%Mil «i|if I. mm^ 

pni' Jim' * (Hii' 

■Mtit lltinn- l)M !■> amuli^ YiM 'Cat 
■a MM 4Hi«' laira md •■■ l« Ml' '■» 

twiTHD i»,%Kti.i, siivrs ffWI 

ofcA lawmen nxl lalnMltft. SkilU 

WHIIIfilllllli MW: It pMK ' ■'' fMHit •v pMR X milf 

Mai. Ian tua.. M..F. lahiy hWimi 
ligMW, pole Off l«nik. flKM iwciftwr 
•Ml ■* atwa ■ Ikiiai A-MT 


C* Ml -WMitill* « pi. w> HM Kf • 

SlIUKJWt MAltltlTWC H lilt ■■*• «!■ 
like talan. Many prnfik km* l I Ki' — 
fnHMially uMiiiinalM MiliD|.pii4IIMi 
iimllMiiM. M ymi ■iimlM llht —■■Wilt 



m liiiimi^gui i n iiii»iii n ii ipi i | i i ii' 

*.'«aMn.fIEU.. Dm. tr at III) a 

IliWf ' 1 


pull iialiMi.. 

ifalMnf., |.i<ai>iui.g. 
at. tail MffiiM tt nut 

nut mWiia m* tMiait famnMl. OH 

Vm Ma* C:m 

Mt-cailar |iIhi» <iI IWiHti. alll«|i limiHlc. 

■DiAaw Mai.) S» «) ia> CiMii Cataalir. 

r.o.. iio> 41411.. D»it»», tt. m n 
oatunxnATiasAU o«i«uft»».r 

Uiil*n.iiy T..iliiii» * fnwHiltim tr<m 
aiiyS1'.*1i iM'iatailiiiiMlWBl *•«> 
■•' Coitf Ml VMM* lA. «W l». 
OMtiimi * .. *••» tlWi. t3Mt4»». It 

MM tOtSEM-StZE l(>.le'>.lK.>.). 
Unman iii-lliaifriillinail. ('•■»«.. MiM 
■lUim CalAa*aa.||ICm''(k>,> 

)«I4 aMmm, aii imimi; 1 1 .m 
■Kta..tim Qii»*«»im'nsA. 

illOKDA t«R Ci. IKXI iKuniMt 
{jaWsHit. AM-m mmtk. am hxi. 

•dual. rjll.M'..W.|MI«$M 

'MMTStMllltlafiak. Mm Ma. ad 
tiiai. ;»t«iil eHilell, A..M-FH caw 
timnaiKllir Ckll:lbi%#.L1*-Sm 

l.j>«y Bill tHan kra t Mna Rollutt 
MeaAiw f-.. *ah cat. fw tiD a <mA. 
MiHi !■•«« |M« 'lalkiinKiaa; auia piwiilc 
«■« lari. CaM 10S..-IM41 to mii aiiai 


ttmift Caliata a«|4i9aa. Wall u> iiaia 
Milim waaiail pntanl. WA anikln' 
imamnlty umIcM. Cuk BciMy iIcixkii 
naawil l^aUnMrm. 

Ili^h^it'i Hiank yiMi M til lilt r 
( liwe ym nay muth t twipe «« kiw • 
lt:it mmt Kwod lin»«* tafwikct Y*at law 
orry 'KHXial li> 'aw alkl 1 iloi'l ewo «■« *> 
1.HK vw Mafiiiy' AaM'Wvfiary and 1 kofW 
v>.::. It.v>< ••>•">■» ■mint. Ijivc Alwayt. 

OIUMI MnYa>»<>llKr IhMkikll 
in iwks' li i»Mi ■ wilj time, kite 1 udt 
yna, Jcwmey haa keciHiM a>e al my 
lamnicil Hope lo find y<ai kniaii ai Ike 
lutli nxai. lafcerwue, HI me ya« •» Ike 
.|iinn> lanfi Ikii •okcadi 

LALKIE, Hi|>w Il4lli>ai«r« Iniai Mie 


•.l.aai:f*4 ••■•■•pa 

Ikpfllaailna..'. Saim A 
•m M-i. Boaaiat K> 

■ARH CASY «1M U tmtimt 
I UlMiyla aanay*.. Can T 


mnimsi: mm nan • aa* .m^ 

l|ii«..i Mt i 1 !li H I I I ^ nnn i. ■atyAM 

■awaHilni tl l l Il l i ill l - CaBlSl" 

M m IMlt' it piMlil ■> IN S. 
K. A4. Ik*... Arthntiaa. !!«■#•• 

mAVil. 'FIELD a§fpanmttt Oaw 

Ba,pttncaii« mhkU 

MIMHilli tarika arfy, IW I immAw 
■MMk. "1111 tiny n*in»lll» ••Kaaiiim. 
l'*nw<««ifo., cull Tm># l«I.7»1..t*-w 

nft S4T*ifr». 


aa4 Iwefi.. t«.. ReiaaaiiMe fmea. alt 
naa<» • 'AS 4IMIIIf«ai lliltl 1 lan. 

\Fii«iB«£D aioiirrAii Y •!■ ma 

■i.>Ki|riDnimiiiy kmaii Ciill .Ml •Omt. 


H<ai'ta* k«ai. Ofhflaf •mcIIcm 

AT LAST) A Mouanal lamia ikai »lll 
i|^ you lan* |»|nt aiMl Ihaicil Ei|>. 
•liik aaacuai Maa<. $tmimm imt 

R.ARDI.Y (Wmwc CJMiiwty niaiii 
pnftc 1.1. «'<»l ]0. 41) kri twk m ■■• 

l>i(|yi*|. aMi ttwipmn 4f|m. INaapk ••# 

.ATW' fTCOmni HiMMai 

I (l..,| famiiii 

0.1. Mil t r^MiKii A«i#e« l^a|i|pt il V 
VWH kanaaall) ami. .S tatawe aaaia 

■ktlla, iMcl.|i<Mn4 la an .*i«lkiaf. 
It m tmi0t ikiilli 
D, M at tan-iiaia Iibm 
•ainiat chiitt lii iiil il 1MM fipi«iaim 
imlinilO flMMtinaaipBaMi: olan 
S« tail attrnt' Affly ai *>«.« s 
MihHiitaa. Aaa... Wn. at cai W -l»l«. 



«ima,l r*REOT Wl* l IA ataila 

eattimfi al a a alM> wiaia Ui gn k* l^wal* 
■> IH apail.. Illlalllia»»y««a«t«n«i 
• *m m a akaia m mm i liak.! Call< 

tm*'VB.t. niLO 'faiMMii a«wlBkia' 
laiamAtMlt'. Gaa4 eMaaiiaiiaat. 

SAN' al[> YCt: tell [> I ahuul Ike kood 

umaawna'^ Danwldanftaig aflackdiant. 

wa I11TI..E NO«A, y»» 4«a»y. 
(iianiy-iki|kci) domiaairia, yoa 
Diic<|Maia nie) CiirunKMc «>c< If yaa 
iea.dl aie veil, O maaieffial eat. II eaai 
dom M CarBuaeDalc for • •«ck 
laadwxli. Wiai) Ankw ke liteawd 111 

HI «.«' ' k. jaa iaal tka aane la Tnf 
•N>l°l lailxUI Callnwaoua ICD. 

LASS. 113 alaayi a |ilaaam aad ia| 
kaiMe l.aiidi>aafaaiiiadi|aia1 Smm 

OiiAII 0OUC> MARTIN i<w>t wko? 
ftp, •*• lai- Ike chacoliu aulk fiilt 
Yea knm. iln cMck atik die car ikai 
loua^ lAe ■ ipaoc riHaak- Jaa aiaiiai 
lo ikivw • ckeeiy 'Hella" yaw «ay. Slnf 
by and aec aw agaia loaal Loaa, 

ai SD( Id SEOtETARlALI All oar 

flaukat ikaata ka*t aaiaad A'l aai A* t. 



■». eiHI|iMlMM'«St>4» 
■Uliii liiaiiii ■ laalkiii'. 

(•Et CONSl.!l.TAni)N" IM all y<wr 
kial aaaill luck* Dtl pcwaaai lajuiy. 
iliwaut, atil' eaaie .Pkoae tm-ltiii tit 
111 '.SHI). E«at and awkaad a|)iilt. 
aaalMH*. 'Lm iidltcci ml Hatkai * 
a H- MaMkaai, M' fkiar, 



Travel Alia *|«pe«riai* la thr 
Hmihmtpr Krr Not S p wa n rad 

by TIar l<all«||r ll'nlcaa 
HfNM-ifirall; Nalarf tMrnniar. 

.%<iw*tiarra Hmr Utrrly 
IJamrai'lwl F<»r Atl.rrtiaaaif 

Spaier «■«!• 'TW llarliii^|er. 

Fate I«, The Harbinger, October 30, 1986 

Recrutlng Efforts Fall To 

Stop Minority Enrollment Dixps 

Dctpitc ihe bcm efforis of 
tmlitionulty whili.*. middkxliuu 
coUfgci to enroll more mim>ru> 
fluiknts, fewer bbi:ks and 
Hispanic \ iK gomg lo collcgf 
now ihm 1.0 ytan ago. a new 
pe^pwt by ihit Amcfkai' 
on E4liK:iii.H>i> iMCE) My*. 
TJic progiiDM for awetfng mtwe 
blicb and Hif|»nK student.'; in 
itie (mutt, moreuvci. » "di.smal." 
Ihc rept«'i. auJh«if akk 

"(AH Ike new program* lo 
««;(«.»« mworiiy enrollinenls » 
wiwked fof awhile." "iiiys the 
.Ari'.\ S.i»iili MflcniUv. win.. 
.V reiK ihe rcjjiiri 

vluioni). enrollincm <in 
t..r»d<uoaally w'hite tampuscs 
began lo increase in tlic mitl- 
rWJs.. peaked m the mid- lO'TCk, 
iinil im been ikcJimnK ev€r.«nce. 
:Jie ayv 

The creml for Muck «i4si«t ii 
Jimnwanl Vtclcmfc/ mhU Owl 



Schaumburg Location 
Near Woodfield Mall 

tat you looking for map to 
m»ke en«K me«t"» Hmj tan 
tam e«« morwy tor sthool, 
hotidayi even (fwiyday 
enp^nws The Signaluri- 
Group ha* the pifrfecl part' 
timt poption tor fOu 

"for Ihc lUspanics .intl name 
AmcrKjni. il all depemls cm to* 
you kK* aC il." 

"(I ts eiiher jugnuting or 
remaning steady fw ihcm." 
AHhough minofiucs make up 
21.^ peieeni of ihe total r S. 
IH^ulaiion. they make up only 
1 7 potent of college enitillnents 

"The lenousnes-i o( this is no 

one group of minontrs has ever 

achieved (its corresponding 

enrollment level) in college," she 

J'. - "Blacks are ahoul W 

I of the population, hut 

■111 only eight iKn-cnt of 

. "iL-geentollrocnL 'ITiey arc 

-. -aiifc ijround instead of slaying 


Ilvcryone has » favorite 

Victoria Valie Staples of Pem 
Suilc- -where minority enrollment 
Jixreiiscd from 3.9 percent of the 
student body last year to .V7 
percent this year, despite a well 
funded, ambitious recruiting 
drive- -atlrihulcs the decline to 

Tinancial aid is more difricull to 
get," she says. "We hive to 
provide nmrc m-iimiiional aid." 
joMj* Russell. Afro-Amcrican 
Studies Dean at Indiana, finds 
"there is a general decline in 
student interest (in going to 
college), and black parents are 
having to make graves decisions 
about wliere to put their money." 
"There are." he notes, "progniins 
offered for .studcnui to gel loans. 
but the parents and students aren't 
even certain if they can pay Uicm 
Isifk " 

Worse yi-t. the rural and inner 
city high schools that many 
black students attend arc not voy 
good. "There mk many blacks 
who could go on to higher 
educaiion." Russc-ll says, "but 
many arc trapped in sch<x)Ls with 
inferior education. It's really too 
bad. because they shooldn't be 

Mclcndez, in fact, thinks the 
main hope for reversing the trend 
IS reforming primary and 
secondary schools. 
"one of the loag-ienn totutioni 

is giving greater attention to the 

educaiion minorities receive in 
high school and elementary 

schOiil." Mclende/ says. "'We 
know Headslart (the pfest:h(X)l 
inner city learning program I 
works. That loai tics or should 
teach " us something." 

Wt? oftef students pijrt-time 
jxiwtwm in the Wemarketinq 
field These ptwitions ci»n btf 
very b<?n«'fif.>al for ihovf whc> 
nwfd or 'uvant to imofOve 
their commumtdtion skills 
VKhile earning e.«tra. rnonify 

We will provide paid training 

naht away from our modern 
onices, you will team to caH 
our cuiloiTHfrs across the 
country to explain the various 

iervites and dub nwrnter' 
thipl *m offer 

The Signature Group can 

offer you 

GUARANTEID! S5 i% after 

just 8 weeks 



Makes your rarningi worth 
even more' 

The Signature Group can 

twip you make end* meet. Tci 
arrange for m rnterview. 
pl«ase call weekdays 
between 9 00 AM and 
S'OO PM If all recruitment 
lines are txisy. leave a mesr 
sage and we'll tall v«:m< right 





{"111 1 1 u"-^'" w 


i HMD mif 'ODMcns I 

' H 

r.<»niM. mmm m^ c ''BtESIO 00 Conditioning ! 

ComilMM l^A Cfl ,0* Treatment t month a«m parm I 

*'*''*' W*Tl wV ^ ■■> *0d t>ounc». shina A aiitra I 

lift to your perm i 

INCUIIKt »*«PII*0 • »Tyt.lllO 'mmmi»m>mm.<)m, | 

purm ^i'«"f (r'tiwiii^i!* 

Wifl* T^iji))i I „ ..■;iii,4(|iii:,i'"" 'i,S''iiii 

HAIR PC«fFO«niiftS 

tiair performers 

1756 W. Algonquin Rd. • Hoffman Estates 

(2-.. MI'S West of Boseiie m < 359-8561 

III «■■■■ ro^ w ■ m 


You con choose from mofs 
thon 150 tecfinical specialties 
You II earn qood pay 30 aays 
ot ¥acatto.n wiin poy each yeor 
complete medicoi and Oentol 
cflie and 75"o ot your tuition 
con Oe paid tor college credit 
courses Only motivated 
individuals neefl apply 
Contoct your Air Force recruiter 
todoy Coll 

Sgt Brian Fartnuw 

.Not Just Comics. 

The Harbinger, October 30, 1986, Page 11 

Ix' The Puzzle "^ 

■ '".'111* 

■ 2. ^.^t^tyrt p***!'^ 
n PoflK-: 
lJ:S«ci»"i t-'*» 

■ " . .■'f''*^ 

(Nlll of M'WM 
2S' So »• '«' 
I* Sun go4 
iS 'iirfllM *» 

SI Cw«l«)e»» 
» Stalli 

S4. aroak. ■MIDWI'I 
S» MiliriMIIMi' 
M r>«ilil> ptMl 
»7 SKiHart «otcanci 



n Niw in If M^ 
31 Pmtm ol Hirf 

■}3 S*mtw>t«» 



S Ellll> 

■ 1 ) 

» rTW-r 












lii iimnvnitM f'cwtu*'* tv 




W' »unw 


1 » Tri* 
W NOM 0< *«<• 

la CiKi 

» (MUMaliM 

:» HiirlKii 
.30 PtMmt 
34 Sawiwl 

37 Summon 

41 QMuO 

43 .*0"» 

4J Woody »!•« 

u Ptikm *'»* 

45 MvpOlMt'CWl 
47 E,l«:W«*«WWTy 

49 Makm >n1G 

50 M«4I1^ r«HWl 

im "SEMlN^g ME oF W^ 01? SAYiHa- 


pCATU jw;*.. oh. mow. what the 

HECK I? THE OUHKR one... '? 


■' 5u(St : 1 J>M *■ iiiE'BKffii»( of Wf „:'m-.r-ti-ii»t /^ ,'■»-• ';««:' fly' 

Page 12, The Harbinscr, Octobtr 3». IMf 


Cross Country 

9f Ckrlt Ciil«i«|HNi:lflt 

StolT Writer 

The CroM-Coimiry team 
omifluifcxt ihoit ifoiKm wiili hopei 
el tn^ioviiig (oi ncai lev'i 


TlK taiKltlicin i* M ■ml we 
CMi look forward in stronger 

HtMUf." head coacti Ron 
Thcteiii: said, 

Tlw iii'mtn nw: now' head 
vtt tnto Mher compeiitwm. 
Oipniin Tom Mussel) uhes liis 
'itmcfniination lo ihc swan leann. 
•fWe Damli Mijjwe «u of te 
road mxs wuh coach 'Thebcri^. 
Brel Ccrhold will rcbx iiitd get 
»ei. far ncjl K.a«>n. Chrw 
Coisio|x:>ulo$ iind Duve Tilkcii 
we prc{iairiiig for ihc xpriiiK uick 
MaiuM, Md Bill H>tlti will ulie 
hki lalCDis 10 the tiwehall 

Th« ninMfi: and Thel>ef|e aft 
fnttm • kx of credit and wiihcd 
I Ml fiiiure Kttvitiet.. 

R; Rill Kngrtbtrx 

itporli Edliof 

In a jtoison lull of dtitncikni. 
Ike Woman's Tennis team 
ftnuihed with a rrspeciful S S 
record and finisiicd ririh or tin 
('final results were not m ai print 
time) and earned the nsspecl of 
thetr eoiicb Manha Lynn Boll. 

*1 aiii pkajed with the girl's 
efforts, We knew wc wcic young 
and inciperienced I feei we 
played to capacity at the N4€ 
inmMneM. I wan'i dinppoined 
and neither wen: the the girk 

Laiirie Rcill played at wcond 
dduhlteandrinished fourth. Lisa 
Ei>|: pteed fourth u fiflh 
(tnuhfeit and Sue Muir finnbed in 
third place at sixth singleii 

Muir and EnfMimig place*) 
ihtnl at third douMec. 

Illinois Valley and Rock 
Valley fintilwd first and second, 
n-spectiicly, and eamed the righi 
to go 10 the Naiional 


VoUeybail Inianiiiial. League 
itans Oct. 27 on Monday's and 
Thursdayi from 12(10-1 («. I"he 
entry deadline ii Oct 24. The 
M-Building faculty voUeyhall 
learn is wclcomiRg any new 
challenging teans. Sign ymr 
teams up (tow in M- 

Buildmg A'TnE,NTK»l 

WRESTLEKS!- fracltce iwis 
M**day Nov. M at ^:4S, It is 
(iecani.mciiikd you stjirt runninf; 
and lifting now. Pickup 
physicals m Building-M ai tttcsc 
must he presented to the: nurse to 
be able lo practice. For more 
m.(ormation con'tact Tom 0»icc 

in Building-M ci. MW 

Pracliicc \tans Nov, '*fd in Ihc 
gym. Conlati Tom Choice or 
Myra Mitiuskm in Building M 
f 0' r ni 11 t c 

mform,atioii.... ATITM U >N 

HOCKEY PLAYFP'-' ' ' ^.r 

Hockey entry 

Novemhei 14. You ...... ,,-...: ,,'ii 

Tuesdays antl Tljut«luys m the 
gym. Sign mur ti';«iK up now 
m the aihleii. '-vs Iroin 

the athfctit I'i" .i.-cntrks 

are asked nut w> Mg.n up because 
we are kxAing IVw icams. Try 
jnd put togcthfi a icani 
Anybody interested in puums a 
tcim togeitiffif and can't get 

enough piaycrt (ai least S per 
team) can come into A-367 and 
leiw your name. I will try and 
match peop)e up for 

teams ATT1E,NTI0N 

KX)L HUSTLERS!- The » Ball 
Billuirds "Hot Suck' Tournament 
deadline n Noveniber 20ih Sign 
u{t now in at the game room 
wiMtow or on tlie intramural 
tattle in Building-M i2 entries 
will be accepletl. so sign up 


PLAYERS' Entry deadline (or 
this ct'cnt » Nov 2f)th and will 
hir held m the racijuethall coons 
in Butlding-M. Toumameni (Jaw 
will he announced. Sign up it 
the inuamuni ubic in B'tiilding- 
M. For more infomatioit, 
contact Dan Koss at Eil. 

2392 1 feel I must 

dHcooiiniie the Trivia Corner 
l'>«',ii,ivc of lack of interest. Ii 
will return if ten people call 246 1 
OI t(>me to A-,l<i7 and let me 
know they want it hack. The 
only pe:rson lo answer last week's 
Liueslton was Bill Aihieen with 
the answer of 17 Those of 

you who keep Ihc t^^Ul•^ I<1 the 

,Hartnnt!CT. kK,>k who I picked to 
win die World Scncx (H •.-inuv 
the Meis woo it li lamc i>< nic 
in a dn^ani after the Cubs lost lo 
the Padres in )9M4. I pick the 
Bears by 12 on Monday night. 

Harper PtmilMiIl Coach tohn EtisIA iitstiucts QB John Osysko on a key play 



By Bill KitfcllMrri 

.Sports Kditor 
The Grand Rapids Raiders look 
advantage of unusual Hawk 

fumbles and interceptions in a 
non-confeitnce battle. 

The Hawks suffered their 
sec<»d loss of the season last 
SaliiKby, heing downed by Grand 

Grand Rapids came into the 
game with a ^-1 record, 
oulscoring oppsmcnts 233-49, 
and outnishmg them I227.y"sirds- 
462-yaii(Ji. Their only loss came 
agitiMi DuPagK. 

The Hawks would have stayed 
in die game had they not given 
Grand Rapids 2 intenceiitions and 
3 lumbleji. 

Hawk quarterback Steve 
Klekamp started the first 
possession with a 1 5 -yard 
comptetmn lo wide-receiver Mark 

Ziegler returned this week 
coming off a two week rest 
because of a concussion. 

Victor Ebubcdike (7 carries for 
33 yards) comt^imenied the drive 
by running IK yards to the 
Raiders 4 yard line. 

Eljuhcdike also returned lo die 
lineup after sitting out most of 
last weelc't gime because of an 

Tlie Hawks scored on a Dan 
Martin leap over the offensive 
tine which landed him into the 
endMne and six points richer 
The usually consistent Bill 

Currie hooked the exn point to 
tiie left, giving the Hawks a 6-0 
lead with 8:12 left in the first 


The Hawks next possession 
was stopped by Raider 
Jcfcnseman Ricky Hull, when he 
intercepted Klekamp's lirsi play 
from SCTimmage, 

Raider rumiing back Mark 
Slade (37 carries for 157 yards) 
look the bait into the Hawk 
cndtone from 4 yards out lo lie 
the game at six, Jim Baird 
convened the extra point and the 
Kaiders liad a lead they would 
never relinquish. 

After two great catches by 
Ziegler for 16 and 13 yards. 
Klekamp was intercepted again 

Don Hamack ilien iccovand a 
Raider fumble no give the Hawks 
the ball back. 

The Hawks could not convert 
on the Raider mistake, but 
Harnack recovered another 
fumble, and on the first play 
Ebubedike fumbled to give the 
ball back. 

The Raiders had lo punt the 
hall away, but on the kick Doug 
Smith caught the ball, but it 
popped out of his hands right 
into the arms of Raider LcAllen 
Morgan who tan into the cnibane 
for a bizarre touchdown. Baird 
hit the conversion and die Raiders 
were up 14-6 with 5:27 left in 
itie gaiiK, 

Kiekamp then tumbled to give 
the ball btick lo the Raiders who 
convened a 22-yard fleld goal 
atiempi to end the first half * 17- 

The Hawks put togcdicr a drive 
at the end of the third quarter 
when KIckamp hit a double 
covered Smith, who made a great 
catch, for a 41 -yard gain. 

"I tried u> break loose but the 
guy came up from behind me, 
plus die water dragged me down a 
little.' said Smith. 

Dan Martin then fumbled tlie 
hall and Hall recovered ^{ain. 

The Hawks final scon: came on 
a S-yard pass from Hawk 
quarterback lohn Osysko to 
Ziegler, but the 2-poinl 
conversion was unsuccessful and 
the Hawks ended the game 
trailing 17-12. 

Kiekamp finished die day with 
17 pa.sscs for 1 19 yards wiUi 2 
interceptions and a fumble, while 
Ziegler had 6S yards on 5 

The Hawks have a spot 
clinched for the N4C playoffs, 
but what has yet U) be determined 
is who will Tinish in the top spot 
in the division. If DuPage wins, 
they will have#irst place locked 
up. If they lose, whoever wini 
the Harper at Moraine Valley 
game will be the conference 
champions. Thai contest will be 
held next Saturday at Moraine 
Valley, located in Palos Hills at 



W L 




m. '^ 


VOLJt* NO,» 

■1 D' 

NOVEMBER 6, 1986 

WHttain Raln«y Harpw Coll«g« PaMtne. iitinols 








tCPSt ~ After rwo yeslrs of 
Jcbaic. promises of 
wholesale changes and 
pointed insults flung 
between Congress and the 
While House. Prcsideni 
Reagan last week signed the 
Higher Education 
Reauthoration Act of 1986. 

The ail-impoftant act scis 
most federal college pohcies 
for the next five years. 

College lobbyists, who 
sat with the Icgisiaikm sintx 
Coflgress and the Rriigan 
admistration swore to make 
it work fundamental 
Changes in the ways 
students go to college, are 
generally pleased with the 

■ This HE A (Higher 
I-ducatKW Act) suits us just 
fme." says Julianne Still 
Thrift of the National 
Instiiuie of Independent 
Colleges and 

Thrift and others n the 
education association 

community in Washingwn 
are relieved the final act 
didni include any 
substantial cuts in federal 
funding or federal Mudcni 

"Although edu';ati->n hiis 
always been a favoni : thing 
for the presidcTt to 
recommend slashing.' 
observes Tom Wolanin, an 
aid to the House 
Poslsecondary Education 
Coitimitice and a primary 
piaycr in pushing the bill 
through Conjiress. 
"Congress hasn'i gone 
.ilong with him on it." 

Last year. Education 
Secretary William Bennet 
said he wanted to use the 
process of pasftng a new 
HEA - a new ore comes up 
everv- five years -- as an 
that continue to make GSLs 
wdl charge students more. 

Students nop must also 
have at least a "C" 
cumulative grade cmint 
Avetage by te imd of their 

si>phomore yBari' » be able 
to get aid. 

"I do not suspect a 
substantial number of 
students will be knocked out 
of schtxd as a result (of the 
new grade requirement)." 
Evans says. "While if 
appears to be a new thing, 
all it really is i* an extra bite. 
Students have always had n> 
meet certain grade 

though the new law 
"authorises" Congress to 
appropriate mtwe money for 
aid progratiis. ihc 
government will decide each 
year how much it really 
gives to the prograins. 
Congress never did 
appropiatc as much tnoney 
to aid programs as the 
Higher Education Act of 
19K0 allowed. 

Wolanin, for one. is 
"coofidem that the amount 
of money will be at least at 
the level it is now. (But) 
there is no way I can predict 

if more will be available 
(through the HEA's 

College lobbyists remain 
uneasy, however. "We are 
finding ourselves talking 
money again and again.' 
Thrift complains. "We've 
been put on the defensive. 
.md will continue to be." 
oppuriunity for a 
philosopical debate about 
what role the federal 
government should play in 
colleges, what 

rcsp<5sibilities parents have 
for paying for their 
childrens education, what 
efforts colleges should miikc 
to insure that aid recipients 
are making academic 
progress and are of gtxxi 
character, and other issues. 

A number of lobbyists 
took Bennett's 

announcement to mean the 
administration would ask 
for deep cuts in student aid 
programs, and make it 
harder for students lo 

qualify for the aid. 

No such thing happened 

Bennet never gave 
Congress a comprehensive 
list of reforms he wanted, 
and Congess proceeded to 
approve of several modest 
increases for most student 
aid programs without him. 

"I can say student 
financial aid survived the 
reauthorization process." 
Bob Evans, aid director at 
Penn State and president of 
the National Association of 
Student Financial Aid 
Administrators, says with a 
sense of relief. 

Evans adds the new act 
docs change some of the 
programs. Students, for 
example, will have to Tdl out 
longer, more complicated 
aid applications. 

They will, moreover, be 
able to get less aid in the 
forms of grants, and have to 
repay most of their student 
aid after they leave college. 


nga IS-day 
t m imlnie ciedii 
inwly tour to Simiii and Ftntupl 
(nM lunc » ID June 22. 1W7. 
The lout will focus on the 
painiinf. tcutpture and 
arcliitccturc of the coinurics 
visited dirough Uic diri'creni 
periods of IlKir reificciive 
hislanea. Some of the I 
incliMle The Pnido Mu 

Hotw of El Greco in Toledo, the 
Attrambia in Granidi. the 
Mostjuc in Cofdoha. the Alcarar 
in Seville and die Tower of 
Bclem and Jcranimos CTiurch in 
l.i.tbon. Daylong cicursions are 
planned u> El Escorial in Spun 
anil lite palaceic of Sinua in 

The cost of the tour it 
approximately il40t) which 
inc^lmk* anfara Imh Clucafn. 

tuperior loumt class hotel 
acconKKlauom, all mnspoctauon. 
meals, tips, taxes and entrance 
(ces 10 sites mentioned in the 
Itinerary, plus tour fuidcs. 
college faculty lecture/program 
ICiKkr and pre-depanute lectures 
and tour maicTialt. 

Tow memhers may reginer for 
from 1 to 4 hours of college 
credit in Humanities I IS. or (oc 
one Cooiiouing Education unit. 

The tour ii opfn to the 

Deposits of %7O0 alt now 
being accepted. Tour brochures 
with a compkic Itinerary and 
(urlhcr information are avaitsblc 
from Rusty Herzog, Art 
Department or Liberal Arts 
Division, cm. 2S68 or 228S. 

If you think you may be 
mierctied in tluj uip ihcrc will 
be an inforraaiioiial meeting on 

Friday. January 30. im from 
7:00 10 10:00 pm in Board 
Rooms B and C in Building A. 
on the Harper Campus. Please 
join uf lor lefiethiiients. 

!>•«• 2. Tlie RarMngar. Ntt^tmbtr (. IW* 



f *0ii» CnSt: Aanm BraaMm 


nres, I think they will mate 
it to the Super Bowl. Boi. 

ihcy won't win." 


"Yes, they will. Because, 
they lost Tuesday night 
and Walter is pissed." 

Kevin Young-MGMT. 
"Yes. the Bean will go 
all the way. Assuming 
their offense geu back 
on Back." 

Sieve McCarthy- MNT. 

"No way. They will get 
beaten in the Flayaffs.They 
are not even playing as a 
team this year. 

Ramona Racz- ENG. 

"No, 1 don't think so. I 
think they just got to cocky. 
Fuller is not doing the job 
he is supposed to do. 


ContlnuM lo oflar low coat, txmfldential 
cara In all arom of woman'a hoalth: 

• Family Planning 

• Pap Smears 

• VD testing & treatment 

• Pregnancy testing & referrals 

• Pre-marital blood tests 


fior MmnmHon mm/or ippolntnmH caff- 
3m-7t78 tsa N. Court. Syil* 100, Palatin* 







OflBrad M Hwpvr CoHm^' 




Wb understand thai you ve invested a lol of 
hard wofit in y/aa education, and we don t 
think pu atwuU lose ckkMs over technical- 
ities So when you transler to RoosewoA, we 
mateewry ©ftort to see Itialthe transmon Is 
easy and your credits are accepted 

Wte o«ef a wide vanety ol degree programs 
indudirtg Bwlogy. Business Admintstratton, 
Computer Science. Economics, Englisti and 

many dhers What^ more, wa tnast a lop- 
nolch faculty small dasses and coynselors 
ready lo assist you m obtaining finanaal aid 

Even it you re not quite ready to transfer, we 
urge you to tallc with one d our counselors 
Ptenntng early insures a smooth transfer 

Visit with our counselor on Thursday, Nov. 6, 
from 5 30-8 p m in the building J lounge. 



•I tMMlll| !■■■■■• 

"**"•*■■" 430 S Mcniflaii tmmue. Chcmo, «. 80606 ' 341-2000 

2t2iS QoaMwnHoadArlingKinHwgntalLSOOOS 437 9200 

4aos M 



People Who Want To 

Be Introduced To God 

... All Over Again! 

Harper College 


10 am. 
Ptiil Miglioratti, Pastor 
884^)007 ^ 

The Woodfield 
Counseling Center 

715E Golf Road, Suite 205 

Schaumburg. IL 60173 



Get your cofBer ott to flying 

* Technical framing 

* Complete medicol/denfal 

* Great pay 

* Education oppoflunitles, 
Ck)ntocf your Air Force 
recruiter today Call 


The lUrbinge 

r. November 4, !♦«♦. '■«• ' 




II fm iMMi Ike cliaiice to make «ii txtri 
$J.««0 a |««r. uNmld ym mm it down? 

Ilariwr Calcgi 'did. 

Tlie "powers that l>e," in their infinite 
wisdom, decided to remove all i>r the 
cigarette machineii on campui. 

Tlierefore, the college is incurring a 
$3,029.75 loss on cigarette sales 
commiBsions, according to Businesj* Office 
rrcurds for the 1985-S6 fiscal year. 

This is the resiult of Ihf administration's 
new ullra-conservalive {wlky on cigarette 

The Harbinger is not even allowed to run 
dcarette ads. because the administration 
fMli tiuM all you non-smokers, npow seeing 
an ad. will run to Marlboro Country and 
light up. 

This Is very diiheartening to the 
Narblllttr, If we had the Philip Morris 
accounl, one of the higgest account.* m the 
advertising "bii". our ofrice would he 
carpeted, we'd be driving BMW's and there 
would be a couple of Ivy League guys 
named Biff and Tad on staff. 

Oh well, we can't have it all. 

Also, the absence of cigarette machines is 
• graat inconvenience to students. 
S^pioiwirf' Judy Carlson said, "It's a real 
pain when I run out of cigarettes and I have 
to leave and lose my parking spot," 

The Administration wanix to provide a 
safe c«Kali«nal environment and is willing 
to loae money doMig m. 


wriHt^ aiiwt cafMw? 

We all know how bad those chemicals are 
for our hcnilh. Maybe the candy and pop 

machiiici Aft imt. 

Tit Mminiitration should worry more 
alwul Ihc qnsiily of education than the 
qiMlity of the students' health. 

Since lie •ternte age of the Harper 
CoIlM iMtont li 31. he/she is more than 
capable of plMMlinf Ha/icf diet. 

Wc are all aiiiita ttrt; «e simild be able 
tO' make licac dtcMona lac ou'rselvcs. 

Letters to the etiltor are weleotned. All 
letters must have name address. 
social security numbe; and title, such 
as students, faculty or staff member. 
Publication rights are reserved. 


k} Mil* 'Haaawri 

Id like to ptiMicly apotofijte 
10 iht editor and sialf of Ihc 

"Hjirbingw" for eiccedwg Ihc 
(Jcwlliiw; lot my totomn. hui 1 
iu« canl *eem to get on mck. 

All righl, I adinil il. Us my 
km: Ilk. Im afraid 1 vt losi all 
msitirauon tocause I've become a 
kivesick poodle. 

I can'i fiinction normally 
becaujic fui basy wallowing m 
Kll-pily NO. no, don't iry and 
chetT me up, you'll only make il 

I've changed Yesterday I 
rcfu-sed to hiuer my toasi mi I 
jit! plain shredded wheal out of 
Ihc hox. I even threw om the 
prire f«Ji at the botiom of the 

Us funny when your depresied 
how yoa itravitatc towards 
dtpttBins thingt. Nowadayi 1 
listen to a lot of "Pink Royd" 
and I sometinic* caKb myself 

I stjrted readmg real heavy 
drama. Man. ytJU know ymi'w 

(JropiX'd into ihe guiiCT wbcn yott 

think "Who'* afraid of Virgmu 
Wcnir il a docMmiiwuy about 
yiMir tame life.. 

I ju»l finished "King Lear". 
A» a matter of fact. 1 even tried to 
ivwrile II into a happy JKwy. 

Wtut I did wK have KinK txar 
sadistically torture Regan and 
Goneril and «ll then bodies ait 
fertilizer to a band ol roving 

LatL-r, Lear i.s implitalcd 
»hcteui»n, he pleads msanily. 
The jury buy» he's a sh;mi and lie 
is rekaicd, fiecing bun to write 
his mcmoics. 

I guess I haven't iwsd loo hart 
to cheer myself up. but my 
tiiendi arent hclpiiig ntach 

Did you ever notice that 
whenever you b«oke up with your 
girlfriend, rest asKun»l that you're 
in for a ilory about divorce, 
grieving widow* or cheating 

1 lold one guy that I broke up 
with my girlfriend and hcldd m« 
that tliere arc a kM of sick people 
in the wof Id. 

Ik worn on 10 add (hat there 

wax this girl who caught AIDS 

and then slepi wiih some guy. 

In the morning, she led a 

in lipKlick on the mitnir 

welcoming him m (he wortil of 

(1 didn't say anything at the 
time, but 1 think I dawU Iliai 
chick before). 

Things are bad enough as il is. 
but to make maucrs worse, my 
birthday's coming up. 

Thai's right, no cards with 
fuMy little bears on them or 
steamy k)ve note-s for me. 

Because Im gmng to he pretty 
lonely dtis binhday. Id like to 
ask the few readers 1 have left to 
help me out. 

I'd really appreciate it if just a 
lew of you could send me some 
steamy love notes on cutsey 

I know it's insincere, but then 
again, so arc most kivc notes. 

Come on. help me out. Just 
stop by the "Harbinger" office 
which is tocatod on the third noo» 
of "A" building and send me a 
hot letter. 

I don't care if your 82 or IS. 
(please, no one uniler 18). 
because the love is gone and only 
you can bring il back. 


To the Editor 

Allow me 10 voice nif rebuEk 
to the tJencsis: The Tour" article 
in the October 30 issue. Being 
an avid Genesis fan for a mere m 
years, 1 feel 1 speak with 
considerable confidence when I 
dKUSs the band and Its doings I 
know that reviews are just 
opinions, but ! want to express 
my own opinion* and to 
comment on Mr. Hoffman s. 

To begin with. Mr. Hoffman. 
were you lold by someone thst 
Oenciis would "knock (your) 
socks off or was it your own 
assumpiion based on their 
populattiy? Genesis may be my 
favoriie hmd, but 1 have been lo 
better conciaw. 

As (or their "In the Otow of 
the Night (Domino p» IJ*. how 
could they avoid playing it. 
especially since tt is tlie only half 

o( Hie hcft »ong on Ihcir new 
album'.' As (or your favori.te 

"oldie', "Home by the Sea' it 

can haitlly be considered an oMie, 
coming from their last album. 
My vote goes for their In the 
Cage/Suppers Ready" meMy, 
going back 14 years. Now 
THATS an oWic. 

Tile comoienu thai bothered 
me the most dealt with the 
individual performers. Mike 
Rutherford has never been a great 
guitar player, he ii far better 
playing ba^- Daryl Stcunner is 
more capaMe than Rulheif ord of 
handling the tough solos, Tony 
Banks is the busiest member of 
Genesis, muscally speaking, and 
be has to suy that way in 
concert. They have an extra 
drummer for Phil CoUim and an 
entia guitarist for Rutherford, but 

Banks is all alone. 

If my memory doein't lie. they 
played all but one song from 
Invisible Touch", fcaving only 
"Anything She Does" from their 
playlist. (I was at the Oct 9 
show too.) When WILL 
Genesis-hype be toned down'' I 
would rather go back in time to 
an early Genesis concert than 
wail for the ntcmbers lo wallow 
til mediocrity ia the *««" 

Steve Hill 

St.IT. COMI" SEtl 


William lUmey Harjer OMegt 

Aittonqum t 'BmtBt. RaaOl 

t'alatine, IL tUMT 


To die Mior 

Dear Mr. Ztnke: 

Indeeti. choosing a meet goal 
can be challenging No one ever 
lold us. as coUegcbounds.thai 
life in the "real world" would he 

1 sincerely hope thai you 
finally fmd your ecological niche- 
i< you have not done so already 
It seems to me and to others that 
your solution to life's little 
problems are a bit over iimplfied 
Why don t you try making a (cw 
misiAes? You might notice thai 
we all ik) If you cannot cope 
with life, talk to yourself, your 

parents, friends, or cioonsclor. U 
you do not feel comfonaWe with 
yourself, why tty a.sking advice 
from someone who has been dead 
virtually two millenia. 

Pear groups are your 
pcmsalive. but please doni By lo 
ask others, who have chosen lo 
reley on themselves, to attend 
"on campus Christian 
organiutions;' some of m can. 
and do, solve our oi»n pn*lemi. 
Wc choose to believe in 
Kim mtrawfhi, sludent 

.Al DudHMki 

.Jury CmoM 

TT>i~HAlBmOE« n ilK «>"•«»« 
p,*lMli« f<» tl>« H«|>«r &*.!« omprn 
conmMliy. »*WmI-<« •«»')' =»««« 
<l«rii<t lii*4»»i m* fi""' ""» *" 

ind IK* i>rc»lM»dy iImim of *« cniktC 
«• •JmmifimiMi. 'loiliy omuduH twly, 
Advcmnni m4 copif aMdliiw ii Mm 
nunitay mdcafffaw>it>pawtiiim$. 
All Icuen lo lilt «<Ul« muJl Ik U| ' 


m, ^ 

Pttt *, The M«rbim«r, No»ci«t>ef *, l"** 



( \ \1 1VF 

yjnLfMLjM. W ML4 • m m 


Hi iarr; raaUIH' 
EiilBrlalaintnl BliMiir 

TiKte me limes wlien tm jvi' 
IS itaJly Hiufh an someoiic who > 
nol a ra»iii|; lethiDphtte. Tlie 
ctoicej of iBcwies. record*, ■mi 
live (Mfformanccit urc geared 
Htw)ir4$ eiilier iIk 'pav' lisiencr 
(mlierwise known m» iht jire- 
piilwiceiit, |«iil-gr»de-»ch<K)l 
lecnV Ihc punkerj (of the 
tHnitkidiil hiiircuMK « iht- new 
.. .,■■ .:ri ('The DoMl Milkmen"'). 

■ ■ »hcn I «w II pfC« release 
loi ilie Cliica|« Shakespctrc 
CwiB|iaa]i. I ciUed theit 
puUiciiy ofent la try » get an 

I wH Hold ikM I couU liavc mi 
tnterview wuh iheir Artntic 
Otfscior. Mytoa Freiediiiaij avef 
lunch ncif Ulcif Lincoln Avenue 
office I was very iropiessed. 

I pciurcd Mr. Fieednuti as an 
(Met. diHiiignitlal Stafkeiiniie 
mm. imiliaMT * ^itmm of te 
ckatlcal Mge I was half right. 

Myron Frecilman is a yoiiiii 
m.m. probiiblj mid-lweiiue* (he 
•ixeived his B.A. in IWl t *ho 
lixilu eighteen, ant is llH- ckwat 
thing 10 a Shiikcspcurejin eiperi 

We tfKikt in ijic MCHi gtgnenl 
lerni* t<l the Compaify'i cwtm 

■.. mm. "A Muliitmmcr's 

•iciin". oticnmg loniot- 

ruw iiiglil at the 'Bmliwick 

Thcaire. 33 1 2 N„ Broadway. 

Chitago Titkei* arc $9.(». 

llic produtuon is a inodtTBi/ed 
version of Shakeapcare'i climic. 
wtih the dialogue kepi inucl. 
Fr«d(nan siiyi thai this is prenji 
much standard procedure for 
praducuons he dirocu. 

l generally prefer ia think of 
It (nHdBiniiiif ) as orreianj; the 
chiracters. Making ihem more 
wccs-iahle to the puMic. while 
keeping the magic of the 
language.' Fieedmafi adds 

The Com pa ay has been 
evolving since in coocepiion in 
l<>1tt m acur Frank Fanell's idea 
10 expfcMC new ways to n;viu>ii«: 
ihcatrical production of 
Shakoiiwire, FarrcH ofigmtlly 
callod his non-equity company 
the Frc« Shnkttptare 

In laie IWS the Company 
changed its name to 
Tkt Cfcteago Shalltfptarc 

Tkt Compaay has used (and 

contmues lo do so) many non- 
memhci aciors in ihcii pto- 
Juclions. AaofduiB 10 Frcalman. 
"There have hccn, over ihe years, 
a core of alKiiit len « iwelvc 
people ihM coiiliniie to he 
involved in all of our 

This core consisut of men and 
women hciwccn the ages of 2;^ 
and 33. Frccdman lays thai they 
frciiuenily hold audiiions for their 
productions to Till openings. 

The Company has. in recent 
years, put on s»ch works as 

Richard 11". The Taming of Tlic 
Shrew". "As You Like It". 
'Richard III*, and an original 
adaptation uf Chaucer's 
'Canterbury Tales", to name bul 
a few. 

In addiiion lo their shows, the 
Company also lours schools 
(mostly high schools), giving 
presentations, scenes and 
answering questions ahoul 

Freedinan. when asked about 
hii favorite Shakespeare play. 
gave an inicrcsiing answer: "1 
think It would have to he 

Hamlet. I've always been 
fascituiled that Shakespeare, in 

WMitam lltcic*! Un>M»Wf 










WSItm tlMOA UNiviB&ilV 


Notiociordttlinction, prolirskionol occredtloiion* 
Highly ronkod by NCATE. emcellent placumt-nt' 

Roiikttd among lop B in ih« rtoiion! 

Lorg**! in Illinois. ii> lop lO". m America! 

0*«r 50 yndnrgroduat.}. 30 groduore mO|Ori,! 

Undtr S3600 yoor tolol tuition. (««t, room, boordi 

"a»2" proarom* oitd "cempoet" OBre«m«»nt* with 
public community coll«S** ond privat« schooln! 

OilCMtr Itm W«tt*rn Advontoijtii tor VourscU 

Wrtl«: We»l«rn lllir>oi» Umverniy 

Macomb. IL 6U5S 

Coll. 309-390.1 89) 

800-322-3902 {toll Ire*.- .n lllinou) 

Itf Lirrv Paullln 
Enlrnaiimi-ni Kcllinr 

Not > pill myself on Ihc liack 
i.:ii'f\vm-ly, iiny».»y). il seems 
l\c liiuiiit imoliiiT gem among 
ilic axciit releases on the video 
shelf,. Flawed, lo he sure, but a 
gem noncihelcis. 

IliKtelander suffered an undc- 
\ii\ai early burial when il was 
lira released theatrically some 
months agO- 

(>n the up side, there's itie 
l>lol A «rla::l group of people, it 
stems, have been sc,lectcd as 
immoruiK down through the 

These immortals have kept 
moving through the years 
towards the lime of the 
"galhcriog". when only one 
would survive lo claim "the 
prite'. It seems that (he only way 
the immonalt can be eliminated 
ts by having Iheu head removed 
from their body. 

The hero of the film is a 16lh 
Century Scot named Connor 
MacCloud from a clan in the 
Highlands. In his first baltle, 
MacCloud is roonally woondcd. 
but discovers (to his •iu.pritc) 
ihai he wiU hve. 

The clan is convinced thai 
MacCloud IS possessed by the 
devil, and exiles him. He 
discovers, years later, the tnidt 
about himself: he is immoml. 

Over the yoars. the immcnalt 
have been whittling down thei 
numbers, until, in present dxiy 
New York. Ihe two survivors. lh< 
Highlander and a Ru.'aian Kurgan 
tilling machine are left ui lighi ii 
Out for the "prize". 

Scan Cannery is at his scene- 
stealing hcsi in a supponing role 
as the Highlander's tutor (in 
flashback), and Clancy Brown 
(Rawhide in 'Buckanxj Bon/ai") 
IS menacing as hell as the 

Ihe bad news is Chri.stophci 
Lambert ("Gteyslokc. the Legend 
of Tarzan") as the Highlander. A 
good actor. Lambert gives as 
credible a pcrfonnance as could be 
expected, but the casting left me 

Lambert has a fairly thick 
accent I coi't quite xjenufy. but it 
sure isn't Scottish. And for 
someone bom and bred in the 
highlands of Scotland, that's a 
rather gbring eiror. 

And speaking of accents. 
Connery. who does have a 
wonderful Scots accent, plays a 
Spaniard named Ramirez. No. I 
donl undemand it either. 

Still, diction notwithstanding. 
Higblaadcr is a faslpaced. 
interesting adventure well worth 

the rental. 

the laie ISWi, coukl vkriic suth 
a psychological study. 

"I've heard many people say 
that Tempest' is Shakespeare's 
hiiigraphy. but from the research 
I've done. 'Hamlet' comes closer." 

On acting and dirctiing and 
acting m the same show 

"As a rule 1 don't do it. I have 
played small parts when it 
becomes accessary. 1 don't 
beiiewe in Ityslerical casting' If 
we have a last-minute cancel- 
lation, if I can play the part. I 
will. I have a stand-in during 
rehcar^jil so 1 can eunic off tilagc 
and see ht>w (the staging) looks," 

On Ihe difference bciwcen this 
produclion of "Midsummer's 
Night Dnaun* and the same play 
done in Lincotai and O' parks last 

The Chicago Shakespeare 
Company is tentatively plan- 
ning to perform at Harper next 
February, a show thai is sure to 
he a hit. Check the box office at 
the beginning of next semester 
for details. 

We finished our lunch and 
interview far wo soon for me 
(though It was an hour and a half 
long). I left there with the feel- 
ing thai there is indeed hope for 
those of us still with a love for 
the classics. Thanks, Myron. 

*Thl« (produclion) will be 

tighurr. bul we're trying lo do 
some ne»' ihings 11 will have 


lA M aHm 

IS i-Ha 



iHSo T 
rHi da 

R D 


aRn e r 

DQsaB aaa 

A alE LH 

8 BllT E RMl 


nUr O 


ana :naa saiaai 

A R eHT 

E N|S 


R e|e 



■■oorfonn nPMinniiMn 

WP*''* " TLifmjLSi,, 

$L«0 EACH 



The Harbinger. November 6, 1984, Pife 5 


Sliid«« Sentie needs 
inMiMMl. inMi««eii.iHaKknis 10 
tqftaenl die Life Scicncc/Hunun 
Service dtviwm. md Club rep. 

poMiioM.. Afptjf now u Senate 
Oirict or Smdeni Aciiviiie<i 


Tke FoMBdalloa of Ihr 
National Kludeal Nurses' 
AisocialioB, inc. Students 
currcnily enrolled in numng «« 
pro-nursing programs in xme 
approved tchcxjk of nursing aie 
eligble for these Khotarships. 
The NSNA Foundaiion hjtis 
individual scholarships rwguig 
from SI.CXX) lo S2.S00. These 
scholarships arc based on 
academic achievnicni. flnanctal 
need, and involvtinent in nusing 

Appttcaiifaii miut be received 
by the NSNA Foundation by 
Febfiiary 1. There is a $2 
ptocceanf fee. 

Narlkcra Illinois 
tnivtrdty Alnmni 

Aisoclatioa Scbolarthipt 
In order to qualify for one of 
ikeie scholarships, you mutt 
attend NIU on a (ull-umc basis 
for (he fall aid ipiai temciicn 
of die 1987-in year and have a 
cuflilMive GPA of at least .1.0 
(4.0 scale) from die school you 
■OH leccnilir Miended. Eniehn| 
imlMnm aw mitticed 10 have Ml 
ACT KOK. of ■ Iwit 15 at link 
mthcHyM'OriMrclMt. You 
must nibii a one-page typed letter 
which describes your ouistaiduig 
iiuatilies. characiensics, and 
lonlt. An NIU graduate ot 
cuncnl NTl) fakuty member must 
alio write a ona-pnge teller of 


The doadiini! for appitcatinn for 
undergraHiaie and f nduale nEhooi 
Midenls is Fchrunry 6. I9S7. 

Nettt and Jest* Gorov 
.Scholarship. The Foundation 
« offering the m dimci luiiion 
■ml activity fee for » full line 
siiudcm for the Fall 'l!7 semcsier 
at Harper College. Cnieria for 
scteclion will be financial need 
and consistem effort shown by 
ihc studcni 10 obtain the best 
grades passible. 

Deadline lor submiiimK an 
applicatum lo the Olfin- of 
fmaiKial Aid is November \5, 

Woodficld Bnaintss and 
Pmrcssional Womea's 
Clab Scholarship A 
$1(10.00 scholarship will be 
awarded to a nrtuniing studcni 
who IS rc-enicnng ihc workfoice. 
Deadline date u Ntwcmbcr 21, 

Collcgt Transfer 

Infornaiion Night. Twenty- 
five .tchools have been invited in 
order to assist our evening 
students with their articulation 
concerns ui four-year schools. 
Harper will have a college 
transfer infocmation night on 
November 6 from 510 PM unul 
8 PM in die Building J lounge 

Please note! 

All announcements for 
Upcoming most be submitted lo 
the Harbinger by noon on die 
Thursday poor to the issue you 
wish it \o appear in. 


I. I. T. will be coming on 
campus on November 12 Imm tO 
AM to 2 PM u) Building A, 
Student Loimnfa am.. 

The KnrbM^r has an open 
door policy. Cooie on in and 
ycHaiilieEdiiar! A-367 

-^ -■■ '■ 




Meeting Sunday Nights 6- 9p.m. 
Palatine Park District Center 
2 50 E. Wood St. 

Palatine, Illinois 

tor Information contact: 

Richaril Tossitoro 

Vanguard Drum and Bwglo Corps 

PO Box 1382 

Park Ridge, ILSOOOa 


«, TlM Hirblnger, Noveniber *, 19U 

.Not Just Comics. 


^m^^' ■ * x'C 


P^ The Puzzle "^ 



nMM* MCorOMelotti 

• Drunkard 41 Paruka 

II T(w tun 44 Marawary 
14 Mountain on 

C'aia «• liMi' 

19 ProiaeMa 90 ■*«'• Mma 

orgaMaMkm iiBaa 

17 Flag Sa ■fiaf 

19 FauWaat CC Simiaa 

ii BHiiai aa wanvao 

17 San M Mam 11 r 

24 Cry ta . 

3« f uaO panod M ' 

at Hflw 65 Malric imawiia 
29 Puxita 

airiap (7 




1 Snaka 




B • T- 

T Hi Dl' ' Vi 




7 Taka unMMluliy 

• Country oi AMa 

• TranagianDr 
liSaNar colloq 
16 Tim* wawtar 
ia Hatit-Wiallad 

20 Parcai o« land 
23 Stay MUndar «. 
2S Damp 
3a Taut 
41 Courtaout 






57 WalBM of k<dla 

•0 Changa coky o) 
63 Comcast pomt 




CaiKpl MIS «K'Ci 


The bom^ ^uy\p 


Find oirt of an 


WhtK ti 


miy Suudm iMU k Novemim, 7 pm. 

WmKKttw HHIaiy' nHv Lo. 

Ml rnMfwcf rviwiia 

ArJitccfioaf or imf« mvnHtfion cai' 

Cn^ Dyer at 259-3808 r 



Claitifleil Ad 


llrip Vianlrd 


lO' mwl_lli w. M.W. so cents 

•ttch MfcUtloiud line. 

iip^Hi*.^^. ^ |^>''^^n. van .Mli>. rniMi '||f 

•" - - 

I Ul ■ tn'ifaijiwi: IM.. 
, n. WTO. Land>. 

■1 Ill — I ll iMalt ani ■Aaiii.MWMid. 
Sii^ m ami (lU <tm m ■wl'iiiil ■ 

On* l» ■» il cur 11 iliiHilii Bt 1 

stctwrr omcHts Niinio.: 

AmIv M' w i i' imi I 

UW Jtuniik. or «■ 4]MfM 

MM'MlMJllV^i. .MwlMiii. Call 


AmMTIOM tniMWniri Swiy 

aliik y«i omk RbF« Oapmaka «l 
ArliiiciiMi H*i|:lMi i« IwvikMif fw i 
wliMMKf mtnvM purwa «y mawvf iurv«w 

SM tM i«..ttt|.. T« ■»«•■ « 

' i*' H ii !!! I I I iim— .IB 

I inllliRin.. iKt \tmm 
iM-F. •■■M4 
Smio*. m llim»ifim«. tiia. 

^- WOIH)WOCBSSW.C' T.i» 1 

'mt iiiim in i i iiiw niiim.. Fmi 

■■■«.- Pkkii* aii4 Mitnn iTBiaklB. 



MiTWORK MARKlrnNC ■ *m . 

The Harbinger. Noveaber (. 19M, Page 7 


:SC . 

»' FM Tan OHM 

mm nm nmaiii a«t 


&.< $g7S 
_ am ^ 

• SiC iie—OMi m 

rim TMa CMna 

Mm TM Caaaan Oa« 

IWM ViM IMt> Any OVir Onw 

rnniiilala ^^ M mtk £. ^Wt SlO.OO CondWonlna 

" M^MWW f^ taaMbaunea^aMnaiwIn 


|fUln^ W^A^ *IM.. .. .. . 

hair performers 

17S6 W. Algonquin Rd. • Hoffman Estates I 

(2"^ Mte WMt of RoMIe Rd ) 359-8561 ' 

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WANTCD 49 PEOPLE 10 laae aiai^ 
They mat llieir loala; 20 Ibl « oRa 
noaili. 4t Rn n 21/3 auHlia. 270 ba. 
us 12 numlbi Ma« your (oali uo. « 
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l>| Bill Kutclbcrf 

Sfortt Editor 

SnaiiiMnR * two-game toimg 
ttrotk, ilie Hawks won their 
sevenlh game of ihe scaatm 20- 
13. and will play the MMaine 
Vjilky Miraudera fof ihc second 
w«!eli IK a row this Sauiiday, bul 
wiU piay (hit one at Harper. 

Dan Martin led ihc Hawlts 
againiU M.V . ruling for 20!! 
yards with 38 carries, while 
tcuing the school nishing fecord. 
tv-fofc hcW by Bill Crawford with 
' yards Martin wasn't Ihc 
. Itighlight of the giune. The 
iUwicx didn't have any fumMes 
compared lo flircc IM wisek. 

ifitm Osysiko imncd and oancd 
early m he vxik advanugc of a 
Dan Evars iniciiTption and hit 
Doug Smi'h for 33-yiirds on the 
Tirsl Knmnwgc pUy and the first 
. pniitti of the lame. Belofc itie 

second quarter. Mike Slazu 
inteicciHcd an Osysko shovel 
pms and mn into the end xonc for 
a 48-yard TD. The kick was 
good and lite Marauders; led 7-6. 

Martin then raced in from ihc 
1 1 -yard line and Osysko hii Mark 
Zicglcr and ihc Hawks were up 
14-6. Klekiunp canie in and hit 
}ian Tayfcir for 1 1-yiixd TD. and 
the Hawks were up W-6 ttefon 
Ihc half. 

The Msniaden scored once 
moie on a TD past, tml couldn't 
catdi tlie Hawki. 

Martin ouirushed the whole 
Marauder ic>m. and fell short V> 
yants in otiiruihing the Maoudeo 
total oflcniic. Dutc Prssse led all 
receivers wiih 6 catches for 9i 

The Hawkt will play the 
Marniden agaM this week at 





W L 


6 1 


6 t 


5 2 


4 3 


4 3 


2 5 


1 6 



Spartu Eduon nottthe wnur 
of iku iWry 1.1 not really named 
Billf Boh The only person 
named Silly m this office u me 
Eric iialen (the wnler) wants lo 
prtftecl his name because he o a 
fwimmer and has first hand 
ejipeneiKe in this field It also 
has sameihing to do with a 
amfUct ef interest 


bj Bill; Rob 

staff writer 

Thw year the Harper Swim 
team has a larger mmoai than il 
has, had in the last few years. 
Wilh six returning sophomores 
and 12 incoming freshmen, the 
lauii will experience added depth, 
not prescnl last year. 

Five of ihe six relumers were 
National Qualifiers last year, 
Deame Maday. Kristin Budinger. 
Tom KucKk, Brian Olson, Brad 
Manini and Tom Schnwder. 

"We warn lo build on ihe 
success of last year's icom and 
improve froin Omic,' said coach 
Joe Niich. Harper was ihc 
Region IV champs, and placed 
7ih in NJCAA Championship 

The mens swim team has 
many freshman, Bdl Wood. Mdte 

McAvoy. Bill Gschcidic, Kevin 
.Sluga. Tony Feron, Bob 
Wichman, and Erie Enslen. 

The team will be without A!l- 
Amcrican Todd Homda-sch this 

"The women's learn has been 
hurt by apathy. Theie are several 
gualily female swimmers 
attending Harper, but they have 
chosen nol lo swim. In short 
term, il will hurt ihc icam, but in 
Ihe long run. they only hurt 
ihcmsclves," said Nitch. 

The women's team has many 
new freshmen including. Mina 
Filuiimmons, Leslie Schubert, 
Barb Hackcll. Wendy Wickcns. 
and Lisa Zdardu. 

The swim team siart.'i their 
season Saturday ai 10:00 against 
Carthage College at home. 


Head Coach J.>i 

iiic) Ihc nl.ivoHs 


Rjr Bin Ki 

Pracucc staitetl Monday Nov 3rA 
Il IS recommended you tiarl 
running and lifting now. Pickup 
physicals in Building -M as 
imuft be presenwal lo iht: nurse in 
Older to practice For more 
infarmaixm coniaci Ttwn Choice 
in Building-M at eii 


PLAYERS!- Practice ilaited 
Nov. 3rd in ihc gym. Contact 
Tom CtK.>ice or Myia Minuskin 
in Building- M for more 

information A TTENTION 

hockey entry deadline is Nov 14, 
Games arc on Tuesdays and 
Thursdays in ihe gym. Single 
entries arc nol asked lo sign up 
becauie leams are needed. 
Anybody InMetied m putting 
uiieilict a icani and are unable lo 
get enough people (at least S per 
team) can come inio A- 367 and 

by Bill Kogelberg 
Sports ICditor 

rtii- I ill* lis i-mcr the plajolls 
h.iiirn; Ihc S4C LonfiTciue 
vuiwn *ilh DuPage wilh 
identical 6-1 nxords. 

The Hawks have lo play the 
Moramc Valley MaraiiiJers and 
IJuPatje has to play Triton. The 
Hawks heat M.V. last week 21- 
13. and i^hould win again. If 
DuPage wins and Harper wins, il 
will SCI the stage for a rematch of 
Ihc Hiiwks only Conference loss. 
nil- Hawk-s I>an Martin ru-vhcd 
(or 2(»8 yards againsl M.V. and 
sluuihl do nlxjul the •.aine ihis 

leave your name. I will try and 
match people up for 


HUSTLERS!- The X Ball 
Billiards 'Hot Suck" Tournament 
deadline is Nov. 20. Sign up 
>u;w ai die game room window or 
ai Ihc intramural table in 
Building- M. 32 enines will he 
accepted, so sign up 


PLAYERS!- Entry deadline lot 
this event is Nov. 20 and will be 
held ai the racquctbail courts in 
Building-M. Toumameni dates 
will he announced Sign up now 
at the intramural table in 
Buildmg-M. For more info 
contact Dan Koss at exi 

2392 Intramural Football « 

championship game will he this 
Saturday and ihe odds «n favorite 
IS the X-Coagars who are 
bringing their undefeaicd record 
into ihis ooe. Lei me know what 

week. The Hawks also have the 
jcrial attack of Steve Ktekamp lo 
lu.<i c|ualuy receivers Doug Smiih. 
Mark Zicgler. and Dale Prassc. 
They arc always an immedialc 
attack if the Hawks fal) behind in 
the early going. The defense 
should play lo their usual 
high standards as they did last 

The Hawks will have to force 
luraovers and capitalize on Ihem 
as ihcy have done before. 

The Hawks will need the 
support of dicir fans and everyone 
should come out and cheer ihem 
on to victory at 1:00 on 







WMHam Ralney Harjm Cotr«g« Palatine. Illinois 

NOVEMBER 13. I98li 


hf Bill KiiKcMMri 

When the all cmk-. KMaiup 
will itady to juiswcf . 

The |Mr«y on ihc (Mhcr Itm; wm 

ttafagc wKl ihcy wcr cilling Ac 

M:,i»tt »'lKa iJh- Hawki »ctc om 

ihc M.V, 10- yard, tilu- with a 

' kmn sitiMiMin <im1 (h:>w« 

.-..,' (.iimtf lunghctf li iMc iihoiK 
;!iitl 'ii (wed itKi wiimiRi TD an) 
('III ilw Hawla iiiio a rcmauh 
!ir Owppinih fw I)'. 
■■ i.rihcRC-OjIiiBo*. 

'I)U Ibwkii SMctl (Ml thc» (IM 

P«,»ii«si((ii o( tiM! fame when 
;m|» stmck m (mm the 1 
ic Mult 7-0 'lonl. 
!»■ *, iwuc* iwicic hetai; th«: 
dCMd tiftamr mh) lead KOing iMii 
ilw secvMKl hatt' 14-7. 

The Hawto il»m« titcn 7t)- yardt 
^nd DbH' Mjvun r% yards lor IK 

carries) cjnipwl off ihc drive cm a 
M'arim I -yard score, lyinf 'Uic 
giKKai. 14-14. 

Aittt the MuraiiMlm vnri'd <» a 
■n-yaid TD i».r - : .'|.|4 

tciid. the (la»k . i 


|i Il.M iji*t ilfcl't^lL'^ II I'l. M I '"'t, i ^' 'i ** 

The Marauder* were hirced U 
pu»i. Iiui ihc tnaip «til«l mil) lh«s 
..'11.1 /'W'i an.l «.,r (ctovffed hy 
M V liir .1 vit^'ly md lh(r (lawks 

iL' Jciwn by 4 K a fklil iita) 

I. Id lull *m It 

rtte HjkIis iiK'ii. ik- hii.ll lii.> Ihc 
Ktoawicr 10 and th(>> i<. when 
KIc'titmp stepped in. 

Klck4imp d«ippc4 hack on iHc 
ihird and i, ai»d hum up ihc 
middle., hrcakmi: a tackle at l.hc 
FiDcl diiwn mark, he pluniiicd iMo 
ifk- end /one and ihct Hawkj were 
up ;2-M. Btlt Curric hit ihc 
CiIMMMiiimI mi WUffH 1 

The Harper Hawks eelcbraic sfitr QB Sieve KIckamn More* ihc winninu 
touchdown wiih Ics-? than ,iic Icl'l in ihe 


hy Pa|t]> rrtf 
Nfwi ElUWr. 
K«li)rn Da«'k 
Stair Wriltr 

'Acolainl tucces!" . ihii 
'« at ithe niMiiion of the rv«uag'<i. 
^cMtttiMorOr. EdLtska 
'.:oiinM9i(if.Can>l Saccotnandn, 
littaraiaiiiaii^ S|icc:.iailiia, afsisiol 
in the ctrfaiiiMion of ihe cv«ni 

Collc|!e$ fm« all over IHmoi* 
wtK hfouglH icielher by Harper 
Colkgc'i Siudcni l>cv<:lD(mcm 
Dcfl 10 offer HI itiidcnis 
"Transfer Nigbi" m Novemlief 

Thii wa* the riM lime that a 
iranilet mfonnatitui »e.«ion vm 
a«ilahle tm ihc evitiiing itudent.t 
-inj ihe (Mitcwiue *»s 
iinprcdictahle. Many of ihc 
«htx>li ran out of ra'aicrials and 
Ihe entjre lohhy •»» Wfcd with 
pros|>*c iraiitfer »lu«k.m.( for 
th<j 'Btajiirny of Ihe ni' Ii is 
'..iiic cenjuii ilial. "TraiBfer Nif hi" 

II become' an. annual event like 
'. - lureiu program, ■Trawfcr 
[>jv". wtiieh ih'M 'ycai «ilt be 
ii.'Uim f'ch. IK en A BWk. awl 

..litre* »» tieht'n'ils from all 

■r Ihf coiiiUry 

■■■ nf .tti .i^'.'i's tilled ihe 
binUlii'ijt ,! iroin 


. . ■. and 
univc.r-,nii-» »i.v»cred tiuenuons 
and O'lfertil liufaiiie on i.t»et.r 
tmdrreradittc an4 fradiuitc 

ptograms, iiatiimi and htmiif . 

Qiiesiion* taisol tanged (rom "Do 
you offer Comptuef Science as a 
niajflf or as an area of study' ' lo 
"Wlm abom heabh msuiance?" 

&MM: siudcms came and wcw 
directly to ihc table of iheir 
choKc, while othen "played ihe 
lahles" and gathered whai 
informaimn ihat they couM in the 
time ilM dicy had. 
The ■steciicin of tndiniaiion ii> 
chiXHC 'fit» was cnonnoiiii,* aud 
Dave Tiegay, a Dau PrcKtising 
"Allogeiher. I kamed a kn. ' 

Sl:iiiJcii.t» pitked up cvervihing 
from appticauom to mlmissionii 
M> information on prograraj 
which the eoHegc 
o«cied,SnidenB hamed the kind 
of iMilh iticy needed u> uikc m 
iwler to tninrer u> the h tti«..| of 
iteir choice. 

The reprcKwativM from each 
collcfc were friendly. ewj'Heoiis. 
md very helpful. They amiwered 
qi««incms. guided itudcniii lo the 
lyp- of t'omiei they 'Chonld take 
III i">r.J,'i 111 irarivfi'.r. .ih.I mn .v i.)i.,( 
Ihc r: ,;, 

i..'.mi,. . : u 

mmulev i.hcy had lo »'ilh 
each Jtinknt 
SuKJentj ciimc ■xnU manv 

(IHMtiOU and left with most 
t(uesti(>n.i antweied a« they talked 
with the repfencniative and other 

Before a MudcM decidei to 
inuitfer. he/site should look inm 
man; infonnalion. 
If the siludcni is planning lo go 
10 a fouryeai universny in a tall 
.icnicjiet. fall and winter of iheir 
wpbomore year can be iIk mott 
impomra dccisi<»-«iaking Umcs. 
fXif ing these months, the tiansfer 

siudeM mtiti hi«eitlgaie. vish. 
and narrow their list of wnous 
.ic (tools. 

Before visiting a campus, a 
sludeni should call ahead and 
check if there are any formal 
guided tourt orfercd. or if it 
would poit.siblc to sit in on a 
cbss in progre» which he/she is 
intcrettcd m taking. 

Also, he/she should try to ulk 
to students who are or have 
already attended the ichoiri of 

their choice. 

Although the process of 
invcstiKating a college may 
seem long and tiresome, ihc 
outcome shoukl he one lo be part 

A small amount of cxua effort 
and time on a siudem't part can 
make the difference between 
happiness and stjcces.\. or regrets 
and disappomiments. 

t:d Liska of Sludcm Dcvclopmcnl (I i. ami Pincr S<*y ir. ir.l. discuss 
ni>.'lii :ii Harper. 

2. Tkc Harbinger. November 13. I9ll« 



b; PMIjr Frt; 
Newt Editor 

Trying lo cape with I 
woca. a number of coHegcs 
tami the couniry are cutting 
tMCfc the boun during which 

Hailier Qrilefe hat yet lo be 
■fliccied by ibesc changes and 
has been aMe m maintain ihetr 
tegular library hours. Ttiey 
also will be ofien 8ANf to 
4I*M during laiuary S-l I and 
A|)hl 12-20. 

Thcje cuu have prompted 
tome of the largest (ludeni 
puMeats of the year. According 
to CPS. 2.000 students 
jammed the University of 
Ariaona's Main Library in 
pnMM of Ihclibrary ckning at 

It mad 10 be ofiened 
until 2AM Two wcclts ago. 
600 students sat in at the 
Perry-Castaneda Library at the 
University at Teaai M AuMin. 
and then held a candlelight 
study-in outside the building. 
And. in trying to defuse 
student lltrcau id hold similar 
library sit-ins. University of 
Wisconsin officials afipropiauM 
more money to olend library 
hours, which had been 
shortened as a bclt-lighicning 
measure this (all. 

Besides the library hours, 
students are complaining on 
what's going in inside. "The 
issue is not so much the 

hours,* says Michael Whalen. 
a senior at UT Austin who 
heads the student protest 
group. 'The things inside 
have not hccn updated.* 

The energy industry tliunp 
has left the suie about S3 
billion short of what it 
thought It would have lo spend 
this year, forcing stale ofricials 
i» tell public colleges to cut 
■heir budgets. 

UTs library was just one 
campus service to feel die 
squeeze. "We've been in a 
hiring freeze since Match,* 
says hbrary spokesperson John 
Kupersmith. 'We've had to 
cancel over 400 journal 


subscriptions and we're lilcely 
to cancel more, and we've 
nsduced our book budget.' 

Due to these cuts, students 
are inconvienccd and are forced 
ia operate under dirfcrcnl 
circumsunccs then they've 
become accustomed lo. 

Students at the univeniiics 
which have experienced these 
cuu have to rearrange their 
lime schedules as the library is 
no longer as convicncnt. 

Betides the hours, students 
are iriso being inconvienced 
with die cuts in material that 
ihe library offeis. 

"The hours are a short-U;rm 
effect, but the long-term cf (oris 
of not buying books and 
journals are significant." said 

ConttniMt to oftor low iw«t. confldentlai 
care in all areas of woman's haalth: 

• Family Planning 

• Pap Smears 

• VD testing & treatment 

• Pregnancy testing & reterrals 

• Pre-marital blood tests 


hj Jon Haralack 
Student Senate Presldeal 

Just the other day a fellow 
Harper student expressed to 
me. her discontent with our 
student govcnunenL litis does 
not come as a gnat surprise to 
me. However, it seems to be 
die consensus. As the newly 
appointed Senau: President. I 
would like lo express a few 
goals die Student Senate has 
for the year. A major goal of 
the Senate is to increase 
student involvement with 
regard to increasing student 
awareness. Through awareness 
and involvement we cim 
maximize the student btxly's 
role in decision making. 
Aflerall, this is your voice in 
government, representing you. 
The Senate office (A332) is 
open to anyone with ideas, 
insights, and yes. even 
complaints. I would urge you. 
as Harper students, lo take an 
active role m your government 
and change the present 



for Infommtltm tndor tppokMnmrt cM: 
3S9-757S S53 N. Court, Suit* 100. Palatin* 

OiyMiiw. tmnmt tnd SmmOty 4iWiKnmwnM 


The Harbiagtr. November 13. 1986. Page 3 


ir you're » tnnsic profcsjiional or ti miisic 
fan. there is somelhing yoii !thuulil know: 
<iur American music is in grave danger and 
>i»u musi act mm to prevent Ihc music you 
iuve rrom coming lo a hall. 

The danger is S.I980 and ll.R.3521 - lw<i 
upvcial interest bills now pending before 

This legislation is an attack bv TV 
broadcasters on composers and publishers 
who would be prevented from licensini; 
ituisic as they have done for decades. If the 
bill passes, the obligation the broadcasters 
now have, ordering the copyright la« lo 
pay license fees for the broadcasting of 
music on syndicated local TV programs will 
be shifted. To the program producers. 

The effect of these bills would be to 
violate the artist's most valuable right, thai 
of continuing payment for the continuing 
use of music, by forcing on compmers a 
Nty-mit • a one-time payment for the use of 
their music before its value in the 
marketplace can be determined. 

Who will suffer? 

Amtrlcsn composers, lyricists and music 
pubiitilers who stand to lose tens of 
millions of dollars annually. 

Other creators from allied ridils such as 
authors and painters whose livlihtHid 
depends on copywrighl, may well be in line 
for a similar attack. 

The public who will have less and less 
orlf^nal music to listen to and will be 
tfcprlved of the great music of our country's 
put, present and future. 

Who will benefil? 

Only the broadcasters will benefit, adding 
more profit to their already sizable annual 
gross of about $12 billion dollars. The 
Sraailcasters now pay only one penny out of 
a dollar for music license fees. 

What can you do? 

Write your legfolators immediatly, urging 
them lo oppost I1.R.352I (when writing to 
Congressman) and S.1980 (when writing to 
a Senator). 

Simply say that these bills are a serious 
assault on the American copywrighl system, 
and therefore harmful to all creators. Your 
letter will make a difference. 


Letters to the editor are welcomed. All 
letters must have name, address, 
social security numbc and title, such 
as students, faculty or staff member. 
Publication rights are re.served. 

\t '*iu 

By i»»dtr Sweeney 

Hail there been a btccm, my 
dear (riciKl Dxn would have 
swiyed gently uiKin it. But 
then: wM no iMWtt so IM pm 
hung ilicie. 



Upside doMi. 

He wore only gym shotls 
and ihc two bulky ankle 
bracdels which hcU him ill Ihc 
mercy of the sienle chrome 
comraption from which he 
d.inglcd. His eyes were the 
cicarcsl I'd iccn ilicm since he 
«u eight lliti mouih gaped 
wide in a ricluii ei xilcnl igmy 
imd hs onhododuc bisiory was 
phm 10 bciiold. 

Ttie fight trf my fncm) in 
tuch pain was too much (or 
me so I turned my itlenlion lo 
the crtsp stalk of celery with 
which I siirred my Bloody 

1 pride myself on my 
courage in the face of Mher 
peoples pain. 

Fiitally. his fealuics scukd 
as the iniiial di-tcomron of die 
pnxcdun; passed. I rinc-lunod 
the vodka/odicrjunL ratio i» 
my glass. 

'And how it our xlothtike 
paueM todiyr 

'This is killinf me,* be 

"All cowruirr. mtm mm.' I 
corrected him. *I think this 
prnccdun: is all thai keeps you 
from feeding ihe wonns.* 

I croudled down and put my 
cigarclle to his lips. He drew 
on it graiclully and a kmg ash 
fell into hit iKMc. He ejected it 

We «eie in a private clinic 
in Wisconiin where Dan 
underwent his ihricc yearly 
lransrusion-.oul with the old, 
in wiiti iIm3 new. I held season 
tickets to the event. These 
transfusions were made 
nccesnary by Dans rather 
liberal intake o( alcohol and 
various other cerebral paving 
crcM. Without this procedure 
Dan was prone to fits of 

senselesf babbling, ijic most 
icccM one lasting twelve years. 
I had once considered asking 
Ike doctor why Dan was upside 
ilown foe the proccduie. but lus 
ihrunken-head necklace didn't 
fteem to inviu quesuons. 

"Shall I raise you?" In my 
concern for Dan's comfort. I 
had located the controls for the 
gMlget wbich dangtod him. 


'Hmmmm. I think this 
levct will make those ankle 
tiracclets spread apart- -up lo ten 
(eel. I'd guest." 

"Nooo! Don't do ill I'll track 
you down and kill you!" 

'On one leg. I'd lay. Lot's 
make wishes and sec which 


"Ob my. there's a rousscrie 

A •hart, pmdominanily ugly 
nurse entered the room. She 
checked the bottles by Dan's 
feet and hej>d and made a noic. 
She eyed my Bkxidy Maiy and 
the bartenders attache from 
which I had poured ii and then 
mccrcd at me to hard that I 
ahnost fell over. 

'Well,' 1 commented when 
the bad gone. 'Nurte 
Hellspawn certainly seems 

'It's rumored that she wis 
taking her own temperature 
rectally when she sulTeied a had 
fall,* said Out. 



"Can I fis you a drink, or 
shall 1 just pour some Scotch 
in your intake bottle'" I asked. 

"Nothing now. thanks. 1 
may have some bus fumes 
laier. dtougb.' 

It'.« hard lo tell when Dan's 
kidding. I once caught him 
doing a blind laste-tesl of 
agncullurai insecticides. 

I went to Ihe corner of the 
room wheic Dansck)ihcs were 
piled. I removed two-hundred 
dollars from his wallet and the 
long purple plume from his 


leather Stetson. I laid the 
money and the feather juiit out 
a( his reach. 

"Ptease observe three items, 
dear boy.' Said t. 


"Item one; a pile of money 
tkhich currently belongs lo 
you. Don't try to swing, you'll 
pull nut your discharge Utbe 
«id gel me all yucky.' 


"Item two: an ostrich plume 
worthy of D'Ariagnan's 

Dan eyed me warily. 
"Whafi iKm Ihroe?" 

'Ahhh, item three; the 
cuposed souls of your 
fcct....t)o 1 he« one-hundred?" 

'Wait! I think I can nome 
thai nine in only two items!" 


"Item one; your ignition 
xyslcm. Item two; your gas 

Yep, it's hard to tell when 
Dsin's kidding. 

"Uh oh ■ Said he. 

"What?" Responded I. 

'I think I'm getting a runny 

~Y<m're goimo drtmn'f" 


'Well. I guess this is 
fafcwell. old chum.' 

"Ycah.Or you could jusi 
hand me a kkcnex." 

'PDssiblc....Do I hear onc- 



Alxomiuin & Riwlli,' Kuitds 
l',jl.(lmf, ILWKKi: 

■WT iwiat 

Mnniiim [■■liw. 
¥ham i'Mm 

, DrWxt C«firy 
Aaron HnnMin 
Pwiw i-rry 
• -■> P.ullin 
•II KuiIrthlTS 

' Ki... l.<n< Jvnm 

< .„T.r.ulf> r.^n'i. :..>ni M l>Un:tkt'M(4l 

,..), X kiry (;«a. 

■ ■'■|)INC;KR t. Iht «tu4Bm 

, Khc lUipcx UtlJcMr tmnpm 

^ummmatir. pubUihni weekly ei«|« 

iteriiif Miilayi md fiiul eiaim. Alt 

i::i|iln«flw o«|HC«l»«l Mv liKM! «d llie mlilti 

md m^ ncixturily llHue uf ttm ai||n|ft. 

at ■Awniunuai. ItaOtf m mOmt IM^- 

.^,lwc«i)t(n| mtkd copy Omnium is noon 

'niuB4»y •»! eopy w nahiaa » tdillof . 

«sM Irjlrn u> Ihc eiltuir m*m be lifned, 
mm*% wiililMEt4 cm hmjimwi. f-or (uifHo 
•iif<miM> eril -mi -Mm. ciL IMIw 

1 i%itrf» 
MonMN. oonwCHiv 

I*«|» 4. Til* ilarMnitr. Novtmlttr U.l 



mUrVf 1^11 I UJrllill» - BILLY JOEL TAKES 




% Larrjf Panllin 
Enltf'lalamtiit RilMar 

New Ciiy Tlwilre, Ihc Nonh- 
•«i -iuhurtw' only (irorenional 
ilKHU-c. opened Im imhy wiih 
Chrisiopher Durangs black 
ctxncily BeroiMl Therapy. 

I have miKcd cmoiKwis ahiMii 
rccommcwting ll»i» imnduclion. I 
idifik the Mtea of a pnifcswonal 
theatre in the Nonttvwsl suburba 
It one wtKKc time has ilerinitcly 
come. And the con: of New City 
han done taud' wwk in previi'ws 
Chtoitu) Uieaiit producuons. The 
prahlcm is. this produclion 
•imply isn't dial gMd. 

Bry»n4 Thtrapy ii the 
«wy of Bruce md Prudence, two 
rup(MC type*, each seeing a 
Iherapisi for die tame problem 

It wm"^ «'»« Brace ■» homo- 
Kxual reblionship wiili hi* 
niommate Bj* isn t laUtfyinit H' 
BriKc, so he g«» to a t«her diey 
ihcrapist. Mrs. Wallace, lo help 
hiffl find a woman.. 

IVudence. cm ihc other Ikmid. 
lias had littto lucccu mcciing 
•nen, and no luck with ilie onei 
fhc hai met She ■« icernjt a 
macho male itierapist. Dr. 
Frammgham. who kec{s tryintt 
Id CBt her into bed. 
Bruce ultimately puis a 

|x-mMial .ad in the (M|x^r ( wnnen 
by Mrs. Wal.lace| thiit it an.<twcrc(i 
by Priidenct. Then thing* gel 

A mam problem « ith Uim play 
I', the. play it^cll. When it was 
firu produced in New Ycnk, it 
wa« timely, and even a bit 
siioi.king. Now. it's loo tame for 
the city, and nm funny enough 
for the wburbi. 

Oh. then: aie mne gmniincly 
funny and louching moments, 
ntosi of which involve two 
Ghmacters, Mn. Wallace and 
Bnce (played by Camcn Roman 
and Brian Tefrell reifiocuvely). 

Mi Tenell played Bruce with a 
hunNHtity thai is seldom seen in 
plays of thi* nature. No limp- 
wristed lisping or falsciio 
whining henc. A.t a matter of fact. 
TcTTcll s pcrlbrmancc reminded 
me of Chrismpher Reeve* Claik 
Kent in the first S»ptfm*n 

Ml. Ronunt's performance as 
Brace's iheiapin wan especially 
futi. Mr*. Wallace >i the kind of 
character Oiat forgets what she 
was saying, lays the wrong word 
(she kceiis referring to her 
iccniary as her dirigible), and 
mlks 10 her stuff«l .Snoopy. She 

preaches impulsive reactions lo 
bad iiiluiljons. 

Roman gives a warmth and 
viability to a wonderfully 
unstable chaimrter thai could have 
iust as easily been overplayed t»> 

An enample of this kind of 
ovcrkdl was SkJpp Sudduth's 
portrayal of Dr. Framingham 
There was nothing endearing or 
even remotely believable about 
Ibis caracaturc of a macho yuppie 
doctor. This guy isn't even sotire- 
one you love to hate. You 
wonder how he led himself all 
■these years. 

The most pctpluing perfor- 
mance for mc was Elaync 
I cTraunik's Prudence. Ms. 
I cT raunik is the Artistic Dinxlor 
lor New City, and has had 
success at actress, administrator. 

Bui her Prudeoce is simply too 
wooden. No depth, no spon- 
tancity. no teat life. 

Last, anil least, was the set. I 
don't know if it was a flaw in 
design or execution, but there 
were far too many free-hanging 
lisiures. One of these, a set of 
blinds rEpreseniing a window m 
Dr. Framingham't office, was 
iMiliiiDrd on page I 

Harpi-r Ciilh-gi' Tluvirv and Snultiti -li ininc^ 

The Miss Firecracker Contest 


Beth Henley 

\o\fmhir l-l !<• Jl.j: SlHi piti 
in ihv HariH-r CoUtXi' Thvutrr ,1143 

■.;'».' :■: . //I 

11} Date llorriiMn 
Kmltrtalnnnnl Wriltr 

' For two ntght* last weekend, 
Itilty Joel stopped at the 
Rosemont Horiion for his 
Chicago dates on "The Bridge" 
tour, and I had lickcLs for the 
second show on Saturday 
November 1st. 

Those of you who missed it; 
well, I can only say I'm sorry foe 
you. those of us who 
didn't spend an evening with a 
man who can ttially make a baby 
grand sing. 

With his new albuni, "The 
Bridge", and single, "A Matter of 
Trust ". both high on the charts, 
and after the succss of his greatest 
hits LP, he was due to lour this 

His public, myself included, 
was dying to see if married life 
and a son would dull his 
normally energetic style, and 
Saturday it was apparent that it's 
still nx'k in'roll lo him, with a 
show thai jun bubbled over with 
good feelings, great music, and 
phenomenal showmanship. 

What OHS 1 say aboui the 
concert, other than "Wow"' It 
began with ' A Matter of Trust' 
and mined in along ihc way were 
a few more new otics, "Big Man 
on Mulberry Street" and 'Baby 
Grand" being the bcsL The hand 
was in high gear, playing the 
recent, iazf-iafluaiced material 

with as much style and pmidi •• 
the rock cbtssics they've played 
so often and >o well. 

The conceit's musu: spanned 
raaiw years, being compiled of 
hits like "PianffMan" freim back 
in 73 all die way to a wonderful 
A Cappclla version «f "Tlie 
Longest Time" from 1*3 and 
"Modem Woman" in '(15 . 

If you want the rest, just pull 
out your copies of "Glass 
Houses". "The Stranger", and 
"An Innocent Man". »nd play 
ihcm pretty much in full. Throw 
in a few from "The Nylon 
Curtain", 'Songs in the Attic' . 
"Turnstiles", and "Street Life 
Sctenader", and you got it. 

! mean, for true fans, this urns 
dnee hours of pure heaven, with 
not one. not two, but three 
encores, each moie powerful than 
the last. 

I've been to a great many 
concerts this year, and I've had a 
complaint or two about most of 
them. You know, something 
that managed to put a damper on 
the event. Not so here. Finally, 
a show that was long enough, 
with songs performed with u 
much love as 1 have for them, in 
an atmosphere that screamed 
'Hey, are we having fun, or 

Hmm... If only it didn't ram 
that night. Nah, that'* loo picky, 
even for me. 



By Larry riullin 
Enttrtalamcnl Edltnir 

The American Dental AsstKia- 
tion should send a do^en rases 
and a thank you note to the Hyatt 
Regency Woodfield Hotel for 
sponsoring the fifth annual 
Chocolate Lovers Hyanfcsl 

Upwards of 800 chocoholics 
got dressed up. spent S80 (includ- 
ing dinner), and went around 
collecting samples of chocolate 
for an entire weekend. Son of an 
adult trick-or-ireatfcst. 

Everything from cooking 
(lemonsuiitions to a coniinenuil 
breakfast with a twin, all the 
rolls and sweets covered in 
chocoliie. And giveaways galore. 

In an article previewing the 
weekend, the ii:a:J>±.lj£icj 
calculated (with help of Hit 
organijtcrs of the weekend t;ii 
the average consumption wuulil 

be about 10 pounds per person. 
That's 8,000 ptninds of chixx)laJc; 

And then there was "Choco- 
inania". An enure grand ballroom 
full of distributors, chocolate 
sculptors, retail candy stores, and 
.specially manufacturers, all with 
displays either offering their 
wares for sale or (in most cases) 
offering samples. 

EvcryUting chocolate imagin- 
uhle was there, from the 
Chocolate Liqueur lo the Gnunl 
Marnier brownies to the standard 
Fannie May booth. It was 
enough to drug the sweetest 

Other highlights included the 
dcmoasuaiion/wcirkshDp on choc- 
olate desserts and a hands - on 
workihop on chocolate sculpting. 

Ini already brushing and 
iio\> ng rn preparation for nen 






SMdMMM HI VMta RaMM Of tenar Mmm 




$L00 EACH 

J jq. t s m\. 




The Harbinger. November U. 1986, Page j 


I iiikiilic iaapiii 

MiBislrj si)on«>n i Citholic 
Vtas CiiL* MtmdSiy m 13 PM 
' "■' Vil Hit wtlc<i«ne, 

wtll he ii Oi«i Drive fa 
11...- nuiTK-tcus of Cliitago on 
NovemNit 17 ;t fahki will be 
W up all week in ihc lo**y <rf 
l!M|. A horn 9 AM 2 PM 
PImii: donate any ccmts that ym 
might cowMler (liicafilinK. 

Thuniilay. Ntjveinttef 20, i« 
Oifami Fmi fof A World 
H,i»vesi." There will Nr an 
infjwmMion lahk in BIdg A cm 
hunger nntti wh«re anyone 
inieresmwJ wtll he ailMl meiilier 
*tp a meal thai day « mi « 
iiiinple meal, and donsie the 
mvimey they mvt m help the 
worM t hungry Oifara n an 
mwnamjnal agency wving the 
poor of Africa, Afta and Uim 
America. Money goe* for 
diiasier lelicf and Klf help 

The Harbinger bat' alt OfCll 
door policy Coine on in ami 
yell at the Editor' A»iT 


Siudeni Senate needt 
uiicfested. m<wvaicd.NndenlslD 
icfveaeni the Life Science/HiaMn 
Service dtviaoo, and Club rep, 
pofflUOM Apply now al Senate 
Offite or Student Activities 
c:»t,.2242, A,J,%. 

Inlcrnalional Club: Any 
tiudeni. fiireign or not. wbo is 
interested n joining the 
Iniemjitional Students Cluh 
please «to|i by F33« for more 
infofmaiioB. Club acijvitiei 
Include iripi, meals ptnies,and 
(be CKhange of cwlturc with new 

SfMCb' Tmmi: Simd up and, 
H«a* Mt. join the Speech 
Toun. See Tom McClraib . 

l-"^'>t . TM!«li^and,TlMindiiy 


Tb* Hariper Collegt 
Camerala Singrrt and 
Coneeri Cboir are iMliiiif 
iopranos and ■lint to pin ihcm 
cm ihcif lour of Great itriiam 

The VMt IS scheduled to leave 
Chicago cm Decemhfr 36 and 
return on Janinrv R jifter 
pcrfnmimg in five nucx m the 
United Kingdom 

Singers interested in 
patKipating should be al taut IK 
years oJd and may conUKi Dr, 
Thomas Stjuch at W7-J(X)0. 
E»l. 2566 for (urlhcf 


BtHly Baalci: A Heallhy 
Approaeb in Fitness. 
Nnlritioa. and Wtigbl 

MsnagcMcal is a health 
promotion television «erics 
dMllgll nuCkPC in cullabiirjiion 
wilh Chjcafit 'Lung Asstx-iation. 
WGN-TV. and a panel of cspem. 
This series began November 1 
and will run dirou^ November 
31 on the noon and nine otiocic 
newt on Channel 9 

The Itlinola City and 

Lesbian Ta»k Force is happy 
to announce ihAI Rosemary 
KuraiMl of the Giiy and Lesbian 
Allunce Against IMamaunn will 
speak at us "Claiming Our 
Rights conference to be held cm 
November 14. 15 and 16. For 
further information on ibe 
cimfcrencc, call the Illinois Gay 
jnd LesbiM Task Force ai 97S- 
0707. or write to ftIS W 
WcUStigMn- CMano, flMST. 

On November 1(1. colleges 

acnxs the aailon will be 
celebrating the (irtal 

American Smukeuut Vk 
American Cancer Society is 
ivking sludenix and faculty to 
either pariicipate il the v arc 
snmkers or support ihose 
smokem who pljin to quit for the 
day. Adoption papers and 
intormalion are available in the 
Ikailh Service, A362. 

II you want to take mim- than 
a day off from smoking, a free 
Mop smoking citnic is scheduled 
1-4 PM on Mondays and 
Wednesdays. November 34 to 
f>eccmhcr irj Call Harper 
extension 3261! to legijoer 

Harper Ski Trips 

Harper has orriinged two major 
ski trips for students and 
community members The 
deadline for final payment is 
tiecxfflibcr 2. 19it6 Rescrvatiooi 
may be made thnnigh the Student 
Activities Ofricc. A-.B6, phone 
-W7KtOO.c»icnsion3242 Uw 
airfares, groap discounts, and 
good early ptonirtg have nMullcd 
in lerriric taugams! 

The first trip is to Aspen. 
Oiriorado. in the fabulous Rocky 
Mountains. January 4-11, I9N7. 

The second trip is to Zell Am 
See. Au.stria, in the famous 
Tyrolean Alps, lanuary I- 10, 
I9«7. Contact the Student 
Activities Office for further 


Harper is sponsoring a 15 day 
undefgraduaie or graduate credit 
study tour ui Spam and Tonugal 
from June » to June 22, 1«>«7 
The tour will focus on the 
painting. sculpture and 
architecture of the countries 
vitiied ihfoiigh the different 
pedoilt of iheir resiiective 

,- , X. 


with Haipa- Cdtegei 

Zell am See, Ausirim 


■r WPUFBlii^ ^w« ^f 


ik Ik ^ §k ^ 

* January 2 10. I SB? 

* 6alM«y m lichets in the Alps 

* 8 days. 7 oigl*! at the S^star Qrand Hotel 

* RoundlripairiilaUiMiBniaAiflhiea 

* 7 full breakfasts 

* 7 Ml dinnera 

* SgMicelng eaninlofis awalaMt 
iMa kmi prkx ol $B6& 
(SS96' mple. $9M dmMe) 
Sl'OO Dtptmtt Dm No« 

^ ftl Ik ^ ik 

■ Januaiy«ll.l9»7 

* 9 all-day MtncMs in the ftoddct 

* 0, day*. 7 nigbia at Chatemujt Oumont. 
kiauiy eondo rlgM at the base 

Ad amcnHleat 

■ Roui#Mpaif 

* SW race, mountain picnie. eiftnt 
LoiM lou' price 0/ $«!» 

ISO Daimall tlut Now 

MMlMm Rwwy HwpmCollaga 

liiyliu;. s.iinc of the 

highlights include The Prado 
MiLieuni and the Royal PHlace in 
Madrid, the House ol t"J Greco in 
Toledo, the Alhambra in 
Graanada. the Mosque in 
Cordoba, the Alciar in Seville 
and the Tower of Bclem and 
Jeionimos Church in Lisbon 
Daylong Mcursions arc planned 
to £1 E.scoriat in Spam and the 
palaces of Sintn in Portugal. 

The cost of the tout is 
approximately SI6SS which 
includes tirfaare from Chicago, 
superior tourist class hotel 
accommodations. all 
irani|ionaiion. plus u>ur guides, 
college faculty lecture/program 
leader and prc-dcpaanure lectures 
and tour mjuenals 

Totff members may rcgtstcr for 
from one to four hours of college 
credit in Humanities 1 15 or for 
one Continuing Education unit. 
The tour is open to the 

Deposits of $275 are now 
being accepted Tour brochures 
with a comptcie iiineray and 
further information arc available 
from Rusty Heriog. An 
Deparimcni or Liberal Arts 
Division, cut 2568 or 2285. 

If you think you may be 
inwrcstcd in this trip ihenr will 
be an infoimationai n»cting on 
Friday. January », 1VH7. f««n 7 
to 10 PM in Board Rooms B and 
C in Building A Please join us 
for lef rcshmenu. 

Tickeix arc now on sale for ihe 
Harper College Theatres 
production of "Tbii Miss 
Firecracker Contetl." 
Production dates are Friday and 
Saiuiday. November 14 and 15. 
November 2 1 and 22 Cosi it S5 
for the public and S3 for Harper 

A special Dinner Theatre 
package is available for the 
Saturday. November 15 
peifomiance. The buflfet includes 
steamship round of beef, herb 
chicken, hoi vegtables. a salad 
bar. rolls, dessert, and coffee or 
■a. The performance will follow 
at 8 PM m Building J Co« it 
Free STOP 
Smoktn Clinic 

One stop tmofctng clinic have 
been ichedulcd dunng the Fiill 

semester in the Board room of 
building A. 

Monday md Wednciday 

Nov. 24 and Nov. 26 

Doc. 1 and Doc. 3 

Dec. 8 and Dec. 10 

Both clinics will be proviikd 
by the college at no cost to 
employees and students and will 
he presented by the Northwest 
Community Hospiul Departmem 
of Continuing Education Please 
call the Health Service as soon as 
possible at ext. 2268 if you widi 
to attend. 



The Foundation of the 
National Sludeni Nurses' 
Association. Inr Students 
currently enrolled in nursing or 
pre-nursing programs m sutc 
approved schools of nursing are 
eligble for these scholarships. 
The NSNA Foundation has 
individual schotonhips ranging 
from $1,000 to S2.500. These 
scholarships are based on 
academic achicvmcm. financial 
need, and involvement in nusing 
sludcni organizations. 

Applications must be received 
by the NSNA Foundation by 
February 1. There is ■ S2 
proceesing for. 

Norihern Illinois 
University Alnmni 

Astociaiioa Scholarshipi 
In order to qualify for one of 
these scholarships, you must 
attend NIU on a full-time basis 
for the fall and spnng semesters 
of the 1987-88 year and have a 
cumlaiivc GPA of at least 3.0 
(4 .scale) from die school you 
moM recently attended. Entering 
Ircshmcn are required lo have an 
ACT score of at least 25 or rank 
in die top 5% of Iheir class. You 
must subit a one-|Mge typed letter 
which describes your outstanding 
qualities, characterisics, and 
goal*. An NIU graduate or 
current Nit Itlcuty memba num 
aJio write a one-page letter of 

Tla deaiitine fa application for 
lanltiVaduaie and givduaie Ehool 
MMlenis is February 6. 1987 

Please note! 

All announcements for 
Upcoming must he submitted to 
the Harbinger by noon on the 
Thursday prior «) the issue you 
wish It to appear in. 

ATAR1 1040 ST 

A $795 





sysrei^ trctuocs everything vou weed to get started 

• 1 Mag RAM l,*a«ory • Built-in 720K Dim Dri»» a Power Supply 

• -'■■o--- B&W Moriiiof • l*«oui» • Punier* Modem Pom 

•lOW and get BASIC pfOf <»mmifi() languag* VT-5J 
T- /«<"" ■«"".1 ST Wr.ief wOfOprocaismo progiami |:REE 



f -.1' II . -r irT • ~,« .,.-/, ,,,H Hi,n5»«» f«(.mv •«* Miill 0» CMIigm tnfl 
..-.••>-I.«t S*tf| .'O-* Off me %'/■>', .■»r^.,. ;■••!. .!"« lor f.omi) fflt m* «|,n 

i'ftlOSTt|'»»t» (IW»>»ftrB«'e«^' ' 

e*'" ■■ ...ML .«. ~i p.v.«,(w...>i. 


^ J^- 

auy from DigttaiWona. Cnicagoiancl's First 
Faciary-OifBct fuii-Setvice 520 ST Oealm 

(312) 543-9000 

711 Afmy Trail Road 

Addison II. eoioi 

1 Mile E ol Rl S3 *«»'"«l-t 
HOURS IMon-Fri 10-8. Sat 10-5. Sunday* (CUll First) 

ra§B •, Tilt H«rhliit«f. No»t«l>«r 13, !»•• 

.Not Just Comics. 



fof'MWni iiitiw»e«. Vcrjf 

tmormousi (loienliiil •nd *»«" 
need* •'Ml ()«««.» cwnmnn'')' 
«ii|i|)on I lywiiiitMi only ilw" 

clioiee' « »»fMMl t«itrii|>y ■* 
an opcunf show. Thctr ntm 
iHow IS That Chiiiiipifliiship 
Stmam (Feb. 6-22>. iiwJ I. for 
one. rnn ■m.knta le ice that. 

\:^ The Puzzle ^ 


41 Mm> f ngMnd 


I trmnth eMrc 


t3 Anv* 

14 uim 0) naiian 

15 1 

t f u*wt o* cwrn 

10 Loott ftiadly 


}i PMra* 

» MMWtxdufn 

14 Ben (MM 

31 ' 
33 I 







WMorscuTiSTiru I 
wa.ijms:. "^i; I 

i taui 

HCN S cut < 


DDT wrt« ! 

[ I, STYLI 1 

$075 1 

FREE ItOJOO CoMNtlonina 

hwjiKW, •Mm * •n™ 



1756 W. Algonquin Rd. • Hoffman Estates 

i|2' J Mt» W»»t Of nc»«*' Bd ) 


3 0rM«y 


C inrw't pannar 








































IrM .« 






















li AiMMic group 
•8 Anciant Qraak 

2J Tr«» trunU 


10 Marry 





40 Worn away 


43 Mwk la« by 

44 Plam ol arum 

47 Snara 





O ; weMc. 


Find out at an 


When: Ewrv Sunday night in November, 7 pm. 

Where: 8l0 Willow Hills In. 

in Prospect Heights 

For directions or more information call 

Craig Dyer at 259-3808 , 

Ttie Harfeincer, November 13. 1W6. P«e» ^ 




MlB uiKtofStand tfwl you ve trwesled a W (i» 

hard wQtfc m your oducMon. and' m don t 
l)i«i* wu shouW lost CBBdMS WW lw*ncal- 
m$. §0 wtwn you' mnsfai to'RooseweH. m 
mriv cMiy altort k)' sM tM: ttw iranMon 8 
mtf and your cmftis am aocapMd. 
WmMgr a w«te variety d Oeam (Mogiams 
inducing BxAigy. Buswwss AdrnmistralKin. 
Cortpuler Sciaoce. icorwmcs, Enghsh and 

many others Whals more, vw boasi a lop- 
fwich laojWy smaM classes and counselors 
ready lo assist you m atriaminci (manoal aid 
Even i1 you re rio« quite ready to translet. <m 
urge you to ta* with one c* our counselors 
Planning early insures a smooth iranster 

for more irtofmation. call or visit our 
Downtown Campus or our new Atberi A 
Robin Campus m Arlington Heights 



430S mtlnqan "mnje Cncaoo ll 60605 3412000 
,^1J1S Go«li«l»'l Ro«J' Aflincilo" M»9*>ts lt«MX» «''9?0O 


«M)S IKIiellniin *«™» 
C>ic«V9 HtmwaWM 

■ tctmtui* 01 atmm i "i*''* ■» 
gradual* iluditM 


Be Introduced To God 

... All Over Again! 

Harper College 


10 a m- 

Phil MlgBoratO. Pastor 


•Si. -^ 

The Woodfield 
Counseling Center 

715 E Goll Road. Suite 205 

Schaumburg. IL 60173 


< iiiiKsiirif'fi 



W«-lp %aiilrti 

Hrlp Vniilcit 

hir SaU" 


'•■ill knii iliyi aiKl cwinf ■ te 
ttHmiim mmk. V ya> htn ■ 
MkfiHiii* ntc*. t« Mtf-*i«i«<Mii; md 
avoir ■ cWtutt*. ** *wU till mull ■» 
fm. UaMNi a WM4f iiiil Ma. CaU 
Okw V«nMt' • tl4-4'm tm m 

TEtEMMKETERS. Mile Sttt, mi) 
«». Ml iir |»ii.Ui«c. O* M» N« # 
OT-IMOtMnwiViml) Mid Anna 
afid CiMivlunii. 'ID Oidtu'd t.ii.. 
llwio^wf f»A: 

i'ART-TBIEWttJ'"-"-!.- B-ieffcBi 

t)l HtmngMl S<)a*R Shoppmn Cialcr, 
ZM) Hll^m* u BitTiiifton lk4... 
Hariniai £«■«. it Uir: I.MCli. 
cvcailnt twl •ci*'ii«» ii«J'n iviiliMi. 
diitjMimlwl mnjl»' »n4 wuiurm pr(<*>t^ril. 
'Si'^sp in m4 tiii ma an «f«pltci]i'(Mi 
CliocI u ua if our xtiniiilcii (it. yaml 

ATTENT10!* STUDENTS! tr Siwly 
«liilt ftm «nA. FmiFm CcMiMaiiilaH d 
Ariinf'iM i4«i||iii> II ImAiiii $m • 

lii)>e.neiie« nrrnnry riBiil*s Iwiin. 
■Mll«JJtM..lAf«>l TBI. 

OAW IXnaWliMCi! m* lAKS nwnt* 
vliik nmtuni m fmoim m CiwuiBij'ii 
MMlratmi Pltifiaiti am cuniMiit IteiUt 
hMModi MOli- CaiiI-tilVUMM'». 

HELP WANTED: aoi« Video «:.l 
IWImMi Bmma, MmK « Sdnumhuri 
mki lan-ttac ►••it Onwfwau liimri 
■diali l"iia>l>raiii'nn«<li> niilus, 'iwl 

STI.M.ST4 HOW •OtiM »« Nile » 
Mb< ltnai>'t5|]M'|>ci mutMliT Yvucan 
«iflt yxim own Imwri wnl m«*" ftr iWc lm 

Cnll S*l 'WWilm ■« p>l> •«• «! ii|> m 

iUnOLY tSMO* P*; !•«■ 

Km4i ifi'fWit •lie* iicnHnncI M^ •nd' 
(i»i<«nt. tiim-tlW' '. ■•*!: awl 
Ai'linfMni llaiilii* ■••. Oil tuif' # 
w; IU44 



:W«> (10Vf.llJ«MEKT lOat liH 

litttiMiiimjatfyt' Novitwaii. ui 
ii'iiB:i«t'MMi.iiit H-inu. 

SSTWORK M ARKi:;1WG ■ die tmm al 
i|»# Immt Mmy pc«ifdo hm* ^mmm 
ISnuKially nukiaMlem »afcili$|l>it'<'Mc 
M iliii fMld. II yai' Buuld Uc «init nK»r 
«««•!» call U 1 " H'M. <«» 4 pn. 

M.) i>CK lltMXED i*AID l« raMilati 
k'tlAri Inmi' iMwnet !wMd i^ll .MtdiWfinN], 
*i»m|*»d cnvffiiope Utt 

wla«mMiai/i|iflic«li:<M. Smff* « 
AlwKuio, Km W"B. Rtiwlb, ^J 


ATMtimr PrOFi* nmM r,,, 


I'liivi i.:\^i; ■ 

■«,p.liM.:Hr'*ftif'i 'ir \ . ,■ ■ ."U: 

..■;/'Ih.'.,* ; '!■ J <i«#<ll (.■«,'"rtl»i;.'il AnJfr* ) 


, •* " ' 

ii!iiir|[iniiwiiiHfH)ii ;' 'H"<. '<">' \' ut 

41 1««J' *W»«: «*»»«« 'Ifl •■«*«* ■"« 



,™ip|;vii(it,|||p||!|,|||i||l'^ ,,;:i'i.3 10 lli''i.1 -"t.! '"("f ., *(-*|ii<It 

n»«««iW' flfml iiiMiiiiti' 

%* '. ■. 

'''««mfiiif iiiiiiiiitili tiiititiwni, |iw,iii(i':iii«t.4.Mit. (...ji.4i 

■'■ ^mv 

i;..ilR\ MSY *iuw 'IS '1l«l|kii«| 




f' Nf'\Ml,J 

H... !. - -i.-..!. ^^l"^ ■■■'-' '■"*•" ■ 


l«Ml»p.» I.,:-. . 

': :' : Iffimiri in4 "^ 

1., '.."M VI,.. ; ■■■,,.,,■ : .;~pir . 

»*l«i. *»,-n. ■,, ■; 

:, v^'-i.lifffan«f r^Mhr 

mmi «iiiiii|||ii|iiiii<i«w I:jm 1 * an4 )'*«<' ff^'"- 

.mnmm.,. ,'■■■: -. - 

.. ■: «1t.».'S*;233 

IffiKiiiiai ^'*'*'' ^""f*' "^f ''>'"'" 

1 «»«fe#«4Mte.., Diii'NM ii».:ti ^" ti; 

■i >' 1' «)» ITU.IIHiiF' 

..,:«!ii J «.i|l1' 

IMJ kmit Call ^''i 
■i.ii!ll|MWi.i(rim'i» lam^i'-hiTir 

*, I ■ ■ 1. ■„.■ 1 



'IJ»pin|c .St* ires 


l«l CHEVY K(W\ -'■- •' ■ 
AtMnnuliG. vmm r«l^«hir a^^' 
tunlhnl. Good iwnKt .. ■ 
liom CiH !«• # J»I «» «.. ■«...»'. 

mi m.vm eokd iwto ii.u-wmii 

Nc* Imlin. Rlttivcly km oulciia. A 
lood itnle tnmpa. Call di'jx UI-34IV or 
44S-4W):: cvoimtl M').|«W« 1*7 

1412 aiKySU':R UHm llcilallm 
AC. pt*wci C¥cr>ll»i«f,„ 4 dtM,jr, vinyl fm^. 
I imner. cmiHC. A-MJ-M, 55,11)0 mi . 
mm wtiMli, md, 2-6lilcr. Inwlltm iiii»nrMif. 
S4m. CjiD. MI-illT dayi. )««••» 1 1 
ind W 

t1»Tl DELTA M- pw nie. in»r In*, runt 
iojd, •I.OIIO Ml. . mmSa lirm- tWIiulIf 

ciii T-m H w-jwi « w-wn, 

tJO rwn«XAT10VAi-t OwMEntiiiii 
i;n*v«w"v 'l""«h»^i* * $«Bi*«hifi* f^wTi 
(■!>' I7,*<'. Fine udin 'Imielimc! Wnie 
M>: CailciUK Wlualcuil Lid , Wl &> 
'DtattiMi' St., .tdiiC' (ItlS. OiKacit. IL 

mt NtHlc a«d Calndif ' flnMUf nMk 
Ml-cul» fttmm. at Umm alkift lantk 
rnnknir M«il S».tS to Cotd CihnaliK'. 
I>0 fka 4J4H. EhKi*, U Wl H 

-»! MnmilOloiMk: NfwMt anl 
■lid*, nvaii eliilek, .AM-FM i»" 
tSKIMif a <al«i» Oil Radt • 1^^ »' >' 

l.,l*'t InlrTtUlc 

WOKDPROCtSSSN'C Term pi|«n, 
iheuu |«tf*rn. diiicn«li«:HiK, tuliitirnl 
rypmg Mn4 ivKU*ne« Kupertty pnwiW€4 il 
«€r> «i;iimricuii«% pvicai. Fan lunittnMmd 
umr*. l'KkU|» ind itlntlTf ivilUWc 
SaVICE'iil 101-41137 

A 1 LASTl A wcTOl»n»l tctvitx ttm. wiU 
tflie r<i«t term i«ii(kci md diori! l-ip 
wilti t»»cun» tBUilt. grinmii imd 

cditn»$. Nt> kMllh Uinili .. l«t-:Jwii£il. 
ntdical. Ictil «•»>»• t'«''*y •cccr>"«'l '" 
hindwnlicfi m lypcwmlcn rwtt|h dull* 
IXWrr ASK YOLK ij.rHnrni. wife, or 
«a*l»i;( K> dii ihit, iry Hit jmilrMniniU 


fiwflJied iJitics h«vc eimiMl As «n<J A* i. 
C»ll 4 J»-l'! 1 1 (« UK"* nrfiiraaiwn 

StiMol p«|nr>. SI 21 !»« put' 

Corr»i|»(»fldnnc«, rK'iuinei. tnd 
telMcniincf. ■■«> Cill DiMn* Wl 

■nd IcBnn. cw. Reai«m4lil« fmt^. call 
Otn # IISJ'lXMCMMa •!» 5 |>n< 


mAVu. niiuj opiioBiiiuj G.<m 

««lii»N» iiiHlteInt' e«|i«m4«« «l»lt' 
tjwmi, mm^ C^mfU* wpr»mijiiivr 


'M'lO'H I.AV A*A¥ ijn hoMi 

.p;jl ..'• I ''^1. ■ :"'»'."■ ■'■ "•*!« **■' 

(.(■gal **fOM'i*» 

j,L. A*f«om€ ,|«3t» « 
dlc|Wi»t*illfc! H«..«vc 


Service. PenaiMl' -m tmnfuKcr All 
•fci Rrhiraun Cdl LailS 9(>5«71«. 

« wnit KdMn-SaM." B<» TJl. Momn 
Glove, a UOSl 

PLPnC OIVKA W AY Mined hreed. llK"! 
harfwd. mrdium lo «mil] dofci. blkck. 
.tint irrd iin Cill Vitlu (ji! B70 Kllft 

A AM I l> 40 PIvOPI J: In «fl|^l 
I'hrv mcr ihni foati. M Ihi in «H 
rninili. 47 llM u< 21/2 minilKi. 27« Vm. 
in I! nunihi. Meet ynui |i»l< Kid. m 
iht niMil efleciive and |»»pul»' 
lititi«l/\liimi"»i«l|mi(iriiti Ncwliiwio 
•vtiUMc. CallS..r.(* ;2» l''"! 

SnjMiNT LOANS M.<*lntUiC|™<ki» 
vMi j* ltal|Mn( yuu |My ilnt Wlli i« 
i>uti Smdeni lj>*nt (mm The hffl 
■taiiiHul Rnnk at Chicn|<i Eur m—t 
mf(imi4Uon. c4ll lUUr Alciindcr M I 

1 1 M POR A R Y C HI L»C* R E of 

ne«'lMHn' ptnl'cr livc^n. room mi bniid 
included. 112J • wo*. CIl )5«.J»44 

IVO ROOMS ror iM n HamngtiB vcj 

itripaiuMt 'ienult* only. SXK) > i<:r<ini/|«.'i 
miniUl, iiU May w/|w«iblir cllemiiti 
Eot more iiilo . call Tim # J»2-704*w 

SKAMaiING l<>i D « D or culler mlt- 
playmg playcra. I.eaw wntten moi«me « 
I iMNnf er oflWc. 

\ N> m M trliaw pfHiirnai. 
..ii:^ I'nnd. I>tl«. 

■.H criin l»r> tnti 1 simile CM -w 

\ Hir l»i,.7 I n*w €«inln*wice m V!|mi-'«» 
niwto •W U-Di 

\' ■.' ■ ■ ■, .J*«.H. r;'«.i llic (Hafvf ..MU..: 
. .:> (tl*.l- 'IHIltlC hk-W'lthi 

^incr li,i;i wcekctiJ"' l*'.l ^ 
;h«i mu^h n«iicd aiwcp? 
.. M.MI 4>)ni kmiw wtiaT dM 
«.iru iiK-M. n.taw cilhr* IVrti«tii ••('U 
il!*m -tCiilcr 

.,t.u;, Ite'*.-,, - 
1.i«a iln4Ca*r»> i 

J*T(invffld l,..R (llic i*«n»**al 

Page 8. The Harbinger. November 13, m 




f^n Kdllxr 

The Hawks uniti the 
■, >i.-impton.sJi,tp (.-ihmj o( ihe N4C 
,) I. IS ion Willi a 7-1 ciwfcfencc 
i\\ iT J. Tlieir oppmri*, Coltegc 
.'I Dul'jgc, vomc w »«h «. 
iJcmiL.jr«ci.>rJ Thw fame 
|iro»i<les ihc pcrtm «tin): Thcsf 
iMi Mains na^ vch nvals and in 
itieiT pfC'V'iCMit mectmu. C O D 

* m umcomirsieil 5 1 - .1 1 

Tta nwtcb-up »h«w(il pnne lu 
he ttighlj rwith f« both ttiMftv 
'('"he liiM lime thfv nwi. the 
!la»k% Mi'rc wmJw'iuI ihc \cr\iic\ 
of Vta.->r Ff'tiN-'dik,.,; uriiuri-di. 

Mafi ■ -md Earl 

• lU m:it tx.' ■.>■' .■-.■ - 

KkkaiTO'p il vtf>' cifectivt *hcn 
flit rwfi»«R are availaH:, which 
!«. ihc case lliis wcek^ He can 
al«» saamhie and h« K««» very 
iiMiMIe ilK piM *wti.t^ BeiilMl'i 
is m oiiMjiiMlMK c(iJiiilr:rt)iKll MHi 
flin Iwisak llic game with mc 
piwt, 'EkiiliM l>M tin put II tot 
o( ■ptnms an Om tawil. Iltu ytM. 

Tt»c iiirvanttge i» very fijrd to call. 
Iwcauw Klckampcan have n |«)d 
iif jhasl (fume. It Kkkamp te a 
SMiJ day and stay* away fuMi' ihe 
mieie«|ilK», ih*- (Uwk-. v»ill wm, 
lwl'teail« IIk; IfJiwk* hjvc ■siifh 
• Winced atiiick, tlic running 
gaiw; can make up fot him ef he 

Vl)\ \N 1 M.F t \ t N 

E;:btilx'dik.c Md Dan ^!3rlln 
;n;.uftst R«» Wcsmorclmd- V'tnw 
jnd Dan have proven i» tn- 
effective the whole tcaMm, 
*"hi!n ih« Hawki have: ctet'Kd m 
JO wiih ihc ninning game, ihey 
have [ModuceJ heyimd 
rccognilion. 'ITie H4«i» »Im» 
tave the dcplh iluii if one o( them 
,,i,m:ic out, (lie will be ttwfreJ 
Rixi ram. for 120 yards la» 
meeting. (Mil ttoaU. have la have 
iiiKilher exiratjrdinary day » 
fqKat this. 
ntFENSE-Tlie Hawk 
(fefMie 'Went on • itMnnslkli; alter 
the Imi DwPage game, hut ihe 
rmc anK'hini til' Ron Ijinham has 
bnyufhl Uieit iMCfc. ii|> M Uicir 

uhility uncc then. DuPage's 

ikl'cnse has Iwcn consistently 
itixii ail ytjir. hut Klekampdidnt. 
1'i.ive miK'h iniiitilj- in ih<- lir-st 
tail bsl ri 

ABVAM \t.t HA\»kS 

The Ha»'ks also have many 
other advantage", the Hiiwk 
, ... eiven have hecn inetedihk- thi^ and tuiw gfcai depth. They 
may pn:ive u> he the JilTcrcnte in 
»ho gtiei lo ihf K(,'-Ci>la Bo»-l 
•ifid who fic-t U) Iriion. 

nie kiting game goev lo the 
tl.ii»k< fvijme Bill Curric ha^ 
h:. iMtm ill year ml 

fi;>.; .t 10 the pressure 


The Hi»wk« have one of the 
. . i\ in ihe 

!vcn ahte lo 
i;fi I'lw.i.! ncKi jMisnnm alt yea*. 

Tlic two learns aJe very mtich 
jlike iitd llw coas'hv- ■"•■ ''«o 
iilike. 'This game ui 
jiid wit) te decided m i : .. 
inmutes of ihe gantc. 

I predKl lite tlawks will win., 
hui tin game will be n ofrcnsivc 
t'ight «d m.ay go into high 
Kocmg figwet. 


('•■IIIIH4 ftwn nr»l |uit« 

Cfiicial cxira poini, and iho TTic Hawks held on to win and 

Hawks were up 21-20, ,,>, .ii (^c DuPagc ihi-s Saturday at 

"There was no <we ihcrc and I DuPagc. Unless you plan to go 

f I had a chance so I wanted lo 

lo a howl ptmc. this will be the 

g«|t as many yards as I could. Il t^ chmx 10 the l')R6 Hawks. 
Idt greai getting into ihe end 






Om M«rtm<2.2). 0.1 llw Hawk* *•«*» 'way (mm the DaPagc 4« reii.»e . 

hy liill; Boll 
SWff Writer 

I^M weekend, flic Itopcr 
Swim Team opened its scMon 
wiiti a dual meet against 
(Vihage College. 

Tlie wemien's lejM iroted 
tlieif first vKiory 65-N, white 
the mens team relieved their 
lirsi win thanks lo {orfeil by 
the injury plaqued on the 
Canhagc leom. 

Before the meet. Coach 
Niich gave Pan of the learn a 
lecture on team unity This 
seemed lo work and get the 
team mouvaied. 

The mcH outsuinding 
aehievmeni was by Mina 
I iiHinwMMs wberc she set a 
new sciiool record in Ihe KXK) 
Ifccstyle Willi an 1 1 :4(>.17 

Aim, for the womcns 
team. Kristin Sudingcr 


ai:liievcd national times in die 
100 and M) Ircesiyk: races. 

"Most of the returning 
sophomores seemed to pick up 
where they left off last year." 
staled Coach Niicli. 

Although ihc mens team 
had no competition, they 
swam several great oces. Tom 
Kuczck in the 100 free and 
Brian (^tsen and Bill Wood in 
the 20(1 Irocstyle 

The big event for Ihe guys 
team was the 4(X) free relay, 
where Tom Kuc/ek. Brian 
Olscn. Bill Wood, and Tom 
Schrocder qualitied for 
nationals with a time o 
.1:26:4^. NalionaJs cijt-i wer..' 

"Making the national cws 
lakes a lot of pressure oft the 
summers, because now ihey 
know they can do it." sutcd 
Coach Niich 

%«ris K^Mur 


H..A'il:KS' floor hockey entry 

(k-adlme IS Mdv. i.4. Games are 

wt Tursibys and Thundxys in (hc: 

•■ rt: Single entries are not 

.' lo sign up teams 

.li. :..ccdeiL AnyMy mnesiiol .in 

ptiiimg toftthet a ton wd: are 

uruMi" lo eci emiufh 'pCiOiJle lai 

.!•" van tome into 

... -o...- your name I 

>....■ . ...I mutch people up for 

I ,,.. .sTtrSTlON HUM 

' ' '-'he i< n.y 

1.. ■. :i.) Sien 

.iroe niitn wimkm 

'ramural i,tMe u 

.' }.' cwries will It 

jtecpted,. m sigi* ■*!* 


PLAYERS!- Entry deadline lisi 
tlrn event is No*. M and will be 
held at lh<: lacifueihall courts in 
Building . VI . Tournament dales 
will hc announced. Sign up now 
1)1 Ihc iniramiiral table in 
Building- M For more info 
ci.iniiiit I).in Koss al e:il. 
IX'C On the Inlramural 

l"ooih»Il '■ ■ >: '■ ■.- !'■-- 

■spill a !■' 


'•*;■' 1 







MOPS f® mi Yr®i MUSH 


VOL.rt NO. 11 


W«U«nltoln«yHwperColl«g« Pal«tln«, IIHnott 



— ' Ti <d "n* MiH rtmrmMm C««mI*.* 

h> P»lty Frtj 
News Edttnr 

Tht MS»» Firt«™ell«r 
Co* It ft premiered lasl 
Friday. Novonbcf Hih. wtih a 
special dJnner-Oieatrc package 
an SMirday. Novemticr 1 5lh. 

Diiecied by John Muchmorc. 
a proleMOf in Harper s Speech 
Depanmenu ihe ptey opened 
with a mixed respond from 
Ihe audience, ""nie aeung wai 
incredible." said Kevin Miller, 
"bui the pJM could have been 

Oihen riwred a different 
point of view. As Dawn 
Hanxii pot it. "I thoujlM " 
waawiiTic'itaaM. "'BtaO 
II a lot.* 

The pliy. written by 
Pulitzer-Prize winning authot 

B«k Hcaley. !«•«»■«***'**• 
Yoik hy iw Itotanen ThMBe 

CMm Mw 1. I9M. 

Each niembet of the play 
gave then all to ptn on a great 
performance. The cait, which 
it combined with fresh 
newcotneri and enienaining 
veieraitf, perfamed splendidly. 
Tony Konai (Mac Sam). Beih 
Quigly (Jessy Mahonsy), and 
Michelle Hopkins Weyrauch 
(Popeyc Jackson) have all been 
involved in Haipa ProdiKtiom 
in the past two years. 

First year students Sherry 
Grobe (Camellc Scott). Tari 
Vaughn (Elame RuUedge). and 
Scott Cooper Maclntiie 
(Ddmoum Williams) were an 
Mlded treah attraction. 

Willi approxineally 7S 

tickeu aokl oa Friday night 

and 260 hM on Salunlay. the 

play went off* ithoui j hiich 

Tkt IMm FIrtcrackcr 

C n t e 1 1 IS set in 

Brookhaven. Mississippi. The 
siocy centers around Camelle 
ScoO. a smalltown girl with a 
big-time reputation, who 
wants one last chance at glo»y. 
ProblciPS occur, though, when 
ha cousins decide to show up 
on the same day as Ihe conieat. 

The play opens in the living 
room of Ronelle Williams' 
home in Brookhaven where 
Camelle is practicing her song 
and dance routine for the Miss 
Firecracker Contest, a ulcni 
and beauty show lo be held on 
theFounbof July. 

Her friend. Popeye «ien lo 
meaanre Camelle lor her 
cotincie. Her cousin Elaine 
diowt up after leaving her 
husbMid and Elaine's taroiber. 
C«MlH*«w Beat pat* 




V Richard JohnsW* 
l-ashion Editor" 

\ H;trpcr College student, 

' \m\e Kuhlman-Ttimbtc 
,on first place m ihc 
\nnual Fashion Group at 

i liicagO' Contest 

Kuhlman Trimble *t>n 
usi place and $3.(XX) in the 
cllaWc catagory; which 
iieans the gannct has to be 

I marketable and he appealing 

1 ,o the public. 

The garnKnt coasistcd of 

i.i Spanish leather skirt, a 
>ilk chiffon blouse, and a 
wool cape isee photo). 

DuPage and ihe Ray Vogue 
School of Design were 
among some of the sch<x>ls 
represenicd in the contest 
uhich was held November 
.^ .11 the Art Institute in 

Patricia Sicwan and Elsie 
Crow, both Harper College 
Mudcnis. made ii to the 
finals of the event. 

All thiec of the women are 
students of Maria 
Baumartner. Chicko 
Nambu, and Merike Quin's 
pattern making and dying 
class. • 

When asked about their 
plans for the future, 

Kuhlman-Trimble said. My 
plans are to work with a 
designer and eventually go 
onto work for myself." 

Pjtncia Stewtn said iha! 
she "would eventually like 
to own my own business 
stressing se-imstressing and 

Elsie Gaiw said, I would 
like to work in the fashion 
field with an established 
designer and then go on lo 
work on my own." 

All of the women gamed 
invaluable experience from 
(he contest. One said. "It 
was a great' big pat on the 
back for all of us." 


Harper siudcni, Elaine Kuhlman-TnmWc w.>n rvn;i placc w Ae 
Anma) Fashion Group of Chicago Conicsi with ih.s skm, blouse. 
and cape combiation. (cape not shown). Modchal by Megan 

fif« 1. Tlw Harbiiii«r. November I*. Ifti 



« iMMrf itutUuMK iB on the ^-^ ■* ' *■ 

day of il>e Mis* 

I ati npeat in 

... — I..I.II—II ■ ^I' lOBtt M Ae 

ncm-racfcingiy readict tmOl 
fflf ilie cooMii. AittieeoBieil 
mommm. rte i« lau«I>od iii 
mitmeitVi*rmiak\ She 
urn to *M*. liie had 10 be 
(MwincM 10 comiaiie o" to 
IlK iiiMCh |iaR<rf die cnnicsi. 
She •>»• hit- 
Hie e«id of ihe play ilnald 
nM be spoiled fat Uwte who 
have yet lo see It Tbe play 
coBiiaaet on Friday. 
Noveniiicf 21 and Saturday. 
tiamribetn. TielMiifeOii 
'lili. ailhe Bot Offioe in Bldf. 
J. 11a co« iDf iiiidBii» ii 
tUPfdiaJOte the public 

(NSNS) -If you 

wiib ilie rack-iiar ^amour of 
the Live Aid Conccn and the 
Mt iingle "We ire the World". 
look again. 

TMeffon b» USA for Africa 
IS aUw aiwl veil « hundndi of 
colleges and high ichoalt 
acitnt tbe couniry this fall 
according to the Naiicmjl 
Stndcni Campaign Againtt 
Hunger (NSCAH). 

Having nixed hundreds of 
UMMHWds of doUars fa hiuiger 
relief, along with the 
awareness of hundreds of 
ihousands of studcnii! about ibe 
isxue but year, student hunger 

activists liiclied oil a new 
season of aeUvilics on Oct 16 
by commemorating World 
Food Day at 400 campuses 
across d»e counliy. 

Since the musical events 
increased puWc awareness of 
the world hunger crisis, 
siudenli have done far more 
than simply buy records for rhc 
cause. "Studcms are showing 
a high level of continued 
involvement in anti-hunger 
acuvlsm. because they tend to 
be more focused on and 
coDcerncd with the problem," 
says Marty Rogol. Eiecuuvc 
Director of USA for AlHoa. 
'lis a very positive 

I 'Bob Gamer amaied the audience at Miiiicif wi* bu tifwcal illui**. 
Htate eipUit UiM he will atiemp » oi • ««) *« ^ «* • P"*" "*■ 

fMiMWuetwivamn T 

ivoierscuTtsnLE | 

;• ■•f*W| •"* WW™ B 

»«#« trim GtnupoT' QMu § 

>«*wirw« " mm i 

. HMM Pf upcmwem* I 



P^rqil Y'jxma CMhkM 

Mm ''WW Omm^ ON* 

I I 

S niTiiOBUCTonv orri* ! 


I mCLUOC* xmvtm 

I » ciii m iii m i i* t07S 

I :i — " 

FREE tlO.OO CondHMnlng 

Contptat* $4^ CA .iV& Traatnwmt 

Pifm V^BWW ^ to add bounoa. «Mna • tiira 

lUt to youf perm. 


Kiuhmm 1 1 'iiMl 

'hair performers 

1756 W. Algonqtiiii M. • Hoffman EttatM 

(3-;> Mis WaM of Hoartia Rd.) 359-8561 

develafiinent. because when 
they graduate into the 
eslablishmcnf theyll carry 
these values with them." 

The unprecedented surge in 
siudeni hunger activism 
aiipean lo be cutting across 
political and ideological 
barriers. Northwestern 
University sophomore Doug 
Schacke of PRIDE in 
Evansion (Poverty Relief Is 
Developing Ewryonc). relates 
that "we have conservatives 
working side by side with 
communisu. All the student 
groups half come together on 
this iisue* 

World Food Day saw events 
taking place simultaneously 
across tbe country. Among 

• I canned food drive and ■ 
panel discussion at Johnson 
Community College in 
Kansas, featuring two speeches 
by Francis Moore l.appe, one 
of die world's kading experts 
cm hunger. 

• • similar drive by students 
at Rosendi High School in 
California, who last year 
collected 1000 pound.* of food 
and wrrc honored at the Fourth 
Annual World Hunger Media 
Awards (or the ir cf (on.v 

• a "global dinner" at Lewis 
and Clark College in Oregon, 
where fo«>d was disirihuied 
according to a»iua; world 
distribution, i.e. mmc students 
were i>erved steals and sijmc 
lincdlip for rice and water 

• Dollar Day* at Syraiusc 
Universtly in New York, 
when: sUidenK received buttons 
for dollar contribuuons, while 
local bars donated theii cover 
charges for ihc night \a hcncfit 
die hungry 

The auction will continue 
past World Food Day A 
reprise of lasi springs 
lucccisful Hunger Cleanup is 
scheduled for ncM year. 

according to NSCAH's 
National Coordinator Leslie 
Samuelrich. In return for 
pledges, student volunteers in 
19 cities around die country 
last April painted community 
buildmgs. picked up uash, and 
performed odKr chores in what 
Samuelrich describes as 'a 
great combination of 

fundraising and community 
service." The cleanups last 
year cleaned up financially as 
well, raising over $.10,000 for 
USA for Africa and local 
hunger giDup;^. 

This November. NSCAH 
will be conducting an expanded 
version of tbe Food Stamp 
Survey conduted last year, 
which innsviewed over 1500 
emergBiKy food lecipieBtt and 
provided infonnation about die 
effectiveness of hunger 
programs in America. This 
year. 5000 recipients wUI be 

"Last year, we focused on 
education and fundraising. 
This year die focus is more 
toward institutionalizing 
events like World Food Day 
and the Hunger Cleanujis." 
Samuelrich says. "Aid it's 
working. A k* of peopte "vho 
were involved last year are 
back this year, and arc turning 
these events into traditions on 
ihcir campuses' 

Samuelrich sees this 
permanent aspect of .■itudcnt 
anti -hunger activism as a real 
hope in ending the world 
hunger crisis. "Experts on 
hoUi sides of the poliucal fence 
agree that wc have the 
leaouices to end world hunger 
by die year 2(X)0." sh; says. 
"If students kcet a sustained 
effort going, it could by 
example ca ise other peopte and 
world governments to 
undertake similar efforts - 
widi all the resources at then 

ATAR1 1040 ST 

f"^^ iDUCAtlONAl FflCE 

-■ ,?■."»". lenE^iai eauiki 


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. H..B«s BftW li«onitcn • Mouse • Pimlef « Modam Ports 

Pt US Buy NOW and get BASIC language. VT-52 

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Buy Itom uigitai^oria, Chtcagolarxi's fimi 
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(312) 543-9000 

71 1 Aimy Trail Road 

MOORS Mon -Ffl ItH. Sal 10-5 SuiMtayi (Call F>f»t| 

TIM Harbinger. NovtBbtr 10. I»M. Page 3 



Have yow tvcr wondered if il was 

rtMt to cancel your vote afler you caitt 
irwr«a a caiwiilale. 

I, flkt many other people, volcd tor 
Go*. Jamct Thontfiaoii in tlic pasft election. 
I regret il. 

In light of a recent incident. I'm not »o 
mre (;««. Thompiion ii opertiting at his 
full mental capabilities. 

In short, he is a few cards short of a full 

Our wonderful tiovt-rnor. who ham 
alwavs been, a hig supporter of higher 
•duc'atJon, rectmUi vetoed Senate Bill 
IS 16. 

The Bill wMtId re'C|ii:lre colleges and 
universities to ensure that classroom 
instructors are able to speak English 

In his veto mcssap, the Governor called 
the bill "a travesty to free speech," 
warning that its provisions would hamper 
"both education and interaclion with thow 
of other cultures...." asserting thai 
"leading men and women in many fields" 
would be last to Illinois students "out of 
concern for punctuation and grammar." 
Thompson urged the General Assembly to 
•upfort his auctioa during its upcoming 
veto maaion. 

Illinois Student Associatkin Pmidenl 
David Sterrctt said, "It's clear thai the 
Governor is groKsly out of touch with Iht 
actual problems of students." 
That is an understatement. 

Is it loo much to ask that our teachers 
speak the American language clearly? 

The Governor has to gel on the ball 
here. He natdte In |tt back In touch with 
bis constilHtnls. 

Cither that, or check into an all-while 
room at Elgin State Menial llotpilal. 

No more "fact-finding uitssiont" to 
Acapulco. Okay Jim? 

The General Assembly will consider the 
matter during its veto session November 
20 and December 2, 3, and 4 in 


k) Mite llMi'iMrs 

My dietcem itiw htll 
CMHtiMWl imiiig 'the ««ieni) 
at Ml MnMaji tkmkt, in pan 
m 'you. die leadm. 

SaiuKlay. November « rarw 
aroutMl nd I ml I hadnl 
received «i»y Mcamy love 
leuets wiih faay bear* on 

I mm became dopeme. A. 
otir p««i 1 considered wriwig 
.mji «i*w .love kucri and 
miffing llwn into my m»dki» 
M ihe ll.arltto||«r. 

HkI I remniid ta ihis dnstic 
meawK. I could have kilicd 
IW0 birds with (Joe mntc: one 
bitd bemf the women it the 
llarhiaier the «hcr beiiif 
tlMS Edilot-im-Chicf of oiir 
beloved paper. 

Let's (»:« It, my re|iuiatKm 
a* ■ lave god was in seiiotw 
jcopiudy after my untimely 
farettkup with my girlfriend 
However, if the women of the 
Harbinitr law a lot of mail 
in my box, they night ilili be 

Fuflbcrmon;. I had to get the 
Editor off my bocli. Everyday 
dial I uw the bastard, he'd 
comnKni cm my hck of Iciien 
and my waning popularity. 

One day. the crew cm headed 
IMtce of s«ndpiiper<llK Eilttcir) 
pallkad "K hy my lapels and 
Ihiaiaiied to have me cover 

tioriet sboal Harper 
iwiinicnancc activities ifihinis 
thdn.l start happening. 

After sending my lapels 

(along » ilh my jackei) out lo 
be pressed. I docidod again.* ibc 
old stuffing the mailboi uicl 
After all. I line* my readers 
wuutd ame through! 

Well. Saturday night arrived 
.ind mil no letters. I wai 
dc:|>re.<(.<>od. -to I wandered off to 
see "Blue Velvet", a ncwlj 
released miwie. 

I thought i was going to six. 
an Cfocic inovjc (don't try and 
analyze my mtemions). but 
instead. I sa»' a movie about a 
tteliiim-snoftinK psychctpith. 

Needless to say I did not 
need lo see a movie about a 
hcluim -sniffing psychopcth. 
especially since I was alone. 
all alonel 

Do you know what I Ht 
like when the guy in the tickci 
btxNh xepi asking how many 
tickets 1 wanted? 

'Thai's right, one ticket 
please No. no one else Yci, 
I promise nm to bother die rest 
of dK audience.: 

Man. 1 .should have known 
by the smirfc on die usher's 
(jce that I wai in fiv a weird 

The movie ccmered around 
ihis car found by sooie kid wet 

Letters to the editor are welcomed. All 
letters must have name, address, 
social securitv number and title, such 
as students, faculty or staff member. 
Publication rights are reserved. 


behind the ears. "Ears!" I 
screamed lo myielf. Ears, In 
my opinion, are only erotic 
when aliachod. 

I jusi couldn't believe what 
was happening I caine for a 
cheap ihnll and instead I was 
teing nauseated. 

I was sick to my stomach 
from die excess of butter on 
my popcorn and the movie 
tniid { reached into my (n-tkct. 
1 had forgotten that 1 «■• 
carrying a spare ear left over 
from Halloween Now I could 
have some fun. 

As soon as I had figured out 
I had an ear. 1 started laughing 
unconirollably, which was 
entirety inappn^alc given die 
nature of the movie. 

The guy in frtMit of mt 
waned me lo shut up because 
iic said he was trying lo enjoy 
(lie ntovie. 

1 thought I was sick! Which 
pan was he trying lo enjoy'.' 

At any rale, diis Neandcnhal 
only made me laugh even 
louder. I knew I was in 
■rouble so I had to act fast. 

"You'd be laughing loo if 
you found an ear in your 
popcufn," I yelled as I produced 
die ear. 

Luckily, he began to laagli. 
which gave me enough lime lo 
escape an unwanted body 

lis all your faults dial I had 
to spend the night before my 
birthday in hell. but. you left 
me no choice. 

I'd tell you about my 
binhday itself, but my lime is 
jusi about up. Besides. I've 
got to cover die mainumancc 


Bdkor's mite: 

In Hew of Mtie's tost column, 
I feel iKal he will now appear 
on an annual baas, so he can 
devote more lime towards 
looking a mare meaningful, 
yet someiimei. shallow 
relationship with the opposite 


If you warn to smoke - do 
lo. Buy your supplies outside 
of school. No one has closed 
down supermarkets-drug and 
discouM suits. And machines 
in rcsurants arc still available 
as well as the abunilancc of 
tigartlK's IB conviencc sto«;». 

SchcKiIs cim 10 fcfil ihc 
mind, anil to sumuljic 
imellcciUid growth. N«H to 
Like Ihc responsibiliij- foi 
making ■turc you arc able lo 
pollute your insides and the tiir 
non-smokers breadie. If iliat* 
what you want lo do - go 
.ihcad. do il. Bui take Ihe 
rc."ip«:»iMhility l« it younself. 

Hnberla Cohen - Sludcnl 




I read, with great iniciesi a 
WCk ago. an ediuirmi opinion 
of the decline of cigarette 

dSpensingmachmes at Flarper. 

What got my inicrcst was 
live inference diat the smirking 
poputation of the sch(x>) was 
being put upon. 

From my vantage point of a 
student this scmcMcr. I have 
seen the institution of a 
siiiakiiag arc4i in ihe lunchroom 
and. designalrd suHAing areas. 
Whew these areas are not 
charly markeil-meuii a»htrii>'\ 
ahiHind signifying the obvious 
U stems lo me that the 
smokers are being 


Willian; Hdim'> H.Jrpi-t I nll.'tir' 

PilaiiiH'. ILGi»m7 


\ \Uu^f m Chief RichMd Jiitimum 

Ujnaftng Fditar. . Bill Kup UKrg 

Hustne,** V.,:-.'!""- f\H^.,,: Gemrjf 

H'ii:*o T'lii'-i '■ !■ ■ f*fo«.,lJu« 

s;rw«i I'lli'"" ^'.^in l-wi' 

(■niltr(iiiiim.;ni ( iliu>» t .«r'\ INulliit 

Adv AtKL 1 yim I :h»«in 

l.i'||Hiirniwg. StfpBemt 

Ailviwcir. , .... ..Ji.JnCKjTim 

Connfiwier l (mm I urn A I [>iinilt«*ki 

CmnHyiH. kmy ('•aaa 

IV llARfilN<>(K n iht ttudcfii 
fiiiiiNliciiKH) finr the lUiper Cutk^e ciin|»)i 
«ri]iin.niuiiity. [HibliiWd wvckly except 
^ufimil tMvlidityi Nfhi finftl etainii. Ati 
«ipi#ktaiH cipreiMwI art ihtwe of the wnier 
mihI ihMI iM-ttKivrily tho«r cl ih« cot]«ii|c, 
ui jhiniiniiEiJnilHm. faculty tw nudcnt body. 
AilvcTiinuig Mild cofi>> diCJidlinc IS wimm 
rhundiy and c»py ii gtuhjra to e«tiimg 
\l\ kntn u» itic edilor muH he sikhcxI, 
TDurriei noiihlidxl on rcKftietl h>r funhrr 
iTifimnMiwt call 3*»7 30(Xt. e»i. 2460 w 

^■le 4, Tlic HtrMBicr. Novcaltcr 2t,19M 





t9 Kctla 

Will) hit new mm SM A 

N««ci. direew Aloi Cm (Rfpo 
Mm) lAca iw Onto *uxy ol l»o 
MKadni (ml jMdues (fomcr Sm 
PijioV fctsilxl Sid Vkicms and 
hit gulfriend Nancy Spiuigcnl 
niung « a hoiel room sunng W 
Ihe T.V.. shMting up twcni) 
(oiir houn a day. and turns m mm 
■ tmlliiiM iiiiir-di!4i]|icc «m1 one ol 
ihc most iucnat film* o( ihc 

Ctti dMant dsBwe nil of die 
credll though, with bnlliaM 
Dcrfoi'niancM b> a tasi of 
unkmJwns (c»i»eci»Uy Oiiry 
Oldmn and Clthie WeM) a« Sid 

"TIM' nmim mas by akm| d«e 
tkwcf 10 tlie poweity itricltcn 
tmtm «(' London whew tlxr Stt 
euiittii It bam »nd ihc iccii* 
live (tr life of iehelti(M afaiwi 

As iDe Stt tMois mm to 
lain atofniiion. an Amcncan 

^__^ Nmcy SpimRen 

trie* 10 taich on M) die group* 
»i%Tr Jotraity Kcmen. who wUs 
hene. "you iwm'i find any rf that 
tuppm kiwe iilili liere." She ihem 
iMiacbe* lo Sid. and siam him twi 
hiji road 10 addiction tiy 
supplying him with hi* first 
inicciHMi of h«rom. 

Though all of his friend* warn 
him dial Nancy is only in it for 
llic money, Sid claims that it i» 
kivc and dtrcatens 10 i)uil the 
bund If Nancy cant accompany 
him on the groups' upcoming 
U.S. KMir. 

WidHHit Nancy. Sid goes ckm 
while on lour. but after the loui 
Sill i« reunited with Nancy in 
Pari» wd New York where iheir 
eiHue life revovles around 
ohtflinmg heroin from dealen « 
methodonc at clinics. During 
ime of their many fighu. Nancy 
yells at Sid to kill bet, he doe«. 
Mid goes into shwk m. th: poke 
arrest him. 

Sid gMS into withdrawl in 
prtmn. awl after being let out oa 

bail. Si4 dies of an overdoic 
(tnicideT) of heroin • few days 

In the begining. the film 
€«ntains light biu of humor, a-i 
Uie Brtlidi ptink culture miKks 
real life. but. a» the film gcw* on. 
its inicnsity turns it into one of 
the moM powerful anti-drug 
measiges ever seen. 

The film is alio accompanied 
by a peat soundtrack featuring 
Irish pub band The Poguei, 
Former Sex Pistol Steve Jones. 
and former Clmh member kw 

"Sid * Nancy" is raied ' R" 
by llie MPAA because tt coniains 
graphic depictions of both sex 
and drug use (die shooting-up of 
hcrom tti particular), and may he 
a bit much for some people 
But, if the basic story apeah lo 
you. Sid & Nancy is a film 
not to he missed. 

By Larry PaiiWa 
EntcrtnliiiiicM BdHnr 

I have a confession; Tom 
( riiisc really gets on my nerves. 
Now before you get die rape, let 
mc ctmfess somcdimg else: 1 «liH 
haven 1 seen die movie that most 
|K-ople consider die cfuiniessenlial 
(ruisc nick, "Top Gun" 

Alright. I plead insanity It's 
|UM that the last two movies I 
Ifiivc seen him in. Tom Cruise been hc>pelcssly out of his 
clcmeni; "The Colot of Money". 
.mil this week's new releo-sc on 
\nkf). Legend 

lis Mmige enough to look at 
< ruise as a quirky pool shark At 
lc^<^l he's quirky. In Legend, he 
Iit.iy.v a sraighl fantasy hero with 
lung hau-. Now. Im sorry, maybe 
It's )ux( me. but tJic idea of Tom 
Cruise as a "sword and mwery" 
iKTo befuddles me. 

I Uiink it ccMfused Cruise loo. 
He wanders about dm film not at 
.ill sure how to piay his chaiicter. 

Iherc IS. however, a silver 
I 111 I tig 10 this cloudy film: Tim 
t \tny ( 'iTankenluricr" in llu: cull 

film "The Rocky Honor lecture 
Show") IS magnificent as the 
personification of evil: and the 
photography is excellent, witli 
gtrcuy good special effects. 

There's nodiing remarkable, 
though, about die suiryline. Jusi 
about every conceivable fanta.s\ 
L-lictie manages to find it's way 
onto die screen. From unicorns 
u) elves lo dwarves to damsels in 

The fabled unicorn horn is 
taken, die world begins going ic 
hcll-in-a-handbaskei. our her> 
rounds up a band of unlikcK 
ne'er-do-wells lo help him rescm 
the born and his lady (psycho 
sexual pun?), and - well, you re 
JU.S1 going to have lo wait to sec 
the movie. If you can stand the 

On second thought, my con- 
science won I allow me to suhiccl { 
even one unsuspecting reader lo 
I hat. If you insist on seeing dir 
movie, stop here. 

The good guys win Surprised ' 


Bl Colhca Klnt 

Shy. iaiiulitve. UMgh... easy- 
going, competitive, and 
JcpcndaMe. dtais how CTiicago 
Mm% quBiertiack Jim McMahon 
describes himself in his 

In. dM hw*.. co-iKtitien with 
Cliicaso Tribune Spnns cohinin- 
1*1 Bob Verdi . McMahon 
discusses his football career, 
family, headliand 
and co«:h Mice Dillia 

MtMalw. wlwi W tiii 

maier. BrigJiam Young Univer- 
sity li "Diaicyland" because "Us 
an unreal world. Most of the 
people aren't nonnal* 

Regarding the headbands. 
MvMahtm explains dw mystery 
siUTOunding the "Pluto" headband 
he wore dining die Superbowl. 

Pluio, it seem*, is the 
nickname McMahon has fix hb 
best friend. Dm Plater, a former 
teammate at Brigham Young. 
McMahon 'felt Uke saying helto 
U) PiaKf 00 national tcleviiKM,* 













so he wore the hcadtaid. 

Oa his relationship widi Milw 
Oitka. McMahon says diey 'do 
get along... on occasion." 

McMahon' s future plant 
include keeiKiig die Bears NR. 

'Tbere could only be one tiling 
sweeter dian winning die Super 
Bowl once. That's winning it 
twice, then diree times, dien (our 
tiroes*, he says. 

I heartily racaminend you pidc 
up ftlcMaiimi! and learn the 
Iruih aboni Chicago! most 
I Bear. 





On Momduf. Dtttmter IM. 
(»f flm ptnaM ami i»# 
tel ftnem lu tht maim 
mrary (1m4 floor, P 
MMlnt) *"" r*e*lft iwt 
pt* Hektu w l»« Jtmmf 
Wolktr tkow ami moM 

•y Larry Paallln 
SnlcrtatnmeBt Editor 

Yep, it's thai lime again. Time 
10 wami up dial cnodit card, brave 
the chill, and stand in line at 
W(x>dfield and buy all of diose 
Christmas presenu. 

Rciailcrs, especially those in 
the audio and movie industries, 
are gearing up to begin dieir 
biggest push of die year. 

A few of my petsmal picks for 
this holiday season, in no 
panicular order 


Star Trtk IV 

From what I've read on this 
soon-io-be-ietoaied Paramount 
picture, die Conner crew of die 
Enterprise has to rclurn to 



"^ll VIDEO 




$1.00 EACH 


„l:J;„J„i, .: ZMi 




NT rvvo 


Twcniicth-Ccntury Earth lo. ol 
ail things, save the whales. 
Despite diis odd-sounding plot, 
people whose opinion I mist | 
have read die script and diey say 
it is wordi seeing. 

The Mluioa. 

The newest release from 
Wvncr Bros, has Robert DiNir- 
and Jeremy Irons as a rcforme.: 
mercenary and a Jesuit mission 
jiy lepcctivcly. who unite agains; 
two empires to save a jungle I 
tribe from genocide in 18th ' 
Century South America. Ii' 
addition to the all-star cast, di - 
screenplay was written by Robon 
Bolt, wtx) ha.s also done "Doctor | 
Zhivago", "Lawrence of Arabia' 
and "A Man for All Seaaans'. 

Tmt Storict. 

Another, earlier leleaie from 1 
Warner Bros, is a David Byrne 
(frontman for the hand "Talking | 
Heads') masterpiece based o 
'uibloid" newspapers. Rcvicwt' 
by Dave Hoffman in die Oct. 3U | 
issue of die Harbinger 

Children of a Lcaaer Cod 

A Paramount release diat hu.- 
received critical acclaim, stamng I 
William Hurt and former Viarper | 
student Mariee MaUin in her first 
fcatuiBd nile as deaf student under 
Hurl's tutelage. Look for Dave 
fioffman's review in die ncm 
issue of dK //orftMger. 

The Harbinger, Novenbcr 20. 198«, Pace S 


Billy idol - -Whirlwii 

Two yean in ihc malung. thiii 
•ttHini coniaint ilie hii iingie 'To 


Htu issue well cover the 
newisi in aucbo tuvdwnrc tnd the 

ncwfil iKMiks Slav liincJ. 


Bract Sprblg«t««a it the 
: Street taad • "Live 

Billbotird hijigwinc taa ttiit 
I hum ikbalint at No. 1 ih<s 

I'k, No olher (ive-ilhu'jw an 
as ever Nsoi htglwr lltan 25 

HaS JtMt. 

t» - "E«trj Breath 
lake • The Sinilct" 
No this foriiKi supcihaml ino 
kn't jteuing back loiciher. but 

L>r ihiM mmslcr mMivator, uslt. 

picy'*c put logcihct a gre»ie»i 
bum With a newly mtxcd 
! at tkm'i Sund So CIom 



h)- Riri Kucelbrrg 
Magician Bob Garnet 

cnierwincd a packed xlutlenl 
torum Monday and was well 
worth ihe liuvc and el fori pui 
liinh by Mike Nicman and Mary 
Kay Locltncr lo get Gamer to 

Gamer performed a variety of 
aclt. including putting rings 
together all the way up (o sawing 
a girl in half. Gamer al.m ased 
the awtience lo enhance the 
pertnmace as well as giving the 
audience a chance lo perfonn in 
hi<i show. 

When I law the ad for (iamer. 1 
thought I would go i( I had Ihe 
time. But I would rcccomend 
Mcing Guner again if he ever 
coma back lo Harptx 

Gamer, a very clever young 
mail, gave the imprcssitm of a 
inie professional pctformcr and I 
could spot no Raws in te acii. I 
hud Uie privilege of tieing asked 
to ctMne 00 .'itage and could spot 
no tnck doom or anything clx lo 
give hu tricks away. 

IntUMd of just corning out lo 
di> magic and leave. Garner 
weaved stones vnin magic and 
insisted audience participation 
ihrcNjghoul his show. 

Ihe show was a well sipent 
liiiur and I would dcfiniicly see 
him again if I had the chance. 




Oill«al>i»tC0M«>OT« •M*-Mt«i*««lM*i'«lt><> !«• iwwa^ 
MAMrtuH mm mm nwl»-«aluM* MM* ol HoM imtmch books 
dtncm ^ taait ■n4 KxcwnlMg nmliiniaml*. flnni mm it >mm 
^Sm loS. "v f OR StUOeXrs Of HOMEMwIrS wt^mm»K> 
ilorSdi&lKwrKiwiliy «• l«w ••«**> ■c'xxM-ns •»• »<w 
n*«M tfaS mm 'Dt •WMXMV 

• t*M IPM 

• 2I>M-7P.M 

Ml tm mm M«-qualiMtl MoiduaM nalti gcaxJ pnon*. ciwmjMa- 
Inn milK »«»»«« <»w«lo t^m *** W» »« jMy yox "xHw 

. ■ Makly Iww nM ■*!• caaaninian an um on 

• • IM raw pw hour 

m m liKJiflfOuna •«* » mm^ «*'• lo itmn wnitii you turn, cm 

2Se-7000 Ext 408 



J»l 0«G»n««f»ll 

ra|t i. The HarMngcr, Na«cnl>«r 2t, ttM 

*. ^ 

numCtwm: AarmSnmUm 
Kmtf Reicsh and Jolm Dtvi«cif ilte ImcmjiiKwai Club wiiJi ctol) hesntkm Devi Knuihu (I 

The laleriialloiial Club l» m mrttnitiition in whirk <ilii<tcnis meifl !>■ 
mmm olber cmmlrics ami t1>«ir «:ii»tnm<t and gmtrnmrnl).. 

Tkc club i« ap«a to all sludenis. wberv member Kim (Kiruwski 
ilalM tkc pmtpm* m bftnf "lo infarm people and makr itttm aware 
llMit tkere are other ways nf ru*lams and nineramrnli." 

The cteb. whkh meets e»erj Iwo •teks, ts spiWMiriBB a« Open 
Home !• ht hrtti •• Tlmwlai. Ntt*em*er 10. friim J-IPM in HMg. A.. 

S^ w;V: Iv!i'>__.^._ 

with Harper College! 

Zell am See, Austria 


• Jwiuaiy210. 1967 

* 6aMayMlttdw(sir>lheAlpt 

> Bday».7nigMtatltw^slacaandHole< 

* Round-ti^ air via UiWtanH AMnes 

• 7 Ml breoMaMi 

* Sightweina aaciaiiont 
Uw. hwpfkxofSBes 
(SB96 triple. $926 doubk) 
SIW Dapoait Due Now 

^ ^ IL ^ ^ 

■ January 4 11,1967 

■ SaMtayiltldaliinlheRocWes 

* 8 day*. 7 nigMi at Ouileaux Oumont 
kwury condo rfghi at the baaa 

* Roundtiip air 

* SM race. mounMn picnic. aMw 


rev man wwoimtlKsn conMct ihv Sludiini AcmMmi 
CMo. mom MH. 397^3000 mmntan 22«. 

WMIain nwwy Harpw CoHaga 


The Harper Speech Tewn 
cofnpeied in the Paihc State 
Forensic Tournament 
Noveinba 7 and 8, and placed 
8th out or 16 teams. The 
College of DuPage was Tirst. 
with North Central College 
second and Rock Valley 
College coining in third. 

John Canoll. a sophomore 
from Arlington Heights, won 
ihc 4tb place trophy lor his 
inlurmative speech on the old 
and new Dick and Jane reader 
"The speech is simply 
delightful.' say the speech 

Tom McGnlh satd. "I've 
listened to it at least ihiriy 
limes and am convinced John 
and his speech will capture a 
Tirst place awanJ nmcwhcie on 
our circuit." 

Tari Vaughn, a freshman 
(rom Bk Grove received sming 

scoRS in her protie and poetry 
interpetation events. Just 
missing the final rounds in 
both catagorics. "Tari is a 
bundle of ulcni. Slie'll shortly 
he receiving the awards due 
her." notes McGrath. 

Ann Balmer scored two 
locoods and a tiiitd in her ihrDe 
preliminary rounds of 
informative speaking. 

Tony Konas placed first, 
third and fourth in poetry 
inicrpctation and second, third 
and fourth in piosc 

Laura Stone placed Uiird in 
her three rounds uf prose 

Shelly Riley was fifth, first 
and fifth in extemporaneous 

The next loumamem will be 
on December Sdi and 6lh at 
Elgin Community CoUcgc. 


Clikaiso-wea caMegt wdents 
jrc encouraged to takc 
iulvantagc of a lo-* t^l^l 
R'scarch service available ai die 
Chicago Public Library The 
Computer-Assisted Rcfctcncc 
Center augments the reference 
services of die Central Library 
by accessing nearly JOO 
itebascs lix-aied throughout 
Ihc lountrv', 

Students spend countless 
hours on research, writing, and 
rewriting term papers, reports. 
and com[)osuions each year. 
With the Computer- Assisted 
Refcrtmcc Center, students can 
obtain immediate online 
displays and printouts of 
reference to maieriaK. which 
include ncv^spaper and journal 
arllcles. technical reports, 
patents, conference 
proceedings, dissertations, 
government documents, and 
hooks published on speciTK 
topics. Students with 

deadlines artuind the corner 
may find that the research 
tonier will save dKm houn oC 
leseaich time. 

Users aie charged S3 for the 
first rive minutes online, and 
S2 for each minute ihercafter. 
Some of die database producers 
also charge for each reference 
which IS printed out. All fees 
will be discussed with a 
libraruui before die search i.s 
started. There is no charge for 
diis consultation. 

The Computer- Assisted 
Reference Center is Ux jicd on 
the 11 ih floor of the 
Temporary Ccnuul Liabrary at 
425 NorUi Michigan. It is 
necessary to book an 
appointment to run a search. 
For more information or to 
book an appointment, call 





Sell your unwanted 
pomeBsions quickly and easily. 

Use Harbinger Classifieds 
for fast results 

student ads are FREE 
Non-Student rate is 50« per line 

CoU 397-3000, ext. 2400 


The Harbinccr, November 20. 1986, Page 7 

Slightly Of^ Campus 

mma to -stimuaie discussion- ot m- 

■QWM. u. wtsconwivi.(iCioiM donn PMiiJanit 

■Ioo*d o "mock told." hmkl ttotf rrmrrbm* hoitao« 
tmmo and o hall houri. "exiwted" S50 from m«m 
toataw totflng tfiem ti««. ana in a flnal geitura. 
doralKl itw $60 to tha local tod Crow. 

lyt 'lotl ymik Wm tod' Crosi crioplw loid N nnov 
wluin fhe monay becouM. tod Cron Ovurmarv 
Tom Zuiwooan aiipiafnaa it's ~ o dliMfvic*' lo now* 
(Our) name' Inlwd' to twioiltm. trngardtrnt of icala or 


Mof^ond tfw tludeni goveinmant funded the 
aOO-membar SAINT (Students Aootnst intaNgent 

SAINT orlolnallv aiked (or $4 biion m funding. 
moitlv lo develop o portcle-beam w«Qpon to fighf 
atan, plu« $4900 for a Oartseque. out got ordy $1 
to Ciuv motctw* 

PieiJdeot Eric Ceianer wont gtve up "Wen rut 
irmm ovw ttw twod with bear bottles i( that s wixit 


if iSKXNIS S6 eompenKmon tor each placa ol i oom 
hrrature deloyad of ttw baaKtmna of ttw lemet tat. 

In ol. ttia (jl^iabocii - piomplaa 'by kite dalMMlai 
by t1^e Thonet induttriet - could cof t NCSU S9.SOO. 

But NCSU. m tura promnai to withoid that much 
Horn Itt poymenti to Ttwnet 


ITAIHEO o U-coHege notional ctwmploniMp 
loumey, culminotino <n o final ifiowdown on Dec. 3 
kt im Angeles 

Mambais of the wmmng team get ftaa lilpi to 
MIVi New voor'i Eve party m New Yor* 

OfHCIAUY OfAiKD THf WAY for compui radio ilo- 
tloci KGOU to raise money by seUng ttee lecoids it 

(jot as pronvaflons to ttie pubic 

Wt*e most tecofd componies prohibit fhe resell- 
Ing of promo records Ockaishausef issued on opi- 
nion thot "records glvan to OU ore Hole property " 


"MttlOHV OF HEll." a look at hel's mieilectuai orid 
p Ntoi o pWcol ortglns m ontiqultv. slortlno orcxjno 7 
iC" next semettar 


Threc MtcrpnaiiK University 
ol Teijs SiiKleaii Uvc suneil ■ 
«<Mlaai>Mivcr]r lervicc in und 
■KililHf iMr Awtin camtMii. 

DcipiiB the pnbkini aiMNlMr 
siudeni coMtoin sen ice 
l.«H«wwiJ. TTicUT 
■ IMM: m francNie Uieir - 
Ciller *T*e Ptoicciion 
Cc>iinc«:ii(M''"li> Mhcr cumpiaot 
iinwnd Ihe country 

It IS. s«y» frartner ClirtiiDplier 
Bray, "the pcrleci studtni 

l yf^ 

Bray nys ttte idea 
noiMh when mk of (lie 
hapiieiied to cmniion the . 
uidiiiiin of Kiting conincepiivct 
door lo door. Gmef goi 
cMltiitiasiic enotigli about llic 
i<ka 10 print Hytn and piBt item 

"Efcfyone draam* altowi 
uattii^ ilietr own Iwsiwctt.' adiii 
Sid Gracr. who along wiife 
classiiiaic Christian Taylor, 
composcf the test of the 

'Ewcryone wami tin foelni 


Iley'ke coiimiing on 
iimleiHi iMving Mher' Unds of 
llrcMit, too. 

"EvcrytNMly'f goii^: w be 
'^xiaatly u mmw poini. m they 
laay as Kfcltie imHcctai*' OracT 

So during moM. efamiii and 
early morning hours. Protection 
Cotmection delivers dttrci to 
Iover>' raoiM' ita lo il codoms 


11m campus Health Ccniei 
worn taUMwd legitmiacy im the 
linn. "Wc pass out their 
iitformaiioii on veneral diseases 
and tbcy dicinbuic our nyors,* 
Taylor lajri, "Lei the 
(iai.infonKd}iMlKji*a. Weaiv 
a slirious bmifieas. 

A bt oT sclioctlt art nervous 
atout dispensing c4in'U-aix-p4.ivc$ 
Indiana Univcrfiiy dorms, (or 
eiianiplc, ate selling corujoms for 
ibe fksi tune ever this fall, t>ut 
only under ilic iii,iulaiu-in the 
dorms don't prjaioie or advertise 
their avai^labiliiy. 

Pmtpte Who Want To 

B« Introdurad To Qod 

... AH Ovw Againt 

Hsrper G>Hege 


10 a. m 

Phi Mf^oratt. Pastor 


The Woodfield 
GninselUig Centei 


a. torn 







Conttnuas to oftar low coat. conNdantial 

care in all areas of woman'a fieaNh: 

• Family Planning 

• Pap Smears 

• VD testing & treatment 

• Pregnancy testing & referrals 

• Pre-marital blood tests 


For Intommtion and or appointment call: 
1M*7S7S SS3 N. CoHrt, Suit* 100, Palatin* 









mnn»H iiiNoii uMwtKSiit 


Notional dislinction. proiasstonol occraditolion ' 
HigMy rartkMJ by KATE. excell«f>t ptocemenil 
ilanksd among top 8 in th* notion ! 
lorgost in Illinois, in lop 10% in Am*rical 
Ovor SO undcrgroduot*. 30 gradual* moiort! 
Under I3M0 yoor lotol tuition, leas, room, boordi 

•■3»I" program* ond "compoct" agreements with 
publk community colleges artd privote schools! 

Diacower iKe Western Advantages lor Yoursell 

10 «.». - 2 p.g>. 

student Q»it«- 

Virile:: Watlem Minot* Urt^ivenslty 
Macainb. a 6I4SS 

Cat: aM-3$8-lt«1 

B(W^a3<3«03 («o« tree in Ulinois) 

rai» t. Tilt Hirbiiiitr. N«»t*»»er 20. IW* 




UlcrDiiliMiftl Clob: Any 

%tu(ki»i, fe>«i|li *)» not, whti n 
iniercslad in joining the 
tnicrotttMW! Sludenu Club. 
pkme nop hy F33I for morc 
'fttormalioii. Club tctiviiies 
tiKludc; mpi. iMsh p)nics,iii«> 
the sJicHioge of ciillufc »iil» isew 

AH memltera. ptos'pctuvt 
tiwmhcrit. f«:«lty Mid fm-nds im 
rn¥itcd » «n Open House on 
ItoiioAiy. NowmtXTf 20 fwm S 
iire)>liice. Rerrashnteatt will be 
.i-rveij All [nicrniuonal intl 
\iiBcncan swidenis a*e ncfcamc. 

Sp««cii Traai: Sund up unil 
tspmk mi. join the Speech 
Titiii. See Tom McGnih . 
F'.^5) . Tucsky aid Thuniliy' 

■1AM It) 12 fM . 

Catkolic Cimpiiit 

Miaitirr gponMri a Cutholic 
Man ««ch MtmAiy m 12 PM 
A-141 Allwewclcoine. 

Thm will be » Com Dnvc (or 
lite bonwkss of Chicago on 
Movtmber 17-21 T»bks will he 
let up ail week in ihc loMvy of 
Bldg A (rom <» AM - 2 PM 
Pkme Omme my coats ilw you 
migM oxuiilct dm«dini. 

Thwiday. Niwcmbar 20, it 
•0»faill Tm fof A Woftd 
Harv«li* Vtrnt will be an 
infoMiiiiin aMt in Bldg. A on 
hunger iuuet wlierc anyone 
iMciated will be aaked to eiiher 
«klp ■ meal tlwi day or eat a 
simple meal, and donate tfce 
mtiney tlwy lave lo help the 
world'* Imngfy. Otifani is an 
imenwiiOiMil afsncy serving ilie 
IWH of Attica. Asia and Latin 
Anertca. M^oocy goes Tor 
vliuwi relief tml tcK help 

BiHly Batki: A Hfalthy 
Approach to fitne»». 
Nulrilioa. and Weight 
^lunagcincnt is a health 

promonon iclcviiioo sene« 
mrough PniCare in collaboration 
with Chicigo Lung Asiociatioii. 

WGN-TV. m* • !■«*» of «pe»B. 
Thi* Kfiet tegan Nowmbet 3 
Mi will mo Ihniiigli November 
21 1)11 Ihe noon and nine octek 

act* on Oiannel «■ 

t)n NovembCT 20. colleges 
Mro»» the nation will be 
celebraling the fJ r • a t 
Amcriean Smoheout The 
American Cancer Society 15 
asking iludcnw and lacully 10 
either parlicipaie if they are 
smokers or support lho»c 
liiiioken who plan 10 quii for the 
day Adoption papers and 
intormalioo are available in (he 
Health Service. A362. 

ir you want 10 lake inoic Hum 
a day off from tmolttng. a (ii« 
stop smoking clinic m schwhital 
2-4 PM on Mondays and 
Wednesdays. November 2-« to 
December 10. Call Harper 
iiieniKm 22M us nsf islci. 

Each moni*. Harper 
Ciilltgc will offer inlormation 
tettiont for pioupecuve students. 
ai well as tPNs mietesiol in 
completing the one-yeai 
completion program to prcpait 
lor ticensuie. 

The icssn»» will be held on 
the third Wednesday of every 
mooih al 1:J0 pm. m El lift 
For addition in(«innaiion on ihfsc 
momhl) seisions ot Ihe Nittsing 
Pitwritn call .W-MOO Em 25 J3. 

"ncket* are now on sale for ihc 
Harper College Thcaites 

producltitn of "Thii Miss 
rirerracker Contest." 
Prndurticm dates arc Friday and 

Saiiunlay. Novembcj 21 and 22 
Cosl IS S3 for ihrpublic ami %^ 

fot Umpet mnienis/siaf I. 

The Harper CoOege liicrao an 

iiiagajfinc P,:hm of View ii now 
accepting maltTial' tor the KW6- 
K7 edition of tlic publication 

Friday, IJecembci 1.' i» tin- 
deadline for submitting first 
seniesicrs entries. For further 
infannalioii !■>' *o '^' " '^ ' - 

SccKlary of Stale Jim Edgai 
citcourages college studcnu fnxii 
all at adrmic disciplines to apply 
(or an educational ami rewarding 
in(cn>*p with hii ofTitC- 

Qualified siudenis will have 
the opportunity 10 Ictm aboui 
stale gtweinment. 

To be eligible. audenB must 
t>c in g«xl academic standing and 
have compkicd ai least 60 

iiaeitdii«l. edOm <x anivm')'' 
Tbosc siiMlentf selected tn 

WK7 »ill receive a monthly 

salary of W?0. 
Applications and further 

.nlnrmanon can he obwined in 

the Ofltce of Financial Aid. 

kooni AJM Deadline date is 

Januaij IS, I9I». 

wilh Saying tioiHJbye." will 

he led by Audrey lobody. 
counselor al Harper ColJcgc. on 
Thurjday. November '20 ftcwi '' 
\M U>M in A-24I. 

1 he *s»fkshop will *Mil wil* 
way i n» iwiwe and cope wi* the 
stress caused by insunce* of 
Icavetakings such as children 
p>in(j to school, marriage, niove 
and die empty nest. 
Free STOP 
Sniokin Oinic 
Onc stop smokinp clinic have 
been scheduled during ih« Fa" 
semester in iho Board room of 
building A. 
Monday and Wcdnesiby 
Nov. 24 and N<jv. 26 
Ifcc. I and Dec. J 
Dec. Sand Dec. 10 
Bo»h tlmics will be provided 
by Uie college at no cost 10 
cmitloyces and students and will 
be presented by the Norlhwcsi 
Community Hospilal Ocjiartmeni 
if Conunuing Education. Please 
, all the Healih Service as lOon as 
puttiblc at cut. 226« if you wish 
to attend 

Harper Ski Trips 


For cosl and rcgiitraiion 
information, call W7-W)l), Ext 


"The Secrelarj »* 
Mtnafer"* seminar will be 

offeicd *jn Thursday, Navemtacr 
:0 from 8:» AM 4 PM m C 

The scminat is designed for 
secreuncs who wish to develop 
practical techniques in 


rwaebM 10 youn**^ •Kf"*. "O 
poduniiwi m IK* io<io««*ifl a«ai 




oMc« mamtl you and •am o 9000 woo«' 



561 1M0 








Harper has arranged iwo major 
tki trips for students and 
community members. The 
icadline for final payment is 
IXcemhci 2. 1%fi Rcsu-vaiionK 
may he made ihrtnigh the Student 
Activities Office. A ?36, phone 
W7-3a)0. C!Henuon2242. Low 
airfares, grimp diicounis. and 
KMid «Bly plannmg have rewind 
in letrific bargains! 

Ttic first trip is to Aspen, 
Coloradt). m the fabulous Rocky 
Moumiiins, January 4 11. 1987. 

The jccond trip is to Zell Am 
S..C. .Austria, in ihe famous 
(vu)ican Alps. January 2-10. 
1<>H7. Contact the Siudeni 

Adiviiics Office flit further 


The FiHtadatioB uf the 
National Smdetal Nurses* 
Association, Inc. Sludem^ 
curicnily enrolled in nureing ot 
pre nursing programs 111 stale 
approved schools of nursing arc 
clislile for these scholarships. 
The NSNA Foundation has 
individual scholarships ranging SI, 000 10 S2..MXV These 
scholarships are based on 
academic achicvrocnt. finaiKial 
need, and mvolvcmeni in niising 
siiiclcnl organi7.alions 

Applications must he received 
by the NSNA Foundation by 
February 1 There is a S2 
proceesing fee. 

Northers lllinoii 

I'niversity Alomni 

Association Scholarships 
In order to qu^ify for one of 
ihese scholarships, you must 
attend NIU on a full-time basis 
fni the fall and spring semesicrs 
of Ihc 1987-88 year and have a 
cumlative GPA of at least 3.0 
(4 scale) fnHn the school you 
most rccenlly attended. Entering 
freshmen arc rcqjircd to have an 
ACT sttwe of at least 25 or rank 
in the lop 5% of ihcir class. You 
must subil a one-page lyKd lct«=' 
which describes your oui-staoding 
qualities, characicrisici. and 
goals An NIU gradiatc or 
cuiTcni NIU falcuiy mcmba must 
also write a one-page lefcr of 

Please note! 

All annouJiccmcnls for 
UptiwTiing musi be submiltcd to 
ihc Harbinger by niion on the 
Thursday prior to the issue you 
wish 11 to appear in. 



Schaumburg Location 
Near Woodf ield Mall 

Are you tooktng for ways to 
make ends meef Vtou tan 
earn extra morwy for school, 
holidays ev*n everyday 
enpenses The Signature 
Group has the perfect part 
time position tor you 

We offer students part time 

positions in the Telemarketing 
Fieio These posittoos can be 

veiV beneficial for those who 

need 01 want to improve 
then communication skills 
while earning extra money 

We will provide paid training 
fight away From our modem 
oftites. you will learn to call 
our customeri across the 
country to enplain the various 
services and dub member- 
ships we offer 

The Signature Group tan 
oiHer you. 

GUARANTEED! $5 25 after 
lust 8 weelii 

f^/lakes your earnings worth 
even more' 

The Signature Group can 
help you make ends meet To 
arrange for an interview, 
please call weekdays 
between 9 00 AM and 
SOOPM rt all recruitment 
lines are busy, leave a mes- 
sage and we'll call you right 
back I 



£«ual Opportunity Employer 

Tlic HarMnger. Ntvcaibcr It, t9M. Page 9 





Classified Ad 

student non-commercial 


lirip %aiilt^i 

ll<*l|> Iftaiilnl 

l«>r Sale 

fc>r Sale 

to eiglit lines. 14.00. SO' ewtt 
«wli Mlditlofuil line 

Hrip %uilU'«i 



A«lii«m> MMUm hwl Call' Lmf • 

tiCIFTIONIST -GnMral OrKct: 

ViMMMftiBilf Cm — H i it Afpacy. 


al BtmngHB Sqnim thafv*! Cenier. 

». II. doni, i.«icii. 

rd' lllilu ■vatJtbte, 

i ttcali ind umfoim prnvMliKl 
Sl«^ M and fill «Mil in •ppl.tcaliran 
Owi SD MK if ottf sidwduk« fit ytiiniT 

SI4l>«K>SS»J)<yyT N<H>l>ii»i| CM 

1 (l0)«fT-«atn. bi R t(M3 

li* taunt. Mtny prnfilt Itxi* 'bccane 

ladiuraM IftmiMuUlikai 
■mtmmm<m cMI Ml 11M. An « fa 


bum fMa iHfiMl Sold alf-iddmanl, 
tuii>|>i>4 ta*«la|>a for 

)<nl«iffWMin«/iv|i<ic«i<o«. Smyn A 
AtMuaai. Boi *)-■. RokHc. NI 

HKLI" *AN"TED: «<»«:€ Viilco of 
HdAhiii Gmua. P>l«l.i<M n SduianlMii 
iHfcl jmn^tlmt iMlp- ConvemtiH iKant 

kiWt nmiw lai Tkundir K|l>u. BKl 

\ni RliNAUtr A11JANCI-: -CtrolIlK 
Year- 5].aua aula, no mil. AM FM 

oiiil'latfk 4kv» and ciwangi fbr iclc|itie«t 
callMlai mmIi. If jraa lu<t • pkaraw 
MhflaiM wiKc. are kII iitotivuml, and 
aiWoyaflMlaiige.. we wnuM like lo lall u 
jriai Liommil. m WoodfitM irta CiU 
Da»c V«nm» « IM4700 fo> mi 

raLEMARKETGitS Main S6«. will 

ifiai, hMmfm-tnm. Call Mi Price @ 
asT-HMtaMMBlandS M.>l Awn>a 
7113 Oichanl U . 

tS-l* koat oaak. flaalMt imm 

m^nuvnanii. Nmw awai and lai. CaU 
li^Kinmi «f Hoflaiaa Eiiaa # M4- 
«ZM. kannai l(hn «pi^. M-f 


IMI hi tMr DM yaat . W« pianiii 
aayattMMd Kaiiiiai. Iiccawag. 
■pa wi li in fcili and full iwpfMm «l oui 

drfaMtiaricm. H y«Mi fml iliii m ywwff 
opfoniMHiy. call uci fin4 oat mmt nIwin 
■Ml 'ItBniiiit aaal aaniatg pMnaUI. Call 


MMt for (2) I 

RUHM- isuinm S i< His UNmi iinpt"-' 
N«l utpa. 'Miiaai, h. 
k ■>aytai* il<»cl> CaU' Oil) 
nS-HW. 11w« oaaM t» « iMnilaM of 

STVMKn: MAU StW • <mIi jm . 

UHM^ ifefi^«fMi|;iiaii9pi|wm. Ikffy A.M 
kaaui. 9>M>lHiMilld|ll<ld.pi]r. W'.aii"l 

' .Call »)- 

•I. 514 S. 

■MiaiiiMi advciuitei- TtaoMnt tat 
Iwii—tl. t)041<ia pw iMMt (>aa l-S 

SMtai Cril I (ilS) 4SS-JS4S. tavwi I 



Rx^atiaiMi aacaiaafy. FtaaiMx Irnan. 
can )ll 7IM. aak Im Tin> 

STUDENTS HOW *niM yut Ukc la 
■Mka Sia»-IMO pn mcMllT Y<M em 

t* iMir am Imin ual inuii ba aMc •> 

IL Atti Hn... 

EARN E^ASY cam S> Utpimt »•■■> 
ll»<aal lilailylt nirviiyi Call Rclacca 

HaitMa(<iflilamX<H»''B-'"4' <*AA)M 
•■•5I>M.Wm C<wi Tiaaa) 

^IABUi■^A^O^ tadiwciii. «.«»«»• liJ 
W'Oft when iwiilablc. ncc^d m graup 

iMaaei ai WlMal«t aail Scltia>i.l».rg 14 
Mf haw. Calt S4MJM. &|»*< 

r«if men ilMy""in i 
30 iMMn iKi wacfc , alarnitMiRi. aval, and 
«ccaii«Mi«l wce^tndi. f-'imiUt htmn 
layawiH. CaaSf«»>i>« IM^iattM-' 
i>.IOi«i'l*m l|IXM«rv« 

li fanpl* <>< byadng 1 1 
CaH S41S3MMcr 4 pm u> w ■« an 


CaII4l»-ni IS41 

Bar* Farnituia («uh 4 ilwei m 

Olicafolwid ama) » btraig pnwpec'Uwe 

nandiililin for a mnnag^ trainee prog ram. 
Thoie hired will be fapo«e.(l lo ell 
■egmeiu* at lami a|Mra:Kin« Putauial m 
move u> eeiiitaiil manager ptHAuaa 
Many IMUi- and flill.un%e paatttani alio 

tlMWoilar. Call 1S}-4«IH. 

1411 CHRYSLER LaSaaiai 

AC. power avaiylllMg. 4 door, vinyl roof. 
I omiae. cralaa. AM-FM, 15.000 «., 
wife wheela, ie4 2-A lilor. kallwf iinenor. 
$4300. Call 3411717 dayt. batwcan 11 


t»7l CHEVY NOVA-J07 V-l. 

.tiaamaiic, new radiaMe and lifea Rane 
eicclleni Gaud winter car Aifcinf 
SMXrr Call Pad )<|.«76l*>ian>n<ga 

1*77 MUSTANG: Blue.4cyl.4n»al. 
New Bi^ea, Qinch. Bk. Rebuih onf aie 
noOffini —r-^M* olTci Mm aall-- 
FASri CaU liaa # N3-4«««, after « M 

l»7f SILVER FORD PINTO lUtdihact 
New bnkei. relatively low mileage A 
good link inaiper Call dayi 44)Ml9<ir 
^i^tOOi avoiiatl 30S-I4M w ]«T 

HONDA l«tZ 01. 1100 Imeraale 
Cioldwiag: AM'I'M Mereo. aew iiiei, 
eicelkiM amdiuon Na leaaanaMe offer 
■afiaud CaU ftSi-MlUaAar 5 PM. 

!»7I CHEVY MQNZA 4 eyl. •»» Mei 
and iMiaf]), ruaa well, urn* mat, 

tWOAMiaflw Can Mt-«l04ana6 

ycNir idMid idicdulc. Nijci-MmAcn unly 
.FluMie V9I .4900 or apply in perwni al 
Bare Fumilare. 7*« E Nonliweal 
lli«liwar. Palauna. II. iaW7 

WANTED SiLdam S|»nit Bteak 

re|Mt:Mi«Mive fm' C^ilVgiai? ftmt and 
TfBwnl. .Eani cumplttncntary tn|M and 
callK. For more ai.f»aMial.iun call (6121 
7II>..«1« or wnia MM Naplca N<:Mlieail. 
UlMN S5434.ATTN Dave. 

."SALES/MARKETING help «a«.ied 

Oafeciec Deiictivc Agency. Igyeanot 
■Uai. CaaRi«liSalt>«)Ut-4>.««S, MF. 
♦ J 

l«7l DELTA 11 p*r lae, pwt hi, nna 
giicid.9].l)aDnit..nMdaiina. SMIMiaee. 
Can Tom el )«4 5302 iic W!-3(»7 

•M CHRYSUER laecr luite: 
ttaemA, poawr, MC, rear defeoMer. 
AM-FM ■icno. 5 ipead EicxUanl 

candMiM aiu* and oM 26.000 mile* 

»ie« laliery and hralei. $(>.4]0 Call in 

evtiiiMidi AyT'ya'''' 

l«7l CHEVY IMPA1.A wne goad. « 

cylaider. 4 dom S»Z5Aaai offer Call 

T7 CAMARO Vi. AC, P/S, P/B. 

clean, nmli veil, one owner, M.OOO 
nnlei.SJ.aiIt Call Wl 7514 

11 DATSUN IWlnr aale: New hdu. and 
lina, raoaiM duldt, AM-FM can 
tiaoUkeitoaiK CnllRady«D»-»06 

for' info.. 

I«64 CORVETn. all mi^mtk Ujm 
■ilea. II I AO. CallAii»lfJ-nj«. 

Collecliun includet Welcome lo ike 
Pleaiure Dinne-.Fraofcie Goet to 
HoUywood; Fieeae Frame-Tlic J. Oeili 
Band; Litien Uke T'hievci-'INXS; 
Frottlicra-Xoafney; and many, many 
morel! Only S2 aadil Can 3-10 PM. 

19*7 Nude Coed Caloiilnf 
{■ll-eaiir ptnim of nimoH eoOcfa fannle 
lUHkrai. Mail S9.«5 w ComI Calendar. 
P O Boi 4J4H. DeKalb. DL 601 15 


e <| Bi |nmat ..J<ifcon FA camera w/MDtS 
moior drive. S225; N'dckor 3S-10SnHn f 
15 macro toom lcn«, SI2S; Nikkor 
500mm fl minor leiu w/Tilicn end caec. 
SI25: ALSO CaOman model 2502 trvod. 
$75. All in man condition and under 
wammyin CaU Anion Bronddoa # home, 
143 2007 or ai work. 3«7 3000, XldOL 

OlnueulFICNY Leevea Dec I7and 
maim Doc 13. SIS* CaU Lance « 


Univenily T-ihifU t Sweauhiiu from 
only 17 951 Free color hndiuKl Wiw 
to: CoUagiata Wholeaaie Ud.. 407 So 
Danbom Sc. Sniie 41613. Oiicago. IL 

it^ir). Delra^oem ui profony. 
RapoaaeaeioM CaU 1 (105) M7«)00. 


SUBLET (PaJanne). one large t 
(good for two people), weik u> urwii or 
train, i^iet. witfe laundry facilitica., 
itiunediate occupancy, low uuliliei- 
S4t<Vmomk. Call Mmdy « 3S4-9li5 in 

WANTED 49 PGOn.E to loac weiglil. 
Hiey met their goal* 20 Ibt hi one 
monlll. 47 Ba. m 21/2 month!. 270 ka 

in 12 monlhs Mcci your goals loo, on 
the moei ellcctivc end popular 

I'leillnl/NinfMional progTam. ,N£ew flavon 
Call Same 33i-lTR). 

Pat* ii. TUt Harbinger. Novcwiwr 10. '^»ft 

i llasififittl 






sn.;DENT LOANS M^aif *• ill* M 
yaat ph.. HttJfttni you piy ihc billi ii 
mm. Sn»l«M Umnt tnm Dw Fini 
KaiiiiMi Bnk of Cl>ica«<>^ l<iii 
MMiMiOB. can Kc»y AkxnMkr a I- 


SllS'imak. OinM'.'SM, 

'IVpinfE SfT*i<'i'» 

School pifMii. SI 15 IKI !>••* 
CotrcipoixltBGc, ittanci 

•IM CalM)lM«WI' 




TWO ROOMS fa nan • BimniiMB wW': 

■HMii. "la M»» •*»•••«« «»<••»••■•■ 

F« »m .1(0 . cJl Ti* • SI3.-TI34fc« 

P«riiill*l--tlo eoill|>«l«i. All •»» 
RafmM. «l Lo.1 « tta^tOlt,. m 
»MC 'tl»«»«i-l«it." Iii«« BJ, MoiKxi 
Om«i.ll. 4«1. 

SEARCT'ING (« D A D « i«li«i ~1«- 
pliyni liliycn.. L^avc wiiutfl metil«<. a 

KfCTOrVEAWAV Mtt«ll»iM*,ihMi 

nttnit. mubua lo imsll dogi. blKk, 

(■necaail Fna 


•Mi iMuit. tK. IbMaiM* ymtm. lall 

Oiaca # •>iB 'OMQInw illcr } pn. 

AT tJtSTl A !«i*uiiil tcrom *« wiB 

tyj«e yoBf Km pi|Wl in4 *««•! Eip- 
villi CMCtinf lewpl. iranmu Miil 
■iltuiif. Nu loipli liai" ■ tuclBical. 
mulkal. k««l wofk,i |l»«y aiwimii in 
hmdwriiien « ivpcwmm niufli «li*lu. 
DONT ASK VOliR firlfiwini. «ife. « 
ien»iji> to <Si> iliiK uy *« [WolMmiiiili 
•1 SlXUl SKCRETA'RIAll All out 
fianljtJ iheiei h<vc Mitioi At md A«"i 
Cill. •«» 15 1 1 for nwn in(.,>tTi>«li<«i 

l.rpal Senk 

Ikt.E CUNSllJ Alios (>-r »!l vM.r 
legnimnKl*; 'Indole Dl'l, pmuoJ uijury. 
■iimirai. nil •«■> •'•tm '"'> '''(^'^ <>' 
tO-ltOO. E»t« mi »«le<.il irptt. 
•¥»*il(lt. L»w oHmm oI Bccici * 
Ilnkct. Wt N. Mmclia-n, litl Axt, 


Ten* |M|Mn. Financul ataUMnin. tK 

Resfonlbk iwl itliililc. ClII Clirii # 



thciit fMperi. iliRicitjuumit, MAttitucal 
iyl»n( mii w»uiMi eipolly pro«»««i;J al 
•mrj eompetiiivt pntm. f •■! uin«iouii4 
iiiKM. Pkkup mi (kitveiy iviilahte 
SERVICES ■■ B7-tM7. 

Patntt.i who f»et<J hkxKl cnom (in ipr>t)nf( 

It il0t>ii|(h the AfDcrKsn Red Cn»s». 

Ifet ewrjr (kqr our hhwd wpplf 


SodonMc. plme Ybutcour liMAhiod. 


American Red Cross 


Vbu con cfioose ttom mwe 
man 150 fechneol specialties 
You 11 eorn good poy 30 days 
ot vocation vwtti pay eocn ^mt. 
compleie medico( and dentol 
COfe. ond 75% of your tuition 
cofi be poid for college credit 
courses Onlymotivaled 
indtviduols need apply 
Contoct your Aic Fo*ce fecruitet 
lodov Call 

Sot Brian FarMow 


SINGLE PARENT WiUj I kid« iiciid. 

eiJicje Budnit xlio w«»t lo t« to HoiiJi 
HI Uk spniii S 10 will uvc you > ical on 
■ Im Of • jiam m ■*■■> • mm) OUI 

MMi«'9 m%-m» 

ImM( jnur KM Ki DlVKna. H ljK»fcnl»lc 
OI So Padre I>l*o<l. IIURRYI Spccul 
»mmm •ffty. Cril Dn W JSt-Mnn. 

TRAVEL FIELD poiiiiwi ivtiUhk 

iiWBCiliMily Good toimniiiimii. 
■•luillk wint expinenoi. inwd wdoiKt 

hmcrui. C»imi»«(Nel«m#:31»3;J 
r<if dintilM* afonnaliuii mailer. 

TRAVEL ITEUD opponmny, (-.•in 
viluible <n>:rtietiiit eipctimce white 
eamitii moiwj Cwi|>» r»i»««sn«ii»t 
amled inmeiiiaclr fa %«>( f^"^ *"P 

m .Elorfcdtt.- Cill CAmpui Ma.rfceltnt 


LYXN: youit i**. IM 1 ncoJ my ifmt 

Kaneiimra. mil prefer lo he <li««i» -if 
only to ihink 1 d«ml cjpeci Mivthiiij 
from yoM. olJicr Ihwi ■ wnxk from ume iw 
lime . ihey woit wiMi^fr^i for me. Love 
in lite •lutti -DEBBIE 

OKGRK-No <|iMIiannl»d WeH 
ulk iMer Yoo iMve • nice TuAey Diy if 

you cm. n m€ you when I tee you 
l«luMaadiHBKZZiiii'i.u»l Taliiii« 
> iMi* Mai fa 1 whtlt-yoiliw* who. 

m.K: Gonibdimihllii 

TlKiM inwlieyil K 

DEAREST BW. Tluiiki fa U»d< I had 
a aufwr limel I Isuched when I iealti«i] 
tRdMlIhBdleft nyourcar* diweil-you 
ltflo« wlurt kmd of «toy 1 waa havtitf 

Thairiu fa heing ywl-yoy're very ifvcial' 


TSofPB: Kiai m^kimt.tiiM We 

inandDiiaiHiil A8 

USA AUST Thmiu C¥w to aiKii fa 
SlM>«n We nil loM kim Smp b) Ihc 
oTio* when you h«« ume. I'll lika lo ny 
"Hi." Lynn 

PAT. iluaki f<r Ike b-day card Ym'R 
mtvaal Kiiaiiii 

TOR SHE'S a joHy |a«l fellow I 
ContratuUiicmi Tracy, on ikat 

• I R.J 

BlSOlin HOW'S njooit'' Yon !■ Bet 
kick MJmc hull Ihu year m haclceai all. U 
yoi war* help, adi the Knt Yi j ax a 
gnai fmnd lo have, and atao a f cat 
girtfriend. I doat wan any X inaa 
pieacns and 1 danV waM yoa u t" mc 
TaddyRuapB. La» your heai-f find and 


Find out at an 



When: Emy Sumk^ nigta m P4tmmber, 7 pm. 

Where: 810 Willow Hills La. 

in Prospect Heights 

Far (^mtiom or more hOormatian call 

Craig Dyer at 259 3808 





















Great American 



The Hirblnger. November 10, 1986, Pige 11 





mancinet and hdped me fct my 
aiiiMl off die faiifiie Him ww 
beginning lo w* In. 
At mile 18. lulie aMt I gnl 

ntlHiiMiMpM. Whaiiintio 
Die U-mile naflt wteit lay 
fi'iB'ity WW KialchiiiK die face, 
diea ikeen gave me a needed lift. 
At lt« ttmc itmc. enollMr »• 
vofkcr, Rius Kingsley, joMcd 
me on llK ooime U> help get me 
in. Ruti ked run liis fim 
nmMtiMii in t. peviout yeir Md' 
he knew what wm f 
me. HiscoMi 
and aid la .pieliif taon* ay 


'Ttaie IM 6.2 mikt nmc die 
longest of my Ufe. I slipped lo a 
)0-minutc pace injtpiie erf Rusi's 
urging*. I was getting Itglil 
(leaded wtieii we hit die 26-mile 
marlc umI the clock was just 
IliUiiig 4 lioun. It look me 
anoihef 2 minuies ta complcie 
llic lasi iwo-icnttii of a mile and I 
hit Uic finish at exaclly m 4:03. 
I coitid tanly walk lo the gift 
who placed the molal miund my 
head and a blanket ovci my 
ShraddefS. I MADE IT!!!! 

I two out of my dwee 
I 'ptAapi would liswe 
ct]iii|iieied the cimik in less than 
four hours had I not been ToRad 
lo run behind a building during 
ihe I4ih mile lo "wii ", 

So if you're wondering when 
and how it will end. here ii it. 
I've proven lo myself and 
hopefully to you Ihil if 
something o> some gold is really 
impcKlaM io you, u is aitainatile 
if yaw aiC wdlinK lo nuke a uitai 
comaiilineni nwanl n-dching ilui 

PS My son recently 
cclebfjied his one-year 
anniversiiry of sohricty AND 
m.ade the dean's Ihi (Ic't 
constdcrinf running in ncxi ytM\ 
maratlMMi Md has atkcd me ta 
irtun widi him. Thanks, Lord. 

b)r Rtll Kngtlbcri 

Sports Editor 

The basketball Hawks 
cmeitaiMd dc Elgin Community 
College Spartans Tuesday night 
in from of a season opcnong 
crowd aiMi responded by downing 
the Spaitans in a close game itO- 

Tike SpaiUM l»ni||bi dieir 0-2 



mom. IN tHC toi» -nn Q!f 

Wi-it twtt 

itcord into Hafpcr irymg to pull a 
win fiom die bigger Hawk team. 

Their efforts proved 

The game went hack and forth 
and the liawks lead at the half. 

Joe Pappa was perfect for the 
first half hilling two field goals 
andonefiecilvow. Mak Uciak 

and Scott Bcmicky lead the Hawk 
shooters al the half wiUi seven 

The Hawki were down by one 
point v;hcn Adam Kuru hit a 
three poim fiekl goal and diey ted 
by two wiUl 30 seconds left in 
the game. The Spartans were 
unable to icoie and the Hawk.s 
won by two poaut. 


Haiper is proud to announce 
the adddiiion of two aisisiani 
maches. Mehssa Mason is the 
auitlant women's basketball 
toacb and Tom Ponsot serves as 
the assistant swimming and 
ilivint coach- The Harper athletic 
ilcpaitmeni added these paid 
rHisitions just dus year 

MeliMa Mason, originally 
irom Country Club Hills, 
iUlcndcd Hilkrcst High School 
wheie the was a standout in 
biuketball, golf, and track and 

lield. Mason was not only i 
>iate champion in ihc discus, but 
she also played on a fast-pitch 
Mfflhall leiun that earned a (hp lo 
itic nationals. She aiicndcd the 
University of Illinois at Urhana- 
Champaign and received a 
bachelor of science degree in 
physical education in January of 
l<<)M. While attending the U of 
I., Maaoa continued her alhleiic 
career. She was a member of the 
varsity track and field leam, in 
addition lo several intramural 

teams which competed at the 
national level. She now resides 
in Schaumbuig and ts a physical 
education teacher and coach at 
Elgin High School. 

Tom Ponsot was bom in 
Missouri and raised in Arlington 
Heights. He attended St. Viator's 
High School where he qualified 
tor the slae diving meet. He 
received a bachelor of science in 
civil engineering from ihc 
University of Illinois at Urbana- 
Champaign in 1978. He 

reda: Asrtm BrtmUut 

«;itk '/.tcgler (X5). Uiev in <>lip (wst the DuPag.- 




bull (>ritafr ««Mi< ha* J bmr. huWilin* ■>(>». r«ril».»iJ --luni. 
lull tvit(>nwii» Hllh .h«»tT. mArtip imrftw, h*>idrv<r. 
m,i.«J mum, nrlauikm mt. jiiiii>«|«hcrk liiihimv jnd » 
K*um- phone l*t' smi van ^all *v»r a n-trc»hmw ^fii Jtmk 

whilr Ha-.kmi: m lu|ui<l lii^or^ ' ^^ 



For En^ployees. CUerits Friends 
Relatives, the Mailman Yourself 

Come :n today Asit aboul out Daily Spscial' 

Mawi Cixlii Coida AccvpMd CALL < 

, ••'^'^ 



Scou Bcmicky led all scorers 
with 24 points and exploded for 
1 7 points in the second half. 

The Hawks hit the road for 
games against Mc Henry and 
Kialiwaukoe on Saturday and dien 
on Tueaday. The Hawks will be 
hosting a Thanksgiving 
ioiimament Mining on ih? Friday 
alkr Thanksgiving. 

continued his diving career in 
college. Ponsot has recently 
served as an age group coach at 
the YMCA. He brings his 
expertise lo Harper where his 
main responsibility will be 
working with die divers. Ponsot 
lives in Arlington Heights and is 
a civil engmoei for the village. 

The athletic department at 
Harper welcomes these two new 
young coaches, and is confident 
iluit they will cooinbute greatly 
to die program. 


Corporations mni Fmm 

Mn Okafo tan' H«»lf> ««tl» •»«« 
ke takes a kid M Kurt «khc IM 
MtiMi'i Mn*B one kHM 

ftttfc «| mrnm |oy can Iw tacli 
pokil Itnlii kkks durirrj the stum, lul 
ytKlwkiclm) l44polms. 

Tt kiiii in Ihc rigM igaiMt liwt dlsaaia 
mi itrota hj fle^H '" I*"*" ***» 
Fw Hean. tiMil Hk caupm w: 


Co- Sponsored D> Clik*BoS»iiiTSr»M 

Pa|« II. Tht Harblnter, November 20. !«M 



COD. Chip|>«fali fm Uie 
Wili« (hey faw 'Omi *• Imi 
nma Hiey |>N«4 HH' mfmm 
mam ti« denM w *e OMIM 
downed die H«wks «■ drfeMwe 
«« It-T. 

Hw fRvima coMeii saw Ron 
WcMMMliiiil mn for 220 ywl* 
Md' tiM Chept Korc six nnigllii 
limes in trout of) 1-21. 

TiK game on SwMdey «!• te 
ifotn the oftasM Mtk of Iw 
meeMig. Mil' also ttw ibe Hawki 
iiy mpmOm way tlvouak ita 
CiMf't '4«f*u«. Hawk 

llto HMtanraed iK Ml ow 

limw te Oapi WMd it o«ti. 

-n* Chip pi «t ita tMKi 
««ly s HI VoriMM hkaaOiMd' 

imp 1PIPW nwn jp™^B^^^^ ^"^ ■■•w ■"— — - - 

ilianv, Victot IMieMw ih op 

lacklei ror ■ Hewk TD. 

■tofeMiike wet ■ wcIgimm 

Vkm EImMHm (39). of <i« 
oficaer. «iMt many otker peat 
■iMctcs Bill Cumc (pin ilte 
ii|inslu» for llw ciua potnt. The 
Hawka lad ai *ia piM 7-3. 

Tim Hawks went iaio die half 

TiM Chap tcorad apin widi 
mother Fotkos MA pal. Ibis 
one (nHB 23-yanls oM, and die 
OMp «« habind by IMC piai. 

WMh 12 aacoMli left ia Ihe 

Hawks looki for an oficiunK m l-tarpcn game 

Ihc College 

diiaiter. Mike Wilt wai back lo 
punt (or the liawks, twi the punt 
wot bkicked and rolled out ofli<c 
end none (or safety and a DuPaae 

OtiPage tiriMfc aiain as 
((uanarback Oaae Beahait hit 
Sieve Kanacy for a 22-yard TO 
pas* and dw kick was food and 
die Chap kd 15-7. 

lolM Oayako was brtNifhi in 
10 i«|iiace Klekanv. bill after «iw 

coanpletioii. he was mjuitd and 
Klciamp returned. Klekampwas 
unable ic spark a comeback and 
the gaine was put out of reach 
when at S:30 left in the game. 
Fozkos hit a 40-yard field goal 
and put die Hawks on ice wil die 
final score being 18-7. 

The Hawk defense wai 
highli(h«ed by a fumWe recover 
by D« Evan and anodier one b> 
Sieve Klawiuer. Klawiiier had 

an ounianding defensive day. 
lecovcfins a fumble and making 
big tackles. 

Mark Zieglcr and D^ Ptasse, 
1*0 potent receivers, were pt 
into the Hawk defense during diis 
game and pcrftxnied well. 

After Dan Martin rusiied for 98 
yards last week, the Hawks were 
limited to -6 rushing yards, and 
basically went with the rasang 
game this week. The Hawks had 
172 total oircnsive yards againsl 

The game against DiiPage was 
a lough game and could have 
possibly taken a kit out of Ibe 

"We would like to win nest 
week and end the season on a 
winning no«e." said KIckamp. as 
next week will be his last game 
as a Hawk. He plans to transfer, 
but is undecided as in where. 

"We jusi have to go back to 
the (hawing board for next week.* 
said Juan Taytor, The Hawks 
will play at Tnlon next week and 
will also try U) end die diree year 
sneak of losmg in a bowl game. 
DuPap advanced lo the RC-Cola 
Bowl 10 be played Siavlay 

Many lecond year pteycra will 
play their lafl game as Hawks 
next week and AomU be expected 
to down Iheir opponents rather 

decisively. The game is r ^- 

ai Triton al 1:00. 


by Saai Gaail 

I leciiiflgr mad a ilkMt anick in 
the HABBIMSER rcgardiBg 
running in the Americas 
Marathon and fell another 
IMiapctive was warranieal. i 
tamd mmiiv m die Maradion to 
be die iMMt demanding physical 
chalknp of my 48 years. 1 had 
never done any ditlancc running 
befoie t befan mining Khousty 

The MMlwatlM Id to to 
actually mm aboM because of 
two tertous events in my life. 
While I was experiencing the 

tici Kitacia'led widi "nud- 

itit'. I was alio trymf lo 

.leal »iih the fact thai, one of my 

'16 year oi4 twin kms w.m jusi 
cnicnng ireaimeni (or marituani 
tk'pendency md alccitiol abuse. 
At first, raaaiai. wai' a oieaw ol 
wuiking ibmRlll' pnblem* in 
.wlii'udc. laibiai m mfweU and 
(iraying [tir die Mreniih lo deal 
»ith this iraunia iii my life. 
Widi dK enciwaf emcni of «n old 
diend who mm also iraintng fa 
hii first miwail>k>n. I niaik pubtK 
my ciminiimeni to irjiin. and 'iiia 
III the 1211 MimthM. Bui in 
Aitgusi of that year, after 5' 
I o( funnint 5 or' 6 days a 
1 10' eitpricncc pom 
em the sides of mv knee*. 
LiBt ai die year. I went m nee 
a podiair'isi who spocialtnt in 
veaUAg nmners. Atvcr hciuing 
my ranning huiory, he gave the 


the "result of aoi propriy 
strclchiag before and aliaf 


very bow-la|pd. He told mc 
dieie was no naon why I coukbit 
have nin in die 1985 Maradion. 
or in die I9li« Marathon if I 
chose lo. My hopes immediaKty 
nwed nd I rcHtedcaiod myself K> 
running a maiaihcn. 

My family knew atao of my 
uack record as a perron who 
quiiUy tires of acuviues and is 
ptone lo jumping from one hoi 
mterest to anoiher I Celt dial 
declaring my intention to 
everyone and anj<one who listened 
would help me to slick (o my 

I found dial maintaining my 
training schedule became an 
obsession. Each day. I had to 
plan my day around my running 
reiiuuemenis. How lar and where 
wouhl 1 run? Would it before 
work, during the noon hour, 
before dinner, or before bed? ll 
got aKientingly hankr dunng die 
heat of the summer, as this 
timitcd my optioni. When 
August and Scplcmher hit. I 
ticgan to increase the daily 
diitances and die kiigih of my 
»fe.kly long run of 10. 12. 14. 
Id. tti, aid rinally a 21 mile run 
in fciir Squcmher Runmng was 
mri lequtnng m much as 1(VI2 
kmn per week of my umc. I 
established my goal* at that 
point: tl - 10 finish. a2 - to 
rimsh wjdHMit watbng. and «3 
to complete die 26.3 miles in 
Icis than 4 hours, which 
computes lo aprosimenily a 9- 
minuie per-mUe pace. 

Finally, Ocujher arrived and 
ny iMcicu m training iaaeaairicd 

the wall' during die last hour on 
Maisathon Day. The morning o( 
Ike big day finally came and 1 
at4AMwiih a headache. I 
to doae off (or two more 
hows and die headache was gone. 
The nervousness that remained 
produced an upsel stomach and 1 
fought with myself about the 
wisdom of running in this 
physical siaie. I refused to give 
<a. hoping that getting some food 

down wouM aeiilG my siooiach. 
whch it did. 

I picked up my running 
partner. Julie Hunter, another 
Harper staff membci (Cardiac 
Center) and an experienced 
marathoner. When we arrived 
downtown, the aunosphcic was 
cnhilcraiing There were over 
tO.UIX) runners, all kHiking like 
they were "high" on some drug, 
die drug being die anucipalion of 
what we were all about to 
do....pit our own mind and body 
againsl each oihcr. realizing dial 
the real race is run within each 
runner, and that we were running 
against ourselves. When the gun 
went off to sun die race, 1 was 

H> *ki|b*. I aid 10 
proMem. a piece of cake! 

We hit die first lOK mark at 
32 minutes, an 8:20 pace. 1 was 
getting carried away with the 
excitement of the race and 
running loo fast. I lold myself 
But I fell great and only slowed 
ui an K:30 pace at die 12-mile 
mark. There was uemendous 
support given by die duiusands 
of spectators along die course as 
we ran diru Chinatown and many 
odicr cUinic neigfabortioods. We 
even ran past the apartment 1 
lived in as a young boy growing 
up in die Italian ghetto on Taykir 
Street. This tnggered lots of 

Cmiammt4 m pagr U 

Kevin ttatk (13) and .Scon Bcraicky <S4| go 

Imm am five againsl K.Cl' 
PhoioCrtdU: Paul 



VOL.I< NO. 1 2 


Willicm Ralfwy Harpar CoNtg* f*Blattn*, NHnolt 



»y fmj rtff 

fdiriwr CoHefc'i facuKji n 
divided into iwm tlatU. I'utl- 
wne HaclMrt and iwt-limc 

"IlMre me, m imiscM. i9% 
ritll-timr teachers and 52% 
pmtume icacJiani. Tlienr has 
been i> decrraw in insmiciarx 
employed M Hmvcf m the lacl 
lluiee years due mainly ui the 
Otaeam m madent cncnUmeni 
Itie highot t<eafc o( pan timen 
«a* duiing the (all of the 
tMt3-B tcmciier «l>eii ibeic 
«a«: 4«« M-iium and $*% 
pMi'iiiiK fkuliy. 

lime iMdM($ an! Itind and ihc 
imenl (arully is evalualod. 

QualiAiaMxtii (« ilie part- 
ume leaciiets are umilar lo 
ihme «( all ihe fiill-iime 

Accordintt » Dt Oiarles 
HariinKion. Dean of 
InslfttcticM, itie piirl-iimc 
icachcrt have ihc same 
crcdtniiali a* ihe fulliimc 
usachers. Those trcikmials 
depend upim which suhjcci ihc 
leariict is applying («. Harper 
College hai a *ci (if guidelines 
for each subject a teacher 
insttucif at (he iiutiiulton. 

The fuil-iime teachers are 
rei)UMed Id carry at kail 15 
credit huiiri per tcnieiier. witfi 

the oicption being in the 
English dcpsrimenl. where 
only 1 2 ciedil hom have lu be 


• We value ail of o«ir pan- 
lime (acuity here at Haipef 
Cotlege. Mid Or. Harrington. 

Thty play an imptiriani pan 
Ml our educational system " 

Thcrr are pluses and minuses 
in being a pan-tiine teacher 
versus a futl-time teacher. The 
part-lime teacher can hnid 
another job and is only asked 
U) carry 6 hour* per semester, 
but thai number of hours is 
not maiida.lory. However, the 
pan-iimer cannoi gam tenure, 
and perhaps the biggest 
pmMem lies in the (act the 

part-time leacher who holds 
another job would seem «> be 
that they just don't have 
enough csira time for the 

Over half of the panitme 
teachers hold a rull-umc )iib in 
addition to iciichmg They 
u-walty work in the same or a 
similar field of the type of 
course(t) they leach. The other 
icaciiers who an: here pan-iimc 
use their time lo ipend with 
their families of hold another . 
pan-lime job. 

The fuU-tinic teachers have 
their own ofHces artd set their 
own individual office hours 
Each full-timer i« reijuircd to 
have ten hours office time 

Part-time teacher* have 
individual mailboxes in each of 
iticir dnnions. For Business 
and Social Science; J249, cxI, 
2311, Continuing Education 
and Program Services; Cl02. 
c»t. 2591. Liberal Arts; F35 1, 
CXI. 2284. Life Science and 
Human Services; D191. cxl. 
2523. Physical Educamm. 
Athletics, and Recreation; 
M219. e»t. 2466, Special 
Programs and Services; Ft2». 
c«l. 2204. and Technology. 
Malhmatics. and Physical 
Science. HI 19. cm 2P4. 
Appoinimenlj can he made 
through these offices or a 
message can be put inu> the 
tejKher's mailbox. 


If the events of recent wceht 
aie any measure, the laws Ihat 
have |iti.died «p the minimum 
legal drinking age to 21 in 
many italM lMv« lesusciiaied 
in oil] catiipus an form: 
manufacturing fake 
indciNiricattiai cuds. 

For example. Mo weeks ago 
police charged 21 East 
Carolina University students 
ItfH «illii 43 counts of 
ig drivers' licences 
ttiiill men 10 people 
I Ihe legal dnnking 
age of 21. Mice believe 
some of the false IDs. 
tonfigared to 1(m>Ic like 
VlflncM driver's licences, vteie 
sold: ID high school Kudcnts. 

Police began the 
invMlpUon when one of the 
ccinierfeii licenies was found 
on Ihe consmiction iite of ihe 
new ECU daawixmi building. 
At Marshall University m 
Huntmgton, W. Va,. a. student 
newspaper tiudy found students 
saying tt was Kill easy to buy 
litlHOt, nsgiNiilkas of thetr ap:. 
The niosi common method 
was using falsified driver's 

'"False IDs are a lot mcM; 
•ideipread now Ncauie 
students wlio have been 

altowcu 'o drink lor ine past 

two years now can i do it." 
sayt PMhcnon editor Burgctta 

'And few students hive 
ciualnM about breaking the law 
because few of dicm agree wtdi 

Weft Virginia, like all ihc 
itaiea in dw union, was forced 
to i»isc Its minimum drinking 
age from 19 lo 21 by a federal 
law which lays suies that 
don't comply »ili imc 
millions m federal highwiy 

The firsi wave of new suic 
laws went into effect in 19tl4 
West 'Virginias became 
effective in July. WHfi 

As of Augusi. only eighl 
Slates and the District of 
Columbia had refused to tiise 
dieir legal drinking ages 

In die rest of the union. 
colleges have had to make up 
ways to force Hudenis - many 
of whom, of course, are 
younger than age 21 • to 
change dieir drinking habits. 
Some have banned drinking 
altogether l>thers have m,ade 
fiaieinities and soconties hold 
dry rushes, among other 

But SMM' tlwdctiti aren't 
givinit up their boHlci so 

Marshall's Eplm 'iays one 

I mident questioned in 
ihe Parthenon survey 
convinced an older fnend to 
report his driver's license 

missing. The friend tilled out 
the necessary paperwork lo 
obtain a new license, and gave 
It 10 the 19- year -old. who 
returned it with his own 
picture to the state police 

The undcraged student was 
issued a license with his 
picture and his older friend's 

To control Mudent dritdiing. 
Yale began issuing "drinking 
cards to slttdents who were old 
enough, but now some 
siudcnis report diere's a brisk 
campus trade in counterfeu 
drinking caids. too. 

One unnamed student reporls 
some campus enireprcncurs are 
producing phony drinking 
cards, driver's licenses and 
other fake IDs on a personal 
computer, and selliiig ihem lo 
unlenjied siudenLs, 

"Since September, we've had 
20 10 25 cases of false IDs," 
■aft William l.aughlin. puMic 
safety director at the University 
o( Maine at Orono. "But i 
don't think drinking or the 
incidence of fake IDs are 

■"They were increasing 
several jeart^agp. but we came 

down hard then and ll levelled 
off," Laughlin says. Students 
using fakes can get fines up lo 
SSO) and jail terms of up lo 90 

University of Teias sludenu 
caught using fake Id lace Tines 
of as much as S200. People 
who manufacture the forgeries 
can get five years in prison 

Neverless, Maine's Laughlin 
says he's currently 
investigating a tip that an cm- 
campus group is altering 
driver's licenses from Maine 
and several ncighhorvng stales. 
Widi or without rules, 'we 
get a lot of fake iDi here. 
maybe 10 a week." says Bill 
Cummings of Bloomingion 
Liiiuors. a store near the 
Indiana University campu,s- 

"With many of them, its 
impossible to detect they're 
fake IDs. but if the person 
carrying it is caught, we can 
still get into trouble ' 

So Cummings. like liquor 
store owners m oi,her college 
towns, is fighting back 

His store employee* go 
through training sessions to 
learn to spot die fake IDs. If a 
clerk suspects an ID is phony. 
he asks Ihe holder fiir his or 
her year of high school 
graduatioa. zodiac sign, height 
or eye color. 

'Most people knoe these 

dungs without having lo slop 
ami think about it." he says. 
"If someone hesitates, chances 
are the ID is fake." 

Sometim<:s the counierfeiLs 
don't need examination, 
Cummings notes "We sull 
get tome of the worst and 
sloppiest fake IDs m here.' 

The owner of a bar near the 
Llniversity of Kansas, after 
being fined by die by die slate 
hijuor hoard for selling liquor 
ic a minor holding a fake ID, 
fuceessfully sued die undeiaged 
ttudeni for S500. He says he 
Wed Ihc suit as a warning to 
other minors thinking about 
using false ID to buy liquor 

£<i Note Thii sk>iy hai been 
(ompnsed from CPS The 
activiiiei ifuii have hern 
mvolved m this article have 
heen happening ail arnuml Ihe 
United Slates not only on 
college campmes. feul in high 
schools, loo These 

happenings occured mmity 
itler president Reafsan prnted a 
bill iiming ihai those J(a«'< 
rhit 4tJ not roue their drinking 
ages 10 2 1 wottid lose millions 
m federal highway funds As 
of' September of this year. 
there are no kmwH suuet ikm 
have a drintimg age ttss tkm 

J, T»t HuVmv* 

. DMCMkcr 4, «»•• 


The fitei "H»»l **»" *■•'" 

-—IB wlKMc seunl rmMkxn 
I her ini*) i»>« *"'<* "' 
I iiotibct. Iianlmg 
■nd inififue. ind ttari 
Stgou»«y Wciver •« Of. 
Lauien Slaughter and MkhacI 
Ciine as LonJ Bulbetk- 

Dr Lauren Slaughwr is a 
woman of ihe «>» Highly 
iateHiiem and hcauulul. she 
finds hcoclt m t ondtm unAtc 
» tivc on her nwagcr pay fnm 
■ maeart-h msuunc, and dixidci 
ID «pple™«n» her income by 
orferinf her services to an 
escort agency. This 
wiconveniioiial soluiitm frees 
Lauren from oM mhibinons. 
IMU It »l» leiKls h«' '"'•> " 
world of mystery and danger 
I^IM Ihe high tttkes could 
hisiiidi lH( We. 

Tht fihn I* hMad tm Pairi 
■mcimms b«rt-«Ui«»l nowl 
"Dr. Slaufhlcr- (US. Tille 
•HaM Moon Street") 

Sigourney Weaver is 
ll l«lli>m H>hefimii«»y»l- H" 

Iierfomance is powerful, 
rcrincd and so real that it it 
almost like watching a 
documentary. She truly 
dtservc-s an Oicif for this one 

Michael Cainc is also lop- 
notch in the film. Cainc has 
(ccomc the man lo count on in 
Ihe movtc-making industry. 

The film ti refreshing and 
offbeat- It IS thought 
I»ov<*iivg and the captuiing of 
the London atmoiphcrc waa 

TlJis IS not a •Hollywood" 
film and thank God for thai. 

Ualonunaiely. the film hH 
oficncd to luiied rcviewi 
mama the country. 

The film is diiccied hy 
(Evanston bom) Bob Swaini. 
whti also »n>ic the screenplay 
Swaitn is the first Amencan 
ID wm the prestigious Cesar 
(Rmice** enuivalent of the 
Oiav) to hit earlier film 'La 

Bob Swsim. after *La 
Balance," found he was 

Mollyiwiod's iw* WhitrH^re 

and as luch on Hw leeicrad 
numerous ofleri of picture 
deals -- mostly police dramas 
which he turned down, 
including the subscquential 
blockbuster "Beverly Hilh 
Cop'. One good thing did 
emerge from the junk thai 
passed through Swaims mail- 
ho, Twemicih Century Fox 
«M him Paul Therouis 

"1 iboughJ it was very 
unusual, very facinating 
material." Swaim says. "ai>d 1 
got very escited about it. I 
wMMcd ID do a womcns picture 
Md I iDund • vehicle fur thai in 
I>aul Tlicrauis book, although 
I think the book has a ditfcrcnt 
slant from the film In die 
novel the woman is not 
particularly sympalhclic and 
has diffeitm values, bul I think 
there's a very soong feminist 
vlam to the story I contacted 
Geoff Reeve (the priidiner) and 
said. "Let me lake a crack al 

Swaim found no dificitnceit 

phmo CnSt: Kmm • uad*ii 

"Spcilbcrg has spoiled the public." 

Bob Swaim. Director of Half Moon Street. 

m directing a Fiench film and 
then a English one. "For 'U 
Balance'. I lived in France and 
■broke bread' a* d>ey say. with 
die people I was making a film 
about. I did the same with 
Half Moon Street." says 

Swaim feels that what 
upsets most people about the 
film is that "Sigourney is 
thrcainmg. She ts saying that 
the is belter than a mm. She 
is smart and aniculaw. For 
example, the nude scene. 
Sigourney hass small breasts, 
but she is not ashamed of 
them. She is at ease with her 
own scuuality. l_ have known 
women like that" 
So have I. 

Every film Md P*"^'= "' 
lilctalurc has a catalyst. The 
driving force in this film 
according to Swaim. arc the 

"Sigourney is much like 
taking a woman that is a 
straight "A" student and 

dropping her into Harlcm. 

Cainc is totally different. He 

is street smart, she i.s the 

intellectual. The diflcrcncc is 

like night and day. 
What does the future hold for 

Bob Swaim? Tm working on 

a new picture called "L.A. 

Gold" This film also has a 

female protoganist." 

WARNING: seeing Half 

Moon Street may put yoti on 

Un-Easy Sucel. 

Sigourney Weaver and Micheal Cainc star in 
Half Moon Slrcet. 





wMamwxm has dcceixknt 


SCHIDOLE. »»«K»»^«=S«r 


9mVt m "«SOII CR CMX 253-25B0 




PMJkllHE, XL 60067 


isiBnir®i3 iF®i3 

nM tm*. 

itnsi in I 

•n Citil I 

Im the I 




r,,fc--. MB l«f« MM ttt ■* •»<»« OMV** 

j^tT^ til. 1^ ."•f::::/':: n.'i 

.lit iTl-Sif- >»»«••• »"^ *• "" »"" """ 

a •tlfatolloB ia k»» contract. 

al^l "Slh. Vt pl.c.) occurrcH wh.. • «<«»t-l 

ZmI»II| «-*» Her lh.1.»». "«»^, ■•* •£ 
r«»X«l !•• ciHi:il«'> «ll«ii»» iht £■•« wMfc iw. to 
•c «»il «>••• cfctckiiit, ■■«« <»>"« """y • ■ "■"*• 
i« kl« cMlract HMt furhids just lhi» li<»<l ^ ™»* 

,ii.df»l- »9mmr*4 MiorB.,*. Tli. A"";'^*" 
Libtrtlt* l>»l»" UCtlM referred •• " 

lood q«tftio«. I>«t I e««'t iff »•! >•»•' 

katc <Mit «ir»er employe* •dvUine •!»'•»» 

ialtrttt. Tlie «li»f».y '» P"" «•; *•**'"' 
Ac.i»HJ,. ..t «» f-.d» »lt«K.itd b, tfc. SIm4*M 

two ofgaaiMUims to STl'DfcNr TfcU l» diireremi 
trmm mmmy paW f»e««) •••d «I»IT 

We 'ttl thai -li.le It t* «» ""porUBl »«d 

;::v\di«, .bi. .*,.. »r,k. *;'«.;"!;„^"-j-j::: 

(the »sudent»> fed lbr% *r. e»«llltd l« lt«» 
',«.«l ia reference ... a «•;""' ■";«•- ";""',;: 
„f the cI«i.roi.-».. ibe, »bould ,"»;•. "'*""7;. 
*„a*Jderali«« •* • ••«««*«" '»•»'«<» '" »" "" 

iLfad.— h .. .d«c«i' "V '"*/!:,':: 

|iW a.l«ke *tadeiil» !■ "••tteri e«iM:efai»| tbe 
"lltTieaWie the cml factor of t»b»«i.«« "«» « 

STiJlr w cU. a-d e.ea arrej. Uadeat* b 
iiectMrf and f«»ded h, the c«ltef.. «he«i •■ 
luilpMilM form cf prolftiio" '">•" ■••••«', •■"; 

tili ■!«• »b»aid »l»o be provided. After all. n 

r.;pt«r.. ^ •"*-' «' ""''^' "rr, ':: 0, 

Ihea atre'f «o aied for m Omkadwan- w 
toarn. Ihea «•* pr« babi) wonlda't "ted •ecatt j 

Larry Paotfin 
Ultnrial Bward: 

Tkt MarMaiif. !>««■*•' 

«, 19U, Put 1 


Letters to the editor are welcomed. All 
letters must have name, address, 
IScial seTuritv number andtiUe^uch 

as students, faculty or staff member. 
Publication rights are reserved. 

-|>* M bKl. damn yo«r ih« m*bam Mm 
«Ufted« ihe doctor •Thii it a mn-up! I ««« a 
S«y 9MKm t« my 1« Mc «kJ • *«™««» S«»^ 
onJt rm tuppoied lo be « Nin-ana now » juffl 

Pedoi Swoemy talw ctoimod iJicje as h.s firM 
words. 'Bat be didul do H." Mr Sweeney 
cdotiiniBd in Wi memin. "Mayhc 1 was spc*"»8 

'"rhioaihwjl bin life he conuradicicd himself 
^SC <m d.e locale of *c above wne. 
ctoming HI diffcitia times lo have been born mi 
M worn at Kick' Caf' Amencmn .ml unto rhc 
ckcl at the BiUmore Given the iruih of h.s 
birthplace, which was Yonkers. N.Y., we are 
Icnienl toward his fahncauimt 

At age two. yoimg Sweeney. frwtolcJ *>* the 
hwile and b».k of urban life, tagged te loya 
dan 10 tailback Lmg Wand where he began lo 
aggrciwvely punm childhood irauma. whatever 

'Ti^ from" this phase of his life thai »e receive 
our tei glimpw of h'* '»«''1'"8 '"^"^ grofwf- 
Upo» Ibc remains of the .Utege drunk who 
liad ttumbtaJ in from of a speeding locomotive. 
Peder is mill to have quipped It must conccjrn him 
ncady. not only thai the irain tas thrx*cd tiim » 
iwadlj. but that, as a result, his hnin now 
occtipies a quarter mile of track " Poder w.i» only 
four al the time, hul already we we bis cmcrpng 
ccMTi'iTUi wi/jurdiy. 

Vvm ilic glorious occasion of his acceptance al 
,hc fashioiiiWe LilUpui Nuricr> School, a reluctant 
Pcdcr IS quoted as saying: 1 11 be damnrf if 1 m 
eonna let myself be mentally sicriliKd by thcst 
fascia. mcaimarkci educators! Ate. be occupKSd a 
childs body and was easily subdued. 

Even il Ihts eariy age. the future laureaM *M a 
prankster, always employing a trusting 
a«,gM»Aood labby in his •"""_: »f^;''" 
coniunclion «tb electric. ty. gasoline or hidgc 

" irSie years of age. the Master . artistic 
,„linct» narcd up against the bmitaiio..^ of li e on 
the eatt coaii and he dragged bw unwitting f.imily 
.o tbe bi«i*er horizons of the M'"*« '' *?* 
during this pcnod of emonttnil upheaval that the 
w«yty-wi«e lot wioie his firsl poetry 

Fiunit mt ttowo »• ■lb* fatmbeti. nummi* 

So far away from the wa 

Plunk me down in thai (innliell. hoUBJ' 

Me mimmy. mc pappy vd me 

Tee. hoe 

M« mammy, me pafipy ■td in* 

and . 

She. wafts in bootMis. fer Iwr wet 
And seamless, q»ce»isi« pantyhoie 
And all tbafs best in sliiicd skins 
Itet at her inieam. and her girth 
tUui mellowed to those ample thighi 
Wliieb nil of (owe (or cakes and pics 

One pound lJ« more, one ounce tbe leM 
Had half inipaired that tenisnid dMi 

Whkb wave* widi every waddling stride 
Of the great bdhemoth mass inside 
Where cavernous rumblings welt iuggcsi 

A b«Uy itic SBC of the Great Nortiwcst 

And on tb«Jse chocks, and oet thniie lipf 
The crest o( countless bulTei trip* 

A jiapc-stained grm, a posture bent 
Tbat lell of days in bakeries spem 

And mynh wppcessed when the gtcal dame oK 
A tipeenl dangling fitim her slip 

In NCb ichtwl. petHile *h.' knew Peder-with* 
0- considered him shy and mtrovcned-cven 
awkwifd Utile did they know thai when ibe 
KbODtbett rang, their quiet "»"""f,'^„*^»r.™ 
InM Hd faukss Colonel Swcene/ of the Rhodesian 
NalMMri CuMd whose acu of courage and demng- 
4if m» mM lacoumcd by firelight m mereenary 

Once tree ttom the bondage of lastitutioBaliMd 

education. Sweeney set out to cxpcrKnce Me and 

lee the world firsd-and. He roamed the apple 

orchards of Wauccmd. and fte Great Dunes of 

Indiana By day he would aiatch monster Blocgills 

ttom the laws of the imtamed Fox River and by 

rnifat dBMsle the beau mondt of Barrington «lls 

with his tapier-like wii and his cloying, raffish 

grin Breakfast in Woodstock. 1""''' ,.'" 

Carpenrrsvillc. supper in Palaline: he attacked life 

wiih vigor and flair. . 

But Sien. in an auempt to gain more spectated 

knowle<J|e. ba M«n«ed in a commumiy college. On 

top of an already eshausuve workload. Mr. 

Sweeney set himself to the task of enicrlaining 

fellow studcnis with a bi-weekly newspaper 


Some biogr^ihen contend that it was during this 
nenod that the Decline of Pedet Sweeney truly 
began. It's aiiiied that Sweeney -povsibly the most 
citUe^uened of louto lo grace die tweniicih ccniury- 
ajrted on hii «Hic pwh w "»""»* i^ 'l"'''*^' "='"" 
of an a|iellMlic maderiliip (there is. in fact, some 
doubt i*at any web leadership esistcd at all). 

His persevering spirit, however, transcended 
abjection. Umugb die scars remain plainly visible 
such original classics as Tarewell. My Aims" 
(1990). The Great Giniberg" (1993) and, t>f 
coune, "Slamhiertioiise Jive" (1998). Bui never arc 
lho« scars more clearly manifest than in this 
excerpt from "The Adventures of Huckleberry 
Stcinmetz" (2003): "Awww, dey dont like roc Jun. 
Aini nobody likes me even you dont like me 
Jim, an' you ain't no smarter ihan a damn dog! " 

The sequel to this great work; "Huckleberry 
Sicnmcu Part 11: The Wiatb of iim" (2007) was 
Sweeney's final work. 

The rest of die ule. of course, is a sad one. The 
Master never again put two words together 
rohcrrnily and spem the rest of liis days viewing 
life ihnwgh the bottom of a sheep. In 2015. Mr. 
Sweeney was gored to death by a bull while in 
Pamplona. Spain, uying to willfully infuse in 
hmscU ihe spirit of EracJi "Papa- Hemingway 


HHIIiam Rainey Harper Colkge 

Algnmtuin & Ruselle Roads 

Palatine. ILSKW 

Mm -im-OUl .Rio»«4 I •*•'■•■ 

... J« Ki««llM| 

DcWi* is-in 

a BhwMh 

, Piayl^ 

ElUflaMMM E4IUH l-irry PmIINi 

S^WUt13dilct Bill Knpl Nta 

M>. AM. -Ll" ^*" 


. Al OvtukMti 

Cadnc - .■.■J<"y <J«ci» 

Tie HARSmOER ■■ it- ««*• 

ammmtft. |>MnlM4 imlily a«vl 
Atraia Imltilayi aiii finri emm- AU 
affaimm txpttamt wk awMw *rf it* wrem 
aid mil mxctiMily iIkim of *• elitly. 
» nanKntrnMn, liBmlty « "wtH" '""•y 
Adwntuna "Ml copy (k»(UiK « no" 
11as*l »<ayy ■■'■*»«'«' "**■"«. 
All l«««» w dii •*<« ".» *■ •<•"* 

_jJl..ll iiMlllMtf T -'T— ' l^biilMr 
uilMNiM, odl W MOO. «ii M<0" 

net 4, Tkt llar»tai|fr. Dtcmbcr 4, in* 






r«?ii'-v r" 

■y hartj 

Star Trek iV - Thf 
Vojaic IIo««, ihc ncwen 
eniry in ihe tMUlle far ycviir 

Girlsimits season tmck. lum one 
Hi the uDieU DkiU < iKivc evet 
totn in Ji motion picture. Il >* 
ilso ilw mod fun l'v« tmi at ■ 

movie HI jfcats. 
No. I watn'I laugliing ai it. btU 

taflwr xtfl >i' This is. llW' iKit of 
tiN tmnck, iRicMK it (iKsH^ triw. 


I am ciMvinccil that there are 

(*« type* of people in ihi* 
worU: TllOte who liii S«r Ta-k 
Ml lllo«e wk) *)n I I wil! firsi 
■|linftllii]ieof.}Oli.wtoaiT Star 

flic iiloi lewtvei atoimii the 
«K>* 'iKlJ^iiiled tntcijjfUK acw 
tremer.bcr iJie Imi mavic?) wht: 
<lect(te tti ictum lo Eiirii to tee 
clMrtei of miMitiy oil ilicii ncwty 
Mumua-leiimd miMif Kinton 

ilii|> (llMait ship, ilic leiciiiliry 
Enicrpriie. *n destmyed in the 
pfCMOut movie.). 

On their way hack to Earth. 
our lieiW5 discover that ihc Eanh 
IS unite utge by a giant probe 
Ihiit is cmitling a suange wiml. 
Turtti out that thin ptobc it 
lig nailing to the Earth's 
huiBplMck whaln. and waiting 
f« * reply. Trouble u, ihcms 
whales have bc^n citiKl lor 
almoiit Ihroc huntjied yeas. 

Admirai Kirk (-William Shat- 
ner) and Spock (Usmard Nimoy) 
(kCKle «ha. ihtjy must go back m 
lime (1 feat they accomplished 
■icvcrat time! in their *cric» 
adveniurw) to Ittc 20ih Ccniury 
San FrumiKo to bring bacl a 
cocpk of whalcit to thctt tinr lo 
sigial in OK to their fri'jids In 
ihc prolie. 

To the non-belie*erj aming 
you. an objective (I hope) lewicw 
o( WHY I likiM «t 

At ieait pttt of the tcjaon Ulif 
niha strange plot woitt ■* well 
a» it doc*, is the actori 

iheinMlvci. There it an nue. 
iilmoa a pliiyfulncw with whii-h 
thif cast inicractji. Y<Ki cun u:ll 
ilKse actors have been working 
logedier for yeari. We have fun 
hcoMutr tliEx have (un. 

Another, rtlalsd fatioc is in Ihc 
screenplay nscM. The cast is 
basically turned loose on 20th 
Century Earth in groups of two. 
Thai way. the dominant pcrton- 
alities of Kirk and Sptxk don'i 
ovotshmJuw the 'kssci" chatacun 
of Sulu. Ubuta. Mr. Scott, Dr 
McCoy, or Chekov. Some of the 
funniest and most charming mo- 
nenis of the film don't even have 
Kirk or Spock in dKm. 

There it alto ■ very real sense 
(hat this series (the movies) 
keep* Hack of il'i own history. I 
h«t a fcm ilie other day to tee the 

by Oav« llaffman 
Enttrtalnnicni Wrlttr 

Stiii..llifnK Wild IS the 
second Jonathan Dcmmc 
picture Ivc seen m a month. 
tJK other being "True Sioriet" 
(If you misled that review. 
where'* your loyally?), and 1 
think maybe btiarre is a way 
of life for this guy, and il 
Joesn't took like wch a bad 
way 10 me. 

The movie ccnlcrs around a 
weekend in ihe life of Charici 
Ou-^^,^^ (Jeff Dimcls from 
I'crms 1)1 llndcannciit"). who 
t\ liikcn for s ride. liicrally. by 
cute, perky little Lulu (Met 
anic Griffith), a girl who just 
wiiiH 10 live » liiilc. . tivc 
they do. bill all it not fun and 
games in this tiitk fanijisy. 

After arouiid an ■lour of 
bugh<cr ;»nd ci(t/ they 
ihK>w in a subplot diat'll really 
grab you. Seems Lulu't name 
is really Audrey ai.d she':; itill 
married lo this guy named Ray 
(Ray Liotia) who lias, among 
other appealing i)ualitiet. the 
tendency to get very mcin. 

very quickly. He still want* 
Audrey, and dtKsn't like the 
uay Charles' face it arranged. 
so he decides to do tomclhing 

You ma;' be aying that this 
!H>unds sort of ordinary, but 
wilh a man like Ray after you. 
life becomes luiylhing but. Id 
be lying if 1 said die ending 
didn't surprise me. and I Just 
know us gor;mi he a kkker for 

In this llick. it was ihc 
tioiylinc that made u 
wonhwhile. because, although 
off die wall, it showed how a 
rebel wlio lumcd in hi.s values 
to slide mil) mjinsircam corpo- 
rate life of a yuppie can still 
Ilvc and love, if just given a 
Uiance to let il all hang out. 

It also gives oui the 
message that everything that 
goes on m life has a price lag 
on It, and payment can't be 
■voided all the time. 

I liked this movie. 

especially Ray Liotta't 

perfoniiance as the psycho who 

IS motivated only be his own 

CaaU i wd M M'lt pmft 




h) Uavt Marffflan 
Katt'rlatiiiBciii Wrtttr 

I ified to dump this review 
on a co-worker of mine. 
IlKictMD t hold William Hun m 
such high esteem, how could I 

pontibly be critical of his 
perfonnaiiet in Childrea of 

« Ltiwr find if it stunk"* t 
ihouM know bcUicr by »»•, 
because. |j£ obviously does Mid 
takes hit abtlities to yet 
another camer of their liniitit. 

An the tmmi. teiy Jamci 
Leedt. bnllijnt tcacho of the 
deM who doesn't k|uile loich in 
a convwiitiMial manlier, Hun 

GMMl' ■ ■nb' 'iW Ihe auilieiice 
e«gCl.WiM''aMi Cheer for. 

When ,shc wa.t catimg for 
the pan, director Rhonda 
Haines couldni think of 
■nyonc else «ho could do the 
jo*, and she just may bavi> 
hectt right. 

Everydiing that Hurt canii** 
« happen on s«,:rtcn hits btmic. 
iKcause his charatter Avmusly 
care* very dc'-ply for his work 
■nd tlic people he works with, 
although die plot causes hiw 
10 carry il a little tat, at least 
in the eye of the school 

Enter htarlcc Mailu as die 

•chools janitor. Beaiiiiful. 
nysteriout. deaf since hinh, 
and mute by choice, she 
immediately draws the atien- 

lion of Leeds, who is Ohscticd 
with teaching the deaf to 
.ifliMk. mx lo mention the fact 
Ml the IS dM best looker in 
.||le wh<.>k place, a (act Ihe dcjin 
can sec. although he is to uop the sparks 
dial MiM fiv between the two. 
The young lady isn'i buying 
Hun's desire lo help her as 
real, and it » then a battle of 
wilts to sec who. will win. or 
ta wMi i w d •■ atiU. tNl|i#' 

ATAR1 1040 ST 


fDVC*TIOH*L imict 



«n«» r«ci«lt^ Sto#d«t«i.'.t a#'ow 

• t Hag RAIM IMnfiory • amtT-W TtW OtMi Owe t Pow*' Supply 

• Mt-dw B«W Monitor • Mo.u«« • '(•nntti .ft MoO»fn Port* 

'■•111.5 - Stiy MOW •«« 9m BASIC (wOf ram< lanf uai|». VT' 5.2 
Tm'tntmi Emulator «ne ST w*ii«r •otOproaaiatna pro(|r»m» f BCE 

•miilfTS' AND' PACtlLTV SAVE 30% 
*m « .inKiKMj tim* mtt hM't0m tkntrnm. li««ill» .»«! suit ¥ .c<i«*i«t. ••0 
iiMMiMin SAVE JMi. OFF Ml* tan MtHi imct itl'i'tf *» eiMi'l 01 'Pt Aiar- 

^al^^^ ,3M'. 

Bu)/ trom OgWHtorlH, C«iic«»(Mtnci'f f*m 
Facwy-Oimct fv$-S»meu §M ST OmMw 

(312) S43-9000 

ziD aQcaEiB am 

CilCltiUJ a 

ma maaa ataa 

tgtia aaQii ad 
mama am quo 

CM A H G E Mfc P p C M !. 

n i..ig. M^ . liM M yMgFi'^' 

tj Larry Paullln 
Enttrlaiiiianil Kdilor 

The fall production of J'ke 

Mifs Firttrar.i.itr Ctmna is over 
and Ihc dust from die set strike 
il barely settled, and already 
people are inquiring about help- 
ing otit on the spnng priiduaion 
of Man of LaMancha. 

(Vdiaps becau,se I was Stage 
Manager on Wiij Ftrecrackrr, or 
peihi4is , because I liave a kind 
face, (icople have been wking 'inc 
for a week now how they cm get 
involved. Well. 1 hitvc itic an- 
iwers. Now pay aiicnuon, itu-i,' 
will be a qui/ liMer 

For those of you who arc 
handy, like to hnild ihingi, and 
rcol carpenter lypes. and especial- 
ly if yim're nni and wouid like M) 
he, llierc is a class offered at 
Harpci for you. It's Art 179 • 

' l.irpcr's own master set 
Michael Brown you'll 
■. ,.mi vipikiiiing aib(.iul everything 
involved in designing and build- 
ing il (ci. from basic "naj" con. 
siruction m color design and. 

lighting. And what s more inerc s 
the inipor'ant part), you'll be able 
to gci extra credit for working on 
the set of Man of l.aMancha 

I had this course iliis pa« 
semester, and despite die faci 1 
am one of die worm carpenters 10 
ever put hammer to screw. I came 
mil knowing more than 1 did 
going in. To me, dial s the only 
thing you can ask from a class. 

For diose of you more inicr- 
csied in being onllage than 
backstage, audioonsftir Man of 
LaMancha arc Fiday. Feb. 6. 
IS 7(1 ) PM and Saturday. K-b. 7, 
.11 I !•() PM hoih days mrci in 
wyi. r.\i-r>niic wliii iiudilions 
will have to read. datKc (wear 
comfonablc clothing), and sing 
(prepare one musical number 
from i*ie s'ltwi. A pianist will he 

Pcrlornancc date* are April 
>d, 4th, and Sin. and April *»di, 
lOdi, It'll, and 12th 

If you re .ni.ri-.icd ■ - hciptwg 
{«! on an" t -ill ■■'•ary 

Jo Wi!ti« at ■ 

711 *rm>' Tfii'i rtoaa 

AMklon tL iOtOI 

I Miici e et m sa 

hOU*I»:: Mofi -#fl i(M., tai: 10-5. $u.n«tiv» (Call fin»\ 

.Not Just Comics. 

STAR TREK ^„,, BRt^- 

Tht UarWaccr. Dtcmkcr 4. IMC. Pkt* f 

C ii i i W i mi' ft— P ■ !■■'' ■■<» 

fuu film in liic Mrict: 
Trtfc: Tkc MoliM Piclaie 

(Or » mme reJei no «. ihc Sk>*- 


'Hw lim rilm waf 
[ IUk' mven yeaii' 
ago, the brief itcnes of Ibc 
FcdemKMi CMncil's hoime cily 

•a* Ihc lamc at in Star Trtk 
tV. I know Wt protably no big 
deal 10 you, hm a'» that kind of 
I to detail that hard-core 
Ml. and just 
I much more 
IH' IhoK o( m whO' 
enpigr ihe ncne*. 

AgMi. a wocd fur thaac wlw 
have imn die Rst of the «rn<s: li 
(Star Tnrk IV) doean't haw ihc 
uispeaie ol ii'i pmleHMim, Imi 
there'* no lull in llM iCtllMi ia 
I'inc. unhic pievtiMii Star 
■ All thftwtihniK ihC' film, 
i[ ^ dtMf laaifhgt i* action. 

Aait fcif time of ynu witii 
htven'l iMii a Star Trek movie 
yet. All. a ilefinjiely the one for 

if there mtiit be a 
,„. Miw Mailin. on a 

NMt «f pMic >•»«<»<• <s • 

~ IBorfliflicr.andMing 

dirccior didn"! hold tt 
_^_ 1 her, there tuU may he 

iMIic tor die real of «•. 

Thi« If a warm, mnietinitt 
fimny, alwayt todching rtkn 
Otai descrven as much praiK ai 
I heap on tt 

Hey. It jiMl occmwd lo mc. 
that Hurt not only speaks to 
own lilies, hut also trmslaiw 
Marlcc s hand iignaJ* CmM 
he get nominated in bi)lh 
categories, since he ■» 
Mfnesanf the thoughts (jI tmi 
diaracierif Think about it. 

Anyway. t»cK u ihc tilii- 
iliale eonvlimcnt from mc. 
Are y«Mi mire you're ready? 
Hot only would i pay to s« it 
anaiN, 1'<1 l*aT l<v anyone lo 
itec this dcliftht with mc. pii 
no 1 couU make somciw etoe 
feel a* umiiI m tliia mtwic 
made me Ited'. 


I WW pviV'Mwi panv 
I wifl «iep on 

--.-,-^.^ .irytxie elie . 

Alw imiMeMive waa how 
the music wain'l just 
hackpnind noiai, Iwit actually 
flUftA a pun of it's own at 
MUM pmm. The MNindiiack 
ii on the MCA label, hui it 
eoiildn'l pnsihly contain half 
Ihc niMsic aied (or all the 

differeni «rjiions of "Wild 
Thmg"), unleii it unsKhed lo 

five recofds and thirty -rme 
Nic.ks. like samt mn blest. 

Ign«ire that tait comment 
and |uxi go see the movie. 
hccausc " Something Wihl" is 
juit diat. and it* gfeal U> have 
a tweak fmm iwality mm and 







U^ The Puzzle ^ 






, , J-— — j- I |- , 1 M|| ,|- rr 


Lir m" 

wTL iJm 

' Ml J\ 

if^ lijif "ji|i 

z^zti ' ■; 



1 1 MaMKin 
i< BueirilMI 

It Run* • 



n SliMi maikaO 

try ■quaior 
?5 niori«» 
le PmtMl duck* 


3ff AMMIanl 


33 F 



43 Sign It 

44 iK^uatf 


«« J4MI0 


Now you can transfer to 


for degree programs in business, 
computer sci«nce, engineering. 

\. ^ ."0.1 mrnm # Tuewnoufly a»»m* "^ lUtsuftMO 

■ '- ■t\K4ammv0Ktmaf<rm'rmtirmi*fmx>gn»a 

,...i^^.:joP m »IT ( nn tmU-mitMrmr' cimpyi 

iiT WEST olltff fM 

■ Dm'M prndimm .n «im(ul»' wsmea mmxtiem •ng.naermfl,, 
-*:*uinc»> •■«()ii»»wi|, twain*!* aai^miraitmi.. whaoiiiiaiion 
souPMiinfl, an* afw •'•«« 

• *. «»»••>•»" iwalmn.. mmutti iimr wwK and fvrm 

• Ctmam • lani anamotr! ma ••"¥ tManms 

• A ..^. 10 ilT'i rtwiclivf .nfiTuctwnat l*«»tiioi' nrnwarn 

■ t.iw'ipwi ^m-miMMhmi rM«aref lie* wtiti ,pou»ify ane 
aov»mm»w 1OCW0WI8 aeoti* » HT » eomMaw ana me 
iWonai Stolen Foundalnn Oa» K'M(» «jp»«iomputai lo 


ine Spnna Sawieaw aa*" Jamuarv. ». 'OT? 

Saiu'Uar Janut'y 10 9 30 AM lo iwjoT' 
liomliy Januwy tz, 4-7 Pf* 

For ••Mutiat tmwmaiwo ana o» rafiwalion: manna*, eaf o' 
w%n Wm tiT WEST 0«1ic» 


flOO Sou* tamD»1 f^oaa 

Conoije ot OuPaoa— BtJ>i*nB M 

Gt«n eilyfi Illinois 60137 




lalerMiJMal Cl«l» Any 
■•l*«. foiejgn or MM. aho is. 
MWrosied in joining tue 
iMcnMional Studeau Cini>. 
ptetie Slop by F338 for dk « 
iniOTmiiiim. Cliib acmkiet 
include; iH|M, nMali laiiieMmt 
OKWbmgD orcolMR Him. ntw 

'He H^per Orihge litoaty^-M 
mag txine Poiai or View is 
BOW aeceiniiig m«cri«J for the 
l»'«6-lf7 edilion of Uie 

3pMci Ttn«; Simd vp and 
m*t out. join itie Spoetit 
Tetm. S«e Tom MtGrath 
nsi. Twadiynwl'nnirai, 

9AM 10 12 PM , 

Cntbttlic C»ni|ina 

*M«iilrj ilMmiart a Cait^k 
Mmt tack MoMday u J2 PM 

4-241. An are wcfcomc. 

T!»» Harper Collrge 
Caaitrata Sisftrt and 
Coaccrl ClioJr arc .iccking 
«Wrmm and ahoi to join them 
on dieinoiKorOBMi Briiain. 

Tlie UHir is iclwdoied lo leave 
Chic^o CM December 26 and 
return on January t utier 
performing in five citio in die 
Umied Kingdom. 

Singcri iaicrested io 
(XXKipaiing sboold lie it Iom IK 
y«an obf and may contact Di. 
Tltomai Siauch al W-3O0O^ 
fill- JS66 for further 

Tit Harkiagtr has an open 
oooi policy. Cnwie on in and 
ydlatdieEditarf A-367 



cituim *»*« mm 

Ce-Sfmaaitd li> rkk^t 

FWday. December 12 is die 
deadline for aubmitting Tim 

ae'<ne.<iief* enuiet. For fufdier 
iitfonMi ion go ID F-3 1 3. 

Steniary tf Siaic Jte 
Eofar encourages college 
ilaaemi from all academic 
disripliijci lo ipfly f„, ,„ 
edt-iatiant aid rewarding 
inieniship wab ba oOkx. 

Quaiiried stu lenu will hawe 
ll»e oppoctnniiy to leani aboM 

To he eli,<ibh.. ttafaau mua 
be in good aL^demic MMding aid 
have completed al lean 60 

semester or M) <|i,«icr houi al ■! 
aeasdindallfgi. m uaivciiiy. 

Those stu.icr.u seletied in 
I9»7 will receive a n.oMlily 

Applications and further 
inlormaiion can fcc .ibtaincd in 
ttie Office of .'inancial Aid. 
Room A 364. Deadline daw ii 
Immiy 15, IMfc 

T'he Harptr PtatUsI 
Choral. ■ iioctiiwc!! suburban 
iomanitv orgawixation of over 
JW voiie*. -nil pnaKo. Franco 
roulencs Gloria and John 
^cttrioiTBoft Krogsiad's A 
Spcuiit Kind of Uvc for its 
•inicr conceiL 

""^^ ■'•flB prafoimnacc. id 
lake place on Smday 
December 7, at 3 Pnt n^ 
Bailaing M wil fnatare 
pn>tc«s;cKMl mkikm m well IB a 
prufos.'Mooal OidMiB dinted by 

, V 

IWaooatw wUl be the choir-i 
iiw Miee its summer lour of 
'■aly. where its prcscniatioa at 
Su Itief'i Baailica m Rone mu 
■ewaMod with noiauae, a unioue 
•"WdtaVaiieaahiMoiy. ^ 
"PnjElitiBd » advance, and 16 at 
dMikw. Siaiiivciiliem. Harper 
S«"4*itand«admii (K-12) will 

For fmtber information call 
397-3000, ext 2597. 


i'df cost and rcgtsiraiion 
1, call 397 3000. Exi. 


"Ihdcmtaadiag the Mea 
in Vonr Life- an all -day 
"Ofbtliop will be offotd by ihc 
iJ^Pgf College Women J 
™bii«» on Saturday. December 
6 f«M 9 AM 10 3 PM in 


This woriishop eiamincs the 
hislanc and current mnuenccs 
•hick define masculinity. 
deacribes the problems and 
fmMa at being male in today's 
•wM. and eiplwes how this 
relaiei lo male- female 


CorreajMadeact Update" 

•illle offered on Tuesday. 

OttmOitt 9 bom i.JO AM* 


_^ aMwnar is designed lo 

nsvicw irdHikal stills and currcm 

trentfi whici will update and 

["" faan nal ije cotieiipandeiicc. 

Topic* will includ.! the 

of b-isiness icucrx, 

f, dw fine poinu of 

P™""**™ and ippeawoa. 
Course No LLM064.00 

Free STOP 
Smokini; Clinic 

A Slop smoking clinic has 
oeen scheduled during the Fall 
•emcsier m die Boaid raom of 
building A 

Monday and Wo(ftiea«tay 

Dec. Sand Dec. 10 

The cti.iic will be provided by 
H»e coll-gc M no cost to 
employees and students and will 
be presented by the Northwest 
Community flaspitai Dcpartmcm 
of Continuing Education. Please 
call die Hcatdt Service as soon as 
imtibic ai ext 2268 if you wish 



The Fouadalioa of th* 
National .Student Nurses" 
Association. Inc Studcnw 
currently enrolled in nursing or 
prenursing programs in slale 
approved schools of nursing ate 
cligblc for ihcsc scholarships. 
The NSNA Foundation has 
individual scholarship.'! ranging 
from $1,000 to $2,500. Thcjc 
•cholarships are based on 
academic achicvmcnt, financial 
need, and involvement in nusing 
student organnations. 

Applications roust be received 
by the NSNA Foundation by 
February 1. There is a J2 
procecsmg fee. 

Northern lltjaois 

Uaiversii, Alamni 

AsfociatioB Scbola -skips 
In order to «tualify for one of 
ibcsc scholarship;, you must 

NIU on a full-time basis 
for the fall and spnng semesters 
of die 1987-88 year and have a 
cumlativc CPA of at least 3.0 
(4.0 scale) from tbc school you 
most reccnUy attended. Entering 
freshmen are requircc lo have an 
ACT score of al least 25 or rank 
intfciop5%ofdieffclasi. You 
mus subii a one-page typed letasr 
which describa your ouuuuiding 
qualities, characicrisics, and 
goals. An NIU graduate or 
;urrtaii NIU falcuty m-Mibcr m'ln 
also write a one-page letter of 

TTie deadline fo applicalkjo for 
^^idtrgnAme and gnvjuale jchool 
sudenis is February 6. 1987. 

Data Procestiag 

Management Associalioa 
'Ckolarship The Data 
Processing Maragtme it 
Association is offering one 
scholarship to be awarded to a 
biper siudf 1.1. Applicant? must 
Iw members if Harpers DPMA 
student chapter, must be within 
one year of graduation, have an 



Schaumburg Location 
Near WoodfieW Man 

*it you ho kmg lot mam, to 
•<•■■• ■mmimm? "Hm can 

S5Mf»»>»»* perfect part. 

«J* offcr stijdems pwi-time 

"«tt. These positions can be 

very berieficial far thiiH.v«ho 
need or want to mviove 
thew commufntatior) skills 
•vhtle iwnmg extra money 

Wte >«t«l miwide poict irammg 
fy t away Fram am modem 
ottites, you will learn to caN 
our customers across tf«e 
«M«iy to exiiJain the various 
s^ips we offer 

The Stgnatufe Group tan 
offer you 


GUAIlANTEIDiJ5 25a(tt, 

pat 8 weeks 


Makes your earninm worth 
even more! 

The Signature Group can 
help you make ends meet lb 
arrange for an irttennew 
pease call weekdays 
oetween 9 00 AM and 
SOO PM (f all recruitment 
tines aie busy, leave a mei- 
Mge and well call you rtght 



f qual Opportunity [mployei 

overall GPA ol 2.5 and die same 
average in at DPR classes. Each 
canadiu must submit a two-page 
typcwritien essay on the data 
processing topic that he or she 
finds most interesting. 

The deadline for iubmiiting an 
application is November' 17 

Woodneld Basiaeai aad 
Professional Womea's 
Clab Scholarship A 
$100.00 scholarship will be 
awarded to a returning student 
who is re-eniering dte workforce. 
Deadline dale is November 21. 

Nelle aad Jesse Go.-ov 
iicholarship. The Focndauon 
IS offcnng the in-ditrici luiuon 
and acliviiy fee for a fulliimc 
student for iJic Fall "87 semester 
al Harper College. Criteria for 
selection will be financial need 
and consistent effort shown by 
the student to obtain the best 
grades pos.sible. 

Dcadiine for submitting an 
application to ihe Office of 
Financial Aid is November H 

Norihera Illinois 

UBivcr«.ily .Scholar Awards 
and Finalist 
Scholarship Northern 'llinoi'. 
linivcrsily is offering Univcrsiiy 
Scholar Awards lo outstanding 
communiy college graduates. 
Mso. Academic Finalist 
ScholarMips will be offered to a 
lumbct )f .■students. Applicant 
IIU.S1 he cnt<;nng NIU directly 
rem a community college and 
:omplcu; 1 45 houit aciepiable to 
NIU. A mimmui GPA of 3.50 
tased on a4.00 scak is iKfuired. 
Applications can be obiain-Ml 
from: Granls-in-Aid Committee 
Northern Illinois Univ. 
I>:Kalb.lL 601 15-2*72 
Applicauon dcidliie is April 
I. 1987. "^ 

All Applicatims for 
scholarships may be oblained 
from ihc Office of Financial Aid 
BIdg. A. Room 364. 

Please notel 

All announcements for 
Uricoming mujt be sobmitled to 
Ihc Harbinger by noon on die 
Thursday prior to the issue you 
»ish It to appear in. 

Tkc HarMagcr, Dccoibtr 4,19M, rk|t 7 






Classified Ad 

student mtn-oimmercial 
ctaisifieds— lrc« 

Nnn student claaiif Ml —up 
to eight linei, MM. 50 c«iU 
each addltioMi line 

¥ftr Sair 

Iw Salr 


MEDICAI. hSST. tmmim m Iwiir 

dMV»ctK oMk* call Mt« (llSt 4SS- 

*ik IkJ. aui ii fn hmkmt Iw 




Ucc Nv« Yanaha 'YT - 
<tl(ncM TKJEa 

ID ■•« I. LmM' 

Help Vuiilrd 

-.000 GOVEKNMtNT lOBS till 

MU «lt BUXDtlD r*ID im ■ nnmi iii y 

• iiip«4 


Sn*. Wm Com TtM) 



S' Cll|.K»-«l>lS- 


I ms-i4w m m 



■ liliiiil Smiswk Gill)»)M4. 

STUDiiNT IXMNSc Yia imt M ■>•«• 
lagilapM4MMjl)ibiffyMi|c« aSmdaal 
Laai Inaa Iht fmt Naliaul Hank ii( 
Ckiaga ClM Kally Akua*i> al InlOD- 


All a«ai 
CaU |4>H # WA-6T3A. w 

amae '*llttB«a«-'£ciic* Bm 732, Monoa 

IVping Service*! 



CriD «SI-MW ix «9ni-«H7 


Tam pi^eft, faiaotiial MalaaMaUt alc- 
NaaMaaMe and laliaMs. Call Chm # 
im-***: altisf I PM 


m»at«fa l»' 

7i«« «-«.. tiiaa*. W 

aan-IMW. III»-tlM a vaak iwi.^ 
-- ■ ■- --m Cal Law» • 

int mmmik wtm.**jf^m^ Ltgwi Service* 


nufnir.: mi»»»a»««*»ii:is 

faf 'hav flai taMit. ^ticc catual 
— lai^ata. ■• a^iiia. lacattoa ■ 
idmitiMH. Mat 'ka«* claatipiiltMl 
wtiiaa am* pwA *S&0imm mmmm. Ha»- 
IwlulltMrK CaBItai#W-«WT«l 

ATHum; nfxu mm i« b 

■agtaw a<i«iMMaf. TiaaMut fm 

CrfiN M t mm^as-mm. im-mm i 


rAJt'T-tnW.. Ma%«aiMl: AUaww 

«aai m tS .15 

ootNTiawAncwAU c)wi«h«««« 

Uai»«i»>ty T iluiia It laiaanlitMi (twa 
aii|>TT.«<: fiaa ««lat tmu fca w -t Wmi 
W: ' Callatiaic Wliafcaala. U*, *W fc. 

Ifll CWVY BiTAl-A. «■■ aaarf. * 

lltEE COKSULTAnON !■» all job 

kMl ■■■•>:' ladnla IHII. pammil iitgHrgr. 
iHiiii^iiiii_ nd aiuic. I1k»« %> ''(iS^ w 
Ul-)taD.. £•*• anl xcltooil •»••. 
k l,a« oflkci ul Iki^kcx & 
MM) N- M<acli»n, IrJ fl<««, 

■IK. wm 


NIKON ««»>■> 

FAcaMia *MDI5 

oas. NiiiMf ^9-l<lI<«■ ■ 


All ai aiaii ciaulillaK •«< <■< 

m CjH Mmm 9mmmm0 »m 

-tarn m m wufc. W-WBO, XKU 


If7l IM-IA il: fmtm,pmh*.im 
ian«.mimai..aaaii<>» «•»<•*•. 
Cat Taaa lM-3MI«i W2"»nT 

'Ctliim^mi^. Mim^UBrmm 


TSLfiMAmUSTBlWi Mafca m». mm 
am. Mo !«■'•*» CilMt. rMi'« 
a't'MalS- MMAawni* 
'mi OmIkM* U.. 

'MIKW A COWVtlSi Jm*it 1 

« ric^ililii atlll. al MAaatc '1 imaicn 
anoiiliiJLIIi^iii^wiiiirii.nir nml CaU 
Hill ilS»-t»»a«*f 4:30. 

IW IMa Cbi< Ch>aii4a< 


iliaillM tmi'^- d5 ^ ■■■■* »'* W 
Militlci. I»aa« II -ela** M«f»M 


«IiE FKIWIJS l*>»«l '"M*- ••«" 

»mmi. mmimm w mM *«•. Wack. 

■hac aal ■■■. CM! V«ta> # fWni* 

StIBUtT ffa l a i if li aaalaa»Btiiii*iiiiii» 

CQUJmOW:. blMM4>M4 

■ writ. It)«tlia*t«i 

p,«aiMa«l<lliltiO'ialfc iwjoi. 
I l» 'Wtal«aW am Call 'Daw 
Vanmai # m*-'*wa «w ■• «n|aii»— w 
U.S. «jla Clt* KMT B. !llal«i«»».»i«»'„ 

__._ Mail «».t» ii» Caai Calnalai. 
r O. Urn <HII. DcKalh. IL <01 15 

III) DaliaaitiH tai iwwrani 

cui I (IDS') M-r^«i». 

f ai. Hi- Mm tw am* lapo M. 

tm aiKYSLia n«"i>«*- 'tiy f<>"«' 

ammm. %••■ ■ AHm-w. tMi:i>. »«H 
ma., mitmof. na#i«i. »a>*w "i«*, ifi4 ™- 
Wioill. a,««)wl)a«an«. CaBB** 

lyiMnf Servieoi 

Gmaa 9 fn-OMWaaai rftir 5 fa. 

SdMMri payan. tl.25 rat pafe 

Ca»<>r««4ciic«. raiMiat, aa4 
■■■aiaiiiri..iliT CaBtMI>a«WI- 

W0lin«M>CIWINO: Tina |»fan. 
dMii yaiian. Jtaianamait, miiinkal 
inM« aa4 laauBM aaptnly I 
rwiyaM^amrH'pntm. l-aii«-.. 
un>a hefcap anl *li»aiY aaarfataa 

IKAVEI. FIELD |K»i>iaa ■va.lal>d 
immcdiaiely. Good coaiMii»ians, 
»ilai Wi — t aapa*»aa. mmti Mri aHm 
taaiafiu. Cril Bni Nalmi • 111 4)13 
fetmmilm MoapMiiai — alai. 
Mda y laM, w C l a y , ft. L a i i fc a fc lr 
m So Pa*a Idaad HtMRYl S|>acial 
iiMmmmIr CaUtl>a>#3Jt-tOM 

IRAVEl. FIELD <i|>i<>naBii)r. Obib 
•iluaMe aiaitumt cKperkocc alliik 
eamiAt money Campat icfHaiealaltvc 
aM>lad maiKduuly iar Spraii Biaak mp 
10 Roruia Call Campui Maitaiai 


f afililia* , 

'|«iar a 

'admit «msnim 

w.AwitjD m nans w. loat •« 

TImt aui <lH>i t**l< K) ha <" 
«T Iba ai llfl aMaKlu. nO 
m M 
III* *ou <lla«>i>a aa4 ropatai 

Itaihilffhiiiiiiiil r 

AT mSP A •tcnaanal wrrBC ikal wiR 
■jf* inm «•» iiapm ""I *••««' B»P- 
mt iiaotni •««(>•, |ia««<aa< lail 

aAtu^ No lai|>li I >■•>•>• - icdiiMGiJ, 
amlliril, lagii «al*« tla4l» """fT! " 

Tllai, ■«; _tl»t ^ ^J^JZ r* nam ASKYm«ilrt»i*a«l.»ift.«. 

a IJ a«oii*» Mt«« ram goali vm. m --„',„ csraiiTARIALI All o« 


ai S« la SiOliTARIALl All 

Ihiii w i *nTr ' — '"' ^'- —* *»'»■ 

VAL. CM luKrmmmml, lot l*a ■«•)> 

l«ii*ait Lmi'i t» nt •mmtUmt. fUit 

tlmak lor kadiiiR ■« yaa cakaliUw 

■aa ■ l«awl Sm ya anamil 

DEItWH 1 Hh! >«i r»d Nnar inai 
Mxmnm a»am|>i««iauaiM«|»wll|« 
talcr Il*ey*ait-«1JMI*«1>««<1' 
IlKlaanantaca. Low >«» kalf Sto 

KWSTiN: li •lail •>«" 'orew! ' 
luafmnloe >l! And IfOil ao" ll«™ il in 

wiilinf! LM 

Damn - You're •wnli '1 nullua and I to 
all Saiaaadlulaa. 

RK.51, Thmki foi llir lunoh»i--»t»l'ii iiu* 
1 iwaeuc" Oiccn ID BO*»<J fnoni*, Gtwid 
lauglia aad goud liinc« on your B-Dsynt 

r»f» I, T»t Hsrklaivr. DccciHlMr 4, 19M 



kj Bill Kagclktrg 

SfertK Editor 

Ttacy started last und ended 
1)11 ick as tike Ladyhawki 
demotishMl ihc Wnghi Rams. 7<>- 
T}. behind the shoMimi; of Amy 
S|»cih. Michele Ccmklcy. iiut 
Kim GrccnholdL 

Spieth, IS poinui, led llM 
Lat^wfts in the tini hair wiiJi 
|ioM Menm. wd her fiia half 1 ) 
|K>iMs could have beaten tbc 
Rms by ilseK. ai tlicy were 
Wiiwl 37-10 aiihe hair SfMcth 
Icfi the pne c jrty iit the second 
Wr m she htid sitrrcred a Icf 
niury in the Isit gjiine. 

'She (Spieili) will he alright. 
She is really tough. 1 took licr 
(HM so she wouldn't be out for 
mod if she did gel hurt again.* 
laU: iKad coKh Tom Tochnci. 

Sfiietb played an incredilik 
faine. playing to capiicity in 
r«ery «ipec:l:. defenac, piMtinf, 

The Ladyhowka mnedi early as 
(hey raukd olT 27 nnugltt poinu 
in 14 miniii4;s before the Rams 

aid OMmiIhUi added eigM polM: 
to the MIliiM Kate while 

cwrytwc on the ttmn had points. 

Gfcenholdl and Cuokley both 
had 14 poinu in the second half, 
while Gffcnholdt led all scoreri 
■with 23 points. Coaktcy had l(>. 
Spieih added I). Natalie Simons 
and Mary Mepham had 12 and 
Ovia BcndDr added 1- 

The Ladyhawki started the 
second hall just as they did in (he 
lim hall by putting u;n straight 
points on Ihc board. By now ihe 
Lady hawfcs had put this one away 

'Tins win won't hurl us. Last 
year they (Wright) beat us, but 
this year ihcy arc very weak. 
Thirty -Ihice points is good (or 
itiem.' said Teschncr. 

The Ladyhawk-s would be 
eipecied to lack ihe deplh needed 
for a contending team with 
having only sis girls on the 
team, but it wa«n'l evident 
Tuesday night. The team also 

has a lew girls coming onlo the 
r,-iicr shortly. 

Ttesi ':% a tram which should 
tc wuichci very closely because 
dMy LK eiciling to watch and 
alio will gain nHvc wins this 
year ihan many people think 

Pkao CrtOH ^vai BroaUm 
Amy Spidh panes the ball l« Kim (ireenboldt around a Ram defender in Ihe 
tadyhawki T9.33 rmnp. 


WRIGHT 74-62; 


by ni 

SpnrW Edilnr 

The Chicago Bean. 

Just the name makes some 
petiple throw the paper away. 
whtle the real sports Ian rea<l$ en 
to icstn nor< about the 
even hanging front in the Super 
Bowl champions team. 

This week (he latest out ol 
Malas Hall is die McMahon 
slant. I am a very big hacker ul 
the punky QB. aad when 1 saw 
Charles "Too Mean" Martin 
rclcaw on Jimmy. 1 hoped for the 
electric chair. Apparently Pete 
Ro/cllc, limmy's all-time 
Mggcti fiw. didnt agree. Ym all 
know Manin was suspended two 
games and has the ruling 
cunently under appeal. When 
will Ihe i:-in who slammed Mad 
Mac be niapmded? 

Many people are tired of 
hearing about McMabon's 
inturies. 1 am too. but what Ik 
did last year ilill nanains fresh m 
my mind. Tbe same thing 
hap,>cned to Rick Sulcliffe 
Everyone was his buddy until 
IMS wiien he kept reinsuring 
his arm. Everyone was Mac's 
buddy unul lie was hurt. It's loo 
hod he hid ic be hun badly bcfoit 
people rcaJixed how hurt he really 

Jimmy wunled to go out and 
pRive hi could kad die Bears, bul 
Kiosi people ha-e replaced his 
good inieniions with the most 
heard slogan in uic Chicago arai; 
'he's alwsys hurl." Was he hurt 
in the MinmsiMa game litst year? 
Was he hurt in die Super Bowl? 
Was he hurt when the Bears wen: 
a mediocre team and he was 


h; Bill KncelbcrK 
Sporl* Editor 
In Ihc Intramural Bowl, the 
heavily favored X-Cougars 

pO'untlcd the Ecars by Ihc final 
srore of 2%-l. 

The X-C<jo|ii«. favored lo win 
(tie Bowl since the (ipentng of the 
season, fct) bt:hind m iht- early 
gomg as the Bear* recorded a 
safely on the firsl phy of the 
game fora 2-0 lead. 

The X-CoHgars came back and 
Koecd four smight times to take 
the game away lian the Bears 

The X -Cougars first score 
came on a SS-y»fd pass from 

Denny McDougald lo Don 
Mcl>>ugald. McDougald would 
go on I) pass for dirct more 
touchdowm in the aricrTKxm. 

Other receivers who caught 
pmsses were Jeff "Too Mean" 
Lapak. Todd " Quick" Milncr, 
andTeiry "While Shoes Coaies. 

Joe "TD" Malaka ltd the 
defense wiih three inicrccpiions. 
while the X-Cougars stole a total 
of 10 Bear pasics, and the Bears 
were sacked nine tunes. 

The X-Cougars weic awarded l- 
shirDi loi their vicltiry and wdl 
defend dicir utic next year 

competing a(ainst Vince Evans 
and Mike Ph-pps? 1 bet all real 
Bear fsni <vill remember diote 

Nt>w lor Ihc tab|CCt ol Rutie 
the Cuiie and Tomc^ak. 
Everyone wants id sec Fli-iie 
What iibout Tomcjiak? When 
Tomczak was m Platleville 
sw.aituig it out k> see if he couhl 
nuke the Bears. Flutie was at 
home counting his Trump 
mdliont. Miki Ditka will give 
Tomcak the chance to claim the 
position beyond a reasonable 
doubt. Toroc/ak will do it. So 
everyone who wants lo see Flulic 
and wants Mad Mac hurt and 
Tomtzak out so they can sec 
him. you will probably have to 
wait until nest year if Dtika goct 
by his strict standards of playing 
for the Bears. , 

by MU Kutrlhrnt 
Sfont Mttor 

the 2-^ Himt% *tn dciwiicd hy the 

»-0 W-ighi Ram* la»i HjcMlay mfhl 
bythecnunl c* ^*^>~ 

"Ihcy (Wnghl) art- d ftnjd learn 
They w(iii (wr Thmk^givmf; Tciurna" 
fnenf (ivrr lilc weekend Bul I'm vm 
(ifHimiHlic jihoul iHir icam With fhc 
addnl <|uitiM.-s<< i>( the ((Hrnball play 
crs and ihr minimal work lhe>'vc 
dnnc ID the 'Jlmn time llic>'»c hecn 
laid head cnnch Roger Bcthltild 

AH five irfthc Ram\ sian^rv wtwrd 
in dfiubic figure). *(iik ihfrr >il Hw 
HaM>iL» hii dtmhle numlwn>- 

rhc H»»ii Icll Ivliind five miiiuies 
ink> Ihc fM half and wen* uniMc M 
calch up. 

At Ihe half, the Hawkt woe down 
by Ihr tone «f W- .^2 and had II lum- 
mtn. which cimnbulcd to ihe Ram 

Going into the second half. 
Adam Kuru and Joe Pappa of the 
Hawks were in foul unublc and I 
had 10 play conservative ball to 
remain in the game 

The Hawks were within 3 
points halfway through the 
second half, but a three pointer I 
and three consecutive baskets by 
the Rams put lite game out of die | 
Hawks reach. 

A second half highhght was an 
alley-hoop slam by Aaron 
Hudson of die Rams. The slam I 
put Ihe Rams out in front in both | 
the score and it got them up even 

"I think we played fairly well. 
I saw some good signs and when 
the conference games come 
around. 1 think we wit) br 
playing good." added Becblotd. 

The Hawks will meet 
Waubonse« this Tuesday at 7:30 | 
M the Harper gym 

Kevin INicholson goes high lo give Ihe llawki two paints in a losing rfforl lo 
Ihe Wright Rami by the score of 7462. PhauCn^AiwmBnml^ 




DECEMBER 11, 1986 

WINIwn MHwf Harpw Coltog* Pttotln*. lillnot* 


k; Ptart HiwtarMM 
•SMtr Writer 

The Harper College Art 
Exhibit MMr ihowmi in i* not 

The Aft ttMm. is on «» mf, 
II sianed Decenlicr 1. wmI will 
run ibroagh fintti week. 


-mt an •«* i» wn whai ww 
wiMlf oivect U eniiilHled al your 

tlieie if a link <fifferei«:e, 
Thoe exhitHU mt noc fram the 

stiMtonis. bai rrom ilie faculiy. 

Mil iBtf Golkii iiniiioyec*- 

Yea. HmTI ftgM. 

■men: aic WftecH W'te and. 
they are inlete)rtlit.« 

hiuory of Hmpa College Ihal 
ftmething like ihii has been 

Tht idea. «•■ lugRCMcti to 
Iteog Vut year, and ihe agmai 
tat* since Harper mm a 
community cidlcge, it wpirtd lie 
nice K> have an exhitw lh« mm 
community aricnied. ihm 
including all employee* at nell 
x>i ihc faculty and staff menibin. 

The exhibits arc a chance fw 
the artist lo idiow some of ihcu 

I IM <i«i|iMl' an works 
done hf dw a**!**: ■* '> "'^ 
•v'ldeM ihM tiwe wai a M of 
dtat p» ima *mi pmm, and. 
dial iha antsi b trying to lay 

Rusty HmAI said *m. itm ia 
HMMg to Hit Oa ii pwww of die 

TMs H Hit §m ■lime ia di«. 

For the siiNkntt. it's ; 
tide of niaylic one of their 
inamcKir* dtat dwy would ne'ver 

HMmg lays, 'It* an aipea ol 
ihcif perioajlity yon don't 
usuiily see" 

The* an piece* diat hiwe Imm 
done as hobliiei, done not 
piofetuonaUy. hut lor ptetmue^ 

S«Mi« of dtcae. one will see 
have be«B lianMl. which means 
dwy Ritilit ha«e Inm tungmg m 
tomaoMe'^ iMNMa* 

These pieces show 
iadividua)in>. and show feeMm 
about die anist dial ibey may 


Amont the wmt ««■ m w«iki «i <«iipl»y in ll» fwulty/stiiK m »h<i* i» Tmidiin Fishing Vill»|.e" by Pm Svo. 
(iZliMn. DaptV Mm Sv«e. t rtl«liv« of wtifi Ben Slahl, cimpleBd Ihc oil iio cmv«i |Mmiing in t"»W. 






The United SUM govenimcM 
has been racked hard as 'dtc 
Iranian scandal heats up 
Washington with more 
d fiageipointing 
■til 'He case Ola 

adviMTS WCfE 

Mm wrong things 

Former National Security 
advisor John PoiiMkxier ^who 
mm *e aHcfMl ringleader of the 
fcandai) 'ind. ti. Col. Oliver 
North (d»e Dufsity dircctof of 
potitKal-military affairs (or die 
NSC) m the west-wing of die 
White tiouse planned and took 
active pari m die plan lo sell 
arras lo the lianians who ai« 
fighting a WW against liai|. But 
the tcantW i« ■■■' than: Hat. die 

The prati had a targe pan in 
disclosing this stamdal in 
Washingion. After the third 
hostage (David Jacobsen) was 
ickasral from Let»non. (he pre» 
became c»ircm«ly' curious as to 
the details of the release. 
Slowly, details of the icandal 
came out. The Iranian 
connection lo the hostages 
captors (the Muslim Zealots*, 
who the ifamani had power over. 
beoMM ^ifwent liiat diot was die 
leaaaa die dirce Vjnagcs weic 

wodtf eommf (iMttX «•» te 

woaM' he 
». a'Swii* haak 

This dBKlOM'fe and «htr b»:s 
and pieoea came f m.i a varieiy of 
'■MHGea: an account wbtished in 

a pro-SyiiaB wcskly na»»:inc m 

•Jeirm. a pii Mii;. _ip«<ch_l>)r _d ie 

gwanM ofTicial't comments in 
Waahington and Jerusalem, 
(Washington looked to be 
sabotaging its own efforts lo 
oigamiae a world-wide embargo 
matoiiaMas saks to bait)- 
b WaakiiwUMi, law:«ak«n 

President to make «j«ica 
disclosures of any and all 
information not already made 
public. More informalioo may 
be made public this wixk as the 
Senate inielligenLC commiiicc 
comlmues its investigation of die 

The Rirmcr National Security 
advisor Robert McFailuitc has 
told die Hottse Foreign Affairs 
Commitlee ihal the President 
approved a 19S5 sale of U.S 
arms to ban by Israel " The 
WhiK House denies ihis charge. 
Reagan has also brushed off 
advice dtat Donald Regan (Whin 
House chief «( itif ^ li'<=d. 

The United States government 
has itmcMdieitd that Iran is an 
imponaiH gaographical <unc. 
The purpose of diis secret deal 
was not only to get the hoMages 
hack, but to bcuei relations widi 
who die Unitc4 Stales hopes will 
be die people who someday will 
lakt over the current Iranian 

I-topw CoOegie hM uevctapad a 
new form of a data-mailer 
mnscript which oaMci a undent 
ID receive dieir transcript tight off 
the computer. 

'It was a big job. Tv-o years 
of planni ig have gone into this 
and now wore done to die wire.' 
said Steve Catlin. Dean of 
Admissions and Registrar. "The 
disadvantage is diat students have 
an overnight wait to receive ihcir 
transcript. At the lime the 
request is made, the student is 
given the choice to pick it up the 
next day o>' have it mailed." 

The new form also contains 
what transfer credits llic student 
received from Harper, CLEP 
credit itnd ihc degrees tn which 
the studem received. 

The Computer Program 
department with Hazel Rilki 
worked under ih. jiidance of 
Larry Fcldman. Maniif,:?' of 
Program Services. FeLImm also 
wodced widi Catlin designing the 

'I think we have been pretty 
progressive in the past few 
years." notes Cadin. 'We have a 
sophisticated system of 
icfiawi^ lihaibeen wwfciag 

_ - -__— * *« 

iha Maraist Saa41alat8 ruiHimi'i i w«ey of mm mtu 

nbm. ItelMwaiakeaaifadite 

The tranacripis for the end of 
die una ^wald be in die new 
form. Students who want a 
inwscripi should go to the 

Ptgi 1, Tfct H«rbi«|W, Il«ei»ker 11, IM* 




M«t* luioc Iwen tkk to eipcw 
In mntt. hmI «o. lUey put ii w 
ciMi'VM. ttwow ■ iitik |MJM on M. 
■nd N ciwiici alive. 

11i«l« i» fctuJiM)' »" Art 
[kcp(t<K«.flli-'iuit> E*hihtt held 
•»•»> AyH, hat then; •tim'i te 
MM ihii year, so the urt. 
'JeiiitnBiC'iM. faculty had » dtiplay 
ilieir work m thts cihiliiL 

Ttarc wiH h< a Siwkni An 
Exhita not nem May. 

At far i* auoiher mUUi <i( 
mkt kMKl. mere prolnWy mml be 
t one bcid to a couple of 

• aiyt. lliM if liie Rists 
e will l)e glad 

So. II is 
akc a few Mmiiei of yoiv lime 
ami check out the laiesi in an 
«Wk ai. Haip«t. They are in 
Mdip. CAP, jnai totk iniinid. 



Led by fictttMNM viitinio Taci 
Viuihn. liic VImpet Speech Team 
riitithod seventh a< ilK Foi 
Valley Ftwemics ToiirnaimtiM 
held IX-cemhCT 5. ft al El«iu 
Conimumiy College The 
College of DuPJige »ai fim. 
North Cemrai lecond and IIIiikm 

Vasgtin. from Elk (km*. 
captured the first plmx Wfihy in 
novice poeiry for her proitnini cm 
the tHeme o( tgm In the 
hands of Tart, this protram 
ting*," lay* Siwdi coacli Tom 
McOraih. Mm i&tl MMd 
of icpwicK 

To«y KoitM. « 

Buflilo Gnve, also made U 
w Ike final round of novice 

poewy, lakiaf ike foorili plaee 
Hptly. 'AAer aooic fine tniung 
of hie ffoinm on adali 
adokacanoc. Tony h»d a good 

cliaiKX of iMkinf finali. Tlic 
awvi II •eU-d»aer«Ml.* adds 


Una. wai Aim's 
Ihint MnntMCM. the speech 
improvini iharply at each 
contcit The beauty ol ihit 
iftKh i* Ann'i ability lo break a 
htlMy technital wh|cti mio an 
imdemandalile talk, pleatint M 
eye and eat,* mm the ciaA 

All seven Hstpcr coMeitants 
■coied fweepnaket points for 
ihcar ichool: Shelly R»tey in 
per»va*ive and improniptM 
tpMlking. lobn Carroll in 
inforataiive and improRiplu. 
Laura Stone ui prote and Sheiry 
Crobe in dramaiK: and: pMlry 

Tifi Vaughn ...III Place 


Tony llo««»...4rti Itat* 

Ann Baimer...6th Place 

nail iMiiMm* tMEMU mu nm 

riMl taw *trtt4 




BicMlicr 11 

SKtMr I* 


m mt m i 

W Clnm 

Ml tMMitlal 

an MM m 























trumpi CnHi 







Aptwhimh Emmh 




t :»-l:«S 

SrrtntM ttam 

fspiM fmn. 

1. ClMw> l>tt«n«.«« it ««••«■ <"•' ■<" '•"•■ «»• ivwl"* cU«« tdit*iH. 

I, mun n>mi0 n»nMi t»(ti»» tl«m irtn m« «• "Ml 1 mmmmr It tm- riMl .i«rtMti«». u M 
Mia avrixi nfDltr dm a*nMi. 

Mil ir r««1t: !♦ rmr' el«i«« «•» .at #H t»ia nw •*»• »'••»< tM« 'icA^Ailt. »1MM c»it«t 

l^^^lfl^^ SWCMTS tne wwy t)< - 
IrBP coiw^, double stitched sio- 

' • and, feet wou onty yl '"■ "*»'"f 3'°*'' 

Suieat WbfHs 'S youi stofc to smieats' MOQC SClECTlOMS 

in evefv ^i^e VO"'" '" WW'S*". coKirs tn,»rr the :.. ■ 

to mora lliao » Hwltion coloi*. » pftf, noboo. 
loucn. Compare oui everv«y P"C«, you'H lee int- 
unDeatable waluits at 5tt«!#l Mtofto 
The nCAi MUff no* '«!!*'» 

9tit0n am ma ','j*i ■■*..! ounwuce 

$ 6.M HlOO 

9.9B laoo 

U.99 2000 

. • !: vfi V AHTWOfWS ' -.ri.c I o a r>ana 
■..tig pimted Of repioduced Ouf own art«s 
■f .can made jjarmems and design on« at a 
time I.V t«r»cj YOU II !ir>(J Custom aif-lxu5in.inq, bo« anO thch pam' 
..jnd ewr> ifn«»fte«J rtimestones hand -set m metal Vou won't set- 
itic^' domes anywn, ' ■ v 'd we've got a graat »^*5^«;" •* ^^,**'' 

.Kcn YOUR oeawn 

lahe ^nape under tne •spinning Artuww* ' ctome 
laqinei iweat lop^ or I'-- (your^ o< ours), jacticts 
or jeans read, witn d -^pin- painted, siKlirtg 
design that nOOOOV CAM MATCH m less tfwn 
lOminotffSi Tahe a fide on the '^ "" ' 


Tl» HarW»i«, ntttmhtr 11. 1»M. P«gt 3 


A* a Ml* itafr Ikb rtar. (lavc r»r veteran 
•iiMacat M»«»ttr Oehbk (iealry iiail »nera« 
ColMaaiit Mike Haminer* whnse nane i* 
»j«»il»»o«» Willi liarprr ColleKe Hke father 
Hcafeartk is with N«trc Dame) we enlrred the year 
ratktr Bai»* about tbc inaer-wtirliiaKf of Harper 

Qakkly. wc were tlappcil ia the fact wltk 
rtaUty. Realili ber« at Harper li a M differeal 
rrom rcalitf outiide Ibe cainftia. Life kerc al 
Harper is a crou betwcea "Alice in Woailtrlaad'' 
aad "The Spj Who came ia fr«m ihe C'nW." with a 
MMCk «f -irifhl Li|ht», Bit t"y." 

Wa learned rast. 

Wt tud to. 

In ftfltctliM:. ihtiM tm mme «f' tM«R« w« 

laarvail lium ><^ **'■ 

...Ytw caaaol call mwie ttt the baiiness omcti 
kalwtcB the hoari uf II aiMi 1 hecauM the ke> 
people are ntuaDT m rileMlcil lanch breaki. We 
tried l«i Inititale that xame level ttt 
priift<isi<>nali»iB here al The Harbiater. but. ala*. 
we ha»e to wark for a liWag and quite fraakl* we 
tint to»e what we du. 

...Mm* people are more than wiiHai! to help 
10V a<. I<in« ai: A) It docsB't CMt thrm anything . 
\nd in It dotfn'l like «p »"> of iheir precioui 

...SiMnc ol Ihe people anwad here, facallj 
MttniniilraliiM and stafT includrd, need tit read the 
Hook "tn Search nt Fsielleine" bj Peters and 

...The »larr in Ihe Rrgislrar's Offite gtti v«r> 
upucl and nervous «hen »ou mention tl>f naaKht} 
viord>>: "Athletic in-eliKibililv." 

...Our investilsalinR of an alhlele'% alleRed 
inelifiibilit} to play rowtball created mure concern 
than a «tudent'!s arrest for murder. I'M flad we 
keep everjthinf in perspective here al Harper 

...Compared to ulbcr orfsani/utitins and 
departments. The Harbinger is the mnit 
professionally-run orKuniialion nest to Ihe Harper 
Hawks, who' also had an escellcnt season. 

...The Harbinger has a lot of weight; acc«rdl«| 
ta ilM' Iritsd «l a Stadcnt Senate caadtdali. "We 


_.llari«e'i •nntball coach thinks that he is Mike 
Dilha and treats Ibe press accordinitly. Only after 
winning a Bowl |tame. does one have the rithi to 
do that? 

...WXRT «3.l FM is probably Ibe world's 
greatcsl radio irtaliMi. 

...The Student Scaalc i* very borinc this year 
and will be remcnbcred by the word. "Whn?" 

...WHCM will continue to play Ihe miitk it 
waali to play reiuardlcss of Ihe pressure 10 do 
olbcrwiM within Ihe organiiation and outside il. 

...Von caa't |el jood help nowadays. 

...The student bady as a whole i* very apathetic 
and not out ptruMi or any or|aniialion can do 
■Hftliilig ab«M II. 

Letters te the editor are welcomed. All 
letters must have name, address 
social security number and title, s^ith 
as students, faculty or staff member 
Publication rights are reserved. 

I>y Mike 

Breiheis and mum. where is 

the love ' I searched for il on 

campus. 1 searched lor it in 

Shautiiburg 1 even searched 

for II in never mind, the 

(mini is. I icaiched. 

1 asked the Harper 
commtinity to embrace me 
with lis love. No. 1 didn'I aik 
for the kind of k>ve that lasts 
ioNstr. HeU. t jusi asked Cor 
■MM Insincere k>ve letters. 

Wbeie IS Ihe love. Haipei'-' 
Out of 30.000 students, I gm 
one love letter. Just oik. 
When I stop and ihink of all 
I've given to ihis school, »l 

I've given everything I had 
U) five in the last III yean. 
I've gone to Harper and alt I 
gel is one stinktnf lov« 

Thjls righl. I said stiitkinK 
IcWi. 11K lenet I received had 
<3i»! powerful sccni 

Michelle, (die one cbsj.) 
girl, wrote to mc) (lon.'l gci rtw 
wMtiii;. I kiwiNt your Icuer and 

Wnmu ^ utm 

your creativity, but that was 
one hell of a perfume you 
doused your letter wilh- 

When I siancd reading your 
letusr, my eyes actually began 
watering and it wasn't from 
your writing! If we ever meet. 
I'd prefer the precious scent of 
your naked ficth to thai 
imtumal strength siuH:. 

Now. don't think I'm 
ungiateful. I'm telling you I 
WIS at the end of my rope 
before you teat that letter 

Let me see. how could I 
describe your letter? Well, 1 
loved the fuzxy bear you drew 
and I appreciated the 
comidiroentt on my wriimg- 

Vcs, I was intrigued by yotff 
offer to review a movie with 
me, but ilKU thing lltat got me 
'WM lho«; lips. 

All acniss the letter were 
what apncarcd to be ihc most 
■lensuou-s lips I had cvci ueen 
You certainly ttroughl new 
meaning w the saying "scaksd 
with a kiss." 


f OOTbALL lieCi 

O.K. Michelle, I loved your 
letter, but who arc you? You 
didn't leave an address or a 
phone number! Where is the 

I got all excited and began 
thinking of the two of us 
caimg real butttrcd popcora in 
an arlsy-f artsy theatre that 
played movies we could never 

Oh. you'd turn to roe and ask 
me the meaning of the movie 
and I'd shrug my shoulders and 
niake a stupid face signifying I 
(lidn'i have a clue cidicr. 

Then Id take your loving 
hand and place it over my 
beating bean and you'd feel the 
language of tove. 

Our eyes would meet and 
slowly we'd melt logcihcr like 
ihf butler in that citta large 

Oh Michelle. Id know wed 
ilick together like my shoe 
Slicks to the lloor of the movie 
thealrc that seems like iis been 
treated with gooey cotton 

My thoughts race 
uncontrollabl) i" di.>.uni and 
erotic places wc a»ld trolic in: 
P.ins. Uvndon. Skokie 

But alas, 1 have no numht-r. 
iM> address. I guess I'll be 
liKictl lo wander the lonely and 
deserted shores of this vast 
planet smiling loi your 
mdusirial-stnengdj porlumc. 


Wllham Raiwv Harpr College 

Algonquin & Rosclle Roads 

Palatini, IL60<K7 

J»7 31100 

liMK -in-CliM 

»icll»« JlllIM 

MeM«in| EaHK- 




,\Aran BKHdiM 


. jprnrw!, 

Ijcry Puflln 

Sirau !;*»..- 


A*. Aait 

AMmm .-~- 

iyim Btm 




Cdm|«iW CoomIum At DmkoAi 

C«rt»«...- J«^ f'"™ 

TU HARBLNGF.R .• llw nwlwa 
^Mbtmum tatUw lUipa C^oltefa cmtfm 
couiiiimiy. piWiiMd Mckly e»«|» 
aufini Inhiiqri •■d ruwl taaai All 

UMiiiiw ■niiitrr-' — -^ "^ '*~ 

■rf iMM mmamitt auu of *• tnUeir, 
Ml iitoeilniMiim famlti" m — *— "—^ 
Mnnmmt imi toft *» * l^ •• ■«• 

All loun lo Ike xlilM nu te •i|pa4. 
rami •oMkU m m ^ unt For tarinr 
atammuMt cat wr yaOO. mLlMOv 


\a open ki 

M «} die skt 

.. ilie 

. •.'wOtm, Mi Ihe hingry:. 





MMlMi thousands 


emt fix you 




amurr tm 

ym. We 





decafiig Itny Levis and the 



If for 




We have bought albums we 
wont listen to. and lee-sbiris we 

wmt wear for you. 

B«l if. iKiKMghT 
We have bouikt peanMt and 
candy wc wool cal for you. Wc 
luppon your March of this, and 
your Cmsade foe thai lot you. 
We have watched your agony and 
wc have, oicd tm yat. 

Bm il il cMWfhT 


Wouldn't leaving ut alone for Ihe 
holidays be a nice way of saying 
"Thank You"? Cmon. recall 
your bellringeri, cancel your 
pathetic adi and just, just go 
iway unul JuMvy. Iiealizctbat 
you're "life's victimi' and all 
that, but If one month a year 
really that ouieh to aik? 



I rind Ma. Fnntaincs letter lo 
be totally dehumanisitc and 
apalling. As jmt a regulai 
iladeni ihe Idler leaves a loiir 
taste in one's mouth, but 
considering her school of Mudy I 
fiad Ike Icuer lo be complciely 
diaglining. Maybe Johnny 
QtoHM) Lydon claimed he was 
Ihe ■Mi-Christ, bui if he doOBl 
have ■ k)ck in the pnnuriea I 

have a new candidate that will be 
hoi in the running. This kind of 
auiiudc is sick, and Bob GeMof 
amoag many others including 
myself, wh« work for the 
benereit of people wouM all uke 

Mr. X 

raracr Staff Writer 

rhft 4, Tli« Itarfctaiw. DtcMfctr II. Iff* 

.Off Beat. 


maty turn eit- 


Pttiiiml •/ 

aaJ Cartli m 

ICGtMlwr 14 m 7:)0 
r,M;. "i* a* StiMleM CciMt 
hamtjc (A nun.). AitaianMi m 

Im ymt» taiinl. tkc ririt. 
MB: kcM M taiMHMiel tiMliefao 

teitivil it 

In iMMtM MCk IMdi'llg w 

Ri.wuGal mtmkttt. AmoBf nj* 
poop* rma HHiwt'i Music 
DqwMMt MlwdulMl lo (wnici- 
pale: Tim C»i«e«n CUoii »^ 
CamwHi Staiim. eontfuOi* «»» 
-DMMiitt Stmdk. Tlie Hi«*<ffll 
Choir, comliicied by Sfculey 
Htpwclt: The Bcaii Ensemble, 
eonduclcd b» J Sumley Rytag. 
and the Hurpei Orclwitfi. 
omdiKinlliy Frank WinWcr. 

HH' Miingl ** (>* ''''"^ '*'' * 
gPMP' of' imdMl* Mta (jKuliy 4>f 
the THeatrt Deptftmcnt tltc 
(■ciitiy iKvolveti are: Mary Jo 

Wittu. Direclot of Tliewre. 
iCevm Gciger. Bo« Office Man- 
atet CH John Muchmore. and 
Michael Brown. Sludenti 
ndiafltllfrt lo do readings include: 
CWtilia Hester. Beth Quiglcy. 
$em MiclMite. Bill Kli}»r«i«h. 

me Benedicwon will be given 
by Fadier Joe Pitii of Harper 
Oill«»e Campos Mmiiiry 

Millie seleciioni will be 
pcrfornied from Cantata 142, 
-(/«» Vi A Child Is fltffii ■ by 
loHann Kuhnall Other works to 
be performed include selections 
by Gibricli. Thompson 
Cherubmi. Fault, mi Haydn 


Ctm'4im hmmte Walker 
made hii firti ever Harp..-t 

anxanwe Ihi Mtmdiy . 
OpcnMg (« Wtrfhw m* Jokn 
te koiil Dw ariMtif in 
m fmmt ame ant. 

'. llMM* t> IHDIt ai "M" 

(ram TV* lM|-iiiMit(ig. lefies 

-GiMMl TinMs*. (ilayMl » •» 
i«e cwowd. of ifciial 75 


The con>:dian. iImmikIi iitll 

hivm^ a ba:>y-(ai:«. it 41 years 
old. He *dn'i do any comedy 
fnjni "Oci:m1 Times", not even hi<. 
former tr:idcin«rk etcbatiiioii 


Walker pm rew-ned (rom 
Africa, where he (ilm' d a mtwie. 
due t> he leksiMed m Man-h. He is 

■l»o net Ml Hat in • new 

leleviiion i«ifi«i. "BiiMi"' 
LMM". oaMtd OH' ihc tichai'd 
l>tyir iKivic. 

h} %m Daily 
Ealrrtaliiaiciit WHtvr 

mm GwM VMNtnccn get 
lof ether rtitee actftfie*. »h» 
delimticly have more pweniiaJ 
than they are allowtd lo iIkw and 
cati them m ■ Tilm thai tnikes 
^otuleJy no scnK. 

Modern C;trl» revolve* 
iroumi ihrc young! women und a 
lonely pfcp in the never endmij 
chMC ol a rtKk Mnger . 8r»no X 

The night suned out when the 
lonely prep. Chit (Clayton 
RohnerK wanted a dream dale 
with one of the three women. 
KeiBy (Vkginii Mad«n). Wm 
Kelly WMMl aKMMl 'fir Ihn ilaii;. 

By Larry PanlMn 
EatcnaianMnI Edllur 

h«r two raonniMiei Margo (Tkt 
Surt' fW»|'a Oaphnc Zuniga). 
and CeCc {Y«««tWood"i Cyn- 
thia GihW. teidc 10 take Cliff 
*id hii car fa a ndc to iIku lotal 
hot bar. 

Dwinf (be course of the 
evening. Kelly loses her Dtic 
Jockey boyfriend. CcCe throw* 
herself on rock singer Bruno X 
( wtio iil«> was played by Clayton 
Rtihnex). and Margo decides ihM 
CliW IS her ideal mm. the only 
kwf Kcne in the enure movie. 

As Ihc evening pitigjeiiiw. Ihc 
bar is raided and CeCc is torn 
i^ml [rem bcr beloved Bmno. and 
the chase begins After going 
through ■ rivc-mmuic rjin stom 
and the potential rape of Kelly 
(who was, by the way. saved by 
ncwc other than CUff). CeCe 
insisied thai ibcy find her "Mr. 
Right" at the aiiport- 

When they finally caleh up » 
Bruno, he invites CeCe lo go 
with him on his tour and she 
tayi no. Can you hclicve this? 
Xm chine a guy half-way around 
L.A. and mm down the life you 
■Iwayt drcnined for fo r your two 

Such • fine director. Such 
■nciedihie set deiign. Such a 

talemed acliK. Such a waste- 
One of this years biggest 
mips, director Roman Polanids 
Pirates, proved ihai occ«*ion- 
ally the rdm-going puMic really 
doe* igaaie tte propw films. 

Plrnlct was i big budget 
entravaganza that pnanicred (sia- 
prisingly tnough) at ihe Cannes 
rilm festival this year. It enjoyed 
wmelhing like a two-week run. 
which was about fourteen days 
longer than it deserved. 

The press kit (or this movie 
icays dial Polanski 'had i lifelong 
desire to make a pirate movie.' 

That Polanski has bad no 
cupericnce with "swashbucklers" 
IS painfully obvious. This film 
has Ihc look of a maitter painter 
from, say. an Eastern Bloc 
country who is asked to paint 
conteroportry Chicago, and 
paints Bugfy Malone in the St. 
Valcmine'l Day Massacre. Nice 
to took at perhaps, but lotally 

Among Ihe number of things 
wrong with this film, it can't 
decide whether to be a comedy, 
adventure, or a drama, and 
consoijiicntly, ii saccoods in being 
noneof iheac. 

Secondly, the tisting of Walter 
Matlhau as ihc legendary C) Cap- 
tain Red It very slnmge. I think 
Maiiliau IS one of the best comic 
chamici acinrs around, hut 1 keep 
ticanng a BnxiUyn character acior 
aucmpling a cockney acccni. Son 
of like AI Pacino in "Revolu- 


Wliat I did like In 
be summed up in one word: 
"Nepiunr~ The Nepimt was the 
■hip Polanski had built as the 
main setting for PSrales. And is 
it ever a ship. 

The Neptune is already the 
stuff of legends. I have heard 
estimates of its initial cost 
ranging from a hundred Uiousand 
dollars up lo half a million 

Its the dream boat of every 
little boy (or girl. I suppose) 
who's ever played pirates at ' 
child. In &CI. difc'i enactly what 
this movie reminds me of; f 
multi-million dolltr child's game 
I'm sure it played well to 
Polanski, but he made up his 
own rules, and it looks it. 


ims have yet another event to 
celebrate The original pilot for 
Ihe 1%6 television scries has at 
long Ust been released. Called 
"The Cage", it starred the late 
Jeffrey HuMer ai the Captain 
(then named Pike). When it didn i 
ohginaliy sell, the Ctpiain s role 
was recast (with William Shal- 
ner) and resold Pans of the 
original were rcshown in the 
episode "The Menagerie" as 
Ilashbacks The rest of the show, 
however, was apparently lost. 
Producer Gene Roddenhcrry used 
his own homemade black and 
while copy lo pR-cc mgclhcr tliat 
first show. Dcfinilcly a must-sec 
f« Tick fans. 

I admire tier loyally, but leis 
gel iCfiotia, whais the point' II 
the wis never going lo go with 
him in ilic fifsl place, why put 
your Iricmls thn>ugh all that in 
one night for literally nothing, 

Modern Clirls wasnt 
Jill Uui had of a movie, but 
it had jhst.luicl) no 
puipo.te cxcciH maybe i 
possible hil soundtrack 
with songs by Dcptchc 
Mode. Ice.iouse, ion 
Basil, and many more . 

So 1 leave thi.i movie 
entirely in your hinds ikid if 
you decide u sec it, l-y the 
new Ridge Cinemas. The 
least you could h) is sec it 
in comf m, U noihmt else 


(^* II ViDCC 



Hm\' - TJj;up.s^ 

_i:,fcj. - 5.,u.ll 

$1.00 KACH 


<;et third 




scwfTiiEO nuts 

ti^ may fi^L MKt AVMt**IXII „ 

C1I Fof Into. 

Nail Outlet 

960 S. Arthur 
Arlinoton Haighu 



Th* Harbintrr, Dtttmhtr 11. 19U,Pa|t S 

"Why won'i he. Daddy? I've been good, 
havcn'j I?" 

"Oh. yes dear, you have. You've- been a 
very good fill " He carried her to her 
iiinall room and put her lo bed. 

A CLASSIC CHRISTMAS TALE CELEBRATING i-""/"'' "!«»«;■ ^'f-^^ "-^ •-" »f 

Jack Muellsiirohni swore 
would never Ici his beloved daughter 
dawn again. 

By Naomi DePluma 

J acli Muellsirohm paced nervously 
htck and fonli With each ery of his wife 

om the nen room, he would Mop his 
pacing and listen anxiously When he 
would hear the soMhing ione!i of the mid- 
wife, his pacing would sian again 

It was Christinas Eve but there were no 
gills in Jack Muellstrohai'i house, nor a 
tree to put gifts under There was no 
money for such things and now. with 
another mouth to feed, lack and his wife 
Hillary would have to forego even the 
xinalJcst of luxuries 

Hillary Muellstrohm kt out a «harp 

series of cries from the tiny bedroom and 

Jack stood rack (till, eyes wide, listening 

Finally. Hillary's cries ceased and were 

f placed by a different sound: the cry of 

i> infant. 

Eventually the mid-wife ««e from the 
bedroom and made her announcement: "A 
girl, Mr. Muellstrohm! A very beautiful, 
very healthy girl!" 

Jack Mticllstrohms eyes flooded with 

joy. "A girl.. a girl.. he muiteie* as he 

fell to his knees and clajtpcd his strong 

hands together "Thank heaven above for 

his wonderful gift! A girl. ." he checked 

i tin watch, his only possession "A lillle 
girl born on Christmas mom! A hiessing! 
We shall call her Maryt' 


r ive yctri ptttcd. J«k Mucllxlrohm 

worked hard ud long to make his sntall 
pared of land prod«c crops but it scrmcil 
thai luck was always against htm He lould 
scarcely grow enough food to nourish his 
awn family and every winter fell longer 
•nd colder than the one before. 

Hillary Mnellstrohm had taken ill two 
yearn back and had never quite recovered. 
Confined to bed. her eyesight gradually 
failing, it was all she could man.ige to 
mend a trouscr leg before succumbing to 
eshaustion. Her husband cooked and 
.leaned and cated for her as besi he could 


he following year was the harshest 
for the Muellstrohm family Hillary 

was thin and frail and hci eyes were only 

useful at a distance of inches. The growing 

season had been especially poor and by 

mid-December the Muellstrohms were 

dependant on the good will of their 

neighbors for food. 

Jack Muellstrohm had sold his only 

possession, the tin pocket watch, in 

November and now fretted whether he 

,,..,,. .... h**! spent the meager proceeds wisely 

Jack MuelLstrohm stood in the doorway „„„.ij,,j__ .!,_;, „ „I_. .■ i. u i 

..I ......1..^ .„i.i. ..„.K..h.H !.,„< .. I...1, conitdertng their current position He had 

But amid this scene of squalor and 
poverty, there was a golden beacon of 
sunlight Young Mary! Her tight red hair 
in pigtails: her big. adoring blue eyes: her 
unwavering good cheer and gay 
disposition these were the things that 
gave Jack and Hillary Muellstrohm the 
strength to face relentless hardship year 
in. year out. 

and watched with unabashed love as liiile 
Mary held broth lo her mother's lips. Al 
almost five. Mary seemed older-annthcr 
way in which hardship dcprivc-i the 

'You'll he better t<)on Mummy. I know 
you will. Yes. that's it, lake the brnth Oh. 
everything will be good si>on. I know it 
will. Daddy will have very good crops and .h;",,;';;^'";;' 
you II be up and feeling well and well all ^^ nrokct - 
be very happy! Oh, hello Daddy! I was just ^ ■* 

telling Mummy. , ." 

"I heard you. sweetheart " 

"Tomorrow's Oiristmas Day Daddy!" 

"And your birthday, dear." 

"Will Santa bring me a ileigh this year 
Daddy'F Do you think he will? A nice one 
with a rope for pulling it like the other 
cliildrcn have'?" 

Jack Muellstrohm saw the sik-ni tears 
fill his wife's eye*. He lifted Mary into his 

"No iScar.' he swallowed. "I don't think 
Santa can bring you a sleigh ih'n sc:ir " 

used the money to purchase wood and 
hardware and a length of rope so that he 
could build his daughter a sleigh: the first 
gift she would ever receive. 

"All else be damned!" He swore lo 
himself "That little angel will have her 

So for nearly two months he worked on 
a small outbuilding, keeping 
a secret from Miry. He gave 
the runners a gentle carve and fashioned 
handles for steering. He sanded and 
planed and smoothed until he had crafted 
a pretty and sturdy sleigh. With a hot iron 
he imprinted a large snowflake on the 
center slat and then varnished the sleigh 
three times. It was Christmas Eve when the 
last coat of varnish was dry and the rope 
was attached. 

That night, as he tucked Mary into bed. 
she said; "Tomorrow's Christmas Day, 

"And yont birthday! You'll be 
C'ominucd on page 7 

my ni 

!3ao aa oa^aoa i 


o nHK V' XT& 
r5u $ £ 6l 



... J., y g|g||- 


■ L t NfoUo 



naaos mumi mm 


V A L EHn t 



aaaa ciaiiy no 
310100^0 iicjyyaci 

■Sl*i?t..u«iM2i"'Jfc'-i= r.j 

WE ' 


m n 

JElHaJr M Mm 



Rsd Cross 

rhuuro iihj 1 Mi, » Kd-VT i 
htniH w-MN!- tn A jtftn iwl 4'^iriitli' 

tOl*. WniKiHjU Kr firW l'^ m/tka 

H'* ♦'("ui W'tjio'wnf m rihwr Arncrt « 
RHtNi-fx-*: Arki wjt^ ft ^ taitc t«» yi «iir 
(urM Ri"^TiT Ic^ikifTJiifii jisii.ij£!Ti:mrriir 

iLj^mhfv, .*nJ V1 1,1 'It .MticnJ jwi 
8 »««-\-l B.f.t. Tr:i(nini:*. *i*itv 
.kn •. .;,.... r., 

»||| ,,],.. ;...!. ;,. ., 

.M'wt |"4ivw...Mv Wlwn «.». ^-..ii 

M jn .'fco m rk' Anm R«'«v 

i Mmjn fejtL Ci'ium' Then .ftHi'tl 

%emK\v unii ,.-tMi.«lt«' .nk wkA. 

.minal mmtni* 

rtw Jsilb j«i.,!tir«»n rtwp;*,!!.^' .4 
ttw L irKl .<( l*-^tt-rTj>ir .*rU m.«» > 
.«(aTT.«-ttTtifa\li..iinjhH H I ..I I 

V ". iM-ril ra.< liiiw trwiffcrnl 
v.. ..If sfcitwT, |i»M huiw 6*}l*Wia*KT 
Iwwm .Hid J ti ff . it nhhtH md <vm.- 

h VI •.'■■ wiinond « tX S. 
SgC. lit Clasi Caslin 


There's still time... 

Register Now for 

Spring Semester Classes 

at Barat 

• Four-yMr • coeducatkmal • prtvato • 
llbwal arts colloge 

Classes Begin January 27 

Day and Evening Classes Offered 

in 13 Departments 

• Art 

• Chemistry/Biology 

• Economics 

• Education 

• English 

• Humanltiet 

• Languaga 

• Management & Business 

• Math/Computer Studies 

• Nursing 

• Performing Arts: 


• Psychology 

• Sociology 

To receive a spring semester schedule 

Call Barat College Admissions 

234-3000, ext. 370 

Barat College 

TOO E. WMtl«igh Road • Uka Forast, illlnoit 

^ % 

«, fit 

ill l.'Wi 



DALLAS. TEX. (CT8) - As 
tMMCi proMmt mMut u a 
nunilier of campuiM. official* at 
mne anocied ictKKili to nxcni 
wwks have proposed te incxt 
nlicii totulifMi of ail: nefgeror 

SdiMils in Tcus. tduitianii. 
MMUna. Colorado. North 
, Ndxaika, and 
D.C. we aaiong 

A tm nniy preiik'Md a 
MMtlng minilier of IK-jcs-oldt 
and leaultinf money tiouMc 
would foit? at maiiy at Itt) 

«tilleKi;i - iMift of ihoni primal* 
•diooli - to shtii ihdr dcion tj 

But, 111 IS fair a kodfM 
ffOblCHUi III many fam and 
•Maiy slam ire leading hiiih: 
■Mt ItgitlaiOH 10 prupciK. 
ctaaiat or' imaif inf *iMif iaJ"" 

Nol al) of tlic InutiM schools, 
lM>*ever. arc accepting (lie 

'l>iBfiitrii. 'widiMii a T%im. 

A ■mmm plan by il>e Mlat 
CtiiMiK Cuancti la meife tow 
HTnHilmnHy utek' Bii' iag; vIiqmIp 
to aeme mm 'flacally mponaililj;' 
coilegr" wiib vMe Ganunnnii}- 
support. for t»aM'|Cl«. wa* 
lejecKil t>y ihe cotlegti. 

"We're going to loavll it OM. 

11m!' idea of a mcrg ei jun went 
ovof liiie a kail ImUon wiili all 
(our college* involved." ilaics 
Lcve lohnsoB. spokesman f ,» 
Bisliop College, one of ihc 
iiiMiiinionf gdaied lor mvga 

'U'% ouwide group* thai arc 
*aying mctge," Johnson 
continiKs "It would bring 
logeilier a great deal o4 delM. but 
each college is iinw|ue and all are 
turviviiig very well. We're 
gelling gcxNl supptM from ouir 
constituency and we iloii'l 
intici|Mle going unda " 

Bithop College may he one trf 
d>e lucky ones. Some schools 
ice eitinction or severe 
teorganixatioii as • very real 

In; Loniiiana,. whei« iinivertity 
tegenis »ay ihc) would rather 
floM one school thjin cut 
programs at alt insiilution*, 
iHiard mcnbcrs fear wue 
cuts »ill fon-c at least one 
C4tllege to shut down. Bui 
WiMain Ai^eneaui. stale higlicr 
education commissioner, imiMt 
no schools will be dosed. 

'There are lots of alicniaii»e 
actions we can lake like raismg 
uiikm. limiting enfollmem and 
cutting serTrlccs." Arccneaui 

Moniim Univwaiiy SyMenn's 
coMiMiianM alio 'Miy tbcy may 
cloK m ■mm$it campusM 10 cut 


In Colorado. Gov. Richard 
Ijimin wants to close Mine o( 
(be H state- run community 
collcgen and lun> the campuses 
inlo prisons. 

"We ve got loo nncb higher 
educauon in Colorado,' Lamm 
told journaUsts in Ociohci. 
'Thetcre l.OOO beds ux) few in 
our cofT"ctional system." 

In several oihc. stales, merger* 
and closings flrcady arc stark 
realities In Nebraska, for 
eiamplc. the Souiheaii 
Communny College Sysicm 
closed itt Fairbury Campus in 
October - forcing students «i 
attend classes 25 miles in 
Beatrice - because a devastated 
farm economy forced all stale 
agencies to cut iIk" bodgeis. 

"The decision to merge two 
campuses look considcrahk sudy 
of enroUmcni projections and 
liMHciiil informaiion,' sayi SCr 
■iMketman Ted Suhr. 

"The number of students was 
declining, as weic the projecuons 
of the number of high school 
seniors in the country." Suhr 
conunues. "Wc decided 

there would be a savings by 
merging the two carapujcs, and 
we could offer higher quality 
education with a single, biggcf 

While mcreawng numberi of 
state colleges are under the 
financial gun, private schools are 

also tacmg simitar ptopwms. 

In August, the Catholic 
(liurch-suppotlcd Universjly Of 
Albuquerque fell under a 
mounting budget deficit and 
declining enrollment. 

At the same time. Antioch 
University of (3hio and the 
American Bar Association 
dropped funding of the Anli<x-h 
Law Sch(x>l 

And in Tennesiwc. financially 
strapped Morrisiown College 
baicly bought itself one more 
ycur of operauon by meeting iti 
190-student emollmcnt goal ihis 

But private school's financial 
distress still is less ihan espccted. 
says University of Michigan 
education professor James Miller, 
author ot the Ml closure study. 
•Several yean ago, wc 
assumed there would be hut of 
private closures caused by 
financial constrainmand 
institutional distress." he says. 
"Now u seems we're not seeing 
those schools closing in the 
number Of proportion we 

"The enrollmeni declines 
projected for ihc 19«0s arc not as 
severe as jmijeciod. thanks partly 
10 an increase in the number of 
non-traditional or returning 
students, so institutions arc not 
as badly hurt And it turns out to 
be harder to close a college than 

it was assumed.* 

Miller recalls several highly- 
publici/cd closuie allempts "thai 
turned into free-for-alls" caused 
!.ome rethinking on the part of 
ihose who sought U> close olher 

In addition, private schools 
have become more willing 10 
adapt to tighter budgets in the 
past few years, relying on 
program cuts, reorganized 
curricula and latga markciing of 
students at money-saving 

"Colleges used to keep 
everything in their curricula to 
please everybody." Miller says. 

"Now they're more more ITcxiblc 
about what comes and goes." 

Public scliools now must kani 
the same lessons as private 
KhooK. he addt. allhougb sule 
colleges often have an csira 
protectKin against closure. 

"There can be great political 
difTicultia! in closing a public 
school." Miller says 
'Legidaiort from die area where 
a school is closed can hold a 
grudge and affect legislation in 
other areas.* 

"Some are cautious about 
pushing to close an institution in 
in another legislators district 
because that move can come back 
around to haunt them in another 





Now you ran trinsfar to 


for degree programs in business, 
conHMtor science, engineering. 

Now *«*» tnawuw o< T«*™iiow oH«<i mmu •Jburtja" 
«iu«»rt» tm iionv»««ne« 0» «»mal«o«i»ity r»co8«l»0 
uni»*(jriau»ie and araduaw mv— pfogfams ir« oommw-o 

-:'., *■!.-." at HTi twm wMi-smiu'tian, camp"* 

.Vl ST ( 

■ you 

isis)Dir®is iP(S)is 
sii®isis mm ^ 

• Ovgra* pTOflfamt w eomnuw ioano*, atacwe* ai'iaifiaafinj. 
m»cn»n«ai •nfljrvatwiB. Buniiws* •aminiattwion, rWwBiHaMn 
eounMMno ana s0m fmtM 

t A convamart (oealwi. mmutm »iwn worn ana noma 

• OamM m m» iliw»wor ana •aiir «•""« 

. * •* 10 l»T • iniar iKHv* insH'uetmf al l*tvti«n nalwiw* 

• EiMntiv*. ••••■••tiiliniitiao '•••an* w» w*" inau«ny wne 
gtHmfmm >tKiuamq mtrnm *> tlTs oompoi#^ and ttw 
Nawnai SomxM fajnttmum C«a» Xli»» •uo^reompuwr <r 

Qaiaat tof *m Snnng Sanwuar Dagm Jartuary. 20 1W7 

RoomiJT SaiMn»». Jamiaiy 10. 9aoAMtoNBO(i 

tMoniMy. January 12. ♦-? PM 

Fuf aMaonai wttjmalKm •na.'W >»b«I«Iibii mannala. ca« « 
y,tti m» i»T «ST OHca 


eoo Souin LaiKbvrt fload 
Cotiaga ot OuPaoa— Building M 
GtanEltyn. lllinonSOIST 


Hot Just Comics. 

The Harbbiser, DccMiher II, I9M, Patt t 

P^ The Puzzle ^ 








41 Sniket 
53 PmlmmnQ to 


•2 « comMini 



year old girll" 

'Yet Daddy." 

"Whari the inaiier. sweeihcan? Aren't 
you Koing lo atlt ir Santa's Koing lo bring 
you a gift?" 

"l don't ihink he will. Daddy.' 

'But don't you want a sleigli?' 

*Oh. yen. Daddy! Bui Santa tias M many 
people to wo'try aimw " 

"Oon 1 you worry about thai, dear. Yon 
just go to sleep and dream or the nice 
ilcigh you'd like Sanii to bring you." 

"Goodnight. Daddy. Kis:i Mummy 
goodnigtit fur Mc ' 

"I will, sweetheart Goodnight. " 

J ick and Hillary MuclUirohffi iwotte 

before their daughter the ncm morning 
Hd. with great joy. sci about preparing 
file tlcigh Jack brought it into bit 
bedroom to hii wife could take pan in the 
occasion. Hillary cut a itrtp from her good 
dress, which the knew she would never 
wear again, and fathioncd a bow around 
the sleigh. 

When all was in readiness, Jack 
Muellsirohm went to wake his daughter 
and brint her in to receive her ChritimaR 
sleigh. He came back a Moment later with 
young Mary in Iiit •ims. . . . dead. 




Help Vianlftl 

IIAN'M* nalStWNJU. turiwity !.•» 

Hoflinw Enact - 'Sconaqf, 

linaiiMfiia tan! tl3.n> 

'Mfg. tirm 



Alt:llMaiiin|tlii)m|iH<t. CaaOKiCHMiaM 

tmamt aides mOtt fm av ii«|ii. 

Afiily •■< BMt f. Ma4ii Cimiluai; icr 

(XliUICTIONS liBianiim apcnngt 
Cita IbIIi 4»)i md CXHOIII for <dC|ilMl>e 
nun •oil II you lu>« > (>lcm*i» 

¥mx. u^-m<mwmd, md mvoy 
jB. *e mvMU Idti vo talk m yaw. 
Ummi m WaxirwU am. Cill Own 
Vomn • U4^VO0 tm m unninMMii. 
UX IMa Cmik 1017 E SiauputiMf . 

. n M1T1 

iwwcr wvoRTUNrrv f« com««« 

•lainM- W« anil, m aureuKw. <elf - 
■iiftait i«ai<i4iwl •» •••■■> nt»t*' 
Toanaaci in daji-HMla)' (Miniest Imelima 
<ii ttMt fVgKMi. Ilaiic reaiKaiiihilttie* 
■ni-lMic nctiiiicm. buic lypni. 
IWDliMpiiv mt mimnmmmt. FtaUt X) 
iMnr moifc laall. MNl Mkoal, liaB^aiK 

y««iit, fiKCMital. iwilti.«illm Mlat 
«l Calllnw. 

Il«-i|i Waiilt^i 

t)«.21(Vyr Noolliraii. Call IIM-M7. 

HDD. in. II 1051 tm ixmM IMini IMl 

ATIIISIX reai>Lt mhM fm ftma 

maciiiin id«mlitm§. Tnmmt for 
iMfiimM. IW-SIODpnlKW 0|icii 1-5 

pm every day. umm licienAad Sficn^er 

HANDYMAN. ran-Ume Appl* 

Cumpular u lotAuii for aa uMlivtdiwl 
wim IjIijm to kaap hmy ui ■ftitmm dM 
jci4)t ifvwnij our f adliliet. Yffiar-MMMdalla 
v«fy nnitfte. i»n.iimt baxii Will *«v% 
iraund c}ai»e». l>uucs anclvMk ill lawa 
MiauHananca. nnoMlily window 'wailking 
and numtimit hnlldyman prujcclt. 
SMuniT. L a wl l c apwn and/m g ardennig ■ 
phit. Siup by and AS am an t^phasimi 
ii Apple CmnpMci. Ik. 56SS 

■m VfM HUN'DHED PAID fm i 
kuen fnan lumiel Send mtr'addmsiad. 
wlamped envelope fof 

inloniialian/a|i|riicaui»n. Sinyra A 
Atiodaial. •<» »S B. Rnialle. NJ 


¥sn- Sair 

[>im«ENCEr Like Nrw Yamahi YP 
Ob Willi tiandmadc Signcli TKJ Ea 

camtdge. iniialaln« lect, level, cleaning 
kit. iparc Audio Tediwa. tHO'lSE 
caitndie. nHlorSIIl CaOl^d-nvT 

■n roUD rtKIO est: 4 unI. mmal. 

oH nt-OH. itar S fm nadAvi. 

K»r -Salr 

If)?* CAMARO: V-«. anumalic. a/c. 
ph. p/h, am Im f icreo. 56.000 ongmal 
mtlei. guod cKjndtucsn S2.4fl(VlK«t lafler. 

New bnftai. iclaiivaly low mitcaiv. A 
;"M link Iraopar CBBdByi44}S4l«w 
**i-*ll». vmanf 3034410 or W 



Only 41.000 miki. 
condilion. KE* 

f, mufner. recenlly 
$1700. call m 

IWT Nnd< Coed CUndn ■ lllliinat irade 
UI colnr ptoim of nUnon imlkic female 
nudtmi. Mail 19 95 u> Cotd Calendar. 
HO Boa <34H. DeKalli. 0. «01 13 

repair) Dclinqucni lit peopcRy 
RepoiaoiHaH CaU 1 (MS) MT^OIW. 
Ext H-IOSI fate 

«5 TOYOTA COKOUJI: Only ».000 
milci. garage ke^. cicatlcm oondHun; 
pwf iteenng. pwr brakei. a/c. am-fm 
iloreo can , 5 ipd 5 yi/50.(X)« roi. 
tuaianue SS.OOUAen offer, call ]92- 

I9TI OIRYSLBl Newimti. veiy good 
coidAifln New - Altemttor. battery . volt 
tea., mdialor. uaner. inow tuei. and re- 
Mkanh SZODO or Icn eacr CaflBoll 
•iter Span. 295-5I9S. 

lM«iltil)r T-ihina * Smm tMm (tan 
M<|rST.»5l Fncalorkndmt Wrim 
u>: CBltiiiiM Wkalctak Ltd., 407 So. 
Ocartam Sl. Soiie (ISIS. Ckicato. II 
auwj. n. . ^ a u, „ 


pmft «. Tfce Harbiiter. Utwwitr II. I»»* 


lBl*riMll«Bal Cl«b: Any 
'««g4inl. ta«i|n ot not. who is 
mMwsted i» joining ll«c 
iMemuliontl Sudcnii Club, 
please slop by F33S for more 
information. Clnb acli»ilie« 
mcliwJe trip*, mimh jitnic»jiiid 
lib* 4w:lM(c ■■at aiUm^ «* new 

Sfccvii Ttaai: Siand up ami 
>peal out. niio tlic Spcctti 
r«uii. Sec Tom McOraih . 

FIJI . TmlqrMilTluinitajr 
9AM to II 'm. 

Cslkttllc Caiap** 
Miaitlry tpMBCi a CMMk 
Mws evil Mwdiy It 12 nx 

CkMf iMt tlie CidMlral. SliciRr. 
Ml ifiiliin the ctiy's w:«i itck. 
htar people will be btcsacil with 
warmth this winter becaicw of 
ouretfom. THANKS AGAIN! 

Harptr Sladtati: Tba 

Cwihlt Caper b Coaihifft 

Sweeten c»«m week with » 
cookie lifealt at the LRC. On 
December 15 and 16 the 
Leaiwng Rewtmcs Ceaier wlU 
be pulling out cootsics OS ilw 
second nooi cue ulaiion aNHmr ■ 
Ilia, following liiieK 


1:00 PM 

4:00 PM 

7:00 PM 
Pencil iw in your final nam 
KHedile: 'SmV' "* *« "-"^ *»* 


nimilily mmkim or tlic Nurtrng 

FiamMi call m-ifXXi E«t 2SB. 

Tlie Miipcr CoUcfB lienay-ait 
miagaiine Mat af View is 
now actcpiing material for ilic 
imt>-i7 edition of the 
publication. December 12 is the 
deadline for submitting first 
seaiesien entries. For funher 
iniiiMiaiiai |d lo F-."^ I3. 

Sacrt'iary of Stair Jtw 
Kdiar encourages college 
students from all academic 
iliictpUncs to apply for an 
educational and rewarding 
inleraship with tiis office. 

Qualifted sMdenti will have 
llie opfxwtaniiy » team about 

Till Narptr College 

Caacraia Siagcri and 
Cwieeri Choir are .leefciog 
npraflos and alios lo pw d>eni 
on ilKir KW of CSieal Biiiain. 

The lour is iclwdttkd to leave 
Chicago on December 26 and 
(CUirn on January ft after 
performing in ftve cWts in die 
United Kingdom. 

Singers interested in 
pmicipiiung should be at least ifl 
tear* old and may conlaci Dr. 
Thomas Siauch at W7.HK10. 
Ell. 2566 for further 

The Harbinger has an open 
ckKir policy. Come on in and 

yelladicEdilts! A-367 


Calhntlc Campus 

Minlftry and The Program 
Hoard would really like lo 
express their ihankt tc all who 
contributed to ibc coai (true lor 
the iMmeless. It was a huge 
«cceis - collecting over 250 
coats! The coats have been unil 
ore being distributed out of the 
lobby Wright Mental Health 

Each month. Harper 
Cnlltgj will offer information 

seiaion;: .birimiiliKclive studcnis. 
ai awK at LWl inieresied in 
compieiiag (he one- year 
c«npletian program to prepaie 
for ticeMine. 

TW: sessions will he held on 
the iltitd Wettoeadty of every 
month at 1:30 p.m. in E KKi 
For addition information on these 




'' v.cmk i"«iM(, lof JO* Cp 

UllBJLMS'Tia" <5« ■'*■>«< 

I al Warper Ceiagi 


,CALL (312) 855-1068 



Chcmislry Scholarship 
A Chemistry Scholarthip is 
being offered lo one mudeni who 
has completed two semesters of 
chemitny at Harper Colkge prior 
10 (he Spring 'S7 scmesicr. Up 
to S270 in tuition funds will be 
awarded for the Spring '87 

To be eligible, tiudcms must 
be in good academic Dtanding and 
have completed at least 60 
jcmesier or 90 quarter hours at an 
accredited college or university. 

Those students selected in 
19«7 will receive a monthly 
salary ol W50. 

Applications and further 
information can be obiained in 
the Office of Financial Aid, 
Room A364 Deadline date is 
lanway 15. 1986. 

The following criteria must be 

1 . 30 GPA (minimum) 

2. Major in chemistry or 
chemical engineering 

3. A hncf typewritten essay 
on "The role of chemistry 
m my cseer plans." 

Applications can be obtained 
m the OfTice of Financial Aid. 
Room A-364. Hie deadline dale 
for the applkaiion is January 6. 

This scholarship it available 
because of the support of 
Engineered Materials Research-- 
.Allicd Signal Inc.. Amcriiham 
Corporation. Dearborn 
Chemicals, Polyfoam Packers 
Corporation and Tech-Syn 

Northtra IlliaoU 
University Alumni 

Association Seholarahips 

in order lo qualify for one of 
ihese scholarvliips, you must 
jtiend NIU on a full-iime basis 
lor the fall and spring semesters 
of the 1987 88 year and have a 
cumlalive GPA of at least 3.0 
(4.0 scale) from the school you 
most tccemly aiuaided, Enicring 
freshmen are requiied lo have an 
ACT score of at least 25 or raiA 
in the top 5% of their class You 
must subit a one-page lyped letter 
which describes your outstanding 
((uaHlies. charactcrisics. and 
goals. An NIU graduate or 
current NIU falcuiy member must 
also write a one-page leuer of 

Tlic deadline for applirauon for 
undeigtadume and graduaie school 
sudems if Febniary 6. 1987. 

Please note! 

All announcements for 
Upcoming must be submitted lo 
the Harbinger by noon on the 
Thursday prior lo the issue you 
wish it lo appear in. 



ContlnuM to olter low cost, contktontlal 
ear* In atl mm« ol ivomon't hMltlt: 

• Family Planning 

• Pap Smears 

• VD testing & treatment 

• Pregnancy testing & referrals 

• Pre-marital blood tests 



fw inhmmUm rnidfon 
3St-7S7S Sta N. CMirt, Suit* 1 00. PtOalOmm 

I, f Miiaig aiMf anw ' i l i j i Alwa*iMwiM 

4L :trifni'in£ J a 

9 Jf SlMflHnDRflMlM'SllSVMlMHB C * 

« I I mmmmmmmmmmm\ i i-J • 

Afciiiiifiiiiai I ■ 




VWe undfflfsHand ttiaf you ve iniwsted a kat d 
hold nwrtt in your edtxabon. and we don i 
Ihinh you should lose cmdiis over lechncal- 
ities. So wtwi you transter to Roosewert. « 
make ewery ettori » see that the transibon is 
easy and your ciedits are accepted 
VMi oNir aiMde vanety o» degree programs 
nduifng Biology. Business Administration 
CompuMr Scianoe, EoonomiGS. English and 

t> jg^HOl <1 



r ~ t 

many others Whats more, we boast a lop- 
notoh faculty small classes and counselors 
ready Id assist you m obtaining financial aid 
Even it you re nol qurte ready to transter. m 
urge you lo ta* wilti one o( our counsekxs 
Planning early insures a smooth transfer 

For more information, call or visit our 
Downtown Campus or our new Albert A 
Hdotn Campus in Arlington Heights 



430 S Michigan Axwxie Chcago IL BOeoS 3*1-2000 

21 21 S Oortlban Road ArNnglori Meights. IL «000S 437 9200 


^ % 

Xkt HarM«tCT. Dtwfccr H. Hit. Pap 9 


l.y^ J I ^ 



**Gl/KS O/? G//?Z.S 









Ton noJtE 

XfiroSinATXOTi , 
CALL )10BB1£ AT 


Pafc 10. Tlw Harbinger. December II. |9mI 






taaisi •■••■■■■*■■■*■•*•■■■■** 



Km- ti'M j 

r IBiiifi' Ttiw CMp* 

'■ van VMI IMW Any CMNli' 0««r 


iiiSSISSiiiaaaaaaa •■■■■•■■■■•■■■■'S!:: 

-— -'--aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafiaaaa 

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i:tj 



■■a. t^«-» 




■MH VHW' VhK' '§it miHIl' Elilp 


hair performers 

1750 W. Algonquin Rd. • Hoffman Estates 

(2-» Mi«. wvn of nooaiie m ) 359-8561 






T«nn fapnv*. f'uiina*! Rijtcimciilt, etc.. 
RaMMHt M<4 itluMt. Call Oni • 


Trav<4 .%■!■ Apiiiarii la Ik 
HarWi^ivr Ar* Nm Sp a iaa m wii l 

bt Tim l'4>llr|^ t'HlmM 
SinwMkalk M<MhI (Nhcmiar. 

,*«J»rr«'fc«rf» Ha*!- Mmh 


tyft ftmt taiai invcn iMl ili«m«t Iif . 

tXttn ASK YOUR twUnwI. oth. « 

••cntary ii» tin itm: w^ ilw prdKctwailK 
finiskHl Ihffiteit h«v# e»nttl A'l m4 A*"«'. 

USA AVil I f.n«tl» reil./eil *•■ 1 
«|wlW JktwMli't «MM'M %am| Sony ihiu 
I. iMf ntiMiitf y* Vm wcJ ynir I'mily 
lUH: • Mtrrt a>nffl«ii«« LjrTin 

DeAliaiilSCOfSIOKlltjOS; Ve.. 

'wc *9 f> Ml MinMJnic.. .jum Ik pat'ion. 
will ytMi?' I kmm. I hm«W'. yu»'(e ik» 
flWKJmt nMB u[> fM ■ burn; fm pm a Unlr 
liatiDM) I Rnagr acMndkHin'H, DEn 

ItAVBl HELD (HH'iiiMi 

MMaaiiiMllr. Good 
(ilaiUi ««* mvaMaia, aiMi I 
laMrfin. CMUMDMaaitfU'MSS 



IMMi |«i ■■» » DiD—k 11. 1, ja i lm l i li 
«ta.Pa**lil«A H'UMItl ~ '' 

bUtN ?IUE TKA VGL •»« aaaniiMn 
«fiH».i*a| AlMTKS> •! oiiJaM ttwwl 

. Aa*«i'icw Acwwta Tnwl, W. 



OB 6tl-WW w AWMm 

Sckool papnt, SI 15 p«r iraie 

CofTaipaailtnca, r«jwaiel. iftd 
ilafiiaHMianiii) aiaai vABUMna^wi* 


SI'UDEJtT LOANS. Stmd moaty f«r 
eulltt'' ''"•■« •■'"•' NmiomI Bm* ■>( 

nwcafu CM kalp Can Ktlly Alciniw 

.1 1 mD-cs-mi. 

50IIK: Yoa l«o» xliM 
l><iilidayit Yaa cmtU ktm wM mt 

■ 1 Lad 

cril MI4-m-TIWar«*a AMMDU* 
Aw.. Sata. Me. MdmAM. WlMonMi 

Stm hchide laun mUmi •ml flHat 

Le|c«l Srrvivc* 


lODchiMoi. ■!•> 1IJ3 ■■<> "I mm., n aiy 

l la i»*i #M niai I— 


l^naral .|K> cnai^uur All •(••. 

HiftWHtt Call Lmi • MS 671ft. m 

witm *Uca*«a-Saai.' Boi 712. Momai 

Omm^il mm 


DOUGLAS m: rai Miiaii r* lom. ■ 

wfciKww yaa ^1 Yow'it i met fayf 
Hayhc ni la yaa kaoc my iltaia «f At 

JOHN: Y<n ■• m»r • ibaai; ami I uy 

Ma UK tM wwe jS 

rHE* CONSCLTA'nON lof ■" ywit 

kllliiwli: 'lai aM« QUI. pawaajl mjwy. m yaat b«. yon CSO IL 

*»««•. KMl WBia. l*cia. 7«T*S5 »f uyMl0UAa«fari««l Dab 
Ml'lUO. Ewti tMl ocahiail t^>. 

•aaiiMa. La* offieat <il RoJitf A TAW - T— iufcimiiil. tatyl C»i» 

IN, MMdia-a. •^tJ »«*. K<*,li%.J 

t. Ii%.|» a i p i w) . Horn g» Ito iNt in 

'••■iagiiMlaip*. ml 

ZmOLSII - nane upi aa iifi bifait yaa 
■al Lai'iKyua) WcV niiia jioa. 

tn taaar— tliiia 
atTaaav. iiWLl 




F 132 X2539 t 

SinaRY • Mi>„ yam * . 
ha Uiat ttmi I> liiaiavit? 

LOBl! DM waai'1 fmtlit>t pnttM. tm 
III may ta «l>t loB|«ii laiiuift W« will 

TO THE MAWGANS l.Ai.a uwe 
Uaiae Imlnliy ilM|n>en. t»7 Womlfteil 
jail itn'l cmniilaM wiiImui all liic link 
md hagfl Lai'a *U alXHt am ui El 

TanMi lo olakM* wok m. SEiSBtVE 

rrm Rilailiit>liaaniat,usia)iikc»«iy 
laajil Lav.O.Gaatiy I 

SANDY 0-BRIEN: Im |lad ymtr 
tuniint m Uiate. Gtwd luck wi]ii ycair 
clasfri nail Mmesia#1 Love, yuur 
F V 1I.S FUWER PAL TlM»kGod.i».l 




« 100% FREE 



All skills needed -. 

caM tor an appt. 

iwn campus or home. 


WlM 966-1400 

WHMiina S41-6200 

Shows 674-2700 

NapervHIe 3S5-4100 

Elmhurtt 941-7092 

SchaumtMrg 397-0704 

LnMftyvtlte 6M-9Mn 



It* Jill in j« vUv . » . 
Iii"ln:i€^ri r'*"' 

Wllh \l .M .imitlHci 

Hictil Tt,.in.r.i !'■■••• ■" 

l.'..ri. ill.4t.,l.. . 
I |..„i»|.,,«l.,i;K I, 

-' . ' j.,..hH v"M. ...... . 

(,|.|..i., . ,1..) p.. M.I.I, 




1.1 ss Patias 



< JaHHillcd 

^ iVrMiiial 


WtM Cm «•. -in »aJ If »i «««■«•. 

ulicaaMiaati. - TkaBiai(NoiBnic*) 


Of aaana I taM* yaar aaait. Yoa'n a 
nmaiMl OuarikKtaKkafcal IM*« 

TONY All. okfia I oma kntw • Xalkai 

nan. Willi paaiy wlia* iliai. Oil. aid tic 

ilMM taaa Mloaaa ap faa4. OK T 

POOl: Mali|iir«i| ra*o al Maal|<a| 

RagMii Taoall HavaanioaviiHarbnakl 

DOES YOl>K CAR Mad Kfaa? Diait ■» 
to lOe V«ni»(lu<i MaMlKai gai MM«n 

D(i Golf Rosd'.unlesi y«u l*k.e Hc.inB 

VAL. Oat lai>ra«i<Ma(. hw 'Aa wi^ 
mitt$aimMUg mm mmaur m nap 


tiMiHiJNM: WkaidayaluHiat.JiicaK 
made HI Goodal'Mn. PMiniyaitarjBil 
m<|)il defccaic la putalu:. *li» knooil 
QuoiMaicfpniMcaiKinlkllial? Allymi 
kaw lada la iiaaaalhai «• Worid War n. 
tfw ■lii'iillj VKNid «arl Wall you fuyt and 
Mt laai. jaunataiai kcO hat iMcn a Man! 
Ready In aiaaa aiany nc« ■cme«i«i? 
riiiMnaaiiiiiliii ii ikc lickM. KEVER iyi>r 
yoai paparaalii *■ ai|ki Mor nt duel 
Kacp ia loudi omt knal, yoi cnucil 
tjm, ma tecakfaai | 

HUiEN imi ROBIN ■ I uM yaa akoal 
lilaycn, bui do yoi linaaT 

V. THY EVERYTHtNO aneal 91/3 
Maln7 Thai'i a dallaiir. Baany 

M.K.; Tha laai aaa vaaaX nc. na nan 
aiyawilnali^ I l aaa l J a d p Wcyaar laltca 
Payola. If Vm wrang, aifcm ai 
Ii4»ii7 Mr X P.S. Cia yaa 

KflXER G.T. - Thaui fix all your help 
Willi the|icT. and lor niipnfting ne. 
Ao. to hell Willi dijhevcJcd haif.WHO 
you faal iilu a watkuls cofjac. wlio Aould 
have lima lo worry T" How do you like 
yoar new boun, by ihe way? And the 
other pfoipccu? Give 'cm belli Ulccwiac. 
duiini fuiBlt week, hang ia tfwial Sae ya.. 
Your Fellow Math Hau 

ATTENTION: Baal of luck u Ounthjr. 
Ace, Ttofdiy Boy. Diliy, P»|»ly. Laai, 
Sybil. Umpy. Swfpar. E.T , Mall Ihe 
Ripper, l-ratty. IVP)>- Sphncter. Barney 
Ratble. loe Rodthaad. Stiaky nd GooMf. 

OOT loPhiiylll <N*a* rf "»«) L<*^ 

BGT1I ■ TlMi is yovr yotaigMcr't (im 

ataicw: Gaw litaii^ aodloa §ma, 
anHiaiMd tana. Congm*. YaaiFavaMa 

You |uyi are aweaonMl Yoai Meadb, 
TRIP * DA1£ 


The M«rbto«er, Decmkcr U. I'**. f»tf " 



.plckie tool, il «m upc wiin 
- H of wtaN M' toak ftK iWt 

Bm tin. «*«» eveyone whim 
10 know about wt ihc ieam». 
Bocauie o( Proposition 4g, 

fMskint ilie Top 20 '» ■«'« 
dimcttli *!• jrew ilian cvct 

before, htcmm noliody cm be 

sm» how •• l«»« »f ««"*'" 
I will alfiia tir Mend ot 
I tey vduid have |ll«)«d' 

That adH* thii. W'rtlMMii a 
AmM. iIm IW of «*• ile«|i««- 
Thne » m>' <mMmiI' tmrniit. with 
maylM: ilie eiceiittett of Otm 
Smilll'f Tar Httls of North 
Cwttina. but even Ihcn they d 
iiavc to be injur} free in the 
iMckcaan. »n<l the Baby Twin 
Towen of ficahmen 1. R. Reiil 
Md Scmi Williaiiu would have 

IB this y«ar olthe steeper, my 
\\acpa to the cntwc country n 
ihc Hjwkeye* of low» (torn ibe 
aigTen It seems lome ihal liie 
rigtii ingrcjient» art Of- Tom 
D!i*is maieral. and the feat thai 
he niij;M have to icwm foe the 
icA >X his life. 

In beiween are wme 30 clubs 
ilill can do It all. espectally if 
you piay Cuddy Up foundball 
wiiH ih« laJaiied. playiround- 

.fmulmt » look tm Om teaww 
It the iliiue-iioiiM di*p fnwn W 
kxi, ♦ iiie:hi» 'Oui - «jiiml«iit| 
am itm awac. coactes witi find 
tMttM stow lltt lamc 4m/fi Ai 
ibe ewl of die fame, you » fimi 
ic^iuit that foul intewuniUi il 
they're bebind. ■•> enchaiiKc ih« 
imcMiiil of tM« f«ul diou for 

(he poiibie diiee-pmnt chifipie. 
What thai will eveniually lead lo. 
I ibiiik. ■• a rule allowing the 
Kani (be opiicm lo tike the two 
fboM or take the ball out of 
boundii. ala inicrmtion^ rule*. 

Alio. I Ihink you'll Me clubs 
ihii year lake the initial 
posKession each tinic into a 
pcrimeier shot because the 
peicentates favor ihetn so ntucb 
mathematically. And. you'll alio 
see some clubs pull up on a fan 
break and lei il fly from the lop 
of the key. and M the wingmen 
|0 on in tor potitioo lo hoaid. 

Tbeie arc a few ihinp of 
which you can he wre. The 
throe-point chippie will stop ibe 
postagesiamp toiies around the 
7-foo( posimasler. becauae Ibe 
19-9 distance is so clCMc Ihat 
anyone who* ever picked iq> a 
basketball can hit a f«iDecllMc 
average. Remember, yon only 
liave lo hit two of six tholt 
(331>) from the three poini ranfc 
for sin points, but mutt make 
ihm of w (SOIil Enan MUMk for 

What iloes thai immt That. 
suR as death und taices. (he ibioe- 

poiul play will he moved closer 

10 the NBA diiuince ot '23'$" next 

Something else Uiai should be 
poiiued oui IS diM f« the third 

year in a row we havr a different 
conference that's tm ihcir alkr- 

bumcr. Thts time around. 1 fejti. 
tfic Big Ten from lop lo hc«om 
wDuy blow awiy the ar*! of th«' 
ecimiry Tlwe are lout pmcmial 

ii:ip' leaiM in ibc Hawkeyo. ibc 
Hmiticn. «he Boikrmakcrj.. *ik1 
the lltim - with Ohio Suite. 
MiihiKin and Micbifin and 
Mich»«iiii Sial* ill b«iii| real 

ATAR1 1040 ST 


. . .^ MMM 'la^uirv » putt-T-IW nm P««* Of— ilHiwa. Sul»IMy 

• Mi-Uti MW innuwr • Umm • »^"m«» a «#o<jw»» *N»'t« 
nm - Buy «>*• •"<> V •*»<: p'ov-^mr>% i.n9"»fl«. ""';« 

f9m,m immm. »na ST writ.. mm^oemMtnt »rofl'a"» "«« 



,0,mmmtpm S*v« »0% OF* in. WH «•-< »«• («"» *- *<*"> <K "• *»•" 

(312) 543-9000 

71 > *rm» Trail «o«l 
t MM £ ol M S3 
MOU»*»: Mo" -F" 'O-*. Sa» 10-i, Sunoaya (Can f'.»»l) 

leans (Wisconsin, Minacioia. 
and Northwestern) being more 
rcprcneniMive ihan my of Ihe last 
three teami in any other 

So whew does die power lie? 
Well. 1 go to die Soudieastern 
Conference No. 2. the Atlantic 
Couil Conference No. 3. dicn the 
Big East. Big Eight and PAC- 10. 
And itniembcr I said thts; From 
$gm m conferences <dan'i forga 
Ihe Big Ten> will come almosi 
half the teams in the NCAA 


'Ufa riufee liK glaaa again and 

mch Ml my AB-Anwieiii lawi, 
the five BliMhip dmnMwhbndt 

My All- American club's 
baneline is solid, with Pervis 
f llison and the Cardinals of 
Louisville being laie bkioroerx; 
center David Robiaion. whether 
he's eligible or not. being a firsi- 
Fwind pick in die NBA rod the 
llidiliiiinien of Navy winning 20 
IMiai. and' .puini to the NCAA. 
but io Boartwo Street m March; 
and Kansas' Danny Manning, 
maybe one of the greatest 
potential juniors to come down 
the pipe, learning to become 
more selfiih. 

Take note: If diit banelino 
wania w wear red. white, and 
blue in I9«. Ko««a could be no 
cooie«t. And also, diat die one 
ballplayer that could compliment 
this awcitirae ihreesoroc would 
be Charles Smith from 

In my All-Amencan hackcourt. 
1 have lo leave «i>ut the toulhera 
voting hlixk of Kenny Smith tif 
North Carolina and Tommy 
Amakigi ol Dtdte md go *nh the 
'iMttiKiltn'baiiicllall -- and don't 
m m* hear liom ym Rcggi* 

Miller fans at UCLA even 
though he will probably lead die 
couniry in scoring ihti aeaion - 
Sieve Alford of Indiana. 

My last kid is ctmoovenia!. 
but 1 also think he hni^s more 
10 hu learn dian the other four - 
and diat's David Rivets, who runs 
Ibe show and has changed die 
style of ball »< Notre Dame, a 
player who has all the qualities oC 
iMdecihip any Scauimasier - or 

Now 10 wrap dus up. 1 want to 
talk just a minute about 
Proposition 48. which has 
embarraaaed more than 100 
coUqie aihleies. but which I feel 
is good down die line, even 
diough it's been ciuciftt on their 
live*. A lot of people may think 
dieir dum»-dums. but how can 
any person get out of any high 
school in rtiis country rod be a 

The problem here it dial thine 
■re a large number of players 
involved from city schools and 
from homes diat can i afford to 
pay a couple hundred dollars to 
hilt tutors w help prep them lor 
thcif SAT and ACTs 

The point is. the fault is widi i 
die high school, not the athleus 
involved. If he gets a high 
school degree, be should he able 
10 play college ball T>*c people 
who put this in are saying thai 
inncr-city schools aren't 
((ualified, but the truth of the 
matia is dial the ACTS and die 
SATs arc culturally and 
legionalty unfair. 

What diat means ts that we'll 
|W*ibly Wow at fcast two more 
years of outstanding freshmen 
classes, but I guesi the end 
justifies Ihc means, so be it. 

Hw now. lei's enjoy the l**!!**- 
117 seaion of hoops - and sec 
whai ilbmm gumis »w«ke. 

mw ■&. 

BonoBR Kii«3 ma 


gaoMDaut. MO sxraucNCE 




A»> ASK ix)R nmam or bob: 



PALATUB, il 60067 


Uy Billy Bo* 
The Haiper S*im Team, with 
■ 1-1 record, finds iiself m need 
of more swimmers lo add lo the 

-We have a lot ol good 
swimmers, but we need people lo 
(ill the second and diird spots.* 
aid Coach lac Niich. 

Without more people for 
depUi. the swirotncrs could win 
Ihcir events, but lose meets 
because of lack of dioie extra- 
place poinu. 

ream captain. Tom Kuczek 
»aid,"we need more lean people 
who are willing lo Bain hard, and 
work as a learn." 

The swim u:am has a meet diis 
week against Whcaion College. 
Wheaion has one of dK top swim 
teams in die NCAA Division III. 
Coach Nitch said."! feel wc can 
do really well ajainst them 

Bdl Gschcidle rod Erik Enslen 
laid.'widi a litUe woik we can 
prove our dominance to the warn 
and the other team in the 

If anyone is interested in 
joining die Harper Swim Team, 
OTitacl Joe Nitch m die pool area 
bdwoen 2-4pm Monday-Fnday 

C<Mrp0ntt«Ma«4 Tmrn* 

Iw Mti • kKk u 'IWM «MIM. Hw 

MliM*l MMliMf tm MItTi 

MUt «y MMM iw c» Iw udi 

'1*1 lit* Idcki Mat Hit MMat LMl 

T«|l ■ - - -■ ■ -- 


ChKaga Htan AitocMon 
Qtki^ llltnois W6M 


CoSponSOftJ l»» Chit»«' >"n Tinier 

P»jt n, Tte HarbiBfcr. Otctmbtr 11, I«» 


ky Hill Kuielltcrt 

%om Editor 
The Ladyhtwks of Hiin>cr 
Collei* tkiwned Uic WiuhoiUM 
Chiefs Monday Night. 69-40. 
|>elii»d ihc second half hot 
slMXXing of Kim Crccnholdl mil 
her 33 pointi. 

Gtcenhoiitl's nighl was evidisai 
lo (Ome ai in llie fim Hawk 
poiaciu0ii. ilie ikovc the lane 
iMd made a few move*, ala 
MKtuict ]<inlan. (or Ihe igfvp. 

The Ladyhawki ihen Monid m 

oMHMMnd iwiiMt hchind a itea) 

h« Aay Spiitt and two juRipcra 

Spieih. This gave ih« 

iJyhawk.t a lead they would 

ncvet relinquish. 

Hie Ladyhawk* poim* canit in 
bunches as they put the hall 
through the hoop two 
coosecuiivc limes on five 
different occasions in the Can 
half. Sptelh was in on tlww of 

The first half showed little 
physical contact, as each team 
WH cited for only »"« fo"^ 
Mary Meiihain had it for the 

At the half. Natalie Simons ol 
the Ladyhawks led all storcrs 
with 10 points. Spieih 
conuibuled 8. Michelle Coaklcy. 
Crecmhcrfdl. and Mepliam etch 
chipped in four, and the 
l.adyhawks were up to their inuil 
pcHbnnance kading 30-22. 

The Ladyhawks were IcaJing 
hehind the fiassing o( Spicih and 

The vlciori coniinned (heir 
winning wayi in ilM Mcomt Wf 
aji O'reeaholdl capMcd (Of IS 
points, and (he La^lwwic* Mwnl 
in bunches of faw or more six 
times. Cfoenholdt was in on four 
of Ihotte streaks. 

Gfecnhokk began m the second 
half 1^ Ulting ■ |Mir of file 

throws and then sinking another 
2poiBier. Spicth threw « perfect 
pais luidcr the net to Coakky for 
anudier two ana six uminswerod 

The Ladyhawks souck again as 
Coakky started hy hitting a free 
throw and then Grecnholdt bit 
four *tmi(hi btickcts for eight 
nmc UMMweml poi'Mx and a 5 1 • 

The Ladyhawks forced five 
turnovers in the second half 
behind the defense of Greenholdt 
and Spieih Carla Bender 
coniribuied to die turnovers with 
a steal 

The Ladyhawk.^ ended the game 
with six watght poinis and a 69- 
40 victory. 

Greenhobli finished the niglil 
with 22 points. Simons had 14. 
Coaklcy contributed 13. Spieth 
had 12. and Mepham had t. 

/>inli> CraiA: Am-m trtmUm 
NMiiie Simons (»). iiid llm Udyhswta dritamd Wiaboiwm Virfky 
Momtoy niflc lMwa> famt ■ jw K" l»n» ) 


bf Bin KagalbMi 

Symrn Uiar 

After hut SiHMlay's game in 
which the Be«« loowd the Tampa 
Bay Buccaneers 44-14, 1 have to 
clarify a few dttngs. These jrc 
lacts I know because I watch ihe 
news and read the papers. These 
ideas don't come to mc in the 
nMMIe of die mgbt. I have heard 
these rumors in the halli of 
Haiper CdOifltt, 

(I) DoHgRutie is better titan 
Jim McMahon and Mike 
Tomcxak. Who could think such 
a thing? Ftutie has played in tw 
games. Flutte may get bcttti 
than then, but he isn't right 
now. Flulie put it best."Lot>k 
who I played apinfL ' Yes, kiok 
who he played against. The 

Tampa Bay Bu 


C2) Jim McMahon will go lo 
the Raiders next year. Read ihe 
papers people. Why would Al 
Davis, die Raiders owner, want 
ihrcc injured quarterbacks? He 
already has two in Jim Piunkett 
and Man- Wilson. He said that 

(3 1 The Bcarv will twitch lo a 
3-4 to acomiodaie Al Hams who 
led the team in tackles in the 
Tampa game substituting (or the 
suspended Ous Wilson. When 
Otis gets hack the position will 
remain his for ihc rest of the 

(4) The Bears will get Vinnie 
Tcstaverdc What do you paiple 
read? The Bears would have to 
uale the whole tarn lo the Coll: 


h; mn K«((lb«rt 

9fmt» Editor 

hi a reaction lu the Ldiiivia) 
this week which appears cm page 
i t bad nothing to say in it and 
It was written by the Editor-in 
Chief. I hold the utnKwt rcspeci 
for Ihe iiafi m Building- M amt t 
:i|ipreciate all the help tht^y have 
given mc in my fim semester at 
ihii paper. I hope we am work 

ngeoier in the future Aaron 

Bfoaddus, the Harbinger plmio 
Eilittir. won the Hot Shi:>L<( p<xil 
MMMianieM. He cruised past his 
ofpiwenis onto victory. 
BmiUiii nxetved a piai)ue and a 

t-shirt for his efforts The 

Harper Hawks returned to mid- 
tors, downing their 
SI-9 ia the Midwest 
Bdin. QnnMBiBflclE Jonn Osysko 
iWMMl iImM' touchdowtts. a 
MUwcfl avwi record. The 

for Vinnie. The Cotai will never 
give him up I laughed when I 
heard this. 

(5) The Bears will move nut 
o( Soldier FieW. Why? 

(6) Since Payton can not 
break the big run, this will be his 
last year. 

In case you missed it, he is 
negotiating his contract for the 
nest two years and has tel his 
goal (or lOjOOO yards. 

These points shotild .straighten 
the facts between the real Bears 
fan and the fair wcatha fan. We 
wdl diccuss more poinis after the 
wimer hmk. All letien liMiiild 
be aildMMa ID Bill Kugetlefg in 
care of die HarMngsr. 1 will be 
looking forward to them. 

Men's Basketbalt 
Dec. 13 HOME vs McHenry 
Jan. 6 HOME vs Moraine Valley 
13 HOME vs Thornton 
15 HOME vs Rock Valley 
Womens Basketball 
Dec. 13 HOME vs McHenry 
Jan. 6 HOME vs Moraine Valley 
13 HOME vs Thornton 
15 HOME vs Rock Valley 
There arc no HOME games during 
break for Swimming and Wrestling 
There arc other games for basketball 
but these listed are ail at Harper. 

Hawks should he considered to go 
ihe RC-Cola Bowl next year as 
many starters will return next 
year including Osysko, Victor 
Ebubedike, and Dan Martin. 
Mark Zioglcr was named the 

team's MVP Area high 

school Buffalo Grove downed 
Catholic U-aguc Marist in the 6A 
high schtx>l finals lo become ih^ 
6A State Champions Buffalo 
Grove compk-led thi- season with 

a perfect record Alihoush 

ihc semester will be coming to 
an end juid next week will be the 
U»t issue of the Harbinger this 
semester, you can still keep up 
with the Hawks by attending 
iheir games. To get a game 
schedule of your favorite team. 
lUSt go to the main office of M- 

CoK* BwdUDU givM tte lean aam play •■ Ihc Htwia dmnwd the Waubonma Oucts 74-71) J>*ait> Ocdi^^^ 

\clime*io:.::.'^^ " ..a,^. S, l'^7 


WIINam R«tn«y Hmpm Coltogt Ptiatin*. Illinois 




TlMki t»ilieincfiWiiiwi«*M 


la Mk ibkImi jPk iMNpecii fat 
iWs apiliv Kcm dimmer than 
IMI iivkig'i. two recent naiioiiai 
iwtyiof amp*} lurinf pl»»i 

Aai mdi dite jmv iw Itkeiy 
•0 to Maid, lor Aug iM: or e«w 

AIDS MtcM iMiiil • Joi>. 

MtekigM Sum* aanMl 
nvwy* riH^iwffftf in taia OQcciiMicf. 
found that big companies in 
pnniculai have cut back Aeir 
pkm UK kiriag acw coitcgc 


_ Cor XWJ pad» 
,_ 1986 hiring, but 
ny diey will Kiecn 

_ mam chmly ttoa 

and mniai t^kmim -• 

incmaaiag an averafi of 

.- will lag MriMl 

llicfetgwi Suie and 

ictttal icconi Icwcia laH yw: 

"Downjiiing. cooioli<Ja»iow. 
mergers and ac<iuisiiion$ have 
con llie couwry job* in «»"< »' 
Mir biggest and bcti paying 
corporations." »«yi Victor 
Lind(i»itl. Noftbw ewra '* 
placement diieaor and aulhor oC 
the annual EiMlicotl-UwIlHill 

About 56 percent of companies 
Undqui&l surveyed laid itiey'd 
intentionally reduced iheir 
oMH^erial iiaiTs daring the last 
year ilirougb reorganization. 
hirtng treeiei. termination 
witlKHU severance or early 

Michigan Sale's amiMl smwf 
of 700 buiinesMi also foond the 
biggem companiei are the am 
cutting back the most, reports 
MSI) survey co-aulhof Pittiek 

Fot example, aanpsniei •* 
moie iton 10.000 emptoyeet 
aid diey'd Mic 9.3 percent (ewer 
.. retail and accounting 
should get a lot of job 
olfte. Scheeiz says. 

Tbe surveys show overall 
demand has shifted from 
■UMnfacinring id service jotw. 

Engincenng opportunities are 
down nine percent and non- 

engineerifig oppcMunities are up 
i«e pevGOil. Lrndqiast adds. 

Students majoring in civil and 
mechanical engmccrms. home 
lomics. agncullure. geology 
•dverusing will probably 
I llic harde.<il time gelling 
jobs, the surveys suggtM. 

Top siarting salaiiti wil go lo 
electrical, mechanical and 
chemical engineers, all breaking 
the $29,000 per year mark. 

But Ute flat demand and the 
large number of giaduaiea mean 
salaries will go lo students 
villi the best grades and 
iMMMhip expeficnce. Undquist 

Geographically. the 
Somhwesian nates will offer die 
maM opfmnnnities, lolkiwed by 
the Nonheaal. The Sowtoaai, 
Nonb Centnt. SoMh Cenacal mi 
Northwest legiaiH. 

-Two years ago the south 
ctmral area had one (rf die hi^iest 
hiring rales in the country." 
Scheeu recills. "Now it jrtaces 
fifth out of six. and you can 
piobikly btame the drop on ihe 

Ktm Fry* null u* • ilMM whilt \mt «)!'*■■■ l-*-^> ■*<' XstaU* !<*<»«<•* (-"> 
watch. Tlw L»d)li»wk» dropptd Ihtir lliM ctmlirtKt mttt. f»IIH>» n> 1-1, » -' 

energy industry" 

Thie siudenu who arc recniiied. 
moreover, may face yet another 
otelacle before actually winning 
jobs this spnng. 

One-Utird of Lindjjuists 230 
respondents now test job 
applicants for drag use, a 136 
percent increase in ihe number of 
lesien. An additional 19 percent 
My dleyll stitfl testing in the 
next year. 

The College Placement 
Council (CPC) reports that 
nearly 30 percent of the firms 
thai recruit on campuses now 
screen applicants for drug use 
Another 20 percent plan to adopt 
the practice within two years, 
new college giads diis spring, 
Scheeu says Firms widi 5.000 
lo 10.000 employees will cut 
new giad huing by 1.5 percent 

Oeoetal Motors, for one. faced 
with rallii« profits, announced in 
laie December it will halt coilafe 
recruiting elTons aliogcthcr. 

In response, aro colleges are 
trying to bring smaller firms to 
campus to recruit. "Were 
expuiding our job days w small 
and medium-iiaed companies," 

sayi lanis Cliabica, director of 
Cooperative Education at die 
University of Michigan-Flint 

But while hiring will increase 
among smaller companies - as 
much as 6.7 percent in 
companies with SOO lo 1.000 
employees - oveall hiring will 
slip 2.4 percent nationally, 
Scheeb says. 

"This year, the demand will be 
in mid-sized and small 
companies," he explains. "Many 
larger organizations ve merging 
Mid downsizing. If Uiey can't 
make a product they need 
themselves, they're farming the 
job out to smaller companies. 
Hence the growth of smaller 

Better technology also is 
making it easier for companies lo 
increase productivity without 
addit« staff. Scheetz notes. 

-There's an element of gloM 
competition now so companies 
are looking lo do more with 
fewer employees.' 

Firms also are cutting hiring 
plans becauae diey're unsure what 
l98Ts economy will be like. 
Undquist agrees. 


After several months of 

deliberation and discussion 
between the Environmenlal 
Health and Safety Ctmmitice jmd 
college adminislration. along 
with a college-wide survey on 
smoking Uiat was conducted in 
January of 1986. the Itillowing 
recommendations reguarding 
simiking on campus were adopted 
and placed into effect in 
September of WW>: 

1. Dcsignaicd smoking tnta-'i 
established in each building, 
smoking ls allo*»e<ljinlx '" *«'* 
dCNignaKd smoking aicav 

2. Smoking and non-smoking 
Mcas estAlislied and potted in dw 
Cafeteria and Faculty/Staff 
Dining Room. 

3. Smoking prohibited during 
all mwiings held on campus. 

4. Cigarette vending machines 
lemoved (ntm the campu-s 

The Enviromenial llcalih amj 
Safely Commivlcc asks that all 
faculty and staff members comply 
with these regulations and 
provide information reguarding 
Ihe College Smokmg f^>licy lo 
tnidenls during die first week of 
Ihe Spring semester. 

Two free Slop Smoking 
Clinics have been scheduled 
during the Spnng scmcsicr in the 
Board Room. Building A as 

In February. 2nd and *Ui. 9* 
and 1 1 th. and die I6ib and ISth. 
These scssitms will be hcM from 
2:00 to 4:00 p.m. 

The second session will be 
held on April 21st and 2Jrd. 2«Ui 
and 3001 and May 5th and 701. 
These will be held from 4:00 lo 
6:00 p.m. 

Please call Uic HcaJdi Service 
as soon as pociblc at cxicmion 
2268 if you are interested m 

Alt of die designated smoking 
ifeat are marked. There is at 
Itaai aic designated smoking area 
on each floor of each building. 
Smoking in hallways is 
prohibited. Smoking in offices 
IS up to the descrelion of the 

The Envtfonmcnlal He^ih and 
Safety Commiucc appreciates 
your support in helping to 
provide a smoke-free cnviromenl 
for work and study at the 


The Harbinger, Januarv 15, 19t7 



(OPS) - Cil Siatt-CIHco. 
(Flit,), . 

U.S,. • nmtejr ti l n if iiie. u« 
or llM HHilM't 'Vuf 40 PMy 

VImibBV apt » mmitimA Wm 
UM by inmrviewiiif twlciit 
leaden at 'watt ihaa 250 

■I die 


■Mfial Ntile u> fei mon 
faadinS hy convincing 

CMiCMli. ■! Wm Virginia, 
lliuW|>|n. Cal Siaie-Chtco, 
VamnMi. Miami ind otliei 
iclMOi* CM1 the lilt proteiiol 
their incluiiiM in the tiu. 
someiimet calling preu 

Bat najdioy lUflim ttiilr the 
tin wai done 'obviciaxly as a 
Fun thing, not to put down 
acadMiK qualiiie*.* 

*I have a feeling 
administralort art saying, 
'Hanimiih. haramiih, we don'i 
think we dKHiid be on this 
list." admitt Playboy 
^nheanan Bill Paige. 

In one of the milder 
reipontei, Mittiiiippi 
ChMMaMor Coald'TiMMt «M. 

"I'd Mher nM to on .iheir liH.' 

Univeisity of Tennessee Vice 
Chancellot t%il Schcurer called 
it a 'bletiing" lo be left off ihe 

"Hie NuHilwr Two tanking 
puailec me,' says Miami 
Smdcnt AfTairi ofricial Bill 
MnUowney. *We have ample 
lociat life here, but I'd be 
interested in knowing the 
criteria of die audy. who diey 
talked to. what diey ovscrved* 

*tf wc'ie NwaherTwo in ihe 
cinwiry as i paty school, we do 
•wta bcitei academically,' 
linillMniey mamuins. 

"I don't diink diey (Pteytioy 

■iall«fX> were ever mi liiti 

cnmimt,'' comptained a Cal 
State-Chico ipokeswoman. 'I 
don't iteik ii was very accurate 

Chico stndents agree, 
claiming they don't party my 

It'ta nice taM to u« on die 
idMmt. but dw survey must not 
have been very exiattive,* layt 
student govemmem President 
Greg Hill. 'SuKients here enjoy 
a party atmosphere, but dKy ce 
here to audy They know dieir 

Paige says Playboy asked 
lludents 10 rank their own 
schools and others in their 
a«at.. On.«Kdi< 








g7< j @Sg7<^ 


!!!f'_!!??..'*!**Jf * ** - , n..„.i_„.|„. 

I <_>waai4liin|v«;uKim»|l»Hi« 

I mm i0§i»mmmimfm. ■» mit 

"^ ''SiiEIIS!'''''^ lllilfH I HOT *" JUKY" SAVINGS I 

III I ■ 


ci<m «M>ii«>wi<i#» 

to- 10 I 

about die number of paniea held 
on campus, othei entertainaient 
opportunities and who attended 
such social gadierings. 

tXiviaiitiy, weMa'tcall die 
campus librarian on a Tuesday 
night.' Paige says. At Miaou. 
Playboy might not have been 
able to re^b many students oe 
Tuesday night eithcr^ Ahnoa 
60 percent of i)ie students are 
commuters, a demographic dial 
mimimixes partying, some 
students say. 

'The Miami ««a it very big, 
very inteicating and iheie's kMS 
to do.' expiaint DM tenior Juan 
Diaz. 'A large perceaiage of 
students leave campus to piny.' 

"In fact, you just don't see 
much partyiitg. When I was a 
freshman or sophomore, I 
wanted la go lo a different 
acbooi where i couU have more 

But soaie studeots agree widi 
Playboy's assessment of dieir 
a^iools' social atmospheve. 

There's a reputation here in 
Southern California that 
everyone is preuy laid back,* 
says Lisa Estrella, a student at 
San Diego Sute University. 
Playboy's third-ranked party 

-SOSU is a good a:bool 
■cadefnicalty, one of die bea in 
Ihe state university system, but 
overall it is a party school. 
Fratemites and sororities are 
popular here and duqr do paity a 

And. while ndmiiiisttaion at 
Georgia's Mercer University, a 
Soudiera Bapiia College. caU 
the school's 9th place survey 
ranking unearned and 
undeserved, students are 

- Everybody is laOting aboiH 
it," say* OB baimiity member. 
'They caat wait lo lell *eir 
frieada at other acfaooi* daa 
didn't naiie the Hm.' 




Amarlcsn Rod CnMB 

aa yuaciQ atMaa 




Tlw Harbinger* J«mi»r* 15. 1!?S7, Page 3 


I* Harper, mMI Km- Ihmt of r*^ lutt bec« ktrt 
MM hMk. AIM wtleoiBt lo ibc |>atts of ikt 

la ill patt. iWi c»l»«« WM ""^ 'W tk» tdllw't 
vitwt It fkMM kt tl*ct thli ii Iht Rdimrlal pate. 
Past MitMrfl kavt mm* Ikl* contaaia to kriag out tke kmi 
polai* af alfcw ttaN »r alkcr pMflt. I aa Jflag l« 
ckaaat Uial. I »UI att Ml CfllMHl ■• pawlMT open 
,m» tm** peaktam. ae tmmm lifc aefcaal Ikcw. 

la rip mUCH m Ikt afclletic lUlT kccaasc It 
MtoM hin. i •IH alw tr; lo briac ap paotl 
.M w^w^ ■ kavt dealt «llk at Marptr. 
I Ma lalkiai la Myra Miaafkia, tke Sparlf 
la mmm at (kki wkaal, ck* kraat'*' *9 • Iket 
«kkfe I i>iiMfcl akaal. 

It •■«■■ Mw area klfk ■ckoak ftt aiart preu covtragt 

tkaa Vm laVatat. Wkf >• Ikal I Ikmttkt. I rinallt 

•iaai' Pilar a •»' alaalea af Iklaklag. 

It k 'bataait aart p e apila aia MMtied ia tk« kigk 

•■I wkca t wtai M Saalbera llliaolc llaivcrsily 

■waaa, ll appcartd Ikal tkr wkol* Iowa cvwl««4 

Ihc ■•tftrsiiy. I Ikea nlowly rewliietl Ikat tke 

Mwlwal* at lfc« »ck««l plBj-t<l a aiajw rolt. 

fenpie ta kigk wrkaiM are Ikert btcvaae Ikey ka»* to 
k«. ftaplt at Harptr are ktre kccaate ifcei waal lo be. 
■ad if Ikej doa't »aat la be kcre. Ibey caa le»v». 
CamaMM la|lc wwald tkea b« tkal Ike Mudeatx wbo waai 
to be hi Kkool itoald get l«*ol*ed witfc Ike ■ctivitle)). 
N«l tfae. _ . , . 

EarHrr tkit year, tke t'Olteyball team kad lo Ibrrclt it'i 
ataa keeaaie Ikerc were aol raoatb players. 
Tbh wwaW aeter kappea la bi|b Kfcool. Eltfcer Ike 
klik mtm^ kid* are lylog to ai abaat katiag kigk 

F a ..^ M. .. _ ^ a . 11^ ^^^'a 111.. •« 

MBUMHal gwgt HUM 






peoplt wko go kere really doa'l like it 

'haldt aiaay daacct aad il is kip lo tko« 

.Mn. Harper wW ka«« a daacc tkia Marck 

kam la ••• Ike taraaat. kat lad Marck. 3«» 

■P far ikis aaaaal daaee. 

kavc coa<atli leilek draw i««t people. 

Tkt Ml mmmH, imm mi Ibt Seareken wlifc Ike 

r-tilHai TliMiiiiilfik, OaaM *■« a lol aad alio tkoald 

aell MM lit tm aaaw atallBklc. Tke rrofraa Board 

hM bt taaMataded Car a nac jok all year. 

la kl|k fckaal. ettry Friday aigkt, balf tke ttadeai 

kody woaM ikaw ap for Ike llMMkall gaaMt. Ya« were 

frowacd apaa If yoa didat g». Al Harper, yoa are 

frawaed apoa if yo« do go. 1 ItiH eaa't ngar* oat kow 

ptwpit caa pay Ike.aioacy to get ia lor a higk lekoal 

■M, kal taaM m« a tat aiare laleat «nr free al Harper. 

TIM mat laMt trae far kaaktikall. Coaaat Higk 

tiftaal't g«|t icaai It I -13. kal tkey alwaya pack l^e 

low ia. Tkt Harper woaica-* teaai Is *-) aad Ikey caa'l 

irtar of tke teats tilled. 

ilarf«r eaaM reet»»e a aiajer place la tkit 

,„_,„. „ t lit tnadtat kody waaM JatI get lavoived, 

aad Ik* peaple «ka are heatned. keep It ap. yoar doiBg a 

greal Jakt 
am fjm 


Divining tke falnrc ii ■ iricky 
bufineit and one to be (akcn 
icriouily. Some proplicts employ 
lacoi cards and tome ate ouijt kotrdt. 
Oikcni claim to read the itari like 
some ton of astral connect-tlie-doli 

I have my own method and il hitn'i 
railed me yet. Actually. I haven'l used 
it before, but I predict that it will 
work and in this gtmc tkw'i just at 

I begia with a visii lo Beraie'i Bail 
■nd Boote Emfwrium to pick up the S 
lb 'ftraily siie" bucket of night 
crawlers aiMl a bottle of mescal When 
1 gel home I dump the womis on the 
dining room table and drink the 
mescal. The worms ihen arrange 
themselves into letters, words and 
tcniencet li'i really cool. 

W« coiMn't my it if it wmn't true 

I Membeni of ihc Ku Klnx Klan 
will ilissolvc their shield of «crcc.v 
»4 reveal themselves to be mature, 
intelligent people of kind und 
charitable naiurei (No. I'm just 
kidding. They'll siill be jerks. > 

2. Pope Joliii Paul It and Julio 
iglrsiat will team up lo perfonn "To 
All the Girls I've Loved Before". 

.1 Illinois Governor J a ai e s 
Thompson will, through a bizarre 
chain of events, do loitielhing right. 

4 Alien beings will visit the earth 
and steal the good forks. 

5. The Mnppcl Babies will refuse 
to have their urine tested ind will 
never work in this 'town again 

6. The Ayatollah Khomeini will 
die mysteriously after ap|)lying 
'Colonel North's Aromatic Mustichc 
Wan"- Scientists trying to determine 
the religious despot's age will cut his 
head in half and count the rings. 

7. An autobiography. "Matter Dick 
In Tighit: Confessions of Alfred (he 
Biitler* wilt top the bestsellers list. 

S. Ellaakclh Taylor. Frank 
Sinatra and Joan Colllnt. 

9. Hooterville will gel the atonic 
bomb and UK it to decimate Pixley. 

10, Even people who don't need 
wiU •tun wearing Cajvin Klein 

'Datigaar Cmloilomy Bags. 

11 Wiiliaai ^'Rcrrigerator" 
Perry will fill the gap in his teeth 
with. Dait "Ooag" Fluiic. 

12. "Majggie the Wonder Bum" will 
he the name of Margaret 
Tlialchtr's travelling show as (he 
Ihrilli Ihe masses by decapitating 
live gcrbils with her sphincter. 

13. 19)17 Birthdays: Tony Daitta. 
Chtryl Tiegi and Mick Jagger. 

14 Gene Sitkel and Roger Eberl 
will engage in a battle of wits 
Neither man will he hurt. 

15 Newark N.J. will host "The First 
Annual Birdbrain Reunion" where 
Mconiei. Rajneeshies and Krishnas 
will get together swap stories, chant 
Hindu dittiei and shave eachoiher. 

16. Shortly after the atari of the 

1987 baseball season, the earth will 

spin off its axis and hurtle into the 

sun. Casualties will number in the 

IT. Pal Rffibcrlion will finally tot 
us have ih« »iiiic<litiac.. 

IS. The debate over violence in 
broadcasting will come to a head 
when Elmer Fndd utiliics the MK 44 
MOD O 550 pound Laiy Dog Missile 
Cluster to "ohwiiewate dai bwatted 

19. The South will come lo the 
startling realization that they've 
never "done" anything and stop 
threatening to do il again. 

20. George Burns and Lacilic 
Ball will do the decent thing. 

21. A famous aciress/model will sue 
a feminine hygiene company for 
mafkciing a product called "Flowing 
Brook Panty Shields' 

22. Emmanuel Lewis will n>ast in 

23. The Meese Commission on 
Pornography will arrive at the 
following conclusion; 

Insofar as ptrmisiablt 
wardt are often comprised of 
the same letters that appear in 
maMgkly words and. inasmuch 
at any i>er3on of average 
intelligence is capable of 
mentally rearranging those 
letters into maugkfy words and 
whereby he compelled to 
Commit grievous sexual 
atrocities, the written word will 
be abolished 

24. Blliy Joel and Francis the 
Talking Mule will switch heads. The 
change will go unnoticed 

25. Ron will take a finn stand on 
Nancy's head. 

26. The fallowing changes will take 
place in the fashion world: 

. . Tooih Jewelry will be chic: Small 
plastic pieces Ihat resemble spinach, 
pasta and sardine heads will he moit 

. . . Vegetation Craie: Women in 
evening dress will be seen with 6 fooi- 
feras sprouting from their cleavage. 

. . . Teenagers will vent their anti- 
esiablishroent feelings by dressing at 
high-back leather chairs and 
mahogany desks. Adults will vent 
their anii-ieenager feelings by 
chopping them up and using them 
for kindling. 

27. In "Rocky V". Sly Stallone will 
fight hit way through the ranks of 
Jerry's Kids and. in the climactic 
final scene, will pummel the 
reigning Poster Child. 

28. Freddie Prinz. Golda Meir and 
Elvis Presley will be discovered 
sharing an Argentinian love nest. 

29. Darwin's Theory of Evolution 
will be scrapped when it is learned 
thai mankind it descended from a 
randy android and a willing but 
inexperienced porpoise. 

30. Future articles will rely lest on 
one-liners and toilet humor. 

Pag« 4, The Harbinger, Jsvnary 15. 19S7 




Wsa HI* 

Bmct Spriagslcca: 
lf75-inS •cfially 


dOK. it if ihg. dBfMive 
of it'i ftiwe. Like ilie WMi'i 
■MMiC' or am. he u m itie pmeam 
•f swing out « niche in rack 
tim r j t c»«f| hk m mi|ioiMia m 
Bvis Piesley. Bak ttylm. The 
B««lGt, (ir ilM 'Rolling SioDei (in 
llHif iniine). 

Having seen SptingsMen In 
concen twice, once before haji 
*wpcnMiit«l(Mi" and once atm 
(TV 'Oaifamu On iha Biigc wf 
Twmm' and Iht 'Bofn in die 
ISA* tttn), I aai taciMied by 
Hi* enoaiM of a Uve ■Unm M. 

hmA alu wary. I can only 
itiidio «ertt«>ni of 
I ftar laail pcitodi of 

.pkyale<ll]r eahaatiimg 
in I wit 

•C' tain| I 

view I (MHiHjr tarn of 
quality wliwe 
No need lo worry here. I have 
BB Hid (by poofriB who know) 


Thn MiectioM HM. lie'* jMtili- 

*Tb«wl«r Koad*. awl *Tcti«.h 
Avenue Fiwae-Oul' and "Born m 
Run' are viniagc Springiteen 
power. The turpriiei (pleasam 
ones) come on iliie ballads. 

The sound i tigta, comiolled. 
and clear. "The River" and his 
bnlM version of 'No Simender* 
am aiBiiiing bin of reflection one 
n't iimlly attociaie widi 
eapceially noi live 

If Uiorc is a flaw in iliit set 
It's die KMigs dial he wrote that 
oiber people covered, like 
'Spirili in die Night* (Manfred 
Mann) and 'Because The Night' 
(Paity Smith). For scmir reason, 
Spnnmeea waxes poetic at the 
ei|ianfe of lyHcism. He sounds 
like Dylan leading hii poetry. 

While it's inie that inom of 
this album's lellme power is 
name alone (Uie album was 
SHIPPED plaiinuaK it will 
continue w adl (tie oM I 
way: ll eaiM H, 

Vaimm, ■ ■ I f w li Mi r in ijh. ol the ^.aMKIE ^'.Ti^nn 

tOHiidqiiidiiywitiwdtaM. TO B^*^ 


By Nkhelaa Opali 

mm won! dKMld be ttMuraiiont 
wMdi H ciiOly what diey have 
the release til the 
I tiwrpimr. 

Unlike tlieit last album 
"Wtkomi m tht Pleasuredome". 
'Livtrpoof shows some excel- 
lent uses of orchestration with 
tynlhesiicrs taking a hack sent lo 
the gmiars which are the 
mainstay of the bands five 

Highlights of the album 
include their firit single. "Rage 
Hard', a 12* dance favorite. 'Kill 
the Pain*, and "Maximum Joy", 
the latter two exampies of old 
F<«TH compositions ibat have 
underscored their excellent 

JuM (mm kiakliig u the album 
cower you can sec the tntcmity of 
Paul Riitherforil (dancing and 
backing vocals), and the 
seriousneii of t lolly Johnson 
(vocals). If (heir aiiiiodc has 
changed to match their music 
ihey have matured in more ways 
than one.. 

tr ym laut their Ion tdbmn. 
'"Umpo^ dKMdd make a good 
.addiim u 'year :FGTi1 lepiiaire. 
If you didnt like Franktc's last 
altiuni (bit could be a wdcome 
B 10 bend *imv car. 



Bj Larrj Pittffin 
KnXTlotnnieiit Edilnr 

Jim 10 fifove id you that this 
column hat some artistic and 
cultural tasic, we're going lo 
look at a Japanese film. A very 
good one. And its not a 
Godzilla movie, cither. 

It's Ran. the Japanese big- 
budga (huge, by Japanese film 
■landanii) telling of die 'King 
liDir^ taucwl. 

I am always very leery (pun 
iMendnd) iIkm seeing a sub- 
titled film Uiese days, because 
it's generally a distraction and I 
frequently have trouble 
following the action on the 
screen and trying to read the 

Not 10 with Ran. Tbii epic 
was directed by Akiro 
Kurosawa. Japan's answer to 
ingmar Bergman, and il is a 
iweeping. stunning piece of 
work that literally has to be 
■cen. if not ID be believed, ilien 
K> be fully appreciated. 

It IS the story of Hidctora. an 
agmg War Lord in feudal Japan 
who decides, much to the 
bewilderment of his clan, to 
step down from active ruling 
and pass die icepler lo his diroe 

The lliifd aon. Sibuio. IS the 
only one lo seriously opp<jsc 
the niccession. telling his father 
that he Is only inviting trouble 
and a house divided will fall. 
After heated argument. Sabum 
IS duowned Mo bannfaed. 

But Hideiora'* plan lo qtend 
his "tetlrcmeni' in pleasant 
aojoums to his ions' ciiUet ii 

rudely interrupted by reality. 
The first two sons now both 
consider their (atbcr to be a 
symbol of power that .stands in 
their way for absolute rule. War 
ultimately breaks out between 
the father and the two sons and 
between the two sons them- 

At diis point, die wm aceaei 
deserve some mention. The 
general battle action is hreaUi' 
taking, and the smoke and noise 
really convey die confuMon 
horror of war (as much as 
possible in a film). 

The individual death scenes, 
however, constitute perhaps the 
film's only flaw: It kxAs like 
Kurosawa has seen one Sam 
Peckiiqww movie too many. No 
matter where the wound was 
inflicted, or widi what Instni- 
ment. blood ipmyxeverywAenr. 

But. in a film of Uiis quality, 
that's probably qtubbiing. Only 
a relatively niali ponioii of the 
fdm has war sequences, anyway. 

Kurasawa, in most of his 
images, especially those Involv 
ing conflicting characters, seu 
each character on opposite sides 
of die screen, widi the landscape 
between diem. He is especially 
careful not to influence the 
viewer to any precomxptions 
And with the number of plot 
twists here, dw is a neat trick 
as well as a neoeiBly. 

As far as die plot goes, well, 
I don't want to give any nan 
away. See Raa. Twice. 

Ml the mixing i^lity 

an eitira six months 
■p llie sound on diis 

himself, ti shows. 

Cirab |«ut p.ak-iC' sheet and' 
■tmhrella. Sledge -0-:4atic is 
mning. to town! 

Well, to Aurwa. anyway 
Qgllagiitr. the comic .Town 
pitec of mayhem takes his oil 
Ihc- wall bnnd of comedy to the 
PtramtNUii Arts Centre. 21 F 
Qiikna Boulevard, Auiora. on 
Monday and Tuesday. February 
Ml and lOih at HOO PM. 
AdmiM.lan< is SM.SO. SI6.MI. 

fiillaf h«r. who has narred ut 
numeiiMi* specials on cabic' (ar.*! 
■vaitablc on videotai>e). is 
(■Mus for his 'Sledge O-Matic", 
a sledgehammer diat he uaes M 
pulveriie food (and occaawnnlly 
other dii«.ti) a 'la dMHc 'all-in- 
one* fand preiaiMn. dev:icet that 
Ronco and FUfiiet made Cimous 

Relax., Am. iM 
and War, 
have, been 
bond Frankic 
Kiil.|]rwaod. But. 


Goes l« 

perhaps the 

Gallachcr's audknces. we.ll 
awaM of what to expect, have 
become almost as famous for 
dieif protective gear as has the 
funny man himself Sheets of 
plastic, raincuats. umbrellas. 
even newspapers all adorn the 
heads of Ihc people in die rirat 
thMn or « rows. 



'Blood Week' 

'Bucket of Blood* and tittle 
Shop" comprise two-thirds of 
Roger Cormaa's *btack humor' 
UJIaiy (die olber being 'CreattBC 
liom die Haimixl Sea'). They are 
billed as *no-hudgei epics*. 

All dus and a price bretk, mol 
Wear 2 or more bondaids on your 
fingers and you get a fifty cent 
discount on admission. Dentists 
(widi proper idcuiification) get in 

By Larry PaaHIa 
eattrialBoieat lidiMr 

Afker an dKwe blood drives die 
Rod Ooas his nuck us widi (pun 

inlciidid), llie students of Haiper 
Oolleie can ai last get even. 



<iMMMlMaHk««:«C CtlxiICi 

Ill iiiilmiilHii rill Mlilill'T''iitfiii 



HIM I \\C> 
i;|. I iHIKI} 


The l-Iaiper College Pragnnii 
Board is presenting Blood 
Week, a minl-film-fcst ronning 
next Thursday and Fnday, Jan. 22 
and 23. 

On Thursday the thriller 
"Blood Simple" will he shown m 
7:30 PM m 1143. This thriller 
was made on a shoestring budget 
by a pair of novice directors, and 
WIS a critical hit. making several 
major reviewers' top ten lists a 
couple ot years ago. Atimission 
is S2.W for Harper students and 
%Xm for the public. 

Then on Friday. Jan. 23. die 
really fun half of (he fest hits: At 
7:30 PM is the campy horror 
flick 'Bucket of Bkiod". followed 
at 9:15 by the original I960 
version of "Little Shop of 
Honofs". an underground classic 
of sons, featuring the screen 
d^tnit of an impossibly young- 
looking Jack Nicholsiin .Ml 
three of die films will be shown 
in 1 143 




scout IN THE TOI" JBO, ^H 

ivtnv atcTiQw on runt oub 
l»r» ^gff egotist fBtt 


.CALL (312) 855-1088^ 

.Not Just Comics. 

The Harbinger, January IS, 1987, Page 5 

"« tut um Uft MS«V% SMOCWft IB ft» 

P^ The Puzzle "^ 






li FaMMn Fn 
J7 Country of 

2( Pamx) ol IMw 


32 Hindu pMManf 

M Awtiorm rkjMl 

37 Rhm 

4? OodMW 01 



51 I 

54 It III 

55 Cozy oornar 

56 Paid mxiot 

57 FooiMw part 

59 J 

M Indian mullMrry 
64 Nol* <rt teal* 


M ii Jonuoy liKW. nayboy ••( tongum wiooino notionwld* wHh Ihli lit or c^^ 

wppoMcfy takM p(«c«d6nc« ov«r •vmythma eite. 











IMMCMaiTV O* VtfWONT. ■wtmBUm 
■UPPtHY NOCK UMiyimUTV. ISiiin»».«iil« 

UNNiiWTy OF coiMiicni.u; 
wmmm' hmt. umfac i>iy«M«i, nm. 

MMCIfl aWVCNSlTV. Macon. Oawaia 
UMVmilTV OF VinniNIA. Ct>artanaa<tK. 
STIIfl UMIVf R«ITr or NEW TOilK, Ca«11aiMl 




at. ii*UAi,MusrrTs inst of tgchmoloqy 

It. university of KANSAS. La«»ranoa 
ar KANSAS state university. ManlMttM 
at REED COLl'OE, rmtlMt. Oraoon 
W. FAIRHAVEN COLLEGE. taHMgltam. WaaMnftmi 
...uuEOi msi stsvci - 

Page C The HMrbiiiger, January 15, 1987 


lMttraali««al Club: Any 
MMlcM. foreign or nol, who b 
iUHfCttcd in tot"'"! >l>* 
lMMii«ti«Mul Siudcnts Club. 

noil liy n3l Im 'incm 
dak activitlt* 

Cstknlic Caapaf 
MlMisirjr tptmmm a Calliolic 

Mam cHfc Monday at 12 'PM 

Tit MarMmtr hat an opmt 

door polky. Cmm on ia and 

jMllailhcEdilar! A-M7 

conlTitMited lo the coat dnve Icir 
ihc htimelm. It was a huge 
■uccexa - collecting over 250 
eoau! The coats have been and 
ne bcinn dijiritiuied out of ihc 
•oMiy Wrighi Meniai Health 
Cmm Wd The Caihcdra) Shellcf . 
Iwdl widuB the city's weit side. 
> win be blessed widi 
Ms winiet became of 

being arreted lo «Mie ttudeiH who 
hat compkled two wmemas at 
chemiitry m Hapr College prior 
lo the Sfihng 17 leanetier. Up 
ID S370 in initioii runds will be 
awarded ror the Spring 87 

The Ulowing ctiUfia i 

nSl , TwetdhT'M 


Catholic Caaipaf 

MlaiMrj aad Tbt Prafraai 
■•ard would really like to 
cipfos itieir dianfcs lo all who 


Cbwlatry SckalariliiB 
A CheaiiMry Scholarihip j. 


While Voii 

Tri«' Jhi Fwcp »€«,(!''■# '.w lie tome^ 

'to J .1 ■■■;• ■ . .. ■'■.'■ t,!'- ;, ■, *n!if 

•■:■■:* ,. i • • V .(I'FinO 

emmntm^m, nor mi 
nil. <»f«n» « M iii in niiii i i n iiiii n ,'la 



Part-time opportunities 


Ai UPS. we ret ogniic the (inancial pr«*ure* jssociattfd with 
college lile. Finding a, job that fits your ichool schedule can be 
dlWicutl. UPS his |obs that meet itie colltgc student's needs. 
Comid«f th« *d*«ni*ges . 

• Ccxx) Pay — Starting Salary 18.00 

• Convenient Hour* 

• Steady EmptoymefM 

UPS will be accepting appWcatiom on campu*: 

t:M A.M. - 11:00 AJM. 

Hours Available: 

Motiday • Friday 
J:00 - BOO KM. 
S:00 - 9:00 P.M. 
10:00 P.M. -2:00 A.M. 


United Parcel Service i» *n equal oppottunity employw 


1. JOOPAi. 

2. M^ in chcniMiy or 
chcfitical ei^iaceiav 

3 AhricfiypewnlieneiHy 
on 'The role orchemiiay 
in my career plant.* 

Appiicationt can be otHatned 
in die Office of PtaMncial Aid. 
i. Room A-364. The deadline dale 
Cor die i|)plicaiian is Januaiy 30, 

This Kbolafihip it available 
becaatc or the tupiNm or 
Engineered Maiehab Reteaicb-- 
Allied Signal Inc.. Amertham 
Corporation. Dearborn 
Chemicalf. Polyfoam Packers 
Corporation and Tech-Syn 

The FoiindalioB or the 

Naiioaal Sludent Nariti' 
Attociation, Ibc Siudcnlt 
cunently enrolled in niirsing or 
prc-nursing progranif in iiate 
approved schools of nursing an- 
cligbic for ihcsc scholarships. 
The NSNA Foundation has 
individual scholarships ranging 
from Sl.tXX) lo S2.5O0. These 
scholarships are based on 
academic achievmcm. Tinancial 
need, and involvement in nusing 
Modem organuaiions. 

Appliciitums must he received 
by the NSNA Foundation by 
February 1. There is a $2 

these scholarships, you must 
aaend NIU on a futl-iiaMs batit 
for ihe fall and spring lemeilen 
of Ihe 1987-88 year and haw a 
cumlalive GPA or at least 3.0 
(4.0 scale) from die school you 
most recently Mended. Emering 
freshmen are required id have an 
ACT score of n leatt 25 or twk 
in die lop S« or dieir dan. You 
must subii I one-pa|c typed Imer 
which describes yam aammdiBg 
qualities, cbaracientict. and 
foalt. An NIL) graduate or 
cment NIU lalcuty member must 
alio wiiie a one-page letter of 

Tte deadline tor ipplicaiian lor 

Narlkera llllaoii 

Uaivcrtlty Alaainj 

Attoclalioa Sckolarshipt 

la .OMter to tpalify lor one or 

wdewt if l^elinaiy 6. 1987. 

Norlkcra lltiaoit 

Uaivenily Scholar Awardk 
aad Acadraiic i'iaalist 
Schdarthip Nordiera IQinais 
Univenity is offenng University 
Scholar Awards lo outstanding 
community college graduates. 
Alto, Academic Finalist 
Scholarships will be ofTerod to a 
nianber of students. Applicant 
must be cnicnng NIU directly 
from a communiiy college and 
complcird 4S hours acceptable lo 
NIU. A minimun GPA of 3.50 
based on a 4.00 scale IS required. 

Applications can be obuincd 
from: Grant^ui-Aid Commiuce 
Nonhem Illinois Univ 
DeKalb.lL 60115-2872 

Application deadline is April 
I. 1987. 

All Applications for 
scholarships may be criiuined 
from the OfHce of Financial Aid. 
BIdg. A. Room 364. 

Please note! 

All announcements for 
Upcoming must be submiued lo 
(he Harbinger by noon on die 
Thnnday prior lo the issue you 
with it to appear in. 

1 d die part! TNta>«l tarrded 

»idii|Mfct»yiBq ritod to d m i«i«i i» Beil<*«l.lwulnwg 

tadkrOSiHB aiKhMiial Mnd. 1 hM a ooainiKiai kid ind 
sfMBi ind ncudian Ip Oat Mpi eMntfilhr fnaiMianariad 
dttlH«lal»llfctdli laaiciwdiiil « the BeOer Bd Piiinl IVn. 

raM Pen ma ifif nncaier. 


Fhc Harbinecr^anuary IS, I9H7. Page 7 


• FamUy Planning 

• PapStrwara 

• VO testing & treatment 

• Pregnancy testing & referrals 

• Pre-marital blood tests 


•••■TSTt tU N. Cwirt. Suite 1 00. Patotlne 

■MMMf MM IMHiAr 4#«N)*NnMn« 


Two excilint new N«vy Omcer Pragranis 
for students and graduates of Junior or 
Community Collegnt now offer you the 
oiipartunily to Bx. 

With Thii Bcatl 




^ytotlim Refrve Omctr C 
•U.S. ritiicn 
•1»-M year* of aw; 
•GPA of at least 2.0 on a 4.0 icale 

W»vl AvJUWin r»ii»t 

•U.S dtiicii 

•l»-24 yean of age 

•GPA of at least I.S on a 4JI icalt 

Check ymir options! Find out if you can 
meet our staiidard* collect M-F, 9-4 

••JI2/72»-$210 or 729-521 !•• 

Classified Ad 

student Bon commercial 

daaaiftcdi— lk«e. 

, . l,claiilfleda.-up 

to ei«iit llnM. •« W. SO cents 
Mcb addjtional Unc 

!fc«ti CONSULTATION l» ill youi 

h:|ii].mxli: lHlliiitIM.rn<»'>t>J<"Y' 
ilmws. nA mam. ilwiB 7W •WS m 
W-IUO. Bict mA »Mka»l «|i|iu. 
•viiJiMc. U» ^vcxi it MciiBf * 
BkIct. iOO N Mi!Mlit». W fW*. 

roas'UJi.^ xnmiaMirc r<iiic 

RAM. S<«iMB ■ i ii il l li MHn D. Wort 


Spring Semester 1987 

rri.r WANTED t TIM. ISTATi; 
< -naaJ RmI Etta* Sil 1 iH[4l ••■*< 
lurl or ran liaM. N» * M or hMk tat. 
I 'OMMiantiy M MI ' kit tacfctl 
tfiATratD-WOaOr-fiUDlM Emm. 

WAirrtD NOWI IfMM •««* 

I iiMimiiiMiiirn fat Cilllillmi Tom mA 

tiiMra«a4 ■■ OajnoiM Uticli. h 

I. All lacalM:wi» irc 

., ^, fonUlY' Ummlieiu 

on Oai ■ MI-tHM or Ron 

Mntir) Orliii^attM M» |»i>|>cny 

i<p<».t.»<H.> C.SI iWMT-iano, 







1 «*>«» Wliu: fnlltpDiimi»l«l.» 

i ww ii i i i nn via. W ill i* ■■■H- «!»* 


Trnti Aab Apprarinf in Ihr 

llMli i iH» T Art P««H SfwMowrf 
If T*» 

C— ttM««J fiir A J ii iKl ilt 


' 1 Hit w ~- *- -^— •* "-*' ■* 

wroiiM cnrrai Aim 

I i m ii n4 iwri)f m niui i* •r>ta(iit| 

, fsiftMW citnctJ WiMt. 
AMIUy la iyv« 





UUm nlMUNT ROOM •«tMte 

~> h. _M>i III aif 'MMiB* nnM ii wi 

■MM*! (ilM T«>M>. 

li f t Caltai ■< » 


_ il4 

■B flMif Im. ••■ lta«t«* %•■■'. 

iI*K cm am m-am, mmm t 

«rtO** i.^ *»''* ^Vio*^ „ G'«'i.^ttt«* ^ 


Mo ■ f i ii i wc t oMdci. W11M 

momnoNAL TYMNO .tw »• my IVrnonal 

DmiP ill wi pick IV M ay kom or « " 

Itopct Collctc. mcttt to ■■■ !>«•> 
|f«lM ifcii ••■Mttti l>y iianuKt « 

pnlhiiiaiHl'-hMiAint yapanl Call m ■ 

Im^BfOlp. !<»•»*• Cillin9-<«l- 
BB,lM.«l<J»»<»« -■—•■- 



wamrmaama-Tima sitoat 
pt-. »'^ 1 ^ >■«*•■. °'"' g'!"*!!!?; 






1 k:««t Im kMtl SMI* ^-ummmi. 
.»,(<mii«i<»/«f»>l««i'«- _ •^" • 

tmft. Ser»i«T» 

fiar Sale 

OOimiWATiaNAll OmOl' 

mlf'W.m Fi«.«il«tta«iMial Wii* 
IK CMBitM* WMmda IM.. Wl So. 
Dmlaai SL. Sm* «1»IS, Olictia, It 

wwiiii.»rii«*iiwiNOOA*iit Urn 

I j.o.a. oSiiimi. 0«t.. HC. P.O. IhP 

731 AaftiMlHii HMWMt. L ttUOBA 


ra ■« fMH. DriUk IL. WTS. 


RiOHNOHlOSK]: I iiM- »« *■ «* 
|» Wi lUl tdnol. IHM I kin i liiila 
•ittiniff fat ron. K»' r* flad rou'R 

tack taipoif fan airin. Neitiime jou'it 
til 'Unm, Mil. Ml niMlira »l>«>« I-"' 
iHnr. plM la iMiiit 'Almi Un Ni|lM' 
m diacf rm fci lanl Mum fm 
■nunliil CMMKlbMiitil'iKI DEB 

Real Eitatc 

SEUJNO VmiR HOMK-f Wi» iMir mT 
Sm* ».o«t t^iiiT wiik <«r 1)»i««r 
VMcipHita liilini.- Oilr !..•• lort 
(••■■■■•xm ftm ■mtMial. 


A Ml. %Mrma Mml iM 


All these can be yours after you graduate! 


Come to A-387 and work for the HARBINGER. 

• wmmFEN YOUR wMTiMomauM 

• BUOY rm CA«MAU}0K 

• mtOVBtAUfm 
nwna 34M or 2411, or |u« nop mi 


For tM aipottane* 

Page 8, The Harbinger, January 15, 1987 


Spieth's leadership 
helps turn 
Ladyhawks around 

h| HI Ki 

'U WM Utt Oftnlng fHiic of liie 
North Ccnual CommBniiy 
College Confetenc* for iKXh 

liaptt ami Mormiiw Valley. 
MoraiM Viney was ihe leam lo 
titcy weit ihe 

the pmmwmUtitO^a ma 
ihc UdyiWMfel tad the Mi w die 


were no openings, m 
llM (Mil 10 Micliele 
CkMkley who took the ihot. The 
biffl bounced off ihe rim and 
lo««d ibc ON of IxiumIs line. 
A«y Spkdi cImm4 il awl villi 
AM Hcood on ite clocfc owglit it 

fU Ladylumki won 62-AO «id 
the crowd went wild while 

Spieth's tMMMHM mdbbed h«r. 
*I Jwi dwtw it up. hl| 
brothers, and the 
llunk 11 was off before i 

bM coach Tetchner thought il 
Ml.* Spiohaaid. "IiwiaaMK 
win Idc Ht. since they was 10-1 

iiofies of this S foot 7 inch. 21- 
yaaroM girl from Ohio. 

Am if playing baskrlhall 

wctan'i enough. Spieth also 
anandl Khool lull nmc. she 
pini on m^ionng m EdutaiHjn. 

■i'Miiajoh working four dayi 

^SpMl nia iMo grade prahleins 
har MCtaat year here, but .aade a 
good fiiend in Tom Choce. Ilie 
Aihlelk Academic Coordinaior. 

*1 think the academic 
ekgiliility rules iie fair. If ytm 
need help, you should get if. 
because they can help.* she said. 
Spieth started playing 
basketball early while growing 
up in Ohio. 

'I sianed playing hasketfaall in 
Mcond grade because my 
hfolhcrs were and 1 would play 
with diem. A lot of the girls 
■found my neighhoriiood were 
ttaning dien." 

Spielh played al Conani High 
School in Hoffman Esuics for 
four years. She also was active 
in volleyball, softbaU, and iiack. 
Herienior year iha ractived die 
credit she dciantd M ihe waa 
voted the Penwla Alhlaie of the 
Year for 1984. 

'Amy was a veiy good pteyer 
for ut. one of our better free 
dwow line and outside shooters.* 
said her high school coach Bai1> 
Boatiaa. 'If iheie had been a 
e-poiiu line in high school, t 
n't have, been surprised if 
we had won saasr because she was 
ahways good for .M) «) percent of 
her shots hitting from thai 
iHige.* she added. 

Spieih's accomplishment's 
include All-Conference. AH Area, 
leading the Cougars to the 
Regional Championships, the 
Sectional Championships, or die 
'Sweet Suiecn and an Honorable 
Vtcntion All Suicr'. 

Spieth finds playing in coHegf 
IS dillercm dian m high school. 

'The practices here are a tot 
more laid back. I think the 
people who played in high Khool 
and Ihe people who play here. 

play for diffaent i«a«»s," Spictb 


•I think 1 am better friendi 
with One girls on the Harper team 
than I was wilh the high school 
girls. In high 3chtx>l. everybody 
has their own littk cliques. But 
al Harper, everybody has grown 
outofdHH.' she adds.* 

She also said die crowds aic 
diffeienl than tn high school. 

-In high school, there is 
usually a good crowd, but at 
Harper it is usually jutt the 
paiems «id a few of the playcn' 

Spiedi came to Harper la die 
spring of »» 10 he a student and 
alio play basketball She didnt 
play the next year, but has 
nwfned this year to become a 
(aciar in die Udyhawfcs 

'Amy it ejilitmcly talented aid 
is planning on compctcing for a 
four year school in the fall of 
1987,' said Harper coach Tom 
Teachncr. "1 believe she 
oompME at die Division I level if 
she plays as she has in die pan. 
I feel she can help any coMefe't 
basketball pragiam.* 

Spieth credits a lol of her 
laleni lu her sixdi grade coach al 
Fairview Elementary School in 
Hoffman Estates, and also her 
fitahiiian coach al Conant Lecia 

*(Ba(t>) Bostian kept us going, 
made us work hard, and kept us 
dodi c tBd. while LaRoachc did a kx 
for it wch as kepping us in the 
game,' die sa^id. 

Spieth has jusi recently been 
given the added advantage of 
playing with Conjini alumni Kim 

Men strive for success 


I of nrileicoaaia 
downs, the men's 
mm must feel like the 
ride has tMcd too long. 
The Hawks went into winter 
; on a positive note as Ihcy 

played a good game against 
Wnghl. but lost. Coach 
Bcchioltl felt good about what he 
had wen in the game. 

Winter brc^ took it's toll on 
Ihe Hawks as many ptayera didn't 
show up for practice and it 
showed m the game*. 

But the conference season 
siaried, and it seemed as if die 
Hawks had a new life as they 
picked up victories in their Tirsi 
two games. 

Kevin Nicholson was lost for 
about two weeks due lo foot 
injury, and the Hawks fell victim 
10 die Thornton Bulldogs 
Tuesday mghL 

A few bright spots have 
emer{;c<i ttcm the ups and downs. 

Amy Spieth ihoMt 
Tunday alght. 

Frye. who has just recently 
joined die Ladyhawks. 

"I saw her on New Year's Eve 
and she uild mc she was going lo 
Harper and wanted to play but 
was afraid there were u> many 
people. I lold her to come out 
and she was at practice on 
Monday and now siaits,* Sptcdi 

Spieih has caught the N4C by 
storm this season, averaging 16 4 
points a game. ') 6 rebounds. 4 

assisls. and 3 steals per game. 

She also leads die Ladyhawks in 
blocked shoLs wilh 6. 

SpieUi also hu-sties, and plays 
her hardest alt the lime 
regardless of the game situatian. 

"1 try to do whatever it lakes lo 
win,' she .said. 

Spieth is an example of a 
student athlete who strives for 
success and tries lo be die best at 
all times. 

including the apparent takeover of 
leadership by Adam Kurtz and a 
deadly three-point shot by Kuru 
and also Mali Polich. 

The Hawks arc currently fr- 10. 
2-1 In the Nonh Central 

Community College Conference 
and afwr the 95-63 loss on 
Tuesday, coach Bcchiold is 
looking forward to now 
regrouping and coming back for 
tonight's i 

Ladyhawks lose 

The Ladyhawks fell to the 
Thomion Bulldogs Tuesday night 
62-5 1 . droppi"S 'hcB record lo 9- 
.!. M in the coflfcrcntc. 

Kim Grccnholdi led all 
Ijidyhawk scorers with 18 points, 
white Amy Spieih eontribuicd 10 


Wilh only eight players on the 
rosier, die Ladyhawks have turned 
in a very impressive record thus 

Spieth leads Ihe learn points 
aveiaging 16.9 per game. 


Thursday. Jan. 22. there will 
be a Softball meeting for all 
miercsicd women. The meeting 
will take place at 3:00pm in 
Building-M in room 

244 There will be a 

women's track and field team 
preseason meeting on Tuesday, 
February 2nd, at JiOOpm in room 
223. Call Renee Zellner for 

further information at ext. I 

2464 If you arc iniereated in] 

writing in the Sports Deparuacnt | 
of this newspaper, come lo A- 
367 for more 

infarmatian Believe it or not. 

the Blackhawks arc lied for first I 
place at the time diis paper went 

to print Waiter Payton has I 

indicated that 1987 would be his I 

iMt fallini ID 2 

in dit lane f« tiair «if I* Hawk iMdJng 19 puiu m Taad«y mghi's (aim it Hirrn 
idMcanbmncc Mmi Mich liw had 19 f« Ihr Hiwlu 

The Hawk. 


VOL. 29 NO. 15 

JAMARY 22, 1987 

William Ralfwy Harpw CoHag* Patottrw, Illinois 


»} P«Ml ' 

HMfcr CollBp' 'keld it'* CIuIk 
•ltd OrganiiMWRi Day on 
JmuaMy 20 wiili an hmcoiim: tiM 
kit ■ liiilc K> Ik desired. 

Compared in (asi wmettcr. 
only »ia arganuaiiont were 
ntprcacfilcd. Each uWc *» 
fflCiOipicd fiwn mcmher* ol' the 
cM or orgamitaiKHi. «iih ilMt 
eiicepiion at WICM. wIm> IumI 
ilfiljIicatiuM on ihcir laMo. 

The nwffilKn of ilic clubs 
I qutwom ad' 'ptovkkd 
• alMMt ilm tidivKtuI 
The rolioving it a 
I d( nw ci( ihc lii clubi 
nlKfc •txe leixeietiied: 

■.A.S.tX. - Brothers And 
SiMri )n Cllrist m tpoaiorcd b}' 
Ike Chicag(» Metro BapiKi 
Asi0ciation,. Mil Itat tteen 
meeting ai Harper Coilegic for len 
yean. The BiMe stady mccungj 
aie liclii in Itie Student Activity 
area (wm H 00 AM 3:15 l»M 
on Wedmnidays. 

Mkliael Davit, ii die campui 
minisier Tbii i* hit first 
lemetter, he is a full -timer 
(or Ihc Aaiociaiicin. Me can Iw 
•even diM a wmk at: 

II85-IK7. w ihrotish ihc SiudcM 
Mllviuei Office, eit. 3242. 

ChrisiiaMf an Camvni a 
an inter- dcnominiitional 
Chriilian group, but they 
welcome cveryhi>dy, John 
Kiauw t.t Ihc Piesident. who was 
elecwl by Uk memhcn Kcording 
la dieir Constitulioi). 

The mceltngs arc ici lo 
K:cciniini:>d;alc siiidcm Kticduks., 
JO Uicre may be .levcral nwctinfs 
a week. They usually run 
between 4S-60 minnw* in 237, 
and tile meelingx are held m 
diicuiRion and kciutt' form. The 
group tries lo go through one 
Uxjk of the Bible a scmctier 
For mote abotil this group, they 
are set up on Mondays and 
TucMliiyi in Btdg. A on the first 
tiaxir ncxi lo Ihc mforaution deik 
in the front loW>y. 

Sliidcni Seaalf rcpretenis 
the student body of Harper, and 
acts as a liason between the 
students, the (acuity and 
admmitiniiion There are ten 
members, who ace elected by the 
student body. They serve on 
vari«i.t decition-and policy- 

making commiiices. and ate 

involved m si.u(l('nt activitie-S. I! 
yoti are inu:restcd in betomm^; a 
part of the ttuilcnt wnalc you 
must contpleie a deciaration o( 
candidacy form in the Studcni 
Activities Office, third (limt. 
DIdg. A. in order to be plated on 
(he neii hallol. 

The Progran Board it a 
group o( students who art- 
appointed from written 
applications, screened by the 
hoard, and by a two-lhird vole of 
all current members. Tbc 
telection process is conducted 
between April 15 and May IS. 
The term of membership t% one 
calendar year. The board is 
rcsiKintiblc (or all stKial 
priigrams and other co.'Cuiricular 
activities on the campus thai 
affect the student body Meetings 
ate held weekly; for (urther 
information contact t>ani, 
"Chairperson of Public 
Relations*. CXI. 2274. 

C.C.M. - Catholic Campus 
Miniilry is a chib currently with 
12 meisbcrt. Activities are (or 
everyone. McMtngi aie. .Iield on 

PktMi Cr»^ Aanm BnmMm 

Dannt Hanks hands oul free popcorn at Harpers Clubs and 
Organkations Day. Popcorn councsy of the Program Board 

Mondays ai 12:30-12:45 I'M in 
BIdg. A 241. Some of their 
goals for the semesier are: lervice 
projecti, fctreaii and social 

activities. If you'ie interested, 
call student activities ext. 2274. 
or call John Carroll at 870-871 3. 


by RnnaM Uwali 

As die January liiow' tolls iitio 
iiu- Norihwtti, M do Ihe 
candidates for the Presidential 
election a( I9SI start ihcir 
campaign For the ctes of I98X. 
it IS only ibtitefn mtwths he (ore 
tiie voters in Iowa go to ihc polls 
to choose convention dclegam 
and I9S7 seems so short, tn 
Washiingtim. people ait wati-.hi«g 
■10 see if Ronald Reagan wM. 
recover (Km the Iran scandal and 
Ihc bud.gcl controversy, while 
^t who hofe. 10 succeed him 
'''fganiiing liv what promiws 
be the moat- wide ■ ope n 
■: 'paign IB n-mre ikm a ceiiurf 
■or Ihc RcpuMic;in>s. most of 
iticir hope (or an elftlion vict.irj 
m l«H«I lies, in the hotw* :h,<i 
Vi4.c-Ptxsid<fnt George Bush cm 
keep CBOtigli «iip|K»l to continue 
being tht:: (runt nmncr of his 

patty. Other Republicans trying 
lo get the ntxlc of iheir party 
include; Senator Robert Dole, 
Senator HowarJ Baker. 

Evangalisl Pat Rt>henson. jrd 

.Senaw Jat :k Kemp. 

While on llic d^n i« raiit: sid: 
Congfcssman Gary H;.rt uf 
Cok>..iilo Irakis in iSie pol's dijl 
fCH heavily on raine iec< j;tiiiioii. 
Other dcincctales iKilaiig lo get 
die support of th.*if party include: 
Governor Mario Ciiomit, 
Ke «< ra«; Jesse Jacl..s«,.n. Senanir 
-Sam Num. jiti (till ar*!te;. 

'Tte 198* iTtsidenual ek-i'ii..<i 
pnwiiiics 10 be iJ'»» il'y 't' 
(rem ihc past (our tkn-, ■• ■ 
There is wj!<iii tuii:»ii(! 
(or eithci patly and imt the fir\l 
iMie siaci' rixe in hoih 
panie* is widL-opi n. 

Ed. iioIk: K'mald / 
cmmprtud lW,j si-icy ;- ■■, 
rttearck ami fm.n armk\ 


by Pt»rl llcndenMi 

Harper College, after tme weelt 
i>( late icgislration showed 
16.1)43 students or a 2-3« 

incietae over Ihi* time Ian yew. 

Students we taking die same 
amount of credit hours at last 

Part-time students make 7(;- 
80% of the enrollment. There 

was a 8% increase of new lull- 
time students. 

Harper has been showing a 
sUNidy decline in enrollment fw 
the last eight semesters, with die 
exception of the summer of 

"We (ocl we have turned the 
comer as far as die enrollment 
declines are concerned," says 
Dcm Steven Callin. 

If you add ihc economy, the 
)ob market, the decline of high 
«:hool students and financial aid 
logcdicr. you get the answer to 
why die enrollment has been 

"We were anifically high in 
the Fall of 19»3 with 25,160 
students enrolled here.' continues 

There arc plans in die wind (or 
developing sludcnl enKillmCDt at 

Catlm says, "we are 
developing a comprehensive 
planning and marketing program 
(or the colkrgc lor areas we want 
to grow in and stabilize our 

An Administraiivc Steering 
Committee on Marketing has 
been established, and will set 
guidelines for cnrollmcni 
planning and marketing (or the 
next five years. 

Plioio Citdil. Rick Hal! 

Pact Z. The Harbinger. Janiiari 21, 1987 


£1 np w T T% 17' T^T T' 



iy Nickalai 0|i«ts 
FcalBfM RiHtar 

A* cttlkfe ISIe ittnmtan a 
itudcms intcllcci. ii i<i also 
MPiXHiid to he fun and pcnvi<]c 
dim wrih entrmincmcni and 
activities to furtitei stimuiatc 
IlM! gray malter As usual. 
Smdent Aciiviucs has planned a 
viniud comuniiiui of aclivites lo 
HOI only stimulate ywir brain. 
iMtl itHwIil alio ptme very 

The scmeaMr Mam off with 
a number of events for January 
Running friim now umil the 
-Wl i« Ihe CoHei(c-Widc Harper 
Faculty and Staff Show, and the 
films 'Blood Simple' on the 
22nd, Ahsoluic Beginneri' on 
the 27lh and 29U», and Kiss of 
the Spider Woman' on ihe Wtlh. 
Theia are nho m'o :iTri,',-(ts 

The Hcanland Consort will be 
aptwaring m the kiunge on the 
21 SI. while Uie 2Ktl« maitti Dte 
date of the Harper Chamber 

But if you MKMfht It uiifiped 
in January, you were wrong. 
To start with. February holds 
The Fabulous Thunderbinls with 
Jaion and the Scorchcri in th.- 
wings until the ftih. which will 
mark the big spring concert. 
Other notablCK for the month 
include the films 'Lady Jane'. 
'Men', and My Beautiful 
taundrciie'. The Nexus 
Pcn-ussion Ensambie concert 
and wortshop, hypntaist Lstny 
Garrat. a tectuie by autlm Herb 
Cohen, and the Chicago 
Shakespeare's prescnuuon of "A 
Midsummer Night's Dreiun. 

March keeps the calender 
hotiked with Clasncal Guilarisi 
Eiliiaritn Ifrnandc?, and Iriiji 

Folk Singer Tom Dahill giving 
concerts. To continue on with 
fine arts. The Eleventh Annual 
Print aiMl Drawing Coinpeiiiion 
will be bcic, as well as the 
Kaipcr Concert Choir and 
Cameratffl Singers. The films 
for the month include 
Suburbia'. Chaoie Me', 

Plenty , and "Wcihrrby . Bui. 
the really btg events toe March 
would have to be the Dance 
Extnvaganu on the 2()th. and a 
lecture by talk show hmi Oprah 
Winfrey sometime in Maah 

For those of you still 
recovering from March. April 
wont give you long lo 
rocoopcratc as it stans wiih an 
art cihibit hy J.J C Andrew* 
and Oyj right into the spring 
theatre pteientalion irf "Man of 
LaMancha". Also this month 
wlU be a lecture on AIDS by 

Dr. Sicphan CaiaJiaa, the scmi 
annual Ice Cream Social, and 
concerts by the Harper Bell 
Choir, the Harper Steel Drum 
Band, and by pianist Willum 
Phemisier. If yoo still have any 
energy left aftei that, hold your 
breath and come on inio. . 

..May. As final enams and 
graduation approach, activities 
slow down a bit. but May still 
holds the Harpc. College Art 
Student Show as well as a 
Fashion show early in the 
month. Rounding out the rest 
of the schedule with concens by 
llie Harper Community Chorus, 
the Harper Ja// Band, and the 
Harper Concert Choir and 
Camcrala Singers you barely gel 
lime to catch your bieath to 
study fiy exams. 

This .semester hoida a myriad 
of activities and more lo come 
along the way. So if you c«i't 

find something lo do come out 
to Harper. This jtmcster there 
is more lo offer than just 

Anyone having questions 
about how to get tickets for any 
of the events can call student 
activities at X 2274. With all 
the events going on This 
semester, I would recommend 
you get your lickels or 
reservations early! Each event 
has a limited number of tickets, 
and once they're gone, they're 
gone! Get then: early and enjoy. 


Whmotr Ihr iMlBaMI. Ma hklhe tiioNili 
Iw wilni atalan «Ml;|iiiaa« 


lila|iiMlM>M-thmu|«iking«iiili.--iaklr««w'im bhd. 

•»■*( iiMdr wMer'j MiitJt » Ihinc >* (hi- fmf Thu crynM twtW 

wstwi "• the oimpui hit < riNwJ fttwr gnp iw a«itim»»» aanlnl 

iwl«|ialiKlltr Wanoalaa HHmtem antinit Mot <:.( an. tuuI nrwr 


tit I'eirl Hrndrniim 

surr « riUT 

Boy, whai a day, I'm really 

tia-d This was just like a work 

■'■'■ ^■■^- ■■- tip ai Tm AM. 

■■■ iroiii S'lKl ,.\M 

■ • '■'.. -..J ihcn joii have to 
coc* diimcr. Traffic was icirible. 
so that didn'i help either. 
WouUJii'l I! N.- niiv' if you could 
come hoitiv anil iim iio ninhing. 
and ti;i>»' ili.n ^(imciinc cKe *j»s 

'n».ia*!l:tMNiMk'ln'ilic HcnB IM FtM l\n I* nav 
w«!lta'aSii»ii.ii«idynical iioidl.. It ha« nnUnutm kad Iwl' 
m mUcMNat l|i lhal.hicl|«'i!liMnilc ih« frwlntfitm tiricaj 

- ^tTT»f%ii«ilW'i,J«pl»«iis««r4iBi*e|j|>chinl>'«**. 
._ .^.riliitt "•!* At HMrcuirtiif ailhc BN» Bafl. IM Pm. 

nc*^wpiheHii*Ti«i«i.aii«M,a«»ui r i^.. _-~ r 
h«ikMOTiirfa...ThtB«a«M IDII ^T 

l%ii*l*ajiiilW,P*ndhi. {_fmjl 



voiru. aiAT TMt Tiar 

■woHt M iME "ror a«*tgi 
1 on T«at 00" 

Roinp II) do everything for you; 
Imt 1 i:uc->. ilicy .oiililni xlmly 

.liiril li-cl 
|;^i: Mu,.iviiig v^'<.-(t. ncrc I am 
billing at ihc kiichcn mhic trying 
10 study. So tar so g«>d, I've 
read two chapieis out of one 
'booli. and now all I have u-> do is 
10 gel motivated for the nexi two 
chapters out of my other hix*. 

Ilave you ever been reading, 
and all of a sudden your mind 
suns to wander, and ytm look 
down tin the page, and you have 
to reread the sentence or 
poragrapti over again, and maybe 
even again" The stuff u so 
kirmg. and you don't feel like II in Ihc first place that you 
lu.t Slop and say 'why am 1 
rtjdmg this mess"".', then you 
answer. 'Becau-se y<w liave a lest 
on it tomcMTOw". 

You pfrsevcre. You read a 



Not |u*t lorS()«n.*h maiors only, but for evef yone twginiiefs, mtwlwwen- 
siucl«nt& and advancetl. Put some eacitemnnt into your coHege careerti 

aCaiMNCB OR *Dv»N«,D'Com .» *tx>ul 
!in9 Mme as a autmaalw in a u » coHaaa 
'IJ, •*:■':,:' Pr,c» mcludiii i»i. loitntt Inp to 
Se%"<;# 'ram N*w vrarK room, tjoard, and 
tuifltw" uomplfflj* a'Ov*mm»nt Qrantl »«1 
io««» ma^ t)a< apofma to.*«i<l» our 


L mm w«fh m Scmmnri' lami>>. wirMrMS €lM»ffi#s 
tout' naurt » day. »ou' a*n a wwik. lour 
ni«im» (Earn 16 Hri o» ef«|it toquiMwi 
10 * .»<nn»««ft taug,Mi .n u s coUcgam o«»< 
a iwo year IWMt wwni yi»u,f Spawsn aluclMMt 
wt* hm •nhancMt tiv (xnxinurawa not avai*- 
aMa in a u 9 e'afS'twm StamSarttitwJ 
tfflwl*<rw in*' »lui*Jri«»m mr^^mQ*^ *k,ll'S 
superior to sixMmr^H comp^mtm^ I*o ^»r 
twi:»jfi»m» '11 u S, A<l»im6M«» coore** aiHi. 

I lo :in«t>« ail a' 

II U'iKWIi .» lot 'Of' t 

3PmNCiSfcMtSTE,W - .tan ;:lO-M«y .■ 
FA1.1, SI'MC<>TfrB-*uia i9 D#.:: fj 

UMlfTfEt *Pi,fc 


little more, and then your eyes 
-vUirt to get heavy, you l(x>k at 
itic clock and say I'll jusi lake a 
jiiick .^0 ininuie nap. nejl thing 
you know us an hour late/. You 
read a liiile more, and .■say ftirgct 
It. TluiJ s all for tonight If I 
don't know the stuff by no* ii's 

I go to bed, and whai tU> vou 
think enlcrs my dreams .■ li.-i'Us 
like a nightmare, all itic niaienal 
1 lud het^n trudging Ihruugli keeps 
going over, and over again, like a 
broken record in ni) mind. I 
can't sleep. 

The alarm goes oil. us imic 
(or me to get up and start the 
whole process again, hut Ihis 
moraing, I sian off tired, because 
I couldn't get any sleep fn>m 
worrying about the test 

1b my dreams evcryihing 
seemed all mimed up. Maybe. 1 
'tidied too much. Siudving is 


Two esciling nest Navy Omcer Programs 

for sludentsi and Rraduatrit of Junior or 

Commiiniiy Colleges now offer you Ihe 

opportunil, to FIy With Thtf BfrlT 

AYiatiim RmiTYf OfTicgr ranrlMale PrcMfraa 

\js9, CitlJEC'll 

*1%U ytmn nl age 

*riPA or at leant 2.0 on a 4.0 

\S I 

•19-24 years of age 

•GPA of at least 2.S on a 4.0 waic 

Check your options! Find out if you can 
nwel our collect M-F, 9-4 

••JI2/729-52I0 or 729-5211 •• 


Tl» HBrbinevr. Janaary 21. 1»»7. Page 3 


Who lias I lie right to censor caflcge 
pubt'k-ations. aucli •• the Itirbitigrr? 


This (iiicstioii WM raistii by Ivan lliil;iiifs.. I be 
associate profetsmr Ot journalisni at (he 
University of ArlwlMMi. After much research, 
he ili»covered many facts al>uut citliege 
newspapers in the United Stales liMla>. 

One fact he seems Hi think is consistent 
throushoul Ih* universities is the joiirnutisni 
departmcni li divorced from the student 

Here at Harper, we alw are MM affiliated with 
the journalism depart nwM. 

Holmes did many cas^ flodks this is 
Frecilom of the Campus Press !\lonth. and went 
to m»ny colleges lo observe their censorship 

The Harbinger Is not censored ewcept by the 
editors who onlj usually censor obscene or bad 
taste information. 

At Illinois State lnivcr«ity. in Normal, the 
Daily Videlte bad a problem with wb<i would 
elect the newspaper edilor. 

Members of I he VideHe Management t'ouncil 
ail recommended Roger Milter for the editor's 
potilion. but the Videlte Publications Roiird 
SCltCtfd Eric Moss for the joh, so llu Vidttli- 
mwifnam wcitl on strike. 

Th«' MrfilMg: •tniMl*r«porters. in an ufriciul 
statement poliilMl out that, "the students see Ibis 
as a key FirtI Amtndment issue because the 
Publications Board, as an arm of the university. 
shonU not be allowed lo make such decisions 
(•■ ■electing the editor). This is stale 
tMtrftraiic* with the free press, and it must be 

Another Illinois univcrsily. Northern, has been 
caught in the middle of the First Amendment. 

The trtwiill' iitailMl' afltr a new president took 
over the Mllila.' Starioi began coming out of 
the NwffllaffB 'liar aioiil the prcsidenl's expenses 
to gal his iMMa mitcaraled. A story then came 
ant Mykg tial Ifee- aiviior of the paper. Jerry 
Tlwimii w il WM MW|: awvcd to a PR department. 

Adcr iMs Ihc pafwr ran a front page t-dilurial 
which conlaiiMd, In an obvious attempt lo lake 
ciMtrwl of the content of the campus press, 
Wlngficld (the president) has removed the 
pa peril MI«liMt' aiviitr." 

WinglWit ma irad on Maj 22 and the adviser 
vfii ha' ;ttlM|aie«l ftir an indcrinite period of lime 
the mU:Ichme«I of (his Oise in court. 


WiUMm Riiiniy' ItAfMr C 
AllMqwn 4 RfMieb RmmIi' 


m . t>rt*tc Ctmn 

A«rm^ ttrcMdhlwi 

MM HUM... l*lllyFl«)« 

S-oaltinmnH Miu iMr/ l^lin 
:))«nii;4M.» liJHt.«irflni|, 

fiMtiim Clii., V't Clpli 

'Tkt lUUCiafiK ■■ th< iiiiJhiI 
(■MkaUD' fw Ac t:lmfm Gtilapt cwfai 
CfuflMiuiniiy. fMSI««Sttd iBrchhr rwcwfM. 
ilarnif ItoMsft ■rf^ fuui. whim. All 

l< 'U aKmif .ihsHi III I 




ioof hours on Wisconsin roids 
Ji«d lurncd »y brain into pockci 
tint and my eyes were iiboui lo call 

>i 1 game whca I tpoitcd a sign: 

Pop. 271 

My choices were Itmiied: nop in 
Bcju Monde for a rcsl. or ruin ji 
pcrfcclly nice car and be *tiippcd 
home in iwn-hundred tandwicK 

I decided ihil stopping in Beau 
Monde, like ehcmoilicrapy. was ilie 
less ttideous of Iwo opiians and 
tonsolcd «y»ctf wiih the tliouRhi 
rtiai spending an liour or so wiih 
Ifcc town's best and bngtiicst mighl 
prove tuliurally cnricliing. I 
wheeled in in ■ diagonal space in 
front of ihc Stumble Inn and 
stumbled m 

I gave my eyes a moment lo^ adjust 
:mcJ belief I tiadn'i; variations on a 
(bcmc of gnmt, 1 considered »idlinj; 
up It' iJic bar hui opted lo walk 

"V^hadda ya want?" demanded :i 
^(ouling barman 

"Cat a loothbrush''" I inquircil 

"What I he hell is ihal?!" 

"Never mind" I replied, II! have 
a Wild Turkey ThU should sierili/c 
the glassware." 

He returned wiih my drink and 
heljwd to ease my ta!.h burden 

"Nice lown you have here." I 

"Wt like it," he replied, displaying 
thai gift for zippy repartee 
generally aiiribuicd to the lower 

I motioned to a handpainicd 
poster on ihc wall. "BiUy Midgcl and 
ibe EJflones! Are they playing here 

He lightened up a bit al this. "Noi 
ordnarily. but I could call em up if 
you lilic^" 

No. no. doni trouble yourself." 

"lit tto trouble, phone's righi 

"And you know how lo work it?" 
"Sure." he grinned broadly and 
proffered a beefy mitt, "my name's 


I shook his hand and then studied 
my own. "I guess Beau Monde hain't 
been swept up in ibis bathing craze 

yei. eh?" 

"Nope." laughed Mike, "I gues* 
noif" lie was 


a*«iif four iHihex shy of six 
feti but a greasy cap 
promoiiaf kis inseetictde of 
thoici split the difference 
Liihl hrnwn hair, 

unadulteraied hy skampoa. 
*Miijf limply from hu head 
and sprouted in ttfcasionat 
cttimpt from, his /a.',- Ifnder a 
tttuf nyltm i. >; h>' wurr a 
ftunmet ihtrt frt.m the sleeves 
<>/ which hUHft rkttbhy. 

*-"'--■ '■■■'-■.'■■ '■' 'ont of 

.■■d for 

■ ■■ ■. ■.,.. ,.,',,,. .jfftndrd 

an unwiinitd xUmpse of 
fiskwtu!'-. ''rarhhali belly 
The .'.■i,k ,./ his irans hung 

Sit low ihar t> vMnf tmnfaroo 
could have taken up happy 
residence there, bovine 
vapitrs nntwiihstanding 

"My name is Pcdcr. I informed 
bin with misgivings thai soon 
panned out. 

"The hell you say!!' Mike boomed. 
He called lo the only olher person 
prcscni. who was working the pool 
table. "Hey Pclc! Cmon over here!" 

Pete gave ii the old waddle. 

"Huh?" resptmdcd I'eic He was 


"You'll never guess what this 
guy's name isV spai Mike cxtiicdly, 
bul Peie didn't seem very inicrcstcd 
in trying, 

"Huh'*" repealed Pete, lending 
suppori 10 modern theories on 

"ti^ t'cie! lust like you!'" hollered 

■■Reall)'' Pelc looked lo me for 
confirmation of thts stupefying 
eoincidentc Rather than 

documenting ihc difference in 
spelling or protesting my disdain 
for that diminutive. 1 gave the nod. 

"Wow?" continued Peie truclly. 
"Ain't lhal somethin ! Hey! What's 
ycr last name? Maybe we're 

The collective shriek of len- 
ihousand ancestors exploded 
through the corridors of my brain. 
Reality became a distani and 
blurred abstraction as every fiber 
of my being voiced a single theme 


But good breeding is nothing if 
not the abitiiy to meet its opposite 
number with a well choreographed 
sneer or a shrewdly composed 

So compose 1 did. 

"Whoa." I laughed, "ihai would be 
something out of Poc. wouldn't it?" 

"Yep. sure would, hyuck hyuck. 
Say. you know how to shoot pool?" 

I replied that I had indeed 
penetrated ihe subtle mysteries of 
the pool lable and proceeded to 
swell Pete's coffers in three fast 

"Been playing long?" I asked Pete 
as I resumed my stool 

"Hycll. I was born with a pool 
stick in my hand!" he replied, 
showing no remorse for the 
grotesque agony this must have 
caused his mother 

"Oh, your Mom ran a pool womb, 
eh?" 1 quipped to unappreciative 

A strange ilem nailed up above 
Ihc cash register caught niy eye, I 
didn I know what it was or. more 
likely, I did know, hul my delicate 
subconscious had decp-sised il lo 
protect mc. 

Foolishly, I inquired, 

Ahhh.' said Mike wiih the 
approving lone a wine captain 
mittii jward a particularly correcl 
selcviion. that's a pair of ihcm deer 

f*ft 4, The Harblnfcr. Jiniiary 22, IMT 

.Off Beat. 



■y ttwnt tMtmm 
■MtrtalaaMai Wiiiar 

I've htm ffiimt • ISltk aoft 
these dap, .aMl I think I've 
(iguiiid tMN why. ftr i long time, 
die movies I've been viewing 

h«vt been « the *tMA. hunanwi. 

It Ih 'inad* 'my view on life 
•DO Wgiii. llMMNw euKd ail 
thai, tr ytm can c^l a liap in die 
faic tiy lealily a cuie. fhe idea 
ttchituj n^ going to see ihis film 
was 'to vicariously "eiperiencc" 
lome of what happened in Vict 
Nam. being tuo young to 
lemember viewing any of it on 
- television. 

, t heMl it was black, heard it 
was cruy. and I heard it was 
powerful, but i didn'i know ii 
would redefine for me how sicli. 
and iwiatcu the human mind (.«» 
become when placed under in- 
tone imsirc. 

In this movie, written and 
directed by Oliver Stone 
("Midnight Eiprefs") we 
lotos on a young man named 
Chris. Chris is pltyed by Marlin 
Sheen's son ChwlH: (in keeping 
with the iradlli<.m of Sheen men 
talking U] liKin.wlvc<t in violent 
war movies). At ihc beginning of 
this nick, we sec Chris arrive in 
Viiei Nam, (rcsh out if Ivwi 
camp: chstn, idejilisMc. and 
pfesuntitily sane. 

Il made me tad to we ihc 
tough d »I he leccives as one of 
die new guys, until this mMion 
picture realty starts hummiig. 
and thinking went out thc 
window. to be replaced by 

- I 

feelings of antii:ipiitio« and dn-i>d 
at the same time. 
Anticipulion lltat he (Chris) is 

gonna make tl (C'mon. he's the 
hero. hc'.s g»i lo, right'?) Bui once 
you see this movie, you'll 
understand the dread; not only 
(hat the filmmaker is just loying 
with our emoii(;n<:. but iitao the 
dread dial this realty di)l kippen. 
that the men were trjtinc.1. nnl 
only as soldiers, but u hired 
killers to be sent oi;<' ut tape. 
iMim, and maim another country 
f« money and power. 

Again, not being ihcro, ihcte 
impression<i are the ones I left iHe 
theatre with, given me hy 
someone who was ihere. 



d^^ ■ VIDC€ 





ml ,l,«„ij; : ±i.J i ..' 

$I.«« EACH 


I also had a stray dioughl or 
two wondering what hapjwncd to. 
all those men who lived ihnHigh 
that time, and the suffering ihcy 

also m'lst be going .tajufh. 

It's obvious the p.c«u».; rwived 
me. an i I can't hcli> but wonder 
what tl<e vet feels when viewing 
this movie. I don't mcai flash- 
backs and freak MIS, but if one 
•as over there, I su(ipc)sf there 
had to he anoUier reason to see 
this, odier than enieruinment. 
TTusd is not a happy movie 

This IS an affecting movie. I 
can't say I loved il. because I'm 
not in the habit of embracing 
hell, but I can say it left me one 
g(Kxl fcclmg; of relief, relief that 
I wasn't there. 

I do recommend that yon sec 
Platiiun. though, because one 
stiould never ignore surh fiaely 
crafted drama/acuon, whether for 
the sake o< history oi art f« art's 
sake, "When you do see ii, maybe 
youll undcrsland wlial I'm irj u.g 
lo say; thai ii did happen, and I 
guess It's lime we all knew about 

(Ednor'i noie We try lo 
review nuvui ihai have sumt 
uifHtal relmence to colkge age 
umtems; hui wt need your help 
If ihtrt 1.1 a new rtkme you'd like 
lo wet rtvKwed. drop us a tinr at 
ike Harbimgrr and we'll do our ■ 
hen lo set aur impretskms efU 
on paper far ]m) 


C — t lnU I < fttHB IMfC 1 

"lio away from here!" 

"Wo. really!" Pete chimed in. 

"Deer lesticules. huh"'" I said 
appreciatively. "Did yoti gci a good 
vJeul oti 'hem?" 

"Di<*n't have to." Mike winked and 
spoke in a hush,:d. conspirtoriat 
lore "shot 'cm dff ihc dcci myself 
101 a hundred yards froir. here." 

"Well, it's a fvc .<tar touch," I said. 
"I'll bet it really packs 'cm in." 

"Sure doer,." agreed Mike. "Allcr 
Sunday supper, folks take their kids 
lo the Dairy Dream up on the comer 
iind then here lo sec ihe deer 
lesticules. I think the parcnis enjoy 
il as much as the little ones." 

"Not hard to sec why. Did you eat 
the deer?" 

"Naw, he got away," said Mikc. 

"Not really, " I mullercd and siood 
to leave, A woman had entered and 
sal ai Ihc end of Ihe bar nursing a 
Jack Dan;cl:i in one hand aitd an 
infani in ihc other She was 

chorus (but change ihc 
pronouns am' toss in some breast.:) 

And so I hop,red in my car and 
coniinucd iirv journey R:forc ihe 
-Mciicry .ould pcirify my brain I 
reminded myself thai if I hadn'i 
enjoyed my slop in Beau Monde it 
was my own fault for drivinjj 
through ins'ead of flying ovcr- 
that the people here h;>d i" - same 
rights in ihis world as me: lo be 
bom and to cilc and lo fill iiic .space 
inbelwcen with the old l„L and P of 
H as besi i»iry could They didn'i 
exist for my amu.semeni 

But people like me don'i really 
believe iripe like ihat. 

And so the liii!c lown <'■ Heau 
Monde receded bcl-ind ^lc inti the 
night. Maybe had aiiain' ) sonic 

culliiral enrichment for my 'imc 
there an- mi<ybc no', but one ihing 
was c'-itain--I was getting out wiih 
a hcl'-va lo. more than ihai deer 

Exfvrience ExceUence 

study MKiteal litchnotogy M Rush Uniwnlty 


• mim a US mtn • mmfiem l«:n 
nutagv niaio' ii «m nam tuta m 
■MSI' iw> ««•« t* tcfmiK. amt 
iMtat am tauntmtm 


Aiiptcaiiona haing aceapiM tor FM a> tgtr 

•' auaantinn laMmvy 


V to § WMt tit MIS of Mia taxUng 

nMti-fitMnytar«n-9l' Lulw's MiKllcai Cwniar 

1 19 ScnwMfip* Spiagua .Halt 

1743 W HafrMn. Sinflt • Chicaflo. IL MWtS 


If you're within 30 days of 
\i)ur 18th birthday, you must 
register with Selective Service 
at the p»st office. It only takes 
five minutes to fill out trie card. 
And don't worr\-. there hasn't 
been a draft since 1973. The 
countiT just needs your name in 
c?st^ there's ever a national 

Selective Service Registration 

It's quick. It's easy 

Ana it's the law. 

\ imhlH s< rv-H-c of fliis [Hiliiication. 


The Harbinger, January 22, 1987, Page 5 


iBlenMUmil Ctak: Any 
studeal. ftwelpii or not. wlm is 
inicresied in joining ihc 
Inlernalional Sludenls Club, 
•Mff hf B38 for more 
m. Club aciivitiGf 
incMe nttw. meals partiesjmd 
die eachange of culiure with new 

Speech Teaai: Stand up and 

sfcak out. .Join ihe Speech 
Team. See Ton McGraih . 

B5I . Ti«adB)rand.11«KMliy 

Cathalic Caaipiit 
Minislrji ipomon a Catholic 
Mau each Monday al 12 PM 
A^141, All are wekome 

The Harhingcr has an open 
dixir policy. Come on in and 
yeHaldtcEdi'lar! A- 367 


To IM' eligMa:. 
tie in goad aoiileniK lUndtitK aid 
have coin:|ileied ai leant M 
iMMiiiaiir <s n tpuner hmnt' at an 

ThoK' ttudeni* .Mleciad in 
l:?87 will recci¥o a ■■wnihli 
salary of SUA 

Applicaiien* and further 

lafomMiM can be obtained in 

the Ollice of Financial Aid. 
MmM A3M. Deadltnc 'date i* 
immm IS. I 


Chemlttr? Scholanhip 
A Cbcmisiry Scholarship is 
being offoed lo one studeni who 
luu completed two semesters of 
chemistry at Harper College pnoc 
10 the Spring '87 aemnier. Up 
10 S270 in tuition funds will be 
awanied for the Spring 87 
Tlie foibwing criteria mini be 

Engineered Materials Research- 
Allied Signal Inc . Amersham 
Corporation. Dearborn 
Chemicals. Polyfoam Packers 


and Tech-Syn 

I. 3.0 GPA (minimum) 
1. Major in ctiemimy or 
cliemical engineering 
3. A brief typewritten essay 
on "The role of chemistry 
in my career plans." 
Applications can be obtained 
in the Office of Fmaixial Aid. 
Room A-3«4. The deadline dale 
for the applcaiion is January 30. 

Tbii scholarship is available 
becauie of the support of 

The Fonadalion of the 
Nalioiial Stndenl Nuraet' 
Associalioa, Inc. SludenLs 
cunently enrolled in nursing or 
pre-nursing programs in suic 
approved schools of nursing are 
eligble for these scholarships. 
The NSNA Foundation has 
indtvidiial scholarships ranging 
fiom $1,000 lo S2.5O0. These 
scholarships arc based on 
academic acbievmcni. financial 
need, and involvement in nuxing 
student organisations. 

Applications must be received 
by (he NSNA Foundaiion by 
February 1. There is i $2 
I fee. 

Northtrs Illlnoit 

taiverilly Alumni 

Auociallua Scknlarabipi 

In order lo qualify for one of 
these scholarships, you must 
attend NIU on a full time basis 
for the fall and spnng semesters 
of the 1987-88 year and have a 
cumlative GPA of at least 3.0 
(4.0 scale) from die school you 
most recently attended. Entering 
freshmen are ie(|uired lo have an 
ACT score of at least 25 or rank 
in die top 5% of iheir class. You 
must subit a one-page typed letter 
which descnbes your ouisianding 
(jualitics. characierisics. and 
goals. An NIU graduate or 
cuntni NIU falcuty member must 
also write a ane-p«ge teller of 

The deadline ftir application for 
undergraduaie and gniduaiir school 
sudeni* IS Febniaiy 6. 1<«I7. 

Are you are a post-secondary 
student or the fnend of one. If so 
read on about the Mrasa 
Scholarship Awards. You 
dont need to be a Mcnsan to 
qualify. You need only be 
enrolled, for the year fallowing 
die award, in a degree pragrwi m 

an accredited American mslitution 
of poat-secondary education. You 

Northern lllinoii 

University Scholar Awards 
and Academic Finaliil 
Scholarihip Noclhcrn lUinoii 
University is orfcring University 
Scholar Awards to outstanding 
community college graduates. 
Also. Academic Finaliit 
Scholarships will he offered lo a 
number of students. Applicant 
musi be entering NIU directly 
from a community college and 
completed 45 hours acceptable lo 
NIU. A minimun GPA of 3.50 
based on a 4.(X) scale is rehired. 

Applications can be obtained 
from: Grants-in- Aid Committee 
Nonhcrn Illinois Univ. 
DeKalb, 11.60115-2872 

Application deadline is April 
1. 1987. 

All Applications for 
-scholarships may be obuinod 
from the Ofllce of Financial Aid. 
BIdg. A. Room 364. 

Each month. Harper 
Cvlltte will offer informaiion 
sessions for prospective stNlcMa. 

as well as LPN't ina^iaued' ia 
complcitng the one -year 
completmn program lo prepare 
(or Ucensun:. 

'The seuions will be held on; 
the dltrd Wednesday of cver}< 
month at l;30 p.m. in S-lOd. 
Ftir adtllioii mfomatioo on iliese 

niiiii 0* ihc Nursing 

Secrttary of Stale Jim 
tigar encourages college 
stndieHt* from all academic 
disciplines lo apply for an 
educational and rewarding 
imemhip with ht* office. 

Qualified S'ludenti ivill Have 
Ihc opportunity lo laai 


MUHIIilll .|M haw Ml learn, lo 
do, there are even cbsses (Iml 
icach you how. aiid what to 
ciMty. At diis rate maybe ihal'i 
what I need, a claa on "how lo 
timty*. because if I don't du 
some^ing I'm gonna 'haw a .head' 
full of'giey hair, or wonc, uk«ni. 

The po«nt i'S, sw^tag majr be 
boring, and: you may wk jmtieif 
"why"?, but when your'e tlitiag 
M your dcd a few' yea.'S CtcM. 
now making fifty thousand 
dol'lars a year. 'die. .amtwer wilt be 

If you're ha-ing trouble 
stndyiitg oc have bad study 
a KMne helit before it's 

This trip is not sponsored by Harper 



with Campus Marketing 


Ton Dlll¥l (lo TMi PAinv) 

Wl OnVI (Ml PMiv UMTS Hfat) 


rail i. The Harkingtr. Janaary 22. IM7 

-Not Just Comics. 




IS f wgiMn Iraa 

M Snan tadiMt' 



14 L 


40 Counitf^ ol' 

*> f ««»» 
45 TurM'tnh nag 
4S Man'! nam* 
4T Pal* 

4* Aclof Liiwlan 
'49 Oram 
SO tair 

S3 Svm«K** tor 

Rgulitoum .^., 


Do you Enjoy: 

- Watchiog movies? 

- Attendrng concerts? 
-Listening to Albums? 
-Going to restaurants? 

Why not write about your 
entertainment experiences. 

TTie Harbinger is k)oking hr movie, 
concert, album and restaurant reviewers. 

To apply, simply stop by the 
Harbinger Office, A367 

The HARBINGERjbrthe 

Th* llirbinger, Jinotry 22, IM7, Pije ^ 




Classined Ad 

student non-commercial 

! .■.sifieds— (p**. 




Non-stiKieiit claiaifM*: — ii|> 
Ito eight lintt. 14 W». M cmMk 
lead) additiiMMl line^ 

*-)N nil; tXriiHVn'iWKGOAMEI Cm 
tfw )ut> YOU warn Hmdy [wicJia |UMfci 
fiwni ih'C 10 %wp» ui suc«;cw«ftil 

J.O.B. CirnMlunli. tk|il.. lIC. CO Hui 

ni. AiiMfM iittiiiii. II. urn- 

LAMES WATCH lotMl im cihwiu 
Come i«* c:af«««ni fm lAamifKm^m,. vtv. 

iHrIp Viinli^ 

IritltlTCT OPKJRftNn-y tw •nlnn 
|flm|)loyniffmi; CliOwft Crifi l^inlcrt li«i 
1 1m ptm»m* ti» amM 
Iki iif iMr o|ira«iiiiii' <al itHtr ManlilnMl 
lollktt.. .Pytii^' iw^hmvm t«c«|ilim« IhhIc 
liyptitf. lifhi iMMlmfiitt, lad :iftllwi 

|F1ex]hlr ^10 hmui dunni nchiMil .niiii Mi'' 

I Call fuf m 

IWwrhD \t!Ui Sf«>nf B'tiii 

— -tsuimuiiv. > Iu[ CdtoiMH T-Jtll •«»• 
.■<l. t^Mmltmm^m»icwM tmif Cull' 


!•(■ Iniiiiimu. l4aTl.i'3 Imkmt, 
man, OiiiahuMM 7IDIMI 

CAMK <w lMt*a|i|Mat ■ ilK HiMimiM 
■iita of Clmcil(o Mano rant* ("m 
UStlO IK) JOB tor '«» ••«*!. Camaa 
■ll^r Mrntm al >l.W.S.t.A.. IIW 
I Driw, IMiliit Maa4n«<i. It 

I» \ VnSD: Oajxma Hcas* Cainpiii 

rr*Miuiwaii»a m mm^ke^ itm-vm^ hif h- 

iSiiv Spin( Irak inf' Rait tutt' 

" -my awl fiM l>i|>i *'kilc gaiMiif 

■ltata<>t*ilM>|an<a«:c- Call Sialic* 

■il t-ll»!in'.HIC. It* mm rnfoxMilm. 

tcatl. Si|»K>lfc. 11. «'**i 

Imarim-. KKTAII, SHJHIi mmh m mm 
|t«lrf piar««ma<«t (falai fif«;'ii€W:T 
IliRlaMi)' Fdaalpn'i'KM.tlUll-fiSX) 
1« mak In wtmn., Ai'liiiflM lilwigMin .afff^w. 
Icall ! .Jim i!» »:51 mm. 

|cA:M?1'S mAVgl,, it'|«r.c«<aliw 
raiRnaiila liiwit(aiiigr.lHciit«fi 
I <iiMiaiMllii nMiliiiiiat niwHoia 
Ir^n iMMt-CaapM Itafina coUcctC V 
1'»I2 JJI'-IMJ far dn»l< .iiuli w 

Tvpin|| S«T*irf» 

TYI"U« EXmiSS-S Wind pnuuni. 

Ii«af'.»aalii». Miiihiiilc if (■ fii'ta Fatt 
mnm. hm talei. Call M«r» # HI 

Turn fav»n, l"iMlie»ll «i«»innila. •«. 
ttmniMM* awl 'HiiaM*. Call Oim « 
4<»t4«3.all*i I M 

mCWESSIONAL ■lYI'IMi *aie m ■» 
l»i4»une Iwnic- V«^ itanmahlc ralti 
Tkif d'f aixl (nek >i|i al my Ik."«- »' M 
H»ri>« Ci>tlc|«. IJKiifc H> I«l hoi" 
(laiki !»»• ie»cii« *^ tnfnini in 
|lf<iloiKmal-l««*»l mV^' Call W1 
7ia«, altar }|*m 

■watDftwiiaMi.. nnya s.nuot 

naiicit, tl.M|>«r|Mtc- Cimiiii'Mieiw. 
imnKi, .anil dtaciiiMaMatiti. atn Cril 


wo«.D nttjcraswo 


i«!t«:Bsi;n CAfiw 

Real Eiitate 

SB,UJM: WLM 1W.1MI-" Wl., pay m"' 
Save JBUI •1|1U1» "«N wr "Ofciwrr 
J'aitwi.pai.iian liil.iiii."" tJnly 11**. i^^ial 
k'ommiRitlun. Tree appr«ital 

A Ml Service Real Eiiaae Caniiaiiy 


SMUiS HvniiDiyn AilanyiiiiT 

1MM a 'Mmn-afai'" anyiiHifel Hcific all ynur 
witjM'i will cdme true, cvpccially 

cimwmmf ^ym l(:iwi«' **ii:i." We shiMiy 
|M u> «ilig.le han. have a few dnnhi hem 

in4 llieie. and i€«l]> have oortcWe* «<wie 
fun and ei.cileinenl <ror a chan'^e)'**" 

ijm. Clonus 

iiajjO. IE ANNIE Cl'IMT ADT! Wt all 
niit.t ytiu al Ijie 0]' %ladi|an^ lurt 

nuii4ida.ytf }ltiw'i evrrythinf wiih you 
ii«d yiiiT "hiilsftri?" Bclrw. i»«, wt*'d mher 
ht will) ya itien flerrmx i.iwr AK.SIiJi ufl 
in ihc viniry vealtier up here! All we 
have l.i> Umk turvard l«> i« mvctil^iry » 

MaMiam eaniiii. up ai the end <il iIk 

nHMittl Bet 'jmu'M! diiimiTMwiMtd thai ymi 
wMt'l pm m 'Biiiiiicmw it. huh'* (1^ well, 
f "in mini pm omM find wme Mail hell 
whera yimi liv.e, itxi. if v.iti Uitik hard 
en«imW Ther »--■■ '"■'•' ' ■• ■ — 
imam whal'i. hr * 
lAiim. i'lieetie 

l.ji!f:»i S«'rvkT 

«.E;i.i c:[)Ssi:.i.'i.\in.iN 1...1 ..1, !,»'■"■ 
hifil maedi' kciwde.* IM.. L fic..r«tm«L 
i^jWff .. 4fim-t, (enl ■■laM. HliiM' TM- 
im «r IC-mil Evii anJ MalcMl 
.ttffwi . availaMe. l.«« >a0m» ^ A. 
Heeler, M» N Meachan, M fl'mit. 

\ai-iilimi Travl 

Rir S»lf 

•\i.'Ki\c: HB.i.:Ak" 

. H.>!.»ii. li 
-r h "* We «an (f,i-i 
. All. 'IwaHiw* I'fi' I iihhmJ. ic»|.. 


a>IVTM.\ \ 1 inS.«.,l Over Ml hjiw||n 
tniv" ,1 $w«at*hi««i I'nmi 

.tmly 1 .:i.,;»hn;it*iin.' Wnle 

■>■ t. u.nF<..p. A, .,J,Meli Lid.. '«>'!' &'■ 

E>Mi4nfa ».. Smie •1.61 ». Meaf... H 



feauimii iilmIc 

f* .aifcii ph..«o« of niiiw 

% i:(:ifltie tCTIMie 

annlMi »" • ' 

.-.1 C«.1«.J.... 

l>.a'. Urn «'< : 


..IIEl-i' WAM"l-C» I MiAl. IStAll,: 

I iMinied Real I uait italaai Monfk' M*d«d 
I fiin wr pwn |MM«. M# Jhm «ir IfwA feei. 
1 0|t|w«a«<]r •• •■» (••! haih)'' 
I fTH.*1W»fv.W«»Wim.,D«e«l' EajM. 
I eall**<i "'^!' 

fiOVEINM.t:.N1 HUMtS (r<'»i. 11 II 
fe|iiw>. Deltn_nii«.« lai (ifi.|j.!':n» 

Call. II»-MT..M1I1I. eu 


trMv*"t iil« %]»(M'Mriiie in ih*' 
HuHlinfirr lit- Nol "»|i<m«">r«l 

h« I W I «i(l.-pr I ••<<■>• 
^prcifimlK \i.lnl imw-r»iw. 

lilnTltiM-r» Ha"- Hrn-K 
I i>n<riMi>-<l *•«• i<i»rrli»i«f 
Villi TW llarhmprr. 

'.<'■>> tm ui-scuuof AID loi • 

'cm fMian. hMMMit Semi. atH' adiiiv'naed, 

.!«ni.f#d i»*eli>ft lor 

1 i»l«n>iamiii.^ai>|il«cati«» Smyrt. * 

|.A»iaaatti. *m «■»> «Mtih. \t 


.,-■-.• ■. f JOBS IH>,(,MO 
:-J2J«f»r. Nt-allmnt. CallW-W' 
'.■■«(.««, i.|«lfiirea« 

\ IHUnC FHVt^ MwM tm tniKu 
r^i|imuM. adveflnfliMf. TiniainH tm 
'^Ainmnim. 11l>'91i30fnfftait. Oynn M 
lan tarenr 4*|. Mdll llaiiMai S^anaaf 
I SiuitoiCiil I {■iniSS-SgK.lannM 1 

J0% flUNTlNft? 

Give yoursetf the very best chance. Call 
Career Assistance Services for your key to 
today's job market. Ask Glenn or Helen about 
our Harper College student discount. 


resumes * Irttervfcw guidance 


Pill icnis wiK> iKrd bkxxl OHini on gating 
it through the Armfican Rrd Crws. 

yet every dav- mir hknid supply 
tUTds fcploiishing. 

So tkmme. pteasc- ^tourc rmr liMkmd 


American Red Cross 

auQiaaiia uyytja 

Quua anaaacmii 

a noni saQaa 

LAsm uvarr semfice. mc. 




Vtw con choose ftom more 

mon 160 technical specialties 
You il eorn good pay 30 days 
ol vacation with pay each yew 
complete medical and detitoi 
cote, and 75% o( youi luition 
can be paid lot college credit 
courses Onlymotivoted 
individuals need opply 
Contoci yooi An Force recfuitet 
today Call 

TSgt Steve Gathercoal 
(312) B24-7444 

mm •• The Harbinger. January 12. 1»«7 

KiB Frye 

• Art e ihniw 

nuNo CMfi: ]«e BiitIm 
froM a previom 

Win 62-56 
Rise to 11-3 

hf' •M Kwitlhcri 

They iPied, hui the referoa woe 
nnible » udtc the game mmy trom 
iJm: LjMlyhawks Tucstliij- nigbi m 
lliey (lowncd the TnUMi Tro|au. 
62-5*. and ptit ihc LadyhsH'ln 
femn reoMil « 11-3. 

The Ladyhawks tame oui 
»lio«ilMig as they tix* a (fuxk fi-1 
kal. ami held ihe lead unitl Me in 
tll« iiX^cad hair. 

The Mmnd half comatMxi many 
mmt» tat Ihe (.jHlyhawlLii as Tnum 
.Hxmsd to ii<iao»*\Te(i pomn, atr\y 
m the hiH and closed the 
'Uilyhawk lead lo live pmms. ne 
TiDjans ciHiiiniicd' tt> pn.n and ued 
•he conKsi at 4MJ with JOIX* 
miiwiiea led in ihe game. 

The two Icmm exchanged 
Uiktt% uniil Ihe Ladytewlis Kim 
Fryc hil a iuibjict and Amy Spicih 
htl a pw of crucial rm ihrowii lo 
|Mi Ac Lidyhwvhs ahcaid S2-Mi. 

The firat hair was ihc Frye 

highlight ttow an fhe grahlMd 
nine ichounds and senred 12 
poinii She dcmmsuatcd hci 

h«igti( aiivaniage m dte Mcsicd a 
Tfojan shtK and a.i the hall wai 
gding out ol txiunds. grabbed ii 
■nd Ihrcw it baci to bcr neainmate 

After Fryc <25 |K»mis. 14 
rehouitd'!!) •Konid eight tiiaighi 
IKiints. Spieth (20 pHiils) look. 
over with SIX ot hec own. 
including a dritc ihrciugh die lane 
which could only remind one of 
Mklukcl kirdan. 

The L.adyha.wlcs came away 
from the first hati with an 
impressive W-l" half lime lead, 
despite the Triijan'j prtsijng 

Michek Coaklcy contribuicd 
10, and Kim Giecnhi-ildi added m. 

On a lesser note, the lliirpci 
Men's Team was beaten HM-6.1by 
the Triton team, while playing 
without injuicd Kevin Nicholson 
■nd Joe Papa. 


On January 7-10. the Hailier 
Wieuling team competed at die 
Carthage Inviutwnal Harper's 
team of ei|;iu condiwincd adiklcs 
entered die meet with the will to 
win. Each wrestler cminhiiied to 
dlit winning atutudc 

At B4 pounds. Ron PiJBIiuf 
(Harper) started die team off hv 
pinning Steve Burgcnn 
(Cailhage) and advancing to the 
third place mau-ii. Fm third 
place. Pontius hauled Ken 
Wipple tCOD) in a dead even 
match wiih only 1.) seconds to 
go in the final period . Pintius 
exploded, escaped, and look down 
Wipple lor a breath lakinf tl-4 
diinj place VK lory 

Doug Hernandez, a 126 
pounder filling in al 142 (xiunds. 
failed to cam llarpa any li^ant 

At l$0 pounds PiMil Keamt 

(Hafperl l.isi hi-, first match to 
Uliefeatcd Glen Calncn 
(Othttosh), but came back 
|N)«eifuUy lo pin I>aul Palmer 

(N. CiaMrai) tn^ Ma aecond maich. 

Kcams again faced Glen Calncn 
for thiid place. This lime die tide 
had turned and Kcams pinned 
Calnen early in the sKond pcrKxl 
for the Jrd place honor. 

l.'tK pounder Mike Sabhota 
(Harper) wrestled competitively 
vfi tailed to pbice. 

U\'' pound Mike Hruska 
iHaijxt) lore through his first 
two opiKtnents defeating J xr 
Archabold 10-1. and Jofin 
Mcljiuchlen 7 0. Theac wins put 
Hruska in the finals. Ileie. in a 
looih and nail match. Huruska 
put away Bob Moms (White 
Wajcf) 2-0 for die championship 

At 177 pounds freshman Mike 
Hufnus (llarpa) wrusikd stinngly 
to defeat Mike Kichkj (Etmhuisi) 
7-3 and advance 10 die finals In 
die final match Hufnus wrcsdod a 
thrilling roaich against While 
Water, and barely lost 1 1-5. 
Hufnus placed 2iid. 

Wicsdtng 190 pounds unsoeded 
Jeff Kales (Harper) quickly 
knocked off 2nd seeded Bill 

Gudcriy (Elmhursl) S-2 and 3rd 

seeded Mark Andenon (Carthage) 
1 1 -7 earning a place in the finalji. 
ICaU:s wrestled with fire, bul was 
defeated in an excitingly close 
match by All American Steve 
Kolpeky Kates linished second. 

Finally, Heavyweight. Rich 
Hufnus ended the moci with die 
amplitude it had began. Hufnus 
dominaied Rob Figeuro 
(QthKosh) in die scmi-rmals .ii"i 
headed (ot rim place. Ilui'<' 
overwhelmed George HawthoriK 
of C.O.D. 1-i to capiun: first 

The outstanding team 
wresUing as well as the great 
ctMchmg of Norm Lovelace gave 
Harper a second place fiiitth ia 
the nine team competition. 
Whitewater was first 102.5 
points. Harper 2nd 54.5, 
OshKosh 3rd 34 points and 
DuPage. Elmhurst. Wabanzy, 
North Central. Carthage, and 
Oakton College trailed far behtnd. 


»| Bill Kucclbtrg 

Sfmrts Edltar 


No* amaeiir wteiding. Nol 
the wreslling done on the mats 
of gymnasia. Nol the 
wrestling when young men 
purposely starve Owmselves to 
bailie in a certain weight class. 

The wrestling I am talking 
about can be given away widi 
die names w many (leopte aie 
familiar with. 

Rowdy Roddy Piper. Hulk 
Hogan. CJcorge The Animal 
Steele, and Kamala-The 
tigandan Giant to lamc a lew. 

1 call this type of wrestling 
enienainmcnt it is ncH 
a sport. It is the only form of 
iirganiied competilion pctiplc 
arc not allowed lo legally hel 
on. 1 walch this entertainnicnt 
becauie it serves lis only 
piiiiKMc; tt entertains me I am 
MM emharraiised because 1 am 
eniefiaincd by huge and 
sometimes overweight men. 
Some people believe 
emeitainmeni wrestlmg is an 
insult to their inicUigcncc A 
perfect cxaniplc o( this type of 
person is a friend ol mine who 
we will call "Larry" 

You may have seen Larry 
around campus. He has a very 
short haircut, stands about 5 

foM 7. Lairy is one of dMMe 
pemons who will say whatever 
ii on his mind and is not 
worried about who will hear 
him. One night he lold mc 
how he fell about wrcsUing 

'Wrestling insults my 
intelligence,' he said. 

We argued for about a good 
half an hour and dien slopped 
realiiiing neither one of us 
would budge from our 
posilions He citn't underitand 
how people can pay fifteen 
dollars to sit in Ihe Horizon 
and watch a fixed wrestling 
match, but in the same 
sentence he will call me an 
idiot because 1 don't know how 
"Time Out (or Trivia" works. 

He also told mc how 
uplifting it is to go to the 

Bulls' game and hear the 
announcer introduce Michael 

CSwid. 1 agne Jordan is an 
eitiaordmary aihlele and it 
gives a sport (an a feeling of 
overwhelm when he docs a 
reverse slam. But for the other 
person who likes wrestling, 
when Hulk Hogan climbs up 
on the lop rope and jumps on 
his opponent, die same feeling 

The cloKK compirisan I can 
make to people who fed like 

Lairy is to compare Rocky to 

This comparison has 
nolhing to do with Larry, as he 
has poinUid out to mc that he 
doesn't like Rocky. But for the 
test of you people, how did 
you feel when you saw Rocky 
iv? The one when he beats 
Ivan Drago in Russia on 
Christmas Day'? "Vou knew he 
would win. How did you fee) 
when Rocky finally did wake 
up and pound die Russian imo 
die ground'? Didn'i a feeling of 
hale toward Uk Russian come 
out and you warned Rocky to 
kill him'' When Hogan rights, 
he usually gets beat up. bul 
rebounds and wins die match 
rather decisively. The only 
difference is wrestling adds ■ 
few more aiuactions, such as 
beautiful managers, or a 
wrestler coming to the aid of 
another in the middle of the 

1 hope when another Rocky 
movie comes out, not Larry, 
but the thousands of others like 
him, will not go to the movie 
theatre lo pay $5.50 to sec il 
and will turn it off every lime 
it comes on cable because they 
already know what will 


VOL. 20 NO. 17 

The Harbinger. FEBRUARY 5 
I IWn^ HwiMT Coltog* PXatln*. Illinois 


kf KlM SMagniw 
•Mr Wriitr 

AID CUT!!!!! 

Acflwiliiif to Pitiiiteiii 
---rt J». 5. 1987 iMidtei 
r 1911. a 46 (wrceiit 
CM It Mkii smdeni Aid wiU 
eliminaie apprnx lamately 3 
mitlkm tiudcnu from nxeivini 

The ouMit iideiil ilcikii ot 
SlTft MUiaii Is iiie n^i,, rcasm 

(brteNdptpMfianl Fw im. 
AKhiMi|h Iwo Naiioiul 
SliMjeni OrgMKiMioM are ukmn 
aciian u wiip [he proposal. 
Sccienry of EdiKation William 
Beonell ii. hKlciag tlic pnifiosal. 

..^ ""X: *«««M PWllKW* fur 
1988 mdnde: 

- A iwo-ihirds cot in 
tmtiag for the rederally 
■•Wdiatd Oaaraiiiecd Student 
tow mv-t (CSL) and Pell 
Otm Amdiac. bom $3 biUim 
loSI billuM. 

- AMWi aU federally 
subiidiMd National Direct 
Sludcnl Loan and work-siady 

- A S0» cut in funding 
for the TRIO program, which 
provides aid lo low- income 
sludenlt 10 enroll and remain at 

- A SIJ biliioi cm in 
ioi«l education departmcni 
expendimrci w S14 7 billion 

A drap in coilcKc student 
■Id funds to S4.3 hil.ion from 
S8.2 Itillion. 

- A fimding cut of iwo- 
thirdi to hijiorically black 

- expanding die \9m 
$5 million pilot program for the 
Income- Contingent Loan (ICLl 
H> KSOO million 

A pofitivc aspect of the 
proposal is die ICL program. 
»hich allows colleges to loan 
miwey lo ibe siudcnu. jupplied 
by the govcminem. 

The ICL program gives the 
iiudcnis m tmmam after leaving 
school to begin making their 

For the following 2 yean 

they would repay dieir loans at 

$.» a montli. and then, after two 

yeara, rensain at $30 a month for 

every $10,000 wonJi of debt. 

During the simh year after 
graduation, the students would 
"tptr the loins at a rate no higher 
•■» 15% of ilieif inoomc. 

Hnrpm fmanciaJ aid progivn 
IS similar, for example, if they 
liorrow $5,000 they will pay 
SlOl • monili for five yean after 

One of the student 
organisations taking action 
against the paisage of the 
pmposal, is The National Studeni 
Roondtabic (NSR). which will 
meet March }-]0, with the House 
and Senaic Educational 
Committees lo promote the need 
of federal student aid 

The oiher organiiatioo. The 
Ignited States Student 
Association (USSA). is 
<!««couraging students lo write or 
call ihcir members of cnngrejis to 
oppose the funding cuts. They 
will meet March 13-16 to 
promote the continuance of 
fedcni student aid. 

For more information call 
USSA 202-775-8943 or NSR 

Althougli similar cuts in 
federal financial aid were made in 
1981. 1982 and 1983 the 
proposal for 1988 is the moft 

Accoiding to Carol A. Zach. 
Financial Aid and Veterans 
Coordinator, the prior cuts, did 
not affal Harpers students. 

'Harper has offered financial 
lid aatisiant since the late "ftOs 
and approximately 1 7% of Haper 
students arc on financial aid." 
claims Zach. 

Zach also expiessed that it's 
too early to tell what kind of new 
budget cuts Harper will be given, 
if ihc proposal is passed. 

It is lo st^on for financial aid 
students to worry, because the 
1 9H8 proposal will nut take effoct 
for al least another year, if it is 

This istae of ihe 

Pcdcr Sweeney and 
Mike Hammers on 

flU^ 6. 

Both Basketball teams 
win again. Back page. 

A I McQiiire'i weekly 
coliHiii m Bobby 
Kiilgiti page 11. 

Fabuioiit Tbunderbir 

page 5. 

PenoMls. on fftge 9. 

information on page 


Classirietif. an on' 

page )0 

N(H juai comk* page 


Richard Pry or movie 

review page 4. 

Editorial on {Mge 3. 

Tttition blues on piic 

Hive a special valenrine 
orjiw want to tell 

MMneone you. 
towiheni? Sewlihema 


in the fiaitiiacer. 


liy Fcarl Htmltnin 
N«wi Cdllnr 

Harper Colleges mutic 
department has participated in 
the first of a scries of nationally 
televised vidcoconfcrcocei for 

The hroadcail was iel«vi«ed 
live via satellite from coast lo 
coast. The emphasis was aimed 
toward die keyboard so it would 
not limit the siiHtents or teachers 
to the piano. 

H.;irpcr College in conjunction 
With three music teacher 
itiociauons was able to bring 
liis workshop lo the campus in 
Building H Rootn 109 last 

This historc event was bom, 
through ihe support of Baldwin 
Piano and Organ Company, 
akmg with Clavier International 
Magaaine for Piano and Orgamsi. 

Baldwin wax tepn:K:ntcd. abng 
wilh 130 persons, m aacndance 
in this auditorium style selling. 
Six television set were 
strategically positioned for 
maximum affect. There were 
met 1 l.flOO people attending this 
conference nationwide at BO 
>Ji(Tcrcmt places. 

I'artKipams were given both a 
workbook and a reference 
toibook. along with a 
({ueiti<mnairc thai ihc paitcipants 
were asked lo (ill out, and was 
collected. The results were 
labutated and phoned in lo liie 
host cily of Cincinnaii. OH. 

Later during the conference the 
(luetttonnaires were evaluated. 

During the four-hour period the 
attendees also participated in a 
tiucsiton and answer session. 

Similarly, one of die reason-, 
for this type of vidcoctmfercnce is 
10 broaden and revitalize 
communicaiioa in die petlagogy 

The geiMra) feeling is that the 
Financial aspect for imkpendant 
studio teachers has been over 
looked. That they need to focus 
on the profcs-sional iuid business 
aspects of music, along with 
trying to reach die public. 

'We ara trying to make 
■ndcpcmdem piano teaching into a 
moie nruciuml {troDMion*. aid 
Cathy Albergo, assistant 

Blood Drive 

Some of the ilHiis ixivered at 
the confaoice woe: 

. Mariket planning 

• Builfetmg 

. Recruiting and Advertising 

Profenional and Buiinesi 
Bookkeeping Skill* 

Five qualified and experienced 
video pnnelists panicipalod in the 
.laiellite conference along witn 
Bart>ara Iteaikr.eiiKirorciavia, 
as panel modoaajr. 

Atbcrgo. the conference co- 
ordinator for the muw departs 
mem, said she was very pleased 
dlM we were able lo host this 
event, and iboughi the conference 
w«« very well. 

Students give their all 

Phoio by Ricic HaJI 

i ^ 

Th. u-Kl-f.r FFIIRIJARY 5 IW7 

KHp^PP*'*' Americans 

Witt Israel Coaperate 

On Sam**' »•««» '*'• '*'■ 

Mkili il>en il 

i t,-ff <lkm MM ftw 4M piMOBcrs 

A hindwnneii staicmem. 
ligned "Iilimic Uhad 

OitMiiiMian (o* the. UbMHon of 

PllMtinc". mW 400 r«iO«««« 

ai kiMWfmd Red: Cimt' piaiW: 

If mil n Am, «l«e tmm' ** 
Ik eelctied, othcrwiie, the 

'leifiifiiB will ti'H ihc lic*H|e« 
■4 mi ilMv Mm iMO|ii%aie 
tali in Cypnm. 

SwiMiay. l*«i dtstmiiaed a 
M«Blem c»wiB:ill i^MiP* «*»=■« 
: u) k,ii ihiw kidmnfRd hmttram 
iiKl in Indian-tant US. tmiam 
Mtlni I«r»el free* 400 Armb 
pimaicn wiidtn » week.. 

Ddlenjc Mmmcf Yilitok 
RatM saiii licicl lui» not yei 
fccrivcd iiiy re«nicsl» f«m my 
{tmttm ewciii. to »»>« l"e 'ws 


Tlie (iw men •««» 'kidnaiil**! 
troiB Ihc hcnii univcrwy college 
by gunmen postng n p«>liceiiien 
who nwiMknJ uji taeignere M the 
went bcirai campus umter the 
guw rf wtt-.hiii« Item KlwiKliiCi 
10 ivotd kidnappini. 

The (mil hoitttjct tieU capu w 
ire AUw Sicen. *">, of New 
Ynck Milhemiiics fwofMMM 
jewc ion Turner. W. in lowi 
Nilive. Accountant Rohcrt 
MMl, 51. » L'lJh Nilivc. md 
Dt. Milhileihwii Smgh. <l»e 
cWfUMi id (Iw lehtwis twtinesi 

Ik • p«e» coirfeiwc* after tli* 
lltaelt CaHtncl Meeting Enofy 
MimiM" Mtwbe Shahal rtaicd 

Uhi Ihc US government hatl mn 
wmiiitiwl Iwacl aha* Uw: *alh 

II II KM tamolMiiety cleiu •* 
ID which jmsoners ihc iKtappw* 
wauled from lirael. but 
t|icc<ilaiion ii ika» the jwiMiKrs 
are icfnifiiM who have bttn 
invt>lv«il atia apMiii die luuc in 







Experience Excellence 

^ — m.mmmiminm 

fluiH-Pf»*»«t"»f-S' Lii»sMiK).ic»ICefilt« 

H» Scn»«*« Sfwagu* Hill 
1743W Maroaon StfUtt • Oca«0 lawt* 

Disabled Prove 

!■ Carrtt VmiCaiaf 
tiirft Wriitr 

!;(oZtons a year oul of ihc l.S(10 siudcnli wto some KmJ 

"' 'l^micr hclp» Hmtk* indents 17-SS year* old. »ho have a 
laimmg disahiliiy « phy.«cal d.«h.lity 

TV- ccnier handles ftHir disability ttmv^ T?<^ '''"' *™ ™f"' 
M iilte amdcnis who have a learrtmg diabihty. followed by 
frSIToTScnis wilh physical d.s*.lii^s ihM wm- h<.m 
tr/TShlTa. bd«gh.'«t by. .. acckk-nt The ihird largcs^ 
I«Med imiup are the siudenis who have a diah.l,iy due to hciilih 
SSS a. . torn «.p^ and to the student, w.ih v,s« 

•"'^^TlHompw. eoortinaw of diiaWe Krvico ™d, ; the 
disihW sudcnt IS m like any oUicr aWed studcm at Harper 

to«t,ln*€ diLhlcd students go on to f^r-yeai colleges. 
wtat lhe»e are imw faciliucs availabk for the sliidcnl 

SmTtff the students re«.ve their a«Kate» degree .1. Hapcr 
andihaihwhtcwajobaflerlwoycm- ,.,.», i,. 

TOompw feel* ^ "■'K' »•" ■»»« "^T" I !:T. 1 

disahW .t»dcm no* and in the .prmfi ""T^"' *'" »'^"^'' 
eMsmictiiMi 10 install automatic doors !« the handi. m^ 

AtSrsuidy was cTrnplelfd on 5M («n«r d.sabW slutow 
twlS^ Oulof Ihc .134.68% res^mtoUolhestudy andmu 
cHje wT that responded, 60* wen: employed full-uinc. 7m 
were »uU in nchoOl. and 6% were uncmplO)*d ^ , . .. .„ 

Allhough these stwtenu are cflecicil by st>me d.s-.h.l.i.cN ihcy 
arc aWentaiwdclasK* that other stuiknisaiK-ml 

F*« improveme* are hrmg ma* lo Iwlp thc«- -ndivduaJs 
10 he cquJIy involved in the mainsiream «»:.«.» and to Mt*-' «» 
ihca majori a and future goilii. 


bj Pearl Henderw* 
News Edltm' 

Harper College will host the Filth 
Annual Harper Area High School 
Art Show in Buildings C and P. 
The Aow is running irom Feb 2- 


The ohibils represent 400 high 
school students from Diflnci 211, 
214 and 230 The works are in nine 
categories of art drawings, 
photography, painlings. sculptures, 
textiles, melalworks. ceramics, 
mixed media and pnnimakmg. 

The ait exhibits arc vancd. They 
show imaginauon and symboli/c the 
thoughts of Ihc students. Since, the 
exhibits arc tnnni different areas Uicre 
IS a wide array of images. 

The exhibits arc all done at the 
high ahooLt. "They are products o( 
Ihc dilfercni types of classes that mt 
available, satd Getrflrcy Sorcnscn 
chairperson for the art exhibit 
Sorensen. said ihe art works arc 
collected from January through 
Dccemteof ilic calcndir year lofihe 



b) P»«y Vnj 
►'talart* MWor 

With Ihe nsing cost of living. 
as well as luiuon cost*, ntany 
.nidcnis worry alxwi hcing able 
,0 afford the increasing price ol 
gmmi to college 

Even though many sludcnis 
have been preparing themselves 
llutniih oxtia pbs ami hilp from 
Ihcic parcM*. ihey itiH wonder 
where I»M! money ta lto«« •» 

Some Mudenw are batHmg 
colkKe eosia by going lo Harpa 

The coit of a class here al 
Haroer ts cutrenily S27 per crrdii 
hour. 5^24 tor a full-time/ 12 
credii hours class load Other 
Jour year colleges and universiucs 
can range from S50 up lo SI 75 a 
ciedii hour, if not more. 

Some students feel ihcy have 
lo give up going lo college nghl 

-Going to the college ol my 
choice IS worth all of the hard 

work Ive hiid » do In order lo 
piirsie my goals and drciims, 1 
wanted lo go to a school thai 
particular field." says l-»wie 
I'arks. a stu«Jcni at University ol 

Financial Aid is a considerable 
fxuw in some studenis choice ol 
a college. To help finance 
schooling, many students seek 
other aid such as scholarships. 
■raius and loans. 

"1 got a scholarship aficr 
allying for about iweniy." said 
lauis Mandrcke. a former Harper 
sludenl who now attends 
Marqiietic University "Thcyre 
out there, its just a mauer of 
finding out which ones you 

<|ualify for." ^ ^ 

"Most scholarships and olher 
aid reiiuiie a need for finacial aid, 
which is reasonable of course 
But i( y*>ur parents make s<) 
much money, you cani quahly," 
he continues. 

'The only problem is ihai 
some parenm cant afford lo help 
as much ihey (the siudent) 


There are. some jchooli that 
will help a student the best Ihey 
can. but u is just a matter of 
finding out which ones. 

There arc govcrnmenl-fundeo 
programs lo help simlcnts afforf 
college. The National Guard 
allows a siudem to pay for school 
through the government while 
serving what is usually one 
weekend a month and two weeks 
per year. This way. a student can 
gain valuable training the 
government provides and benefit 
fmm a college education. 

Accordmg to Mandreke. the 
studenu who really do need aid 
will get It The government 
docsi.l believe a lack of funds 
should keep a siudcni from 
gelimg an education 





— ffnn>tMT snciAL— 

(tent a PrtvM* Spa Boom on Tt«M«*«y NtflMa«l»r 
5 OOP m loron«hoor«ndo««B«»triMALP MOUH- 
FREE! Student 1.0. muat tM p»»««rt«» !«"•« «>• '" 

airt ctmncATts nvwtxau 
Co— IP loiltn* *aa <»bom om Dctiit Sp«ciaii 

M<IK» C mOa Cma> Accwl"! 



tOiArmyTToiiRd Adcl.soi CALl S43-SPAS 

-» * 




The Harbmcer. FEBRUARY jggL— Egli— 1 


•! Death For Life? APPARENTLY WE DO 

■jr Lwry 

Ttart li • ■■■ I wwM Hkt to iatrodact im la. I 
M k*«« thii •••■ tkoafb RotltBi Sloac 
1 IMW a««tr ai*l Ihii aaB, hat I rc«l as if i 
. ..^ it It Hba ■■< «IHU IM rttb. His aaait )■ 
irha' Njtftt* CtaacM Mt yas kavt a«vrr Iicm4 af 
■■■ katart aatf wW ftvkakly aivtr ktar af klai 
t«Mvlal. Bat I IM I laaal itll «kai k* It 
■MB ■•> «bf ' kt It ii» II. 

Hy4tr li carrtatljr na a aitctear dltaraisnienl and worM 
fca«t fail >Bd win cnallaat vBltts tkrt* dtaaadi art 


1) Tk« Uaiud States airtt l» take afarl all 

aadMT warktad* hy tkt mm ItM. 

1) BtiMl alTawiat «llllafj .ii»«ralli>in ■• a 
kwialatai ckto la iMaraathnml rtlaltoBa. 

J) Aai MUlha 10 try m$ wwk fo itt tkt 
SovMi and allNr 'OTMirlti to adopt lit' .WMt pallclct. 
II It aMaw Hritr li aoi rasltag to tavt kit o»a 
life ttaca MM ill w« wtat to priat kt wm oa kit 133 
dai of Mat. I doa't t«ta kaow if kt it alive ktcaait 
Ikt aaitt fcHi Mt laU aaytklai akoat Ikii initrtxiioi 

Ha It worrlid akoat foa and 1. tkt ptofit wfca will 
tafVnr If tktft is a aaclcar kohicaast. 

Mydtr is a S«.?tar-old itiropkjrsicbi «lto kat roa|kt 
tioct Ikt ■1«"» to rid Ikt mmtd of nucltar arais. He 
ikoiqkt for aiaay dajs akoal ikii lerminal fast ktfort 
<iiartia| it- 

Hjdcr tin e»tridaf la Lairajtttte Park arroi* ikt 
street tttm tkt Wkllt Moose ia kopts aoiatooc will 
aollce kiai. 

It tteat ia Ikt 'i«*« aad tkt TO*, joaat eoHtif 
ttadaals kad ■ aiajor *oict in •*■! »f»i oa in tkc 
wovM. Well. I totallj kelitve we are ib» Stifitk 

We doa't prateit aaytkiat. wt Jatt |o to collett «od 
are soaitliaitt totally anaware ol wkal it foiaf oa ia 
tke world today. Tkt oaly Ikiaf we are worried about 
is wkal wt caa «to aiake oar H*es better. Are we 
warriad akaM ikt falart leaeraltoa? I doal know, joa 
ton aM. I »m ptrtoaally worried about wkal tkit 
coanlry will bt likt ia tkt atxl forty years. 

If aaotfcer awa bas to dk so we will not ka«e nuclear 
arm. it tamdi to ait likt Ikal it sort of dtftaiint ikt 

la tkis day of Itckaohtiy, wt alwayi fnrttl wkat lift 

was Wkt wkta oar parent! wtrt kidt. Tbty didn't ba»e 

' coapoltrs lo enttrtaia tktai. Ikey didn't kave air- 

conditioaiat » «x* •*«■ ""• "•"J "' "" '"*'"'' ''*''* 
lelevisioos, aad aiaay aiore didn't ha»e ibeir own cart. 
They fontht in wars l<i protect our rights. Do yoa 
reailj tkiak the* did it f»r ihrmselvesT I don't. 

If a man bas' to die to |ct a point acros*. where dot* 
tkat pot tkt idea thai our country was created on the 
basis of deaiocracy, Ibal the coaiaioB man ha* a »oice 
in Ike way the coanlry is run? 

The conmoa man hat been silent t»*r since the 
VietNaai War ended, and now is Ihe lime for him t« 
tptak what kt fttit thoay be dooe and get somelhinii 
A&m Bbovt Mu . 

I tbiafc tkt *aitfkaB people bad belter deal with the 
problea.. or Buclear arias. AIDS, aad lerrortsts pr.t.> 
sooB bteaust loaie aiornlaf wt may wake op and the) 
will all be liaadiag at our doorstep wailini for us. 

Bill Kuftlktrt 


Cam you read U«is? If so, this 
lUlick it not for yoo. However, if 
you know soateone of High 
Sch<»l »gc or ohkr who can't, 
please, do your good dMd [Of itK 
di^ .ind'MMd':!! 10 him or hcf. 

"'Tkt LMtracy Track'. ■ 
pet project of California 
Governor George "Duke" 
Dcukmcjian and fronted by thai 
nolcd English grammenan and 
ipelliiil-lioc tharop Sylvesier 
Siallana will kt making its only 
tlliBOis Slop wben ii comes lo 
ihc Hiipef parking tot on Friday. 
Feb. 6- 

Thtic were leveial of us. my- 
iclf included, who were won- 
dering oul loud, why would a 
campaign lo promoK liicraty 
nudEC its only Illinois appcvancc 
iU a place where, if ihe students 
aren't liicraie, ibcy arc al least 
going 10 school lo presumably 
uy and rectify die siluaiicin. 

Why not go lo a city housing 
project, where ihc o|)p«iunitie« 
for people to learn lo read arc 
almost nil? Or » the hackwaier 
towns of rural Illinois <o provide 
more modem methods for ntading 
and writing education. 

nicn we jaw die marquee on 
the Algonguin Rd. side of M 
building Now I will be the first 
to adroit ihal the Harbinger 
makes more than in share of 
spelling crfori and lypos. But 
every one of ihcm ii caught and 

ThetigKuifrmefMNdt.MpHall iPhctobtRkkliaa) 

correcied the nest day by our 
advisor. Jon Osman {who 
incidcnlly is an English teacher). 
Slop by the office one day and 
KC out corrected copies if yoo 
don t believe me. 

We would have bad no 
problem with a simple mistake 
(we make enough ol inosc). oui 
Ihis marquee has been up for U 
Ijail a week and a Half. *'* no 
one comxting it. 
EiUict we have a real p«*lcm 


wiin the English language, or no 
one EVER looks al a large 
message posted out front of 
campus. I suspect a liulc of hod). 

If you noticed this sign loo. 
congralulaiions. although your 
sense of humor in keeping quiet 
about It is a lad odd. 

I'm told that we have 17.000 
plus illiterate people in our 
distiict. 1 sometimes wonder how 
many ol them are in our own 



Wil!i:i;u Rainey Harper College 

Algonquin & Rosellc Kuads 

Pablinc, IL 60067 


X;tw* Isitilm , 

Sp-'n. l>ltTnf 
l';-.lurc. IMiL.t 
: .villi l-.lri.<r 

V i^Tit.Lsl.'f ^ "i 

hilt tCugtilx-c 

.Ijtrry fiwll n 


Aaivn flriOiliU'i 

I'carl Hi:f».Jer*»im 

NA Cl.'dl 

IfiH Kiiecaiccrt 

i'»«y l%y 

. Kick Ibll 



Letters to the editor are welcomed. All 
Jetters must have name, address. 
social security number and title, such 
as students, faculty or staff member 
Publication rights are reserved. 

Stufknts vitw an exhibitt 

•nw tludcBU have given their 
belt. Md W 10 100 of them will be 
rccognired for their skilled 
accomplishmenis at an awards 
ceremony and reception. The 
preacnniioa it scheduled for 7 p.m. 
on Ftb. Ittth ia Harpers student 
kNMge in BuiMtng A. 

Caih pciaai will be given for throe 
'BtM of Show' eiitfies, as well at 
iknt but yiw** ia ewk of die pte- 
1 caugoriet. kKkidiBg 

by Aaron Broaddus 

[.al-li.jl...ii [■■■■■•I. I.- . . . .■ ■pii" 

i-iwnmu'iily. [HiblivtHil v.. -u-i,! 
itjnnc !it4idi>s aru! fimj.! C.J1 M- M 
i^jniwm i->p»t«icJ aiL- lho*c c'. ihc wriu-f 
md «« nttoualy Uiwt >i< Ai fullctc: 
ki •dmmii>r™««i. t«-uUy o.' «. A'"! I«>ay, 
Adveninnii «ul <hc oap) -IcailiK: n nam 
Thuruiay awl aifv ii Mitijccl ii> cdilini 
Ml lolcn u> tiM ediiof mull Ik >i|ne4. 
nunci wuNMia <m mrmx. Fm {unher 
Momuuon call 397-WaO. cm. MMw 


honorable mention. 

The stodenu in the show will be 
judged first by their schools, and 
then by a panel of outside ^ges. 

For further information conuct 
dw art dqanntent at est 1S68. 

AdnuarioB is free. The exhibit 
may be viewed fiom ^30 a.m. 
Ihioogk 9 p.m. Monday through 
"niaridBy, Fridiys 8:30 a.m. ihiougk 
4:30 p-BL, Sataniay 9 a.m. through 
NooB and dDtail SiBMtaiy. 

PAGE 12 

Th." H;irhin'.er. FEBRl ARY 5. 

19H7 P-'"^ -* 

.Off Beat. 

New Pryor in ^^^ j,^.^^^ 

" Critical would like to 

Condition" Welcome 

for their 


show at 
Harper College! 

S; Dtve llolTliiiin 

E«lertai«"it»l Writer 

I don'l really know why. 
bui iomclimo. against my 
bcuer judgcmcM. I go lo a 
movie thai >snl on the top of 
my "musl sec" list, hoping lo 
be pleananily surprised, maybe 
even iJiscovcr the stocjicr ol the 
year. No such luck here, toyal 

Crilltil CondilioB. 
Richard Pryor* latest shoi at 
ctxMxiy, is such a turkey thai 
the only reason Im writing 
Ihit is to keep you from 
malcifig the simc misukc I did 
Mcrei Ihc deal: Pryor 
{■lays Kevin Ixnnihan. a ioo 
man tiy nature who has ukcn a 
(all for a tounshark. a.-tKlcnily 
o( course, but the loanshark 
has vowed to kill him in 
pciiion. Kevin naturally wants 
no iwt of this, so he comes u{> 
Willi a scheme to kec{i himself 
out of jail. He prciendi tic's 

insane and the jud|e Mdi him 
10 ihc hojpital lor 
ex.imination. But the dtxtors 
there aren't buying Ihc act and 
iirc semlmg him hikk to do his 
lime. Just as they move out, a 
hurricane (Yes, that old stand 
by) blacks out the island where 
the hospital is located and 
Pryor escapes out of his ward 
but he finds he can't go 
anywhcic became the bndgc lo 
the ntainland i» out 

This it when he ii 
mistaken for an emergency 
room doctor, and the real 
stupidity gets underway, 
complete with psychotic killer 
and bcauntul hospital 
administrator, which is no 
more bckivabic than the fact 
that somebody bothered to 
make this movie. 

This is comcdyT Sure. 1 
laughed a few times, mostly at 

Randall "Ten" Cobb, who 
portrays a huge mmalc with 
language that makes Pryor s 
look tame. Cobb seems to be- 
making a living after h(i»ini: 
playing stupid heavies in 
mediiKrc movies, doing pretty 
much the same nonsense here 
as he did in "The Golden 

You'd think with all the 
money he's made. Pryor 
wouldn't have to appear in this 
lypc of cinematic mistake, 
wiwldn'l you? Oh well. I've 
learned my Icison, and if you're 
smart, you'll steci clear of 
Critical Co»«lilio" 

N«st wttk hMh for ■ 
review oa the new movie 
Maiiiiffiiiii. It will 
(irficially open on 
Fcbrnarj Olh. 

Georgia Satellites 

The Harper College Theatre 
aimounces auditions for the musical 

By Howard toviti 
KntertainmenI Writer 

I consider rock n' roll to 
mean music that is fun and 
happy. The O tor gin 
SMclliteii brought this music 
iMck to the airwaves with their 
linglc Keep Your Hands lo 
Yourseir. I was hoping that 
iheir LP would he just as light- 
hearted and free of the 
pretentiousness found in so 
much of today's music 

I was attracted to this 
album by the simplistic blues 
influence evident on die single. 
Lead singer David Baird. with 
hif colorfully textured voice 
gives the song an irrcsisitible 
Mund. The guitar playing is 
10 sloppy sounding thai it's 
uplifting It brings out the real 
idea of nxk n' roll in a van 
wasteland of tiddic VanHalen 
imiiaiors ihat have become too 
skilled to resort ui the ol' Mucs 

If you liked ihc single, 
you'll like the first side of the 
album, which stays tfuc lo the 
spirit heard on 'Keep Your 
Hands lo Yourself, but by the 
firsi song on the second side. 
'Can't Stand the Pain . a pop 
sound reminiscent of new 
BKM had emerged that would 
end up sounding like John 
Cougar Mallancamp by the 
end of the album. I fear thai 
the band will continue to go in 
this direction on future albums 
rather than continue with the 
refreshing fonnat of their first 

Unfortunately. Dave 
Baicd's voice does not take any 
leaps and there is little change 
in dynamics throughout the 
album. But on the other hand, 
it is consistent and prcdiclabk. 
which many people seem us 
prefer iheae days. 

i-'nabi'. tkimmn *i. 1*«MT, 7 0«) [.m. M..>Ml.m X .>.«■! I.*l 

. tdmmn T. IfW'. I tl> V»- «<ilMt>lt -^ "■'■■' )'l" 

fhtw <«lllfc«c»lll>ni» «i ikimir.. lvl«'iM<y lli« liMlBH. 

. am .'*■» i«»»" «l»n«' -II***. fdtiml nii.iiiiimi« otIAhii.. thtm ■ 

l|«|M • «»nilH." IW rmMlll«nt«iWt«l»l,>Hlll:*: .'l<:«llHHI. .\ (•«■" ">" *«' l"'<-1«l«* 

cmin !¥i^~ \ ,* *..*« ^' 10 11 '^ 

• nMntyHaqMrCotagt 

Mu«k»l I •>". 





■ tmVz 


M'QP' ' 'J'fJ-iJ-^''''^- 

$1.00 EACH 

■I'lliiii I ' '^ ^^'■' 




The Harbinger, FEBgUARY 

19K7 page S 

Los Lobos 

•y NIcftatet Opttt 

Are HERE! 

Wketc do (iMi the best 

AiHtiit liaMil music aiM:n(l? 
Wdi. jMt imfc »h€n fht 
rtMNrtMi TlMiiMltrMrdi ne 
pteyint nd y«niH |m> tmn to 
fi»tt II. Bjr H mean* 
mcwmnieri. iliejrVe had iheir 
M|gtM. swcMa witli iherr 

Hatinf inU 967.011) cofMcs'ii 
iHc lime oT pitm^ m iMe VS. 
■iiiiciifnt)ini;ihechariiih«' T- 
Hr* are kMAing fgoai. 

Thejf have «)■« be«« 
iMMiuNHctl iDf ■ fw» Oonmi*. 
OM'fnr ihc Hem Rtxk Vocarifey 
a ifMit,. iMd Mc ror Bat Rack 
iMiniiMiitil Im ihcir tong 
"DWMl « Amoms'. Bui yw 
CM' IwPy each, a hmili tmimt 
jnm Me ilie T-llrit ifiiiii.. 
They im« a aMt ipec.ial:, 
ihc)>"R xpfMiiiv « iha Viadi' 
Bciyi. 2 Is Amaiwwnry Siwial. 
ycW' cim sec them in Die new 

movw wiih Michiiel I Fm 

UslU tht Ota opciung CM ihe 

Yei Uicj re there Turn 

jiraoMt ■fiin uni] you'll <i-f 
ihem « Karfier and rigl)iruil> 
w They're mie «r the N:<« 
rK-fcin han<|t ariMind mJ 
ilcicrve alt the cdtinwe 'iliey'n: 
.|«lliilt. No (iw CM deny the 
lalMi ii there. But th« T- 
• trdi are more than thai 
They re an imafe. lhc>rc an 
iilea, (or me jind either die hard 
MB Mucnceil rock n* lult 
fan*, 'ihcy'ie a «ay nl life. 

After Ifl ycart Jimmie 
Vaughan u Mill the name you 
hear when ulking atioui gieat 
IMiiartsti. Kim Wttscm tiitl 
has the V IX all ihai irademarfc 
llie band, aid Piesloit HuMiard 
vUfc. nm Chraima. bcllif the 
nciiM nldiliom 10 the hand. 
dtiitt MM Ac iMffeci rydtm 

mcini.What mate can be ok! 
ahotti The Fahalout 
Thnnderbirdi? They're .joc 

o( the heii. and n<»w hoiicii 
bamb anwid who sec ilcrinalely 
a kwce to he reckoned with 
*lien rotl. comci inlo your 
t on. V f fsai lo n o ve r I unc h 
ToiiKim)«'s thow should pitwc 
to be very hot. And next 
week, you can lo«>k (or an 
inicrvie* with the hand lo 
atipcar on iheice very pigcs 

If yOD haven I bothered lo 
litlen lo faff f.n.uff yei. and 
you haven't bought your 
itckets for the show, fct a 
move on. Ii'i your los» in 

By Bob Schneli 

Ealerlalnment Wrilcr 

«y t*e ligla of the Moon. 
by Loi Loboi will be a 
sitottg candidate for the 
distinction of being 1987's 
album of the year It is a 
necessity foe the prwkni music 
shopper ba-ause this record ha.* 
oerything: M-rBiinrc hallad.«. R 
and B inspired rock and roll, as 
well as d»nc cable pop- styled 
iiincs. The mustcianxihip and 
Ivracum are cucellent 
ihroughout ihc entiie album. 

'Illis ts Lot LobiK lirsi 
inaior recording effort jmcc 
l<>M when they were named 
hot new recording group by 
assoitcd mu.sic puMications. 
«y id* light of the Af<«i« 
parallch and surpasses that 
clT*io. which wa.f entulcd fiaw 
Witl th€ »(>(/ .Survive? . Once 
again, the L« Angeles based 
hand wan produced by TBone 
Burnett, who has a widely 
respected name in tlic rntk and 
toll community 
What makes this such a fine 
album is Its cultural flavor, 

accouslical freshness, and its 
social significance. Both the 
lyrics and the in.sirumcnutian 
highlight the group's Spanish 
background. While this fact is 
quite noticabic it's not 

The accouslica] cltniy and 
lively ryihm section are 
welcome departures from the 
frigid, mullisynihasizcd muxk 
that has bombarded the air 
waves laiely. 

This album is primarily 
upbeat in mood, however, it is 
laced wiih serious social 
Ksues. Some of them being 
the plijjhl of the hiimclcss. the 
ihreat of war, lonlincss and 
isolation, and facing lost 
eipecuiloos. The song The 
Mess We're in' touches on a 
few of those issues. 

By the Light of the Moon 
sei-s the standard by which the 
rest of this year's albums will 
have 10 follow. Nearly all will 
fall short though, as Los 
Li»hat shows that talent, 
originBlity. and unique insight 
prevail over blind 




love potion 

AfttfT 23 years of 
research, Dr Rufua 
T, Vbtentine. rxited 
romarKeologist. has 
discovered the perfect 
kwe potion. 

Said Dr. Valentine, 
■The FTD'» Sweet- 
heart" Botjquetisa 
perfect combination of 
flowers and a heart- 
shaped potpourri in a 
ceramic pcnvder jar. 
Lab studies have 
shown It to have a 
powerful, romantic 
effect on both sender 
and recipiem. 

"However:" Dr. VMen- 
tine warns, the effect 
seems to peatt around 
Rsbruary 14, And you 
must make sure to go 
lo an FTD Florist 
Otheiwlser he added, 
"you may find yourself 
spending Valentines 
Day alone in a most 
unromantic p<ace-the 


Infantis Dementia 

It Is Written 

ly Peder Sweeney 

I MB eomitntlf taiMetJ t>y ••>< 
mmht of p««i>l« wiio. <)«*P<«! 
»wtrwkeliiii»f evidenct to »he 
sMirafy. decide that their K*ne>'c 

PmIb dctcrvc to no* into the neit 

U iccm !• H the prewtilini 
■MWiiBaat in AoMftca that the only 
praraquitiiet fof ptf«Ml»od m« tlMMt 
ImyaMd bf mU'Wie: ^'tieation of ilw 
prafw Itiwdititw MMl t eBitdaciiie 
'■Misgt' rieUity. 

TIM rtiitit it thai my tnamac »' 
iMkwU omA only fii«« •»"»•»"• » 
Mi «f tkt other end of tit* 
f«|iaiMl*a bwttin and voila. . ■ a 


Vm caa'l »«U rio*»r» «"• "'« 
aucMmrna* in ihtt country without i 
ticMM. ttM any mop* •» • «•*» 
naiutt at a daiire to fday hovte can 
aaaiiM the greatatt rea|ion«ibUii)r 
ihit «aiW hia to offer. 

Vt have lam a|ainit child abute. 
tal llKy lio iwlhint to prevent paraivc 
itatt-or abiiM bj ontmiifiom of 
M«at. Hanee. amy din|oid who 
•Kppvrtt LtKoucbe or take* 
avfwiaaffcei ttikM** ai lotpel i» 
miMM by la»--by a sapinc hole in 
Iha la«"io rear children. 

ThU lack of reairiciivt lefiilaiion 
raautw ia a *Mible |«ril. Pint and 
fatMMMl h the 4a«ier to the child 
indf. Ia luiiyiMn of this ni cite the 
mmtfte of ■ four year old (iti I kno*. 
liaf pnewM named her Mttiu> I don't 
know what other airocitiri ihc i* 
nibjected lo by tkc people who hung 
that yoke m her. but being the 
of ihal iwo-dimentional TV 
k MMMt of a bwdcn than 
ity c«ry 'into a sane 

.„ other 4elfinic««l effect of 
t]|««l«t defeciivei to niulitply--and 
■Iw ma I ihall focat apon- it their 
halW ihai «hf ownerthip of an infant 
cmmtitaiet a waiver of (he rtiles of 
public daoonim. 

iat fim. Ici'i diipel this noniciiae 
aiMM babie* being unconditionally 
adofaUa. Ii tccini that, lince bahio 
aia CMC and defenselcii. anyone who 
doat aol auiomitically »«iieh to Coo- 
an4-rawn Mode m ihe»r pretence it • 
nco-naai baby-hater. TTie fact, though. 
ii that babiei are of a limited 
CMCacta. All in all. Itittent aM 
piifpte* have them easily beat. No* are 
MMtt defentcleti: nature hat 
pni^Mad iheoi with an e»c«lleni lelf- 
:pf<04active feittMe--tla»tieiiy. Then 
Ittile fingett don't com* off »* eattly 
•i one would iMtik and daailing them 
by a pinched ear elictti only a 
dnoiiah giggle. 

fAr a* aMWflMf' JM» "•««. •*« ••• 
mtw popular foagt perMfM'at "> 
ckildrtt vt -Hpelt-m'By* B^Mttf. I** 
keartwarmlnt '»«**)' «*•'" *«*•*" 
plmmmttiitg from orfcoredl *«(f*ll. 
and -Hmi Aromad the Kotj'. a f«y 
tiirie *ify 'ecoaaliai (*« %**' ''^ 

dood paraait tcalitt ihai •ociety it 
not obligaied to find their child 
airecaWa. They know titai, to • 
ttranier. an infini i» nothing more 
than a flnanciatly unuable Mological 
bundle of raucout noiiei and UBtaroed 
wastei. They understand, ihai, ai a 
rale of thumb, nothing thai require* 
iNtclliilt- o' >*•• comtngle* wathrooro 
a. ihould be inflicted on 

e piMK. 

1 «« aMtMly al a caieiad. »™.— 
km. m ay lMfi«*. 1 *aw a » 1 
— -!■§ toiled diapert not 

three feet from lh< btilta ablo. *l taa 

fm Fg|f^ •• • "P-* ' "*''* *^- "'•"' 
youVe jtiai been upgraded to imbecile 
ttatut. Don't you reatiic that thcre't 
uncovered food nc»i to you?' 

"What do you want me to do.' the 
replied defcntively. 'run to the 
bathroom every time he needi 

"Ood fofbidf Actually. 1 wat hoping 
you'd thake the diafier out over the 
food. Yam Surprite for everyone!' 

*0h,' the apat. "Miner Tough Guy 
baby hater!* 

*i don'l hate babict." 1 replied. 
'Ihotigh yoact it certainly nothing to 
write home about. StiJl, if intellect 
pattei a general loti, he might be 

She didn'l receive my iiaicment 
with grace, or even printable language. 
Mother* are funny thai way. 

Fortunately, homotetuatity atiraeta 
a lubttantial number of xilchet away 
torn the baby making game, but not 
aaough. That't not to lay that all 
hmnoiecualt are tilchea-which iint 
to tiy thai they're not. 

At an indictmeni of a legal tyatem 
that all<»wt cmmt to procreate, thit 
coiiMMi wotilil not be complete without 
maatlon oT the Mwtmy who lugs out a 
twoltea Jug 10 give iuniot't whitkcrs a 
public watting, flic reatoning here. 
once aiain. it that noikfaf. where an 
infant ii concerned, it obicenc or even 
quettionablc. Maturaf, not repugniu. 
Thii perverse tine of leamn ha* been 
to cuGcettful in it* otttlaufht aiainii 
good tatte that I'm tuifriwd to tee 
that pomograpbet* don't we it to 
ikin the law: 

Livt Cancepltoa Shawi!!! 
$S cover. S tirmk mmtmum 

So there it It. ThIt column readt 
like an Ami-Baby Crutade. but it's 
really anti-ditr. How would you like 
to be nurtured by a mommy who 
dabblet ainonift your poddy in front 
of a hundred previously hungry 
people? Or a daddy who entertains hit 
buddiet during halftlmc by ipiking 
your ittained carrots with Schlitu? 

Pcihapt a legally enforced Birthing 
Age would help, tay 25. but then we'd 
probably have the problem of 
anderage cupeciant* ctotting state 
llnei to unload their pareeli And age 
ian'l really the problem anyway. 

Maybe we could lurgically prohibit 
every oaf from conceiving. Then. 
anyone wlihing to have ■ family would 
■pply to the govcrnmcni md past a 
little test to hivi- ihc turgery 
Kvcrted. One nuesiion would do; What 
will you name the baby? 

Alctii. Blake. Kryiiil. Domimt|UC. 
Fallon. 0c». Moon Unrl. Cher. Chattily. 
Charo, Harpo. Di**y. Dcti. Dcrwood 
Mid tkwcy. among olhcrt. fail. 

Aiiummg you pis* ihe ten. you 
would then tike the Oath o( 
Rcipontitile rarcnthood: 

I lyoar aame Acre) do tolcmnly 
twear to lueat my iittani a» • fuiurc 
person and not • dreis-up dolly. 
He/the will attend only those social 
tvenit where hit/her presence is 

tpecifically requested. I understand 

that hit/hat pretence it under no 

clfcamatancet welcome at rettarauntt, 

theatres, etc .. 1 further swear that all 

tuBCtiont relating to liit/het 
intake/output will be conducted 
behind cUMcd doort. 


I know God is omnipresent but lately he's been 
everywhere. First he was speaking lo Pat 
Robcnaon. then he was talking to Oral Roberts and 
recently a lot of my friends have been tuning 

into God. ,. . .__ 

Now don't get me wrong. I ve got noining 
against Cod. it's juai that a lot of tuspicious things 
have been going on. • ^ i ,. 

Let me tell you why I'm suspicious : m the last 
couple million years or so God't had a helluva 
lot 10 lay. Sure, the BiWc's a pretty fat book but if 
that's all we've got on Him I think its safe to say 
He's a Utile publicity ihy. 

I'm also a bit skeptical because Gods had a dantn 
etwd track record when it comes to scouting out 
talent He called Abraham. He tccruiicd John the 
Baptist and He drafted Moses but how docs a guy 
like Pat Robertson fit into this group? 

Yes. I believe in miracles but 1 don't think Pal 
Robertson could g":' elected as Mayor of Palatine. 
Besides, do yoti really ihink that God would back a 
canlidaie that's gonna do worse than McGovem? 

How about Gods method of communication? 
Boih Pal Robertson and Oral Roberts claim thai Ood 
spoke to them. Granted, in the days of Moses the 
Almighty used some elaborate means of 
communication but that was way back then. In 
this age of technology couldn't He just have 

Yeah. I admit Pat Robertson bogs mc but a guy 
like Oral Roberts sickens mc. Firsi of all I firinly 
believe Ital no college should be named after 
anyone living even if Ibcy fund the entire 
operation. . . , , 

As far as naming collceca goes Im in favor of 
the maityr system. If some famous guy or gal gets 
shot in ihc head or beat to death I think they've 
earned the right to have a college named after 
them. Now if somcoiK were to shoot Oral .. 

Another thing bugs mc about Orals supposed 
communication with the Creator; if Cod spoke to 
me and told mc to raise some money or lose my life 
I'd iry and carrt the money on my own. Instead. 
Oral resorts lo begging and threatening. Has he 
no pride? . r 

Personally. I doni think Cod speaks to either of 
ihcse guys unless it's out of cmrcme anger bui 1 
doubt we'd hear about ihai unless He spoke loud 

There's a lot of other God-like siuff going on that 
seems suspect. My favorite one involves the lady 
who inMSts thai an ancient warrior csiiis in her 

Normally I wouldn't even give this woman's 
story a second look but her problem would explain 
many of the eternal mysteries of fcmininiiy 

Considering some of the females I've dated Im 
almost inclined lo believe her story. At any rale ii 
would certainly blow a hole in the P M.S. theory. 

But like most folks in this country who claim 
they've had some sort of spiritual experience 
there's an cnorttious profii surrounding it. The 
lady in question lives in a giam mansion thanks 
in pan to her ciitrcmely lucrative demonstrations 
Speaking of lucrative , one of this ladies 
followers jusi happens to be Shirley McClain. 
When people say good old Shirley s been around 
the block a couple of times they really mean it. 1 
uaed to admire her as an actress but as far as I'm 
concerned I wish she'd dance in the dark with 
Bruce Springsteen. 

I think we can all aee a pattern developing here. 
All the people I've mcniioned arc making a giant 
fortune off their spiritual encounters. Which 
leaves me with one question: Doesn't God tpeik lo 
the poor? 

.Not Just Comics. 

The Harhinpcr, FEBRUARY S. 1987 page 7 

Cartoonist wanted 

llM HirtJinger is kxikiiig for a lew canooniM 
Ml do • wedOy or bi- wceUy canoon. 

ifply in A367. 




31 mm mOmm 

30 OtMk wnw iwni «• Ooil mouniM 

M W a n wa 3«Uant>wma S1I 

M Omm 41 ( 




















W if 

W '" 




W wriiiJB] 




"1 1 











w j 















1 N 




outei ma mvci 

The only time 

the government 

knows you by your 

first name is 

When its time to 
fill out your 
income taxes 

The Harbinger. FEBRUARY & 1987 

page 8 


Colkfe innifer 
tnformuion day wtil be 
held oti Wednesday 
February i«. in Building 
A. Reprcscniative* from 
over IMJcotleiffs and 
iinivenjties will be fircvcni 
to talk h) siiKlenis 
rrgarding their iran^fcr 
vonctms from «>;3<), 
umiJ l:,30pnii 

f>neS?(W Khciliirstiip wili 
he awardctl by Mudeni 
activities to a studcm who 
tws been involved tn a 
Harper College club or 
cirganixMion for a» leas.t 
two full senicsters and v* ho 
also will be tran&fering to 
another college or 
univcnity m the Fall 
semersterof l'>87 The 
followinj; adtlitional cnitna 
w»ll he consi<kaxl » hen 

selecting the recipicni: 1 . 
Academic progress. 2. 
Length of service in club or 
organiiinion. 3. Other 
activities at Harper 
College. 4. IxaderHhip 
qu«iines. Deadline date for 
application is April 1 . 


NORri "ffiRN 1 LI JNois 


order to i|ii;ilify for ooc i,»f 
(hc%c sfhuiarNliips you 
musi aiiend NIU on a full- 
time basis for the fiill and 
spring semesters of the 
cutnulative grade point 
average of at least 3.0 (4.i» 
scale ) from the school you 
most recently attended. 
Fniering freshmen are 
required to have an ACT 
SCOPE of at least 25 or rank 
in the top 5% of their class. 
Yoo must also comply with 
the following application 

rcquiements. 1 . You must 
submit a one-page typed 
letter whkh describes your 
outstanding qualities, 
characteristics and 
educational goals. 2. an 
NIU graduate or current 
Mil faculty member must 
also write a one page letter 
t?>f sponst>rship that 
ineludcs insightful 
intoonation abotu you. 
(Alumni are ineligible to 
spisnsor immediate family 
members.) 3. The Icticrx 
must he accompanied by 
the iuurhed ajjplication 
fo'rm and a copy of your 
transcript from the stthool 
you most recently attended. 
The deiiillmc for 
applicillions for 
undergraduaie and graduate 
school students is Fcbruarv 

6, mi. 


JOB HUfiTlNa? 

Give yourself the wry best chance Call 
Career Assistanca Services for your key «o 
today's job market. Ask Glenn or Helen aboul 
our Harper College student discount. 



• iniervtew guidance 


•St 'WMIUklkTIt 


mil HGSHi OM TaME Sun) 



D*iign«ri of Travel Unlimtltd • D«s>gn«rs of Trovcl Unlimited • 



s Apr.10-Apr.19 

f M89 

Mike your Ratervations Now! 

Space It Umlled 

• • iflwMtf w(|* waniipo»1«i»w« » 

taM ItMtt. kxMti Bi Ikt i««, [MailMT MM) 

-WOUMt INN'' kmrnm '(>• lop ol il« 'S«« 


'fc tawiiiiirthc iwiwiMiii 0* (Ww dlrtlii ow™*"iii*.i. 

,wl>>*i« w iM Koat liKl |wf«r (FHf Hi m 

Sl|MMEHH OW ''ilHlIlt piTICHI' Wf OH' HlHlMMII ' 9 

O # IVolitiiani^ fkStd pmwnmi to malm rowr 



-^ fk ^ I- 1 —ji ^ 

rOff IWOfH 


I ChiKk, 359-2909 

tieufiiteQ • pei|«u!|un |»*0'i }« iieuBiteQ « petiuijiun |eAOjj^- 

jcvcnth consecutive year 
Sheriff lames O'Orady in 
ccxjperalion with the 
Illinois sheriffs' 
association, will oflrr 
scholarships to any 
permanent resident of 
Coi>k Onmty Eight 
scholarships, m the amount 
ofSMM) each, will be 
awarded to students 
pursuing courses in 
vocational training of 
attending institutions of 
higher learning as a full- 
time undergraduate 
student. The scholarships 
will be awarded to 

deserving students, based 
on ability , merit , character 
and sinccniy of purpose in 
her or his goal. The only 
limitation is thai the 
scholarship be utilized for 
tuition costs only. In 
addition to completing ihe 
requuwJ application and 
subntitting other materials, 
applicants will be asked to 
write a brief essay on one 
of the following three 
questions: 1. 'How can 
students help prevent 
alcohol abuse among their 
peers?" 2. "What can be 
done to reduce stress m 
young people s lives ' ' 3. 
"In your opinion . what is 
the nwst pressing concern 
of young people today'.'" 
Deadlines for completed 
applications is March I , 
l''S7. A wand recipients for 
the academic year 87-8S 
will bcselectalon Mav I. 



(.lii.ihficd students of 
manage mcni are eligible m 
appiv f,ir all scholarship 
pr.icr;inn administered by 
the fuluc.iiional Fmindatiiw 
oi'thi- Nationiil Reslauram 
iorelitiNliiy include tul! 
tunc M.itu.s for each term in 
.1 ilcerctf' granting program 
st.ilnng with Ihc fall tcnn, 
collej;c/iinivtTsiiy for a lull 
academic vcar si.inmi; wiih 
'.lie fall tcnn. and 
ilcnwnstraied interest in 
Uxxl .service through work 
experience in the industry. 
The following documents 
nuisi be submitted to the 
schoiiuTjhip committee; 1 
Scholarship application . 
2. A college transcnpi 
from each college attended. 
Transcript must include fall 
semester grades of the 
current academic year if 
student is enrolled. You 
niusi have a cumulative 
C(.illcj:c gnide point average 
of at least a 3.0/4.0 to be 
considered eligible for an 
award. 3. A high schix)l 
transcript is required from 
all applicants who are 
cntenng their freshman or 
sophomore year of college 
Yixi must have at least a C 

plus cumuiadve high 
school average lo be 
eligible. Deadline date is 
March r,1987. 

are a post- secondary 
student or the parent or 
friend of one you can he 
eligible for a scholarship. 
You don't need to be a 
Mensan to qualify. You 
need only be enrolled, for 
the year following the 
award, in a degree program 
in an accreditrai American 
institunonof post 
secondary education . 
You can win one or more 
of the foIU>wing : Chicago 
AwanJs: The top three 
essavs from this area are 
awafded $.«i(X). $3(». 
S200. Regional Awaids: 
The top four essays from 
this region are awarded 
S10OO.$3OO.$2(lO. Rita 
Levine Memorial 
Scholarship: $6(10 is 
awaalcd to a female 
returning to school after an 
absence of 7 or more 
years. Howard M. Tumey 

Financial Aid Program: 
$1000 is provided for 
study or a career in 
engincring. mathematics, 
medecine or the physical 
sciences and requires thai 
the recipient be Mensa 
elegeble and submit protrf 
of eligibility. Send you 
af^lication and essay to 
Jandy Warner, 507 
Manchester, Apt, E.. 
Wheeling, IL «X)90 by 
March 1,1987. 
Northern Illinois 
University is offering 
I'niversily Scholar .Awards 
to outstanding community 
college graduates .Ms«i 
offered is an Academic 
FinaiiM .Scholarship, to a 
number of students. The 
deadline for applying for 
the Fnivcrsily Scholar 
A\»ard i*. April 1, 19X7. 
QualilkaiKiiis Ibribc 
scholarship: 1. .Applieanl 
must be cnicnng .\'1U 
directly from a connuiniiy 
college and should have 
completed a minimum of 
4.^ scmcsicr hours 
accepi.ihle to Nfwlhcm 
Illinois University. 2. 
Applicant should have 
earned a minimum grade 
point average of 3.50 
Uascd on a 4.00 scale 
computed by the irieihod 
used at NIU. 3. 
Applicant should possess 
outstanding academic 
ability and or lalem in the 
ans as demonstrated by 
recogniiion ai state, 
regional, or national level. 
4. Applicant should be of 
a high moral and personal 
character. 5. All 
applications must be 
submitted by April 1 , 1987. 
Interested applicants 
should request fonns from: 
Grams- m- Aid Committee 

Ntjrthcm Illinois 
Universiiv Dekalb, IL., 
601 15-2872. 

The Harbinger, FEBRUARy 5, 1987 Page 9 




Classified Ad 

Studenl noa-cotninercial 


Nam-itiMlttiil ciaailftods u|i 
to eight line*. f4.MI. SO cf ntx 
each additioMil line 

i^ieiil -Srm 

iiifHV, 4i«iia. inii •■■■•- Huns 'NW- 
'7«S5»ni-MM i*M ari onliHl 

I M. MaadMHi. )Ml flMc, 

T«'pilt|! S«;r»fc«» 

(lAVlNH A tmmU'.M I'lmlwe ihc nut* 
• OTtIt u> 'Mf •■■cllf olul )'«"' ■■"■ ■• 

uv'' To patMiM jmiiail' |Kif ••■■■^'' 
Keaumvi, htlt> vntinc 4i>a> if 

.. CiBia^mi 



niF C«i I-aiMSI'-lin). 

•tllllW IWEAE' 
lalaMiMtd ia DafWn* Seich. Ft 
l. i» iil i i » iil ». « S». Mm U-f W( CHI 1*1 
|wiiiAfl>il|iai|«iam. All Iochhm ■■ 
IliWIYt LMMd'ioHf 
ClU. Da ai m-KIJI or K« 

Tra««l Ma hf^tmimfi ia Ih*' 

fc ii'lbim itt" 4rv ni«i« W yaw — l ii iw i 

hf The <4illcf|e Ijaiew 
JM^eeiMiTiilW' nkiiew HWiee^^wie* 

KA vvr ii m er* Mm%«* M* Tt" l» 
4.«ntrwiff«l Fur AiKrrtMn|t 
Sfmrr VMh TW HarbiiifrT. 


i! OavW D.O. 


HEY USA WTOMAK.h<MiTe«»»ilii«t' 

twM llMMlglH t'4 xty "Httllo" .Aim. I 

imBy Mull inn iIiimM |i> Aiai wnli » 

It lift 'iMi ml' iMi MMHMh. I hiMm jnw 
itail IUh la :|ilil m ikc MMwcm. tan lull:. 

I *mmK m IJiARN nwiwa w ft tf ro. m I fiii'l t* 

ihi.i w«ehc««l' 'v.«ute Tm ^mmt. Mp to 
N«:»i1IM«li Sm. atict wo<% mmI itiyinf ill 

i«r s<Mi». i<i itoi.o ixwN niii 

KIKTI Ok ymk ■■ akmm (<v(<a. rnal. 
laick u y'iM. I.ANA. . . iM vat M KcnilY 
Willi fmm mumvmmt n OImiw. IiMI Bfer 
l>n GEYIKV f.S ' WiMI tm y<ai 
<Wiit a««r Simnt H>oli'' W% *«• Im 
DifWrnT Wi1lnll.hMit 

AMY Y<M uin mm mt lamcl I'ln 
ffM|wttilifi« it HMml 11uiilt.tlwrMDwmtl«c 
an Tucnky itiilK I fiMi I nvt fW am 

•jt 1 


n% ikt im AkI. Lm ax. 3«K»Sfl 

LYNN MAXU; Ywta • MSI tai. 

llMl VHIM4 M lat imi lEIMM. YOUN 


UISYFACS. YoM mitit • »<t» •"■r. 


ftt Haft Kill f uai. t ct^mt wkw 

jmt'lwiilMtf (Ifltmtay. So "itfUi* 

UL. JM ■ M* «> mr VM'n Ike teal 
OK DEBBII: OEMHY. I W«« lu kno* 

>i»;<«tViicM««».iiiK. scMiiomi 



ABC Soaptalk 

» s your cnance to 

hear from the p«)plp 

wfiose liv^i you follo*^ 

every day— 

the charaaers on ABr s 

Daytime Dramas 

TTiey'H tell you their 
most intimate thoughts 
and let you in on 
the latest gossip 
you can t f^ar 
It anywhere but on 
ABC Soaptaik ^ 



All My CriilOffn 




One life to Live 



Gmrt jl HotfMiM 

Call Now 


Tnt t»lepfK»nete>m(»ny cnjjqri Wf to* Ihe twn 
mwnjie *nd 34* 'o» each addworwt mtntMe 
CCJAK fKeivem perertujge Iw 



I .aiwA^n r.itTi vm.i.oME. 


GKEC. MY MAN . kt'i *■ lancli 

lonMiaM HMi. Imlif Yn, m*. ytar 

HAI B-l-C: W» iMI Jpim'iB *■« • 
tim folk A Hh: ■lip>lMfi» ■ ilm 

■ ^' *■■■ ■ *■■- JLiMiiBB 1^^' .-uibimIIIii -iuhi, mMPt liCiMMUIV Ml 

dwil mtl-KMIW-WIIO 

Tttmili' MMMM iBIWllir 

'Imanail MinMllHia, bM fta HH lunt y*. 
AA ■« in ■ vmafik ymu%. Hew'i ih* 

■Ml W $mt ttm ak^lea* STUPV 

flNilCn M Imfllt iNMIO . ' - MKHI < • • MMD . . 

iMip f .|»w ■ jwil' Jiyl <M«alali». 

c cw - w«« ■• m i» mt ma >«f 

tn (mi tat 

iioir«ibt '1l«ng»ri 



tKn t gmvKMii Mnrt imii T «Mr>-MM mfm- 

J4 per room L[5 

109 >? 79 

aueti »t 'OT n« *i«s*ii iDCTms>< ^ 

Call Alex 
at 658-5044 









F.rnp. Sers'wvn 

ikt !<* YOU wM. Han^ |»cliii ini^i 
■■«<• ilM 10 ntft to ancetufol 

i m i OTM 'wtii t . 0*i latay. Mail t3 m 
JOB Comrium. Dqn MC r.O Bm 
Tit. AriiniM tkjthu. II MUM 

Guys, if vou're within :M) da>*s of 
turning 18. you have to reKister. Just 
Hp to the post office and fill out a card. 
It only takes five minutes. And don't 
worry, there hasn't been a draft sintt- 
1973. The countrv' just needs your 
name in rase there's e\'er a iiationai 
Register. It's quick. It's easy. 
And it's the law 

A IKlWH'llBPVKC' »>**•' 

rhe Harbinger, FEBRUARY 5. 1987 Page 10 
ClaMsifled Classifietl 

Hrlp 1luiili>«l 

R»r Safe 


■■« mmtni^. flmMt idwiJiilim. All 

■aiiiiam naihM*. Apyty m pmm 

SMXtaiyi. Noo Hiftus- Cd) iOJ-MT- 


CAULTw u: Vn-MM 

notir). Dtlinqucai i» prapcny. 
Mufmmmma. Oil M5-M7-«ligO. «u. 

Hrlp l^nnU-d 

SERVICE INC if now KcliMt »df- 

iiMuil iMlmilitalt ui fill lour m rm- 
tinw iwuKM m ll«e r<el<l of ulci mi 
m»lcilif>t S»l»iy plui ecMimiiMWB r»t 
•elK*il«. .Mn>t l»»t ltjw»lij<l|!« t* 

Si; m;r CAt-c at u) n;s s«.»i, icnn™ 

to ICS.. IKS* S. litmAm Ave. 
a.K.tK. II. WftS). ATTN' t.y.m 

aanpw Wriic Colk|> Diunliawn, » 

PaMfc'-.KKxl TmI. N«cn>Uc. It tOUtk 

ATHtETic nanM w«M tm I 

•dvanomt Tninta) f<ii 

150'SIOO (let hour. Oim 1-5 
■pm mtr> day. turn tmmtd Jtpmem 
- n CnU I (II 5) « J-5Jf5. Mm«i 1 

foinwmt- tcmtii orn«. «»'i>'"» *'''^" 

Can«|iwl€'r, S* ' "^ MT'. mmti* 

■ TlJIt. 

■fxrr. 2i'f«" 

I. cmi^ ^ 
. .rtfc (... (IMS Oiluc ir 


Mliin>a>|.: IWMiliiw mail, Imi«1kI|( <>< 
PAX niacMaa, |W|iimbi ef vnncbcrt. 
Hacli-ap m mttiliumn, tat irpaii (*^ 
wtmhI, SA hcNHly. Pov IklkaiiiiAuif »":« . 

null, maninim. pedicimi. mu«i(». 
<n^(4j|>i>ullKiaU Full c«in< will c<M 
12M. incMnti K^iiriw. Call WT-tMCW 
•Ml aik for ShiriCT 

C\MPS Im hamlicapiiiMJ in ihf nonhwtn 
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a. CrilllO-M74aMllcm 

Real Estate 

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Ami KwiknalM .aihlmAii^ »•««■ ••n». Sw »■«» h«al Atmt 
RnnMM ni hitJ mt ai'iat- 

Sgt. l»t ClM» rmnm 359-7350 



Xi^S-si'^ .^^^ Continues to o«w tow cost, conlidwitlal 

^ ^^^^ car* In all areas of women's healtit: 


Family Planning 

Pap Smears 

VD testing & treatment 

Pregnancy testing & referrals 

Pre-marital blood tests 







The HarbinRcr. FEBRUARY 5. I0K7 Page II 

Tint tint down dw cmn we're 
foiag to try •""' eiptain 
ncM u)o many 
' Uw nuikinK 
ol a l-fflmuie 4S-»ecoii<l TV 
bairiinw show ■ because even 
wlien you give il the best you 
c«n. mxk roally hard, not ■ lot nf 
Mks leaHie juit wliai'i all 

What most of my cameo 
gttiii|>Ks into the bchind-lhe- 
xtncft world of college hoops 
require arc two days of woik -- 
including travel time, from 
Loncouric to concourse. But 
hccauscof sjiacc Itmitaiions. I've 
selected one of ihc few that was 
done m a da>- - when I recently 
took my annual pilgrimage to 
Bloumingion lo spend ■ four- 
hour tmie blot:k doing a halflime 
show on Coach BoM>y Knight 

Okay The alarm cItKk 
jumped me off ilw floor at 6:tS 
■.m.. and in my stupor 1 realize I 
haven't done an Indiana game m 
two yean, but ulso that nmhing 
really changes. 

Thi*. I decide, h what 1 want 
10 hit upon in my iliow -■ that m 
Coach Knights case. chani$e otily 
means that the racetwck ifmu 
laehet l>a$ become a totaling 
Attitias pullover red or white 
cweatcf. And. that he's led the 
torn powerful Midwe-st state t 
(rhs wbch he's always lectuiied 
- tllinoii, Indiana. Ohio and 
Michigan - and opened up the 
whole country, including JL'CO 
blue-clitppert. And yes. thM he 
a now playini a lane - whidi is 

even ofcvioui M) Bilty P. and 

What coach Knight has shown. 
I think, n that grcjtnc« in any 
performance li adjusting to 
change, while maintaMung an 
image of oon-ncgoiiabilily lies 
given US that aniwer lo that age- 
old saloon argument: Would a 
Vinec Lombaitli. Red Aucrhach. 
John Wooden, or Woody Hayes 
be iutccs-sful m todays sporn 
environment of over-exposure 
agents, wild media ityles, play- 
nie-«rril-trmstci- athlcicK? 

The answer. 1 decide, is yes. 
Because Bobby Knight, who 
never played a jooe. always wore 
nothing but a spon-jacket. and 
ncvCT rtcruiiod outside Die above 
mentiones stales -- is adjiisung in 
his own. unHjuc, noo-ncgouabk: 

By the time I'd thought all thin 
out. I'd climbed inio a wen 
o'clock commuter mil fl 
Milwaukee for Indiaiiapoiis -- a 
plane that wa« made lor the 
Hunchback of Noire Dame. 
hocausc once you get on one. ym 
can't stratghun up. And die guy 
who look my ticket at the 
counter wis ilte same guy who 
loaded my on the plane, 
and then ended up tugging on his 
l:ddte Rtckcnhackcr leather hai 
with goggles ui the pilot. I 
landed ai 10 ."^4 a.m. and wa.s 
picked up by Murray Bartow, a 
graduate M. Indiana ami 
»n of Gene Bartow, the head 
coach at UAB, for a SS-mile trip 
to vtsil Ihc residence of iJw nwnd 

ball guru. 

Upon arriving in 
Btoomington. I knell and kissed 
his ring - and caught the end of 
practice, which ended at noon 
because it was the Christmaj 
holiday. Believe mc. H was a 
real physical workout, no 
nonsense, with Coach Knight 
always keeping the court spread 
and working screens in their 
motion offense. On D. they 
worked on cutting off passing 
lanes, and on a conceniraiod 
maitmum effort on man-to-man 

We then went lor a paper 
napkin lunch, at a place the 
health dcpanmcni hasn't found 
yet, accompanied hy his son 
Tim. vkho graduated from 
Stanford and itpa-scniN Coa«.:h 
Knight in all buMness. outside of 
die university. 

LMte i Hid. Ihc last time the 
lliior wax swept in thaft place 
(»iu,*t have been when Victor 
Mature starred in -One Million 
B,C ," but the food was good, 
and Ihe conversation - believe it 
or not - was mainly on fishing 
anti bunting. 

After that, we went back and 
did a 3S-40 minute. in-depUi 
conversation on liasketbatl and 
what this giani would do it 
basketball ended tomorrow -• and 
how he'd want to be nmembcnsd 
This show will be shown 
February 2lsi when Iowa visits 
Indiana, and I ihmk you 11 find 
his answers iniercslmg... and. in 
mme surprising. 

There are a lew things 1 will 

lay: When wc talked ihal hall 
hour plus beloie the two-angle 
cameras, Coach Knighi said the 
three-point play is suicidal lo the 
game. And that he has certain 
doubts and retervaiions about the 
way Ihc NCAA and the prcsidcnus 
of the universilie* ace handling 

Also, he doesn't care wNi rcis 
the games, and doesn't know who 
the rcfs are until be gets on the 
courts - which is rare - and feels 
tlie three-second iiwic should be 

Coach Knighi also said he felt 
that his nc»i career would not 
have 10 be competitive, and in 
addition, touched a little on the 
sweaters, the »ones, ihc shoe 
contracts, adiletes receiving some 
nwMicy. and Ihc sh«>iing ability 
of Steve Alford - one of the 
greatest lights-o«i shoowrs in the 

Believe me guys, 1 don'l think 
this is one Cage Brief you'll wani 
lo miss. 

Then, it was back to the 
airport, with Tim chaufteuring, 
for my return flight lo wlicn: beer 
IS Made the American Way I 
go! back to my home ai 1 1 
oclock ihal night - having put 
in about 17 hours for a 1-minulc 
4.S-sccond show. A piece of 
cake, huh? 

There are a couple of last 
points I'd like la make. 

One'*! Ihal, if Coach Kmghi 
has a human fault, its thai it he 
likes you, he'll do anything lor 
you What he did for mc was a 
hell of a favor at a busy lime, and 

you'd better believe this former 
.sidelines -pacer approciatcs iL 

Second, make no mistake. 
There is no doubt, when this man 
walks onto a basketball court, 
everyone's eyes arc on him. The 
visiting coach, the media, the 
tans - they seem to know by ' 
ESP that the raan u coming out. 

1 doubt that he's ever played 10 
a less than SRO house in the Big 
Ten in the last 10 years, and his 
inu^sity and cold suue guarantees 
the Nictson Rating lor any 
Indiana game. He's like a 
superstar. He is the 

personification ol Hoosier 

Coach Knighi is one of thisc 
rare people who takes die ait out 
of Ihc room, who makes the heart 
pound, makes il lough lo breathe. 
Everybody knows he's there, oven 
the opposing team, who make 
believe ihey don't, but they 
ktKJw: Here comes ihc man. He 
IS. today, the only one who has 
lhai kind of awareness to 
everybody in the place Hvcn Ihc « 

What I'm trying to show is Bobby Knighi - as re Hoc led 
by the reactions of his peers • is 
so aware. And it's not just 
coincidence that awareness and 
greatness take up the same 
number of tetters on the written 

The only thing 1 don't like 
alwut Bobby Knighi beini; so 
good to me is thai it scchk I'm 
old, he's always extra 
nice to old people... 

vftCAtf >aa#^aj ■ 


Vbu con Choose trom rrwe 

ition '!50t8chnicol spacialtifls 
you'll eorn good pov. 30 doys 
o( vocotiofl wifb pov eocn year 

complete medical ond dentol 
care, ond 75% of youf tuHion 
con Be poid tot college credit 
courses Only motivated 
iMividuols need apply 
Coriocf voui Air Force racruMef 
tDdav Coll 

TSgt St«ve, Gathercoal 

( 312 > 8,24-'7444 

Putfto AitMm 


OUU eUU 0136 

aeiaBi] oofimo 


Spring Break "87' 




lUlht d«i|s Hfiii tfvwn rtufhls « the best lil>mf» and rondoi. iiimituble at 
eath (mutton 

- Cnwcfl |,r«i«'l>llft«il*i»«» u' Ol,' lii»ri'.pi»tioiion in»i»italilt 

I»»rtii tmurs to all iIm Ioe»tl»in 

UJlytON.* I lion « ul itltui 111. tHam Mtmi <Pmrita% >. whieti dri>Dl* , 
llsat) ll» ptirtiiind unil SiJiimi'. rfht ftajra is M-hdi -1 W "•'H *» 
sKllftmi l»tu£ poimifici 111 ' lit Itu fhuruirtbtrd . wHutt iv a l.mii mil 

nflcfimtii'r that v. luflii ttfxl dam Iw llwlteai 

rS LAUDt.Ht)ALt thou I u| .iitui tfw! iMti ftofci . whuM i. tlu 
Uxuui (wt«I m ft toudiitliitt. 01 tlic Ilfiir fJarfiri, i«>(Mrf» t» tte li*"'*' 
piwir ollrinnltm- 

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Cfcoiee o] eUlMi Urn Ifista tM ffnr . ■Smmrafm. m tlw Sam!€ The 
tncMMns lire t»i»ui d) llie cfM>it»'.t tundos on the i!ili»t»rf . 

Interested? Before you sign with 
anyone else just give us a call: 

Dan at 358-8038 or Ron at 640-9850 




J . 

Hawks rout Joliet, 88-66, 
climb over^.500, starters 
hit double figures 


Amy SfMKIl' viv w wb mmv 

■n At Ladyhiaaki tMiail ixriorv o*** hhm. 


I Im (la Mlaiaii umlir ihc hnop. 

pound visiting 
Joliet, win 
again 89-57, 
climb to 16-3, 

kjr MM Kut«l*tfi 

ttpmtt CdltOT 

They say good leani* phy 
Kigeihcr. Nothing touM have 
bem clMCr M ilie iniHi Tuesday 
mfMMllM' live Ladyhawtai hit 
itoiilile nguia in their nm of 
Jolict. 89-57. 

The win was iheir lixlh 
iraight in ihc NofUl Ceniril 
CcMiRiuiuiy College Confcrcncc 
Md pui diein M 16-3. It-I. 

"I really ilon'l jce amy 
weakne!i)cs righl now,* said 
Mary Mcpham, who led all 
somfi' Willi 2b points. 

1lM Ladyinwks led 30-25 ai 
ihe Mf. and put the game away 
with 59 points in the «cond half. 
They al,» cm their luraovcfs in 
halt with 11 in the Tirsi half ami 
only m in the second. 

Natalie Simont led the 
Ijdyhawks with assisti ai she 
recorcted ten and added 10 poinu 
Kim Greenholdt added to ihe 
Ijadyhawk lead laic m the Mxond 
half m she connected on seven 
consetutive points to finish the 
niglil with 12 points, 

Amy Spieih and Michclc 
Ccnklcy each addend IK pomis tti 
the winning cause Usual high 
scorer Kim Fryc had only 5 
poiiMs bccaum she had lo .tti a lot 
of the second half due Ki foul* 

The Ladyhawls pulM down 
62 rehtjumls iii cMlnil ihe Icmpti 
of the game. 

The Ladyhawks have iMally 
dominaied their games this year 
and have attnhuled Iheir aiccets 
10 die ability to play lofether at 
a team. 

They need only win fom imotc 
games to win more gamei than 
any other women's team in 
lliiitper history, and need only one 
tmm conwcittive conference win 
w lie the record for Harper's 
loateil winning streak in the 
conference and in Harper history 

With their current 16-3 record. 
Ihe Ladyhawks will have the hc!il 
season .itncc 1981 -Si when the 
team went 17-9. They need to 
win their next four of five games 
to set the record at most wins bv 
a Harper women's team. The 
1980-81 team went 19-S. 

The Ljidyhawks pby five imne 
games this sca.«on, with all of 
them being conference. They 
play Thornton away, Rock 
Valley away. Triton ami DuPagc 
at home and wrap the mason up 
when they travel to Illinois 
Valley Tlieir post «»!On play 
starts Feb. 26 at Elgin for the 
N'JCAA Sectional. 

Kurtz, Bemicky, Douvalakis, Nicholson 
and Polich score into double figures 

by nm Kiiielbcri 

SpuTU f.4Uat 

Good teams take advantage of a 
good thing, which is csactly 
what happened Tuesday night as 
the Hawks hit seven 3-poini 
haxkeLS in tfieir rout of the joliet 
Wolves, 88-66. 

Malt Polith led all scorers 
with 24 points. 12 of tho,<H: 
points came from outside the 3- 
point line. The win gave the 
Hawks their third straight victory 
and put them over the ..500 mark 
with a 5-4 conference nxord. 9-14 
overall. The Jolict Wolves fell 
to 1-19.0-9. 

"Wc really needed this win."" 
said coach Roger Bechtold, "Wc 
can really do well when wc play 
lip to our potential.* 

The Hawks held a 38-25 
hairtime lead, and added to it 

cotiuderabic at they scored 50 
second half points. They 
ouuebounded die Wolves 22-18 
in the drsl half. 38-19 in the 
Kccni half of play. 

The Hawks struck early in the 
game as titcy oficncd up an 11-2 
lead in the first Live minutes of 
the game, a lead they would never 
give up 

Scott Bemicky. coming off a 
game of 27 points against 
Moraine Valtey. scored 19 points 
in this contest, which included a 
saond half slam-dunk u> give the 
Hawks a 72-47 point lead. 

'Wc aic more intense now than 
before.* said Polich. "We're 
looking pretty good. Wc arc 
having better more intense 
practices during the week.' 

Adam Kurtz and Nick 
Oouvalakis each added 14 points 

for the Hawks, while Kevin 
Nicholson scored 10 points. The 
big victory provided the 
opportunity to play and everyone 
scored except for William Kelly 
and Craig Timonrn. who missed 
Ihc front end of a l-l. 

The Hawks played wiihoiil the 
services of Kevin Leach who is 
possibly sick with pneumonia. 

"We aill have a way s to go 
before wc can play with die likes 
of Triton and Thornton." said 
Bechtokl. 'But we will ne how 
far we can gel against dtem." 

The Hawk have five mi.c 
games against Thornton and 
Rock Valley away, Triton and 
DuPage away, and wrap up the 
season at Oglesby against lllinoLs 
Valley. Potl-ieuiM play begins 
Feb. 23 for the Sectional 


ID Woek • J 3li«t piM 

■• Man Pnlwh wtitt Im Ihe bill 

Wrestlers beat ranked Oklahoma 

by Paul Kearm 

This week the news out of the 
Harper wrestling room was 
fKilhing but exciting. 

The Harper team journeyed six 
hours to Mcnmac. Mo., to 
compete in the Mcrimac Dual 

In the first round, the Hawks 
were paired against NorthEasiem 
Oklahoma, currently ranked 
nmctcenth in the latest National 
Junior College Athletic 
Association poll. 

Harper wrestled powerfully 
with strong wins at 150 pounds. 

158 pounds. 167 pounds. 177 
pounds, and Heavyweight. 

This strong showing left 
Harper with a 25-16 victory. 

Coach Norm Lovelace felt 
disappointed with the wrestling 
of the lower weighLS. but was 
very impressed witfi the way the 
upper weights picked up the 

In (he second and final round of 
wrestling. Harper faced host 
Mcrimac Community College, 
ranked seventeenth m the latest 
National Junior College Athletic 
Association poll. 

The Haw Ls came up with wins 
at 158 pounds. 177 pounds. 
Heavyweight and a tie at 150 
pounds. The wins tell only half 
the story, as tlic loss at 118 
pounds was due to injury and the 
matches at 134 pounds. 142 
pounds and 167 pounds could 
have gone ciiJier way due to poor 
officiating and biiis calls in favor 
ol the host. In this questionable 
meet. Harper was downed 29-18. 

Saturday Feb. 7. the Hawks 
travel u> the College of DuPage 
u> compete in a triple dual meet, 
a prelude to the Region IV 
tournament Feb. 14 at Harper. 

Biology Department in 
conservation jiaci 

fc, raw) MM***" 

The BioloBJ *(»<«"«'" •" 

*W!.tc here on ""'[" j; 
coopcmion with the UlilWii 

TOlie JO race yetrs befwc »«»'' 

■nit' will tie Klticvcd. 

a a-* n«'w«» ««»»■"» *■''' ; 

a»; ch.cor>. » pl*" *.'*"!" 

4p„iikc to«tf.. ««t4 Q«*» 
Aiiii:»'Ljc«; !!*««««•««» 
Df lames f Arneiai. W 

i since ibe !"■'' " 
...^ruk-stegw ""■'»"■■■ 

WiWMe: nonUW •|''"'''" "'* 
«€• itaHy ««* *" """'^" . „ 

"IB ge:iiml Ihe campw *:« "> 

„ p,»iuve tMhH"'- fl"'*'' 
p«o.plc. grow* IK'n'l-- '^^ 

biology "^r'ri^iedvm 
«lm,nul»w* have »<"Wca *"> 
do«ly logeihet U) ofu.« *«- 

Th« project .* *"*f.f2 

rr« Prt^*"'*- *' =""*:' 

^«,ie, Gi«n* P«>ple «' *' 
illinoii Depirimcnl »t 


te wild lite, a ««»'ih »«-^ « 

»Me t(> ippreci*-- and «« IWU^ 

tUinoK Piamc The N«Jto«) 

A Iwft timw" "' '"" 

,»,„ *.««! W««i the Mil'^- 

win t» ** » ««*!!'T'.^ 

man ihc dirt w.U e»tmwUy iun 
,ogrow»vanciy«tP«^ ,te 
Puuica C> Bourn. 

taMMteWB. ch»i.T»r»n. «^ 

,t will fro* to n «»»«"•' "''"°"' 
""I'm sprms me b.o.oRy 
dcparWKO" «iih Pe™"»"*'.'rT 
from Mttpcr» srouno 

mimim plwi*- '*>« «'" ''"; 
the pc»« P'""'** * 

fc«lopc4 E'»'-">''^r'Z" 

Thi". w>*cl HJt.« *"' 

weedier » fotm a wt o' '»'«l!' 
m«wral «*-«'«"«*', 

,„ fhe wees. 'Thfewoo<»»h«« 

. . tottK*. Theit I* » 

,„on port "hcit you tan 

,,c« ,te tninc "HWil *« ■*' 

,Mt eai mosquiios anti M'P 

ITic Sliidcnl ScMlc paxl '« '•* 
fence that help* ptiMa ihit urea. 

The Colkge's pn'V' ' 
nclM up W> prwuie hv-> 

nropertv- There arc sisns pUcai 
aritCRiMllv thtotisb «be area 
«:ifw«tl, P'ofle « «' ««■«• *;•■' 
tututf. and <«i far. il «»* >" •"' 
w«k,mg. Nature has slined ut 


A, ihc ddfcrcrt pte«« « 
compleicd and cerwin g«b ire 

"te «e:nml Ihe campw at^i* '" _ 

T-Birds Play Harper 

by Kevin GtildMC'" 

£„iauirancni Wniet 

The Fabulous Thuntefcii*. 

jlong •il" J*"" *. ^^ 
Scorchc««t •' "•'J!' 
Colleie on Fridty. Feb (M. 
«c»l»etal!«)«« Ttaighihc 

Schorchen. ihc crowd enpyed 
picihow cnicriainmcnl oi 
Ljople waichmg and counting 
A7»wunl of pcopie *ho 
mpped on the woo*" P'*"'* 
c«« the »»»<» »"'' 
lilhmmg wire.. *=o'"'""=2 

,ta«e *'* *=" *'*'"* '"^ ■* 

c„mh.<»ai.on of to«mry 

wuthcm R&B. *'>*• » '"^'' 
mnk dirown m for g»)d mcr.i 

] 'WW '*»"■>*»?'»>■'"« '"'"'"' 
.,1 hi- <■>"■<. h * 'r'*"''* 'j?™ 
S«tl.ckJ,Uj <«•*■■'«**'"'•"* 
jMfcfice ite «•■ 0^' pcthxmtf 

ha* before, by noi)ii!Hi»«ermg 
ih* cw*d. but bj Ftfommg 

mifewnn* oil" <*«*«'=. 7't 
... c,;i.Hcrn set. (hacked by 
-ut.^t W.»nKi Hodge* and » 
dimmer «uh »" HU degree 

rmi>cr»»w<=> 'f'^'*^"'"™'*^ 

(« an encotr >'-"h a fousimg 

teiidilioi* oi "■"' 

Fiimtly, after ■■ - "'"'■';■ 

break, the mam cvciu aaitcd^ 
The Fahulowi Thunde'biidi hit 

„,pli»he4 it w" b< " ?«« 
lor ihe Ifficbcri lo show 

. ..,., .h,,H'v ihat arc being 

,^ ^ , ;,) he 

more than a learnmg insliiulion, 
It tries as well U) help provide 
lh« community wuh natural 


Transplant Patient 
Beats Odds 

by Cmm VmCmf. Stiff *"" 

'^^^iLcml.rof .« >--^?r^iri:::?S^S 
, togh-er .>f an ™f ^« ^ »S„mc ' ..nd a half hot^ «rgcry 
34ih. Tcrreberry. "; ""*'^'" J, ,,, .,„ cighicen-yeai-old. Tampa 
which tcvhaa her hver «.ih ih-»« oi 8 
Fla. . male. . „,„,. _,«_„ curecries before she was 

,Uowcd to leave 7,^-''«\3sthe *a. able to return to 
courage and help »"""'■!. ^ . wlh her paa*nis 


;. il.iy of the transplant. ,^0 to hold he. 

,,„cKTry IS employed a! ^^"""'^^;„^, ,,,.,„„ si.c caniwi 

,r..tvrt\rcaU/cs there IS.' 
. ,.»llvdt<(m!.'ihch..l 

. ,;__,j,, . ,, i /farprr IjjU- «wwr <>«f ■"■ 
jiuervtew cm P<«e ■* 

,.IH|'..I1^ ■•' '■> 
. iV[liMv..Ii 


.K., 1« the donation thai n.«pi' 

; ,i;,,.'. .iiu) tlK-ltU'. :ill'' 

,„hnv.;t s"'M),(k:ki. and 
..llccc c.i"- iti her- She 


The llarhinser, FEBRUARY 12 1987 pafjc 

Harper to Host Conference 

kjr Lfna MmcIs 

Stair Wrtltr 

(teper CoUcge will host the 
Norlhwest 2001 Economic 
OevdopmcM confcniKZ on May 
2Mi and list lo «irengilicn Uk 
leadership abiliiies in the 
northwcsl suburbs. 

Ttw nueiM of the conference is 

to HMg mgelher reprcscniaiivcx 
fram huaiiieiKs, communiiy ami 
etlucaiiaii to |dan for the futiiit 
economic growth of the 
tiofthwesi Mburt». 

Three years ago Harper 
College was awarded 194.000 
(roni the Illinois Community 
ColJ^f Boitd for an economic 

Each year the Illinois 
Community College Board 
allocates funds to each 
community college i 
the niMiiR of their : 

Witan R. Howard, comtnutng 
education and prognm Krvices 
dean, aid tei liie funds arc being 

nied to tictlcr service mduNlry. 
research trends in iIk 
communities and organiiaiional 
dcvclofinicnt worti. 

During the course of the 
confcicnce the problemi of the 
northwest suburbs will he 
outlined to educate the 

"We want to look m iJie issirs 
before they become problems." 
said Ksthy Gilmer, economic 
dcvclofmicnt spwialu at Hapa's 
northwest I 

The ctiallengc areas arc; air 
aiitl ground tranxportaiion, 
ragional cooperation, legislative 
iatnn. education and training, 
community services, small 
business and housing concerns 
and downtown development, just 
to name a tew." said Gilmer. 

The represcnialivcs involved 
ire making efforts to addrcts 
these currcni chal1en);c.<i and to 
plan ttic future so that h<uh iV 

economic base and the ituality of 
hie can be mainMincd and 
impioved in the northwest 

There are four phases in the 
dine year plan: 

Phase I - Several tasks forces 
will prepare reports and 
prcsentationt to be included in 
the two-day conference in May. 
The Resources Task Ftirce will 
evaluaie the region's icsoarces 
and location advantages. The 
Challenges Taak Force is 
studying issues that arc 
conitnciing the growth of the 

Phase 11 - The nonhwesi 2001 
economic development 
conference will (1) bring an 
awareness of trends in the 
communities, (2) present 
directions for the area (3) focus 
on the challenges facing the kacal 
communities, (4) prioritise 

possibfe future actions. 

Phase ill - The development of 
the proposals and plan.; outlined 
in the conference through 
planning workshops. 

Phase IV- The results of the 
work done in the planning 
workshops will be published as 
final report to the region. 
publLshed at the end of the third 

Harper College it acting ax 
neutr^: territory for the 

'Harper is here to educate and 
make («ople aware, said Howaid, 
Fiarpci asscits needs so it can be 
more effective in die life of the 

The conference .sets tlie stage 
for the northwest :>uburbs to moct 
the diallenges of the futarc head 



with Campus Marketing 

WNI OMVI (to M i>Miiv) 

Wl OWM (Wt nwn stam NMf ) 


DnMno tMicn (W DiMI ^attxi^m On,) wb m 
minng out moiaOT hgrMW OMCMs 

» Bji* Hwao mulmmri' mmm ngm oi .gw at our 
y»H'i Hi i — ii fci i i. i l 'tiB«i. itmat m «0ii»\wmOiaflorm 
lm»m>' yarftamttmtmmMmttiaai. tuniaa. m 
^ ^ammtmmm..aiimW^tmaamtm>tnatiimentt 

• *»Wllli»l»VI<||B 

THf GREATf ST TrMf - THf if ST PWCf 

Ktmemtrf Kmirs. ihk) t■m^ Mckirwr » 
h<idh %L< iT m A \fnx laJ diptiniik' 

tit <ni Cidiminc rlx- \*f M htn <4 a 
mxniTki !tniT«-rwini tn fhc Amiv 
Riii,*!iirr\r Ar>t1 n-^iv roTAt- i*n wmir 
fini Ri-MLTvn- lr.fckfishif i»i«7inKT" 

S wi^'i Rmit Tr<iirHi)ii: < 4«iiis< . 

tiinn t-twui iM ,« !4owii ^ 
t -MxkUii SK..-I iv\ >i) uKi^h 
w tH 1 1 i,iHi,ii)y v wi K «*h owf If ,nlK 
.*i>.J ["Ji»i*k.illv VX'lwn >*«j (TtLtu 
.(ft.-, yiHjIi ri"»;:c*vr w«f « (ftmiisM.ui 
-i-* m^-Skvi m |I"K" Amn Rt-x-nv, 
.itniJ ti^mtinuc inimnK m a hn*tkh 
*l IttiLct Bti^K. (.jKinc Thrn>i»*i1l 
n.-f\m\ K wile t* ' mtmc tn j iwjiniK 
Kr*enr unit —wmbiKv iWK •niM.ti.- 
end » mintii arkJ nw* wurU 
ArHtutil rrttnwt- 

ltl> » KfOK rfftwrUffHrv til fMR 
the AiMit Jiml hrRin the pricrM:f iif 
rtu- kind til WaJcniiip and rrun- 
jiUrtUfcini'r pruiL'd tit Kii*hH K in il 

Vwi n<et\l fMHt have c«tm(4rf«!iti 
VHur (icKRT. jiisrt have ftO wtfiesicr 
U ftira and a Iim U wUlirv and C( wi 
fwlcnce, mtiuililv 

If ^w K fmemMid in DCS. 

Ifit Clans Caslin 









ia*l°W''i°Ly °! "W-^M" 


Iho .l:.rl.ini:cr, FFBRI .\R\ i: 



How to get what you 
want from America 

The Beirui kidnappers are siiiini; on a 
gold ninfl. Thtjr have hit nn an idea «o 
nanv «liar ptoplc and counlries having 
been trying to do for fo long. Where and 
wkcn will 1 1 «iop? 

Tit United State* hax man:* ritixent, and 
wMtt miny of these eiltten« work in 
Aatrica, mmt work tn Beirut. These arc 
the intn and *tt'iiie» III* kidnappm feed 


If yoo want Mtnething froa America, fly 
over to Beirut, grali a few vttlting 
Amertcant and hold a press conference 
telling the world what yoa want in return 
t»w Iht hodages. The only disadvanlaite In 
litis It yon won't be able to return in the 
Iniied Slate*, hul why would you want in? 
If you ever want anyihing, a new car, a 
new home, or •omc more money. ju«t walk 
oiil of your Beirnt house and grah a 
patting America and you're in l)usine«<(. 
Or if your American buddies get put in jail 
for anylhinR, repeal the procedure and 
demand Iheir release. Yoii mifhl he 

criliciied for being unoriginal, hut iilhtr 
Iban that. It should wiirk. 

Where will ihi* end? It may tonnd ralher 
amusinR. hut if it coniinuts at the rate il h 
going, it will happen. Will we have to 
refrain from traveling to other loiiniries 
for our own safety. I iliink llif rtal l>l4iine 
for all of this is on the sluiuldcrs iif the 
law enforcerx uf »Krrtwr iiiir kidnapped 
are being held. 

What if an AmFiJcjii held a dw 
foreiKoers and deitiandid *i)inelhing from 
his Horrman Ettateii tioitic? Ttie Imiil 

police department would resolve llie matter 
ralJier quickly wilhoul it becomlni; n 
major iisue. 

The onH real solution I* to slop traveling 
until the laM departmenlv of other nations 
gel their acts together and slop the 
domemic crime. Or mavhe America will 
have to g"?' involved. Rut that is another 
» 1 o r > . 



|i,ii « 

l"CJWW«l"S hdd' T 
ll,«fliai l'?J»-ir 


■r-n>ntri' ("iWliiiU!' '. 

TlK UAH 11' 
JM im 1.hc 1 

i^inkii* «|»wi«*l «w«l*,>«'* ■-'■ ■"'■■ 
jimJ mi «t«.»W th*« ..•■' ' h''- '" '' '' t'< 

,\<Ktnnm|( '«Kl ix meS' •''••*« <* "«»'" 

AM .IciWB t» tiM dliMi m<M l« ti$f»A 

.!: ■•*" 'WW, e,[ Ziiv.'r 


By Naomi DePluma 

As nnoonccd in last 

week* paper. Dr. 
Seymour Happyhciul hiis 
loincd the »iaff oi ilir 
llarhinger sind i% 
ready lo help ease ihc 
huiden of ciislcncc for 
at I iviiy - fee paying 
rciulcts iind to shed lifiht 
oil some of the nuuc 
perpleting. issues of the 

Or llappyhead Icili us 
thai he hats received 
docioiiiics in Tticitlogy. 
Astrol>'p\ , Nci.ronianty 
and .Street 

Pharmacology from the 
Uoiwernlty of California 
eKtcnsion in Tijuana. 
whose phone has been 
disc onncc ted 

Ikar Dr Happyhcad: I 

I'Uivc a very cspcnsivi- 
L'ucutne habit iind it's 
l(illing rac Can you help 


Hear loser: Help 
you what? Quit coke 
or make m n r e 

money? If you want 
10 kick vour vile 
habit I »uggest you 
attend " l» r . 

Iiappihead'<< ('<icaiii< 
*%urlishop" vtheri 
for the low. one- 
time fee of 55110. I'll 
sijipic vour no«lrits 
s h 1 . 

Rear Dr ilappyhcad: I 
am very worried about 
Oral Roberts I believe 
III God and I don't want 
Id sec Him take Oral 
away tlow can I help 
Oral gel the money he 
need* if 1 have none 

Dear fJull: Don't 
confuse belief in 
God with religion. 
Religion, like a 
carnival act, is a 
money game of 
showmen and marks. 
This one predicated 
on the fact I hat John 
and Jane Q. Public 
believe that death 
can he financially 
opposed. People who 
believe In (lod don't 
need religion. 

However. if you 
should come inio 
any money. God says 
lie wants you to send 
it to me. 

Dear Dr. Ilappyhcad 
My dOR Sparky rcccnil> 
paswil under ihc wheels 

I'll' 11 truck dttd I miss 
mm very much, I used 
(o i'1fm.'i.h.^ iii\ pfi)hli:ni>; 
III 111 ,111 it I 

:cd thai he vpukc 
r'.kn Now I have nn <'>nc 
if> i.itk K» and I'm M-f\ 
!i,ini-l,y --Prissy 

Oear Dippy: There's 
not a moment to lose! 
Dig the mutt up and 
bring him to "Dr. 
tiappyhead's Pet Loss 
Seminar" where, for 
the low, one-time 
fee of $500 I will 
scoop him out and 
make a hand hole 
from an existing 
orifice. As a puppet, 
your "new" Sparky 
won't require food 
and walking and 
won't consider you a 
babblitig idiot. as 
I'm sure the "old" 
Sparky did. This 
service is available 
for any type of pel 
or favorite 



Dear Dr. Happyhead; I 
was just turned down for 
ilie checrlcading squad 
and I'm very depressed 
about it Can you help 

Dear Reject: You 
don'l say so in your 
letter, tiut I assume 
vour a bit on the 
porky side. Or. 

Ilappvhead has two 
suKj;cstions and 

hopes you'll choose 
the one that best 
Coatiiinra nn f»fr S 

Hammers' Review 

k) MIkt HaiBiiMrs 

Many people 1 know ask me 
why i have such a ne|atlvc 
altitude towards so many things. 
Well, in a country like Amchca. 
I (hink It's easy. 

Let's take a kmk at what's been 
on our minds the last couple 
weeks or so .and sec if we can 
diKover anything disnirbtng. 

The death of Liheraec Is 
disturbing in a lot of ways. 
Vaiious s«Jurc.c,s claim ihjM in one 
|N»nl in bn caieer. he made over 
AiWW doltan a week. In one 
year alone his fur cleaning l^ill 
was »up(!osed to be in the 
neighlMrhixKl ol ;(M).IW) a year. 

The oest time *e hitch atout 
Mart:os or Duvalicr, »c mighi 
waw w consider good old Libhy. 
(irantcd. Lihcracc didn't aim his 
nMiocy by raping peasaits but I'd 
pul him up against Mrs. Marcw 
in a shopping spnse any day. 

And their off! Mrs. Manm 
got off to an early lead but slic's 
run inio a bit of tiouble at 
Kinney's. Il appears that there's 
h«-eii a shortage of her si/c since 
tier last visit. The sates lady is 
showing bee something in 
yellow. No, Uial's Cory's color, 
her husband would kill hci if she 
wore yelkiw 

Mrs. Duvalicr slops into a 
novelty shop. "Do you have any 

handculls or any oilier 
in.strumcnl.sol liiOure'" 

Oh too bad! Il M-enis ili.ii 
Baby Dck' cleaned 'cm out several 
years ago trying to equip some 
imsons. Besides I. iM>y had been 
tlicrc ciulicr Uymp to buy a pt:xc 
oftenng for Stoll Tttoreson. 

Sorry I disgress. I just get a 
littk nutty when all we can think 
about is whether oc not be died of 
a watermelon diet. Wliai wc 
really ought to be csamimng is 
why tm cultuie cncoueagtt such 

I wish before he died that 
Lihby would have purchased all 
of us a giant couch that would 
sireicli the length of tlic United 
Slates. Then we could all gel in 
it and undergo intensive therapy 
to unlock the secret of our 
lasciuikm with him. 

America is a land of weird 
pefspoctives. All last week ABC 
News ran .special scgmenis on the 
homeless while we wen: ticaujd 
with glimpses erf Libelee's home 
and museums. 

As for the question on the 
wau:nnelon diet I say no way. I 
tliink the butler probably did it... 
or was it Ihc chauffeur? 

Ill tell you another thing that 
disturbed mc recently. I was 
sitting in when I heard the 
loar of a truck polking in front of 

llu; -.ihiKil 

Ah, bui ihis was no ordinary 
truck because this iniel was 
promoting literacy m America. 
Now I suppose if you re going to 
be disturbed by a vuck during 
lilaature class ii might as well 
t>c by a initk liiltnnig illitcraiy. 

But I did say this was no 
wdinary truck because on the side 
of this truck was none other than 
ihc world's biggest literacy giant: 
Sylvesiei Sullonc. 

Sylve-stcr Stallone! Let mc 
sec, what arc some of his famous 
quotcs.-.'Yo Adrian." That's 
ahoul all 1 can think of right now 
though. Cenainly compofabk: to 
anything Tolstoy ever wrote. 

Who's brain child was this? 
Since the beginning of his movie 
career Stallones been promoting 
mayhem, and violence as a means 
to an end. 

Hey. what a role mixkl lor the 
kiddies too. huh Let's sec he's 
appeared in a porno and one can 
only hope that all future 
mamagcs can be as successful as 
his has been. 

If I had thechance 1 would have 
liked to have made a bumper 
sticker for his truck that would 
have read, 'If you can read this, 
you've got one up on me.' 

Well. 1 guess I've complained 
enough for one week... 

.Off Beat. 

Th. Harbiiiutr. FEBRl ARY 12, 19«7 

page 4 

Jimmy Vaughan Speaks out 

By Nickolaii a|>«U 

Kntvrtaiiiinriil l^dllwr 

■nd Kevin (•oldtlrin 

KnlfrulBmcnl Writer 

At ihctf fcccm show M Harp*' 
Tkt If ■but on* 

Th»s4trlltrd*' guH<in<> 
limmie Vtugham talk kmk' uitk' 
aoi 10 tell u* itic ph.ito»ci|»hy 
tKhlnd tiK T-Birdi und ttieir 
lung: caNor in Utc worM of ihumc. 
.V.Tdii fwp iiDw ftrni uniiMliii'r 
lUi:* a it<wi| mw m om fiirm •>' 
iiiUJtktr, mm I**r« evtr a Itim 
ftm tkmtM t^mu prnzkiMg U .ali 
'i0 mid Om ym rnmn 't nfmg W 

JV:M> we never iv«ll> did itiinl: 
sii. Wc gM litnJ of travelling 

witieiima Imi ih« » wIum we 

do. i realty enioy pbyimg. A kn. 

of peofik iem'l gel to ik> wUm 

liw.'y want amt mjkc ii living M il. 

'•■fm Jti *>«: limHif u 

JMJC ilirf II m«if 

,rrar Livm <"f Itay>. W'K did a 

««)»(* ,«|P*<-)«I» /or eahle. 


IV': Yeali. lite vwImk an- tun and 
il"^ lood to be on TV, you know 

it'i just like anythinf some of 
the stiiiwi Mt fun and stunc ot 
liicni aren't. TIk BcMti Buyp *» 
tun bwaiw wt (ot w nuxi iltc 
Evenly Bralwr!. The test iliing 
ahoui It 14 lomc of ihi: ptopk 

you get to njccl. pcttplc you 
mtamedofhaUMl. wharver Yi>u 
gel lo sec wtai ilKy'rc really like. 

Tlwl'» fun. And (l» video* arc ■ 
IM of fun 

N:ff)u've optnrii for a iM fff 
,v,.f./.- imlmknt lll«'Sl«»i«:i. km 

».!> /fcjl" 

JV .Tto wm It *c Coiti>n Bowl 

wfcic* w righi in (nwH of the 
.ttue te in Tm». The Rollini, 
Siona taJ *« ••«*• nut*"* « 
ttelr ilrt)i*in« worn. 'They tad » 
(MM mh in the AmK of Tcia-: 
Itrris wheel and cveiythmn - 
We had a liiile iwilcr houu i 
didn't really meet ik-in. Ihji I've 
met ^m since then. They like 
our muK. and I like them. 
N-WIm «re »«# <»f wiic mtfiv 

JVilteclly Unci alngen like 
B.B King . Greg King. All Ux 

Kings, the luniocs. and the 
Slini"; No lieriomtly. Sluff tifce 
ihat. Min!a> Waters. tho«r ftiys 
like (hill. 

K tkf mm likr net 

arli.t(.i Ukt Kcbrri i, m v 
IV:Sufc, he's great Fanttflic. 
MMd yw /mrf " "tts tt |<io«l 
iriiiwil JiMi gfltng /rem one tulkl 

JVrYcah wcW we didn't t' 
much tuck with ilic first l.i. 
ihcy really weren't behind u-. 
"l'tii> new label bai been 
completely the oppoiiic. 
They've given u» the real red 
carpet ircauncnl They believed 
m us, pninioictl us. and helped 

us. they've done ew.-yihinp 
they're supponed «.i do and iiiorc. 
K:h ihere any campelilioa 

fwlwevn ytm and yaar hrmhtr* 

K:Oo yoit mtrk mgf^mt m alP 
IV:Wc have racenily. We did sn 

inonihc,* widi him ihn year. W 
tkint: me album wiiii his and l'*-.' 
done his live album, well a few 
Millf*. Wc plan on »T»ak,in| a 
reewil iiig ether swioday wlien we 
have liBic. 

• ' '!IMI JO* gt> t''- ' ■ '' ■ 

■lif yoa Ukt ; 

IViWcl) I ve always Mtai playing 
ihete. l» s )« liwne. I vc always 


K i:Wj iinwwie in the hamt httve 

lV:WcU. iioihmj; ihal I can really 
\ay. Evef>bod> is kindj 
tbiiiking ahwit It. Thcft'.s a kn 
of ihinp we'd like id do. Like t 
said: I'd like lo do an album wuh 
my bfOiher. Kim's micrcstad in 
Jirodwring, wc have a kit of sHiH 
we'd like In do »v |ii'-i h-Ji'.c' 
haiii li,me lo do it, 
lt','»''llr« ')Oufira stafie<J;«J<iywf 
,iiuii,ir i<i,if yemrfalker grw yern n 

.: Well my faiber always did 
veah. He used lo lei u< ihn>« 
out thit in die hack of the piek 
up truck and take m lo the gig 
He bought mc a guitar alter I 
Icamcd how ui play a little hit. 

r^nTjrrr^rTfaV*! unlimited • D«ii9n«r» of ttov»l Unlimit«<i • 
_ w O 


Apr.10-Apr.19 i^^ 


your Reservations Now! 

• • IM^ irv i nii iiin >i» '«i i >iii im l» "MOUMy ■•**' 
t • 'IIOUIMy WM" hmmm 'H* T«|i ill «■ M 
£ • A li n i l i t MtaMi al pMl ilBdl iMMliM, 
■ taairf' «v mmt mmm tar rt ■■■ikMi It 

a • amm It 

^ Im* C»i» Pw* «* 'W, *• 
• • Pi i i hui mi llt imIIhI iotmmiI' la mtm' fwr 







Phi/U* Crffdd Aanm Brt*, 

My Beautiful Laundrette 

will be shown February 13th, in J 143 @ 7:30 pm 
Admission: $2. Harper Students. $3. Public 
Sharp, Funny. Sexy, and Rated R 

I'oiitlsuH (mm flnl (itfr 
the stage and the Building M 
Audilorium was iranufctrvd inlo 
a Amones, Tcms rhythm A 
blues bar There in simply no 
weak potnt with this band. The 
rhythm section of former 
Koomful of Blues drummer, 
Fran Christina and Bassinl 
Preston Hubbard are t>oih 
exivnemiiid players and provided 
the beat (hat backed up Jimmy 
VauflMn, (lie undisiiutod king 
of Texas guitarists. 
VocalislAKcasional lyricist Kim 
Wilson who has that perfect 
twang in hit voice, also knew 
when to lake the backical to 
Vaughan. whose early icn 

minute tolo was the highlight 
of ihc show. 

I'hc T-Btrds combined songs 
Irom dieit most recent soon lo 
be platinum album "Tuff 
Enufr. and other tunes from 
their Ttfuxen year hislocy as the 
ultimate Texas R A 6 band. 
Wilson also played nice games 
of audience participation with 
"TeU Me", and "How Do You 
Spell t-ove'. Years of hard 
work have finally paid off for 
Ihc T-Birds. They are the best 
rhythm and blues band playing 
today, and ihcy showed why on 
Friday nighL 

Ji Chuck, 3592909 ^ ,-^.^.^ -c^. 

ExperietKe Excellence 

study Medical Techrvotogy at Ruah Univerrtly 

. .im > BS win a mM.t»»»cn •e,;iii»ndi"q laoofaiofv 

nulog* rimfn <l you "■mm I"*! •- , fct""*'* 

■mt* tW9 yant'lH nc-lHilic *!* . gM'a' ^''^'^u* Halunt'lo 

'HIMral ans mmdaiioii ,.,.,, ,^ pioijram 

Mais ttw fnowa MvW, 

Aliplcalions tw.og xcevted for Fan J '987 ^^ 


Ru»h Pre«oytefian-St Lunw's iWeOcai Cenier 

1 19 Sehwoppe Sptague Hall 

1743 W Harrison Strael • ChfcaflO. «- «>6'2 

312 942 7100 



The Harhinger. FKBRI!ARY i: I9H7 

page 5 











• PrtvMc Spa Room on Tuastfsy Might aflw 
S:0O|>.tn. tof one hour and gal an axlra HALF HOUR- 
niEE! Sludam 10 must ba praaantad Must ba 18 


««n cmnncjiTss aimmu 
CgMMiiaHMlgti Ask abmtt vat Dailf S|i«ciaii 

UinKar Ct*«llf Cmtli Acc*«)H'*d 

OKIf|l»inn.:IIOON-3(»ikM raiSATN00K-4AM 

Ttli MOUii 

■YTta:;Rcl, Addison Ckll 543-SPAS 


*uii«. vou: II) drink 
>our own bathwairr 
until jou explode, or 
(2) sign lip for "Dr. 
Happyhead's WeiRhl 
Loss Clinic" where, 
Tor the low, unr- 
time fee n( $500, m> 
tru»l.v .ihp wel/dry 
vac and I will suet 
><uir Ivp rill there 
ain'l no lyp left (n 
<i u c 1 . 

I)ci»i Dr HapinhciJ: R 
Hud f)Myt-r\ suiLidc has 
led nu- wilh sonic very 
iliMurhiiig (4ucslii)ns: 
lor instance, isn t h 
considered bad pr^uUfc 
to place any pari of a 
handgun in yout 

Dear Mike: Yes! 
Saliva is the cnemv 
Cunmetal and can 
lounleract the gun'* 
oil. re<iultin|> in 

rutling and pitlinu. 

Dear Dr Happy dead: 
Some people gawk .ii 
h I o o d X r o a d s I d c 

accidcnis and sonic 
people pick ihcir own 
scabs. Mc7 I watch Rc» 
Rccd. but never after 
meals -Louis 

Dear Louit: I know 
whit you mean. I use 
John Hitter. 

Dear Dr. Happyhcad: I 
am serving a long 
prison term for a crime 
I did not commit. 1 can't 
stand prison lil'c any 
more. If you can't help 
me. I'm going to kill 
myself -Bill 

Dear Not-Long-For- 

This-World: Who 

umonc u% is really 
innoceni? Anyway, 
if you're in prison 
you couldn't have 
paid your activity- 
fee, now could you? 

Dear Dr Happyhcad: I 
know that it must be 
very depressing to read 
about oiticr people's 
problems all day long, so 
I just thought that you 
would be pleased to hear 
thai there is a happy, 
well -adj listed young 
man out here. --Steve 

Dear II e I u d e d : 

There may be a 
happy. wcil-adjusled 
.vounj; man out 

there, hut you ain'l 
him. The problem 
with being an in- 
bred mental 
defective it that, if 
no one tells you. 
you'll never know. 
Send me $500. 

^t^.i9(<>tf \ 

Spring Seinester 1987 

CALCULUS I M/W/F 8t30-9i30 


BIOLOGy 204 

■ fftf iiii WL . iiiyiiiiiLi M i JtJWt,, 


1^*^ ... <n>'". .i.,\av^ ;,vu' 


,,. (TS**-*^ .#kO'" 

Not Just Comics. 




The Harhifii'tr. l'ERR|f4RY n |987 '>aBe 6 

Classified Ad 

student noncommerciar 

claiilfMB— ■Crw. 

Hrlp laiiltfl 

Nan student ckscilMi -up 
to eight line* MOO. SO cmt* 
eiich additKinjil line. 

Hrlp lanlfd 

riiise SHIP torn 

sr.;im\T w wren ■« utm Kuiin»i 

iwilj. mmKmti. |Mij«imt, nuiuict. 
llOOt incWai nvplm Cjll NT-fMao 

FlIU. md fART-'TIM! ha^ vaxial. *^ 

ii<4 xniniti. )%uWi K-l<«diiling. All 
IMtiiioiu avmUMc. A|)ply in imiimii 
miy: BOB EVANS. «» Go« HmI. W*ii 
of WamiriaU Mall. 

R»r Sal*" 

lepMi) Ililtnigiiciil lit pfoficny 

Re|><>«iw«ir<mi C«l| «<H-4*7.-«O0H, m. 
GH-t(M for nnoK nqpD kit. 


ni*o, l<n> (iiikife. tlinorean i-onlitinn 

Tvpini: ,S«T\H-ri« 

.*«>» HinBi. Kikkn Im|i. Dm* llnd. 
M»wlt. Oift Skap Mci. »■««•, « 
&«»0!i,BH«iiillim. QilOiBWBft.. 


:SIOaC BKOUat OfflHKIir'* 


. ■■•■ 

GOVEXHiMtNT 10»S «•.«« 
tSI'»*»f,. FJo* Ifcaai. CM^IOS-ilT. 
«m«i.H|(l5)fwa»i ~ 

WANTED', Daywn* Bcadi <£«in|<<u 

.nfKKHlUK* W aailMI tow OMI. iHfIt 

1 .Vwt Araak tnn. Kwi tin 

' Md *i»e \nfxt whik |«iitti>| 

.!■«•• mqunen™. CjH Mwcy 

'H l-IIIO-Sm-3aCB f<» more nfiiraiann. 

TiAsisFiiiiiNc lo isi r«n 

■•rr TomliiMic: I ftMt nU. ) tevth, 
l|«ii«»«. * HKlMl. tawMM, lIllltMKO. 

lis bMlM, 1 Umkt (rnn aafui. talt 


w»«f;v»i:s cRiarrf 


I mrY OH REPAIII atnl •««« tmlm 

hiTi ifai. C«B Im SmyilM <t <IJ4 .«)«), 

WH- TO 0000 HOME. NfUciadnl* 

c.i. dt(h««l. -ntf MmkmMt. kfiom 
pn-ple. iacr tnaat. G«ll Mumt 


i<<c ciiiem # J»nT7, W» ilo ciiari. 
priofiii piprn. iciiimi. and iiwch mtm. 
hm . Kmamx, ini cnmfiuicnjcti lovitie 
II ttmml miUX ASSO<:[AnON 




mm COSSlILTATtON 1m all yoo, 

■■(■I iiHiila: liacladai OUi, perunil 
■Bjttfy, ilrtorot. laaJ ttmt Plume TM. 
■'§55 « Jil-Jdno; l-vn maj »t;rl>ni4 
•««•. i>Hbbk. Ij* oiriai uf itacliri « 
ftcclia. MM N. Mcaaltwi. Jnl (luor, 

1. n. «oi»s. 





h typing wi?! papen gmtrvji you down? 

Hwf '\ som«n.ifxj liS pKk you up 


XL 1000 

Reg. Price: $229 
Sale Price: $171 

It's etecwonit— It's port^W, wtm temtutn you'll find on much moi* 
expen«we rrtacftiow. It weighs j nwre 10 IDs, yei its pelted with such 
super time hwws as 

• fult-«i>«MWnoiy Correction 

• VCO«l|iiiwf"cofrecls an entire uvwtl<»tfl touch 

• Aui».C*mfterneadi»nesandtltJes 

ZJ^I*" 5?*" ** "°"-«'* tWng »nd plenty riwe, l*e Deautiful 
Hiwqualily m bom lO and (2 cnaracters per inch, A new dwneniilon 
« ()«*5»iiMnce , all at a price that won't lequife Jtrwicial aid. 

r»malt - tatot . larvic* ■ supplin 

•St m t§4g 
From Haipar Cotlogai': 3 rrfilkc mmi 

iBBBa^Hi^^,,.^ en Algormuin lo Huntington; ia 

mito nonh to Frimman Road: 1.'2 
mito aait lo ia«4, ftmrrmn BomS. 
Hoffman EslaWs. II 60T95 
Phom 3S8'64*0 

,.,BtI.yiiiM ^ . '•■■■ae a. i 

— ■ ■ii P itiii Si iiii.iiii lci i ii Oi ifci -!l~.i 

iT ufii K toMb 8>*fftt. fluT -rue 

murttti w«o revyi\r LOw*. ^M^ HAW 

1 Twrt 

14 Hwicn 

15 Moi^oruran 


i» I>WWH|« et 

J! fmm 
!S Strip ol 
:;'\* Man i, 

•hi krttamm 

].? Epic HI tlM> 
33 fr*it1 «ffl#c( 
:» f tKMl 


I AlQDniiuwn 

! Anglo-Suon 

3 Eijra<M*ns 
' WaMlM 

6 Aawy 


8 Worm% 

9 Afliclw 

10 LutHKWle 

1 1 AffirmAlive* 

16 C>ly m Wy&sia 
■I* 0«OOW*1S 
70 SMlat# 
:■? S«r« 
:3 Cho.(:;» pin 
?<! Mov»* JJttOwt 


'i7 ffumpfflwr 

28 FnsW 
:A'T DwmMdw 
34 Bvw'aige 



41 Until* 
44 Spmleo 

46 Li/fW 


U Sprffitd lo- 

43 So*um 

SS Organ 0* 
m And 
S» Prrooiation 

4a CfialM«nf}«'iL 
-!> C:in#ge 

a^ PwrliMiing •! 

ilTeriMdi Wlft 

49 Top of riff j»(j 

50 S(»l«» 

S4 Dom«$1*- 

SB MuMt 01 

f ' Kwiim* 
^3 Ari^iah 

Ha Aitwnpi 





ii' ' 

'S 1 - 




























































*MU U'ltI'Ml F^Miti>r«5ir'nd)Cila inc 

ruANKLy youjis- 

1590 K. Algonquin Road, Schauniburg 

1 Hot Dog with Fries: 

Jpl.lIU (ia« includi-di reg. $1.35 

Off" Kood 2.I2-K7 lo 2-26-87 

I coupon per customer, per order 

rftANfccy youjis 

1.590 K. Algonquin Road. Schauniburg 

2 Hotdogs & Lg. Coke, 
with Fries: $2.75 aaMnc 

rcg. $J.4S 

Offer IS<»od 2-12-87 lo 2-2«-87 

t coupon per cuslomer. per order 



TO MV aCA jot MAN. Hfm 

ViMniiiii I uir|f' ajwi,. I 

f urry VAtEMnvrs day u* «b iM 

I piliT Hmmi'Ii im» $tt|niM( fmi 

Spring Break "87' 


Oni* I alii ifM I MMaMiit lufim u> 
•iiiniitaa fml ItoaaAiit USA 

E'titiiM FAMII..y I h't kM. • iiliiiiiiii 
ii>nif « uh. yo^ Mil t lufi fM •■ tan. a 
laxl uw tomdii, vkawnt 'Mi M 

DEAt JOMN. Im-t la* In 

HAMST Ho* nloat a psa NaT li'i 
mJliiiiiJ Gk«wiii|t« m nia )t>o«im|. T 
HhM 4k«i waiiar tlhmM ^m «cnJari' «MHat 
.mdfwall Saatt"* adUMfhrnaiic vilt. 

niEa:r!i omlt onb. *i «■■ ikmi. >>■ 

' "• iff X3S-M 

Cmmm. ««» Vu l i m— ra tliiyi Ijaii 
I'^jjPi' flpnw^' Willi Dp' iMhIIIi iw ciciiiiiB' iiHtiiiiiit i^iw' 

mil' •IWWIIBIIil !lltt'|"<lllil' CSMI iMlll' IHWHff imiK' 

§mt «M' IBM. iiMi Kt Pa HmU IU 
Mwnqniait — 'K«k Ak» A} iJHa Ha. 

■Mtii: a(:MiMlHit|'i»*i, umI Mil to 
•Oii|f !!• ■Mtti. anaw 'Ihnmh w ipimi' 'tttM' 
n*<llk)sul MMhIICim, AialN 


■— t'uiftl tta^n mmt nljplftc m Mia fctst )WM|« nitil ri»nitm lai-otfiiW* m 
■acft tortuwn 

-- CaiMtli' tnirafiirlntiDn »i sir lianspoi'latUm i»vmIi>M« 

- - Vmtttf fmtm lo all tfw l«H-alu>n« 

-- DAynon*: Chowc o) rilftci the Ptam Moft (PmumttK whitih. dmmimt 
iWrff to pailtfinc) and Spiinq Bienkcis (1TM/>to«a w where n IV wfiU be 
ilai|tni| and parti«ini) «t. ), oi the Thimd€Ttnnt. »*i«h i» ■» Iim-rr rail 
■datnaUiv. liial ts liqht nrnt liiwi to ifwIViun 

TT. L.4UDClt.D.4(.C; Choice of cilhcf the JoiZy tUt^tr . whuh i* ill* 
IwKUf ■« hotel in Ft. UtudtiAalU, or the Muc rtmUn. which t» Uic (<wwct- 
prict ■llermatitMi 

to. PaiDRC It.: Ihf newest ami hmmI popular spot for Spiinq Breoli. 

Choice oj eilhei the Vusm Dd Hm . Smmmfm., or ifw. Simd C»*tf*. tlie 

l4ic«ti«m ■€« mmm of the. chotcast coniloc mt. the. ulmuf . 

Interested? Before you sign with 
anyone else just give us a call: 

Dan at 358-8038 or Ron at 640-9850 




i |^4ll|. ke tkel'iiic tMia y«ar 
Willi t ■!■••> n» fanly • Maaat iiii' ilai, 
nui ka. Lei'r wf 1m mm 'fm ••■•t ■ 
tm* ymltn f 


•'I D*)r)ll bPM. 
'IQ' .MV' MONEY HL-NNY. t Un Yaaal 

iCm. {Mi. MAQ: I IHI. »i« »<■. » 

il^iMillli iH' ifeii wlMDilt wpilil, Hi if 'yvn. 

iiriiui«fhiM4*BiiMiivtt,, I ■■«■■. I'm 




J Ihal you \® inwBsiBd a lot of 

'ttnJ iMOfti. in your oducanon. and w don't 
ttMc MEW statld. low cradtts over t8chnic<il.- 
.iML. SO' wtam you' irangler to RooseveH. «« 
I MNKV' iAofl to SM Dial ttie transition i ; 


■M noipM. 

Wli olfef ■ iMida wwiy fll^ dagno {xognms 
Mudlrv Qiolcw Buamtt Mnini^^ 
ComfxiMr Seiwm, EcxmonKs. E'ngkstt and 

many ottiars Whals mofe. vm boast a lop- 
noKii teuMy, scnaN classes and counselors 
tsady la aaaisl you m obtaining ftnanaal aid 
Even il youfe not quite ready to transfer, we 
I rge you to taJk wilti one of our counselors 
r^anntng early insures a smooWi transfer 

For more inlortnalion, call or vtsit our 
Downtown Carripus or our new Alt>ert A 
Robin Campus in Arlington Heights 




430 a Mdigan tmmm. CtHcago. R. flOSOS ■ 341-i!000 

212t S GoaOtwrt HcMd. Arlington HogMt II 6000% 437-9?00 

LIMM MAXM. Ia«« a ana Vil— ilnfl 

Ka, Nifpy ValaMaM'a Dayin Hafa 
jnnV M^' gnanalf aatf iliai yiM omM 
■po« il aiMk Ilia aaa ina nally loat 

mufmattai^ lliliB'IM>inp«i»ier 

ti. W pa «M) aiM. lalat «Ml. -IIk. 
I KMim 

]_OTit«Ti 'airo 



4th Annual 


FcbfiMfy 21it * 22nd, 1M7 

talwday fcfW^M - Sunday 9:00-5:00 





$4.00 Admisaion 

" '* af 10 Mwpw Siudgnli. Faoiliy, AdmMMmMn MVi I D 
I um iii ; i Mn w C iH|i Cm » H i . 1 B t •mutt m. htiam. t 

ifomanv ha«l ani» »n,nfl«»i l>art NMO) 

900 Pant BiM) . Sum 191 - 


Ihe Harbinger. KF.BRr ARV II ml Page 

bounce back from 
Saturday loss 

ht Bill Kuttlktrl 

Spartt Rdilwr 

The iiNliiy KJ bouiKC hack ii 
the mgn of i good warn m imj 

Tlie Ladyhinlis showed 
Tasday night thcj- arc capable of 
jtomg jiM thai m rticy came baik 
from a 74-57 Sumday mghl toa 
10 ThornioM, to IMM tot* VaUej 
Tuesday nighi. 76-lii. 

The win pui ilw icMi at S-2. 
17-4 overall 

The Ladyhiwks oulscorcd 
Rtitk Vilky 3ft-24 in the first 
half, a far cry form ihcir km lo 
Thormon in which ihey only 
KOiwJ tS first half (xnnis 

Ftte lhro»'S played a major 
nic as llarpa hii 18 of 31 *hik: 
Kim Cicemholdl went 7 lot ». 

Amy Spklb connt-ticd on 6 of H 
and Kim Fryt was jK-rfcci wiili 3 
for 3. 

OcMxl tcanii usually have ihrrc 
players who consistciuly ha 
itoublc figures, but ihc 
Ladyhawts topped that feal a» 
Mtchele Coaklcy and Spicih led 
all scorers «uh 20 poiM» each. 
while Frye and Grecnhtjldi each 
coniribmai 13- 

Spicth, 4 points against 
Thornton. 10 agamsi Rock 
Villcy. showed a drastic 
improvemcni in the two days the 
team had off from games 
Coaklcy kepi her late season 
drive together as she ha{l 2^ in 
the law to ThtimWJ. and had 20 
« Bock Valley. 

Mrighl. rant, mop trying lo be 
., iiigshoi. I want you to g« lo 

ihc game early (or a chanpc. w 
you can learn some inlcrcMing 
things about what the three-man 
tebra - the offitiaiing icam-i of 
college ha-skediall - do 

First of all. they tcp<irt on 
€Oun in matching outfits, one 
rcfcrcc and two umpires, and the 
main reason for thi.s cameo 
jpperarancc is to mnake <>urc 
neither leam dunks the hall 
during, wannups. And, lo make 
sure the uniforms the players 
wTar meet the H>-'i"i<iv,Hi<)n^ ■ m 
number and culm lliai ilk- 
NCAA rules eommillec dcxrces. 

Nil* if you Imjk closely at the 
ftinn-fitting black pants, youll 
notice diat all they have in their 
IxKkets IS an extra whistle. 
There's no jewelry or 
wiistwatches. If they w.ant to 
knuw what time il is, they cither 
have to jfLinte ai the clock on llie 
w.i[| lit iisk ihc home uxch. 

If you happen lo be a sccniMl- 
suirvrri.m. you should kniw that 
Ihc otluuK usually leave ihcir 
wallets in their lockei. in the left 
shtic. wrapped in a black Mxk 
But don t waste your time. 
Because even if you happen to 
find the thrcx wallets, you'll end 
up gemng a combined amount of 
s:s.36. and believe mc. the 
watches will be Timcxes. 

something from John Cameron 
&hwa/.e's tow-budget line. But. 
I'loasc. leave their eyeglasses. 
cause they gotta gel home. 

What most people don't 
understatnd is that olTicialing is 
difficult work, which requires a 
well-cimdilioncd hoiJy and an alert 
mind -- but which ckKsn't bring 
down I Rockefeller salary, even 
m Division 1-A. The guys who 
officiate the Final Four, for 
csainple, gel a flat fee of SJCXt ■ - 
no malUT what ihc NicKon 
ratiii^s pill', a per dicm ol ST? 
.mil lirsii I.ISS airfare lor 
ilii'ni-.dvL". jUine 

Okay, hack to what to l«tk 
for. once you've slid thn-ugh the 
turnstiles and found your scat: 

The most imptiruinl trait an 
official can ha»c is lo set the 
tempo of the game, which sh<wkl 
be djen maintained throughout 
Also, if dicre's a conference wnh 
a coach, to immediately inviic 
the oppposing coach to join in. 
which usually means it ends up 
like Rcykavik. with no real 
discu-ssicn whatever. 

Remember one diing: The 
ideal official keeps a low pn>file 
during the game. He's 
resourceful and mttiauvc. He has 
a dignity of voice, but does not 
suggest any He 
works as a pan of the team, has 

an understanding of the game, t 
players, and the coaches, and I 
knows what Ihc rules say - eve 
more importantly -■ whai ihcsl 

Here's how officials handK 
things today: 

The direc-raan team constami 
stays in a tnangle formaticnj 
with the center oTicial - who \i 
always the referee -- neve/ 
changing, and the other ia. 
umpires intcr-changing posiuia. 

Which has become known 
Ihc Triangle of Infallibilii 
which to the NCAA is somewhjil 
like the Pope. What 1 like ahoulf 
all this IS diat the ihree-mani 
teams ate now staying logciti 
more, being assigned more a~ 
team, which means they jf 
becoming more accustomed : 
working together as much .. 
possible, which 1 thmk is gool 

One last point. Alway^ 
remember that referees don'i havej 
111 he good. But they must 
consisusni. so the players and 
coaches can adjust. Even if theyl 
arc consistently incompclcmJ 
ihey arc g«x>d. Consislency^ 
That's what counLs. if you w.; 
to be a g(x>d ref. If you , 
consLstcnt, you're MichcUutgcloj 
ready for cnshrinement in the 
Hall of Fame in Springfield. 

Enough said, lets throw upl 
the ball and waich it work. 

Swim teams 


against area teams 

Wrnils Wlcktns "«»" >'[• '" brfulh In the lUfst swim mrr 

<'.iil ^arc'M S'^addus 

hv tl'allKn Klii( 
The Harper Swim team 
continues to make waves this 
year, as they downed Truman, 
Triwn and Wright last Fruity 

The womot's team placed well 
in their events as two time 
national qualifier Kristin 
Hudinger captured first place in 
ihe M) free. 1(X) free aiid 200 
individual medley. 

Sophomore Deannc Maday. 
aitodicr national qualifier, placed 
second in l»th the 2IX) IM and 
the 100 backittrokc Freshman 
distance swimmer Mma 
i'it/simons. also a naiional 
iiualilicr. placed first in the 200, 
«) and 1000 free. 

In heat two of the SO free, 
freshman Leslie Selwheri placeil 
first, while also finishing first in 
Ihe 100 II y Sophoniorc Wcnilv 
Wickens placed socofKl m ihc Itxi 
fly and thud in ihe H>(> 
Sophomore Baib Hackell 

placed second in die 100 and 500 1 
free. The women's free relay of I 
Maday. Schobcrt. Wickens and| 
Hackell placed second. 

The men's team also did well. I 
as national qualifier Tom Kucu'k I 
winning both the 2(» IM and! 
100 free Sophomore Brian I 
Olson captured first m die SO froe 
:ind sixond in die 100 backstroke. I 
Freshmen Bill Wood and Kevin I 
Budinger also contributed fine f 
ixrformances Wood placed firsi 
in ihc 400 free while Budmiicr 
finished firsi in the 100 
fircak-strokc and sccfmd in the 200 | 

Tony Fearwi captured si . 
m the 2(X) free. The nu-n s f 
consisting of Budinger, Ku 
Olson and Fearon placed dc 
ili.I Ilk- free relay ol Ii 
Sihuxilcr. liudingcr. Woods and ] 

The Hawks will uy and defend 
iheir htic at the Region IV 
champions!. ip at home ncxi 


William Rain«y H»pm CoHag* Paiatlna. Illinois 







by Lymi _ 


The Siiideiii Scimc 11 
accompHshinf the (toad ite iKcy 
(lave SCI for ihi'iiralvtt white 
cttaMisiting new ones. 

EjKh ]fe«f dtc KMtrs special 
commiiieM let goals (or 
ttenjclvesi 10 be otttiiKd by ilie 
end of ihai sune ytat. 

"The majoc |>urpose or the 
comminees is 10 look into ihe 
pos'sibi lilies of ii»|M>vemenL«." 
laid John (dirnes. president o( 
Ihc itudcni seme. 

The csmfwi safety comimtice 
has a proposal in tor escorts lor 
ih« ftudenu Mending nigtit 

There k a lommma- that <» 
li>i>kin£ ;nti> improvemcMs at 
l>uitding f- 

TTlefB ht*e been reiiuesm. (or 
tenser htwi for the lituwy ami 
Iwter lighting nxi.'siiKl Hiimevs 
Thcie IS alM a tommniee 
lookinf into the pov^ihiliiy of 
Wing the facilnics in buiWmj! M 
(or ItnifEr jienods of iimc. 

Some of iJie fat;i:lititVi iiieludc 
ihe iwimmmg p«H>l, runnuijt 
track, tmslifihall court, weighi 
looni' Mni dance room. 

The Dinec ExiravagtmM 
ctimmilK* sets up a dance for ihc 
vommunuy. The money from 
which 11 used te> fund the ■iludcm 
xnmm scM'urships. 

These two. SW) Mholarships 
are offered 10 one intoming 
ircshiMin and am: umsia student 
Tile piaiit for this year s dance 
aw iimJer*ay and it will he held 
IMaich 20th al Harjjer Coflcgjj. 

One goal ihul has bee* 
accompli!<hed this year is 
rewrtting of the Sena lei 

"The constitution defines ihc 
guidelines on how the senate can 
tipcme,"said Haraeii. 

Although the new 
i-on,siiniiioii has not yci been 
approved, .Hjrness is c«n('uk-m 
that It will be pttiwd. 

Other areas the senaic 11 
IJursiiing a« the Illinoii 
CtMMMiiiiy Coltege Letter and 
M awani acMJomie pmgram. 

"The commuhiiy college letter 
gives us the opprniunuy » write 
10 oihct junior coltogci in the 
maie." said Harness. 

The award aeademie panjraiu 
will, among other Ihingi. open 
up 3 chamcc al schcilardiips whch 
M> siudrnB can he mMniniitod fa. 
but only sumc will i«e.eiv« 

The siuilent senate is alsti 
supporting w increase in the 
student activiiy lee. 

'The $12 fee has. 'been the 
s»me since 1975 and is no kmgef 
a functional ■mount.' said 

Criminal records 
public information 

h« ICSbi St«tofr»l»r. .«lair Wrltvr 

KwiK- 1.3* Enfo«(m-m a.mmM raord. arc public mHwnaiKm 

^rX-rf" "i"^' *«"^" '■■''''■ "'■*"« «'v."^ .ro less 

■JWssil* and ilxmed privau; 

IliJ«HICSB foi «u*tH crim.iial moid, hv ,vrM.n. w.ih IcL-iim,-,,,- 
««s, may he obtained hypermmicmfj, King "'""^K"""* 
l^.nu dicn inlofms iht- Drnxuir of College Rcbtion,. Elmnc Skx-ihk-, 

Itatwl An ^" """'"•'** •"•• »'«« f 'C«l"m 

ftovvcuT. betmse of the Titciton f Inlorm.,,..., \. ; i- .\ ■ 

cwmpi from copying "' 

According » King. *,ih Hatpcr c»mp,i, Mxuriiy f« „„„ vcjrv ■< 
mam g,ul is «, (ully comply w«„ l ,,„, „nZ" v^^Lu 
(«lonnationAel".p.A. K3-10n d( )„h I i-m 
Mj«j.l» sanl, to tny studc-u can obtain Ihcir police roe«d by 

riic nuiuesl will be sent 10 the Stale PtHke. who racivw a c..ov „r .ti 

Camptts police at the Univers-tv «( Florida liavc raemlv rcLvn i . 

nUrme names pf two 'Stwknls whi> * . : 

CfKcr ebimed iha the itc«»,fc prwccicil under a H,.,..l , Si.iw,- 
«*..«•« student educaiKWal rccwdw. , k- t,.,„ ,™fi,,c,K,;; ' 

I »^- Alliptor argued ifui Ilk- . ,..,v.-,„ . r i„ ,1 i 

Itic Florida C.rcd,. Cm,, i,., X|„h„^ c.hmm. ,u (•■„,.,.„ 

he stiAiHs and hckl thai the ,uic Kr.,,L,v clcrlv d,.) r. m, ,4 
".elude university p<,licc rccor.K ' *„,|„n ,hc a,r , = , , 

> 'W iKi) 10 use criminal hisinry record mforniaiion ruh... .li... 1 1 

mZ^LTZ"^^^ "*. ca,n,« H« Vcx-ords a>.„IaMc. 

Hvpnotized ! 

1 1> pr«„« ^ Urn' Gmm g«» itepugh , ,„„u., of mu.m« »,m Demse , 

Harper surveys alumi 

Oprah Rescheduled 

'An owning with Oprah 
Wirifrtj- at Hafpt-i fotloge haj 
ht\-n rcMlK-dulcd lo lucsday. 
March } I from the original liate 
<>t Match 4, The March 11 
prcscniatiim will be at 7:.J0 p.m., 
in Buildme M at the Coltege. 
Algonquin ant] Roscltc Roads, 
Palatine, .-Xdmis.sion 10 the event 
a %sm kit the public and S'V(M) 
for Harper students. 

C^rah Winfrcys rise to 
national prominence K-gan in 
l'«4 when she bega,, ht>Min|{ a 
iiHirniag laltc show. Wuhin a 
(cw months, the show was first: 
"I Ihc rating,s, and in l<JS6 Kent 
mio naiioowi* syndication 10 
I. Ml cities. Hcf movie role as 
Sophie in ■"The Color Purjflc" 
won her nominations for an 
Academy Award and a OaUkn 
Glota Award for best supportirtg 
acirasi. Ite public afpearancc^ 
have added thousands of 

tan* across 


Tickets (or the event arc 
avjilabfc from the Bcs fMlice in 
Bwildmg J at ihc Colk^c, 107. 
IIM). est. 2M7, TKkcLsalrca<)y 
ptirctiased for ihe original dale 
will be honored im the March }\ 
prcscntaljon, or may Ik relumed 
111 the Bos Offk-c so tliat a refund 
check nuiy be sent. 

b> Ptarl Himdeniiin 
Xfws Wrlitr 

Harper College conducted a 
survey through a local study of 
Harper alumni to evaluate the 
aireer programs offered at the 

According to Harpers survey 
»hicli was earned out under the 
Siiidancc 1,1 John A, Lucas. 
ilirectof ol planning and re-scaich, 
the economy is the dommaiing 
factor for what students do after 
they leave Harper. 

"Tills day and age ed«:ation is 
very important.- said Barbara 
Barton, Board of Trustees 

.Since Harper is a coromunitv 
avilcge It serves a wide variety oif 
n^'i'ple. All with diffcreni 
reasons lor attending and leaving 
(he college. 

William Bennett, education 
sccreary fn>m Washinguw. told a 
House Appropriations suhcom 
mitiec this month, that 
prvxluciimy on the college level 
IS a major concern. 

According lo Bennett this is 
the main reason for the plans 10 
m;ike majiTr budget cms m higher 
educautjn He claims that non- 
productivity IS because of a high 
drop out ralfi ol students 

'One dimg Bennett torgoi was 
that many peoiilc do drop out. 
Inn ihcy come back," says 
Bonnie Henry, dean of .student 

The average age student at 
Harper is J2 years old This 
would depict why a large number 
of our students ailend night 

Si hool said Mrs. Barton. 
Because most of these students 
carry full. time K>b5 during the 

The continuing education 
programs arc very imponani at 
Harper For a lot of studenu the 
need for improvement whether it 
he for Uicir present joh or jusi for 
(liem,seh-cs education is very 

The ccriificatc programs are 
mainly for people who need a few in a certain area 10 obtain 
a hieher pt>siiion at work 

For what a lot of students want 
to do the A. A.: Associate in 
Arts, A.A.S.; Associate in 
Applied Science, and the A.S.; 
Associate in Science Degree is 
sufficient for improving 
themselves or achieving new 

However about 30 percent trf 
siudenu go on to a higher level 
of education according to the 
survey. The n?st enter the work 
force, "This growing portion of 
part-time employees in the work 
IS a nationwide mind in response 
to the changing nature of the 
economic base," according to the 

Harper tries to meet the 
demands of the community by 
olfcring a wide array of prog-ams. 
The survey conducted iralicaics 
that the college is doing just that. 
Overall it seems as though the 
iilumni were satisfied, and 
benefited greatly from what 
Harper was able 10 supply them. 


Th** HarbiiiRer. FgitBUARY_J9^_IW7_ _Efgl_i 

Tto to cowwt hw or raduced 
•I MMpar*! cksucal 
r cMicaii 'Hid films. 
ptaii. Ht exhiMit. 
ifKM cvean, tihleiic events. ■ 
Sluitm HMidboolc. aciivity 
iCillHiiir. Hee acccts to BiuMing 
M recnalioa durin| advCfiiMl 
Genenl Cinema movie 
(wlien of rereai) a Gainc 
RiXMi. free access lo pttytiician 
■mi lavyer. and (for degnge ciadii- 

enrolled tiadenti makinf 

laiiifacMfy .popMi) aMMfcntr 
loan*. MOTilafiiii' ta llifty 
cluttt nr i|»Mcli (MM. 'ttMlms 
senate. WHMC. Hari>ii>|er and 
The inoeaic: ha* m 

Hammers' people 

Tile ttudeni ncmat alw titemis 
fjicttUy meeiingi to form *• 
liaiion between llw MudeiHi and 
lite raculty,* said Hainets. 

The leiiaie ii making licadway 
in aclMevini iheir |»al* at «<dl 
M KOltiiit toward K 



Pwrffsct totivra 
for tiM riglit numbers 


Lately. I've Iwen ditsatisried 
wilh my cottinin "Hammers' 
PtMMlk" The other day this guy 
tfiAti coffee in die cafcima and 
iiatd my columnio clean upihe 

the very MgNt 

Reg. Prk«: $229 
Sate Price: $171 

Conwtton •■ 

« *»flr^ 

Auto Cenan ' 

■■■'i '.,'^ Index up Jirxl down. 
■ . • Supaf arid SutoicrifM. 
botti m and 12 pIKti 

.■■■• 'f,.-,,'.' Ifw prlt» 

a - MX (Misiicss PfnoucTs m. 

tiHM f r a an a n Rtiad 

^mffmmn Eatatn, II. G019«-17«a 

PHOtC 3Sa.6440 

I'm going throuKh an identity 
£TBi«. Part of the KmtM a that I 
figure III live only till I'm 46 » 
right now t m going thr^Nigh my 
middle life cniis. 

However, there are other 
rcawos Pciopic who used to read 
my articles arc constantly 
congratulating me for things I 
never wrote I've considered 
analysis hut with all the proposed 
budget cuts I seriously doubt 1 
coukl get aid. 

'The other day lome guy loid 
mc I was the funniest writi-r on 
the paper. Naturally, I thanked 
him for tlK! eomplimcfii hut 1 
was curious. "What's your 
liwxilc atiKlc of mine'.'" 1 asked. 

"CMi. there all M good but my 
favortlc OIK was your ialerwlew 
with Satan.* 

I told the poor basuml to go to 
helL 1 didn't wnie it. My name 
is im hdcr Svceney. i*eder 
Swcnnajr ia nm my aiiat o|o. I 
do not inlliieiice S«wney in the 

For dmK of you who do not 

know what we look like I'll give 
you a brief deacription >o the 
mistake it not made aeaia. Pcdcr 
Sweeney it a handKiane dude, I 
am not.. 

I've met him only once or 
twice but I think he's got bkntde 
hair and blue eyes; probably 
likes to iki and drink hoi buHcred 
rtim. I bet he'i a real ladies' man. 

On the other hand, my black 
hail*! pMed tm the side and some 
lay I bear a ctnkmg rcscmhbncc 
to Norman Bales when I'm angry 
My complexion's in a tonstam 
st:iic o< change and when I shave 
Iw two co«.iecutive days I took 
like o«K of Manson's victim.s. 

I'm begging you to have 
sympathy for me bccaune God 
spoke to me last night and told 
mc that il I didn't get more 
readers He was going w {Mill the 

I hate to put words in His 
mouth but I think He meant 
more than my column. Friends, 
if you don't stan sending cards 
and letieri and stop using my 
articles for napkins I think I'm 
gone for good. 

Unronimaiely. l need more 
than dMt. bi an effort to attract 
Dtoie leaden I'm changing my 
kxmM. It won't be some hokey 
new and improved trash 1 assure 

you: we're LiDcing radicil diange! 

I know a lot of you used to 
read Sweeney's column before 
mine and are just too damned 
tired to read mine . I understand. 
Thai's why I'm planning on 
running pictures next to my 
column so you won't have to read 
as much. 

I promise changes but changes 
cost money. Sure, your moral 
support would be nice but we 
need cash If you want me to 
continue living and breathing the 
same air you breathe I need your 
financial support. 

I'm still working out the 
details hut I believe 1 can finagle 
a way to make it into a kind of a 
religious contribution. This 
would l(x>k good for you and 
enable mc to avoid having to pay 
taxes on the few conlrihuLions I 
might receive. 

Next w«ck "Hammers' People" 
will cease to ciisi. My new 
column will be called " 
Consciousness Stream". Don't 
look for It on your maps, you 
won't find il there. You can't 
fish in it 'cauic il'i wo shallow . 
"Conscioutneas Stream" is my 

Serious as a heart atock. 
Michael Charlea Hamnscn 

The Harbinger is always looking for a 
few good writers. Apply in A367 Now. 


--# / author 


"hostage negotiator 


-•"Tonight Show" guest 


(The Worlds Best Negotiaiot" -- Playboy. 19K0> 

"How To Get What You Want" 

Monday, Feb, 23 
7:30 p.m., J-1 43 

Harper studcnt.s $2. Public $3 

Spring Semester 1987 

CALCULUS I M/W/F ei30-9)3O 
ENGLISH 102 ZUh 8 i 30-11 I 30 

iJBIOLOGY 204 , 

\ *a Sc^i*^ .^vv *■*' . , e.*^^ "^ '■^*"' 

>■"*» ,ioa" tUV»-\\'\J. "' .AW" v<'*' 



, .irt'" 





.(Br ;.»■■» J"*- 


Tha Harbinger, FEBRI..AR\ ]<> JOX? pa^c S 


Dear Mr. or Mrs. X, 

»y, I wouldn't priM anftMiig UItt lliii, but I 
It In Ihit caw. 1 rcetntly rtctlwcil an 
BiiiiM • dip of a story wc ran about Ihc 
miMiMlliMi •■ Ihc BMtMcc iMard outside of 
tuBw u g mmi ■ nelt altadwd to It. T1i« licadUnc of 
dM MTf wms "'Who needs literacy triicli? Apparently 
'«« da". 

Tfet mmq conlained ■ iiiiiipcllln( and the attached 
nana, bad iMa wrUlcii on it. "Yon bet we do! As a 
Win (Wintoaa Halfwjr Harper) employee. I'm 
M l i b a rra i md mil. of Iht' linw by the Marbini^r. This 
i* a p«llf tMli. 'CaaiaflC of why!" or course, the 
mM« was MM IliMd. ttl me. if you write somclhing 
and don't sign II. you are arraid of what you have 
written or you don't want anyone lo know you wrote 
it. Take your pick Mr. or .Mrs. X. 

ir you contribute, you have a right to criticise. If 
you don't help, you have no business complaining. 

We have a staff of ten people. Ten people " 
have the job of monitoring the happenings of a 
I7.0M cludmts plus the Harper staff. Oh. and 
dcipM* popular belief, we do not get paid to put the 
paper out every week. I sometimes wonder how 
come I always hear the bad things about the paper, 
but never the good things. I'll be the first to admit 
wt are not pcrntci. 

Wc arc not asMclaltd with the journalism 
department of iiarpar and aiany of our writer* have 
m eaptrituce when Ihey come through the ofTtce 
BxpcrleiKC ts what we are trying to gain 

AM Iht CW that goes in the paper should be edited 
M or the times it is. {tut sometimes it is 
due lo late deadlines and late stories. If 
wants to volunteer to be the copr editor -- 
someone who edit* and checks the stories for errors • 
- the postlion is vacant. But remember, it is 
vohiffctr. I'm wre there will be a mad rush lor the 
Job, Ivcdally you Mr. or Mrs. X. 

I dBU'l even want lo meet Mr, or Mrs. X. because 
wbcR we write a good story, we don't even hear 
about it escept the bad parts, iul apatbv has alwavs 
been an enemy of Harper CoUcge. 

The College of DuPage writers gel paid for their 
storiat. If you want to get paid, call them. We do 
what wc can with what vrc nave and if it isn't good 
enough ni ton feel you have a righl lo complain. 
I hen cnac an. W and try and make it better. 

Maybe you should come by and see ot.ber col^lcfct' 
papers wc have on (lie and lell us bow we coniparc 
t« thank. I think you may be surprised. Bui ibcn 
aplM. Ihc people who criiiciae the most, compliment 




WHtoin Rainef Harper CoUeg* 
AliiMi^uin A Kdtetlc Roads 

MiHine. It MM7 

.. Ait Xu) 
iMity ttmilm 
t Cm 


I V1in4|Kr 

V%am homm 

l*rift 1'lwwMlin.M 

N* U|iali 

a hit Kufxfllw'ctf 
I Uitm I'Mif (ny 

Mttml U.m OlMii 

mttktmim fm Urn Ktiftt Oiiiic «an«M 
ciaminniir, piMMi' <iM<tll|i' **nt|» 
'ifetnni lMilalliift.11111 Itail'iiiiwii .III 

tflMIIK*««|ll«Mli Ml iliiw nf '#» «|«t 

Alt trnmn m ttm titer in«i: Imp ' 

iM:cillMt-SI)lin.l». IWhat 


Chemical Waste Dump - 
Play Ground for the Future 

GmA Ikt wif$ and fie kitidies, mini yom ȣf! 

by jMiMbao FIraw 

The diMiicai waste dump. 

We have all seen at Icasi a 
picture of ooc. Pictures. 
however, can be misleading: li»cy 
100 often disguise liic good thai a 
chemical dump can bring, A 
pho«o would pnihaWy show latge 
p>Tamid5 of OM barrels rusted out 
resembling eggshells, not the 
sturdy waste containers Utcy 
started out ai. Pictures unjuslly 
rcpfcseni chemical dumps, and 
malte dwni appear lo be a banc 10 
all living creatures. A simple 
visit to any of ihe country's 
numerous dipoial sites wouM 
convince anyone of ibc polcniial 
these waterside pJaygiourete hold. 
By Ihc term "waterside 
I'byground". refemni to the 
Ixjtchcs 10 often teaied ncjr 
ibem>cal dimips, can be found 
qiiiie easily, for they arc cajsity 
distinguished from ordinary 
beaches Tbc radititmal beach is 
plitgucd by the sound ol wavci 
rclCMleisly pounding iht; >iborc, 
«acb day devouring more of the 
beach, until evcmually, notbinf; 
will he left The nonfulls sre 
al.a» a pct*k.m at a ijpicai beach. 
for they consiintly dive bomb 
irinocem picnikcrs. hcgsing hv a 
morsel of food It is nearly 
impossible for a family to find a 
Hutel place for a picnic. These 
Ijoor fotks. lired of the hiuitlc ami 
bustle of the ordinary sandy 
beaches, sbootd Utfn to a beach 
that has been calmed, and 
tinhanced, by a Lhcnwal dump. 

At the chemical beach, one can 
easily tell in superiority over the 
iradtlional beach. Simply 
remove one shoe, and tel the 
grainy substance goosh between 
your little piggies. This is no 
ordinary sand! It is muck hener 
Uiin Uiai fine white powder ihoi 
Hsact fbr sand in ftawaii. 
MaMaii sand gets very dry and 
incredibly hoi after just a fc* 
short hoiHS in tlie sun. The said 
M a flbMically' enhanced beach 
Is dMpa ■ooilaMBMy cool and 
wet liacMrdi{eiani.iiiiidtsKi 

"W5 uv^unmn m imp imclWBa over 

years of endless damping. 
Chemical sand is always ready 

they begin to smell. It is 
Ihcorired by wildlife cspcm thai 
the smell is lo inform the other 
fish about the beach. Their 
uncommon calmncc. and obesity 
makes them pathetically easy for 
man to catch. Since many of 
these fisl) have been mannaiing 
in PCBs. dioxin, and other 
delicate fluids for years, the 
unknowmg fisherman will often 
find his catch has been cooked 
even before he has captured it. 
Fish prefer the chemical beach to 
even the freshest of water. The 
proof IS in the number that can 
he found on the shore One 
might even say dial once a fish 
has cnicrcd the water of a 
cbcmtcally-enhanced beach, he 
has entered heaven. 

The beach is also a sanctuary 
[at the seagull. Soaring through 
Ihc ikies, he can probably sec ihc 
foamy shoreline, dotted with 
large objects resembling 
indatiiblc beach toy.s. The bird 
then sweeps down on the 
unsuspecting (and more than 
likely unconeious) fish, and 
pierces his Omrp beak into ibc 
soft, bloated body of a vcrtiablc 
noating deltcalcssan. Then, 
overwhelmed by the sudden spay 

of runny fish flesh into his 
mouib. the birit lies down on die 
beach for months. He is simply 
unabkt lo pull himself away from 
the taniiliiiag combination of 
rotten fish and red dye number 

After aboui a week of lying 
around and soaking up (he rays, 
the birds begin to produce a 
terrific scent, very similar lo the 
sickening sweei smell of a pit 
toliei in a backwoods 
campground. As with the fish, 
this odor is used to inform iheir 
comnids of the pwidisc diey have 
found. The weekend vacationer 
can also use this scent lo help 
them find the perfect picnic sptx 

There is something for every 
member of the family at a 
chemical beach. The seagulls. 
lamed by their last supper, are 
very tolerant towards children. 
The kid* can feel free to walk 
right up and pel them Why. 
tkey can even sUdc a tattered 

souveaier feather oat ol one of 
these jellied cieaiufcs. The birds 
won't mind a bit. If observing 
Ihc gulls doesn't strike your 
fancy, and if you can get past the 
barrier of foam and fish, the water 
IS another excellent source of 

Afuir a meal of chemical fish 
and Coke, you may decide to don 
your swimming Hunks and Mic 
in Ihc tt«icr. 

Chemically enhanced water is 
always about urine- warm, a 
refreshing twist after being 
shocked by jumping into an ice- 
coM convcntionul lake. 

Then there is always the foam 
found in die water The foam 
acts as a wave suppiescm. only 
allowing the water to move 
gently to and fro This makes 
the fish appear to be swimming, 
and it prevents the devasuiiitg 
euision so common on tradiuonal 
beaches. It would be suffice to 
say that once a chemical beach 
• has been created, it will remain 

The vacationer may find 
several uses for the foam ax well, 
tt is perfect for the kids lo romp 
around in. and they will love the 
way It turns their young skin a 
pale, sickly yellow. Also, since 
the foam is about ntnciy-pciccnt 
detergent, they will surely be 
clean when it's time to go home. 
There is an endless supply of 
dciergcm loam. What, with tons 
of It being pumped into lakes 
every day, you can feel free lo 
take buckets of it home for your 
bath, or even wash your 
aluminimi siding with! 

Clearly, America is blessed 
with these chemical beaches. 
The amount of good they provide 
could change the entire world for 
thousands of generations. There 
nay be few drawbacks, such as 
cancer, birth defects, and the 
general downfall of life as we 
know It loday. But. can wo 
overlook such frivalities when all 
the cards are on the uible? 
Actually, chemical dumps, and 
the lieaches they enhance, can 

planet a raal joy. 


.gwaaaWiiiiillKaawHi gmnt 
Mnagiii .lipi may tK cast into 
dii .imiit|' warn toi you to catch 
a gllMipw of die many animals 
dtai inhabit it yeai-iound. 

What kinds of aninuds Hm in 
the lap of Inicfy provided by a 
iMie:bcacbT Welt, nutely very 

Kwl oaea, Howewcr, it has 
oted dtai M and birds ite 
Ihc main oecupams of the foamy 
■bore line. Seemingly out of 
place, (he fish Hock wm ahoHN 
of Ihe chemical hcaclicc. Once 
on the short, the fksh begin lo 
gain weighi. matt likely because 
of ihctr lack of cieiciie. Alio. 

{«fte NiHt nuclev f« «e wks 
iKlurlwIa.M a re»4t.1Wt are My 
ksmitn Urrth <vt faere vail.i^ <«ra 
diMp94e.lf vuucf yourcaPwiMty ItMe 
a IwK wet to 4(>»rc. »««t fu f.!l (ti\ 
tki fj™ WUi ? Hi. a V4ure tbt ya,. 

\ n '11 It »li V h -1 t li-U. p 'ic UcK 1. 

. :Y4' !«-«*■ ■•ft l*™iti.rf ■*«„«».: ! 

■' I mm ui_. ; 

.' J Kxm BW50H mmm 

- « 


.Off Beat. 

Th^ Harbinacr, FEBRUARY 19 im 

pagv 4^ 


' (■« /-r* 

It *;w *iih miiwl 

h.ii I rcriit-ti C rottf oadi l*'S 

( n-.ilh tli^lilc lU "Silt". Rffllpti 
M.^iMo/hiii 1 cnjtty ihc blue*. 

.,im.| I hv-.if J S'**! *'"!!» i*""' 
u„N ni.n K Si' I ttecked It oui- 

Thi» mo»iir was ■iMrprimngly 
itwJ idc.%(>iB. nuhcf itan ba.-.»i« 
(M Mkiw <^' '■" «cl 10 thai 

The «hiec ihingsi thai Icjip Ml 
.11 mc aUtwi ihis Wnt mt: The 

music. Joe Seneca, am* il»« 

.titiin-,. The music wa» repealed 
K-cii«»c " <««le ilK slw**- >*> 
f.Kntct, a rclalncK M.nin(! Hucs^ 
nun ..lut ihi- m»>u;, jnJ ).k- 
^ r),.\:a. a not-M>-)Oung blues ■ 

,11. pUycil stjiBC of ihc ht'st 
,,..(1,1 |ihal'» blue* l« hamtmita) 
ilus SMk of 19.W, 

Us almosl t shume ihc musk 
«a* *o ptod here, It over 
Aadowcrf »tat should have been 

Ixst supporting Klor nomiiici: 
(Kriiirmaiicc to Seneca. 

He playcJ aging Wucsman 
W iHic Bro*n. alias Blind Rig 
f uliijn. a Ericml »f Ihc Icgendar) 
Robert J<*n«,m. ihc auituir o( l|ic 
Nu;s classic "Crossroads", ll 
«eim,s that as young nitn. both 
Juhnsfin and Fulion made ■ «ka,l» 
i^iih ihc devil OB a dusly 
Mississippi cn»s(Wids in I^IS. 

Both were to do *ha« ihcy 
i»icam««l. ftw a puce. JoJtnson y,>i 

> be a biues legend, bui was 

illcd in Ihc prime of life Fulion 

.11 to play the blues longer, but 
, ne*B achieved hii, tend: itttu?" 

Seger plays Horizon 


liHo line pome comes EwfEiie 
(Macciol. a claHical Bw«' 
prodigy wha has »o obiic»s«0» 
«iih ihe blues in general and 
Hoberi Johnson in particular He 
IS conv inced ihai Jtihnscn. m one 
famous recorrling scssKin, record- 
ed 2<» of thirty smigs He wants 
10 (iml thai JOih song. 

After finding Fulion m a 
security hospitol. Eugene makes 
a ileal 10 bfcai Fulton out and get 
him to MilHSSippi to gel out o< 
ho deal wiih the devil. 

After several misadventures 
enroutc to MtssiMinpi. il»ey are 
finally *lc 10 toc«e the mythic 

Sure emoiigh, old scratch 
shows up and ntaltes a deal: II the 
hiile white kid (Eugene ha* taken 
» cjllmg himself ■White Ligbi 
nmg") can beat the devils champ 
(a heavy metal rocker, played by 
rock guitarist Steve Vai). then 
Fulton's coniract will be Kwn up. 
If n™, the devil gct-i them both 

I know, its straight out of 

The Devil Went Down 10 
Georgia", hut it works, both m 
pure enierummcmt and a good 
loot at a culture and music loo 
often ignored. 

Now if we co«»ld only figure 
ma ham to gcl rid of Maccio 

llnl .1/ fix' -"t'"" 


;iy Hill Kngtlbert 

Walking into the Rosemont 
Hofi/on. the amKipation could 
be felt In an hour and a half. 
Bob Scgar and the Silver Bullet 
Band would take the stage and iry 
to top Ihcir clcctnc summertime 
Ishow at Poplar Creek last 

fhc mcmo«ics of Ian lummet 
lasted until »:10 p m when his 
show suned with "Rock and Roll 
Neve* Fofgeis". After that, all! 
can remember is the Horiam 

ScgM has bfought two bright 
new bands to Chicago, the 
r abulous Thumkibirdi in August 
and the Georgia .Satellites to the 
Horifon The Salellilcs played 
energetically but the highlight 
wa.t idMit iwo-thinl> Ihiough the 

show when they performed their 
super- smash hit "Keep Your 
Hands to Yourseir 

The crowd was a.sked lo sing 
along in the chorus and most 
everyone coopcnicd. 

They also did a cbssic Chuck 
Berry hit and Icfi the crowd 
wanting more until came 

Scpr perforaied mme of his 
classics, but couldn't have 
pOKsibly performed them all due 
to he jusl has too many. 
including "Old Time Rixk and 
Roll", "Mainstrccl", and 

The 41 -year -old star proved hij 
onjcniMs ant! craving lor riKk and 
roil M he ran from elcvainl comcj 
10 comer singing his heart oui 

like this were his final trip to 

Which brings mc to the tope I 
didn't want to bring up. Yes, it 
IS rumored agaiii Scgar may be 
making hii final tour. Hit 
(lerfomancc was unbelievable and 
the superb